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Ppl are saying Bums hat is ugly but honestly I think is so cute. He looks like a kindergarten kid going on a field trip I can't. Chapter 21 has me gone. Don't get me started on the bath scene.

people can fight me Bum looks like a cute elementary school student before life fucked him over 


At bay II

//You x Jongdae 💙

Word count: 2,098

I thought I should go back to writing summaries for the things I write, so. A summary. Big Hero 6!au. That would be it.

Part I

You can smell freshly mowed grass. You can feel the humidity in the air and the warmth of sun on your skin. You can feel the lazy breeze caressing your nape. You can feel the nature.

In the city like this it’s an achievement. Feeling nature in San Fransokyo is one of the city’s greatest accomplishments. It’s a crown jewel, the unity of all fields of science to produce the environment as healthy as possible.

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