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tell ur famous camp story!!!

okay so it all starts on a windy july evening. after a long day of hiking and rock climbing we all went back to our tents to get dinner bc we hadn’t eaten since noon. everything is fine at first, the counselors are unpacking the food, everything seems like it’s going well. then one of the counselors runs over to the others and whispers frantically, then they all start whispering until one comes over to us (a large group of ravenous children who were tired and sore and just wanted to eat) and said that they had accidentally forgotten the meal packs back at base camp and all we had left were onions. so naturally chaos followed and everyone was shouting and screaming, while all of this was happening i was sitting on the bench staring at the two onions that sat like diamonds on the table across from me. i decided i was hungry enough to eat them and proceeded to sneak over and steal them, then disappear into the woods. i was half way to the edge of the woods when one of the others noticed me and started shouting “she’s got the onions.” they all turned on me and i could see in their eyes that their only thoughts were the onions, i was disposable. so i ran into the woods with a pack of pre-pubescent children hunting me down, eventually i climbed up a tree and waited it out while they ran beneath me. the onions were okay. we got food the next day from camp and everyone but me forgot about the fact that my friends were so ready to hunt me down for food.

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What do you think the big stydia moment will be tomorrow and who do you think is carrying Lydia out of eichen

i think lydia is going to die from all the screams like meredith predicted (honestly just the thought breaks my heart) D: and so parrish in confused hellhound mode, is going to carry her body out like he’s going to the nemeton, but the pack will stop him.

then we have this some time soon after the rescue because it looks like lydias in her eichen robe:

and it looks to me like deaton is injecting lydia with the same serum theo used to bring tracy back and that’s why she’s shooting up from the table and appears to have a blanket/sheet over her?

as far as the stydia moment, it could be anything. jeff said he doesn’t want to spoil too much because he wants it to be “surprising” so it could be a number of things :)

Signs in a haunted house

Aries: Masking their fear with humor 

Taurus: Laughing at every single jump scare because the other sign’s reactions are just so hilarious and Taurus actually doesn’t give a shit 

Gemini: Teasing everyone who is being outrageous 

Cancer: Punching the nearest person when freightened 

Leo: Acting like they aren’t scared but they are deep down 

Virgo: Walk away from someone who’s screaming but then go back and hit them for making too much noise

Libra: Laughing panickingly 

Scorpio: The one doing the scaring 

Sagittarius: The one leading the group into the house

Capricorn: Consoles the signs when they’re panicking– often using humor

Aquarius:  Haunted house? No way lol

Pisces: The one who suggested it but doesn’t go in

yeah okay but i have this head canon where in the scene we got in the trailer with Deaton and Scott and Stiles holding a screaming Lydia down in the animal clinic, Stiles is just yelling over her at Deaton something like “WHAT DO WE DO HOW DO WE SAVE HER”.

and Deaton just yells back ”WHAT BRINGS US BACK STILES?”


and stiles just looks super panicky and Deaton gives him that reassuring, all knowing jedi look he always gives the kids (yall know what im talking about)


a list of ridiculous shit Boone Wiseman has done:

- Use his new found genie powers to make a monkey rental business…in the sky.

- pig-o-let

- told Penn to tell Penn that he loved him

- sniffed Penn when he was a tennis ball and then described how he smelled.

- said that he doesn’t like to be the voice of reason when that is, in fact, HIS JOB.

- His scream. just…..his scream.

- Asked Phyllis to make his locker into a fridge.

- has a tank top with the words “flip flops are my thang” written on the back.


Slacks - Liam Dunbar

A/N// This is inspired by this song :) Hope you like it! I’m probably going to rewrite this in a Theo version, just because it’s one of my favorite songs lmao. This probably a little OOC too tbh, just a warning.

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Got a piece of my mind, to tell you who’s mine,
Nobody hurts like me for you.

You wanted to hate him. You’ve been with him since the start, the only one who stuck with him through all the shit he’s been through. This is what you get for being loyal. You wanted to scream and throw things. You wanted to hurt him, to get back at him for all the pain he’s caused you. You wished you could just move on, hook up with the next guy you saw, just to fill the void. There was no  use in that. You just wanted to drink and forget about it for a while, so you called Stiles. Of course, once Stiles found out that he cheated on you, he offered you his bat. You thought about it but decided you couldn’t get drunk in jail. 

Your shit’s a mess, I’m not yours to undress,
I’m leaving this love for the last time.

He had tears running down his face and honestly, he looked like shit. You had Lydia come over before school and help you get yourself together after a weekend of crying and drinking, so you looked like you usual self. You couldn’t let him see you as upset as you’ve been this whole weekend. Stiles walked you to your locker, he hadn’t left your side the entire weekend. Liam walked up and Stiles whispered, “My bat’s in the jeep, if you need it.”, knowing damn well Liam could still hear him. You let a giggle escape your lips and you turned to your locker, your back towards Liam.

“Baby, come on.” he pleaded. 

You slammed your locker shut and walked the other way not saying a word. You guys fought before but this was it. This wasn’t a fight, he decided it. Sadly, you guys were still lab partners so you had to sit next to each other. The entire class you guys didn’t say a word to each other. Until a few minutes before the bell he got frustrated.

“You gonna talk to me?” He asked.

“Talk to Hayden.” you snapped, coldly.

The bell rang at the perfect time and you jumped out of your seat and to the lunchroom. Memories kept running through your head, which always seemed to happen now when you were left alone. You left the lunch room with your lunch until you were yanked into an empty classroom. Before you could think, Liam smashed his lips onto yours, roughly and desperately. You pulled back and slapped him.

“What the hell?!”


“Are you kidding me right now?”


“You can’t do that, I’m not yours anymore.”

“Baby, come on, aren’t you gonna miss that?” he asked softly, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Get the hell off of me.” You said, storming out of the classroom.

You’ve got the means to caress, but weak you leave me a mess.
One touch is enough, your hands, a little too rough.

He was with her. After all that shit at school, he still was with her. He still tried to get you back though. You saw him in the hallway, back against the lockers and Hayden leaning against them on her side. She was talking about something but Liam wasn’t listening, he was staring at you, desperately trying to make eye contact. Poor Hayden. Now you’re stuck with him and his bullshit. You didn’t go to pack meetings anymore despite everyone asking you to come back, even Malia asked you.  He made attempts, leaving notes in your locker and roses at your front door, did he not understand that he was with Hayden? What was his problem. You wanted to tell her, it wasn’t fair to her. But, she wasn’t fair to you. She knew you were with him, but still went and hooked up with him. Each rose, each note, each look made you more and more angry. You cried every night, memories rushing through your head. But you still couldn’t help but wonder, if he loved me so much, then why do it?

We fall the fader to black, release the ropes and feel the slack.
I’m not yours, I’m mine.

The longer you went without him, the stronger you started to feel. You didn’t need him, you didn’t need anybody. In the great words of Allison, you could handle yourself. You changed for the better, working out with Scott, and learning how to fight with Lydia. You cut your hair the way you always wanted to, but were always too nervous to and it looked amazing. The semester had changed so you got a new lab partner. You started going to pack meetings again, helping out more than ever. You went to bed with a smile on your face, replaying the good things that happened, and woke up in the morning with a smile, ready to face the great day that was to come. 

Heard it all before 

Heard it all before 

He still trying to talk to you, but it was just the same stuff he always said. You brushed it off, what goes around, comes around. He didn’t look as happy with Hayden as he was with you, but you didn’t care, that’s his business.

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Companions confess and SS like "I love you too, buddy" friend-zoned. Or SS is just oblivious.

This is perfect!


Piper: After saying they love them, by complete accident she waits with baited breath. When Sole smiles she feels that tug of relief, but when they say they love her too, in that not so romantic way her heart drops and she puts on a fake smile. Had she just been friendzoned? Yes, yes she had. 

Preston: Preston had just given them a kiss, one on the cheek, but nevertheless a kiss. Sole gives him one back and claims they love him like a brother and they’re glad he cares so much. Well…shit. 

Cait: She tries using a lot of moves, the arm over the shoulder after yawning, tripping them so she could help them pick something up or just making up excuses to see Sole. After some time she finds that Sole doesn’t understand any of it and feels like screaming. 

Curie: Plainly says she likes them. She finds she might have not been specific enough because she’s being hugged and Sole’s claiming they couldn’t have a better friend either. What?

Codsworth: He stutters too much, tripping over his words as he attempts to explain his feelings. Sole, after a moment stops him and says he shouldn’t be embarrassed if they feel like family…

Danse: After an hour of explaining how he feels and Sole just saying “Love you too, buddy.” He feels as if he’s died on the inside and might never walk the earth the same again. 

Deacon: After he says he loves them, more than a friend, Sole seems to think he’s joking. Playfully elbowing him and saying they love him too. He goes along with the joke and keeps playing it for as long as he can. He’s amazing at keeping secrets so why not keep one more? 

Hancock: He takes a huff of Jet after those dreaded words of “Your a great friend too!” come out. Either they’re just too oblivious or they’re letting him down gently. Either way he lets it go and doesn’t push further. 

MacCready: He has to hide the little soldier before they see it. He doesn’t want to make thing uncomfortable after Sole just explaining how good of a friend he was. He didn’t need to feel that shatter of his heart for another minute. 

Nick Valentine: Pulls out a smoke and decides he has more cases than he really does before Sole can say anything else. Maybe it was for the best for the two of them, he was just a rusting bot and they were…everything. It would make sense for them to confuse his love confession as a balled of friendship. 

X6-88: He keeps a straight face, hiding the warring emotions tearing away at his chest. He wasn’t one for being open with love or care, so he took a great leap explaining that to Sole. Sadly they had only seemed to come to the conclusion that he saw them as a friend and in return that’s how they saw him. 

Strong: Tries to explain his feelings the best he can, only to have Sole laugh a little, hug his arm and say he’s a great friend as well. Strong keeps it to himself and decides not to continue on with the conversation. 

Dogmeat: Dogmeat is the best darn dog in the commonwealth. Sole loves them more than they love discovering the Commonwealth!

too much like a prayer: a remus lupin mix

tracklist: 1. How Do I Tell a Girl I Want to Kiss Her?-Modern Baseball: “She’s on his mind day and night,/Thinks he takes her for granted but to her surprise,/He needs her more than she needs him./Won’t fight, no just walks away./Won’t tell his secrets just keeps them safe./That’s why she’s, she’s not just another face.” // 2. Love in the Time of Human Papillomavirus-Andrew Jackson Jihad: “My lungs will grow cancers/And my back it will grow achey
I will buy us an acre/Of some land in the city/We could live there together or I’ll live alone less happy/But I’ll live… Unfortunately.” //
3. From Eden-Hozier: “Honey, you’re familiar like my mirror years ago/Idealism sits in prison, chivalry fell on its sword/Innocence died screaming, honey, ask me I should know/I slithered here from Eden just to sit outside your door.” // 4. Anna Freud-the National: “Your independent declaration sounded too much like a prayer/But I’ll wake up and wait there for you/I’ll wait there for you/Anna Freud/No confidence in Anna.” // 5. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)-AWOLNATION: “I’ve been running from it all my lifetime/There’s nothing wrong with you, I’m searching for my right mind/Oh, you should’ve seen it they were resting on the restless/This happened, literally - woke up I was headless/Ima make a deal with the bad wolf so the bad wolf don’t bite no more.” // 6. Jesus-Brand New: “Well, Jesus Christ, I’m alone again/So what did you do those three days you were dead?/‘cause this problem’s gonna last more than the weekend./Well, Jesus Christ, I’m not scared to die,/I’m a little bit scared of what comes after.” // 7. Lipstick Covered Magnet-the Front Bottoms: “Pretend that this is fake/It helps to kill the pain/All that you want is different/All that you’ll get is same//I’m scared I’m gonna die as lonely as I feel right now.” // 8. How Do You Tell a Girl You Really Like Her Eyes?-Cyberbully Mom Club: “How do you tell a girl you want to talk to her for hours?/Without sounding like the biggest, dumbest coward?”


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And I have so many questions!

First of all, when is Reverb coming back because he made a lot of promises to Vibe that would seem a little silly and full of himself (which he is an love it) if that’s how he ends. I mean the way Killer Frost and Death Storm Skittered away from his evidence enough of how that can’t be it for him. 

Secondly, what’s his make up routine because he was looking so good! I’m pretty sure we use the same color foundation. And is it me, or did his skin have a subtle gold glow, like even for Earth 2 standards? I’m pretty sure Reverb puts on glittery bronzer before he goes out to wreck shit.

Third, his speech pattern, which was giving me some distinctly Leonard Snart ish vibes. Everyone knows I kind of hate that overdramatic drawl, but on E2 Cisco it was like meant. to. effing. be.

Fourthly, his uniform! I knew Cisco would look good in leather, I’ve always said so. I would like to thank who ever is listening for that jacket.

And the hair!!! ugh Our lil Cisco may hate it, but I just loved everything about it. And him.

Ugh in total, this episode had nowhere near enough Ciscos for my liking but damn what they did have killed me resurrected my ass in the same breath. I just can’t stress enough how this cannot be the last we see of Reverb

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For your headcanon adventure of the day, Chara and Asriel both being uncomfortable at family reunions and they have no idea whether to cool Sans dad or uncle. Or whether they should call Gaster Dad or Grandpa. That's one weird family tree they have now.

my brain hurts, this is terrible, poor kids

Frisk and Asriel spend the whole reunion strategically placing themselves between Chara and Sans + Gaster, ‘cause now the poor lil ex-demon has two stepdads who know exactly how evil they used to be and who both would rather put the kid back in the ground themselves if it wouldn’t undermine the whole “save the timeline by resurrecting the kids” plan

of course, Sans plays nice as long as Toriel is around, and Gaster is such a soft, timid person that he’d never actually confront Chara of his own free will, but the idea of it is nerve-wracking enough in itself that Chara is just like

permanently internally screaming while making their dead lil :) expression

and poor Asriel actually really likes this Gaster fellow and he really wants to get to know him better and vice versa, but it’s impossible as long as poor Chara feels like a chicken in a fox pen

Toriel and Asgore try to dodge each other throughout the whole event, while Sans tries to get a victory fist bump out of his dad. Gaster feels a little bit ill every time Sans brings up the whole mess. He feels so old, even though he’s probs only around 5-10 years older than Asgore physically, and there’s a similar age difference between Sans and Toriel.

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Jaina is playing in the sitting room while Hux and Ben are reading when she looks up and screams "DADDY, HAN WON'T STOP POKING ME". Hux, confused, points out that Han isn't even in the room. Ben rolls his eyes and yells "HAN, STOP USING THE FORCE TO POKE YOUR SISTER". Han screams back "SHE STARTED IT". Ben yells "WELL I'LL END IT", Anakin is laughing maniacally, and Hux is just like "jfc i thought dealing with two jedi was bad now i have four of these dorks."

The amount of exasperation Hux must feel with all these Force-users around. Shenanigans like this become a typical daily occurrence.


He sat on the bed, fists clenched, eyes shut. Katra scooted next to him and wrapped her arms in his. “You’re not going to go yell at her now, right?”

“No. She’s just going to rebel.” He rubbed his eyes and let out a scream of frustration. “I can’t believe she’s having sex!”

“We knew this would happen…”

“Still don’t like it.”

“What did your parents did when this started happening?”

He thought back for a bit. “Gave my brother a box of condoms… Sat us down to chat… Mom talked with Mirah on their own though.”

She nodded while thinking ‘Maybe I’ll do that with Ari…but I already gave them all the talk…A refresher then?…She has the potions…and I saw condoms on her nightstand…’

Ulene had been reading her mind this time. “Talk with her.” He pleaded. “I promise not to go nuts if you do.”


You guyyyyysssss…. It’s not April 1st, yet. Beth isn’t dead, she’s just sleeping.

She’ll be back soon. She BETTER be back soon. *side-eyes Gimple*

It’s like they’re screaming “REMEMBER HER,” but subtly… so it’s like “let’s get all the dead people in here too.”

Why is Noah the irrelevant in the center of the photo? 🙄


Rivi: Despite the lack of dancing that was weridly terrifying! Did you see how they looked at us!

Cliff: Like they were trying to work out if I was your favourite or not! And the screaming! So much screaming!

Rivi:  That was probably Grandma. I saw her backstage in a wolf mask. But that was crazy. I thought now we’re quite far in it’s be okay to do a few “public” dates but I think maybe that was a mistake.

Cliff: Well they’e not allowed back here. What do you say we shake it off. Sh-shake it off!

Rivi: Did you just Taylor Swift me?!

Cliff:  I like pink and hair products and T Swizzle and you. Fight me!

Cliff’s 4 hours were kicked off by a slow dance which I thought seemed appropriate to the week’s challenge!

So Spirit day at my school was amazing. mostly because since nothing was really happening everyone decided to make up their own shit.

1. so, this one kid during doge ball decided to lay down like a mummy and just chilled for the whole game.

2. Our school literally Rick Rolled us. NOT EVEN KIDDING

3. Some kids were passing a full Gatorade bottle that they found in the bleachers on the back bleachers in that little crease. 

4. I harmonized with my squad for the high note in “Take on me” by Ah-ha. After the song WAS OVER

5. My idiot of a friend tied two bottles to a necklace on both sides and wore it around his neck and screamed “Look at my jugs!” 

6. and every one had 15 pounds of bacon

also, seal teacher CONFIRMED @kyubeythespacecat 

I never understood how people used to think Milton was creepy before we got to know him better. I always thought his face was screaming ‘innocence’, but not many people seem to have seen that too.

Rewatching the season though, I noticed this particular shot and in fact it does make him look quite creepy. This is the moment where the Governor tells Michonne he’s not going to give her katana back to her and Milton just stands there in the background smirking. I actually like that he does that, because it causes the viewers to believe he is fully aware of what the Governor is and supports his decisions, probably being partially the brain behind it.

Smirking evil Milton looks hot too…

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Yessss 2jae feels for the win!!!! Thanks for the something extra!!! Awwwww i can just imagine them grinning like idiots at each other. And after bambam screams, youngjae becoming so embarrassed that he curls into jaebum trying to hide himself! Ughhhhh!

imagine though: 

Jaebum tries to scold Bambam and Yugyeom for eavesdropping, but he’s too embarrassed to do anything major, so Bambam and Yugyeom make a quick escape back into the lounge, where Mark and Jackson are entering, Mark on the phone with Jinyoung who is at the grocery store and it would be like

“Hey Jackson wants you to pick up some cheese.”

“American cheese? Mozzarella? What kind of cheese does he want? What is he using it for?”

Mark looks at Jackson. “He wants to know what you’re using it for.”

Jackson shrugs. “I’m just going to eat it.”

Mark shrugs as well. “He says he’s just going to-”

Bambam runs into the room, screeching. He is closely followed by Yugyeom, who is laughing his ass off, and Jaebum, who is trying to catch both of them. Bambam just stops in the middle of the lounge, in front of Mark and Jackson and yells, “BOSS KISSED NEWBIE IN THE OFFICE!” 

There is a moment of shocked silence before Jinyoungs voice is heard from the speaker of Marks phone.


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Fae when i saw that nsfw post i screamed and thought of eggsy and harry. Right after eggsy gets back from a mission and harry gets all possessive and hot over him. OR ABO !!!!

The fucking set I just posted? Oh yeah, I can totally see that. I imagine Harry gets super possessive and intense with Eggsy whenever he’shome from a mission Harry wasn’t a part of. Like, Harry’s so used to being paired with Eggsy for a mission, whether it’s as handler over comms or right there beside him, it gives him this tactile sense of being able to act if something goes wrong, if Eggsy needs help.

I imagine he feels very helpless when Eggsy is on a solo mission without him and helpless is not a feeling I’d guess Harry is terribly fond of or used to. So when his boy comes home, he strips him immediately (hence Harry still dressed and Eggsy naked as a jaybird) and kisses/sucks/bites every mark, covering them with marks he gives Eggsy and then he bends him over the nearest thing and fucks him into oblivion.

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i want to SCREAM ive been following this blog that followed me a while ago and i followed back but they unfollowed me and i just sent them an ask too i want to Die literally . if you unfollow me… tell me. like i dont even care if you unfollow me just save both of us the embarrassment of me not knowing and continuing to interact with you. screaming