have i mentioned how much i like svt’s hair this era???

i mean, from the second check-in was released vernon’s wavy dark hair thing was already slaying, posts were made about it, scrolls were written, sonatas were composed

jihoon’s hair this era is definitely the best, if not second to vernon’s,,, it just looks So Good like damn

we don’t talk abt minghao bc ppl faint when we talk abt minghao… all u need to know is that he’s killing it and he looks scary good

seokmin, junhui, wonwoo, hosh and coups are rocking dark hair and it looks lovely. wasn’t sure how coups’ hair would turn out esp. with the disaster it was in boom boom mv but everything’s just dandy (for) now!!

jeonghan……. man ik fans were iffy about his haircut but i think most if not all of us can agree that he looks rlly damn good??? plus it really fits the concept this era and now he looks like a lawyer’s hot spoiled son esp in that varsity jacket

seungkwan’s hair looks good. he looks like one of those artists u meet in downtown toronto that only come out in wintertime bc it fits their aesthetic. jokes aside his hair looks really great and artsy

mingyu’s hair turned from cheeto dust to the cream that kinda gets stuck on the edge of ur coffee cup and it looks nice. he looks like gyujin 

josh & chan… man idek if they have the same hair colour but it looks the same in 240p. i really like that hair color. i think this is chan’s best hair colour so far, and jisoo’s second best (*coughs* grapefruit). anyways the hair colour really complements their uhh *spins wheel* cheekbones