N: The kid doesn’t mean anything to N at this point in time because if he just fell in love with you at first sight then of course he’s going to talk to you. You don’t just get that feeling for anybody, so talking to you is worth a try. After finding out the kid isn’t biologically yours he’ll proceed to make subtle moves before asking you out on a coffee date at the café he just so conveniently works at. “I’m single and I have no children either, so looks like we already have two things in common. How about we discuss what else we have in common over some coffee? My treat.”

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Leo: Thank goodness for your toddler cousin because he just found a way to initiate conversation with you. He’ll casually ask about your cousin and compliment their superhero or princess attire before somehow throwing in the word mom, which should prompt you to tell him the truth. At that point he’ll turn on his charm and and try to ask you out. “That’s cool. Does your mom like superheroes too? Oh, that’s not your son? Sorry, I assumed…my name is Taekwoon by the way.”

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Ken: He’ll feel somewhat defeated because if that were your kid then of course he wouldn’t make a move. He’ll assume you already have a boyfriend, fiancé, husband or significant other and would just go back to wiping down his counter. Unless fate has its way, the toddler calls you by something else giving him the signal to talk to you. He has a 50/50 chance. “You win some and you lose some. *sigh*”

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Ravi: Ravi would be similar to Ken and feel like he’s lost before he even tries. A part of him would really want to talk to you, but then he wouldn’t want to offend you in the event you could be married or if you perceive it as him asking if you’re old. So, he’ll just sit there in agony as he decides on what to do. “The good ones are always taken…or is she? What is this situation? Who is this kid?”

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HongBin: HongBin’s whole being would be emotionally stuck. See your whole being is a green flag signaling he should talk to you, but the kid running around calling you ‘eomma’ is a red flag. So, he’ll just stare, most likely awkwardly, debating if he should just overlook the kid or just let you walk out of the café with the risk of never seeing you again. If he does decide to talk to you, he might overthink it and end up putting his foot in his mouth. “Excuse me ma’am…my name is *Eomma!* Have a nice day! *I must hide these feelings*”

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Hyuk: Well if Hyuk can’t spot a wedding ring on your finger then he’s going to try his luck at talking to you. He’ll be nice without trying to sound too eager, and he’ll even slip in the question of whether or not the kid is really yours or not. And the expression on his face would signal that he’s really serious about wanting to know. Once he finds out that it isn’t he’ll turn on his Hyuk charm and ask for your phone number. “Cute kid. Is he yours?”

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Your Turn, Sweetheart

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Pairing : DeanXreader
Author : Mel
Words : 1,032
Warnings : Other then a tiny Destiel kiss, and some drinking, not much.
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You were sitting at the bar. Every other chick in the joint wearing a tiny dress and heels. You were the odd man out in jean shorts and a t-shirt. It was ladies night though, so you weren’t surprised. And no one really caught your interest.

Except her.

But she was interested in someone else. A rather good looking green eyed man with a devilish grin. He sat with friends who paid her no mind as they chatted together. Like this was normal for them. You watched her throw herself at him, and he’d just chuckle, and talk. You had no idea what he was saying, but man was she eating it up. You sighed.

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some thoughts on yoo youngjae

First of all youngjae is such a child and its adorable to no end. He can barely work a camera and hes always fighting with himchan or someone and he never stops screaming and funjae is my favorite thing

Second of all hes rly good-looking. Have you even seen the dude cause??? Hes?? Not real??? How can he be real hes so perfect look at his little baby cheeks i wanna hug him to death and i cherish every last photo of him like its my child

Third of all its soothing just to listen to him talk. On v broadcasts he would just talk and give advice and stuff and its always nice to just lay down and listen to when u wanna just be calm and be happy. Listening to him talk is probably one of my favorite things and one day i just hope i will be able to talk to him, even if just for a second. I would cherish that second

Fourth of all his vocals are so sweet. His voice is perfection in your ears. Its so soft and soothing, honestly I just want to listen to him sing all day in that beautiful voice of his, and I want to be serenaded by him as I fall asleep. On restless nights all I need to do is listen to him and instantly I’m comfortable, his voice is just so good kill me

Fifth of all hes so fun to be around. I wish i could be his friend because hes so interesting and hes a really good friend. I just wanna hang out with him all day and go get mango bing with him and sit down somewhere and talk and have a nice time with Yoo Youngjae.

Sixth of all hes just overall so precious. I feel like i wanna be around him to make sure hes safe and hes happy and hes healthy. I wanna be able to hug him all the time and cheer him on in everything he does and be there for him if he ever needs someone. I wanna be there for him like he was there for me all the times he was and he didnt even know it.

Seventh of all i love him for everything that he is. Hes a beautiful talented lovely boy and hes precious and sweet and loving and i wouldnt mind spending the rest of my life admiring him from afar like the masterpiece that he is. Because yoo youngjae is perfection in my eyes, hes everything to me. And he likely doesnt see that in himself but i do and i love him for all of it, every bit of him. He may never know how much i love him but that will never stop me. I love yoo youngjae to the ends of the earth and back. I love him more than a person should be able to love another. Hes the most beautiful creature alive, because he is yoo youngjae, my world.



honestly i felt like i was looking at the sun she’s so overwhelmingly beautiful

she was also very happy that i found pascal!! she said that he liked to hide in her dress a lot since he blends in with it super well

and then we just talked about baking a lot omg she got so excited when I said I liked to bake??? “you like to bake chocolate chip cookies?? i like to eat chocolate chip cookies!!” “same.”

i just… don’t even have words for how beautiful and perfect she was wow wow so gentle and Good

I’ve made some blunders in the few months I’ve accepted myself as a chick that is in fact pretty gay:

This cute cute cute out lesbian complimented me (You look really great today, J, like really good, those pants fit so well on you) , and then legit suggested we play footsie later on when I bumped her foot. I did not realize that she was in fact, Being Gay, until so much later and the other queer friend I made was like “yeah dude she really was.”  Like this girl was wholesale checking my booty out and I just…ate my taco and talked about work.

And then, yesterday: This chick who came round the bookstore asking about book recs had said she’d come back the next day (yesterday) and get an opinion from me specifically ( i didn’t believe her), and she literally did come back to my bookstore yesterday to talk to me and buy a book off my register. Like she didn’t buy shit else. She came and stood to the side till I noticed her and was like “told you I’d be back,” and wouldn’t stop smiling and then I recc’d Wide Sargasso Sea to her cus she was reading Jane Eyre. But then this old white woman kept trying to tell me Wide Sargasso Sea wasn’t what I was saying it was and I’m like Brenda I need you to buy your keychain and vacate.

Now, she could have just been being nice and interested in books but…i just feel it. I’ve never been -nicely- flirted with before, like it’s all been lewd straight male shit and just…

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nah i just wanted to read your view on that supposed good rivalry. furuya gets everything for doing almost nothing while sawamura had to work a lot and gets almost nothing in turn but their rivalry is good? this is laughable. i hope sawamura starts looking up to mei or sanada more

furuya gets everything for doing almost nothing while sawamura had to work a lot and gets almost nothing in turn but their rivalry is good?

I want to frame this sentence. Yes, this is the main problem with their so called “rivalry”. Sure, at the beginning they were rivals: both of them stood at the equal ground.

But when Furuya received #1 everything changed. Hell, Terajima bend laws of physics to make Furuya go to the 1st string while Eijun had to struggle. Terajima tries to force “Eijun and Furuya are true rivals!” thing down his readers’ throat, but the truth is Eijun surpasses Furuya in almost every aspect except for speed:

  • Who can change the momentum of the game? Eijun. 
  • Who is the one to stop the opposite team when Seidou loses? Eijun.
  • Who has to clean up Furuya’s mess? Eijun.
  • Who has better control over his pitches? Eijun.
  • Who spends hours watching his own performance, because he wants to pitch better? Eijun.
  • Who is the one to cheer for his teammates? Eijun.
  • Who does polish his breaking balls instead of being merely happy with learning them? Eijun.
  • Who is constantly looking for ways to fight batters? Eijun.

There is nothing, NOTHING, Eijun can learn from Furuya. If anything it’s Furuya, who can learn from Eijun what words like “hardwork” and “playing for the team” mean.

I hope Eijun starts looking up to Mei as a fellow southpaw with amazing control over breaking balls. Mei already admitted Eijun has more guts than he has; now it’s only time for them to acknowledge each other as true rivals.


okay so this isn’t got7 related but i went to see seventeen tonight and i just wanna talk about how beautiful and talented they all are?? holy shit like when vernon came out he was literally GLOWING he looks so much like leo dicaprio he is so handsome. seungkwan and seokmin’s high notes were on point like it honestly just felt like i was listening to a studio version it was so good. and seungkwan tried really hard to speak english and he was so cute!!! he kept on making the ‘boo boo boo boooo’ siren noises???? like every time he came out he would just say it. and like literally so much happened omg i’m struggling to remember all of it.

so i bought VIP tickets and we get randomly sorted into hi touch or photo op and i was lucky enough to get a photo op!!!! so we line up and we get really frantically ushered into the room where svt are and i’m honestly a little mad they tried to rush us so much. all i remember was that hoshi was closest to the entrance and he looked adorable!! but i could only spare him a glance as we’re filing in and i probably skipped looking at like half the members but I tried to tell them all 수고했어요 (you’ve worked hard) and I remember jun?? and seungkwan smiling at me and nodding until I get down at my seat and I turn around and scoups’ foundation is like flawless and his hair is so cute and pink but I couldn’t really say hi to him so I turn directly behind me to look up at dino to ask him    우리 하트 하면 안돼요? (can we make a heart please?) and he makes the cutest, most hesitant 어… (eo..) sound (like it sounded almost like a whine i keep on replaying it in my head) while looking to the side at a manager so I let it go bc I guessed they weren’t really allowed to interact with us like that

and they take the photos so quick it’s like 2 seconds before the staff are yelling at us to leave. i tried to turn around to thank them but then one of the ladies goes and SHOVES me out the exit and i turned around to glare at her bc like ????? CHILL OK I WAS GONNA LEAVE I JUST WANTED TO BE POLITE but perhaps they were on a tight schedule to catch a flight to sydney. 

i’m really sad that i couldn’t even see/remember jeonghan up close ㅠㅠ

Imagine Amethyst becoming all supportive of post-trauma Jasper the way Peridot looks out for Lapis… All like, “Hey guys, let’s try not to talk about ‘corruption’ around Jasper…”

Or maybe the topic of Fusion comes up and Amethyst hastily tries to distract her Quartz sister all like, “Hey Jasper LOOK, look, see what I can turn into? See? I’m a tiger! I got stripes, just like you! Isn’t that great?!”

And sometimes Amethyst meets up with Peridot and they talk about how Lapis and Jasper are both coping and growing as individuals and learning healthy modes of expression and it’s all supportive and wonderful and I just want all of my precious rock daughters to have good relationships, healthy support systems and open communication, is that so wrong???

Alexis Deniof gets sexy in S4 and s5 of ATS and it’s not talked about that much. I mean he’s a good looking fellow but the scruff and better outfit choices helps.

It’s the same as hardly anyone talking about how good looking Nick Brendon is.

I think these men are just as good looking as David and James.

But let’s be fucking honest, the whole buffyverse actors are stunning including the guy who plays Clem.

51. Part 2

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Looking over at Robyn, as soon as the jet was in the sky she fell asleep. She fell asleep crying to herself and that hurt me to see that, she was staring out of the window crying and then saying that she wasn’t when I asked. This shit hurts me so much and I can’t do anything about it, I didn’t want to question Robyn about it either to just make her cry even more “yo, Jenn” I said looking away from Robyn “yes?” she looked up from her mobile “what happened? Why is my wife crying? I want to know” Jenn blew out air all wide eyed “I personally think she should talk to you about it, just that things were said. She needed to let it out, it’s good you didn’t push her on telling you. You let her cry it out but you both need to speak” sighing heavily “I wish I could kill them, they be hurting her. She wants them too, I know she does” rubbing my face, this is so fucked up “she does Chris, she needs you. She only has you, which is a lot of trust in you” Jenn put her phone down “I understand, I fucked up many times too” my poor wife.

Sitting Khari on the table in front of me “he is such a spoilt boy” Jenn said behind him “you hear that son, skinny Jenn is saying you spoilt” letting out a yelp as Jenn kicked me “uh what!?” Robyn lifted her head up in shock “mommy!” Khari pointed, Robyn looking around lost as fuck like she don’t belong on the planet “Jenn woke you” I said, Robyn blinked several times stretching out “I did not wake you, Chris screamed like a bitch he is” Robyn grinned “you both stupid” raising my eyebrows “you sleep like a man” wiping the side of Robyn’ face “drooling like a dog too” Khari grabbed my arm pulling it away, staring at my arm and then Khari “excuse me?” Khari shuffled away towards Robyn “I know you ain’t stop me touching” touching Robyn’ face again “Chris! Stop!” Robyn whined moving my hand away “no!” Khari spat so passionately, my mouth hung open “he just told me no?” looking all shocked, Robyn giggled “he told you Chris” Khari wrapped his arms around Robyn’ neck and started kissing her, this boy is a pain.

It was nice to see Robyn smiling, all that love from Khari made her smile. Jenn eyed me up “I am actually so hungry Chris” Robyn randomly said “oh yeah Chris was just saying how he wanted to take you out for a meal, so I said I would take Khari with me” I didn’t know about this plan but it sounds good “uh yeah Robyn, let’s go for a meal. You hungry too anyways” I can talk to Robyn alone that way “but Khari can come with us” she said, shaking my head “let’s just have us time for a while ok?” I got a feeling that Robyn doesn’t want us to be alone but I want to know “look at you getting spots though” I blurted out, Robyn mean mugged me “is my face that bad?” shaking my head, she might be feeling insecure “nah, just saying” let me back track on that before she gets sad “so how about we go to your fave spot?” Robyn gasped “you going to keep seeing spot?” chuckling a little, I really didn’t notice that “nah, honestly Robyn. It’s not like that, you’re beautiful either way” she’s touchy about things, let me be good “hmm whatever you say but yeah. I want to go and eat” of course she does, she loves her food.

I got my bodyguard to drive my Range to the airport so I can drive Robyn to get some food “the car seat” Frank held up “yeah, put it in the SUV please” watching Robyn come down the steps of the jet with Khari on her hip “just going to put Khari in his car seat” Robyn said walking to the SUV, looking over at Jenn “you need help over there?” walking over to the jet slowly “oh you trying to help me now” standing to the side of the steps holding my hand out, Jenn took my hand while walking down “you better speak to my girl, you notice how sensitive she is? A lot of things were said so be there for her, make her speak but in a nice way” Jenn scolded me “she is being very sensitive right now, that is her family” I don’t even know what has happened “but I want her to have her family though, I never wanted this” she rubbed my arm “I understand, I really do. Just be there for her” watching Robyn walk over to us “ready now?” I said, Robyn nodded her head.

Driving down the highway in silence, I hate the silence but Robyn is not really talking to me “actually I need to call Lucien” my mind has been so side tracked with bullshit “what do you mean?” Robyn asked “Lucien the motherfucker, he’s done dipped with his child. I don’t need this shit right now” using my one hand to unlock my phone “you know Mel will be at our home, please sort that out” dialling Lucien’ burner phone number and putting it on speaker phone “I am trying babe” I mumbled as the phone rang out “Chris” Lucien said “don’t Chris me, the fuck nigga?” he know damn well what he has done “Chris I am bringing him back, I just wanted time with him” shaking my head “shit don’t work like that Lucien! Where the fuck are you!?” the phone fell silent “I am in New Orleans” my eyes bulged out “what!?” I spat “don’t fucking judge me Chris, you telling me if Rihanna took Khari form you that you wouldn’t be acting out!? I will give him back when I am ready” Robyn eyed me up, she is not happy “this is your fault” I said through gritted teeth “what?” Lucien said, sighing heavily “look bro, I love you, I do. Please bring him back, before the law does. I beg you on this, my name will be dragged through this. I said we will get him back, Mark made this happen! His name is on the line, you really disrespecting me like that? I am the one helping you, I am not going to keep talking but just please come, let Mark know aight?” looking over at Robyn, she is not happy again “ok” he disconnected the call.

“See how you throw shit back in my face?” I knew she was about to start “you just left him to make a decision!?” why is she even barking, rubbing my chin “what do you want me to do Robyn!? Do you want me to fly there? Fuck that shit, I know he will bring him back. He feels bad, I know if you did take Khari from me I would do the same shit” putting the car window down as got off the highway “fuck that nigga, you wouldn’t even see the kid” don’t I know it “yeah yeah, so you want to bark at me but not talk to me?” placing a cigarette between my lips “so now I am dog? A spotty dog?” staring ahead of me, she is sensitive “oh please” I mumbled with the cigarette between my lips still, hitting my pockets. The traffic light went green, driving off slowly “can you not kill us and hold the steering wheel!” eyeballing Robyn and putting one hand on the wheel, pulling my cigarette away from my lips “what is your problem? Seriously, if it makes you feel better. I am sorry, but not sorry for blaming you for something you did, ok?” Robyn huffed “petty” she said, I chuckled shaking my head “you caused this did you not? If you didn’t help a friend that wanted your husband locked away, nearly caused you to lose Khari, yeah this is on you. I am just cleaning the mess” throwing my cigarette out of the window “oh fuck, why did I just do that” I am losing my mind now.

Walking behind Robyn into Giorgio Baldi “my favourite person” the owner beamed, the diners are staring so hard because this place is already packed “no worries, we have a spot for you” walking passed the people waiting for a table “really?” this guy spat “yes really bruh” I said laughing, placing my hand on the back of Robyn as we walked together “you want me to get the house special?” the owner said behind him, he stood in front of our table in the corner “I just want some water for now, but get me some of my usual, thanks” he pulled Robyn’ chair out for her, saves me from doing it actually “coming right up” he soon jogged away “I am sorry Chris” Robyn blurted out, staring down at the menu “for?” I honestly just wanted some fried chicken but this place makes her happy “why do you act so stupid?” looking up from the menu “so I guess you want to take back that apology, its ok Robyn abuse me. You had to choose me so I guess I need suffer some way, its fine” looking back down, Robyn didn’t say anything but remained silent.

There is something they can make, they can make a good steak in this place, looking up at Robyn playing with her food “what is wrong now?” I said breaking the silence, we have been quiet since I said what I said to her “I don’t want this” she spoke like a child “looking at it makes me sick” blinking at her several times “ok, so what do you want?” placing my fork down “some meat” she eyed my plate up “which kind of meat are we speaking?” she tilted her head mean mugging me “that is on your plate, your food looks better” gawking at her “but you wanted that! You said Robyn” she pushed her place towards me, kissing my teeth “fine, you take my food. Take my soul while you’re at it then” she ruins everything “thank you Chris” she actually smiled “I will have your disgusting wet pasta, you are so boring and white and then complain” she is just being annoying.

The waiter came to take our plates away “hey bro, can you give us some alone time for a while. Can you tell that table to stop making out they are taking pictures of themselves when it is at us” it’s so annoying “I will get that done for you sir” Robyn needs to tell me everything, shuffling my chair closer to her, grabbing her seat and pulling it so we are even closer “Chris please, I can’t. I will cry, touching you will make me cry. I am so sensitive and ready to cry again, I rather just not do this now” staring at Robyn hard, licking my lips nodding my head “fine” touching Robyn’ nose lightly smiling, seeing her lower lip quivering “stop it” she shook her head “I have been mean, I am sorry. I have been so mean to you, I only have you and here I am pushing you away” Robyn clung on to my arm, turning her head away from the other diners and faced the wall, the side of her face pressed against my arm. Hearing her light sobs hurt me, putting my head down.

Robyn looked up at me “I look a mess, can we go now” nodding my head “for sure, your eyes are so sore though” waving the waiter over “sir” Robyn put her head down “is there paparazzi out there?” he nodded his head “yes there is sir” I knew that already, placing two hundred notes down “the bill is not that much sir?” I chuckled “I am paying for the times Rihanna has stolen your wine glasses too” Robyn snorted laughing, made me smile to know she is smiling “I see, thank you. I will let the owner know of this” placing a fifty “tip for you too” getting up from the chair “oh wow, thank you” Robyn got up “can I take your jacket, I want to put it over my head” taking my jacket off as we walked out, passing it behind me “wait for me” she whined, didn’t know I was walking so fast for her. The waiter held the door open, Robyn placed the jacket over head “wait, I can’t see” she is just a mess, wrapping my arm around her waist “I will navigate you” I love her.

Locking the car door and answering the phone “what’s up?” it’s only Jenn calling “just wanting to be nosey” of course she did “besides getting abused there is really nothing to report, she is acting really odd with me. She is crying and then mean to me and then is sorry, she is very conflicting but scary a little, just because she can flip on me so quickly. I just want to know what the hell happened, shit is blowing my mind right now and she won’t speak to me about it, I am struggling right now” looking ahead seeing Robyn waiting at the door for me “her emotions are everywhere” Jenn said, I scoffed “what about my emotions? I am not a toy, now she is just staring at me, it’s so creepy” Jenn is laughing like this is anything funny “grow a pair, she needs to let it out” smiling at Robyn as I got closer “break her” Jenn blurted out “forreal?” I said “yeah, break her. She is obviously fighting from telling you, break her. I do not mean dick her down Chris! Speak” chuckling down the phone “uhm, you know me. I am easily pleased” staring at Robyn’ face as she stared at me “I will let you know, speak soon” I am wondering what Robyn wants to do now.

Placing my phone in my pocket “so….” I dragged out, Robyn gazed at my lips “can we now talk?” out of nowhere Robyn climbed me like a tree taking me by surprised, her arm around my neck. Kissing my lips, I pulled back in surprise but quickly recovered. Our mouths gradually moved in sync. Moving my hand up to her jawline. I slowly traced her cheek as we kissed, running my tongue across her bottom lip, my tongue entering into her mouth. The kiss grew more passionate, the kiss was getting faster until I finally broke away “Robyn, please” turning my head to the side, feeling kisses to my cheek “as much as I would want to do this, we really need to talk” feeling Robyn drag her lips down to my neck, reaching behind my neck to unhook her arms “come on” this feels so good though “you going to tell me what happened, I don’t care. What happened to your family?” Robyn froze “what did Monica do now?” Robyn moved her head “I am so sorry Chris, all these years. All these years I wasted running from you, I am sorry I made you look a fool. I apologise” her voice broke “I disowned them Chris” wrapping my arms around her body “don’t be sorry” I am still a little confused on this, I don’t understand what happened.

Sitting across Robyn on the couch, she is now quiet again. I don’t want to be mean to Robyn but she keeps on doing this silent shit, I don’t want to break her like Jenn said “speak to me, this is annoying” rubbing my head “then leave me alone” she retorted “well you will most likely be on your own with the way you are acting, you will have nobody but yourself. You only have me now, you know your family don’t care about you” that is so mean, I don’t like this “wow” she curled up in a ball and started crying, again. Getting up from the couch “I don’t want to lose you, I can easily lose you now” placing my hand on her knee “you know that is a lie, you tell me what happened. You went to see Jay, start there” Robyn finally looked up, wiping her eyes “I walked into that meeting room feeling like the queen of the world, I was feeling myself a little” she sniffled looking up at me “Chris I left Roc Nation, this will be the last album and tour, I am done with them” placing my hand over my mouth in shock “I got my lawyer to draw up some paperwork so I am leaving them” I am in shock “you’re leaving the record label you have been with since you was sixteen?” I said in shock “you have some sort of emotional connection with them, I know you do” Robyn nodded “but they wouldn’t change, just like my family. I knew this would have been hard but not this hard, I am sorry. I now know how you felt to lose everything” I am so speechless, I still don’t want her to go through what I did.

My eyes wide “wow, just wow” no words can be said “it was nice to see the panic look on Jay’ face, I know once I left that office I am done for. Who cares” Robyn looked up blinking her eyes, she is trying to not cry anymore “so I went to see my mom, the usual people there and Noella” she sighed heavily looking down “Jenn decided to show the picture of us on our wedding day, my mom is so spiteful and said I married for cheap, I told her I married for love. My dad then spoke up, saying he didn’t like this and I got mad saying I am angry you didn’t tell Rorrey off, he disrespected me. Rorrey then called you trash and still my dad said nothing, my family said they will be in my life and not yours. My mom really topped it off, she said Rorrey is right so I goes that I am a hoe. She then said” Robyn’ voice went squeaky, rubbing her hands together “if you didn’t parade your body around then men would respect you, better men would love you. Do you know how much that hurt to hear?” she closed her eyes letting the tear fall “I disowned them from that point, they can have the home. I am done but I am still hurting, I just need a day to recover. I just need love” lifting myself up and reaching my arm over Robyn “I only have you Chris” feeling Robyn wrap her arms around my body “and I got you, you know I love you Robyn. I am sorry you have to go through this” I got her no matter what, she is my wife.

Holding on to Robyn’ hands “it kills me to see you like this, just because I know how much you love your family. These people played a big role in your life and I understand that, this hurts. You did everything for them, but baby we’re going to be just fine. We gong to show them, we going to show them what cheap is. We going to invite them to the party” Robyn shook her head as tears fell “I can’t see them” wiping her tears “you will be just fine, you will have me there. You going to show them, I am going to be your rock, I love you. You ain’t no weak bitch, you are that bitch! Remember that, you also have my family. They adore you, man if you want my momma to move in, I can do that. But you know she is annoying too, she can be worse than Khari” Robyn giggled “I would love that” is she being real right now “just me and you shawty, and Khari of course. We good Robyn” I don’t want Robyn to feel insecure because I would never fuck up, she has given up a lot to be here with me and I am blessed that she has done that.

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What is your favorite hair color on Xiumin? You can answer for the rest of EXO too if you like.

Okay this was difficult nfdklsajds and imma do all the members because I’m extra :))

Xiumin - pink hair from Overdose era without second thought

Luhan tbh he looked so frikin cute with fluffy blonde hair aaah

Kris suits dark hair imo

Suho - BLONDE HAIR FROM OVERDOSE (or his hair atm is noice)

Lay - his CMB blonde hair yaas

Baekhyun - black/dark hair, he just suits it

Chen - brown hair from LMR, also his poodle hair is everything fite me on this

Chanyeol - red hair, idc if he ronald mcdonalding it up he look good


Was Tao’s blue hair real? Because if so why does no oNE TALK ABOUT IT?

Kai - blonde(?) hair from Overdose or his hair from Monster

Sehun - his rainbow hair was life, he literally became a My Little Pony 

I also think all the members look great with dark/natural hair or whatever, idk they just all look cute and noicenoicenoice with it


LOL! ok, sorry not sorry xDD I was messing around with the outfits and this just happened; it looks good if I have to say it, I know the guys will die from a nosebleed if they saw succrette like this x’DDDD

Shoutouts to my friend and her little hoe [I was inspired by the way you talk about her xD LOL I know you love her anyways(? jajajaja]

my daddy side the family came down to visit, my gma, my gross uncle and my fave bougie ass auntie with the knee-length weave she been wearin for 40 years, she still look so young and cute, she talks like she think she still young, she just got through showing me all of her lv stuff and comparing her pom keychains to mine, we’re all headed out to eat @ peachtree

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Just wanted to say, those two colored drawings are so good. Like, cute smooch. 10 outta 10. Love it. And Gabe just. Lord. I would give my life for that man. He looks so sweet ;~; it kills me. You do such a good job with emotion and expressions.

;^; thank u my friend aaa i’m just [holds money in hand] so in love with gabriel fucking reyes, he’s just the light of my life

i’m hoping to try and get my colours to express more in my drawings bc i’ve had a bad tendency to try and just let the linework do the work for me rather than exploring with colours and how it affects atmosphere ;-;

honestly the #1 tip anyone can give to new witches or pagans is fake it till you make it.

you don’t feel like your spells are working? whatever, keep doing them. get better at it

the Gods don’t seem to talk to you? keep talking to them and giving them offerings. you’ll get better at discernment and may notice stuff you didn’t notice before

can’t visualize your energy when charging things? so what, charge more things until it clicks

tarot is frustrating and you don’t understand the cards? shit dude pretend you do. card looks scary? until you learn more, that’s Bad Shit. looks harmless? Good Shit. use your intuition.

holidays confuse you? just google who the holiday is for and wish them a happy day and offer them something. you don’t learn unless you make mistakes and half ass things.

that’s not to say don’t admit you don’t know things, and if you’re confused you can ask for help and clarification, but if you feel like a failure of a witch or pagan just keep going. keep trying. keep on.

  • one side of me:it isn't a big deal that dan painted his nails lets all just be calm and collected and tell him they look nice
  • another side of me:👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

@letterbombed was crushed by a man roughly shoving himself to the front during the Sweet Children show at the House of Blues. When the band saw what was happening, they interrupted the song to make sure she was okay. ()

»John Kiffmeyer came over and then Billie Joe had walked over in front of me, and was leaning over and said “Are you good?” and I think my friend said something like “No, she’s hurt”, and he said “Are you good? Are you good?” again. I just remember crying with my head in my hands and my friend saying ‘HANNAH, HANNAH, HE’S TALKING TO YOU’, so I looked up at him and he said "Alright”, and smiled at me and then said “I love you.” And then I cried some more because it was so sweet and I will never in my life forget Billie Joe smiling at me and telling me he loved me. It was just really nice to feel like he cared.«

reasons to love vernon
  • rapping
  • ad-libs pfffftttttt i’m sorry
  • “why does chicken heal your heart?”
  • fetus vernon with the round glasses sdfknasdjfjljg
  • “I’m the hip-hop team’s main vocal”
  • he’s so good-looking like damn (side note: DO NOT LIKE HIM JUST BECAUSE HE’S BIRACIAL. THAT’S GROSS.)
  • “we’re not power rangers”
  • how everyone thinks he’s a ‘fuckboii’ but all the members say he’s actually really shy??
  • when joshua said “drink water!!” and he just slowly turned to him like what the frickity dick
  • I feel like at their heart-to-heart talk it was pretty clear he finds it difficult to express his feelings
  • but when he puts them into lyrics it becomes so much easier for him and I’m really happy that he has a way to pour out his emotions into his songs
  • “you know when that hotline bling”
  • he’s so chill and laid-back
  • that lil’ lip bite that he does on stage you know the thingy
  • he’s so passionate about hip-hop and rap and telling his story through it 
  • “kidney function is not a right. it’s a privilege.”
  • when he knocked over the fan while dancing
  • when he dropped the mic pack when doing the group’s greeting
  • “I’m unable to move from my weightless state of dreams and without knowing whether morning has come or if its night”
  • verkwan
  • “you’re not supposed to say oh my god”
  • “mingyu makes my ovaries explode”
  • the half-rapping half-singing thing he does
  • “I wanna be your morning baby” *falls flat* *misses note* *voice cracks*
  • “the disadvantage is that we can’t exercise”
  • he’s actually a really good member to the older ones like he never fails to praise and encourage them and recognise their talents and efforts
  • when he apologised for giving the group a bad reputation when he was on smtm4
  • I feel like since debut he’s really grown and matured a lot
  • he’s become a lot more aware of how his actions affect other people and I hope he knows we love him and will always support him