This is How You OTP: 9 Swoon-Worthy Moments on TV
There is love, and then there’s the love we see on TV. Check out our 9 most swoon-worthy moments on TV so far this year.

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7. The Reunion - The 100

Don’t try to tell me there’s no romance here. There’s a lot of romance in The 100, and it’s not all between Bellamy and Clarke. In fact, you could even argue that there’s no real romance between them. But boy, is there love. Real love. Love that didn’t take me binge-watching the first two seasons like a crazy person on Netflix over one weekend to figure out. Love that’s obvious in promos and gifs and most of all, in this fifteen second hug. Because you don’t hug your brother like that. You don’t.

Still, this seems like a weird inclusion to my list of swoon-worthy moments. No love declaration, no kiss. Why is this here? It’s here because though I was actively shipping them BEFORE, it was in this precise moment that I fell in love with the pairing. With the way she breathes him in. With the way he hesitates at first and then hugs her so tight he might as well be crushing them. I fell in love with the possibilities of Bellamy and Clarke.

And, in this particular case, there’s still a lot of story to be told. A lot of stuff to look forward to.

remember season 8. remember when dean did everything to find cas in purgatory. remember when the first thing  he did when he found him was pull him into a tight hug with a huge smile.  remember when benny earned dean’s unfailing trust because he saved cas. remember when dean got out of purgatory and he remembered leaving a broken hearted cas behind because he couldnt bare the thought of cas not wanting to come home with him. remember how dean missed cas so much he hallucinated seeing him. remember how sam asked dean why he was up in the middle of the night staring out the window dean answered “cas” in a small broken voice. remember how sam comforted him and told him none of it was his fault. remember when cas came back.  remember the boner. remember the passionate talks behind the impala or in a motel room with hushed confessions and misty eyes. remember the praying. remember “for all that we’ve been through.” remember “i need you.” remember the clash of a blade hitting the floor. remember bittersweet goodbyes on a barstool with “what ifs” stuck in their heads. remember when every fansite ever was writing articles about deancas. remember when destiel won poll after poll. remember when dean and cas’s story was called the greatest love story ever told.  

remember season 8 deancas 

My season 4 olicity wish list

1. Holding hands. Full on interlocked hands (bonus points if it’s during sex)
2. Full long hugs. Holding each other close and comforting each other. No more of just one armed or short hugs
3. Cuddling. Lots and lots, especially cuddling in bed
4. Pet names - that fit organically.
5. Chest to chest naked cuddling and caressing each other.
6 Living together - DUH
7. Mandatory Date nights. When they get home they decide they can’t get so wrapped up in saving the day and their jobs that they don’t have time for each other. They put time aside for them.
8. Flashes of summer away. Whether it be flashbacks that relate to current story( please) or talking about what happened. We need hints of their first 5 months in a relationship.
9. They’re relationship and their individual well-being and dreams must come first or be a high priority and the city tied or second.
10. No break ups. I’m fine with fighting and needing space and Oliver even having to stay a night at Thea’s. But no break ups.
11. Getting engaged at the end of the season
12. Kid talk. Longing for having them some day in the future.
13. Lots of sex, hard and ripping each other’s clothes off sex, sweet gentle sex, make up sex, lots of it and lots of kissing.
14. Oliver saying out loud that Thea and Felicity are his favorite and most important women.
15. Someone in the team catching olicity in a compromising position
16. Olicity stunts like in season 2. ( I miss them)
17. Felicity ending up in the hospital for a bit.
18. Oliver being there or giving Felicity space when she needs it with dealing with her father.
19. Felicity’s lovely Freudian slips and Double entendres back
20. More than 5 minutes of happy olicity moments

So this is my list in no particular order that I actually came up with while daydreaming at work today lol.

How your life can go from hell to heaven in 2 easy steps (courtesy of CBS)

1.After you spent the longest Friday of my life, waiting for news about The mentalist, wainting the worse news ever but hoping against hope…

…and nothing happen!! and you just need to know!!!

2. Saturday is a good day is sneak peek-day!! so you go and….You see the most beautiful words ever!! THE MENTALIST RENEWAL!!!

And I wish I could hug everyone of you!!! because this is an amazing fandom, we did this! we got this! Congrats Mentalistas! I don’t know wether to cry or explode from happiness.

Season 7 mean a lot of jisbon!!! we’ll see Lisbon and Jane together with a lot of cute, funny, adorables and SEXY moments!! I’m so happy righ now

I’m heaven.