Fic Snippet: Lizzie Anna Liddell Van Dort -- Aftermath

Well, at least one person demanded more *nods at @somebodylost-chan* so I figured I’d give you the other scene that’s pretty clear in my head regarding this AU! This is after William’s fessed up to his son about “Anna” actually being Lizzie Liddell – Victor is naturally pretty upset, and retreats to the front steps of Houndsditch so he can try and process this. However, turns out someone followed him out…


Victor looked up to see his not-sister leaning over him. “Hello, An-Lizzie,” he corrected himself, gritting his teeth. “I’m – I’m sorry, it’s going to t-take some time to unlearn–”

“Well, it’s going to take me a bit to unlearn responding to that name, so… .” Lizzie shrugged, then sat down next to him. “I’d ask if you’re all right, but it seems a silly question.”

Victor stared at his hands, clasping and unclasping before him of their own accord. “I should have known,” he said suddenly, guilt welling up in him like the tide. “I should have guessed you weren’t really – Lizzie, I am so sorry. I – I think I knew the moment I saw that f-family photograph of Alice’s, but she was so upset by the notion and – I didn’t think Mother and Father would a-actually stoop so low as to–”

“Victor, calm down,” Lizzie said, pressing her hand over his. “This isn’t your fault. You were six when this happened. How were you supposed to know any better?”

“But – you don’t l-look anything like us, and I – I know my mother, know how desperate she was for a g-girl… .” He swallowed, trying to get rid of the lump sticking in his throat. “They made both our lives a lie. How long do you think it would have gone on if Father hadn’t had an attack of conscience?”

“Well, considering how close you’ve gotten to Alice, not as long as you might think,” Lizzie replied blandly, before leaning in. “Trust me, Victor – part of me wants to go and sock that porker we’ve both called Mother for far too long in the jaw right now. Part of me wants to go to William and demand to know what on earth he was thinking, keeping me from my sister for so long. Part of me is content with the notion of just escaping to the roof and screaming for a while.” She squeezed his hands. “But none of me is angry with you. I may have spent fourteen years of my life with the wrong name, but – on the whole, considering what that bloody bastard Bumby wanted to happen to me and mine… .” She closed her eyes and took a deep, shuddery breath. “They treated me well, even if it was all a lie. And having you in my life…that was worth every moment of hat-shopping and suitor-meeting.” She looked him straight in the face, smiling. “I don’t care if we’re not blood. As far as I’m concerned, you’re still my brother.”

A warm wetness filled Victor’s eyes. He smiled back. “Thank you.”

Lizzie chuckled. “Of course, this does put us in a rather odd situation regarding Alice.” She smirked at his puzzled expression. “Oh, don’t pretend – I’ve seen the way you look at her. Your feelings toward her aren’t precisely familial, are they?”

Victor flushed pink. Why did she have to be so observant? “Ah – well…she’s – nice, and… .”

Lizzie nodded and wrapped an arm around him. “Don’t worry. If I still know anything about my sister – she feels the same about you.”

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i really hope one of les amis will be poc but i think since it was really unlikely during that time i don't think they will cast someone of color *cries into the distance*

i really hope some of the cast will be poc but the bbc does tend to whitewash a lil bit

BUT now you’ve got me on it I would like to explain that yes les amis and followers could just as well have been poc. you see, believe it or not, nonwhite people existed in france. what a shocker. the june rebellion was not only held by students but also by!!!! the people!!! i seriously doubt all of them were white. also victor hugo, the glorious bastard, gave so much freedom when it came to interpreting the characters. the most details he gave about les amis were colour of hair and level of hotness. and since almost all of the male characters have black hair who’s to say that one of them isn’t poc? 

also may i add fuck the rules give me a black jean valjean

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How do you accept Victors lack of veganism? Does it place any strain on your relationship? My boy is vegan and I can't imagine not having that bond of knowledge about the state of food consumption in the world. Xo

Hey anon! So I met Victor about 9 months before I decided to go vegan. And so far, it’s really never been an issue. We have had one or two arguments about it before but mostly because I was being really sensitive about it and I think I just expected people to easily transition when that wasn’t the case, you know? Luckily, he respects it the way I respect his choices to still consume animal products. I just try to show him some awesome articles or information I find on it, I never try to push it on him, and I hope one day he slowly starts to see it the way I do, but I love him for him– not his dietary preferences you know?? I just take it day by day :)

When DC drops trailers for Wonder Woman, Justice League and another one for Suicide Squad but you wasn’t prepared for the badassery it contained.

Just Sully Things

When you daydream about the “Good Ol’ Days” where you had no back pain and didn’t have to go on crazy life-threatening treasure hunts with Nate like seriously Sully “died” in two of them wtf Nate keep the moustache man safe goddamnit:

When Rafe Adler is talking shit about you to your face but you realize he’s like a tiny yapping chihuahua so you can’t take him seriously:

When you’re humoring the tiny chihuahua by politely listening to him talk shit about you but then he bites you out of nowhere and you don’t know whether to scream or cry:

When you see the crazy manifesting in the tiny chihuahua’s eyes and you realize it’s too late to run and you got more than you bargained for:

When you finally get away from the crazy yet tiny chihuahua but you’re terrified that he’ll come back for revenge:

When you know for a fact that the crazy yet tiny chihuahua will come back for revenge no matter what you do so you decide to make the most of the situation and mess with him:

When you smile at the crazy yet tiny chihuahua secretly hoping that he’ll forgive and forget even though you know he won’t and you’re fucked:

When you realize you need to flee the country and change your name in order to hide from the crazy yet tiny chihuahua:


When you remember you left the stove on at home and you’re on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean:

When you’re in school and you really have to sneeze but everyone around you is taking a test so you try to hold it in by making the face:


Isabelle shook her head. “No…no…no… they’re gonna find me. I know they will. He said it would hurt. He said I should kill myself.” She clutched the front of his shirt and sobbed into his chest. “I have to kill myself. I have to.”


“Nobody’s going to hurt you okay? I promise,” he cooed, petting her hair in an attempt to calm her down. “Why was he saying all this? Why is he threatening your life?” The last time Victor remembered talking to Jim they were discussing what the man could do to help his relationship with his daughter.

Remains of lost Spanish fort found on South Carolina coast

Archaeologists have found the location of a long-sought Spanish fort on the South Carolina coast near Beaufort.

A release from the University of South Carolina says the site of San Marcos, one of five forts built during the 21-year history of the early settlement of Santa Elena, has finally been located on Parris Island.

University of South Carolina archaeologist Chester DePratter and Victor Thompson of the Center for Archaeological Sciences at the University of Georgia, have conducted research for the past two years to find the site of the 1577 fort.

Using ground-penetrating radar and other high-tech equipment last month they found the site and are publishing the details of their work this week in The Journal of Archaeology Science ReportsRead more.

A Winner is Announced!

There will be a brief period of transition while the new mayor is installed into her office and administrative functions divided from the Ministry, but very soon London will have its first mayor and its first elected female figurehead.

Once fully situated, a mayoral Sinning Jenny card will become available in your opportunity deck. As the official mayor of Fallen London, you may hear news of her work crop up from time to time during her career.

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Natalie was saying to Day how Victor touched her butt but she felt like she had to play it off because of the game. Day went the same thing with Frank. You shouldn’t have to feel like you can’t say something when another people places their hands on you without your consent. I don’t care about the game you have to send a clear message that it’s ok. If you get targeted for standing up for yourself fuck it.

End Scene

*So, when I finished my Victor fic, I said that was my last Rizzoli and Isles fic.  But, I figured since the show has finally come to end I might have one last scene left in me.  So here it is.  The last scene of Rizzoli and Isles if Crackinois wrote it (disclaimer: I actually haven’t watched the show in 3 ½ seasons and have literally no clue what the show is doing right now so, take this as you will.*


Maura watched the movers load the last item onto the truck and was immediately overcome with a startling sense of finality.  This was it.  This chapter of her life was closed, there was no going back now, only the new adventure that awaited over 400 miles away.  

“It’s so empty,” she breathed out on a whisper, looking around the vacant house, nothing but her purse and a small travel bag sitting in the middle of what had been her living room.  The sofas and chairs were gone, the knick knacks, books, and pictures packed tightly away, but the echo of laughter sounded in her memory, feelings of warmth, friendship, and family enveloped her heart.  Maura reached up and wiped the tear away that was forming at the corner of her eye.

“Anything else I can do?”  Angela asked, placing her arm around the woman that had become like a second daughter to her.

Maura shook her head.  “I’d like a little time alone before I leave.”

Angela smiled with understanding and gathered her things, making her way towards the door before she paused and looked back, “Saying goodbye is hard for her.  You’ve been such an important part of her life for so long….such an important part of our family.  I don’t think she’s come to terms with you leaving.”

She didn’t even try to stop me.  Maura sniffed and turned away, she knew if Angela saw her break down she wouldn’t leave.  And right now, Maura just wanted to be alone.  She glanced over her shoulder once the door clicked and let the tears have their way.  The trials and tribulations of her time as Chief Medical Examiner in Boston had been many, but through it all she had always had Jane, her friend, confidant, and protector.  But, Maura had come to realize that no matter how much she wanted more, a friend was all Jane would ever be.  She had to disentangle herself from the life she had built in Boston.  It was time for a fresh start, and she hoped that this new career endeavor at John Hopkins in Baltimore would prove challenging and busy enough to help her forget the heartache of leaving her old life behind.

She walked through the house one more time, finding it difficult to conceive that it wasn’t even her home anymore.  When the for sale sign went up it had given her a tingling feeling in the pit of her stomach, then a week ago her realtor had affixed the ‘sold’ topper to the sign and Maura felt her heart sink.  There was no going back.  Room by room she checked to make sure no item had eluded herself or the movers.  It was well and truly empty.  One by one, she turned off the lights, making her way back to the front.

“This is it,” she said aloud, picking up her purse and taking a deep breath.  “To something new.”  Maura opened the door and gasped with a start as she stared into Jane’s eyes, the detective’s hand still outstretched towards the door knob.  “Jane!  You scared me,” she chuckled, placing her hand over her racing heart.  Maura’s eyes traveled down to where a couple of large duffel bags sat at Jane’s feet.

“I was afraid I’d missed you, I didn’t see your car,” Jane ran a hand through her messy hair and then nervously shoved her hands in her pockets.

“It’s parked down the street, the movers needed access to the driveway.”

Jane nodded and a tense silence filled the space between them.  “I…umm…I…” she stammered, “…couldn’t even sleep last night.  Like my brain decided to relive every moment of our friendship and at the end it finally hit me that you were leaving, you’re really leaving, and it’s my fault…”


Jane shook her head and held up her hand, “Just let me…please.  It’s my fault Maura, because I’ve been reckless in every way except just coming out with how I feel.  And if I would have just done that, if I would have just told you how I felt about you…how I really felt, then you wouldn’t have taken that job in Baltimore.”  She took a deep breath and shifted her eyes from that spot of nothing on the door she’d been staring at over Maura’s shoulder and looked the other woman in the eye, “I love you.  I’ve loved you for a really long time and I was too scared to admit it, but last night I realized that losing you was even scarier.”

Maura smiled even as tears streaked in fractured tributaries down her flushed cheeks, “I love you too.”  Her body offered no resistance as Jane pulled them together, lips pressing passionately together after years of unsated longing.  Maura wanted to drown in the warmth of Jane’s body held so tightly against her own.  “Come with me,” Maura whispered as their lips barely separated.  “Let’s start over together.”

A smile of relief softened Jane’s face, “Thank God you asked or I was going to look really silly walking back to that taxi I had waiting for me around the corner.”

They settled into a comforting embrace, “You’d leave BPD for me?”  Maura asked, her voice shaky with the fear that she was misunderstanding what was really happenng.

“Remember that time I told you I’d give you one of my kidneys?”

“Maura laughed into Jane’s neck, “You said you weren’t sure you’d give your brothers one, but you’d definitely do it for me.”

“I put my job first for too long,” Jane took a deep breath and pressed her lips to Maura’s temple, “there’s more to life than that, and I denied it for too long already.  I’d do anything for you, so, yeah, I’d leave BPD for you, Maura.  Cool thing about my line of work, there’s police departments everywhere.”