Episode 72: everything that isn’t the Double Duel Date Disaster

Let’s check in on … Jounouchi’s Disaster! 

AKA a tragic waste of what could have been a very hot interrogation scene if anyone ever shipped Rishid/Jounouchi which seems unlikely. Bet it has a silly name, though.

It’s standshipping. Because they had to stand up at the end of their duel to win omfg.

Anyway Rishid’s doing a credible intimidation job and Jounouchi has sort of let his defiance run away with him a bit. You see, he assumes (correctly) that he’s been kidnapped so the Ghouls can get their hands on Yugi’s cards, and he says…

“No REAL card game player would hesitate in the face of their best friend being kidnapped and threatened! Yugi’d kill me himself for the sake of a card.”


This is supposed to be the “friendship is the most important thing” anime, come on, Jou, get the fuck on message!

So Malik and Rishid have this very well planned; Rishid holds out his hand and stares and….


But he’s very pretty. Look at that pouty lip. And that peek of collarbone. If only he’d become a model instead of frittering his youth away on overly dramatic murder attempts.

Meanwhile, in Anzu’s Disaster:

… I mean, I’m impressed. Just how long has the card game been going on for, that they had time to build this?!

… Also are the boxes empty, in which case, how are they supporting their weight, or are they full of something sturdy, in which case, how are they building this at all?! They must be filled with something light but very sturdy, like maybe criss-crossed titanium cubic frames.

They reach the skylight and Anzu encourages Mokuba to climb out but she for some reason can’t. Mokuba is worried…

#toogoodforthisworld #toopure

She tells him to just go and get help, she’ll be fine, and he grabs the windowledge just in time because…

The weight of the Ghouls destabilises the box tower, sending Anzu plummeting to what would be her death in real life but this is a cartoon and hundreds of - it turns out empty - boxes and several human men break her fall, so she’s totally fine.

And Mokuba escapes, promising to come back and save her asap!

Meanwhile, in Honda’s Disaster, he’s forcing a BLIND GIRL to run to catch the fucking train because in Honda’s disaster, Honda is the disaster. 

I know you can’t tell from the screencap but the doors are making the beeping sound and they close and the train begins to move literally immediately after they get aboard.

I guess we could give him the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it wasn’t his fault that they almost missed it but he is the one in charge of bringing her safely to the city and people who are not usually blind but are currently blind should not be running on train platforms!

Once they’re on the train, the conversation turns naturally enough to Jounouchi.

“So important, he makes my nose blush.”

Honda makes a REALLY WEIRD KEENING NOISE in response and I thought things were about to get weird but luckily he kept things completely normal.


I wonder what his relationship with his sister is like.

Back at the joint kidnapping Disaster, shit gets pretty harrowing. Because Anzu’s been strapped to a chair in a dark room, and the door opens and she sees…

And she’s so happy to see him and so glad that he’s okay and so relieved that he’s here to rescue her…

But he just stares at her…

And she starts to get freaked out…

And then Rishid walks in behind him as Jounouchi raises his head and she can see his cold, dead eyes…


… So is Rishid standing on a box or is he really 7 feet tall holy shit?!

Anyway, Anzu’s in a terrible situation but at least there are no BONDAGE JELLYBABIES so things could always be worse.

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Referring to the new Teen Wolf episode, all of the acting was great but Holland's performance was probably one of the best she's ever given. I'm so glad the writers have given her more emotional scenes. I was genuinely fearful for her due to how she played the scene. *Holland appreciation*

i completely agree! everyone was great and this definitely was one of her best performances. They actually had me for like a split second…i was kinda scared stiles or lydia might die just because of how intense and well played everything was and how she just couldn’t hold her screams in! Even just little wisps of her voice were shaking the animal clinic! I’m still all jittery from it lmfao;;;

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what if the scira sex scene is just a little glimpse like we saw in the promo and then they switch to another scene?! Maybe we wont actually see much. And then all the excitement wud have been for nothing. Id be sooooo upset! But I think its a possibilty and it scares me lol. Have u ever thought about it??

Yes, that is a possibility that has definitely crossed my mind before and which I’ve always quickly pushed away because it STRESSES ME OUT.

if that scira scene ends up just being like, nothing more than what was shown in the trailer and only like a 3 second glimpse i will lose my shit

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You are always here to me. And I always listen. And I can always see you.


I wrote this on impulse after the episode last night and the INTENSE Clexa reunion. I recorded it in one take just to remember how it goes, but I love the emotion I captured.

The song is from Clarke’s perspective but I try to keep my songs subtle so people who don’t watch the show can relate also. I really hope you like it :)

I get so much inspiration from this show and Clarke and Lexa’s relationship in particular. It’s truly the best thing I’ve ever seen and I worship this show I swear to ya. Jason Rothenberg and all the writers and cast and crew are so fucking amazing. I have another 2 Clexa songs on my soundcloud: What We Deserve and Piece in the Peace.

Also, this is just my interpretation of the scene in a way. It inspired the song. Sorry if you don’t agree :)

It only takes an entire episode for Team Arrow to finally tell Oliver he needs to see Felicity. What comes next is one of the most gut-wrenching moments between Felicity and Oliver ever. Rickards and Amell astound in their scenes opposite each other as they continue to have the best chemistry. As Oliver enters Felicity’s hospital room, it’s hard not to shed a tear at the duos first scene together all episode. In an episode with very little dialogue from Rickards, she elicits the biggest fan reaction. Seeing Felicity lying in bed, listening to the man she loves, will surely reduce an entire room of Arrow fans to tears. Rickards doesn’t have to utter a word, the tears welling up in her eyes are enough to make this scene one of her strongest to date. She has come a long way during her four years on Arrow. Going from a guest star in season one to the character every other character gravitates towards is a major accomplishment for the young actress.

Nora Dominick, Emertainment Monthly (X)

Marinette playing with a Chat Noir doll, finding out Nadja is Manon’s mom, getting the best akuma ever, Marichat, learning that Lady Wifi has an additional power, heck just seeing Lady Wifi again, epic fight scenes, Chat’s lines, continuity overload

and my fave part of the episode is still going to be Adrien Agreste taking public transportation

Things I really love about Emmerdale right now.

Robert still being in love with Aaron but not pushing anything because he knows Aaron needs time to heal before they can even think about sorting out their shit.

DINGLE DEFENCE SQUAD. I was happy to have Robert, Chas, Cain, Paddy and Adam being Aaron’s support but the fact that they got literally EVERY Dingle (except Zak) involved and that they all care so much about Aaron is beautiful.

That glorious Detective Man who wasn’t taking any of Gordon’s shit.


Cain’s revenge plot against Gordon that was so complex and ridiculous he was basically a Bond villain.

The fact that they remembered that Aaron and Adam are supposed to be the best friends ever and had that lovely hug scene.

Adam and Robert’s Aaron-based truce.

No Jai scenes.

The First Sparklie Film Awards - Vote Now!

Right, it has been done! The nominations for the first-ever Sparklie Film Awards have been decided upon. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the nominations collation process - it really helped to make things democratic! I got a great response, and I’m very excited to see where things go from here.

With no further adieu, I present the final nominees:

1. Best Picture

- Mad Max: Fury Road

- The Martian

- Star Wars: The Force Awakens

- Crimson Peak

- Jupiter Ascending

2. Best scene/moment

- Furiosa using Max as a rifle stand (Mad Max: Fury Road)

- Rey finding Luke Skywalker (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

- Jupiter beating Balem with a pipe and declaring “I’m not your damn mother” (Jupiter Ascending)

- Ilya and Gaby’s hotel room dance (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.)

- The Hermes Crew intercepts Mark Watney (The Martian)

3. Best heroic performance

- John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

- Charlize Theron as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road

- Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

- Mia Wasikowska as Edith Cushing in Crimson Peak

- Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

4. Best villainous performance

- Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Fury Road

- Elizabeth Debicki as Victoria in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

- Jessica Chastain as Lucille Sharpe in Crimson Peak

- Eddie Redmayne as Balem Abrasax in Jupiter Ascending

- Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

5. Best double act

- Furiosa and Max (Mad Max: Fury Road)

- Joy and Sadness (Inside Out)

- Rey and Finn (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

- Thomas and Lucille (Crimson Peak)

- Jupiter and Caine (Jupiter Ascending)

6. Best visuals

- Mad Max: Fury Road

- Tomorrowland

- Star Wars: The Force Awakens

- Crimson Peak

- Jupiter Ascending

Submit your votes via the online poll here. You can only vote once, so consider your votes carefully prior to submitting your ballot! Nominations close on 27th February 2016, so get your votes in before then!

n.b. While it’s impossible to make this a condition, I strongly urge everyone to watch all of the nominated films prior to voting - that way you’re making informed choices throughout. And I can promise that watching these films should be a hugely pleasurable task!


“Well, I guess you win.”

These requests are the best thing ever for me to work on my anatomy while having great fun (also they give me an excuse to re-read these great scenes while waiting patiently for the next update). Also, I’m happy to see many new fanarts for that story in the Ceasefire tag, it’s so cool.

As always, my askbox is open for requests, keep in mind that there is little chance of me drawing sexual scenes as I don’t particularly enjoy very NSFW stuff in general, and it’s just too weird in my realistic style.

I will work on asks I received about the Clan Techie and Matt too, I did not forget about them.


Things that the 100 fandom agree on

Clarke needs a bath

Finn should never have been given a gun like never

Octavia is a warrior queen

Monty x miller is the future

Lincoln is a cinnamon roll to good for this world

Raven Reyes is also bae and is so smart

Bellamy s hair in the wind gives us heart flutters

Abby needs to chill

Everyone cried when in 3x1 we saw the kids running after the gang in the car

Everyone cried in 3x1 full stop

Murphy needs to turn down the sass

Jasper just needs a bit of love

The best scene ever is them singing in the car in 3x1

TVD 7x10 Reaction

Damon’s Hell

Damon + Lily

I don’t know. I just wasn’t feeling it.

Damon asking Caroline if she wanted a drink

Damon + Caroline

This was probably my favorite scene of the episode.

“This is why I begged Bonnie to get Stefan out first.”

“Well, why didn’t she?“

“Because logic prevailed.”

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?“


“Blondie, you do not get to make this moment the only time you ever decided to shut up. Tell me. What am I missing?”

Did we really need to know why Bonnie got Damon out first. She and Stefan are not close and Damon’s her best friend. Why wouldn’t she get him out first?

I feel like this scene was put in to show us that Damon could possibly have feelings for Bonnie. This was all in his head even Julian calling Bonnie cute.

Caroline and Matt showing concern for Bonnie

Then you find out it was Damon’s dream.

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Damon + Stefan (dullena dragging)

“Is Elena’s influence on you so weak that you can’t tell right from wrong without her holding your hand?”

Bonnie VS Stefan

“It’s like the stone is hiding his spirit.”

“Then maybe you should take a break, all right? You been trying all day.”

“She can’t. The longer he stays in there, the more damaged he’ll be when he gets out.”

“And whose fault is that? You, of all people, don’t get to lecture me.”

“Hey, hey. It’s ok. We’re all just a little bit stressed right now.”

I know she was trying to keep the peace but i wanted to see Bonnie let Stefan have it!

Damon + Everybody

“Why am I still here?”

“It wasn’t real.”

“This isn’t real.”

Saddest scene of the episode

Another Short Mystrade Meta

Hello everyone, and welcome back to ‘Another Shitty Meta that I Like to Think Means Something, but it Probably doesn’t’.

And I understand as usual people have already probably beat me to writing something about this, but I’m only now deciding to get off my ass to write a meta on it, so here we go.

So this time, we’re talking (once again) about Mystrade (YAAAAAAAY :D). So, in HLV [His Last Vow] we have our very first (EVER) Mystrade scene.

That’s it above ^

Now this office you will recognise it from when we first see Sherlock in season 3 when Mycroft is fixing him up to come back to life.

[best shot I could find]

So, Lestrade SOMEHOW knows/is invited to come to Mycroft’s top secret office. How do I know that it’s his top secret office? Well I don’t, I’m just assuming (like I do with all meta’s). But it’s kinda obvious it’s secret, here are my reasons why.

  1. It seems like it’s underground or something of the sorts cause there are no noticeable windows… (ps, WHO HAS AN UNDERGROUND OFFICE!?!?)
  2. Sherlock is brought there when he is still dead, why would Mycroft bring him out in public to come inside one of his offices, he’ll walk past people and possibly be recognised, especially all bloody and beaten up it will draw attention to himself
  3. It doesn’t seem like your typical office, no decor, no warm colours, seems quite cold (like him, supposedly)
  4. John has never been there, so it isn’t just a normal office everyone visits

What can we conclude out of this? Lestrade is trusted and important to Mycroft, whether they are together, friends or acquaintances, I cannot tell. But Lestrade is definitely important and like I said, trusted by Mycroft. And that could be one step closer to them being together or one step to showing us that it might happen/that they are friends.

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So I was just wondering, how do you think Clarke learned Trigedasleng while being separated and in hiding, and only after three months?

As someone who has really spend my whole life studying foreign languages, let me tell you that it’s completely possible. 

First, Clarke is super smart. She listens to what people say, memorizes it and uses it to her advantage, and that’s just in English. They’ve been around Grounders for a while before she left. I mean, even Kane picked up a few phrases as soon as he met them (and I really doubt anyone was teaching him like Lincoln was teaching Octavia). There was a deleted scene where he talked to Lexa in Trigedasleng when he was captured, and that was really early on.

Also, have you ever heard that it’s best to hide things in plain sight? Just because Clarke wasn’t easy to find, it doesn’t mean she was constantly running around like a wild animal. Niylah says herself that Clarke always shows up when her dad leaves, they seem to be somewhat friendly, and Niylah knows what the “usual” supplies are, so that clearly gives away the fact that Clarke’s been hanging around. When Roan showed up looking for her, she knew he was looking for her so I assume she also heard stories of Wanheda, that also means she’s been around people. 

Other than that, even fans picked up Trigedasleng really fast. It’s basically English, there is no new grammar you need to learn (at least not too much of it). You start by figuring out origin of words and in what way were they used as codes (really, if you look up words here and see their etymology, it all makes much more sense), then you just figure out the rest from the context.

It’s actually normal (if you put effort in it) to become fluent in a language in 3 months. Especially if you’re living among native speakers and are forced to use it. And that’s for languages that are completely different from your own, but we’re talking about a slang version of English.

That’s how I see it. Maybe @dedalvs could tell you a bit more about it but I do think this pretty much covers it. Languages aren’t that hard to learn.

-Admin L

Reading practice: the best backstory

Blue Exorcist volume 16 contains what may be my favorite anime character backstory scene ever, courtesy of the character Lightning. Now in Japanese with vocab and grammar notes!

It has spoilers (mostly background info about Lightning) but nothing PLOT-SHATTERING, and is actually pretty accessible to non-Blue Exorcist fans if you’re looking for some reading practice.


Keep reading

look as much as everyone hates it we do have to admit that killing off ianto was a good narrative decision and that the whole thing was well written and shot and scored and acted and it wasn’t in any way an unnecessary character death - actually, i feel like children of earth wouldn’t have been quite the masterpiece that it was without ianto dying.

There’s no telling what might happen when you walk on the streets of the City of Lights at night.

Based on this fanfic by @somuchbetterthanthat

I finally finished this! I’ve been working on it for over a month, it’s ridiculous. But I’m so happy with the result. This is easily the best piece of art I’ve ever made. o__o

I just love this fanfic so much. (Please read it if you haven’t!) It’s short but absolutely beautiful and I just had to draw this scene because the visual wouldn’t leave my mind.

I have no idea if the clothes are accurate. I don’t know anything about men’s fashion in the late 19th century, I just picked a random reference picture. The background is based on a Marville photograph although it’s the wrong street… I couldn’t find nice pictures of Rue Voltaire from the right era. But hey, artistic licence!

The West Wing is pretty much always good, but every few episodes there’ll be some AMAZING scene and I’ll think, “Even though I watched it as it aired, It’s almost literally unbelievable to me that this show existed and was so fucking good.” There are so many actors on this show who are just crazy talented, and the writing is so smart and consistently good. It’s not a perfect show, but goddamn, it was some of the best television I’ve ever seen. 

And The Winner Is...

Jamie and Claire attend the Annual Funko Pop Craptastic Awards

Best bar prop goes to

Because the pepper tree made me laugh out loud.

Best Overall Scene goes to (this is out of order and should be last, but cut me some slack because computers are hideous and should be shot)

Curry Tots!

Because A) tots B) curry C) I’m hungry D) if the this is how the tenants of Lallybroch were introduced to the potato, they would never have left to fight with the Bonnie Prince.

Best “um, no” scene goes to

Because the King of Men may be king sized, but one is nay enough for this lassie.

Best use of the words, ‘pus’ and ‘drainage’ in a bar goes to

Because lets face it, it’s the best use of those words anywhere, ever.

Most unrealistic bar scene goes to

Jamie would never be that drunk with a full glass of beer sitting right next to him. Details matter.

Best Costume goes to

Because a beer smock is just as good as any other smock

Scene Least Likely to EVER Happen goes to:

Because no matter how drunk, clearly, Jamie isn’t sleeping without his Sassenach tonight. They aren’t even in the same bar-bed.

Well done, all! The statues are in the mail.

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