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SU has always shown us we can get along no matter how different we are, but that was taken to a whole new level with “Off colors” and “Lars’ head”. We knew that on Homeworld gems didn’t have enough freedom and it turns out the “defective” ones have it much worse. 

They are forced to live completely isolated at Homeworlds’ long forgotten kindergartens. They are even chased by robonoids just for coming out different. Kicked away by society, because of something they’re not guilty for, without being given a chance to fit in.

This is a heartbreaking, but realistic representation of how disabled people are treated even nowadays. 

For example Padparadscha (Sapphire) sees things that have already happened instead of the future - mentally handicapped

Rhondite was mainly betrayed because she’s a fusion, but by her actions you see she has developed a high level of stress.  

Fluorite’s just like a polyamorous relationship.

The Rutile twins -   conjoined twins 

“We survived, because all the other Rutiles ran away when we emerged…”

“We survived because they were afraid of us.” 

Rhondite: You’re off color. Just like the rest of us. 

Steven: What do you mean “off color”?

Rutile: You know, wrong… not right.

Steven: I don’t see anything wrong with you guys.

They all accept each other and have become a wonderful family. 

That’s what makes SU wonderful and many need to see a show like this.

gerardway: Baby!
As you already know, my dear brother @mikeyway and his wonderful wife @kristincolby brought an amazing little person into the world, Rowan Louise Way. We are so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful family that continues to grow. Seriously, if you had asked us when we were young if our lives were going to turn out this way, we wouldn’t have believed you. Bandit is super excited to babysit her new cousin (who she is head over heels for), and Linds and I are overjoyed at being an Aunt and Uncle. Here is an awesome pic they sent us. Lots of love!
#cute #RLW ❤️

Geno’s interview for Maxim (April 2017). 

Big thanks to @atsomnambulist for the help with the translation! 😇

-You live in the United States ten months in a year. What do you miss most about Russia?

- It used to be difficult, my parents did not visit that much. And now I’m comfortable, all who are close and dear to me often visit Pittsburgh. I don’t worry about food, I’m not fussy. What I miss the most is the Russian banya (sauna). Whenever I arrive in Moscow, I immediately go to “Sanduny”. I like to hang out with friends, sometimes in nightclubs too. You get tired of a year of matches and flights across the America, so you need some time to relax.

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request: “Could you do a George x reader where reader is an American Ilvermorny transfer and she is going to the burrow and meeting his family for the first time and is really worried about meeting them because she’s doesn’t know how they would react to him dating an American” — by anon

a/n: another george imagine, yaaas! thank you for requesting this because i’ve been thinking of making an imagine like this as well and was happy when someone requested. hope you like it. x


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“Does this mean I have to make another speech?  Don’t do this, you’re making my mother cry in Boston. Wow. Barry and Fran Weissler were the only producers stupid enough to do the show and the only one smart enough to make it work.Thank you so much Lapine is Lapine, and so generous. Michael (Sarabin), finally after 12 years, I can say publicly, you’re divine.You’re divine. Andre Bishop and Ira Weitzman nurtured the show at Playwrights Horizons Thank you. Wait, there’s more. I’m sorry.  Arthur Salvadore, what more can I say. Graciela Daniele, yes, thank you for doing it. I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends. I love everyone in this audience and I’m a miserable person, so thank you.”  -   William Finn’s 1992 Tony acceptance speech.

Our Girl

FATHER’S DAY Anon Request: Hi! I thought this would be a cute Drabble, but turns out I actually want a full on oneshot/imagine lol. It’s a Daddy!Sebastian oneshot, where you two have a daughter and she’s born deaf. And the imagine basically goes through the process of raising her, learning sign language, from infanthood all the way to her high school graduation. I just think it’d be super cute if Seb had a deaf child, we’re the best😂. There’s so much culture involved with Deafness and having Deaf family. It’s wonderful!

Tags: fluff, adorable father!Seb

A/N: I chose to name the daughter Francis since St. Francis is the patron saint of the deaf. (please do not be offended by this if you are not religious/don’t believe in the saints–also I’m not insinuating that anyone who isn’t religious/doesn’t believe in the saints is wrong or subject to getting angry over something so small. I just really want everyone to come out and have a good time and enjoy reading regardless of race/religion/sex/sexual orientation. I seriously love everyone so yeah..kind of long ‘disclaimer(?)’)

As always, Requests are OPEN and I’m always ready to talk about whatever anyone wants :)

Sebastian was over the moon when his wife texted him a picture of her positive pregnancy test while he was at work. The couple had been trying to get pregnant for almost a year, using all of the different methods of determining fertilization, planning their weeks around procreating, and making sure (Y/N) wasn’t under any stress, but nothing seemed to work until one crazy night they spent together in a hot tub before Sebastian had to leave for an assignment. He had only been filming for a week before receiving (Y/N)’s text and immediately flying home to be with her. 

He went to her first few appointments before she forced him to get back to work, promising that she will be okay during the next two months. Sebastian was beyond reluctant to miss any part of his wife’s pregnancy, but after much debate and (Y/N) calling his mother to consult, he decided that if he had to miss any part of it, the first trimester would be the easiest. Of course she would be throwing up the entire time, having hot flashes, and easily aggravated, but she had made the decision a long time ago to not take out any of her anger resulting from the pregnancy out on Sebastian…until they were in the delivery room.

(Y/N) loved every minute of being pregnant when Sebastian was around. The second he stepped off the plane and into the airport, he spotted his wife: her hair longer, breasts fuller, and stomach rounding out with his child. He ran to her and hesitated to hug her, not wanted to press himself against her too forcefully, and afraid of crushing the baby in her. Through the second trimester and into the third, he was more attentive during classes and about her body than she was. 

About a month and a half before the due date, Sebastian and (Y/N) were headed toward an event for his friend’s business when he accidently ran a red light. Another vehicle collided with the passenger side of the vehicle, sending (Y/N) to the hospital and into an emergency early labor.

Despite being premature, their daughter was relatively healthy. Of course there were be diseases she would be more susceptible to due to a weakened immune system, but that was something they could deal with. As long as their baby girl was healthy, (Y/N) was happy. Sebastian on the other hand was overwhelmed with guilt. He was too afraid to slam on the breaks so he tried to hurry through the light only to injure his wife and lead to their child being born with underdeveloped cochleas.

(Y/N) remembered when her nephews were around the same age as her daughter and in terms of physical progression–rolling over, crawling, pulling up, walking–she was matching up with them well, but her verbal progression hadn’t advanced past incoherent noises. Neither Sebastian, nor (Y/N) noticed their daughter’s issue until she was enrolled in daycare. The preschool teachers taught the younger children with verbal and sign commands and requests. For instance, when the teachers asked if the children wanted more snacks, they would make flattened ‘O’s with their hands and then bring them together. They taught the children how to say they were hungry, thirsty, done eating, and many others. Slowly, Sebastian started to notice the increase of motions to communicate with her parents during mealtimes. 

“(Y/N),” Sebastian called to his wife as he fed their daughter one morning. “Look closely at what Francis is doing.” Sebastian set down the spoon he was using to feed the girl with and her large blue eyes, inherited from her father, shined up at him with a quiver in her lips. Hurriedly, she pushed her tiny, flattened ‘O’ hands together and started to whimper. Quickly, Sebastian formed the same signs with his hands and mimicked her pattern, a confused look on his face. The girl’s eyes lit up and she screeched in joy as soon as she saw her father pick up the spoon to feed her again.

“Her daycare teacher teaches all of the kids sign language,” (Y/N) explained to her husband while sitting down beside him.

“But watch this,” he interrupted. Again, he dropped the spoon and Francis formed the signs, her small arms moving faster and faster as she saw her father’s lips move but not his hands. The same confused look on his face, coupled with his voice asking “do you want more?” only lead his daughter to start screaming in anxiety as she realized her dad couldn’t understand her.  As soon as Sebastian mimicked her sign, her screams stopped, the tears rolling down her face subsided, and her distressed face changed to an open mouth as soon as she realized he knew what she meant. “Babe,” Sebastian’s voice was weak as he looked up to his wife, afraid of vocalizing his thought. “I think Francis may be deaf.” A few doctors appointments later, the family had arrived at a diagnosis. The emergency induction caused by the accident lead to Francis being born before her cochleas were properly formed.

As they left the hospital, Sebastian could hardly place Francis in her carseat before breaking down. He buckled her in as his wife packed the stroller into the trunk, whispering lightly to himself “Daddy’s so sorry, Frannie. I’m so, so sorry.” (Y/N) could hear her husband’s helpless voice coo to their daughter as she walked up to the car. He wiped his eyes along his sleeves, trying to hide his tears from (Y/N) as she stood before him.

“Seb,” she called out as he fumbled with the carseat. “Babe, what’s the matter?”

“Francis will never be able to hear us,” he stated coldly as he dropped his hands from his daughter’s seatbelt, “and it’s all my fault!” She hurried toward him and he dropped his head onto her shoulder.

“Seb, this is not your fault,” she called as she rubbed her hand along his back.

“If I would have just stopped at that light, she would be okay,” he sighed while rubbing his hands through his hair and staring angrily at the sky.

“She is okay,” (Y/N) stated.

“She can’t hear us, (Y/N)!” Sebastian shouted in aggravation. “Our daughter is deaf because I couldn’t stop at a damn stop light. She won’t have a normal life because of me.”

“Stop talking like that,” she snapped at him in the middle of the hospital parking lot. “Francis is going to have a normal life,” she stated firmly. “There are ways to assist her hearing and there are other ways for her to communicate. Sure it will be harder for her at times, but she has an incredible father who is going to help her though it all. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her!” He clutched at his chest as his wife’s arms lingered around his waist. He stared at his daughter’s dark hair and bright eyes as she giggled up at her dad.

“I love you so much sweetie,” he cooed again. The girl’s eyes went blank as he spoke which sent one of the worst pains he had ever felt coursing through his body. Immediately, (Y/N) grabbed her husband’s hands and folded his middle and ring fingers back, forming the sign for ‘I love you.’ He held it up to their one year old who giggled and stretched her arms out to her father’s face.

Over time, Sebastian would come to accept that a number of things could have happened the day his daughter was born, including both (Y/N) and Francis being killed. The fact that his daughter was born deaf slowly became something that he could accept blame for. He signed himself and his wife up for ASL classes as soon as they got back to their house that day, informed her daycare teacher of their findings, and thanked the woman repeatedly since they were convinced they wouldn’t have noticed until much later than they had.

When Francis turned five and was about to start school, Sebastian was determined to send her to the New York School for the Deaf. He didn’t want his daughter to grow up being bullied the way he had been during school. In most ways, he was completely clueless in how to relate to his daughter’s ability. It wasn’t until he was speaking with his wife about his concerns with Francis going to public school that the connection he had with his daughter’s situation had been there all along. He knew what it was like to be the odd kid out, to not know how to communicate with everyone around him, and to be ridiculed for something he had no real control over. The taunting and bullying he received as soon as he moved to the US for not knowing much English was the closest thing he could imagine Francis’s public school experience to be like. Despite his wife’s assurance that plenty of students with impaired or no hearing did exceptional in public schools, he was dead set on providing the most appropriate upbringing he could for his daughter.

Francis was an exceptionally intelligent young girl. She was aware of her parents’ concerns for her education and wellbeing, but she wasn’t feeling challenged at her specialized school. As much as she loved being around people who understood her and that she could communicate with, she was very much like her mother in the sense that she knew when she wasn’t getting what she wanted out of life. Before middle school started, Francis came to her parents to ask if she could be enrolled in a regular private school. Sebastian was hesitant and terrified of what could happen to his daughter’s self-esteem, but Francis was direct in her reasoning.

The real world isn’t going to coddle me, she explained, and unless I want to work as a teacher for deaf students, I know I need to get better at communicating with people who aren’t deaf.

Reluctantly, Sebastian agreed under his own condition to buy her better hearing aids.

He didn’t want to say he was surprised at how well Francis had excelled in her new school–he knew his daughter had strong convictions about dedication and perseverance, after all, he had helped mould them into her–but he was excited to see her thrive in areas he feared would prove difficult. There weren’t many other kids at her school we also had hearing impairments, but there was a girl in Francis’s art class who learned the ASL alphabet just to tell Francis her name. The two became best friends and the more the girl visited Francis’s home, the more sign language she learned through (Y/N) and Sebastian.

(Y/N) dealt more with their daughter’s concerns about dating than Sebastian did. Francis had come to her mother somewhat in tears over stress and being teased by other girls for the way she sounded on the rare occasion that she spoke. Her mother told Francis that if a deaf man could become one of the world’s most renowned musical composures, then any man should be able to learn to love her for everything about her. It wasn’t until Francis was seventeen that she fully realized all that her father had done for her in the area of dating. As it turns out, one of Francis’s closest guy friends had gathered the courage to ask Francis’s father to teach him some ASL so that he could communicate with Francis in a way she was comfortable with. Seeing the boy’s initiative, Sebastian agreed and managed to keep it a secret from his wife and daughter until the boy decided to ask Francis to prom in front of her parents in sign.

As Sebastian sat alongside his beautiful wife, gazing out across the large crowd of seniors dressed in their graduation robes, he couldn’t help the single tear that streamed down his face. The memory of his breakdown in the hospital parking lot seventeen years ago over his fear of Francis’s life being ruined because of his stupid mistake seemed childish. He hated to think that he could have ever thought of his daughter being less capable of success than anyone else’s child because of her deafness. Sebastian watched intently as the young woman tailored with all of his and his wife’s best features walked onto the stage at graduation to deliver her salutatorian address, both in sign and verbally. Pride swelled in his heart to see how far she had come; her determination to be different as well as her dedication to adapt to the situation she had been born into led her to being one of the most inspirational people in his life.

As soon as Francis finished her speech and the crowd roared with applause, she turned toward the spot in the crowd she had seen her parents in earlier and threw her thumbs, index fingers, and pinky fingers into the air as forcefully as she could, as if shouting her love to them. Both Sebastian and (Y/N) recreated the sign in each of their hands and propelled their arms toward their daughter watching her confidently dominate the stage. “That’s our girl,” Sebastian said through a blinding smile as he wrapped his arms around his wife, kissed her head and continued to beam with pride.

maychorian  asked:

Gosh, I didn't even get twenty-five percent down list. Anyway, here are two prompts. 15. “I made your favorite.” for Hunk and Lance, gen, please. Or 16. “It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.” for Shiro and Lance, also gen. Obviously you don't have to do either if you don't want to. Thank you for considering!

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

(Shockingly, I picked the Shiro one)

“Couldn’t sleep?”

Lance jolted, nearly losing his balance and falling over.  Impressive, given that he was sitting, but he’d been resting all of his weight on his braced arms.  Turning, Lance saw Shiro in the doorway, one hand resting on the frame.

Shit.  Caught.

Lance shrugged elaborately, going for casual.  “I’m restless still,” he replied airily.  “Figured I’d mess around with something until I was ready for bed.  Get around all that energy from our awesome fight.”

Stepping over, Shiro nodded, not looking down at where Lance sat.  “I see.”  He glanced over the projected star map in front of Lance, depicting a very specific solar system, then looked back down.

Lance tried not to squirm.  He didn’t really manage.

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People who know me, know that I am passionate about Rob & Kristen for one. But, I’m also passionate about showing how TABS are just out to make a buck anyway they can. They make up a story & cover to go with it and print. And, 99.9999999% of the time they just ignore what is being putting out there. Then, you have that 1% of the time they call them out on their bullshit. 

Today, we have People Magazine once again under fire. Why is that those of you in the back are probably asking?? People can be trusted, and 

Originally posted by onlydisney

People Magazine is NO better than the next tabloid cockwomble. There outside packaging is cleverly done so you don’t notice that they too are spinning lies or just copying & pasting what the next one is saying.

Celeb calling them out: Jennifer Garner

Cockwomble tab lie: 

People magazine published a cover story on Wednesday detailing how Jennifer Garner is moving on from her divorce from Ben Affleck.  

But here is the TRUTH straight from Jennifer Garner herself:

It has been brought to my attention that there is a People magazine cover and article out today that appear to be coming from me. It isn’t unusual for me to receive calls from loved ones thinking I forgot to tell them I am pregnant–with twins!–(Geez Louise), but those are so ridiculous they’re easy to ignore.

This isn’t a tragedy by any measure, but it does affect me and my family and so, before my mom’s garden club lights up her phone, I wanted to set the record straight:

I did not pose for this cover. I did not participate in or authorize this article.

While we are here, for what it’s worth: I have three wonderful kids and my family is complete.

Have a beautiful day,


This is right from her Facebook page. You can look that up and check for yourself.

She is telling you there in the back, that oh yes even PEOPLE magazine can and will publish a LIE!!! Not the first time they have been caught lying. I still remember the baby Beyonce and JayZ were supposed to have had before these twins. Yes, they sure did say just that. But as you can see Blue has been an only child until the twins are born. 

Even Rob and Kristen has said over and over that they lie for money and make you crazy. Just recently in Cannes for an interview, K had this to say,

Hits for their website and MONEY!!!!!!

And even Garner ignores most stories, like having another baby, she saysm “those are so ridiculous they’re easy to ignore.”

And at other times, they are not, like this issue of People.

So when you see it, just not it is 100% NOT TRUE!!!

Don’t know about you but that is why I can easily walk by them and nver pay any attention at all. Just never know what is true or not. But, chances are 99.99999999999% of the time, it is a LIE!!!!!

***two thing I should have done when I first posted this: One: She posted on FB before the issue hit the newsstands today! Wanted people out there to know that what was being peddled was 100% false!

and two, DON’T BUY PEOPLE!! Save your money!!! Buy yourself a coffee or cupcake!!! That will be more satisfying!! 

Inuyasha’s Mothers


Day four: Family

(A/N: I know this isn’t so much inukag centric, but I’m rolling with the idea that came to me. :) It’s sort of inukag if you squint maybe)

Inuyasha had three mothers in his life over the course of it. While many mothers came and went, and little had any impact on him, there were only three women in his life who held the title of ‘mother’.

The first woman was the woman who had brought him into the world. She was his honest mother. She was proud he was her son, but she kept little from him. He learned from her that the world could be an unforgiving and un-accepting place, but he should never stray from who he was. 

Her love was a fierce and blazing kind of love. As an infant, he felt the radiant heat of the love she carried for him in her heart.

That heat would be all that warmed him once she was gone.

She was bound by the time and place of her life and his birth situation from speaking freely and preventing anyone from harming her child. While he was always safe in her arms, the world was cruel and unrelenting, and she could not keep him safe when he left them.

Her love for him was eternal, but so was the sadness she bore knowing that her little boy, the one she loved so much, would never be loved by the outside world.

While he was young, he began to understand he was different and different was bad, but he held fast onto the fact that he had a mother who loved him with all she was.

When he was older and without his honest mother, who never hid him from the world or shied from showing her love for him as best she could.

The second woman was the mother of a girl who crashed into his life and bound herself to him. This woman had no reason to love or accept him, let alone treat him as if he were her child, but she did. She was new mother, the woman who welcomed him into her home, fed him, and took care of him without question.

Her love was unwavering and powerful. It burned brighter than any flame he had ever seen or felt, and lit up his life in ways no love had done before.

He first walked into her home, making demands of her daughter that he had not business doing, and she spoke to him as a mother would. She halted him in his tracks, and touched his ears-something no one had done since his honest mother.

Every time he saw his new mother, she had something for him, whether a task or a meal, and gave him love willingly. He was expected to join the family for dinner, expected to take a bath and spend time with the family.

His new mother wasn’t his mother to have, and yet he was the son she took as her own. 

The woman he would come to simply call ‘mother’ wasn’t a mother to him at all. She was the mother of his children. He had a hard time calling her ‘mother’ over her given name, but once his first born had screamed her name just as he typically did, he started to instantly. 

The type of love this woman had was difficult to pinpoint. It was fierce, like his honest mother’s, and unwavering, like his new mother’s, but it was also gentle like a summer’s breeze, that drifted across his face and brought comfort and peace. 

Her love was a constant, and willingly given to him and the children. Her love did not have any sorrow under it because she believed all of the world would accept and love her family. 

She was the mother he was glad his children had, and mother he was grateful to have in his life. 

“Mother,” he whispered to her one night once the children were fast asleep.

“Father,” she whispered back, a light giggle on her voice, most likely from him calling her ‘mother’.

“We have a wonderful family, Mother…”

“We really are blessed, Father… But soon the little ones will be awake, and I would like to have some sleep before that happens.”

He smiled as he pulled her closer and watched her drift to sleep.

Inuyasha had three mothers over his lifetime. And he felt blessed.


After Church

The service today at church was amazing. I’m so proud of my babies. They did an amazing job singing today. I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. Kahim and Rahim have something they want to share.

Kahim and Rahim: Hey everyone, we like to tell you want the Easter Bunny left us 😄.
Kahim: The Easter Bunny left us a baby.
Rahim: Mommy is pregnant with our baby brother or sister.

I was…stuck, for a long time. Pining after someone I knew I couldn’t have, unable to give up my feelings for them.
… But thanks to Kirishima-san, I was able to move on. He’s the one that taught me…that love can be more than just pain. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.” -
Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai Vol 5 

Day 5: First Impression are the Most Lasting
Favorite Pairing: Yokozawa Takafumi and Kirishima Zen

These two have one of the healthiest relationship out there in the Junjou Romantica/Sekaiichi Hatsukoi world. Kirishima helped Yokozawa pick himself up and the pieces of his broken heart and be a better man. He showed Yokozawa that love is not only pain… but that love can be very beautiful. And Kirishima definitely found a confidant and partner in life with whom he can be at ease, someone to take care of and someone to take care of him and love his daughter wholeheartedly. Together with Sorata, they totally have a wonderful family.

Hey!! We made it to Utah, Kimmy got what she needed and we are now saying hi to her family. Both Gwenn and Kimmy have wonderful families, complicated and a mess, but still family. It’s really cool seeing where they both had their childhood take place. You can definitely see bits and pieces of their personalities in their family. Same jokes, same laugh, stories, and personalities. Mind you this is rough because I have no one to talk about. No mom or dad to introduce Kimmy and Gwenn to, or friends to meet. So it’s rough. And I don’t know how to deal with it. Aside from them I have no one. No where to go. With out them I am alone. It’s a very scary thought and I don’t know how to deal…

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Today was a massive day for me. I came out to my mom as transgender. And it went spectacularly. My mom is not only emotionally supportive, but she will help me with my transition in a number of concrete ways. Including going shopping and teaching me make-up! 

I honestly never thought I could be this happy. I have a wonderful girlfriend, a supportive family, and I’m in position to pursue a childhood dream as my career. Well, something very close to it anyways. My childhood dream was to be a physicist, I ended up pursuing mathematics instead. 

The past two years getting my master’s have been some of the best and most productive in my life so far. I have oriented myself towards a collection of problems that interest me, picked up a number of hobbies, and built a wonderful relationship with a great person, and even had time to work on my art. Transitioning has also finally given me a chance to be comfortable in my own skin. I’ve become a happier and calmer person as a result of all this.

I’m really excited for the future, but quite nervous too. People have put their faith in me to do well in a challenging program, and I’m at a delicate point in my life, how I handle these next few years is going to be critical. I hope I am up to the task of becoming the best me I can be. I leave you all with a before and after of my transition so far. About 1.3 years into HRT:

Happy pride month, everyone! :D

Family Problems (Phillip Hamilton x Reader)

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Pairing: Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Requested?:  ‘Hi doll! Could I please request a Philip x reader with angsty prompt 8 (“Everyday, I need you more and every day, you push me further away.”)? Thank you!’ (@fangirlwithasweettooth )

Prompt:  “Everyday, I need you more and every day, you push me further away.”

Words: 1200+

Warnings: Family Arguing, Angst, Crying, Screaming, Swearing, Physical Violence


To say you had a rocky relationship with your mom was an understatement.

Since you were ten, your mom shifted all her adult responsibility onto you. Paying the bills, grocery shopping, laundry, housekeeping, even making sure she was taken care of. Since your parents’ messy divorce, your mom became a depressed and lazy drunk, always drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Most of the time, you had to drag her out to the backyard and hose her down with the garden hose. You sometimes left her in bed where she didn’t move a muscle. You had to go to school every day and worried constantly about your mom, knowing she wasn’t going to take care of herself while you were gone during the day.

This also led to you two constantly arguing and disagreeing. Sometimes, when she was drunk or high, she’d lash out at you or throw things. You’d usually end up staying the night at a friend’s house or locking yourself in your room until dawn. You grew to resent and hate your mom.

The only good thing about your horrible world was Philip Hamilton.

You didn’t know what but there was something about Philip that made you keep going. You hadn’t nothing to live for and you were certain your mom wanted you gone, but Philip made you keep going. He was your one and only friend. He helps you and makes you feel special. He makes you laugh and smile. He’s always there when you need him and you’re always there when he needs you. You two did almost everything together; shopping, dining, road trips, video games, movie marathons, you name it. You two were inseparable. Even when Philip’s dad put him on that inhumane studies schedule, which left almost no time for you in his life. But, you managed to stay friends.

You two actually are currently dating. It all started when he asked you to homecoming in Freshman year of high school. You were reluctant to accept and you ended up having a wonderful time. This led to Philip leaving anonymous love poems in your locker and sending you flowers every weekend. You had an idea of who was your secret admirer and you ended up being right when Philip kissed you at the spring fling that same year. He asked you to be his girlfriend and you accepted without hesitation. Since then, you two have been closer and very much in love. Philips’ family adored you and you were always accepted in the Hamilton household. Philip was a big softy when it came to showing affection. He’d hug you from behind, kiss your neck, steal kisses when no one is looking, and even just hold your hand whenever he felt like it, which was very often. Every kiss left you breathless and very in love. He loved holding you and showing everyone that you belonged to him by leaving bite marks and hickeys on your neck, collarbone, and shoulders. He also like to make you flustered with poetry and cheesy pick-up lines. You’d do it in return but it didn’t have a big impact on him.  

It was now a year after you graduated high school. You were still waiting for your letters from King’s College or Juilliard School, the performing arts school you really wanted to go to. The only reason you wanted to King’s College was that Philip was going to that school so he could follow in his father’s footsteps and become a lawyer. You were still living at home but you were slowly moving your stuff into Philip’s apartment. Your mom doesn’t seem to care that you’re moving out. She never cares.

You were hanging out with Philip at your house one cool summer day. You were just aimlessly watching Criminal Minds when your mom stumbled in from the back porch after her smoke break. She was disoriented like usual, holding onto the kitchen counter to support her curvy-almost-chubby body as her drugs wore off. She looked helplessly confused but you didn’t spare her a glance. This was her normal state of mind before she would force you to leave the couch so she could laze around and watch game shows while doping back up again.

You excused yourself from the couch and went to the fridge for something to snack on. You planned on having an early dinner with Philip’s family before moving the last of your things into his apartment and leaving your mom to fend for herself. You were mere hours away from being free from the stressful hell your mother has put you through since you were young.

“Why are you all dressed up for?” You heard your mother’s judgemental nasally tone ask from behind you.

“I’m going to have dinner with the Hamiltons, mom.” You answered flatly, not sparing her a glance. “I won’t be home until seven or eight. Don’t wait up for me.”

“You’re always leaving, (Y/N).” Your mother muttered. “You have things to do here too. What about your chores? The bills?”

“You can do that on your own, mom. You’re a functioning adult.” You took a bag of chips from the cabinet and went back to your place on the couch.

“Don’t talk to me like that, young lady.” Your mother hissed, hobbling to the couch. “I am your mother.”

You stood up again, glaring daggers at the woman you don’t see as your mother. “You can talk to me like that but I can’t talk to you like that? I’m an adult, mom! I can do whatever I want.”

“You’re sixteen, (Y/N)!”

“I am nineteen, you deranged alcoholic! You’re too drunk or high to even remember the day of the week it is! Stay out of my shit, woman!”

Philip stood up, placing his hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N), maybe we should go-”

“You’re right, Philip.” You said with an angry smirk. “We should go. Let’s go get my stuff.”

“You’re leaving me?” Your mother asked with wide terror-filled eyes.

You glared at her from the base of the stairs. “Yes, I am. I no longer want to be here.”

“You can’t leave me! Who will pay the bills?”

“You, mom. You’re an adult. Figure it out.”

“(Y/N), please don’t leave me! I’m your mother!”

“No, you’re not!” You were basically screaming. “A mother cares for her child, not the other way around! A mother supports and loves her child. You don’t love me! I’m nothing but your servant and I’m sick to death of your bullshit!”

Your mother said nothing but watched in shock as you stood your ground and yelled at her.

“Everyday, I need you more and every day, you push me further away.” You say, clenching your fists. “I no longer love you as my mother. You’re just an unwanted housemate. Eliza Hamilton is my mother. She actually gives a fuck about me and makes sure I’m fed, clean, and healthy. She’s the mother you can never be and I’m blessed and very happy to have her and her wonderful family in my life. The Hamiltons are my family, not you!”

“(Y/N), please, don’t leave me!” Your mom- no, housemate cried. “You’re all I have left.”

“Well, not you have nothing.”

You stomped upstairs and you and Philip grabbed all your stuff before marching out of the house and putting your stuff in the backseat of Philip’s car. You retrieved your bag and phone and didn’t spare your former housemate another glance before getting into Philip’s car and driving away. You watched with a relieved smile as your childhood home faded farther and farther away.

Not just in the rear-view mirror.

But also, in your heart.

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The best kind of Valentine is an email from my top choice residency program saying, “You have a wonderful commitment to Family Medicine and your passion brings me joy for the future of our discipline! […] I believe you would be an excellent fit with our program and it would be a wonderful opportunity to have the chance to work with you during your residency. […] As you finish your journey through the match process, we hope that you consider [our program] highly!”

Families Aren’t (Always) Fiascoes

Modern Au

Summary: Edmund’s family seems determined to embarrass him in front of the girl he likes, but it all ends in happy fluffiness.  

Edmund couldn’t help but hum a holiday tune as he reached for another one of Lucy’s Santa sugar cookies.  His cheeks hurt from smiling for most of the afternoon, but he didn’t care.  Nothing could ruin his mood. 

As a rule, Edmund hated social gatherings.  They made for too many fake people trying to impress one another.  He always ended up just reading in the corner. But today, at the party he had been dreading for weeks, he was having a great time.  (Y/N) was the reason, obviously. Not only did her presence lift his spirits, but she was almost the life of the party.  She charmed everyone, from talking about literature with Mr. Pevensie to discussing the latest issue of Glamour with Susan. She turned everyone’s groaning into laughter when Lucy forced them to play “Pin the Nose on Rudolph.” Edmund was also still laughing at the moment when Eustace discovered that the cinnamon shaker had somehow been emptied into his eggnog. He couldn’t believe the casual ease with which she pulled that off.  She impressed him too when Peter started questioning her about her grades and she simply handed the eldest Pevensie her resume and transcript before walking away. Even Caspian, who was always out for a laugh, didn’t cause much trouble.  His only goal seemed to be to get Edmund to announce “we’re just friends” as many times as humanly possible. For all intents and purposes, it was as though (Y/N) was no stranger and had always been a part of the Pevensie family.  

But then, somehow, Edmund always knew she would. 

Lucy appeared beside him just then, also grabbing food. He smiled at her before turning back towards to the party to watch (Y/N) in animated conversation with his mother about scone recipes.  

Lucy gasped loudly enough to gain the whole room’s attention.  Edmund felt his stomach sink before she even spoke. The look on her face always meant trouble for her siblings.   

“I have an idea!” She shouted. “We should have a sing along!” 

Eustace rolled his eyes. “And I thought that ridiculous reindeer game was bad enough…”

“That’s a great idea!” Susan cried out, with Caspian nodding enthusiastically behind her. 

“Yeah, Ed get on the piano!” Edmund glared at Peter the moment his brother said his name. Of course, his siblings would find a way to ruin his perfect day. He hadn’t played the piano in months. 

“I really don’t think I-“     

“Oh, yes, Edmund, you have a lovely voice!” Mrs. Pevensie exclaimed. Edmund felt his cheeks growing hot. 

“No, I don’t-”

“Yeah, we hear him sing in the shower all the time.” 

Edmund tried looking for a way to leave, but caught (Y/N)’s eye instead. 

“You didn’t tell me you could sing, Edmund.” She said, smirking. She thought this was funny, did she? Well, two could play that game.

“I’m not half as good of a singer as you. I heard (Y/N) once in the-”

“Oh, perfect! You two can sing together!” Lucy pushed her brother towards the instrument in the corner of the room and dragged (Y/N) behind her, both protesting greatly.  The rest of the party gathered around them, preventing any escape.  Edmund and (Y/N) looked at each other with a mix of fear and frustration.  

“We don’t even know what to sing.” (Y/N) declared. 

“There’s some sheet music in the bench, Ed.” 

Edmund, resigning himself to the fact that the sooner they started the sooner it would end, grabbed the first holiday-related piece he found. He organized it before him on the piano without really thinking.  

“Seriously?” (Y/N) hissed at him. That was when he noticed he grabbed the romantic duet “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” He wanted to slap himself. 

“Perfect Edmund!” Lucy cried. Edmund tried to ignore the fact that she had her phone out, ready to record them.  

“Let’s just get this over with.” (Y/N) cleared her throat and Edmund started to play. 

Though he had heard (Y/N)’s voice before, it still startled him when she started to sing. Her voice wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t even as good as his sister Susan’s, but still beautifully hers and incredibly human.  Edmund got so caught up in listening to (Y/N) that he forgot that it was a duet and missed his lines until (Y/N) elbowed him.  His nerves showed in his warbling tone, but disappeared the moment she rested a hand on his shoulder. Edmund found himself forgetting there were other people in the room besides the two of them until they finished and the room erupted into applause. The two singers blushed furiously, but smiled all the same. 

Most people didn’t stay long after that. Within an hour, the only ones left besides the Pevensie family were Caspian and (Y/N). Edmund and (Y/N) even found time to escape downstairs to play video games while everyone was leaving.  That was Edmund’s favorite part of the day; just the two of them, shouting threats and curses at the television. Lucy came bounding down the stairs far too soon, telling (Y/N) that her bus was leaving in half an hour.

“Unless, you’d like to stay?” Lucy offered eagerly.  Edmund wasn’t sure if he wanted (Y/N) to stay.  While he loved her company, he had a feeling that if she lingered much longer Mrs. Pevensie would break out the scrapbooks from when he was a baby.  

(Y/N) laughed. “I think that if I don’t leave now, I’ll never go.” 

“That’s okay!” Lucy exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted another sister!” 

Edmund felt his face turning red again, so he cleared his throat. “Lucy, you’re going to make (Y/N) miss her bus.  Come on.” 

He ushered both girls back upstairs.  (Y/N) said her farewells to the rest of the family, with Mrs. Pevensie telling her she was welcome back anytime.  Edmund stepped out onto the front steps with (Y/N) as she put on her coat. He shut the door behind them; they were alone.

He shivered dramatically. “I hate winter. It’s so cold.”

(Y/N) smiled, finishing the last buttons on her coat. “Well, I really can’t stay. I’ve got to go away.”

It took Edmund a moment to get her reference. They sang out the chorus in unison; “But, baby it’s cold outside.”

They laughed.  Edmund noticed (Y/N)’s cheeks were turning red, but whether it was from the cold or she was blushing he couldn’t tell. “I really did have a wonderful day. You’re family isn’t have as bad as you made them out to be.”

“I don’t know…I saw Peter reading your resume as we left.” 

She smiled again and took Edmund’s hands in hers.  A warmth spread through his body at her touch.

“You’re hands are-”

“Cold. I know. They always are.”

“Well, you what they say, don’t you?” He shook his head. “Cold hands, warm heart.”

Without another word, she leaned in towards him. Edmund was frozen to the spot as she kissed his cheek. He knew he was blushing harder than ever as she pulled away, letting go of his hands as well.

“Well, I suppose I really should be going-”

Later, Edmund would try remembering the thoughts going though his head at that moment, but would come up empty. He didn’t think as he grabbed (Y/N) by the arm and closed the space between them.  Not a single thought, not even an exclamation ran through his brain as he kissed her. He only remembered the way her body relaxed and her fingers found their way into his hair. And he would never forgot the smile on her face when they breathlessly pulled away. He leaned his forehead against hers.

“Your nose is cold,” she whispered, giggling. He kissed the end of her nose.

“You have a bus to catch.” She groaned. “Call me the moment you get on it.”

She nodded. They kissed once more before she took off down the street. Edmund watched her go, noticing the new spring in her step. He felt himself grinning like an idiot, but quickly hid it (and fixed his hair) before going back inside. He found his family sitting in the living room. They all smiled at him when he walked in, and for a moment he thought they had been spying on him and (Y/N), but then Susan said, 

“Ten out of ten, Ed. No. Eleven out of ten.” 

“Told you everyone would love her.” Lucy declared.

“She really is a lovely girl,” Mrs. Pevensie added. Mr. Pevensie nodded in agreement.

Peter looked up from the papers he was flipping through. “I think she’s smarter than even you, Ed.  And you wouldn’t believe the places she has interned….”

Edmund smiled again, not caring if they would all tease him later. It was common knowledge in the Pevensie house, whether they all liked to admit it or not, that one needed unanimous approval by the family of a suitor.  It simply didn’t feel right if they didn’t. 

Caspian appeared beside Edmund, and threw his arm around him.  

“Yup, she’s a winner….” He grinned. “I think we even like her more than you.”

“Agreed,” his siblings chorused. Edmund wasn’t sure if they were joking or not, but didn’t really care anyways. (Y/N) liked him the most, and that was all that mattered to him