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*Gasp* oh no the This- ahhhhhh I need to fix this right now!, I am adopting u ya poor sad bean!, I am not gonna have you denied of the wonders of family time!

Family time…? God no! I don’t wanna do that with you! Gross!” 

Rubies for a King

Ship: Jimin - Jungkook
Rating: Explicit
Type: Coming of age
Status: Complete (2 Chapters)
Warnings: Sex
Prompt: Twenty years ago, Jimin’s father struck a deal with Jungkook, the dragon to ensure that the crown will remain in the family. Twenty years later, Jungkook has come to claim his prize.
In return for Jimin’s life, his health, in return for an heir to the company throne, Jimin’s father had made a deal with a dragon. 

A dragon.
Jimin blinks, tired of waiting, tired from his anger. He blinks, and almost misses the way the overhead lights flicker; not even during monsoon season have his lights ever flickered. He watches, wondering if he’d imagined it, but just before he dismisses the notion, it happens again. He hears a whoosh, a thump, and the electricity stabilizes.
Jimin is suddenly terrified, afraid to look. He hears the balcony doors slide open, then shut. He hears a sigh, the creak of a floorboard.
“Am I really so late that you fell asleep waiting?”

Very nice slow burn Jikook fic. I really enjoyed this one and the end is so cute <3

Link: Read it here

Urgent: ISO pet safety net in North Carolina

Hey all! I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a pet safety net in North Carolina, near Raleigh or Richmond.

My friend’s girlfriend just died, leaving behind a sweet dog. We need to get this dog into a foster home until early June. He is not allowed at her current rental, and isn’t safely cared for with the deceased’s family. He isn’t eating at the moment.

I know we have safety nets like this where I live a few states south, but would like to find someplace local to my friend. That way the dog can be safe until she can get a new place that allows dogs.

Thanks for any info ❤️❤️

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Hi! Would it be possible to request a Lafayette lockscreen? I love them, they're so cute!

There he/they are/is! (me trying and failing to be respectful towards pronouns haha) Thanks for being patient with me! Thanks for the request! Have a wonderful day! Love you!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester to please ask before using! Thanks! Sorry I didn’t get much done today, I was out and then I had family over, but thank you for waiting! I repeat myself a lot, but I promise I mean every word! I love you all!

Svt as Dads // Joshua //

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  • Omg just imagine jisoo as a father
  • Just sit there with your eyes closed and imagine it
  • I can see him having lots of kids
  • Little girls to be specific
  • Okay but imagine all the cute lil outfits he’d get them
  • They would always be dressed up so freakin cute holy cow
  • Lots of cute lil dresses and bows and tiny shoes that matched perfectly
  • Literally his kids would be more well dressed than you
  • He’d take his cute lil family to church every Sunday
  • Most well behaved kids anyone will ever meet
  • How these small beans could sit pretty still and not talk all the time is a wonder
  • Like even I struggle sitting still that long
  • But after church like they’d do a Sunday outing and go out to lunch somewhere 
  • And his kids are so polite and respect everyone
  • Imagine him having a little boy
  • He’d be that kid that’s nice to everyone
  • Literally everyone
  • And everyone loves him
  • People were crushing on him in freakin elementary school
  • He would be so many kids first crush can you imagine
  • And like totally polite and respectful and handsome even in high school
  • The most gentle kid ever like dude
  • I feel like shuas kids wouldn’t be super sporty
  • But maybe one kid plays soccer or something
  • Not the best at it but it awful either
  • But shua would go to every single game
  • And try and help his kid practice as much as possible
  • Number 1 fan in the stands you feel
  • An extremely proud dad
  • Once his kids were a little older he’d introduce them to the wonderful world of Pokémon
  • And bam, weeb shua has created small weeb children I love it
  • Every Saturday morning they all squish onto the couch
  • Usually a kid sitting on his lap or like laying on his chest or something
  • And while they eat their breakfast they all watch Pokémon or something together
  • I’m dying omg can you guys imagine
  • Seriously tho shua would have the cutest family
  • And everyone would love each other so much
  • Watch one of his kids come out crazy tho
  • Like complete opposite
  • He’d be cool tho he’s dealt with everyone in svt he’s got this
  • Imagine his kids being best friends with jeonghans kids
  • Family get together with the other members of svt
  • I’m gonna cry oh my gosh can you imagine

// Scoups // Jeonghan // Joshua // Jun // Hoshi // Wonwoo // Woozi // DK // Mingyu // The8 // Seungkwan // Vernon // Dino //

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Since you love Benny, do you have any Benny headcanons? I've always wondered about his backstory.

I have one I’ve been trying to sit down and expand on for a while.

Benny runs the diner on his own. He goes home to an empty house. He doesn’t have a family. Doesn’t have a wife. What he does have, is the one that got away. His high school love.

They had been best friends since middle school; they finally started to date in their junior year. It was the best two years of their lives. But when graduation came, she ended it. She wasn’t to blame. He knew her dreams since the day they met. She had a big plans for life. She wouldn’t be tied down to Hawkins. She wanted a real education. College. She wanted to make something of herself. He knew that, and he still pushed her into dating, knowing it would end like this. She asked him to go with her, but he had his own dreams. Opening his diner, in his hometown.

So, they went their separate ways. She was a business woman in busy New York. He was a humble diner owner in Hawkins. He was happy. He hoped she was, too. But he never could find it in him to love another woman the way he loved her.

So late at night I was thinking about Lance, as one does, and I wondered…how much does the group know about Lance, really?

Because I realized that all of his most personal moments were by himself or with one other person and came just before something major happened so no one really had time to reflect on it.

Does everyone know how homesick Lance is? When everyone else–particularly Keith and Pidge–were having it out about home and families, Lance had already excused himself and was having a moment with Coran. Then the castle got blown up and Lance was injured, having shielded Coran from the blast. Coran never had time to talk about any of it; he and Hunk were in a pod to the Balmera before their moment could be spoken of. Did they ever revisit it? Did the group realize or have the time to learn that Lance had saved Coran, or did they just assume he got caught up in the blast by coincidence?

Did Keith ever mention that it was Lance’s plan that got their job done or was he distracted by “could I be Galra” thoughts?

Does anyone know that the reason Lance got stuck in the airlock was because he thought he heard Coran calling for help? Keith just found him there, and we never saw Lance telling him how it had happened. Was it ever brought up again?

When he has cool moments, does the team remember? Do they think about it? Shiro and Pidge saw him take that amazing shot, but Shiro is gone now. Does Pidge ever mention it? Does she ever think about how he stepped in for her back at the Garrison? Does Hunk think about that? If they do think about it, do they assume that Lance sees it, too?

Do they understand that he’s constantly willing to put his life on the line for people he’s never even known? That even though he’s sad and lonely and wants to go home, he keeps that inside and puts on a brave face so he can keep doing his part to save the universe? Even though he also thinks he’s not really contributing that much?

Does the group grasp how selfless and brave Lance is; do they see how little he thinks of himself; do they ever see what we’ve been seeing all along or have they just been getting tiny bits and pieces of the big picture that is Lance this entire time?

Today, on #InternationDayofHappiness, even if you’re not feeling particularly happy today (I mean, come on, it’s a Monday lol), maybe try to think of one or two things you’re grateful for having in your life. Today, I’m keeping my wonderful and dedicated friends, my quirky but supportive family, and of course, all of you. Thank you for continuously giving me reasons to be happy. Love you all. 💜

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Steven Bomb 5: What is grief?

The differences in how grief is portrayed between Yellow and Blue Diamond in the new Steven Bomb is really interesting to me. They’re both such uniquely different, yet so familiar expressions of grief (albeit exaggarated for the purposes of the show).   

We quickly see that Blue DIamond is the one who is grieving the most conventionally (i guess), weeping, visiting Pink Diamond’s “grave”, or at least the place where she was killed. 

“Oh, Pink… I’m sorry,  I’m so sorry, I should have done more… Yellow says it’ll all be over soon, i wonder what you would think…”

It’s a very typical “having lost a family member” kind of grief. We see BD looking tired, grief stricken, hunched over and wheeping. We see her wishing above all to perserve their memory; perserving her creations by emloying the Quartz soldiers (even perserving a room of bubbled Rose Quartz-gems), . Collecting the things PD loved by bringing new human(s) to the zoo. 

Meanwhile, Yellow Diamond’s type of grief is recognizable as well. I’ve seen her catching a lot of flack for “not allowing BD to have feelings” - a too narrow view of her character in my opinion. (IMO, one of the best things this steven bomb did was taking the diamonds from scary bad guy “gods” to something much more human).

“Let’s make a plan of attack, start looking forward and stop looking back”

YD exhibits the type of grief where you just want to keep moving, keep busy in order not to look back. The song even alludes to this; “yes, of course we still love her, and we’re always thinking of her, but now there’s nothing we can do, so tell me what’s the use in feeling blue?”

Her grief materialises mainly in the wish to exact vengance upon the gems who caused PDs death, as well as the entire subgroup of quartz that she belonged to. If not for BD’s wish to perserve everything that belonged to PD (because ”they were hers”), she would have eradicated the entire cut of Rose Quartz in their possession. 

We even see it in the rehtoric (can i call it rethoric?)  she uses on BD, pushing her to see a picture bigger than her own grief, 

”Where’s their diamond when they need her, Blue? You’ve got to be a leader, Blue!”

It’s even shown in their composure; BD hunched over, head bowed, weeping, YD straight-backed, head rarely bowed (until that one, fantastic moment from the song where we see her composure break just a little). 

Steven Universe shows us something that is important to remember. Grief doesn’t always look like bowed heads and tears and laying flowers on graves. Sometimes it looks like squared shoulders and stubbornly not looking back because what lies behind you is too painful.

Steven Universe is great because it shows depth to even the most terrible of villains, and I just fucking love this show man. 

The Signs Studying

Aries: Reads everything so fast…

Taurus: Studies carefully and slowly

Gemini: Studies while listening to music, talking, singing, or surfing the Internet

Cancer: Only likes to study with friends or family around

Leo: If they’re interested in having a good grade, they’ll have a good grade

Virgo: Writes down everything they need to know and studies it

Libra: Studies only the day before the exam

Scorpio: Does this silently so nobody actually knows what they’re doing

Sagittarius: Finds it boring. Reads a page and then goes out for a walk

Capricorn: Studies harder than all of the others, gets a great grade

Aquarius: Writes down what they think is important. Most of the time, it wasn’t important

Pisces: Wants to study but starts wondering about life and gets lost

Nintendo’s really been going hard on colourful, family-friendly versions of genres that have traditionally been considered the province of the “hardcore” crowd: first role-based multiplayer online shooters with Splatoon, and now post-apoc wilderness survival games with Breath of the Wild.

I’m seriously wondering what genre they’ll tackle next if, indeed, this proves to be a trend.

Like, can you picture what Nintendo would do with a 4X space sim?

Or what they’d have to do to make tactical stealth assassination gameplay family-friendly?

(’cause you know they could totally do it - the question is how.)


~ Youtubers Christmas Special with their GF’s ~

Amyplier Septiishu Maryken Marzipie Cryenne aaah~~ my one true pairing! >////<
Merry Christmas to y'all who’re celebrating with your friends and family! and if you’re not then i hope you have a wonderful holiday anyways. :3

1. honesty victor and yuri wear sweatpants most of the time but you will drag this joke about how phichit got yuri wearing shitty forever21 leggings and tops out of my cold, dead, grasping hands

2. another joke I’m not sure how to write but I’m definitely going to figure out is how phichit has a flashdrive full of yuri housework dancing and/or actually dancing and/or skating to things like “Nasty” by Janet Jackson or “Boyfriend” by Avril and is coldbloodedly bargaining for choreography with victor. 

2a. “is it the real goods?” says victor, suspiciously. he’s not going to be tricked into ponying up for just pictures of yuri doing stretches in JUICY sweats, which he can find on the internet. he wants the real good stuff, okay. phichit shows him thirty seconds of yuri shaking it like his mama taught him as the divine dame bassey pulls up lookin’ flashy in her Mercedes Benz. “there’s more,” he says. “OH MY GOD YOU TWO,” says yuri. “I’M DIVORCING EVERYBODY IN THIS ROOM.” “what,” says leo, looking up
Blinda Nálin by TheBlindNeedle
Dragon Gauntlets, Lizard Wing Shawls, and other goodies.

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Victuuri Week: Day 5

(Yuuri: Family) 

I like to think that they’d be the best dads seeing as they both have so much love to give. 

My headcanons for the kid include:

  • her being influenced by Yurio’s style
  • the triplets taking her under their wing immediately because they’ve always wanted a younger sibling
  • Victor doing her hair all the time and she loves the little braids he does

Also if you’re wondering how Makkachin is still alive, it’s because she’s immortal. Everyone is immortal, no one’s dying. 

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