Happy Intersex Awareness Day! 

This is an excerpt from a resolution commemorating the 20th anniversary of Intersex Awareness Day, signed by more than 60 organizations and leaders from around the world

1) All intersex people have the right to make their own decisions affecting their bodily integrity, physical autonomy, and self-determination.  

2) Medically unnecessary treatment, surgeries, and sterilizations of intersex people should not occur without said intersex person’s full informed consent.

3) Intersex people and the families of children born with intersex traits should have access to non-pathologizing psychosocial and peer support.

Intersex pals, you are wonderful, you are valid, and you have the right to your own body. Supporting you 100%, today and every day. 

Last night the worst tragedy of my life up until this point had happened. My father, who was only 53, passed away due to pancreatic necrosis. My father was the one who introduced me to DOOM in the first place and why I’m such a fan of video games. I’ll never forget when he first showed me DOOM by bringing me to work with him when I was really young. Him and his co-workers were playing DOOM instead of working and I remember just how cool it was. If it wasn’t for him I would have never made this blog and met so many wonderful people, including the love of my life. My father was such a great man and I’m going to miss him so very much.

Goodbye dad. I love you. Thank you for everything you have given me and your family. I’m sorry you had to go so soon.

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Oh my god I just love the Family AU it's just so amazing and ahh!!! Thanks for the link for the fic I was actually going to ask how Keith would react to Lance saying he hated him That aside how would Shiro and the kids react to Keith being sick? (It's okay if you don't answer I know you get a lot of asks so just thanks for all the wonderful and fluffy Voltron Family posts!!)

Thank you!! I’m happy to know you love The Voltron Family AU! :D I find it quite amusing how there’s always have to be the opposite side. Like, there’s one where Shiro is away and Keith handles the kids alone, and then there’s one where Keith is the one who’s away and Shiro handles the kids. I’m guessing this ask is from when Shiro is sick and Keith and the kids tried helping him? If so, I’m definitely going to answer this one lmao (but honestly you’re welcome! i love making these voltron fam posts! 8D)

Keith is sick and he’s lying on the bed. Shiro wanted to take a leave at the hospital but Keith told him that it’s different if he’s the one who’s sick because Keith can just work from home–Shiro cannot. 

Keith: You can’t bring your patients at home, Shiro. Don’t be ridiculous. I can handle myself. It’s just a fever. No big deal. *coughs* *shoos him away*
Shiro: *frowns* Make sure you call me though if anything happens okay? I’ll take the kids to school. I’ll drop by to check on you at lunch.
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Yeah yeah, Mum.
Shiro: Don’t forget your paracetamol. And drink heaps of water.
Keith: *pushes him weakly off the bed* Just go will you?
Shiro: *kisses Keith on the lips*
Keith: I’m sick. Oh my god.
Shiro: *smirks* We can share it. In sickness and in health remember?
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* Are you seducing me, Takashi Shirogane?
Shiro: Is it working? 
Keith: *very very monotone* On I am turned.
Shiro: *laughs* So snarky even when you’re sick. Shit. I’m so turned on right now. *eyes widens but laughs at his own joke*
Keith: I can’t believe we’re flirting while I’m sick. Just go you dumb turtle!

True to his word, Shiro did come back at lunch to check on Keith and then returned again to the hospital. The kids arrived with Shiro after picking them up from school.

Hunk: *tugs Shiro’s hand* *hears Keith’s cough echoing inside the house* Daddy Keith doesn’t sound good. *frowns* I have an idea. *lets go of Shiro’s hand and walks towards his room* 
Lance: So can we go see him now or are we still not allowed in the room? Back then when you were sick, Daddy Keith allowed us to see you. Why won’t you? *frowns*
Shiro: You might get infected, buddy. Daddy Keith is really really sick.
Pidge: Just let him wear a mask then! *frowns* I wanna see Daddy Keith. I want to show him my perfect score.
Shiro: I’m sure you do, sweetheart. Why don’t you two go to Hunk’s room first while I check on your Daddy then I’ll get you three to see him? How’s that sound?
Pidge and Lance: *nods and goes to Hunk’s room*

After a while, while Shiro and Keith were in their room, there was a knock on their door.

Lance: Can we come in now? We have a surpri–
Pidge: *whispers* Stupid Lance! Don’t say that!!!
Lance: *whispers* Oooops! Sorry I didn’t mean to!!
Keith and Shiro: *looks at each other curiously*
Shiro: Yeah, you can come in now.

The kids open the door only to reveal Hunk, Pidge and Lance with paper crowns on top of their heads coloured by them. Shiro and Keith smiled.

Lance: *announces proudly* Prince Lance, Princess Pidge and Prince Hunk has arrived to visit His Royal Highness King Keith.
Keith: *hands on his chest* Oh my. What have I done to deserve your glorious visit, Prince Lance, Prince Hunk and Princess Pidge?
Pidge: We have been informed by your Royal Adviser Daddy Shiro that you were sick. It has come to our attention that we must pay the King a visit to see ourselves to make sure our kingdom is still in one piece. 
Shiro: *whispers to Keith* I’m your Royal Adviser? I’m not even your husband here. Unbelievable.
Keith: Ah, as you can see. My Royal Adviser turned husband King Shiro is ruling in my stead. You have nothing to worry about. *winks at Shiro*
Shiro: I have been promoted. *laughs*
Hunk: We bring gifts, King Keith and King Shiro! *holds out a stack of papers messily stapled together to make it look like a book* May we sit beside you in bed so we can read you our stor–I mean our gift?
Keith: *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: *smiles* *turns to the kids acting all serious* King Shiro allows you. *nods and gestures to Keith’s side*

All three kids just kinda dropped their acts and rushed towards the bed to sit beside their Daddy Keith.

Lance: It was Hunk’s idea, Daddy Keith! We made you a storybook!
Pidge: Cause we know you’ve read all the books here so we thought of making you a new one!!
Keith: *turns to Hunk* *restrains himself from coughing* Did you really?
Hunk: I did! *grins* I hope you like it!

So Hunk opened their hand-made storybook and Lance, Pidge and Hunk took turns doing different voices. It was a story of two kings who found three kids and adopted them to be their children. They go to different kingdoms and they would fight dragons. Then King Keith and King Shiro were taken by the evil witch. Princess Pidge was the one who took on the evil witch with her sword alongside with Prince Lance with his bow and arrows, while Prince Hunk tried to look for the two kings while the witch was distracted. In the end, the witch was defeated and the two kings were saved and they all lived happily ever after.

Keith was crying and that caused the three kids to panic.

Hunk: Oh no! Daddy Keith are you okay?
Keith: *wipes tears* Yeah, yeah. I’m okay.
Lance: Did you like our story?! 
Keith: *nods while still wiping his tears*
Pidge: Then why are you crying if you liked it? *frowns*
Shiro: Let’s just say your Daddy Keith is crying tears of joy.
Lance: Bet he was impressed by Prince Lance’s shooting skills!
Keith: *smiles* I loved it. *sniff* I loved everything about it.
Three kids: *beams and hugs their Daddy Keith*
Keith: Can I keep it though? The storybook I mean.
Three kids: OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! *laughs*

When the kids left, Keith just sobbed into his hands while shaking.

Shiro: Keith? Are you sure you’re okay?
Keith: I’m so emo wtf. *laughs weakly thru his tears* I love them so much. *coughs* *voice gets muffled by his hands* I wanna kiss all of you but I’m sick and it sucks! *coughs*
Shiro: *laughs* Well I’m always ready to accept your sick kisses.
Keith: *punches him softly* I told you not to seduce me while I’m sick, Shirogane! *laughs* *coughs*

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Zutura is a overrated. You guys are nothing, but a bunch of pathetic spoiled brats that talk about your boring, overrated and cliche ship that's been overdone a billion times. Let's watch you shallow bigoted brats get butthurt, because Zutura isn't canon. Personally, I'm the only that personal believes Zuko would have a better character that stayed single.

Actually, if you’re talking about the ending of the show, I agree that Zuko would have been better off single–though I don’t think it would make him a better character, per se. The way things ended, he wasn’t ready to end up in a romance with anyone, having just gotten back on his feet emotionally. However, since he is the Firelord, at some point he would have to not be single in order to produce an heir, and I think him being in a stable, healthy, loving relationship and raising a family would do wonders for him, both as a character and as a person. It would allow him to have proof that he isn’t a replica of his father and he isn’t tainted by his past.

Based on the tone of your post, by the way, I don’t think I’m the one who’s sore about shipping. The question is, why? Your ships are canon, and you can relish your poorly written sequel material to your heart’s content. Personally, rather than “watching” us, I think you would be better off creating canon ship fanfiction and fanart. There’s not a lot of it around compared to non-canon ships, so I’d put my energies there if I were you. 

Shit my friends and I have said sentence starters

“Don’t judge how I get through Christmas with my family!”
“You didn’t just take it when I chased you with a shovel!”
“I don’t know, it’s not in my crotch.”
“Why bother stopping cars for a dollar?”
“Ain’t no bitch got time for an omelette right now, god damn it instagram!”
“We’re not people anymore! We’ve become this car!”
“I wonder if MY mother sucks cocks in hell…”
“It hits you in the aesthetics and then it hits you in the food!”
“Spotify put a song called Everyone Is Gay in my weekly playlist. THEY KNOW.”
“…. cup ramen expires?”
“It doesn’t taste like cardboard already??”
“Dude. Where’s your chill?”
“I’m hangry. Amtrak should not be fucking with me right now.”
“The train has stopped, don’t you fucking do this you piece of metal trash!”
“I just saw a Joss Whedon looking dude and almost got hella angry.”
“I will not leave you for you are the one true Morty.”
“Good. I survive on the gay. It fuels me.”
“You draw a mighty fine penis, my friend.”
“Why do dicks look like mushrooms???”
“We’re getting fast food at midnight and binge watching Rick and Morty.”
“Bro I am so ace I literally yelped looking at a pic of a dick to get the anatomy right.”
“Bruh there’s no good Pokemon at my new apartment.”
“Does sushi count as a midnight snack?”

There’s something very wrong with my parrot.

I have an African grey parrot named Perry. He’s been part of the family for 25 years. I’ve known him my whole life. When my parents were alive, they taught him a bunch of words and phrases and he’d always make us laugh.

Lately, though, he’s been saying things we never taught him. Certainly not things we’d ever say, either. Nancy, my wife, was in the kitchen with her friends the other day when they all heard Perry squawk, “it bathes in tears and reigns beneath our feet.”

They all laughed and wondered what the hell I could’ve been watching on TV for the bird to pick up a phrase like that. They continued their lunch, but ten minutes later, Perry started again:

“It reigns beneath our feet. It reigns beneath our feet. It reigns beneath our feet.”

Then he squawked and screamed and rattled his cage so hard that he almost fell off the table. Nancy checked to see if he was okay, and he chirped and allowed her to stroke his head with her finger. He seemed no worse for wear.

That night, after I’d gotten home and Nancy had told me about Perry’s weirdness, I let him out of his cage to fly around the house. He was always well behaved and never knocked anything off shelves or shit on things we cared about. He stepped out of the cage and onto the table, but he didn’t take off. He just stood there, looking around.

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When Aaron is released from the hospital. I would like to see a small family celebration in the pub or the back room of close family and friends celebrating the engagement. Like Diane, Victoria, Adam, Chas, Liv, and Paddy. I just miss the bigger family scenes and it would be good for Paddy to stop being a twat and see how happy Aaron is about the engagement and the seriousness of their future together. Robert isn’t going anywhere and if Paddy wants to keep having a relationship with Aaron, Paddy needs to get on board. It would also be good to see all the Sugdens together, I can see Diane all smiles and talking about how wonderful it is that the family finally has some happy news to celebrate. We haven’t seen Diane in a while and I can just see her being overjoyed about the news.

Jo Wilson deserves better.

A rant because I feel like nobody else seems to care anymore.

We know a few things about Jo’s past that have shaped her personality and yet the writers don’t seem to care to explore them and develop her.

  1. She never had many people in her life.
    No parents, no family, according to what she once told Callie not many friends in school because they would judge her for her backstory. And yet the writers aren’t giving her people on the show. In her 5th season on the show the only two people she managed to befriend except Alex are Steph and now Deluca. Who aren’t exactly fan favorites.
  2. She must have felt unloved and unwanted her entire life.
    Because her mom didn’t want her, her dad didn’t want her, none of the foster families ever wanted her. Remember her huge smile when Alex told her that he loved her? That must’ve been such an amazing feeling for her. And the first year of their relationship must’ve been just as wonderful with the way he would’ve done anything for her, But then the writers decided that out of all possible storylines they would give Jolex one where Alex would neglect and ignore Jo for his friends. Where he would make her feel unappreciated by telling her that Meredith was the only one he could count on while Meredith was making Jo feel like crap with her cold treatment. Really, writers? Why make a character who has been battling low self esteem her entire life face such treatment by the man she loves? Couldn’t you have come up with something else? And couldn’t you have the decency to at least resolve it properly instead of ignoring it as soon as you reunited them? Have Alex actually apologize for having taken her for granted? Make him tell her how important she is to him?
  3. In the midst of everything traumatic she experienced as a child and teenager her good grades and academic success must’ve been her lifebelt.
    She graduated Princeton as top of her class and Harvard with cum laude. She’s smart. She worked her ass off to get where she is today. Whenever something bad would happen little Jo would probably cling harder to her grades in hope of getting out of her misery one day and becoming a doctor. Why, oh why, is she the resident who still can’t find a mentor and a specialty? Why are the attendings still taking surgeries away from her and giving it to other people? Why can’t one attending praise her for her good work for once? It’s not like Jo is lazy or dumb. Did the writers forget about this part of her backstory or do they just find it ironic to make her the loser resident who has nobody believe in her? It’s been like that since season 11 and the writers not once bothered to actually make her bond with an attending who could mentor her. Why is that still not a priority for them?
  4. Why are her storylines constantly pushed aside and made about other characters?
    Especially guys? How do the writers of such a feminist show justify neglecting and ignoring Jo so much? Why is she even still on the show if she’s never gonna get the chance to tell her story? Why are the writers piling more and more socially important issues on her if all they’re gonna do is focus on other characters instead? Why does no character on the show stop and ask Jo how she’s holding up?

I’m not a foster child nor a domestic violence victim but I do know that people who are either are often used to horrible treatment and feel like they’re not good enough. So why for God’s sake do the writers treat Jo Wilson the same way a woman like her would be treated in real life? Why aren’t they doing better? Why isn’t a character who stands for so many socially important things a priority for the writers? Why aren’t they making an effort for her to overcome these issues she had to face for long enough? Is this supposed to be some sick irony that I can’t find funny at all? 

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I have this headcanon that, now that Weiss is back in Atlas, her father/the SDC board of executives will keep pushing for her to meet with suitors (she's the heiress to a *family* company, after all; at some point the company will expect her to have an heir, right?), but she'll keep refusing, not really understanding why she isn't interested in all these men until suddenly she realizes that it's because of Ruby. What do you think?

I think it’s a wonderful headcanon to have and I would love (LOVE) to see it play out.

Jinxed myself

CW called. Court is tomorrow and she thinks they are going to move bio dad to TPR because his release date is later than they thought? An uncle and a grandma have stepped forward to take the kids, but both say if they are happy where they are at (with me), then leave them. CW asked me about adoption/if I was willing to maintain contact with bio family if they stayed with me. She said dcfs requested the court to give them more time to think about moving the kids. Grandma said she would become guardian of them until dad is out, but I’m wondering what happens if dad gets out and goes back to old ways? Is she willing/able to care for them until they’re at least aged out? Dad has a repetitive history. He’s a good guy, he just makes the wrong decisions. Dcfs, and myself, don’t have high expectations for him staying in a good space.

I’m just trying to remind myself that it is what it is. What is meant to be, will be. It’s completely out of my control.

Things just completely flipped so fast. Cue foster care anxiety…

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Prompt challenge "I lost our Baby"

:D though this is pretty… off from the prompt if I’m honest XD

“I lost our baby”

Melinda looked up from her book. “We don’t have a baby.” She said, eyes daring him to call it what it actually was.

Coulson groaned, “Come on May, he’s missing, is now really the time?”

“I’d wonder if now is the time to be calling him our baby.” She said sardonically, going back to her book. “He’s a dog Phil. You’re not meant to supervise him every second of the day.”

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I was wondering if you could pray for me? I am feeling extremely broken right now with no motivation. I'm having a lot of suicidal thoughts, and I've acted on them in the past. I don't know where to turn to right now since my family does not listen to me. I know this is a lot to ask so if it's too much I understand. God bless.

Of course I’ll pray for you, friend. Such thoughts are difficult to deal with. May God bless.


As I mentioned the other day, I’m putting together a COOKBOOK to raise money for MY BFF EM’S TOP SURGERY. And I need your help! Every one of you is a great cook and a bearer of food culture and you have recipes to share!

I really am looking for your favorite recipes, best recipes, family recipes. But if you know Em and I at all you can kinda expect the content lol! I’m looking for any kind of recipe including veg/an and gluten-free. There is gonna be a chapter on meatloaf and one on casseroles, so I’d really like submissions in that area. Other ideas: obsolete cocktails, holiday desserts, medicinal beverages, things to do with leftovers, your favorite thing your mom made you (no really!), FISH, game, veganized midwestern monstrosities, your family’s particular poverty foods, jello dishes… 

I’m going to be including some “found” recipes from my cookbook collection. Do you have any weird/wonderful old recipes or cookbooks on hand? I want to see them.

Email me to talk about it at velocity dot sound at gmail dot com. You don’t have to format anything perfectly yet, and you can send me photos of recipes if it’s easier. Also you can email your mom about it if you feel like it…

I’m also really enjoying the stories that you’re telling me and I want to include that wherever I can.

We don’t have a set timeline yet but I want to be able to get a printing quote by the beginning of next week. (That doesn’t mean I need everything from you by then but it means that I’d like to know if you intend to help ASAP.) Info about when/how you can buy the thing as soon as I know what the content is gonna shape up to be. Shooting for a finished product selling in the $15-20 range! Donate to the funding campaign in the meantime if you have many money!

Keep an eye on my cookbooks tag for general vintage cookbook inspo and the vibe I’m going after.

I watch people.

Sometimes I contemplate
the weight of the world
sitting upon their shoulders.

I wonder
if it is heavier
than mine
or if they just are stronger
than I am.

I watch them read
their phones or their books,
note cards if they are a student.
I ponder their intelligence.
I guess whether or not
they have everything figured out.

I wonder
if they understand
or if they are just smarter
than I am.

I watch them kiss,
mothers to their child’s injuries,
family members in fond hello,
lovers engrossed in the moment
tasting the rest of their lives
on the other’s lips.

I wonder
if they are happy
or if they are trapped
like I am.

I wonder
how they hold their heart
in a simple action,
and how it does not bring them
to their knees
the way it does for me.

I wonder
why it is
I can watch people
and accept them
for everything they do

but do not have it
within my soul
to forgive myself
for being human
like all those people are.

Hey Guys, so I was wondering if we could do a little thing as a fandom maybe?

It’s my friend Tim’s birthday today (27.10.16) and I was wondering if we could see how many birthday messages we can get attached to this post for him please?

I’ll start:

Happy birthday Tim, have an awesome day :))

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(For anyone!) I've had a couple different chronic illnesses and disabilities over the years, and was wondering if anybody has any tips for dealing with being limited in what you can do and how to explain to friends and family that there are some things you just can't do?

okay so!! I too have many chronic illness and disabilities. and it’s hard admitting that you can’t do some things!! there are lots of ways to approach telling someone you can’t do something, but the best way is to flat out say no. explain that you have limitations, hard lines you can’t cross, and you know your own body enough to know that this (whatever it is) is just one of those lines. if they love you, they’ll at least try to understand (even if they really don’t).

the hardest part for me, at least, is the feeling of shame. i get very anxious and feel really ashamed when i can’t do something that everyone else can do, and i have to say out loud that i can’t do those things. it makes me feel like a burden. but you can’t push yourself past those limits! so you just have to bite the bullet and say, “listen. i understand that you want me to do (insert whatever here), but I can’t. my body won’t let me. i’m sorry if this inconveniences you, but this is a hard line i can’t cross and you have to understand that.”

there’s also spoon theory! this is a really good way of explaining to friends and family about sacrifices you have to make and how you make decisions on what to do and not do.


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I too love Kitamoto and was wondering if you had head canons because no one else does.

I…. I am so happy you asked. 

So we have a thousand hc’s for the NatsuChou kids in the group chat so some of these will probably overlap with things we’ve talked about there. so credits to them!!

  • Messy sleeper. probably roles off the bed at least every other night.
  • He’s still a bit of a clean freak though he always cleans up after himself. His families apartment is too small for clutter.
  • helps his little sister with her homework in exchange for her cooking for him. 
  • On that note he kinda sucks at cooking? he tries So Hard but he fails harder.
  • Tanuma will teach him properly some day before he moves out of his parents place.
  • Will hit his friends if they’re being idiots. Not hard. But enough for them to know they’re being stupid.
  • method mostly used against Nishimura.
  • Never against Natsume though because Natsume actually flinches like he thinks hes serious and Kitamoto doesn’t like that.
  • mother hen
  • I cant stress that enough he’s a mother hen. Especially towards Natsume and Tanuma.
  • Makes sure they wear their coats when they go out side
  • insists they wear his if they forget.
  • constantly tells Tanuma to exercise more.
  • He probably jogs. he’s fit. plus stress relief.
  • Kitamoto has a lot of stress.
  • He handles it well though most the time he’s pretty chill and keeps things under control.
  • Freaks out when he doesn’t have things under control but likes to pretend he doesn’t.
  • Good with finances and saving money. 
  • doesnt have a bookshelf so he stores books under his bed.
  • his mother once saw him putting things under there and thinks he has a porn stash.
  • On that note ~bisexual Kitamoto~
  • Hes casual about it. but very informed on LGBT+ issues.
  • Nishimura makes fun of him but is generally supportive.
  • hates hospitals.
  • a lot.
  • Cant talk to doctors. He just cant retain anything they say because they make him nervous.
  • but he doesn’t look bothered he’s good at pretending he’s not.
  • Has known Nishimura literally forever and blackmails him with stupid stories from their childhood.
  • “Nishimura help me with this”-”no I’m busy”-”Alright. Hey Natsume, this one time when he was five Nishimu-”-”FINE I’LL HELP”
  • probably had a really stupid nickname when they were kids that he hates and thats Nishimuras blackmail.
  • Played soccer in middle school. 

THERE ARE MORE BUT???? It’s hard to think of many so this’ll  do

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Oooh drabble requests! I have two suggestions, so either one would be wonderful to read! I saw that you mentioned villain!Valka, which I have never considered but am IMMENSELY intrigued by, so any story about that would be awesome! A second drabble suggestion would be about Hiccup and Fishlegs familial bonds? Maybe on a late night when Hiccup is exhausted from all of his kingly duties, so he and Fishlegs catch up and reminisce about the past? Thanks for accepting requests; either would be great!

Oooh oooh oooh ooooooh, both of these ideas are really cool!!! 

Because I’ve written a 57,000 word fanfiction about villain!Valka with a half-finished sequel (I’m slightly obsessed with villain!Valka, just maybe heehee), I’m going to opt for the second drabble idea. Thank you so much for the fun request. I LOVE Hiccup and Fishlegs’ relationship! Take care and have an awesome day!


Takes place a good several years after the events of How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury.

One lonely longship drifted through constellations, navigating between Ursa Minor and Cassiopeia. Starlight above, starlight below, an infinity of sparkling points, stretched further than the eye could spy.

Hiccup could hear a faint tinkling in the background, providing harmonies to the waves lapping against the ship’s stern. Though Fishlegs sat scarcely three meters away, Hiccup could barely hear the soft notes his companion played. At times though, the bard would mumble, and these words Hiccup could hear. “…legends of the dragons… dragon legends… myth of the… no, no, none of those are quite right. Mythical beasts of land and sea? Is that too flowery?”

“Working on the epic?” Hiccup asked. He turned his gaze away from the sea to glance at his friend. In the dark, Hiccup could see little but a faint glint off Fishlegs’ glasses. It looked like there were two translucent moons floating side-by-side.

Those two moons nodded. “Yeah, but it’s not coming along very well.” Fishlegs sighed and set his harp on his lap.

“If it makes you feel any better, this business trip isn’t going so well for me,” said Hiccup. “Part of me hoped that being King would mean more peace between the tribes. Guess not.” A groan. He rubbed his forehead, careful not to disturb the crown on his head. “Diplomacy. It’s never easy, is it?”

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Have you noticed that when Ben and Sophie smile at camera the smiles are fixed on their faces, but the moment they turn to smile at each other, the smiles become quite genuine. Just look at those deepened dimples and stretched wrinkles around their eyes. You can see it particularly in the latest set of its with them. Honestly some people are blind to not see the Wonder that's Benophie! :-)

their entire expressions change when they look at each other. as it should. they’re very much in love and nothing anyone says will change that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯