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Hey! I have one question since I'm still new in SPN family. Does Supernatural books exist in real life? Like can I buy them somewhere? Bc I would love to have every single one of them Btw love your account ❤

Well then, welcome to the SPN Family! I’m not totally 100% sure, but I think I have seen a few SPN books, I believe they were other hunts and adventures the boys had, not re-tellings of episodes past. There’s also a John Winchesters Journal book. I myself have that one, and it’s a fun read. Thank you so much and I hope this helps!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Happy Hunting,

What’s in the box? Part 1

Urahara: *in a sweet, beguiling, ‘come-hither’ tone*

Urahara: Oh Kazui!

Kazui: *trots over, eyes wide, eager and full of curiosity*

Kazui: Yes, Mr. Urahara?

Urahara: Could you do me a favor? I have a special present for your mama and papa and I was wondering if you could possibly deliver it for me.

Kazui: *begins to nod in agreement before a shadow crosses his face*

Urahara: What’s wrong, little one?

Kazui: My daddy warned me to never accept presents from strangers.

Urahara: *lays a hand over his heart and says in a deeply wounded tone*

Urahara: But my dear boy, I’ve known you ever since you were a cooing infant!

Kazui: I know. But then Daddy told me that I should never, ever, ever, ever in a million years accept a suckipous…pichasis…ummm…

Urahara: Suspicious?

Kazui: Yes, that’s it! He said I should never in a million years accept a suspicious present from you, Mr. Urahara.

Kazui: *in an apologetic voice*

Kazui: I’m sorry, Mr. Urahara.

Urahara: But, my dear boy, I’m not giving you a suspicious gift.

Urahara: *brings out a box wrapped in brightly colored paper so that it looks like a common birthday gift*

Urahara: Does this look suspicious to you?

Kazui: *looks at it thoughtfully for a moment or two before grinning broadly and shaking his head*

Kazui: Nope!

Urahara: *grinning and patting the boy’s head affectionately*

Urahara: You are such a good child, Kazui. Just like your mother.

Kazui: *picks up the package and heads home with a happy smile on his face*


Soooo…any guesses as to what Urahara is about to give those two lovebirds? I’m open to suggestions.

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I don't read books. I don't read books and it's the stupidest thing, because I want to write one, and who even wants to write a book if they don't read books? I read articles. I read fanfiction. I read and read and read online until the words blur together and the sun's coming out and I have to be up in a few hours and my brain's all scrambled like the eggs in my breakfast. All my family's obsessed with books and I wonder, what right do I have to be the one to write something? [1/?]

I can feel it in my prose. How it suffers and withers and stumbles like a foal that’s just learning how to walk, unsure on these four limbs it never asked to have. Maybe if I picked up a book, if I let myself soak in the smooth glide of a master’s prose, if I let myself find where I hope to arrive. [2/?]

But do I read in English? Do I read in Spanish? They’ve both been blurred together, left me hanging in the middle, barely able to hold on. Never native in one no matter how much I might try and not native enough in the other, full of awkward sentence structures and unexplained feelings because the words never come in the language I am meant to use. A language for my heart, another for my brain. One for my family, one for me. [¾]

Am I one or the other, or am I both? Am I a writer? ¿O una escritora? Am I allowed? What am I, other than no man’s land? [4/5]

… Aaaand I’m done having a meltdown in your inbox, I think. Sorry. I haven’t slept much these past few days. [5/5]

ahhhhh. hello there, friend. usual preface along the lines of, I am just another human being with a single lonely brain, trying to figure out life. when I talk to you and say stuff, it might not be right. for that, I apologise. now, here we go.

what right have you to write, you ask. and I guess I ask you in return, what right have any of us? what’s the prescribed amount of books we should read before we write? if I wish to share my thoughts, should I first have to read everyone else’s? all of them, or only some? what is the right amount? is reading only a preparation for writing? as far as I can see, reading other people’s writing changes your own style - yes, you learn from them, yes, your writing matures - but is that good? is there something more precious about your writing as it is, something less cynical, less self-aware? could you reach, blindly and kindly, to a place inside your reader that a wide-eyed well-read writer would never know how to touch? I think the answer to all these questions, maybe, depends on who you are. some people reach their peak when they speak from the shoulders of giants; some people are at their best when they have their back to the floor and their eyes looking up at something far, far away. I don’t know that either way is superior.

hmmmm. so your prose stumbles when you imagine it to have four legs; I humbly suggest you reconceptualise, or find the potential for progress in your concept. your foal can grow strong; it can learn how to run from watching other horses - or, it can find its own way of moving, unaided. or perhaps, indeed, it is not a foal at all. perhaps your prose cannot walk on four legs because eagles have only two.

and… to read in english, or spanish? to write in english, or spanish? there are so many writers who chose to write outside of the languages they were raised to speak, writers like Nabokov, and Kerouac, and Joseph Conrad. the fact that their thoughts weren’t always immediately english didn’t compromise them; it made them uniquely valuable. so maybe you write in english and it’s like painting with a brush that you hold slightly differently to everyone else, so the strokes look different, the paint lies thicker in some places and thinner in others; so maybe you make english speakers aware of the inner workings of the language a little more than usual. or maybe you write in spanish, and the same is precisely true. or maybe you write in both, because where’s the rule that says you have to pick one? where are the books for multilingual people? she found herself in the wind y en la lluvia, for she was in both and in more besides. her hair was las hojas of the oaks and she had piedra in her skin - she saw se misma in the looking-glass at the surface of agua and through it, beyond it, she felt unending duende. how’s that? think you could do better? me, too. god, I’d love to read a book like that.

embodying a duality is difficult. perhaps I understand it, only a little, through my own sexuality - being kinda gay and kinda ace and feeling like both but not feeling like I have the right to belong completely in either. in a world of things that aren’t easy, it’s not an easy thing. I feel like I feel ya. I mean, as far as I can see, being a part of two worlds doesn’t mean that you lose the right to walk in either - it means that you bring your own unique perspective to both. language forms such a huge part of our understanding - what words do you use to describe something? do they sound nice, do they mean something good or bad, are they long or short, is the idea simple or complicated? it’s different in every single tongue. and you can speak with two tongues, friend, amigx. you draw water from two wells. your thoughts are richer and broader. they have a unique beauty.

so to answer your original question, I think you have a perfect right to write. and I think you would be good at it.

and do please get some sleep, love. <3

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I saw Kubo a few days ago and I fell in LOVE with it! it was heart wrenching and kept me on the edge of my seat! and this film made me realize how family centric all of laika's movies are and it's really wonderful.

Yay!! I shed so many tears, too! And I caught myself having mouth hanging open at nearly everything because of how epic it all was. My heart hurts whenever I think about certain scenes. 

And yes! Family so important in Laika’s films, it’s really great <3 

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If your post on Othello is correct, then that means Undertaker's real name might have been mentioned before. The Cedric Ros theory is likely in that case.

Hey Anon! It does seem that the shinigami, who should know Undertaker’s real name, are being careful not to use it, so that’s why I think his name is important. His real name being Cedric Ross, which has been theorized by @abybweisse and others makes sense. If it’s important not to say his name, then it should be a name we’ve heard. It could be Cedric, or maybe it will be a family name we’re familiar with. It’s not like someone is going to show up and call Undertaker Bob and we’re all left wondering the heck is Bob.

So, that theory might just turn out to be true!

Thanks for writing, Anon. Have a lovely day!


DAY 10: a familial relationship. Po and Mr. Ping

These guys are my babies! Po and goose dad have such a wonderful father son relationship, it gives me such warm fuzzies seeing the growth in their bond during the three films. Li being added to this little family only makes it more loving

Po loves both his dads and they love him. Po accepted that he was adopted at the end of the second film, and was very happy to meet panda dad because now he’d have twice the awesome dads in his life. MY CUTIE PATOOTIES. I love this little family!! and i also loved it when Po referred to them as dads. Omgosh that is just the cutest thing ever!! 😊😍

// Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!! I’m very VERY busy today however, I can’t stop smiling because; IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! I’m officially 18 now!! But, the birthday train doesn’t stop with me; it’s actually BIRDIE’S birthday also!! His birthday is CANNONLY August 22nd too! So please, give Birdie all the doughnuts you can today! Haha, I’ll be online later tonight, my family apparently has some stuff planned for me now that I’m out of classes for the day! See ya then!! //


My mom is asking questions to try to understand and I’m just really happy. I’m extremely lucky to have my family, friends and the wonderful people on here for support. I just want to thank everyone who’s been sending me messages and anons, it truly means a lot. I’d also like to thank @bext-k because without her talent in acting or her in general, I would probably still be a confused lil human in a box not being able to fully be myself. I can finally breathe, it feels like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of me. I’m proud to be Bisexual and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I can live my life now the way I want without any secrets.

Thank you. 💖💜💙

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Howdy Shara :) , I know you are fluid when it comes to shipping, so I was just wondering if you have any thoughts on KingDings (AsgorexGaster)? I ship it myself, though I do it mostly because I want to ship Asgore with someone that is not Toriel, and because the Skelebroes are already closely connected to the two others in the goat family. No problem if you don't think much of it, just curious, reading your stuff is so much fun.

Aaaah, how nice of you! ^_^

KingDings is very adorable indeed. I like the idea of Asgore and Gaster becoming quite close after the king’s children died and Toriel leaves. I think they would definitely be cute together. Especially depictions of Asgore looking out for Gaster when he goes into one of his distracted, crazy scientist fits.

Also, to be completely honest, this shipping just amuses me because if you ship Soriel, it becomes super awkward. Imagine that in a post-paci situation, if Gaster is ever brought back! Add to that the fact that there is also the Papyrus x Flowey/Adult!Asriel shipping and we got this weird in-law situation that just makes me laugh for no reason.

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Hi. You always seem to find the fics so I'm hoping you can help me with this one, I read it a few years ago but have been unable to find it again. Kurt was visiting Burt and Carol who had retired (I think to California?) and Blaine worked in a tattoo/piercing shop; I think Kurt decided get his ear pierced on the spur of the moment. Does it ring any bells because i would really like to read it again. Thank you.

That fic is no longer online, but we do have the PDF - it’s a wonderful fic!  Enjoy!

Needles and Thread

While a student at NYU, Kurt visits his family who recently moved to
Southern California. A chance encounter in the unlikeliest of places may
just spark the one thing Kurt lacks: romance.

We are overjoyed to announce that Spurgeon has a new title in life as “big brother"! We are so thankful that God is adding to our family. 2017 is shaping up to be a wonderful year already and we know Spurgeon will do a great job in his new role. Having Spurgeon has been such a wonderful blessing and we cannot wait to see the face of this sweet new baby (or babies!).

Source: Seewald family blog.


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can I request Aomine's scenario when his gf tells him that she's pregnant? make it fluffy pls pls. thank you!!

I made this when they’re older and ready for a baby, hope that’s alright. :)

You hadn’t really given any thought to starting a family with Daiki, but when your period didn’t come one month, you started to get a little anxious. Not that you didn’t want to have a family, but you hadn’t realy talked about it.

You took a pregnancy test just to be sure. When it showed up positive, your heart did a backflip.

You didn’t have much time before Daiki got home, and you just sat on the bathroom floor, a smile on your face.

“Babe, I’m home,” he called out.

You emerged and looked at him with a huge grin.

“What’s up?” he wondered, an eyebrow raised.

“Well, umm… Guess what?”

“You had a really good dump?”

“No. Ew. You and your potty jokes,” you rolled your eyes.

“You told me to guess,” he shrugged.

“Whatever. Umm… How do you feel about kids?”

“They’re slobbery and loud and kinda weird,” he shrugged. “Why?”

You looked down, suddenly a little scared to tell him your news. “I’m pregnant,”

You didn’t dare look up at him, afraid of his reaction. When the silence was prolonged, you peered up at him curiously.

An expression full of fear was on his face. “Uh, are you sure?” he asked, realizing that he should probably say something.

“I just took a test, so yeah.”


He stared at the ground.

“Are you ok?” you whispered.

“Not really,” he rubbed the back of his neck. “I just… I’m not really dad material, y’know?”

You quickly hugged him and he embraced you back, burying his face in your neck. “I didn’t think that it’d come so early in my life. I mean, yeah, I’d thought about it, but…” he sighed. “We hadn’t talked about it together, so I was a little worried of what you might think…”

“Silly Daiki,” you pulled back slightly to look into his eyes. “I know that this is a little unexpected for both of us, but just because it was unexpected doesn’t mean it’s unwanted. I mean, it’s not really like we’re in any position where it… Well, ok, it’ll be a huge change in our lives, but I think we can prepare for it well. It’s not like we’re teenagers with no grasp of life.”

“Yeah, we’re twenty-somethings with no grasp of life,” he chuckled.

“Oh, shut up,” you laughed. “We’re figuring it out, and even though having a kid will be really hard, we have each other, and that’s what matters, right?”

He kissed your lips and smiled. “Yeah, I think that if we’re together then we can get through this.”

Libra Love Horoscopes

Libra Daily-Today’s Love Horoscope

There is some very interesting information to be gathered today with the celestial energy at play. What you do with it though is up to you. It is the kind of day when you may find out more than you bargained for, whilst to all intents and purposes simply holding an ordinary conversation. This may affect your relationship with someone if they spill the beans on something they have never mentioned.

Libra Today : Love = 86% | Spirituality = 80% | Relationships = 72%

Libra Daily-Yesterday’s Love Horoscope

This is the kind of day when you can quite safely invite your mother around to meet your loved one, and possibly the rest of the family too. There is the guarantee of no scenes, no embarrassing displays of behavior, just genteel cucumber sandwiches on the lawn and talk of what a wonderful couple you make. Such days are rare - use it to your advantage.

Libra Daily-Tomorrow’s Love Horoscope

Even you, the most solid and dependable person in the zodiac, occasionally have your off days. Today’s planetary configuration indicates that you have the chance to change something that has needed some attention. If this concerns your partner, then you have to be careful how you tread. The floor is slippery and you don’t want any accidents. How you say what you have to say is vital.

Not Libra? Checkout Your Horoscope:

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Happy Birthday Squall!

Happy Birthday to a character who is always close to my heart, Squall Leonhart!

I feel like a record on repeat by know but it’s true, Squall (as well as his father) have become like family to me. Have become far closer to me than any character…well ever. 

To be honest I wonder if your original due date can affect you as much as your actual birthday, as my due date was August 23rd…maybe that’s why Squall resonates so much with me, lol.

But whatever the reason, this sarcastic and snarky asshole is my spirit animal.

 So Happy Birthday to my badass twin from another universe XD

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I'm really curious that he was the one to fly, publicly as well, to London and that his family hasn't flown to LA. Also the timing of going so shortly after the puppies got home is funny because in a way it looks like he went to go see the puppies immediately after they got home yet his family took months to go see the baby and then never went again.

It is interesting that he and Danielle went to the UK and the family hasn’t been back to LA to see the baby publicly since that one event (especially considering the siblings were out of school for the summer so it would have made sense to go visit). It’s all very curious. I do wonder if anything will come of this or not. It’s so hard to predict since they pick things up and drop them so often, but I do find it interesting. We shall see….


Yudai blog update Part 1:

Good evening! ! It’s Yudai Ohno

Thank you as always for your many comments and daily routine reporting! ! ^ ^

I was allowed to read a variety of your summer memories, but yesterday even I got to make summer memories by burning to a crisp at my family BBQ! ! ^ ^ Lol I wonder who got more tanned, me or my brother? Lol
We fished for rainbow trout, ate the grilled meat I’d bought the day before, Dari frolicked in the river
It was a day of play! ! ^ ^
Isn’t it a miracle that, like the day before, despite the heavy rain forecast, it was fine weather! ! ! ! Lol
It was good weather against its will! ! Lol ^ ^

The rainbow trout caught in the river didn’t have any bad smell, and the meat was really delicious! ! ! ^ ^ We were laughing constantly, and even seeing my dad with his strange tension made everyone laugh ,, lol It was really enjoyable and fun, and I hope we can do it one more time this summer! ^ ^

We have a two man live with the ones we admire, Gospellers san, tomorrow! ! ! ! ! ! ! \ (// ∇ //) \ I’ll sleep with full force so you can hear us at full power! ! ! \ (// ∇ //) \

See you ♪

Let’s make tomorrow a happy day for everyone! ! ! ! ! ! !

[Part 2]

Hello! ! ! It’s Yudai Ohno. Thank you for also commenting and reporting on last night’s blog! ! ! ! \ (// ∇ //) \ Our two man live with Gospellers-san is today. . there’s so much tension, I can barely sleep, but we will entertin on this dream-like stage to the best of our abilities! ! !

I couldn’t stop my excitement and goosebumps during rehearsal…

Alright! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

See you ♪

Let’s make today a happy day for everyone! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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omfg okay so for your Klance monster AU i'm not gonna lie in the first picture w/ lance and the parasol I didn't know he was a vampire but I didn't even question that he'd use a parasol or give it a second thought- So I'm just looking them over going "wAIT-" and everything having a reason. (PS Lance is so freaking sassy and Keith is so done w/ him it brings tears to my eyes <3 Your art is so Incredible !! <3)

LMAO of course lance would use a parasol he’s lance. the boy probably has a parasol for every damn occasion, gotta keep that skin healthy and cancer-free…or in this case not shrivel up and die. glad you noticed it eventually hahaha! vampires are a bit harder to spot immediately if you make them more humanoid, it’s just fangs and pointy ears after all (i honestly could have taken it further like red eyes but tbh i bet he’d wear contacts to cover them anyways (maybe he does have red eyes you don’t know  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )) and aaaaa thank you so much! i love bickering dumbasses they’re my favorite things to draw! i’m happy you liked them ;u;!!

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So fizzy snap chat shows the twins (phoebe and daisy) like on a mattress on the floor. I think they are spending the night! Maybe even more but at least them. And I know everyone has different opinions about Louis public house, but it looks like they are staying there and all I can think about is a giant sibling sleepover!!! And now I'm even more excited!!!

Aww a sibling sleepover sounds fun. I hope he’s having a wonderful time with his family and just being completely doted on by them all. I’m sure he is.


Today’s Walking Photo: Today’s walk was unremarkable, so I’m going to rewind a bit to Saturday, when I played a music gig in the small Oregon town of Silverton and took a little walk in the early evening after we’d finished. It turns out that humble little Silverton (population 9.369) produced a canine celebrity in 1924, of which the city is understandably proud. So I give you…Bobbie The Wonder Dog. In 1923, Bobbie traveled by car with his owners the Brazier family from Silverton to Indiana. While there, he ran off and was lost, and the Braziers eventually had to give up searching and head home without him. Six months later, Bobbie showed up at their doorstep, having traveled 2,551 miles on foot. It caused quite a stir, as you can imagine. So there’s a statue of Bobbie in the middle of downtown, and an elaborate mural celebrating his story. I just have some comments on the photos I took. Click any image for a larger version.

  1. Here’s Bobbie with a replica of his rather luxurious doghouse, which I do not begrudge him one bit. Gooooooooood doggie.
  2. The mural includes this excerpt from a newspaper article. I don’t want to be mean or anything, but the actual scanned article is easy to find online, and the Braziers’ business was definitely not named the Reo Luanh Restaurant. Please substitute “Lunch” for “Luanh.” And scratch your head liberally. Also, the Braziers’ trip was not of the “erarland” variety; rather, it was simply “overland.” These bizarre errors in an otherwise thoughtful tribute really bewilder me. But then you folks know me by now.
  3. Could Bobbie’s owner look any less joyful about his lost dog’s miraculous return?! A little less small-town Silverton restraint, sir. It’s BOBBIE.
  4. A closer shot of Bobbie’s statue. I’m sorry to say that someone has vandalized poor Bobbie; I think it’s safe to say those aren’t normal markings for a collie-shepherd mix.
  5. If you want to hear Bobbie’s story, you are welcome to pay 99 cents a minute and help out with the maintenance of the mural! For example, they could remove the extra space before “99,” fix the mystery words in the newspaper article, and if there’s any left over they could de-vandalize ol’ Bobbie.

Despite my tendency to crack wise, I love Bobbie and I love this memorial and I love Silverton.