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SU has always shown us we can get along no matter how different we are, but that was taken to a whole new level with “Off colors” and “Lars’ head”. We knew that on Homeworld gems didn’t have enough freedom and it turns out the “defective” ones have it much worse. 

They are forced to live completely isolated at Homeworlds’ long forgotten kindergartens. They are even chased by robonoids just for coming out different. Kicked away by society, because of something they’re not guilty for, without being given a chance to fit in.

This is a heartbreaking, but realistic representation of how disabled people are treated even nowadays. 

For example Padparadscha (Sapphire) sees things that have already happened instead of the future - mentally handicapped

Rhondite was mainly betrayed because she’s a fusion, but by her actions you see she has developed a high level of stress.  

Fluorite’s just like a polyamorous relationship.

The Rutile twins -   conjoined twins 

“We survived, because all the other Rutiles ran away when we emerged…”

“We survived because they were afraid of us.” 

Rhondite: You’re off color. Just like the rest of us. 

Steven: What do you mean “off color”?

Rutile: You know, wrong… not right.

Steven: I don’t see anything wrong with you guys.

They all accept each other and have become a wonderful family. 

That’s what makes SU wonderful and many need to see a show like this.


This wasn’t requested, but I got the idea for it watching a video from the Q&A where he calls the little girl ‘little princess’. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! And remember, feedback is always appreciated!

— word count: 1,566
— warnings: none

You stand in the hallway, your daughter next to you with her arms wrapped around your legs. You and your daughter haven’t been able to see Shawn in quite a while since he is on tour, but it’s her birthday and Shawn’s is coming up soon, so you decided to fly out to see him and spend the next week and a half with him since he couldn’t schedule around their birthdays.

As you stand there, waiting for the last person to walk into the Q&A, Matt walks towards you a smile full of admiration on his face as he looks at your daughter. He gives her a small wave as he finally reaches your side.

“Hey, (Y/n). The last few people are about to meet with Shawn and then you can head on in.”

“All right. Cool.” You reply, running your fingers through your daughter’s wavy brown locks.

“How have you guys been? It’s been a while since you’ve been able to make it out to a show.” He asks.

“Yeah…” You frown, “We’ve been good, we just haven’t been able to work it out where we can make it, but with their birthdays, I made sure we could.” You smile down at your daughter.

“It’s crazy their birthdays are so close together. Four days is all that separates them, right?”

You nod, “Yup. That’s all.”


“It really is. It’s hectic.” You sigh.

“I bet.” Matt says as he leans against the wall.

“Hey, Matt! Is everyone settled in the Q&A room?” You hear Shawn shout as he makes his way down the hall.

You exchange worried glances before Matt gently pushes you into the room after you pick up your daughter. You quickly make your way to the back, trying to get everyone to stay silent as you do so.

“Hi guys. How are you?” You ask quietly as you make your way through the sea of people.

You get settled just in time for Shawn to walk in. Thankfully, he doesn’t notice you all the way in the back corner. As soon as your little girl sees Shawn she starts reaching toward him.

“Shh…not yet, baby.” You whisper into her hair.

She eventually settles down and rests her head on your shoulder as she looks ahead at Shawn. Shawn gets asked a couple of questions about you and your daughter. Like always, his answers make your heart flutter and a smile find it’s way onto your lips. You sit quietly as you listen to the questions and Shawn’s answers, rubbing your daughter’s back gently.

“What was your daughter’s first word?” You heard a fan ask.

“I’d like to say it was ‘dada’.” He starts.

“But, you know you’d be lying because it was actually ‘mama’.” You say as you stand up with your daughter.

Shawn looks at you with a huge smile on his face and he moves through the crowd to get to you. Your daughter immediately reaches for him and Shawn takes her, placing a kiss on the top of her head before giving you a quick kiss as the fans in the room ‘awe’ all around you. He takes your hand and leads you to the front of the room, sitting back in his original place before pulling you to sit next to him.

“Oh my god. Wow…I can’t believe you’re here.” He whispers as he pulls you close.

You laugh and lean against him.

“We had to make it out for your birthdays.” You say as you wrap an arm around him.

He places your daughter in his lap, an arm still around you and his fingertips gently trailing up and down your sides. You look out at all the fans and they’re all staring at your daughter, giving her smiles and waves.

“Okay, little princess, do you want to pick someone for daddy?” He asks looking down at her.

She nods and looks out at all of the people before looking back at Shawn.

“Pick someone.” He points out to the crowd as he looks at her.

She points to someone up front and they immediately get excited.

“Hi honey, what your question?” Shawn asks.

“What’s the best and worst thing about your career? Also, I have a letter for you and your daughter is adorable!” They respond.

You and Shawn both give a laugh before he thanks them. You get up and go get the letter from the fan before taking it back to Shawn. He now has both arms around your daughter’s tiny torso and he absentmindedly rocks her.

“Well, I think that the best part is getting to meet you guys and talk to you, the whole show experience actually. It’s such a personal and intimate experience between us and it’s always so beautiful. The energy is always amazing. The worst part would be having to be away from (Y/n) and Amelia, or little princess as I call her, for such long periods at a time while I’m touring. It’s very hard having to watch your own child grow up through a screen or pictures, ya know?” He answers.

Once Shawn answers the last question, you stop him before it’s time to leave.

“Wait, Amelia wants to show them what she learned.” You say and take your daughter, “What’s your name and how old are you today?” You ask, looking down at her.

A huge grin takes place on her face before she answers you excitedly, “Amewia! I’m four!”

Everyone in the room claps and encourages her, Shawn moving in to smile at her.

“Good job, honey.” He says proudly with a huge smile, “You’re so smart.”

You lean your forehead against Amelia’s as you rest her on your hip, “That’s right! You’re Amelia and you’re how old?” You ask.

“Four!” She says again, holding up three fingers before Shawn brings up another one of her fingers.

“Yeah!” You say gently rubbing your nose against hers.

Shawn begins waving and saying goodbye to the crowd. You begin waving and get Amelia to copy your movements as you walk out, Shawn following close behind, a hand on your back. You place a kiss on your daughter’s forehead and talk to her quietly.

“God, I missed you guys so much.” Shawn says pulling you in for a big hug as soon as your each the hallway.

“We missed you too. And this one said she wanted to see her daddy perform for her birthday.” You and Shawn both smile down at her.

Shawn leans down and begins peppering kisses all over her face as she giggles. You move Amelia up on your higher on your hip as you look at her.

“Do you want to show daddy what else you learned?” You ask her and she nods.

“What else did you learn, little princess? Show daddy.” Shawn says, running his fingers through her hair.

You point to Shawn’s shirt, “What color is Daddy’s shirt?”

She looks at it for a moment before answering, “White!”

You and Shawn praise her before you ask her the color of your shirt.


“Very good, Amelia!” You say with a smile.

You point to her shirt, asking her the color.

“Purple!” She answers, praise from you and Shawn following.

You point to your stomach, “What’s in here?”

“Food?” She asks.

You shake your head and glance at Shawn. He has his brows furrowed and you can tell he’s about to catch.

“What’s in here, Amelia? What’s in mommy’s tummy?” You ask again.

“Baby!” She answers after watching you make the ‘b’ sound with your mouth.

“What?” You hear Shawn ask.

You look at him and see he has a smile on his face as he looks at you.

“Are you really?” He asks, his eyes starting to water.

“Yeah, I am.” You smile.

Shawn pulls you close, giving you a kiss before leaning his forehead against yours, continuing to leave kisses on your nose and lips.

“Amelia, you’re going to be a big sister.” Shawn says, his smile never faltering.

“I think it’s funny how I got pregnant so close to you leaving. I’m ten weeks and we haven’t seen you in two months.” You say, running your fingers through Shawn’s hair.

“Well, we had plenty of chances while I was still home.” He grins.

You shake your head, a small laugh escaping your lips, “Shawn!”

“So, you’re ten weeks, eh?” Shawn asks, running a hand over your stomach.

“Yup. I found out about three weeks ago. I felt bad for not telling you, but I wanted to tell you in person.”

“I don’t even care that you waited so long. I’m just excited to have another baby.” He grinned.

“I can tell.” You smile.

“This is everything I’ve ever wanted. A solid music career, a beautiful, funny, caring, amazing wife, and kids. My own little family. I’m so grateful and lucky that you’re the one giving it to me.” He smiled, kissing you.

“I love you, Shawn.”

“I love you, too. And I also love you,” he pauses to give Amelia a kiss, “and you.” He bends down to kiss your unnoticeable bump.

You couldn’t help but get a warm feeling in your heart. Seeing Shawn so happy and having such a wonderful family was everything you could’ve hoped for. You know this is exactly where you want to be. With Shawn and your children. Happy, safe, and healthy.

Something’s been bothering me about what happened in Glamour Springs, so I’ve been doing some thinking.

Sazed used arsenic when he attempted to poison Taako, and from what I understand that’s not an instant death. I don’t even think the symptoms are instant - from what I could find, arsenic could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to work. It’s possible that Sazed intended to make a dramatic statement by having Taako drop dead on stage - apparently poisoned by his own food - and while that might have been a satisfying moment of revenge, it wouldn’t have been a good plan. That would leave Sazed with forty witnesses and a much higher risk of some kind of investigation. If he opted for a slow or delayed death by arsenic poisoning, it would be easy to pass it off as Taako getting sick. Who would question that? Taako didn’t have any friends or family to wonder what happened to him or wonder if Sazed’s story was true; Sazed then has the option of rebranding the show with his name and riding on its success with much less suspicion.

So it’s reasonable to think that the people of Glamour Springs also did not drop dead, and that the symptoms took a while to take effect. But the minute those symptoms showed up, Taako ran - because his first assumption was that the audience had been poisoned, and poisoned because of a mistake with his magic. That’s an incredible leap - why wasn’t the initial assumption that people were getting sick from the regular version of food poisoning?

I think it has something to do with the way Taako uses magic at that point in his life. When I took piano lessons and I had to memorize a piece to perform I was probably supposed to remember the written music, but I often relied on muscle memory instead. That worked, until I lost my place in the song; it was very hard to recover and continue the piece without at least backtracking. The music was familiar to me, but without that background understanding backing me up, my performance could unravel at any moment. I think that Taako’s transmutation was in a similar state - the underlying knowledge was there, somewhere, but Taako couldn’t get to it. He may have learned some of the basics since losing his memory, but he also possibly had the muscle memory of more advanced magic.

Whatever justification Taako came to for the ability to perform magic above his level, he’s not actually an idiot. He might have sensed that his control was tenuous; there was always the potential for something to go wrong, because if something happened that Taako hadn’t intended, he didn’t have the understanding necessary to recover. It’s possible that he was braced for disaster already. 

So when people started getting sick, of course it was his magic. Of course it was his mistake. It was inevitable. Why would he consider any other possibility? 

Geno’s interview for Maxim (April 2017). 

Big thanks to @atsomnambulist for the help with the translation! 😇

-You live in the United States ten months in a year. What do you miss most about Russia?

- It used to be difficult, my parents did not visit that much. And now I’m comfortable, all who are close and dear to me often visit Pittsburgh. I don’t worry about food, I’m not fussy. What I miss the most is the Russian banya (sauna). Whenever I arrive in Moscow, I immediately go to “Sanduny”. I like to hang out with friends, sometimes in nightclubs too. You get tired of a year of matches and flights across the America, so you need some time to relax.

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request: “Could you do a George x reader where reader is an American Ilvermorny transfer and she is going to the burrow and meeting his family for the first time and is really worried about meeting them because she’s doesn’t know how they would react to him dating an American” — by anon

a/n: another george imagine, yaaas! thank you for requesting this because i’ve been thinking of making an imagine like this as well and was happy when someone requested. hope you like it. x


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I can hardly believe it, but I just passed ~one year~ of hormones!!! It’s been a really amazing, bizarre, exciting, exhausting, invigorating, love-filled, protest-y, angry, inspiring, exhilarating year, and I’m so glad I have such wonderful friends and family.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the day I took my first dose, so I wrote a letter to one-year-ago Ramona. Anyway, here’s to year two! ✨❤️💛💚💙💜🖤✨

A Chain and a Key

Characters: tom holland x holland family x reader

Concept: tom surprises you with a small birthday dinner

Notes: not the usual kind of imagine but this concept came to me out of the blue and i built it up from there. i hope you guys love it as i loved writing it!



Tom’s hands uncover your eyes and you blink rapidly, trying to clear your vision. You’re standing in the Holland’s backyard where a big white canopy is set up in the center. A long table stands underneath it, adorned with vases filled with your favorite flowers. Rose gold spheres hang underneath the canopy, providing a vague light as the sun starts to set.

Nikki and Dom stand in front of you with their hands outstretched, pure joy etched on their faces. Sam and Paddy are clapping while Harry is holding a camera, filming the whole thing. A couple of your other friends and Tom’s are there too, laughing at your shocked face.

Your hands come up to cover your face as you turn to look at Tom, “I told you I didn’t want anything big!”

“It’s not big! Just dinner with friends and family,” he chuckles as he pulls you in for a hug.

You turn back around and greet Nikki and Dom, hugging them both as they wish you a happy birthday. Harrison and the twins hug you at the same time, squeezing the life out of you. Paddy follows after and you voice out loud that he’s grown a couple more inches since the last time you’ve seen him which he appreciates.

“Mum says I might be taller than Tom,” Paddy tells you.

Tom rolls his eyes playfully, “Not my fault I got stuck with dad’s traits.”

You greet everyone else and accept the gifts they brought for you. As Tom goes away to help his dad with the food, you stay behind and catch up with everyone.

“So how was your holiday with Tom?”

“How long have you been together, again?”

“Give us all the details!”

You laugh bashfully and take a sip of the drink you had gotten earlier. You start telling them about the beautiful beaches you and Tom got to explore together. “I have never seen water so blue and clear,” you comment. You tell them about how even though it was far away from where your original vacation was supposed to take place, Tom went out of his way to change the whole trip so that you got to visit Greece.

As the conversation drove off about someone else, you take a second to look over at Tom. His back is facing you as he stands next to his dad. They’re both focused on the food being prepared on the grill. You start to wonder how lucky you are to have not only Tom, but a wonderful family in your life. Like always, as if he had just read your mind, Tom turns around and looks directly at you. He winks at you and then mouths, “I love you” before facing his dad again.

“Hun,” Nikki places her hand on your shoulder, “Can you help me bring out some of the trays from inside?”

“Yes, of course,” you tell her as you stand up and follow her inside the house.

Several trays of food are set up on the kitchen island and you’re about to take one when Nikki stops you. “I actually wanted to talk to in private.”

She sounds serious, which makes you somewhat nervous. You rack your brain, trying to remember if you did anything to make Nikki want to talk to you alone.

“I just wanted to let you know that as a mother, I am very grateful that Tom found you. He’s always been a happy kid but with you, that happiness seems to have increased tenfold. You’re also such a joy to this family.”

“Nikki,” your voice trembles as you try not to cry. You try to think of words to say back to her but come up blank, your emotions taking over control.

She steps forward and wraps her arms around you, pulling you into a tight hug. “You’re a part of the family now, y/n. I can’t wait to celebrate more birthdays with you.”

When she pulls back to look at you, you both laugh as you see the tears both of you have in your eyes. Nikki squeezes your arm before taking a tray outside. You decide to stay inside for a bit longer to try to compose yourself.

Taking a tray in your arms, you walk outside and towards the table where the rest of the food has been laid for everyone to serve themselves.

The rest of the evening, you eat, you talk, you laugh with everyone. Even though you had asked to not make your birthday a big deal, you find yourself enjoying it so much. You watch as Tom tells a funny story that makes yourself and everyone else around the table laugh. You remember Nikki’s words on how Tom seems so much happier now but in reality, you’re the one who has never been happier. He’s the reason you wake up with a smile on your face and the reason you look forward to going to the gym, even though you can barely last a minute, but it’s just because he’s there that pushes you to try.

He has made you a better you. He has made you love yourself when no one else did.

The rest of the evening carries on and soon, people start to leave. As the boys help Dom clean up, you walk out the last of the guests and start helping out too. Harry has the brilliant idea to move out the table from underneath the canopy and bring in the outside furniture.

“Could we make a campfire?” Paddy asks Dom.

“I love that idea!” You comment.

“It’s your birthday,” Tom replies with a smile and all of you start moving things around to set up the campfire.

Evening was turning into dusk quickly and Tom and Harrison got straight to work on the fire. The pit was set at the center of the canopy so everyone got to sit around it.

“We call the armchair!” Tom grabs your hand and pulls you with him towards the big armchair that easily fit two people. Everyone else takes a seat either on the long sofa or the swinging bench they brought over from the patio.

Tom sits down first and holding onto your hand, you squeeze in next to him. His arms wrap around you as your legs overlap his so that the two of you fit perfectly on the chair.

The crackling of the fire as it gathered strength was a soothing sound. It reminded you of your childhood from when you used to go camping.

“Shall I tell a story?” Dom chimes in.

“You can’t really call it a story if it’s actually a joke,” Nikki replies which makes everyone laugh.

“Seems like mum is about to take over your career, dad,” Harry chuckles.

“Shut it, Motorola.”

“I think we should do gifts,” Tom tells everyone and you turn to look at him so rapidly, you feel your neck crick.

“What do you mean ‘gifts’?” You ask, completely shocked.

“You can’t have a birthday without gifts, love,” Tom chuckles before kissing your forehead.

“Me, first!” Nikki stands up and heads inside and then comes out a few seconds later, carrying a huge book. “I hope you like it.”

“What is it?” You’re suddenly excited because if there’s anything you know, is that Nikki always gives the best presents.

You open up the book and find that it’s actually a photo album. The most prettiest flowers have been captured. Flowers of different colors, sizes, close, and far. Then you notice the similar background in all of them.

Each of the pictures is actually you holding a flower, smelling it, smiling down at it. Nikki had captured every time you admired a flower.

“This is… wow. Thank you so much!” You stand and give Nikki a huge hug. “I love it, Nikki. It’s beautiful.”

You both take your seats again and then Paddy jumps up and hands you an envelope. “Technically dad bought it but I was the one with the idea.”

You laugh as you open the envelope and take out several tickets for a Coldplay concert. You almost screech loudly but hold it in by covering your mouth. “You’re kidding! Oh my God, Paddy!” You pull him in for a hug and then turn to face Dom. “Thank you to you too, Dom.”

Dom nods his welcome and then winks at Paddy.

“I got your gift right here,” Harry tells you as he lifts his camera. “You won’t get it until a few days, though.”

“Of course. Thanks, Harry,” you smile at him.

Everyone else gives you their thoughtful gifts until it’s Tom’s turn.

“I’m guessing tonight is my gift from you,” you tell him, holding onto his arm.

“Sure, but we’re not done yet,” he tells you before he sits up. “Tessa!”

Tessa, who was laying by Paddy’s feet, suddenly raises her head. “Tessa, go get y/n’s gift! Go get it, girl!”

Tessa responds with a bark before launching herself into a run back inside the house. You raise a questioning eyebrow at Tom but he just smirks back.

Tessa comes back outside with a large yellow envelope in her mouth. She bounds straight towards you and places it on your lap. “Thank you, Tessa,” you tell her while scratching her behind the ears. You take the envelope and open it carefully. Reaching inside, you find a large packet. You take it out and hold it up as you try to read it, using the light emanating from the fire.

“Adopt… Adoption?” You read out loud and look over at Tom, confused. “These are adoption papers?”

“Keep reading,” he tells you.

You continue to read down and then you gasp. You can’t look away from the words that have completely swelled your heart with pure joy.

Tessa has just handed you adoption papers for her. Not only Tom, but now you, share Tessa as your pet.

Tessa’s head lays on your lap as you lean down to kiss the top of her head. A few tears leave your eyes but they’re tears of joy. You’ve always loved Tessa like as if she was your own and the cute thought of her bringing you the papers that make it official is possibly the best gift you could ever ask for.

“What is it?” Sam asks, with a grin on his face, showing that he most likely already knows what it is.

“Adoption papers for Tessa,” you tell them as you wipe your eyes.

Everyone starts to clap as Tom stands and raises his hands. “Wait, wait, wait! Before we start to really celebrate, I want to give my gift next.”

“Tom,” you start.

“Just, hear me out,” he chuckles, knowing you would protest.

You stay quiet, reluctantly, and watch as he reaches for his back pocket. “I never knew much about relationships. The only prime example that I have are my parents, which I can’t complain, because they’re the ideal couple,” he smiles at his parents. “Yet, somehow, meeting you and getting to know you reassured me that this is what it’s supposed to be like when you’re in a relationship. As friends, you have always been there and you still remain to be at my side no matter what, even though I know it can be difficult given what I have to do as an actor. You’re incredibly patient, kind, witty, funny, and beautiful. God, you’re so beautiful.” You feel your cheeks heat up and you’re grateful that it’s too dark for everyone to notice.

“Basically,” he pulls out something that is wrapped in a black cloth and starts to unwrap it, “We’ve been together for a while now and I have never felt as confident as I do now to be able to give you this.”

He takes whatever was wrapped in the cloth and pulls it up. A thin silver chain comes into view and hanging from it… a key.


“Now, please don’t reject it because then I’ll look like a fool.” Everyone laughs as he hands you the chain. “I believe we’re ready for the next phase in our relationship and I hope you do too. Will you move in with me?”

You shake your head in complete disbelief as you look down at the single silver key in your hands. You look at Tessa and then at the rest of the family who are all grinning from ear to ear, waiting for your answer.

You glance at the key once again and then slowly place it around your neck. As you do, you feel it in your heart that this is the right thing to do. There’s no one else in the world you wouldn’t want to share a roof with.

You stand up and face Tom, “Yes, I’ll move in with you.” His face splits into a huge smile before he wraps his arms around you, hugging you so tightly, your feet lift off the ground. Everyone else cheers and claps around you.

When Tom finally lets go, he kisses you softly and whispers, “Happy Birthday, baby.”

Rabbits are severely underrated and my heart aches daily for Queenslanders.

Our first litter here: Sirius, Luna, Ares, Daisy, and Regulus. All have been adopted by wonderful families (except our little brown Ares, we couldn’t bare to give up such a cutie) 🐰

They are very underrated pets. You might be surprised at the number of ‘long eared guinea pigs’ that are being secretly kept in Queensland.

[!] A quick crashcurse: “Seo” or “Suh”?

Hello everyone! I really want to clear a topic, that has been wandering through NCTzen’s and especially Johnny stans’ mind for quite a while already, to avoid further confusion. Many people have wondered about Johnny’s family name and the correct way to spell it and I want to help you out on that. As basis I’m gonna use the knowledge I’ve learned after studying Korean for a whole year at University now and also being a 4th-semester-student in English Phonetics and Phonology.

Let’s first look at the Hangul of Johnny’s last name:

I’m gonna break it down step by step for those who are not able to read Hangul. The first letter, the consonant “” is the “shiot” and is pronounced as a “s”. Now, let’s take a look at the following vowel, which is the most important thing here when it comes to the question of how to pronounce Johnny’s name. Here we have “ ”, which gets pronounced as “eo”. The official transcribtion of this vowel is also “eo”, so in this case it’s totally acceptable to transcribe Johnny’s last name as “Seo”!

This way of spelling is also used in NCT’s offical VLIVE account:

Personally, it’s the best way for me to transcribe it. If you use “Suh”, the vowel gets pronounced as a long “uuuu” because of the “h” that follows. In English language, the “h” is usually used as a “long accent” to mark a long or a short vowel. And phonetically speaking, Johnny’s last name is not “Suh” but “Seo”, so here’s my catch and also my reason why I rather stick to “Seo”. Please note, that this is just my personal opinion and that there is no right or wrong in this case!! So if you gonna use “Suh” it’s also totally acceptable, especially because of the last reason I’m gonna address.

Now, let’s take a look of how Johnny transcribes his name himself to make things a bit easier~ Johnny’s official birthname is “John Suh” and he also signs his last name that way:

I think we can close this whole chapter by saying that both ways of spelling his name are totally appropriate! Please keep this in mind, they are both fully acceptable and acknowledged transcribtions so please don’t call out any fans for writing his name “wrong” if they chose either one of the options.

Thank you a lot!!♡

Our Girl

FATHER’S DAY Anon Request: Hi! I thought this would be a cute Drabble, but turns out I actually want a full on oneshot/imagine lol. It’s a Daddy!Sebastian oneshot, where you two have a daughter and she’s born deaf. And the imagine basically goes through the process of raising her, learning sign language, from infanthood all the way to her high school graduation. I just think it’d be super cute if Seb had a deaf child, we’re the best😂. There’s so much culture involved with Deafness and having Deaf family. It’s wonderful!

Tags: fluff, adorable father!Seb

A/N: I chose to name the daughter Francis since St. Francis is the patron saint of the deaf. (please do not be offended by this if you are not religious/don’t believe in the saints–also I’m not insinuating that anyone who isn’t religious/doesn’t believe in the saints is wrong or subject to getting angry over something so small. I just really want everyone to come out and have a good time and enjoy reading regardless of race/religion/sex/sexual orientation. I seriously love everyone so yeah..kind of long ‘disclaimer(?)’)

As always, Requests are OPEN and I’m always ready to talk about whatever anyone wants :)

Sebastian was over the moon when his wife texted him a picture of her positive pregnancy test while he was at work. The couple had been trying to get pregnant for almost a year, using all of the different methods of determining fertilization, planning their weeks around procreating, and making sure (Y/N) wasn’t under any stress, but nothing seemed to work until one crazy night they spent together in a hot tub before Sebastian had to leave for an assignment. He had only been filming for a week before receiving (Y/N)’s text and immediately flying home to be with her. 

He went to her first few appointments before she forced him to get back to work, promising that she will be okay during the next two months. Sebastian was beyond reluctant to miss any part of his wife’s pregnancy, but after much debate and (Y/N) calling his mother to consult, he decided that if he had to miss any part of it, the first trimester would be the easiest. Of course she would be throwing up the entire time, having hot flashes, and easily aggravated, but she had made the decision a long time ago to not take out any of her anger resulting from the pregnancy out on Sebastian…until they were in the delivery room.

(Y/N) loved every minute of being pregnant when Sebastian was around. The second he stepped off the plane and into the airport, he spotted his wife: her hair longer, breasts fuller, and stomach rounding out with his child. He ran to her and hesitated to hug her, not wanted to press himself against her too forcefully, and afraid of crushing the baby in her. Through the second trimester and into the third, he was more attentive during classes and about her body than she was. 

About a month and a half before the due date, Sebastian and (Y/N) were headed toward an event for his friend’s business when he accidently ran a red light. Another vehicle collided with the passenger side of the vehicle, sending (Y/N) to the hospital and into an emergency early labor.

Despite being premature, their daughter was relatively healthy. Of course there were be diseases she would be more susceptible to due to a weakened immune system, but that was something they could deal with. As long as their baby girl was healthy, (Y/N) was happy. Sebastian on the other hand was overwhelmed with guilt. He was too afraid to slam on the breaks so he tried to hurry through the light only to injure his wife and lead to their child being born with underdeveloped cochleas.

(Y/N) remembered when her nephews were around the same age as her daughter and in terms of physical progression–rolling over, crawling, pulling up, walking–she was matching up with them well, but her verbal progression hadn’t advanced past incoherent noises. Neither Sebastian, nor (Y/N) noticed their daughter’s issue until she was enrolled in daycare. The preschool teachers taught the younger children with verbal and sign commands and requests. For instance, when the teachers asked if the children wanted more snacks, they would make flattened ‘O’s with their hands and then bring them together. They taught the children how to say they were hungry, thirsty, done eating, and many others. Slowly, Sebastian started to notice the increase of motions to communicate with her parents during mealtimes. 

“(Y/N),” Sebastian called to his wife as he fed their daughter one morning. “Look closely at what Francis is doing.” Sebastian set down the spoon he was using to feed the girl with and her large blue eyes, inherited from her father, shined up at him with a quiver in her lips. Hurriedly, she pushed her tiny, flattened ‘O’ hands together and started to whimper. Quickly, Sebastian formed the same signs with his hands and mimicked her pattern, a confused look on his face. The girl’s eyes lit up and she screeched in joy as soon as she saw her father pick up the spoon to feed her again.

“Her daycare teacher teaches all of the kids sign language,” (Y/N) explained to her husband while sitting down beside him.

“But watch this,” he interrupted. Again, he dropped the spoon and Francis formed the signs, her small arms moving faster and faster as she saw her father’s lips move but not his hands. The same confused look on his face, coupled with his voice asking “do you want more?” only lead his daughter to start screaming in anxiety as she realized her dad couldn’t understand her.  As soon as Sebastian mimicked her sign, her screams stopped, the tears rolling down her face subsided, and her distressed face changed to an open mouth as soon as she realized he knew what she meant. “Babe,” Sebastian’s voice was weak as he looked up to his wife, afraid of vocalizing his thought. “I think Francis may be deaf.” A few doctors appointments later, the family had arrived at a diagnosis. The emergency induction caused by the accident lead to Francis being born before her cochleas were properly formed.

As they left the hospital, Sebastian could hardly place Francis in her carseat before breaking down. He buckled her in as his wife packed the stroller into the trunk, whispering lightly to himself “Daddy’s so sorry, Frannie. I’m so, so sorry.” (Y/N) could hear her husband’s helpless voice coo to their daughter as she walked up to the car. He wiped his eyes along his sleeves, trying to hide his tears from (Y/N) as she stood before him.

“Seb,” she called out as he fumbled with the carseat. “Babe, what’s the matter?”

“Francis will never be able to hear us,” he stated coldly as he dropped his hands from his daughter’s seatbelt, “and it’s all my fault!” She hurried toward him and he dropped his head onto her shoulder.

“Seb, this is not your fault,” she called as she rubbed her hand along his back.

“If I would have just stopped at that light, she would be okay,” he sighed while rubbing his hands through his hair and staring angrily at the sky.

“She is okay,” (Y/N) stated.

“She can’t hear us, (Y/N)!” Sebastian shouted in aggravation. “Our daughter is deaf because I couldn’t stop at a damn stop light. She won’t have a normal life because of me.”

“Stop talking like that,” she snapped at him in the middle of the hospital parking lot. “Francis is going to have a normal life,” she stated firmly. “There are ways to assist her hearing and there are other ways for her to communicate. Sure it will be harder for her at times, but she has an incredible father who is going to help her though it all. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her!” He clutched at his chest as his wife’s arms lingered around his waist. He stared at his daughter’s dark hair and bright eyes as she giggled up at her dad.

“I love you so much sweetie,” he cooed again. The girl’s eyes went blank as he spoke which sent one of the worst pains he had ever felt coursing through his body. Immediately, (Y/N) grabbed her husband’s hands and folded his middle and ring fingers back, forming the sign for ‘I love you.’ He held it up to their one year old who giggled and stretched her arms out to her father’s face.

Over time, Sebastian would come to accept that a number of things could have happened the day his daughter was born, including both (Y/N) and Francis being killed. The fact that his daughter was born deaf slowly became something that he could accept blame for. He signed himself and his wife up for ASL classes as soon as they got back to their house that day, informed her daycare teacher of their findings, and thanked the woman repeatedly since they were convinced they wouldn’t have noticed until much later than they had.

When Francis turned five and was about to start school, Sebastian was determined to send her to the New York School for the Deaf. He didn’t want his daughter to grow up being bullied the way he had been during school. In most ways, he was completely clueless in how to relate to his daughter’s ability. It wasn’t until he was speaking with his wife about his concerns with Francis going to public school that the connection he had with his daughter’s situation had been there all along. He knew what it was like to be the odd kid out, to not know how to communicate with everyone around him, and to be ridiculed for something he had no real control over. The taunting and bullying he received as soon as he moved to the US for not knowing much English was the closest thing he could imagine Francis’s public school experience to be like. Despite his wife’s assurance that plenty of students with impaired or no hearing did exceptional in public schools, he was dead set on providing the most appropriate upbringing he could for his daughter.

Francis was an exceptionally intelligent young girl. She was aware of her parents’ concerns for her education and wellbeing, but she wasn’t feeling challenged at her specialized school. As much as she loved being around people who understood her and that she could communicate with, she was very much like her mother in the sense that she knew when she wasn’t getting what she wanted out of life. Before middle school started, Francis came to her parents to ask if she could be enrolled in a regular private school. Sebastian was hesitant and terrified of what could happen to his daughter’s self-esteem, but Francis was direct in her reasoning.

The real world isn’t going to coddle me, she explained, and unless I want to work as a teacher for deaf students, I know I need to get better at communicating with people who aren’t deaf.

Reluctantly, Sebastian agreed under his own condition to buy her better hearing aids.

He didn’t want to say he was surprised at how well Francis had excelled in her new school–he knew his daughter had strong convictions about dedication and perseverance, after all, he had helped mould them into her–but he was excited to see her thrive in areas he feared would prove difficult. There weren’t many other kids at her school we also had hearing impairments, but there was a girl in Francis’s art class who learned the ASL alphabet just to tell Francis her name. The two became best friends and the more the girl visited Francis’s home, the more sign language she learned through (Y/N) and Sebastian.

(Y/N) dealt more with their daughter’s concerns about dating than Sebastian did. Francis had come to her mother somewhat in tears over stress and being teased by other girls for the way she sounded on the rare occasion that she spoke. Her mother told Francis that if a deaf man could become one of the world’s most renowned musical composures, then any man should be able to learn to love her for everything about her. It wasn’t until Francis was seventeen that she fully realized all that her father had done for her in the area of dating. As it turns out, one of Francis’s closest guy friends had gathered the courage to ask Francis’s father to teach him some ASL so that he could communicate with Francis in a way she was comfortable with. Seeing the boy’s initiative, Sebastian agreed and managed to keep it a secret from his wife and daughter until the boy decided to ask Francis to prom in front of her parents in sign.

As Sebastian sat alongside his beautiful wife, gazing out across the large crowd of seniors dressed in their graduation robes, he couldn’t help the single tear that streamed down his face. The memory of his breakdown in the hospital parking lot seventeen years ago over his fear of Francis’s life being ruined because of his stupid mistake seemed childish. He hated to think that he could have ever thought of his daughter being less capable of success than anyone else’s child because of her deafness. Sebastian watched intently as the young woman tailored with all of his and his wife’s best features walked onto the stage at graduation to deliver her salutatorian address, both in sign and verbally. Pride swelled in his heart to see how far she had come; her determination to be different as well as her dedication to adapt to the situation she had been born into led her to being one of the most inspirational people in his life.

As soon as Francis finished her speech and the crowd roared with applause, she turned toward the spot in the crowd she had seen her parents in earlier and threw her thumbs, index fingers, and pinky fingers into the air as forcefully as she could, as if shouting her love to them. Both Sebastian and (Y/N) recreated the sign in each of their hands and propelled their arms toward their daughter watching her confidently dominate the stage. “That’s our girl,” Sebastian said through a blinding smile as he wrapped his arms around his wife, kissed her head and continued to beam with pride.


“Does this mean I have to make another speech?  Don’t do this, you’re making my mother cry in Boston. Wow. Barry and Fran Weissler were the only producers stupid enough to do the show and the only one smart enough to make it work.Thank you so much Lapine is Lapine, and so generous. Michael (Sarabin), finally after 12 years, I can say publicly, you’re divine.You’re divine. Andre Bishop and Ira Weitzman nurtured the show at Playwrights Horizons Thank you. Wait, there’s more. I’m sorry.  Arthur Salvadore, what more can I say. Graciela Daniele, yes, thank you for doing it. I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends. I love everyone in this audience and I’m a miserable person, so thank you.”  -   William Finn’s 1992 Tony acceptance speech.

anonymous asked:

I am so sorry to hear this news about Zaya. I feel that I have come to know your wonderful family through this time with you and sharing all of the moments with aunts, uncles, cousins and your parents that you were gracious to post. I send you love, and many prayers for your entire family and a prayer for peace for all of you as well. I will remember Zaya in my personal prayers tonight. Wish there was more that I could do. Love to you, Soka.

My gratitude to you, anon for your thoughts and kindness in reaching out to me and my family. I also want to thank you everyone who have messaged me, both personally and as anons. 

I just want to share brief thoughts about Zaya. 

Zaya was not the child of my body but she was the child of my heart. We were always close. Kinder spirits with 19 years between us. We were planning a trip together mid October. I finally agreed to take her with me on my work trip because she wanted to research study abroad options for when she graduates high school in 1.5 years. Zaya’s interest was in women and development, particularly low literacy rate amongst young girls in the Global South. She worked all summer for her spending money for this trip and I agreed to pay for her ticket :). We were both going to get purple/grey streaks in our hair before the trip. Her idea, of course, which I happily agreed to. Now I shall embark on this trip alone but I carry her spirit with me. She might be pissed that she’s not there, but she’d be happy to know that I did not curl into myself and wallow in sorrow. I hope. 

Zaya was a child of hope. Born of a Jewish mother and a Muslim father (my brother), we always joked that she was the solution to the Middle East crisis. We joked that love can conquer all and that Zaya was the living proof of it. Zaya was raised in both religious traditions, in an interracial and interfaith family. She volunteered at both her synagogue and mosque. She was much beloved in both communities. She embodied everything good about all things that have come to signify evil and wrongdoings. She was also a child of hope as her parents struggled to conceive for ten years before they were graced with her. Can they still have hope in hope?

Zaya was in love with love. She and Dylan have been together for a year. As I Iooked into his eyes, I have never seen a such level of despair in one so young. I have no words for him; I only hope that he is comforted in the knowledge that she loved him so fiercely for one so young. 

Zaya was life. She embraced life to the fullest. She was life. I don’t know how else to describe her. I sat on our favorite beach today, looking at the waves and thinking about her. I miss her. Now, today, tomorrow, and probably forever. 

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The happiest of birthdays, dear Lauren. Have a wonderful day with your family, lots of gifts and cake or whatever you prefer at the moment, lol. Never forget that you're a beautiful, strong and admirable young woman. A wonderful mother of one, soon two, wonderful little babies. Stay the way you're and just know that you're loved by so many. Happy b-day.

Thank you so much! 😍 We will be having brownies tonight to celebrate…which I still need to make! XOXOXO.

If I Were To Die

Pairing - Jake x MC hinted but it’s mostly a fic about Jake and his daughter
Prompt - A father’s letters to his daughter
Warnings - Character death, military death
Word Count - 1858
A/N - This is connected to my fic His Copilot but it’s not necessary that you read it but it might help. This is just a quick little drabble I’ve been working on for the past couple days. I’m not extremely happy with it, but eh.


My Little Princess,

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Zarina Ex Girlfriend ku...

Ini adalah kisah diri aku. Sebagaimana kebanyakan lelaki lain, aku mempunyai nafsu terhadap perempuan. Ya lah, lelaki mana yang tidak,
kecuali yang gay sahaja. Tetapi nafsu aku ini bukannya pada anak darasunti, tetapi pada perempuan yang telah berkahwin - yaÉ pada isteri
orang lain.

Nak tahu kenapa? Aku pun tak tahu. Mungkin sebab thrill untuk memikat perempuan yang telah berpunya. Kalau anak dara tu senang lekat sebab
dia pun sedang mencari jugak. Isteri orang ni lagi susah nak tackle, dan apabila dah dapat bukannya boleh bawak keluar sesuka hati ditaman. Kena sorok-sorok dan senyap-senyap dari pengetahuan suaminya dan masyarakat yang lain.

It is the thrills and the adventures of cheating with another man’s wife are the ones that made it really erotic. Aku mula mengenali nafsuku ini bila aku bertemu Zarina, isteri rakankaribku Kamal, semasa kami belajar di overseas. Zarina ni memang cantik orangnya. Kulitnya yang sawo matang beserta dengan rupa paras gadis kampung Melayu menyebabkan aku geram padanya dan menambahkan keinginan untuk aku take up the challenge untuk memikatnya.Obsesi aku terhadap Zarina semakin membuak dari hari ke hari. Setiap malam, aku teringatkan wajahnya. Aku sanggup mengumpul gambar-gambarnya yang aku ambil tanpa pengetahuannya dengan menggunakan kamera zoom aku, dan kemudian merenung gambarnya itu setiap malam sambil melancap batang zakar aku sehingga ke klimaksnya sambil berfantasi seolah-olah aku menyetubuhi Zarina.

Tahun berganti tahun. Kami semua telah pulang ke Malaysia sibuk dengan karier masing-masing. Zarina dan Kamal telah mempunyai tiga orang anak, dan aku pula telah mempunyai seorang girlfriend bernama Linda. Walaupun sibuk dengan tugas masing-masing, kami sentiasa membuat gathering setiap hujung minggu: semua rakan-rakan akan berkumpul di rumah masing-masing mengikut giliran dari minggu ke minggu.
Setiap gathering, aku mendekati Zarina, mencium perfume yang dipakainya dan menghidu rambutnya tanpa disedari olehnya, suaminya mahupun rakan-rakan yang lain. Kadangkala, aku akan mengambil gambar group kami (kononnya), tetapi sebenarnya aku zoom kamera hanya pada
Zarina seorang.Hubunganku dengan Linda adalah intim hanyalah sebab aku berfantasi bahawa Linda itu adalah Zarina. Setiap kali aku meniduri Linda, aku memejamkan mataku dan menganggap yang aku sebenarnya sedang menjamah tubuh Zarina. Walaupun kadang-kala aku memanggil nama “Ina” semasa aku sedang bersetubuh dengan Linda, dia tidak perasan kerana nama mereka hampir sama.

Sehinggalah satu hari apabila Linda mengajak aku berkahwin, aku sedar bahawa selama ini aku telah menipunya - yang aku telah menggunakannya
untuk memuaskan nafsu aku sendiri. Aku tidak boleh mengahwini Linda kerana aku tidak mencintainya - dan aku tidak boleh membiarkan dirinya ditipu lagi. Aku mengambil keputusan untuk break-off dengan Linda. Dia mula-mula tidak dapat menerimanya dan menjadi emotional. Hampir dua bulan dia mengamok. What a mess. Tapi akhirnya, dia dapat menerima hakikat bahawa aku benar-benar tidak menyintainya.Dalam salah satu dari gathering biasa kami, Zarina terus meluru kepadaku, “Jantan apa kau ni Faris? Setelah sedap kau tebuk dia, kau sanggup tinggalkannya begitu saja?” Zarina dengan lantangnya mempertahankan kaum wanita sejenis dengannya.
“I have my reasons, Zarina” aku jawab perlahan.
“Reasons? And what reasons might that be?” jawabnya dengan nada yang marah. “Yang aku nampak, engkau hanyalah seorang yang irresposible!”
Aku tidak menjawab.
“Well?” sambung Zarina. Aku masih menyepi. Jawapan yang ada masih rahsia kecuali pada diriku sahaja.
“Let’s go, Kamal” Zarina memberitahu suaminya. “I don’t want to be around
"thisÉ filth!”

Semasa mereka meninggalkan gathering tu, Kamal menepuk bahuku, “Gimmie a call if you want to talk about it” Malam itu aku tidak dapat tidur. Fikiran dah berserabut. Keesokkan harinya, aku tidak menghubungi Kamal, tetapiisterinya, “Ina, I need to talk to you”.“I have nothing to listen to you” Zarina menjawab ringkas.“You want to listen to this,” Aku membalas, “kalau kau nak tahu reasons why I dump Linda, jumpa aku waktu lunch nanti” Semasa lunch, aku bawa Zarina ke sebuah restoran di Kuala Lumpur.

“Kenapa baru sekarang nak beri tahu?” Zarina bersuara sebaik sahaja kami duduk di meja makan. “Semalam masa I tanyakan pada you, apasal
“Sebab I only want to give the reasons to you” jawabku.
“To me?” Zarina memotong ayatku, “I rasa the rest of us pun has the right to know ”
“Shut up and listen” Jawabku tegas. Zarina menyandarkan diri di atas kerusinya sambil menyimpul kedua belah tangannya.
Aku mengambil nafas panjang. “Okay, kau nak tahu sangat kenapa I dump Linda, well this is the answer.”

Aku merenung terus ke dalam matanya, “Zarina, ever since the first
time I’ve saw you, I have been crazy about you. Setiap malam aku
teringatkan kau, I have been fantasising with your pictures. Ya,
Zarina, aku melancap setiap malam dengan gambar-gambar kau. Linda?
She is nothing but a tool for my fantasy. Setiap kali aku mengucup
bibirnya, bibir kau sebenarnya yang aku kucup. Setiap kali aku
mengusap rambutnya, menjilat lehernya, merapa badannya, itu semuanya
sebenarnya adalah perbuatanku pada kau. And everytime I fucked her,
it is you whom I’m really fucking”

Muka Zarina terus pucat, tangannya menggeletar mendengar kata-kata
lucah yang baru aku ucapkan padanya. Dia kemudian meletakkan
tangannya ke atas meja. Aku terus mencapainya. Apabila aku memegang
tangannya, dia terkejut dan menariknya balik. Zarina kemudian bangun
dari kerusinya, masih dalam keadaan terkejut sambil berkata, “I, I
have to..go.”

Aku terus mengekorinya keluar dari restoran tersebut. Zarina terus
menahan sebuah teksi yang berhampiran. Aku dengan pantas memegang

“Let me go, you sick bastard!” dia menjerit.
“Everything I said to you is the truth, Zarina. I want you”
“I am a married woman! I am married to your best friend!”
“I don’t care.”
“I am a mother of three children! I have a wonderful husband and a
perfect family”
“I still don’t care.”

Air mata mengalir keluar dari mata Zarina. “Let me go, please”
jawabnya perlahan.

Aku melepaskan tangannya. Dia terus masuk ke dalam teksi dan
megarahkan pemandu itu beredar dari situ dengan segera. Zarina
menutup matanya dengan tangannya sambil menangis.

Selepas insiden itu, aku tidak berjumpa Zarina selama hampir sebulan.
Setiap kali ada gathering, Zarina tidak ikut Kamal sekali.

“Mana bini kau, Mal?” tanya Azlan, kawanku.
“Tak sihatlah LanÉ ada kat rumah jaga budak-budak” jawab Kamal
“Hai, takkan tiga minggu tak sihat, mengandung lagi ke?” Azlan
“Taklah, I think three is enough” jawab Kamal sambil tersenyum.

“You alright?” aku menghampiri Kamal, “sejak dua tiga minggu ni aku
nampak kau muram semacam je”

“I’m fine,well ” Kamal menarik nafas panjang, “sebenarnya tak jugak.”
“What happened?” aku menanya.

“Tak tahulah, Faris. Sejak dua tiga minggu ni, Zarina asyik naik
angin je. Itu tak kenalah, ini tak kena lah.” Kamal memulakan

“Ina ada beritahu kau sebabnya?” aku memberanikan diri bertanya.

“Tak pulak, itu yang aku bengang tu. mood dia ni unpredictable lah.”
Kamal menggelengkan kepalanya.

“Next week turn rumah kau pulak. Hopefully, kitaorang dapat cheer her
up” aku menjawab.

Sebenarnya memang aku rindukan Zarina. Aku memang looking forward nak
berjumpa dia minggu berikutnya. Aku dah tak kisah pada apa yang aku
cakapkan padanya masa di restoran tempoh hari. Setiap hari aku
mengira waktu bila akan dapat berjumpa dengannya. Walaupun aku boleh
berjumpa dengannya secara personal di pejabatnya, tapi aku mengambil
keputusan untuk tunggu hingga gathering rumah Kamal.

Pada hari tersebut, aku segaja melambatkan diri. Aku mahu lihat
reaksi Zarina apabila aku sampai. Apabila tiba di rumah Kamal, semua
rakan-rakan telah berada di situ. All the guys tengah melepak kat
living hall sementara yang ladies tengah sibuk berceloteh di dining.
Budak-budak kecik pulak tengah asyik bermain di luar rumah. Aku
perasan Zarina bersama mereka. Mula-mula dia kelihatan tenang, tapi
setelah sedar bahawa aku berada di dalam rumahnya, dia nampak semakin

Sepanjang malam itu, aku mencuri-curi bermain mata dengan Zarina
tanpa pengetahuan Kamal dan rakan-rakan yang lain. Setiap kali ada
seseorang buat lawak, aku akan merenung Zarina dengan tajam. Zarina
makin lama makin tak senang duduk. Dia beralih dari satu tempat ke
satu tempat, bermain-main dengan tangannya yang kadangkala semakin
menggeletar. Ada kalanya matanya akan bertemu dengan mataku, tetapi
dengan pantasnya dia akan cuba mengalihkan perhatiannya ke tempat
lain. Akhirnya Zarina semakin gelisah dan masuk terus ke dapur.

“Mal, aku nak tumpang tandas kau sekejap lah” kataku pada Kamal
sambil berjalan menuju ke dapur rumahnya.

“Haa..ada kat belakang tu.” jawab Kamal sambil melayan rakan-rakan
yang tak kering gusi berjenaka.

Aku masuk ke dalam dapur dan mendapati Zarina berada di situ sedang
menyiapkan air untuk para tetamunya. Aku dengan perlahan menutup
pintu dapur supaya rakan-rakan di luar tidak nampak kami berdua.

“What the hell are you doing in my house?” Zarina menanya dengan nada
yang marah bercampur gelisah.

“Suami kau yang ajak aku sini. Aku datanglah.” aku jawab selamba saja.

Ina terus senyap. Dia terus membuat kerjanya di dapur membancuh air.
Tetapi jelas bahawa dia tak dapat nak concentrate dengan apa yang dia
lakukannya sendiri. Aku mendekatkan diriku kepadanya dari belakang
secara pelan-pelan.

“Aku dengar kau ada gaduh dengan laki kau?” aku bisik di telinganya.
Zarina tersentak sekejap. Air yang disediakannya tertumpah sedikit ke
dalam sinki dapurnya.

“Kalau iya pun, it’s none of your fucking business” Zarina menjawab.

“No, Zarina. I think it’s all got to do with my fucking business”
jawabku kembali. Aku kemudian dengan perlahan-lahan memeluk
pinggannya dari belakang. Zarina dengan pantas meletakkan dulang
gelas-gelas minuman yang disediakannya di atas dapur dan terus
berpusing menhadapku sambil tangannya cuba untuk menolak dadaku

“Faris! Get you bloody hands off me!” Zarina meninggikan suaranya
kepadaku sambil bergelut untuk melepaskan dirinya dari pelukanku.

“Or what?” aku bertanya sambil tensenyum sinis.

Aku menguatkan lagi pelukanku pada Zarina. Inilah pertama kalinya aku
mendapat rasa tubuh Zarina yang sekian lama aku idamkan. Dalam
sekelip mata sahaja, batang zakar aku menjadi keras dan tegang. Aku
mengalihkan tangan kanan ku dari pinggang Zarina ke punggungnya dan
kemudian meramas sambil menekan punggungnya itu ke arah ku sehingga
batang zakar aku yang keras itu menekan celah kangkangnya.

“Faris!” Zarina mula panik, “kalau kau x lepaskan aku, aku akan jerit
sekuat-kuatnya!” dia mengugut.

“Nak jerit?” aku mengacahnya, “Jerit lah. Jerit sekuat-kuat hati kau.
Biar suami kau dan rakan-rakan kita semua tahu yang kau dan aku
sedang berpelukan dengan intim dalam dapur kau ni.”

Zarina dah mati akal. Tenaga yang ada pada dirinya tidak cukup kuat
untuk melepaskan dirinya dari pelukanku yang semakin kuat. Air
matanya begelinangan.

“Faris!” suaranya semakin sebak, “what the hell do you want?”
“Kan aku dah beritahu kau tempoh hari. I want you” aku terus

Kemudian tangan kiriku terus memegang belakang kepalanya dan
menariknya ke arahku. Aku terus mengucupnya dengan kucupan yang
paling berahi. Apabila mulut kami bertemu, Zarina semakin panik. Dia
cuba untuk bergelut melepaskan dirinya tetapi tidak terdaya. Dia juga
cuba menjerit di dalam mulutku.

“Hhmmm!! MMnnn!! Mnnnggh!!” suaranya ditengelami di dalam kucupanku.

Apabila Zarina cuba menjerit, mulutnya terbuka sedikit dan aku dengan
pantas mengambil kesempatan itu untuk menjulurkan lidahku ke dalam
mulutnya sambil meraba-raba lidahnya.
> >
Kucupanku pada Zarina semakin berahi apabila aku menolak keseluruh
badan Zarina dengan tubuhku sendiri ke belakang menyebabkan dia
hampir jatuh ke lantai, tetapi belakang badannya tersentak pada sinki
dapurnya. Aku mengangkat keseluruh badan Zarina dan menyandarkannya
pada sinki tersebut. Kakinya sekarang tidak lagi terjejak pada
lantai. Semuanya ini dilakukan tanpa aku melepaskan mulut ku dari
> >
Oleh kerana tubuh badan Zarina sekarang berada tersepit di antara
tubuhku dan sinki dapurnya, kedua belah tanganku sekarang bebas
bergerak. Tangan kiriku terus mencapai buah dada kiri Zarina dan aku
meramasnya dengan penuh nafsu, sementara tangan kananku pula menyelak
kain Zarina dan terus meramas faraj dicelah kakinya.
> >
Apabila aku menjumpai seluar dalam Zarina, aku cuba menariknya
keluar. Zarina terus bergelut. Kemudian aku menyeluk tangan kananku
kedalam seluar dalamnya dan terus meraba sambil meramas faraj Zarina.
> >
Dalam pada aku sedang menanggalkan seluar dalam Zarina, tiba-tiba
suara Kamal kedengaran dari luar dapur, “Ina, Ina. are you in there,
> >
Setelah mendengar suara suaminya yang akan masuk ke dapur, Zarina
semakin panik, “MMMaaarggh!! Uuurggh!!” jeritnya sambil memukul-mukul
aku dengan tangannya.
> >
Aku melepaskan mulutku dari mulut Zarina. Air liur dari kedua-dua
mulut kami melimpah turun ke dagu dan leher Zarina. Aku dengan
pantasnya mengangkat diri aku dari tubuh Zarina apabila aku mendengar
tombol pintu dapur dipusing. Aku terus bergerak ke arah bilik
belakang. Oleh kerana Zarina sebelum ini tidak mempunyai sokongan
tempat untuk dia berdiri, dia terus terjatuh ke atas lantai apabila
aku melepaskannya dia. Dengan pantas dia bangun menghadap sinki
apabila pintu dapur dibuka. Dia tidak sempat untuk menarik balik
seluar dalam yang tersangkut di lututnya tetapi dia sempat untuk
memperbetulkan kainnya menutup kakinya semula. Buah dara kirinya lagi
masih terkeluar dari baju dalamnya.
> >
“Sayang, apa yang you buat dalam dapur lama ni?” jenguk Kamal kepada
> >
“Tak ada apa-apa bang, Ina cuma nak buat air je ni” jawab Zarina
sambil membelakangkan suaminya. Keadaannya di hadapannya memang
kusut. Mulut, dagu dan lehernya penuh dengan air liur kami berdua,
buah dada kirinya masih tergantung keluar dari bajunya dan beberapa
butang bajunya juga terlucut. Air matanya bergelinangan keluar.
> >
“Cepatlah sikit, ramai orang yang haus ni ” tegur Kamal yang langsung
tidak sedar apa yang telah terjadi pada isterinya itu. Kamal
kemudiannya keluar dari dapur tersebut.
> >
Aku melihat Zarina dari dalam bilik belakang. Dia melepaskan nafas
yang panjang dan kemudian tercungap-cungap menangis. Apabila dia
sedar yang aku sedang merenungnya, dia berhenti menangis dan membalas
renunganku tetapi dengan perasaan yang benci. Sambil pendangannya
tidak berganjak dari mataku, dia menarik semula seluar dalamnya ke
atas, memperbetulkan buah dadanya ke dalam bra nya dan membutangkan
semula bajunya.
> >
Aku mengampirinya dengan perlahan.
> >
“Apa lagi yang kau nak?” suara Zarina antara kedengaran dan
tidak, “Dah puas meraba isteri orang?” sambungnya.
> >
“Belum,” jawabku ringkas. Aku terus meninggalkan dapur itu.
> >
Malam itu aku tersenyum di atas katil ku. Di dalam fikiran ku, aku
cuba bayangkan apa yang sedang berlegar di dalam kepala otak Zarina
pada ketika ini. Sanggupkah dia memberitahu Kamal tentang apa yang
berlaku pada dirinya siang tadi? Aku rasa tidak. Kalau ada sudah
tentu dia memberi amaran kepada Kamal tentangku sejak insiden di
restoran tempoh hari.
> >
Keesokkan paginya, aku menghubungi pejabat Zarina.
> >
“Minta maaf, encik,” jawab receptionist pejabatnya, “Puan Zarina
ambik M.C. hari ini.”
> >
Aku pun bergegas ambil emergency leave and terus pergi ke rumah
Zarina. Apabila aku sampai di rumahnya lebih kurang jam 9.30 pagi,
aku dapati yang dia baru pulang dari menghantar ketiga-tiga anaknya
ke taska. Sebaik sahaja Zarina perasan kehadiranku, dia terus berlari
masuk ke dalam rumahnya. Aku terus mengejarnya dan sempat menolak
pintu rumahnya terbuka sebelum dia dapat menutupnya. Apabila telah
masuk aku terus mengunci pintu rumahnya dari dalam. Aku kemudiannya
terus menghampiri Zarina. Pada mulanya dia cuba berundur dua tiga
tapak bila aku mendekatinya, tetapi langkahku kebih panjang
menyebabkan aku dapat mencapainya dengan senang. Aku terus memeluk
tubuh badannya dengan erat.
> >
“Faris ” Zarina memulakan kata-kata, “aku tidak berdaya nak melawan
kau..tolonglah lepaskan aku” dia merayu.
> >
“Tidak,” jawabku. Aku mengusap rambutnya dengan perlahan sambil
merenung terus ke dalam matanya.
> >
Rupa Zarina comot betul pagi itu. Inilah pertama kalinya aku melihat
Zarina tanpa sebarang make-up pun padanya. Rambutnya tidak terurus,
matanya masih merah akibat kekurangan tidur, pipinya berbekas air
mata yang telah kering. Selalunya aku akan bau wangian perfume di
badannya, tetapi pagi ini badannya yang belum mandi itu berbau masam,
sementara nafas mulutnya masih berbau air liur basi semalam. Tetapi
yang anihnya, shalwat aku semakin berahi. Nafsu ku terhadap Zarina
semakin memuncak. Aku melihat tubuh badan Zarina dan menghidu bau
badannya sebagaimana keadaan semulajadinya, bukannya berselindung
disebalik topeng kosmetik atau wangi-wangian tiruan.
> >
Aku dengan perlahan merendahkan mulutku dan terus mengucupnya dengan
perlahan dan penuh kasih sayang… tidak seperti yang aku lakukan
semalam. Pada mulanya, apabila bibir kami bertemu, Zarina tersentak
sebentar kerana menyangka yang aku akan mengasarinya. Tetapi setelah
merasai kelembutan kucupan yang berbeza itu, tubuh badannya semakin
> >
Setelah hampir dua minit kami berkucupan, Zarina dengan perlahan
menarik mulutnya keluar.
> >
“Jangan, Faris” ulanginya, “kalau Kamal dapat tahu tentang perkara
ni he will kill us both”
“He won’t find out.” aku membalas.
> >
Aku mengucup bibirnya kembali. Kali ini Zarina merelakan kucupanku.
Dengan perlahan dia memeluk leherku. Aku pun mengangkat dan mendukung
tubuh badannya naik ke tingkat atas rumahnya. Aku terus mengdukungnya
masuk ke dalam bilik tidurnya dan dengan perlahan membaringkan
tubuhnya di atas katilnya. Sepanjang perbuatan ini, aku tidak
sekalipun melepaskan kucupanku itu.
> >
Setelah membaringkan Zarina di atas katilnya, aku duduk sebentar
sebelahnya dan melihat tubuh badannya dari atas sehingga ke bawah.
> >
“God, you are so sexy,” bisikku padanya. Aku kemudiannya membaringkan
tubuhku di atas tubuhnya dan kami berpelukkan dengan penuh erat
sambil mulut kami bercantum semula. Aku membelai tubuh badannya
dengan perlahan-lahan. Aku telah menanti saat untuk meniduri Zarina
bertahun-tahun lamanya, jadi aku tidak akan tergopoh-gapah melayannya.
> >
Setelah hampir sepuluh minit kami berpelukan dan berkucupan di atas
katil itu, aku mengalihkan mulut dan lidahku pada bahagian-bahagian
lain di badannya. Mula-mula aku menjilat pipinya dan telinganya.
Tanganku pula aku alihkan pada kedua-dua payu daranya dan meramas-
ramasnya dengan perlahan
> >
“Sayang,” aku bisik ke dalam telinganya.
> >
“Hmmm” jawab Zarina dengan manja sambil matanya tertutup menikmati
foreplay yang sedang aku berikan padanya.
> >
“Aku mahukan tubuhmu, sayang ” sambungku sambil menjilat-jilat
telinganya. Tanganku dengan perlahan memuka butang baju tidurnya.
> >
“Ooohhh” Zarina mengerang dengan perlahan.
> >
Apabila aku telah dapat membuka menanggalkan pakaian tidurnya, aku
terus mengalihkan mulutku ke bawah dengan perlahan - mula-mula pada
lehernya, dan kemudian dengan perlahan aku menjilat dadanya
sehinggalah sampai kepada payu daranya. Akupun memasukkkan payu dara
Zarina ke dalam mulutku dan menghisap sekuat hati.
> >
“Aarrrgh” jerit kecil Zarina.
> >
Aku dapat merasakan susu dari payu daranya keluar masuk ke dalam
mulutku. Tetapi aku tidak menelan susu itu. Sebaliknya aku membiarkan
ia meleleh keluar dari mulutku membasahi payu dara Zarina. Dalam
beberapa minit, kedua-dua payu dara Zarina basah dengan keputihan
susunya sendiri.
> >
Aku kemudiannya menurunkan mulutku dan menjilat perutnya, sambil
kedua tanganku mula untuk menanggalkan seluar tidurnya. Apabila
seluarnya telah tanggal, maka tiada lagilah seutas benang lagi di
atas tubuhnya. Buat pertama kalinya aku dapat melihat apa yang aku
cuba fantasikan sejak bertahun-tahun: tubuh badan Zarina yang bogel.
> >
Bentuk tubuh badan Zarina sebenarnya tidaklah sebegitu hebat seperti
yang aku selalu mimpikan. Kedua-dua payu daranya sudah tidak tegang
lagi, sementara lubang farajnya juga agak besar dan bibir farajnya
terjuntai keluar. Jika nak dibandingkan dengan faraj Linda dan masih
merah dan muda, faraj Zarina sudah coklat dan berkedut. Iya lah,
inilah rupanya bekas orang - entah berapa ribu kali Kamal menyetubuhi
Zarina dalam jangka waktu perkahwinan mereka, termasuk juga tiga
orang bayi yang telah keluar melalui lubang itu. Tapi aku tidak
sedikitpun kisah tentang semua ini. Kalau aku mahukan yang fresh,
tentu aku tidak tinggalkan Linda yang masih muda.

Dengan perlahan aku menyelak bibir faraj Zarina sambil menghidu bau
lubangnya yang kuat dan tebal. Tetapi bagi aku, bau faraj seorang
wanita adalah bau yang paling romantik yang pernah aku hidu. Aku
memasukkan lidahku ke dalam lubang farajnya dengan perlahan.
> >
“MMmmm..mmmm..” Zarina mengerang dengan manja sambil mengigit bibir
bawahnya sambil menikmati oral sex yang sedang aku berikan kepadanya.
Sambil aku menjilat farajnya, sambil itu aku menanggalkan baju dan
seluar ku. Kami sekarang tidak mempunyai sehelai pakaian pun menutupi
tubuh kami.
> >
Aku meneruskan jilatanku di disekitar dinding lubang farajnya
sehingga air mazinya dan air liurku membasahi keseluruhan farajnya.
Rasa air mazinya dan farajnya berbeza dengan Linda. Zarina punya
lebih kelat dan pekat berbanding Linda yang lebih masin. Aku hilang
pengiraan waktu semasa aku berada dicelah kangkang Zarina itu. Aku
rasa aku menghabiskan masa lebih dari lima belas minit menjilat
farajnya itu. Aku kemudiannya mengalih mulutku ke biji kelentitnya
pula. Aku mengulum kelentit Zarina sambil menyedut dengan perlahan.
Lidahku bermain-main dihujung kelentit nya.
> >
Kaki Zarina semakin gelisah dan suaranya semakin kuat
mengerang, “Oooohh..Mmmggh..huurgh ” bunyinya setiap kali aku
menjilat kelentitnya. Tangannya sekarang sedang meramas rambutku.
> >
Aku memasukkan jariku kedalam lubag faraj Zarina sambil mulutku masih
bermain-main dengan keletitnya. Dengan perlahan aku memasukkan jari-
jariku masuk ke dalam farajnya sehingga aku menjumpai G-spot nya.
Apabila jari tengahku dapat menyentuh G-Spotnya, dengan spontannya
badan Zarina kejang dan dia menjerit kuat, “Aaaarrrgh!!”
> >
Aku terus menggosokkan jariku ke G-Spotnya sehinggalah dia mencapai
> >
“Oooohh!! Faris!! Fariiiissssss!!!” jeritnya sambil badannya
terangkat ke atas dan segala ototnya kejang seketika. Air maninya
mengalir keluar dari farajnya membasahi keseluruhan tanganku. Setelah
tamat klimaksnya yang panjang itu, badannya rebah kembali ke atas
katil. Peluh dari tubuhnya menitik keluar.
> >
Aku pun bagun dari celah kangkang Zarina dan merenung matanya.
> >
“Faris ” sebut Zarina dengan nada yang keletihan.
“Belum habis lagi, sayang. I’m going to fuck you” jawabku.
> >
Aku memegang batang zakarku yang tegang dan keras itu dan
memasukkannya ke dalam lubang faraj Zarina. Setelah kepala zakarku
telah masuk ke dalam lubang farajnya, aku menyandarkan badan ku di
atas badan Zarina dan mengucup bibirnya berkali-kali. Sambil itu, aku
memulakan pendayungan. Mula-mula dayungan aku perlahan dan lembut.
Waktu ini aku dapat rasa yang lubang faraj Zarina agak longgar jika
dibandingkan dengan lubang Linda. Oleh kerana lubangnya penuh dengan
air maninya sendiri, setiap kali aku menghunus batang aku dalam ke
lubangnya, bunyi kocakkan air maninya kuat seperti bunyi memukul air
dengan belati. Air faraj Zarina melimpah keluar membasahi cadar
> >
Aku kemudiannya mengangkat kedua-dua kaki Zarina ke menolaknya atas
katil. Lubangnya farajnya terbuka lebih luas dan aku dapat menghunus
batang aku jauh ke dalam.
> >
“Oooohhh oooohhh . Oooohhhh oooooHHHH!!” jerit Zarina setiap kali
aku mengunus batang ku ke dalam.
> >
Aku mengangkat punggung Zarina dan menyorongkan sebuah bantal
dibawahnya, kemudian menolak kedua-dua kaki Zarina sehingga kepala
lututnya berada disebelah telinganya. Batang zakar aku sekarang dapat
bergesel dengan dinding depan farajnya dan betul-betul jauh ke dalam.
Kepala zakar aku menjumpai G-spotnya dan aku terus mendayung dengan
lebih laju ke arah itu. Nikmatnya sungguh lazat sekali bagi aku dan
juga Zarina. Aku tidak pernah merasa kelazatan seks yang begitu indah
sekali sebagaimana yang aku sedang menikmatinya. Dan aku tahu yang
Zarina pun merasai kenikmatan tersebut apabila dia meramas dan
menarik punggungku dan mempercepatkan dayungan batang ku ke dalam
> >
“oooo Faris sedapnya oooo ” Zarina semakin hampir pada klimaksnya
yang kedua, “faster Faris I’m coming I’m cummmiiiingggg!!!
> >
Badannya kejang semula sambil melonjak ke atas. Tangannya meronta-
ronta seperti orang yang sedang lemas di dalam air, mulutnya
tercungap-cungap seperti orang yang kekurangan udara, dan matanya
terpejam kuat sehingga menitis air matanya. Kemudian badannya rebah
semula ke atas katil, “Oooooohhhh oooohhhh” suaranya semakin
perlahan. Katil itu basah dengan peluh kami berdua, sementara air
maninya mencurah-curah di antara celah kangkangnya.
> >
Tetapi aku masih belum selesai lagi dengan Zarina. Aku meluruskan
semula kakinya untuk merapatkan lubang farajnya. Dayungan batang aku
semakin laju dan kuat. Batang zakar aku sekarang bergesel dengan kuat
pada kesemua dinding farajnya sambil air mencurah-curah keluar. Aku
dapat merasakan yang kedua-dua telor aku sudah penuh dengan air mani
dan menunggu masa untuk terpancut keluar.
> >
“Sayang…sayang, I’m gonna cum inside you. I’m gonna cum inside you
now. Now… NOW!!” Dengan sekuat hati ku, aku memancutkan air maniku
terus ke dalam rahimnya. “UUGGHH! UUGGHH! UUGHHHH!! ” jeritku dengan
setiap pancutan panas spermaku. Zarina klimaks lagi buat kali ketiga
apabila rahimnya telah dibanjiri oleh air mani panasku.
> >
Sekarang kedua-dua badan kami rebah di atas katil yang basah dan
berbau seks itu. Kami mengambil nafas panjang sambil berkucup-kucupan
dengan penuh berahi. Aku memeluk Zarina dengan begitu erat sekali.
> >
“Sayang, you were wonderful. I love you so much ” aku ucapkannya
kepadanya sambil tidak berhenti-henti mengucupnya.
> >
“Faris,” jawab Zarina manja, “that was the BEST fuck I ever had in my
life ” sambungnya sambil tersenyum. Akupun senyum padanya kembali.
Saat itulah yang aku tahu bahawa walaupun Zarina adalah isteri Kamal,
tetapi dia sekarang adalah milikku.
> >
Zarina meletakkan kepalanya di atas dada ku sambil memejamkan matanya
dan menarik nafas panjang. Tidak sampai lima minit, dia kemudiannya
tertidur dalam pelukanku. Aku merenung Zarina untuk seketika sebelum
aku pun menidurkan diriku bersamanya. Aku tidak melepaskan pelukanku
yang erat sepanjang masa aku menidurinya.
> >
Apabila kami bangun dari tidur, jam telah menunjukkan pukul dua belas
tengahari. Oleh kerana kami tidak memasang air-con bilik tersebut
pada awal pagi tadi, badan kami basah dengan peluh masing-masing
akibat panas cuaca tengahari. Bau bilik tidur Zarina tidak ubah
seperti bau sarang pelacuran. Seperti biasa, batang zakar aku keras
dan tegang selepas aku tidur. Zarina yang perasan kekerasan batang
aku itu menyahut pelawaannya. Dia memanjat duduk ke atas badanku yang
sedang terlentang di atas katil dan memegang batang zakar aku dengan
tangannya. Kemudian, dia mengangkangkan kakinya di atas batang zakar
aku dan dengan perlahan menurunkan badannya ke bawah. Batang zakar
aku yang semakin keras itu dengan perlahan dimasukkannya ke dalam
lubang faraj yang sedang lapar itu.
> >
Kali ini giliran Zarina pula yang mengambil control. Pada awalnya,
pergerakkannya turun naik adalah perlahan sambil dia memperbetulkan
posisinya supaya batang zakar aku bergesel dengan G-Spotnya. Apabila
dia telah mencapai posisi yang selesa, lonjakkannya turun-naik
semakin laju dan semakin kuat.
> >
“Eeerrghhh!! Eeerggghh!! Eeerghhhh!!” jeritan Zarina lebih liar
berbanding sesi pagi tadi. Semakin lama semakin lemas Zarina dalam
kenikmatan seks kami. Aku terpaksa memegang pinggangnya untuk
memberbetulkan balancenya supaya dia tidak terjatuh dari lonjakannya
yang liar itu. Kedua-dua payu daranya melonjak naik turun mengikut
rhythm badannya seperti belon yang berisi air. Rambutnya yang panjang
terbang melayang. Peluhnya memercik turun dengan seperti air hujan.
> >
Setelah hampir sepuluh belas minit Zarina menunggang ku seperi
menunggang seekor kuda liar, akhirnya kami berdua sampai ke klimaks
hampir serentak. Badannya kejang seperti orang kena kejutan elektrik
dan kemudian rebah jatuh ke atas badanku keletihan. Walaupun sesi
seks kami kali ini hanyalah beberapa minit sahaja, tetapi
keletihannya jauh lebih dirasai dari pagi tadi.
> >
Setelah kembali dengan tenaga masing-masing, kami turun ke bawah dan
Zarina menyediakan spaghetti bolognese untuk makanan tengahari. Dia
hanya berpakaian baju tidurnya tanpa berseluar dan aku pula hanya
memakai seluar dalamku. Sepanjang makan tengahari, kami bermain-main
dengan spaghetti kami dengan permainan erotik. Kadangkala aku sengaja
menumpahkan speghetti aku ke atas payu dara dan farajnya dan kemudian
menjilat-jilatnya semula ke dalam mulutku. Zarina pun berbuat perkara
yang sama ke atas batang zakarku. Dalam sekejap masa sahaja, kami
dalam keadaan berbogel semula dalam posisi 69 menikmati kemaluan
masing-masing di atas lantai dapurnya. Aku memancutkan air mani aku
ke dalam mulutnya dan dia menyedut dan menelan setiap titik.
Kemudian, Zarina membertahu aku bahawa inilah kali pertama dia
merasai air mani seorang lelaki. Selama ini, Kamal tidak pernah
mengajarnya dengan oral sex.
> >
Setelah habis ‘makan tengahari’, kami bergerak ke living hallnya
pula. Zarina memasang CD “Kenny G” dan kami saling beramas-ramasan,
kucup-berkucupan dan menjilat-jilat antara satu sama lain di atas
kerusi panjang. Apabila keadaan kembali menjadi hangat semula, kami
menyambung sesi 69 di atas karpet rumahnya. Kami akhirnya jatuh tidur
kepenatan di atas karpet rumah Zarina bertatapkan kemaluan masing-
> >
Jam empat petang, aku dikejutkan oleh Zarina, “Bangun Faris. You have
to go,” jelasnya, “aku terpaksa ambil anak-anakku dari nursery lepas
tu Kamal akan pulang. Tapi sebelum tu, tolong aku kemas ”
> >
Aku menolong Zarina mengemas dapur dan bilik tidurnya. Cadarnya penuh
dengan tompokkan air-air seks kami. Zarina terus menukar cadar katil
dengan cadar yang baru. Setelah selesai mengemas bilik tidur, kami
akhirnya masuk ke dalam bilik air untuk mandi. Kami memandikan dan
menyabun diri masing-masing dengan gerakan yang erotik dibawah aliran
air shower. Keadaan menjadi semakin erotik dan kami bersetubuh buat
kali kelima di dalam shower itu.
> >
Setelah selesai membersihkan diri masing-masing, aku mengenakan
pakaianku semula dan bersiap sedia untuk pulang.
> >
“Thank you kerana sudi spent time with me today, sayang,” aku ucapkan
kepadanya semasa aku hendak keluar.
> >
Zarina tersenyum, “Well, it’s not that I have a choice, do I?”. Aku
tertawa dengan sindirannya. Dengan perlahan aku mengucup bibirnya
sekali lagi dan mengucapkan goodbye.
> >
Mulai dari saat itu, perhubungan aku dengan Zarina lebih erat dari
suami isteri lagi. Hampir setiap hari aku menyetubuhinya. Samada aku
akan akan pejabatnya waktu lunch break atau dia akan menemuiku. Tak
kiralah samada di bilik setor, di pantry, di dalam tandas, mahupun di
dalam bilik bos, kami akan melepaskan nafsu masing-masing dimana
sahaja ada ruang kosong dan sunyi.
> >
Dua minggu kemudian, kami akan berjumpa sejam sekali sehari di
apartmentku. Aku telah memberikan kunci kepadanya supaya senang dia
berkunjung. Selalunya kami akan menonton VideoCD porno sambil
memainkan semula adigan-adigan seks tersebut.
> >
Perhubungan sulit kami berterusan sehingga hampir setahun lamanya.
Satu hari, setelah selesai kami melakukan hubungan seks di
apartmentku, aku memeluk Zarina dengan erat sambil berbisik ke
telinganya, “Ina, I miss you so much ”
> >
Zarina memandang ke arah ku, “Miss me? Hai… bukan ke hari-hari I
datang ke apartment you ni, itupun rindu lagi ke?”
> >
“Sayang, kita sekarang hanya mencuri-curi masa untuk berjumpa. Itupun
sekejap saja during lunch break” aku membuka cerita, “Ingat tak tahun
lepas, sayang, masa I mula-mula menyentuh you di rumah you masa you
M.C. hari tu?”
> >
Zarina tersenyum sambil memejamkan matanya, “I will never forget the
moment, Faris”
> >
“That is what I miss, sayang. I don’t want to spent an hour making
love, tapi the whole day, even a whole week kalau boleh,” aku
menerangkan kepadanya.
> >
“Difficult,” jawab Zarina, “even now, Kamal dah mula suspicious.
Rasanya, it is impossible untuk you datang rumah I lagi”
> >
Aku terus duduk dan memegang tangannya, “I bukan fikirkan rumah you,
sayang. Apa kata kalau kita take a long break dan pergi vacation
somewhere for a week”
> >
“Vacation? The two of us?” Zarina menggelengkan kepalanya, “you dah
lupa ke pada suami dan keluarga I?”
> >
“Dia orang tak perlu tahu yang you pergi vacation. Cakap pada Kamal
you kena outstation pasal kerja,” terang I.
> >
Pada mulanya Zarina agak keberatan, tetapi setelah aku pujuk,
akhirnya dia bersetuju juga. Kami merancang dengan teliti program
kami. Zarina memohon untuk menghadiri kursus management selama
seminggu kepada majikannya. Setelah puas mencari, akhirnya Zarina
dapat register pada satu seminar public management di Berjaya
Langkawi Beach Resort. Aku pula mengambil cuti rehat selama seminggu
pada tarikh seminar tersebut.
> >
Kami sengaja mengambil flight yang berasingan ke Langkawi pada hari
tersebut. Aku pergi dulu pagi itu dan kemudian menunggu Zarina di
airport. Kapal terbangnya tiba waktu tengahari. Aku menjemputnya dan
kemudian kami terus check-in di Berjaya. Zarina pergi berjumpa dengan
urusetia seminar dan membatalkan penyertaannya.
> >
Di Langkawi, kami seperti sepasang kekasih yang paling intim sekali –
lebih intim dari sepasang suami-isteri yang baru berkahwin. Dua malam
pertama vacation, kami terperap di dalam chalet berasmara siang dan
malam. Kami tidak keluar bilik langsung. Even makanan kami di hantar
melalui room service.
> >
Di hari-hari berikutnya kami menjadi lebih adventurous. Kami keluar
bersiar-siar di hutan (Berjaya Langkawi dibina disekeliling hutan
seperti suasana kampung) dan melakukan persetubuhan apabila tiada
orang melihat. Kadang-kadang pada waktu malam, kami akan berjalan di
persisiran pantai dan kemudian melakukan persetubuhan disitu dibawah
sinaran bintang-bintang yang samar. Setaip hari kami akan melakukan
seks sekurang-kurangnya tiga atau empat kali sehinggakan air mani aku
kering terus dan tidak keluar lagi apabila aku klimaks.
> >
Aku tidak dapat lupakan pengalaman aku dengan Zarina selama seminggu
di Langkawi. Terlalu banyak sexual adventure yang kami terokai.
Mungkin aku akan ceritakannya satu persatu dalam kisah-kisah yang
> >
Tetapi perkara yang betul-betul terkenang di fikiranku hingga kini
adalah pada malam terakhir kami di Langkawi.
> >
Setelah selesai makan malam di sebuah restoran yang romantik, kami
pulang ke chalet cinta kami. Sebaik sahaja kami masuk ke dalam bilik,
aku terus memeluk Zarina dari belakang dan mencium lehernya dengan
rakus. “Faris” Zarina ketawa kecil dengan tindakanku itu. Dia
kemudiannya memusingkan badannya ke arahku dan mengucup bibirku.
Tanpa membuang masa lagi, aku terus mengangkat tubuh badannya dan
membaringkannya di atas katil.
> >
Dengan perlahan, aku menanggalkan pakaiannya sambil meraba-raba tubuh
badannya. Zarina pun berbuat perkara yang sama padaku. Setelah hampir
sepuluh minit kami bermain-main di atas katil, kami sudah
menanggalkan semua jenis kain yang ada pada tubuh kami. Faraj Zarina
sudah basah dengan air mazinya sementara batang zakarku telah tegang
pada tahap maksimumnya.
> >
Aku mendudukkan diriku di atas hujung katil sementara Zarina masih
terlentang menghadapku. Aku mengangkat kaki Zarina ke atas dan
menyandarkannya ke atas badanku dan bahuku. Dengan perlahan aku
memasukkan batang zakar aku ke dalam lubang farajnya yang sedang
> >
“Hmmmm ” bunyi Zarina begitu manja sekali sambil memejamkan matanya
tersenyum menikmati batang zakar aku di dalam farajnya. Dengan
perlahan, aku memulakan pendayunganku. Tetapi nikmat persetubuhan
kami malam itu tiba-tiba terganggu dengan bunyi telefon bimbit
Zarina. “Fuck!” katanya dengan perasaan geram tatkala terkejut dengan
bunyi telefonnya.
> >
“Lupakan, sayang” bisikku padanya.
> >
Zarina menoleh ke arah telefon bimbitnya dan dengan tiba-tiba air
mukanya berubah menjadi pucat. Aku turut menoleh dan pada waktu itu
aku nampak nombor telefon yang terpampar di skrin telefon bimbit
Zarina adalah dari rumahnya sendiri. Zarina tidak menjawab pada
mulanya dan membiarkan telefon itu berdering. Aku masih lagi
mendayung batang zakarku ke dalam lubang faraj Zarina sepanjang
telefon itu berdering.
> >
Setelah hampir dua minit, akhirnya ianya pun senyap. Tetapi mood
Zarina sudah berubah. Dia kelihatan gelisah dan masih merenung
telefonnya. Aku cuba mententeramkannya semula dengan meramas-ramas
payu daranya dan menghunus batang zakar aku lebih dalam. Tetapi usaha
aku tidak berjaya tatkala telefon itu berdering sekali lagi. Kali ini
Zarina tersentak seolah-olah seperti suaminya berada di dalam bilik
> >
Setelah berfikir dua tiga kali, akhirnya Zarina mencapai telefonnya
sebelum aku dapat berkata apa-apa.
> >
“Hello,” jawab Zarina, “oohh.. Abang,” Walaupun aku tidak mendengar
siapa yang berada di sebalik talian telefon itu, aku tahu ia adalah
> >
“Ina baru balik dari closing seminar ni,” suaranya menggeletar
menjawab, “baru ni balik ke bilik” Zarina menipu suaminya.
> >
Tiba-tiba Zarina tidak berkata apa-apa. Kamal memberitahu isterinya
sesuatu yang panjang. Zarina dengan penuh konsentrasi mendengar kata-
kata suaminya itu tanpa tidak sedar yang aku masih mendayung batang
zakar dengan perlahan keluar masuk lubang farajnya.
> >
“Abang, janganlah kata begitu ” suara Zarina lembut. Matanya sudah
mula berair. “Ina masih cintakan abang. Abanglah satu-satunya kasih
dan sayang Ina” Air matanya sudah mula menitik. Aku tidak tahu samada
dia bercakap ikhlas pada suaminya ataupun berbohong.
> >
“Ina lah sebenarnya yang banyak berdosa dengan abang ” Zarina sudah
mula menangis, “abang tak ada apa-apa dosa dengan Ina. Inalah yang
bersalah,” dia merayu ke dalam telefonnya.
> >
“I know. I really miss you too, my love ” bisiknya ke dalam telefon.
> >
“I love you too” kata-kata Zarina terakhir pada suaminya sebelum dia
mematikan telefon bimbitnya. Dia kemudiannya terus menangis. Aku
tidak tahu apa yang dikatakan oleh Kamal kepada isterinya itu tetapi
aku tahu ianya telah menyentuh hati kecil Zarina.
> >
Aku meletakkan kaki Zarina di atas katil semula dan dengan perlahan
memeluk tubuhnya.
Dalam pelukanku, Zarina mengucapkan sesuatu padaku yang pahit aku
penah dengari, “Faris, I cannot go though this anymore. Aku sudah
tidak sanggup menduakan suamiku lagi. Kamal seorang suami yang baik,
Faris. Please understand ”
> >
Agak susah untuk aku menerimanya, tetapi setelah termenung seketika,
aku terpaksa akui yang Zarina bukannya milikku selamanya. Aku
merenung mata kekasihku dengan penuh kasih sayang. Dengan perlahan,
aku mengundurkan batang zakarku dari lubang farajnya.
> >
Tetapi tiba-tiba Zarina berkata, “Faris, don’t ” Dengan perlahan
Zarina memeluk punggungku, dan menolaknya kembali menyebabkan batang
zakar aku kembali masuk ke dalam lubangnya.
> >
“Faris ” Zarina berkata perlahan, “I want you to make love to me
tonight. Tapi kau mesti faham bahawa malam ini adalah malam terakhir
buat kita berdua. Selepas dari malam ini, kita sudah tidak ada apa-
apa lagi ”
> >
“Tetapi aku nak kau tahu” sambung Zarina, “ bahawa aku tidak pernah
merasai nikmat cinta sebegitu indah sebagaimana aku merasainya
bersama kau dalam satu tahun kita bersama ”
> >
“ aku tidak merasainya walaupun dengan Kamal. But painful as it is,
it has to end tonight ” Zarina mengakhiri ayatnya sambil air matanya
berlerai turun.
> >
Aku memeluk kekasihku itu dengan penuh erat, “Ooohhh sayangku”
keluhanku padanya. Aku mengucup bibirnya dengan perlahan sambil
meneruskan pendayunganku. Sepanjang persetubuhan kami malam itu,
tidak satu pun suara kedengaran dari kami berdua. Zarina menutup
matanya sambil menikmati dayunganku buat kali terakhir. Apabila kami
berdua mencapai klimaks, kami menguatkan pelukan dengan lebih erat
lagi tanpa mengeluarkan satu keluhan pun. Malam itu aku memancut air
maniku dengan banyak sekali ke dalam rahim Zarina, sebagaimana yang
aku rasai sewaktu pertama kali kami bersetubuh.
> >
Walaupun setelah selesai persetubuhan kami, aku tidak mencabut keluar
batang zakarku dari lubang farajnya. Aku membiarkannya berada di
dalam tubuh Zarina sepanjang malam. Kami tidur dalam pelukan masing-
masing sambil kedua-dua tubuh kami bersatu.
> >
Tatkala siang menjelma keesokkan harinya, tubuh kami masih lagi bersatu. Tetapi aku tahu bahawa segalanya telah berakhir. Dengan
perlahan aku mengeluarkan batang zakar aku dari farajnya. Kami mengemaskan diri dan pakaian masing-masing secara berasingan.
Lazimnya, kami sudah melakukan persetubuhan di waktu pagi samada di atas katil atau di bilik air. Kali ini ianya tidak berlaku. Aku dan
Zarina mandi berasingan. Aku check-out dari resort itu dahulu kerana flight aku adalah flight pagi.

Semasa di dalam kapal terbang, aku sudah rindukan Zarina. Apabila sampai di Subang, aku mengambil keputusan untuk menunggu Zarina. Aku
menunggunya hingga ke tengah hari apabila flightnya touch-down. Tiba-tiba aku terlihat Kamal membawa ketiga-tiga anaknya untuk menjembut
isterinya. Beberapa minit kemudian, Zarina keluar dari balai ketibaan disambut oleh keluarganya. Zarina mencium tangan suaminya, dan
kemudian Kamal mencium pipi Zarina. Mereka berpelukan antara satu sama lain seperti satu keluarga bahagia.

Aku hanya memerhatikan keluarga Zarina dari jauh. Pada ketika itu aku berasa kesal dan sedih ke atas Kamal. Dia memang seorang rakan yang
baik kepadaku. Dia banyak menolong sejak kami berdua dari kecil lagi. Tetapi aku telah membalas jasa-jasa baik kawan karibku dengan
meniduri isterinya. Aku meninggalkan lapangan terbang itu dengan hati bercampur sedih dan juga gembira.

Sejak daripada itu, aku dan Zarina sudah tidak mempunyai apa-apa hubungan lagi. Aku cuma menjumpainya di waktu gathering rakan-rakan
kami. Pada mulanya agak sukar untuk kami menerimanya, tetapi semakin hari semakin dapat adjust seperti mana keadaan sebelumnya. Cuma
sesekali aku terlihat perasaan rindu Zarina kepadaku di dalam matanya.

I was…stuck, for a long time. Pining after someone I knew I couldn’t have, unable to give up my feelings for them.
… But thanks to Kirishima-san, I was able to move on. He’s the one that taught me…that love can be more than just pain. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.” -
Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai Vol 5 

Day 5: First Impression are the Most Lasting
Favorite Pairing: Yokozawa Takafumi and Kirishima Zen

These two have one of the healthiest relationship out there in the Junjou Romantica/Sekaiichi Hatsukoi world. Kirishima helped Yokozawa pick himself up and the pieces of his broken heart and be a better man. He showed Yokozawa that love is not only pain… but that love can be very beautiful. And Kirishima definitely found a confidant and partner in life with whom he can be at ease, someone to take care of and someone to take care of him and love his daughter wholeheartedly. Together with Sorata, they totally have a wonderful family.

It’s Not Like That

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Charlie

Word Count: 1,132

Warnings: jealous!reader, fear of being broken up by Dean, nothing bad here

Request: Can you do a DeanXReader where the reader Dean’s girlfriend is jealous of Charlie being so close to Dean. Thankiesssss 

Author’s Note: If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

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You considered yourself blessed for having such a wonderful family. You’ve lived with Sam and Dean for a long time, knowing each boy like that back of your hand. You knew that by living with them, something was bound to happen between you and one of the brothers.

You had an eye for Sam when you first met him but as you got to know each brother, you shifted your attention more toward Dean. By living with and getting to know Dean, you grew to love him more than Sam.

Just like that, you and Dean started dating. You knew even before that, you and him would be something more. You loved him with all your heart and as time went on, that was proven to be true. Dean loved you just as much, if not more, than you and he proved that to you every day.

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