We been friends almost 2 years, we talk for hours on the phone 3-10 hours nonstop, texting each other whenever we have the time too.

He showed me how a man he is even though he wasn’t man enough,he’s been hurt more than me but I didn’t see his weakness at all I saw his greatness and his strength.

I’m so happy to have him in my life… No matter what situation thats in our lives I still gotcha!


she was trapped in a mirror
and it couldn’t be clearer
she wanted to leave this place
and get herself back in space
lapis lazuli, you fled into the bottom of the sea
lapis lazuli, you were so mad, but then you came around to me

now i’m no professional but i think something cool/chilton/chillywilly happen in hannibal. To celebrate that something might’ve probably happened maybe I drew a sp00ky antler girl ala my bro lambylimbs bc antlers = hannibal, sp00ky girls (especially with this haircut) = reminscient of certain cool things el friendo as done B), mysterious ooze = relevent to friend’s interests.

so congrats lex if something cool did happen if not here have a thing bc w/e ur cool. 

glitterberry replied to your postI want the Cloud and Aerith phone straps


It was on SE’s merchandise manager’s twitter ;w;

I was looking at the heartless towel design and discovered that LOL I want it now :’3

inb4 people now think that homophobia is dead and everyone is equal, just because marriage equality is finally a thing throughout the US.

Just like they do with racism and sexism.

My favorite version of the letters representing the queer community is actually lgbtqiap+, but I just tag everything lgbtq bc I am way too lazy to type the other letters even tho MY identity is one of the extra letters???¿¿¿ that’s the level of lazy I’m currently operating at.

On the way to another consult with Dr. Costas (the top surgeon I chose)

So, I have 3 hopefully one shots that I’ve been fiddling with for a while, and I can’t decide which one to focus on first. (actually I have way more… for various fandoms, but let’s pretend it’s only 3)

The contenders:

The Death of Duty- Rogan. Complete AU. He’s a sellsword and a brigand; a veritable wild man from the north. The Lady Marie is smitten. *Not a Game of Thrones crossover, but set in a similar type of universe… with mutants.*

Cheers, Darlin’- Rogan. “Just because you’re bitter doesn’t mean my coffee needs to be, sugar.”

The Exiles- Victrie. DoFP compliant/semi AU. Rogue takes one last shot at freedom, Sabretooth gets a reprieve from the apocalypse, and three universes away, a bargain is struck.

I literally,,,, want to stab my brother in law,,,,,
He’s so transphobic and stereotypical republican attitudes like today he literally said “why’ does the government have to be involved in my marriage” likE DUDE ??? Also he’s like verging on toxic like we were playing a card game today in partners and me and my sis won and he and my mom lost and he got like so fucking pissed about it like chILLLLLL it’s just a game damn dude it’s not like you bet your firstborn son on it // also it was like mega passive-agressive and rlly bad like he kept “”“"jokingly”“”“ calling my sister a cheater and like saying that it was because the cards weren’t shuffled by him like dude fuck offfffff

HEY YO GUYS I’m looking to complete the set of the Magi Ichiban Kuji postcards that I have and the only set I’m missing is Aladdin’s set and I can’t find it ANYWHERE! I’ve been searching everywhere and I really, really want to have the whole set :( SO if anyone sees it somewhere or knows where I could possibly get it could you help me out?

The set comes with 5 postcards but I don’t know what they all are. I know the Aladdin postcard looks like this:

and I’m PRETTY sure it comes with a Myron postcard too. I have no idea what the other 3 are. Thanks for any help guys. 

Killian Jones = a prince?

It’s time for crazy theories! Other people have probably already speculated this but I was bored and needed to write something. I haven’t been to Tumblr in a while.

So Liam Garrigan was cast as King Arthur. It cannot be a coincidence that he and Colin O’Donoghue look so much alike. Now, I’m not sure how Arthur and Killian could be related (father and son? Siblings? Cousins? Aliens???). But I’m starting to believe that Killian actually has royal blood. My guess is that he’s a runaway prince. And he comes from Camelot. Why?

1. His reaction to Merlin indicates that he knows something the others don’t.

2. He didn’t seem to have any problems acting as a prince in season 3 finale. He knew how to court dance for example. (Of course this could be explained in many other ways too but let me have my dreams!)

3. When King Midas asked for Killian’s name in the same episode, perhaps Killian was so baffled because it reminded him of old times. Maybe he was about to say his real name? Maybe he was afraid that he would reveal his true identity (even though already 200 years have passed at that point)?

Well yes, I know I’m probably wrong. Maybe I should start writing fanfiction…

so now I’m literally continually taking on Ifrit in order to get better at it– I’d do the same for Titan, since that’s the one I need improvement with, but it takes too long and is kinda fiddly with people dying and having to restart and all, aha ;;;;

zyixingsgrowl asked:

I would never be an idol, i wouldn't even want to be a celebrity here in America. It's tough with the training in Korea, the harsh comments all the time, and how you have to keep up this image that may not even be close to the real you. I love k-idols, i think they are amazing, but i could never do it, i dont mind working hard, but i couldn't work myself to the bone like they do.

This! Sacrificing so much of your life for money and fame, it’s just something I don’t think I could personally cope with. 

WHAT COMPANY WOULD YOU GUYS GO TO??? (It doesn’t have to be the big 3, it can be other companies too lol.)

strikes a pose

hey nerds I was wondering if anybody wanted to rp with Velour, here? I’m capping it at 3 or now, for minis, since I have other rp blogs too and don’t wanna bite off more than I can chew! Buuuuut, castmates don’t need to worry about the cap!