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OMG I love your latest story!! I'll always have a soft spot for Juvia and her BROTPS, (and if there gruvia ... better) sooo ... I imagine many scenarios for juvia living with Natsu and Gajeel, and I was wondering if you could write something where Juvia has a fever? I would love to see these dorks without knowing what to do .. because every time one of them gets sick is Juvia who takes care of them ♥

Hope you guys enjoy ^^

“Has she left her room today?”


The boys stood in front of the blunette’s door discussing the inevitable. Breaking in and finding out exactly what was going on with her. There hadn’t been a single day since they had all agreed to live together that Juvia stayed in her bedroom the entire day. She seemed to take personal pride in pushing them in their place every day, and by now the boys had gotten used to her nagging. Most days it was the only reason why they even bothered to be any semblance of the word normal.

“She didn’t mention anything to you?”

“No…” Gajeel wasn’t good with words.

“You knock,” Natsu wasn’t exactly eager to find out what was forcing her to stay in. What if was Gray’s fault, and he had done something? He’d kick that bastard’s ass. Natsu cracked his fist in anticipation for a fight.

“No way, you knock!” Gajeel had learned long ago not to disturb the woman. She was a force to be reckoned with when she was angered.

“We can’t just stand here all day!” Natsu had a point.

Before they could argue further the door opened a small crack and a small sliver of one blue eye shone through. It felt like a scene from a horror movie just without the fog leaving her room, and the instant resonance of bass music. They both still shivered even without the ambiance to set the mood.

“Juvia is sick. Leave me alone.” And just like that she closed the door and left the two boys standing in the hall just as confused as they had been earlier.

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angel in disguise pt. 2 // l.h.

Pairing: Luke Hemmings+Reader

Word Count: 3.9k

Summary: Y/N and Luke haven’t seen each other since the accident, they have been living life as though as if they never met. Y/N is in shock as she finds something that Luke had made for her at get doorstep, just moments before thier lives will dramatically change.

A/N: here’s part two of the highly requested Boxer Luke AU. Just to clear things up, Y/N doesn’t know that Luke is a professional and famous boxer :) photos to what is being described are hyper linked :)

Parts 1-7

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  Five days had passed since Y/N and Luke met. Y/N had attempted to call Luke several times, but he had never picked up. Anyways, Luke was probably too busy to have time for her.

She went through her normal routine; waking up when it was pitch black, driving to uni, going to the same classes, coming home and studying till her eyes felt like they were going to fall out. But something was different, Luke kept invading her thoughts. The way he felt when they hugged, his enchanting bright blue eyes, the shape of his lips, she could go on all day. 

Luke had worked his heart out. From dusk to dawn, he would box until he couldn’t feel his arms. From running, punching, kicking, and jumping he only had one goal in mind. To win the title of Australia’s best boxer.

“Snap out of it Y/N. You don’t even know his last name,” she taunted her self, shaking her head, paying extra hard to concentrate on what her professor was rambling about. She hadn’t told anyone what had happened between them, not even her flat mate; and they were really close considering they were living with each other for the past two years. 

Finally, all of her classes were finished for the day, making Y/N have a sigh of relief. She started waling towards the library to research for an essay she had an hard time understanding. After hours and hours of trying to Google a rare disease called Hypophosphatasia for her bio med course, she found no exact and credible sources. Y/N couldn’t even pronounce the name of it, she was screwed.

After long hours of reading what seemed like an ancient textbook,she had managed to write her two thousand word essay in record time.

The Sydney heat was unbearable as usual,even at eight, making the sidewalk so hot you could fry eggs on it. She put on her headphones and chose Walk The Moon. Her room mate sent her a text that she was going to stay over at her boyfriend’s house again. Y/N responded back with a simple okay added with a smiley face, She sort of got lonely, but didn’t mind it because she got time for herself. 

Y/N hurried to where she had parked her old car whose AC took at-least fifteen minutes to cool. She sped out of the parking lot, wanting to get home as soon as possible. Taking the familiar route to her apartment on the highway, she saw something she would have never known.


“Are you sure it’s going to be there?” Luke frantically asked his friend Michael who owned a music shop. 

“Shut up Hemmings. I’ll get it there by five.” Michael assured him. “Don’t get your panties in a twist,” He joked on the phone.

“Alright then Gordon,” Luke teased back, “I gotta get back to practice.”

“Knock ‘em dead Lucas,” Michael said which had turned out to be a set good bye for them. 

“I will,” Luke chuckled hanging up the phone. He walked back to where the the make shift boxing ring was in the back of the arena where only him and his trainer were allowed. He had been there since seven in the morning, doing everything from press interviews, signing autographs and memorabilia, and taking photos with the children of all the “vip” personnel.

Luke’s most important fight of his career was just about to being in just a few minutes, as he started to change into his tight black compression shirt inside the dimly lit locker room. He slipped his favorite pair of boxing trunks over boxers that he had stole from Calum. It was his “good luck” boxers, as Luke called it. 

His trainer walked into the locker room. 

“You ready, Luke?” Mark asked him. He was like a father figure to Luke, training him since Luke started the sport when he was five.

“You bet,” Luke gave one of his heart stopping smirks. “I’ll try to go easy on him," 

"Don’t be too cocky Luke,” Mark warned, not wanting Luke to overestimate himself. 

“Alright, I was just joking.” Luke said just as his whole family walked in with Calum, Mike, and Ash. 

“Luke, you’ve grown up so much,” His mom, Liz, cooed. “Good luck out there. Don’t get hurt honey. Beat the other guy’s ass,” Liz said in a serious tone making Luke laugh. 

“Okay mum, don’t get too drunk during the match,” Luke warned knowing how much his mum liked to drink a little too much beer during his matches. 

Jack stayed behind the group, trying not to get on Luke’s bad side again. 

His three best mates pulled him into a a very tight group hug and started to chant, “Lucas!” over and over again. He was the baby of the group, making him the little one by age, but not size. 

The four boys had created a band together when they all fourteen and fifteen, instantly becoming an hit in their hometown. But because of Luke deciding to concentrate and spend all his time on boxing, they ha to break up. 

Don’t worry, they were all happy for Luke and still stuck up for each other, supporting each other in what they all wanted to do.  

They all wished Luke good luck as they went out to find their special front row seats. 

“Hope my toucans help you win tonight,” Cal giggled referring to the boxers as he walked out, slapping Luke on the but. 

“T minus five minutes.” Luke muttered now all alone. He put on his trusty bright black boxing gloves, tightening them as tight as they could be, waiting for his queue to face his fate.

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