Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect.

I had so many strange dreams last night a lot of which involved me looking down at my hands and all my acrylics were ripped off . what is that all about


This is my planet! And I’ll protect it!!

So, this is what I did in the stream hahah
I thought I would hate myself making those eyes, but It worked out. Turned out all of this went kinda smoothly :D

The space background I did myself buy hand, and might post later, but the rest of it doesn’t look that great by itself xP

Originally it was gonna be a space ship, but I can’t do spaceships without ripping off some preexisting sci-fi world’s spaceship, so I went with my own take on a world eater.

my only issue might be that this is where my persona and MM’s aligned form cross, lol

But I’m happy to say that it was just as good as I had intended it to be :D

[August 29th 2015; Posted 2am; 6 hours exactly; 2200x1600px]
[Illustration Commission: $60 minimum]

You did not hand me my heart back when you stopped loving me.
You unearthed it from where it had nestled into your palms for so long,
ripped out its joints,
dropped it at your feet,
and walked away.
Leaving me to come and pick it up off the ground.

But now I have it back.
It is safe in my rib cage where it belongs–
Where it will be loved.
And you will never hold it in your cold hands again.
5885) I want to rip my breasts off my chest with my bare hands. It’s bad enough that they’re even there, but they just had to keep growing. These useless, ugly lumps of fat have got to go. I can cope with almost everything else, but my chest will kill me.

breannavolturi asked:

"Please, don't leave me." (Any one of them could work)

“What The Hell Do You Expect Me To Do?! Sit Back And Watch Some Royal Old Ass Vampire Screws My Wife, My Mate! Sit Back And Watch Him Force You Into Another Contract Because He Is Higher Rank And Older!” Denzel snapped growling. He knew he was being unfair to her and he had been trying to respectful of her culture but it was starting to wear thin. Not to mention this vampire couldn’t keep it to himself even when it was clear that he should. The halfling took a deep breath to try to calm himself “I’m not leaving you, i just need to get out of this house for a bit….or i will rip his hands and tongue off”

wanna-be-v4 asked:

Rana had been kidnapped by the Dark Woods Circus... Put through unspeakable torture... And became part of the show. Her fingers were stitched together painfully to form lobster-like hands.

The Hunter had stopped by, hearing something about a Circus in the Forbidden Woods. A tortured soul he could sense, a specific one he picked out among the suffering.

When he came to the Circus, he dashed into the tent, ripping the bars clean off the hinges. He dashed towards the pinkette, practically crying. “Rana! Rana! What did they do to you?! Why?! By the good blood, why?!”

sinandcakeinorlais asked:

Since I love a blushing and an embarrassed Fenris-Hawke holding his hand in public for the first time?

I love this because it’s the simple things that really kill me. The quiet afternoons and the wordlessly handing coffee cups and the small familiar touches throughout the day.

Because I can’t imagine Fen adjusting to them quickly. And Hawke would do it without thinking. When he reaches to fix a weird strand of Fenris’s hair and Fen flinches Hawke’s heart squeezes and he forces a smile when all he wants to do is kiss every inch of Fen’s face until his very skin becomes a memory of love. Or rip Danarius’s arms off.

But just imagine them. Shopping for a new spring for Bianca because Varric had been bitching about the calibration. The vender says something about things shooting too early and Fenris snorts to himself. Standing there with his hand curled loosely around the strap of his hip pouch as he smirks over a bad dick joke. And Hawke can’t help but reach out to weave his fingers with Fen’s. He’s just so maker forsaken beautiful.

Even more so when his cheeks color and he shifts, taken aback and bashful. His smirk turning into a small and sincere toothy grin that he tries to hide under his hair. To no avail.

The vender having to say Hawkes name twice to get his attention again and Fenris wordlessly entwining his fingers with Hawke’s.

Hawke manages to finish his shopping with only one hand free.

▕ * ░ ✧*゚ open starter.

Brows furrowed and mouth slightly agape, Jax is practically staring a hole through the box of pancake mix in his hands as he leans against the counter. It’s nighttime, eight to be exact, but he’s craving breakfast with just about zero clue how to go about it. “I don’t get it.” he mumbles to himself. He had always thought that pancake mix was suppose to make the cooking process easier but, according to the instructions, he still has to put in all the work. What a rip off. “I’ll seriously give you twenty bucks if you fix me some pancakes.” he offers, feeling a presence in the nearby area without knowing who exactly he’s talking to.

chaos-in-the-making asked:

I want a thorki honeymoon sex!! Please????

They could probably get kicked out of the resort for this, but Loki found himself not really giving a shit at this point because Thor was looking stupidly gorgeous in the moonlight. Locks of wavy hair had escaped his ponytail hung around his face, framing his rosy, slightly shiny cheeks and his blousy shirt hung half-open like he was freshly ripped off the cover of a cheap romance novel.

The thick silver band around his ring finger glinted as Loki shoved him on to one of the hundreds of plastic lounge chairs that littered the beach. Thor let out a soft laugh, low and rumbling and blending with the waves licking the shore behind them, as Loki climbed in to his lap. They drinks they had at the bar were making him feel all fuzzy, a million stupid, sappy things wanting to fall out of his mouth.

He kissed Thor to keep them from spilling out, his hand wriggling under the waistband of Thor’s board shorts to grasp at his cock, stroking it until Thor was panting and groaning in to his mouth. Loki could never imagine getting sick of the sound.

Fuck- I love you so much-” Thor babbled, his hands roaming over Loki’s sunburned skin. Loki hissed against Thor’s lips, flinching away from the sting.

Thor gave a little grunt, one of his hands moving down to where Loki’s cock was straining against his shorts, cupping it over the thin fabric as his hand slid over his reddened shoulder. Loki whimpered, thrusting against his palm.

His shorts were being tugged down to his thighs moments later, Thor’s following suit. Thor dragged Loki down on top of him, their cocks sliding against each other as their mouths met in a sloppy, heated kiss. Loki rocked his hips, grinding down on to Thor as one heavy hand slid down to his ass. Two fingers found the crease, sliding down until they were at his hole, his dry fingers giving Loki another jolt of pleasure. Loki moaned, thrusting faster as he wedged a hand between them to wrap it clumsily around both their lengths. Thor huffed, his fingers pressing against him until they were just barely breaching him.

Loki moved frantically, whining as the pleasure built. Thor was babbling nonsense again, his other hand joining Loki’s to help him along. Loki’s hand flew away to grip on to the chair as Thor wrapped his hand around his cock, the final push he needed to fall over the edge. He came with a sob, arms shaking as he spilled all over Thor’s cock.

As soon as the fog in his head began to clear he was wriggling downwards, swallowing Thor’s cock without a word. The salty taste of his own come flooded his mouth as Thor swore above him. Loki let his eyes slide closed, knowing exactly what to do to make Thor come. Thor grunted, hips twitching as he resisted the urge to fuck into Loki’s throat.

“Oh fuck- Loki-”

Loki sunk down, swallowing around his cock. Thor let out an undone sound from the back of his throat and there was a hard smack as Thor slammed the back of his head in to the chair. Loki hummed, sliding back up to let Thor’s come flood over his tongue, greedily sucking it all down.

When every drop had been wrung out of Thor, he dragged himself back up, slumping on top of him, his ass hanging out in the cool breeze.

Thor grabbed his hand, kissing the knuckle of the finger where his own gold band sat above it. Loki smiled.

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wrightworth walks in on junithena doing the do, and are then walked in on franmaya ripping one another's clothes off

*opens the window to see Vera and Robin making out across the street*
*looks into the next room to see Trucy holding hands with Pearl*

honestly i never noticed how much femslash Ace Attorney had until right now

Heavy Crown

He knew it was wrong but they couldn’t control themselves any longer.
She didn’t know if it was the new choreography for SWAY or if it was just the tension that got them over heated but before either could stop they had attacked each other with an unhealthy force.
Shoving his hand through her spandex shorts, he ripped them down her legs and flug them across the room while his other hand held the back of her neck as he molded his mouth to hers.
Her small hands pulled his Nike tank over his head making them break their lip lock reluctantly but she was on him the minute his shirt was off, causing him to stumble backwards.
Slamming her against the mirror Maks yanked her sports bra over her head as she pushed his workout pants down his thighs, letting him spring free.
Without missing a beat he pushed into her entrance, swallowing her moan as she jumped in surprise at his sudden intrusion.
“Oh…” she cried.

“Meryl…” he breathed grinding their hips together.

“Maks…” she moaned arching her back off the mirror. He slammed into her repeatedly, soaking the mirror to the point that they just slipped down, bringing them to the floor.
Their releases tore through them, leaving them high off of their orgasms.

“We shouldn’t have done that, we just cheated.” Meryl said.

“We don’t have to say anything.” Maks offered. “Let’s just continue dancing.”

“Okay…” she nodded, holding back her tears.

It happened again. It was an accident. It was just suppose to be dinner after the show but, then she invited him up to her hotel room. Then it happened again.


“This needs to stop.” Meryl said while clasping her bra.

“Why? No one knows about it and we’re not not hurting anyone.” He justified while pulling his pants back up.

“That was the last time.” She promised as Maks helped her down from the dresser.

“You said that last time.” He sighed.

“I mean it.”

She threw his shoe at him as he got dressed.

“You said you would have more control!” she said harshly.

“Sorry I forgot I was the only one having sex here.” he snapped back as he helped her with her bra.

“That was the it. Last time.”
He just rolled his eyes.


He held her as she cried into his chest.
“Why can’t we stop?” Meryl sobbed.

“Because we love each other…”

“…but we’re hurting other people. Other people love us and we’re just sneaking around behind there backs.”

“Do you want to stop?”

“I do…but…”

“But what?”

“I can’t stay away from you.”

“Then don’t.”

“What will people say?”

“Why do they matter? Are they the ones waking up in pain every morning because they have to hide their love for the one who has their heart? Do they have to pretend to care for another as they watch their true desire live with another?” Maks snapped.

“What if they judge us?”

“ Then they don’t love us. ” He said quietly as he rubbed her back. Bringing her to look at him, he cupped her face.
“You can’t always please the crowd…” he said stroking her cheek. “That doesn’t mean you back down. Fans will come and go but it’s us that will be forever. So ignore what they’re going to say because we’re not bowing down”

“I love you.” she whispered after a moment of silence.

“I love you more.”

When the time came, they passed the crowd proud.

“I’ve Lost My Powers!”

By: SassyShoulderAngel319 (Sassy Cass!)

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, The Vision/The Vision

Rating: ??? PG? To be safe.

Original Idea: A Tumblr Post full of spoilers.

Notes: Super short, but I just had to write it. (Also I wrote it while sitting directly under an A/C vent so my hands are super cold, so please ignore any spelling errors.)


Pietro wiped the fog off the mirror with his towel after his shower, already in jeans but he hadn’t put his shirt on yet.

His silver-white hair was gone. The scraggly, wet locks hanging from his head were dark brown.

A loud shout of shock was ripped from his throat.

From the room next door, Wanda looked up from her book curiously. The Vision shrugged across from her on the sofa. “Pietro?” she called through the wall. “Are you alright?” There was a loud bang of his door slamming open. By the time Wanda got to the door and looked out, the blue blur of her brother’s powers was fading.

“Help, help, help, help, help!” he shouted. “I’ve lost my powers! I’ve lost my powers! I’ve lost my powers!”

The Vision was smiling behind Wanda, holding his book carefully in one hand and Wanda’s shoulder in the other. “Are you going to tell him?” he asked carefully. The younger Maximoff twin smirked widely, considering her brother carefully as he blasted by again, sending her hair fluttering.

“No. Not yet,” she decided.

It was lucky for Pietro that the hallways were abandoned—he was running wildly and smashing into walls, leaving a few not-insignificant dents. Panic was surging through his system as he shouted again and again for help because his powers were gone. But it seemed like everyone else in the New Avengers Facility was out on holiday—all at the same time—because there was literally no one around who he could ask for help with getting his powers back.

He skidded to a stop as a girl with black hair and vibrant green eyes stepped out into the middle of the hallway somewhere near the lounge area. Her skin was ghostly pale with a tiny smattering of grayish freckles on her nose. He grabbed her shoulders. “Sabrina, help me,” he pleaded. “I got out of the shower and my hair was brown! My powers are gone!” He looked like he was about ready to have a mental breakdown.

Sabrina chuckled, lifted her hands up to his shoulders, and stared him right in the eye. “You are such a lovable dummy,” she remarked.

“What? Why?” Pietro demanded.

“How did you not notice that you’ve been running over six-hundred miles per hour?” she asked, grinning wildly.

From down the hallway, Wanda cursed in Sokovian. “Sabrina! I wasn’t going to tell him!” the older woman protested, groaning in complaint. Sabrina looked over Pietro’s shoulder and gave her friend an apologetic smile.

“Sorry. It just hurt my heart to see him looking so pitiful and scared,” she told the Scarlet Witch. She gave her speedster a kiss on his jaw—since he was a lot taller than her and it was the highest place she could reach—and edged past him to join up with Wanda. Pietro looked at his dark brown hair in the reflection of the mirror. He’d been moving so fast that it had blown dry.

He turned and gave Sabrina a curious look. “But… how?” he stuttered.

“Ask Tony if he knows anything about removing hair dye,” she replied, putting her hand in the damp roots of his hair. When he pulled her fingers out, they were covered in what appeared to be dirty water. “And while you’re at it, as him if he was the one who put it in your shampoo.” She gave him a wink and strolled back into the game room where she’d been playing ping-pong against herself—since she was a speedster as well.

Pietro looked at where she cleaned the brownish water off her hands and went back to playing.

Then he looked at his sister and her sort-of boyfriend. Wanda was smiling with humor twinkling in her brown eyes, and even the Vision was looking amused—an emotion Pietro had never really seen on the android before despite his best efforts to see if he, in fact, had a sense of humor.

“I’d suggest you do as Sabrina says,” Wanda commented. “Tony would so love to see you.”

Pietro felt a sudden anger in his chest well up for that stupid Stark—again! So, he did as he was told.

For once.


This is my birthday present to Sky they-loved-eachother-recklessly. Thanks for being an amazing freind thought everything! 

He couldn’t keep his hands off of her. All night, he struggled not to rip her dress off of her right there. He wanted to run his hand up the cut of side of her dress exposing her smooth and muscular thigh. He wanted to suck on her partially revealed full breasts. He wanted to kiss the bruises he had left on her skin. But he couldn’t. He had to hold it together for the show. It took everything in him, but he made it. 

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svenjafangirlt asked:

Haeii ♥ Could you do an Andy Imagine where he get’s you Meet&Greet ticktes for your favourite band and then he get’s jealous because you love the band so much and that stuff?:)

Hope you like! :3

You raise your eyebrow as Andy hands you the envelope.

“What’s this?” Andy shrugs. “Just for being the best girlfriend ever.” You chuckle as you rip the top off and two tickets fall into your hands. You gasp as you read the name of the band.

“You got me tickets to Sleeping With Sirens? ANDY!” You scream in joy, tackling him with a hug. He smiles, hugging you tightly back.

“You’ve been talking about their new album and how you’ve been wanting to meet Kellin so…. I’m taking you to see them.”

You kiss him on the cheek. “You are seriously the best.”


You had a blast with Andy, dancing and singing along to Kellin jumping around the stage. You couldn’t believe you were getting to meet him. 

Dating a famous person had it’s perks.

Kellin had always been a crush of yours, and you were always hoping to see them live one day, that day was today of course.

Andy has his arm around you as you both go backstage, the security not questioning Andy.

You feel your nerves grow. What do you say? What do you do?

Kellin turns to Andy smiling. “Hey man! Long time no see.” Andy and him chat for a few minutes before Kellin turns to you.

“And who are you pretty lady?” He winks playfully and you smile blushing.

“I’m Y/N.”

“My girlfriend.” Andy butts in, frowning slightly, forcing a low chuckle.

You hold out your hand, excepting Kellin to shake it, but instead he grabs it, kissing it lightly.

“Very nice to meet you, Y/N, beautiful name by the way.” You can’t help but laugh as Andy frowns more.

“Thank you, I love your band, you guys did great tonight, is it cool if I get a picture?” You hold your phone, smiling.

“Of course, for the pretty lady, any day.” You hand it to Andy who sighs, as you stand beside him.

Kellin wraps an arm around your waist, squeezing your hip lightly.

Andy takes the picture and you say your goodbyes as Andy basically drags you out.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh I’M FINE Y/N, how about you? You happy you met your man Kellin, hmm?”

You frown, then lightly chuckle. “Andy Biersack, are you jealous of Kellin?”

He folds his arms. “No….” He mumbles. You shake your head laughing as you wrap your arms around his waist.

“Babe, as much as I love Sleeping With Sirens and Kellin, you will always be my favorite band and man.” You lightly peck his lips as he gives a tiny smile.

He helps to push my glasses up the bridge of my nose when my hands are occupied. And then he promptly rips them off my face. He’s a big help, needless to say. Can you guys believe I’ve had him for 13 years?! I’ve known him longer than almost any other human in my life aside from my immediate family. #AnimalTheAssistant #Manimal #Birb #booger #CuteLittleFucker #asshole #mybaby #oldman #lovebird #pet #bestfriend #muse #happiness #conure #peachfacedlovebird #ugh #adorable #cutie

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”Have you lost something? Can I help?”

Elgrith turned around, confused and slightly irritated. Being stopped by an… elf? and bothered was the last thing she wanted after a day of running her ass off and hunting wild animals that can rip her throat at any moment but oh well, luck was never at her side. “Lost something? No I don’t…” Elgrith said as her hands wandered down her body and clothes to check and immediately her eyes widened in panic. Where were her money pouch? She tied it on her waist this morning and then now it was…gone? All the money she had left just… just… “ Ughh” With a groan, she muttered “ Yes, I might have lost something” a sigh “and yes” another sigh “I need your help”. Looks like there were still shits for her to handle tonight.

( cxntipxdes / x )

He had excepted the other half ghoul to rip out his throat when he felt a hand on his neck , not the taste of blood and another ghoul on his lips. Its weird. It had been such a long time he had kissed someone and now this time was broken by Seidou ,the least person he excepted this from.
It sets him off certainly , eyes going wide. Kaneki is not the type to do such things , he never was or had the chance to. So he is struggling to decide if the forced feeling is good or not. A normal person would probably get panic , since a hand grabbing your throat isnt really a nice thing , but for ghouls its not really something to care for.
Kaneki is blankly staring at the other half ghoul before his lips finally form some words , the sweet taste of blood and Seidou on his lips.

“What was that?”

It was a dumb question , he knew that this was a kiss, but his mind spun like crazy trying to build a logic explanation.

seidou simply looks at kaneki, his eyebrows furrowed as if he were
confused but really he’s just slightly dumbfounded that the other has
to even ask such a question.

“that was a kiss. surely you’re not that big of an idiot, are you?” he 
asks, tilting his head as if he were examining the him–for what, only
seidou himself knew, if that–and shook his head.

“you were talking and i wanted you to stop. so.”

however he wouldn’t deny the fact that the act was indeed pleasant
he hadn’t kissed anyone in a while, perhaps even since he’d been
human–it wasn’t as if it had been on his mind, what with his transformation
and the constant thoughts of food.

but it was nice.

Too Cold|| Jezebel and

Trekking through the cold had proven to be much harder than believed, her joints were frozen stiff so each step was extra energy that she should’ve been using to keep warm. Shivering a little she tightened her scarf around her neck tucking her face in so the wind stops nipping at her chin and nose. She decided that traveling through the woods in the cold was a plain stupid idea. Growing slightly desperate she ripped off her gloves and rubbed her hands together. In the dead of winter being a pixie had a few benefits, rubbing her hands she watched satisfied as they turned red like burning embers. Shaking out her hands she shoved them back into her gloves toasty warm. Stepping again she paused as she heard a small crack and a shake beneath her. She froze. She hadn’t been paying attention to where she walked. Blinking she looked down and swallowed. She was standing on ice. Very thin ice from the look of it. The blue was riddled with breaks of white under her weight. She slowly shifted her weight testing the ice beneath her. It cracked some more and shifted underneath her. She looked forward and saw she was at least 15 feet away from the shore. She prayed that she’d made it. 

  She started to run. Trying to push herself as fast as she could go she pushed her legs despite the protest of the cold wind hitting her face. Then the ground went out from under her plunging the bottom half of her body into the cold. Her body shook with the cold already her lips turning blue. Her attempts at pulling herself out were futile. Every time she reached up her arms would slide across the ice back into the cold water. Her teeth were chattering now and her body becoming numb with the cold. She couldn’t hold herself up anymore. No matter how much she tried to hold on she found her arms loosing feeling as her body slipped farther and farther into the water.

She could see the hole she fell through shrink as she sunk deeper into the depths. But she couldn’t find it within herself to care. She was too cold to think, too cold to feel. Floating in the cold she found herself thinking of the people she loved. The people she cared about. And with them in her mind the last breath she had escaped her.


“About time we got a day off.” the red-eyed teenager said as he stretched. “Never thought I’d get out of the workshop.” he mumbled as he looked to his more well dressed twin, who was more or less in a collared shirt, a vest, and his dress slacks. 

“I agree.” he replied before looking at his twin’s attire. Unlike him, Acheron was dressed in ripped jeans and a tank top with his black biker’s jacket open. He had his gloves on since the other had many burns from working with the hot metal. Dante on the other hand just wore gloves because he worked with ink. It smudged and was a royal pain to get out of the laundry. Plus it made his twin feel better. 

Deciding to just walk around and enjoy the day, they came to the market to see what was going on and watch other artists. One in particular had caught Acheron’s eye as he watched the other sketch. “Ano, do you take commissions?” Acheron asked deciding to at least try and talk to the other. He’s cute. he thought as Dante massaged his temples. “Not another one…” he grumbled.