Request! VERY NSFW ‘Green'

Request: Would love a John Wick smut! He is working as an assassin and gets into a relationship with another female assassin who is just as deadly and beautiful. When they get mad at each other they fight intensely, but after a fight with each other their adrenaline is high and they need to release all that pent up anger in the bedroom.


A/N: I don’t condone violence in any loving, healthy relationship, but that being said I enjoyed writing this as an exercise on how to write action.


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What’s a Witch 6

Pt 5  Pt 7

Perhaps avoiding Lucy for a week hadn’t been one of Natsu’s more brilliant plans. But what could he have done? It was only a matter of time before he left to a separate realm to fight - and beat - Mard Geer. So logically, torturing himself with self imposed boredom and loneliness for a week was the best course of action.

Oh and it was SO boring. It was no wonder he couldn’t last an entire week before giving up to harass Lucy. Never had he felt more useless, sitting still while their neighbor kept making weird faces at him. Was he supposed to understand what the sly smile she kept drilling him with meant?

What did he do in times before he knew Lucy? Natsu didn’t know anymore, other than the fact he and Happy often conspired together to get on the collective nerves of everyone they knew. It was unfortunate Happy wouldn’t be able to meet Lucy. He would really like her. And her well stocked freezer of tilapia.

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