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Hey I read the Bruce headcanon for meeting his s/o's parents and I loved it!!! Could you please write a headcanon about Bruce proposing to his s/o please? Thanks!

Hi, this might be a bit short because I recently did an imagine about Bruce’s proposal if you are ever interested in reading it! That aside, this was also fun to do so thank you for sending in the request! Also I kinda put together two request because it was of the same nature! Anyways, I’ll try my hardest to make sure I give more!! Hope you enjoy!

Could you please do a Bruce Wayne headcanon about a wedding with his s/o? Thank you! Love your work!

  • Bruce’s proposal is beyond what you have expected because he is a man that goes to all extremes when it comes to his precious people. He probably is going to pop the question on your anniversary because he just wants to make your anniversary day extra special
  • He lets his sons – because of course Bruce will definitely let his sons be involved because you’re not only going to marry him but you are marrying Bruce and his sons. They come hand in hand – take you around, making you walk down memory lane with them or spend some time with his sons.
  • Then he has one of his sons bring you back to the manor where Bruce sweeps you off the floor because he went all out: carpet to the backyard, rose petals scattered on said carpet and the moment you get to the backyard – The Garden – Bruce is standing in the middle of the garden with candles – in the shape of heart – around him!
  • Of course, you will definitely tear up at the effort he put in and when Bruce gets down on one knee to ask you the question, you obviously say yes! Because this is what you have been wanting for as long as you can remember
  • “I knew right from the first moment I met you that you are going to be the one I will spend the rest of my life with, Y/N.”
  • Bruce lets you plan the wedding – he is willing to go along with whatever you have in mind because he just wants to make you happy. Even when you tell him you want a small wedding with only your closest families and friends in attendance, Bruce will agree to that.
  • “Alfred make sure all the names on the list gets invited and they are allowed to bring their plus one too.” Bruce even goes the extra mile in paying the trip for some of your families or friends that don’t live in Gotham. He also invites members of the league too.
  • Your dream wedding basically. Might even wear your mum’s old dress that you have altered a bit because you are a hopeless romantic and you have always dreamed about wearing her wedding dress to your own wedding.
  • All of the boys end up becoming Bruce’s best men and surprisingly Clark is the ring bearer. Bachelor party is pretty wild – leave it to Jason to bring out the booze like there is no tomorrow!
  • Diana and Dinah helps you get ready and your best girls becomes your bridesmaid. It’s really fun and crazy and they keep teasing you about your upcoming marriage with Bruce. Your bachelorette party is tame at first but halfway through dinner, Dinah announces she brought it a few surprises for you – it ends up being strippers and everyone is just having fun!
  • On the day of the wedding, who is Bruce trying to kid? He is nervous and Alfred is tearing up because he never thought he will ever get to see the lad marrying a fine lady like you. “Thank you, Master Bruce.”
  • The moment the music starts, nerves shot up the roof and despite his calm and collected demeanour, he is beyond nervous! Dick kept teasing him about how he was going to faint on his own wedding day and Damian is of course, defending him. Tim is the camera / videographer so obviously he has to make sure this is recorded! Jason hopes you can keep the big old bat in check!
  • As soon as you walk down that aisle with your father, Bruce is swept off his feet, breathless with how extremely beautiful and elegant you are. The smile on your face is also enough to make his nerves stop.
  • Bruce is more handsome than usual and holy crap, you can’t believe he is going to be your husband in just a few minutes hello heart, are you okay in there? Don’t stop now!
  • During the entire ceremony, Bruce isn’t sure where to keep his eyes at – he wants to stare at you but at the same time, he also keeps glancing at your hand; he feels very blessed to have you with him.
  • When it comes to doing the vows, yours are short and simple as your other friends still have no idea about Bruce’s superhero life. He is looking at you with such bright and adoring eyes you almost forgot what you wanted to say. You also thanked him for giving you four sons, a dog, a cat and a big bat (obviously you couldn’t really tell them you have Goliath).
  • When it was his turn, Bruce thanks you for being by his side even when he continued to push you away and he is thankful he didn’t manage to push you away and that you still supported him through thick and thin and all the beautiful things he can say to you, it makes you teary – Dinah had to keep giving you tissues because she didn’t want you to cry
  • By the time you are pronounced man and wife, Bruce doesn’t even wait for the priest to say the words and pulls you to him, giving you a very passionate kiss that had the crowd rowdy. Some of your families are crying, the boys are wolf-whistling, it was just amazing.