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i love westallen but do you think this is healthy? putting ALL your happiness in someone else? literally giving up living if you don't have that person anymore? it's a bit much

listen, iris has been his best friend since they were 10 years old. she’s the one person he’s known the longest. he’s been in love with her forever. she’s the most important person in his life. when he lost his mom he had iris. when he lost his dad he had iris. he hardly got over there deaths but she helped. i mean she’s his constant. but then he lost her and it broke him. how the hell do you expect him to move on from that? like ever? it completely messed him up. a loss that big is something you cannot move on from. he literally says she’s the love of his life. they were supposed to get married!! it’s a loss that feels like an eternity of pain. he’s known her for 16+ years and it’s only been 7 years since her death. not enough time has even passed for him to move on and he never will. when you love someone THAT MUCH it’s something you’ll never be over. you can say it’s not healthy but everyone grieves differently. and we all know barry loves iris so much that he never get over her death. 

My grandfather always served an extra plate

by reddit user shiloh667

My grandfather died two weeks ago. After the funeral, my family sat around my grandmother’s living room, talking about the nice memories we had with him. All of us grandchildren mentioned how he always spoke in different voices when reading, even if it was just the newspaper. We spoke of the stories he used to tell us about his childhood.

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I noticed that a lot of people call Sebastian/Ciel pedophilia. And people fo it to MANY ships that have one that is under the age of 18. People need to do their god damned reserch. This is an image i took that is hightlighted with age of consent from different years.
It shows that Ciel is of age to consent if he sees fit.
I read somewhere black butler was ment to be a yaoi romance between ciel and Sebastian.
Because of the era the manga is set in Ciel is of age and can consent to Sebastians advances.

It wasnt until the 20th century that you had to be 16 or over for sexual relations and 18 for intercourse with someone older.

Back over 100 years ago children as young as 10 were married as the primary goal of a human was to have children and once a girl got her first period she was not a child but now a woman.

Yes in our day and age it is wrong to prey on children. Yes i dont like people who sexualise and abuse children.

But for FICTIONAL characters in the appropriate ERA. It is perfectly fine. As it is FICTIONAL and is doing no harm but shipping characters people love together.

Some fans dont like sexualised ships. Relationships is not about sex. It is about love.

And once againm these are FICTIONAL characters. People made with pen, paper and words on a page. Not real life humans.

So dont call a sebaciel fan ‘sick’ or 'a pedophile’ and this goes for other ships from other anime like any attack on titan ship with Levi in it. ((Seriously people hating rivamika or ereri because one is younger then 18. Grow up.))

A relationSHIP is not based on sex, or the age of consent in MODERN day earth. But in a FICTIONAL reality.

If this is seen a lot i know i will get a huge about of hate. But some love from those who get hated for their ships.

Thank you AND GOOD DAY!

Okay but seriously

I know everyone loves Hamilton and that’s great because it’s amazing but like, that intro song?  Does not even come close to covering what a fucking train wreck this guy’s life was before he even came to America.

His mom got an inheritance on St. Croix at 16 that gained her all sorts of suiters, and then, at her mother’s behest, she married this dude, Johann Michael Lavien, who was at least twelve years older than her.  He was kind of a douche but dressed pretty and made Mama happy despite the fact that she had a marriage so unhappy that she legally separated from Rachel’s father years before.  They had one kid and I’m assuming she never wanted to see dude naked again after that.

Anyway, after dwindling away her inheritance on pretty clothes and failed ventures, because of some obscure Dutch law (because it was the West Indies and basically any law you could find from any country dubiously in occupation could work), he got her thrown in jail for adultery (not refuted, but not actually substantiated, but WHATEVER, throw her in with murderers and runaway slaves because those are all the same sort of heathen anyway).  He thought her incarceration would make her a more godly and dutiful wife, til she got out and was basically just like LOL NAH and took off to St. Kitts.

After a while, our buddy Johann shacked up with another chick and decided he wanted to marry her.  He got a divorce decree that was Trump level of petty and nasty and gross, calling her a whore and demonizing her for leaving him to care for their son alone on his meager earnings, and managed to get it down that he could remarry, but she couldn’t.  Ever.

So over on St. Kitts, Rachel meets James Hamilton and they get together and have two sons and present themselves as James and Rachel Hamilton, but she has literally no ability to legitimize James Jr. and Alexander.  Fast forward about fifteen years, her boys are 12 and 10, and James brings them back to St. Croix where she has a Reputation and they can’t even fake that this is legitimate.  He’s involved in some legal action there, and when that’s over, he splits, probably because he couldn’t afford to take care of them anymore because he was ALSO kind of a giant loser.  Nice, but awful at trying to get rich quick and ending up in even more debt, time and time again.

So Rachel opens a mercantile in the first floor of their house…common practice as far as dwellings go, having a shop on the first floor, but unheard of for women.  Rachel gave no fucks, seriously.  Then obviously we know she got sick and Alexander got sick and they were given some weird treatments like enemas and bloodletting (????) and then his mom died in the same bed he was in.

So then Levine comes back, fights with the court and brandishes this divorce decree, and manages the get the sons who had no chance of being legitimate disinherited from whatever estate she DID have.  Instead it was all given to Peter, the son she hadn’t seen in 18 years, who showed up, collected what he was due, and left again, with nothing for his half brothers who, I’ll remind you, were 12 and 14.

They got sent to live with a cousin who was living with a mistress and their son…and then the cousin committed suicide, being found in a pool of blood in his bed.  Everything was given to the mistress and their kid, with nothing even mentioned about his orphan wards.  Their uncle shows up, trying to take care of things, and….dies a month later.  Again, no provisions for the boys, despite Uncle John having changed his will FIVE DAYS before he died.

At that point, James Jr. becomes a carpenter’s apprentice because he’s not super smart or super skilled at anything else (takes after his dad) and Alexander, in some weird Dickensian twist of fate, gets taken in by a trader who might or might not be his actual father but that’s for another time.  That’s when he started working as a clerk in a trading office and getting noticed, because he was smart, he could keep track of all the different currencies (there was a lot), was bilingual in French and English (even more so than Jefferson was in later years, and if you don’t think Hamilton taunted Jefferson in French because of that I don’t know what to tell you), he could chart ships, he read everything, he wrote poetry like the romantic hero weirdo he was.

And then there was a hurricane.  Because of course there was.  It was a letter to his father that he showed to the sometimes editor of the paper–well-written, intelligent, and full of melodramatic descriptions (something about distressed shrieks making angels weep or something???) that got him the attention of the whole island.  It was published anonymously, the editor even claiming that the youth who wrote it at first protested it being published, so it wouldn’t look like he was trying to capitalize on a tragedy.  Word still got out that he wrote it, and they did indeed take up a collection to send him to school in America, despite the devastation on the island.

So Alexander got a free ride to Boston and an allowance for his education, and boarded a ship with all sorts of new opportunities in front of him…and then the ship caught fire.  In the middle of the ocean.

I can only imagine that at that point, Alexander was just like…are you fucking kidding me???

tl;dr: Alexander Hamilton’s life was a shit show before he ever even came to America, but his mother’s intelligence and will and his father’s pride and a horror show history of violence and tragedy just made him more stubborn about surviving and rising above all of it.

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lol my parents started dating at 16 and 18 got married four years later and are still together and in love to this day. guess my dad's a pedophile for this??? lol.

the antis just don’t seem to understand just how serious pedophilia is and what it REALLY is

it’s not something to be used to describe a ship that you don’t like that has an age difference, it’s a real and very serious issue that has hurt and affected many lives and will continue to do so seeing as there’s no real way to stop something like pedophilia.

being a few years older then your significant other doesn’t make you a pedophile, if it did, then there’d literally be MILLIONS of pedophiles in the world, and I’m not saying this because I ship this pairing, I’m saying this because I care about such a serious topic being treated as such and seeing the way it’s treated by the antis just makes me sick to my stomach with anger! I want to slap all of them and force them to do some goddamn research before they continue on with their shit.

I don’t give a single solitary fuck if they hate this ship, I’m a mature person so they could make an entire month dedicated to bashing this ship and I still wouldn’t give a fuck, but I give MANY fucks about checking your facts and making sure you’re using something in the right way.


▪ Warrior
▪ Honestly wears his crown more than you’d think
▪ His cloak is wine ( color ref. page )
▪ Crest is burned into his upper, right chest
▪ Refused to be one of those ‘soft’ princes
▪ Not that he isn’t soft
▪ He just believes in the more aggressive side
▪ He doesn’t feel the need to get married
▪ He’s got 16 brothers
▪ Let them do it
▪ Grew up practicing with Taeil
▪ The most skilled swordsman in the Kingdom
▪ Even besting his oldest brother
▪ Smirks after every trial because
▪ ‘It’s not a test, when we already know the result, Father.’
▪ Often goes out to patrol
▪ Accompanied by Charon
▪ His wolf
▪ Often found near the blacksmith
▪ Helping with weapons
▪ And armor
▪ Quiet
▪ Almost mysterious
▪ Doesn’t say much to anyone
▪ Including his family
▪ When it comes to celebrations, and balls
▪ He generally keeps close to the throne
▪ Would most likely be mistaken for a guard if not for how he was dressed
▪ Not to his liking
▪ ‘You, are a prince. Therefor, you will dress like a prince.’ - Taeyong, laying the clothes out for him
▪ ‘I didn’t ask to be a prince.’ - Him
▪ ‘That isn’t my problem, Jeno. Why are you trying to upset mother?!’ - Taeyong
▪ Often gets into fights with his older siblings for not wanting to be a royal
▪ He wants to fight
▪ And help the nation
▪ Not sit inside, watching people die
▪ Expresses his inner thoughts to Jaehyun
▪ Or Mark
▪ Because apparently they are the only ones who will listen
▪ Sneaks out a lot
▪ Has a secret love for nature
▪ ‘It’s pure. Despite the harsh treatment of the world.. It’s truly the only pure thing left.’

Love -
▪ You weren’t supposed to be there
▪ You could have been killed
▪ He knew who you were
▪ You were a servant
▪ He saw you watching all of his trials, pretending the clean something
▪ One day, he caught you around the weaponry
▪ Wielding a sword
▪ One that went crashing to the ground when he stepped out
▪ Arms crossed
▪ ‘Only a Prince should be touching these. What are you doing in here?’ - Him
▪ You nearly fell over, panicking
▪ After all, you didn’t want to end up in more trouble that you had been before
▪ ‘Don’t worry. I can teach you how to fight, if you’d like?’ - Him
▪ You snort
▪ ‘Do you think I need your help?’
▪ Dueling
▪ You practice on each other in the forest
▪ He never imagined actually hurting you
▪ You were on the same level of himself
▪ Unless you faltered
▪ And, he almost decapitated you
▪ Your collar poured blood from where his sword caught the skin
▪ ‘Shit!’
▪ He was furious
▪ ‘You should have blocked better!’ - Him
▪ He’s never yelled at you before
▪ And, now he was beyond angry
▪ You began tearing up as he continued on
▪ Looking down, he finally fell silent
▪ ‘I… I’m sorry- I just- you could have gotten hurt even worse.. and.. it would have been my fault,’
▪ Before you could respond
▪ He continued
▪ ‘I can’t lose the only other thing in the world that makes sense to me. It would be even worse if I lose you to my own hand.’
▪ Despite the tears, and blood
▪ You pushed into his arms
▪ Kissing him deeply
▪ ‘I love you, so much.’ - Him
▪ You took a moment to say it back
▪ He was on cloud 9
▪ The family knew
▪ They weren’t blind
▪ Plus, when the two youngest come to the throne room screaming about what they’d seen
▪ You lived in the palace from then on, in his room
▪ You knew you’d have to be patient when he went to war
▪ You only hoped he’d soon return
▪ Or, return at all

a/n - kind of want to turn the ending into an angst scenario…..
Also, this is for the anon requesters, as well as the lovely @jeno-xoxo ; vnv

27 Inspirational Ron Swanson-isms That Will Help You Lead A Healthy And Fulfilling Life

1. “There has never been a sadness that can’t been cured by breakfast food.”

2. “Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing.”

3. “When people get too chummy with me, I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know, I don’t really care about them.”

4. “I like saying ‘no.’ It lowers their enthusiasm.”

5. “Birthdays were invented by Hallmark to sell cards.”

6. “Son, there is no wrong way to consume alcohol.”

7. “The less I know about other people’s affairs, the happier I am. I’m not interested in caring about people. I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.”

8. “If any of you need anything at all, too bad. Deal with your problems yourselves, like adults.”

9. “I also think it’s pointless for a human to paint scenes of nature when they can go outside and stand in it.”

10. “Fishing relaxes me. It’s like yoga, except I still get to kill something.”

11. “Normally, if given the choice between doing something and nothing, I’d choose to do nothing. But I will do something if it helps someone else do nothing. I’d work all night, if it meant nothing got done.”

12. “Keep your tears in your eyes where they belong.”

13. “If there were more food and fewer people, this would be a perfect party.”

14. “On my deathbed, my final wish is to have my ex-wives rush to my side so I can use my dying breath to tell them both to go to hell one last time. Would I get married again? Oh, absolutely. If you don’t believe in love, what’s the point of living?”

15. “Sting like a bee. Do not float like a butterfly. That’s ridiculous.”

16. “There’s only one thing I hate more than lying, and that’s skim milk. Which is water that’s lying about being milk.”

17. “When I eat, it is the food that is scared.”

18. “I got my first job when I was nine. Worked at a sheet metal factory. In two weeks, I was running the floor. Child labor laws are ruining this country.”

19. “Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts. Be ice cream or be nothing. Zero stars.”

20. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Don’t teach a man to fish, and feed yourself. He’s a grown man. Fishing’s not that hard.”

21. “Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat, and cats are useless.”

22. “Crying: Acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon.”

23. “I’m a simple man. I like pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food.”

24. “An ideal night out, to me, is stepping onto my porch area and grilling up a thick slab of something’s flesh and then popping in a highlight reel from the WNBA.”

25. “Do not waste energy moving unless necessary.”

26. “I was born ready. I’m Ron F**king Swanson.”

27. “I regret nothing. The end.”

100 Sentence Prompts

(thank you too @inqusitor-sane for a few of these)

1. ‘Stop being such a stick in the mud!’
2. ‘Come dance with me.’
3. ‘They are just like you.’
4. ‘Just hold on, you’ll be alright.’
5. ‘I won’t leave you, never.’
6. ‘I’m sorry.’
7. ‘This is so not the time or place for this.’
8. ‘Jackpot!’
9. ‘You’re blushing.’
10. ‘You got something on your face. Let me clean it off.’
11. ‘What did you say?’
12. ‘Before sunrise, they are your child/children’
13. ‘How did we get in this mess?’
14. ‘Are you okay?’
15. ‘Who are you?’
16. ‘What was that?’
17. ‘Will you marry me?’
18. ‘That’s not what I meant!’
19. ‘Liar!’
20. ‘I wish I could stay in this moment forever.’
21. ‘This isn’t like you.’
22. ‘What’s in it for me?’
23. ‘I hate you.’
24. ‘Tickle fight!’
25. ‘You’re my one and only.’
26. ‘It’s been a while.’
27. ‘Let me walk you home.’
28. ‘It’s just you and me tonight. We can do whatever we want.’
29. ‘When was the last time you slept?!?’
30. ‘Make a wish’
31. ‘I’ll never forgive you.’
32. ‘You know me too well.’
33. ‘Just hold my hand.’
34. ‘Wake up, please.’
35. ‘This wasn’t supposed to happen.’
36. ‘I never wanted to hurt you.’
37. ‘What are you hiding?’
38. ‘It’s a beautiful night.’
39. ‘They are so your child/children.’
40. ‘I’ll miss you.’
41. ‘Remember when [event]’
42. ‘It’s so hot out!’
43. ‘But I thought you liked this?’
44. ‘What have you’ve done?”
45. ‘No one can know.’
46. ‘Everything will be okay.’
47. ‘You’re sick.’
48. ‘I’m never letting go.’
49. ‘There is only one bed.’
50. ‘You look lovely today’
51. ‘There is so much blood.’
52. ‘I can’t!’
53. ‘I’m not afraid.’
54. ‘Tell me something I don’t know about you.’
55. ‘Let’s ditch this place and do something fun!’
56. ‘How did you talk me into this?”
57. ‘Today is a new day.’
58. ‘My clothes look good on you.’
59. ‘Where am I?’
60. ‘We are going to have the cutest babies ever!’
61. ‘I think we’re lost.’
62. ‘How did you know?”
63. ‘It’s not what it looks like.’
64. ‘Keep your eyes open.’
65. ‘Do as I do.’
66. ‘You’re cold.’
67. ‘You think it will lighten up soon?’
68. ‘I can’t see anything.’
69. ‘What did I do to get you again?’
70. ‘Look what I found!’
71. ‘Just breath.’
72. ‘Let’s go to bed.’
73. ‘You believe me, right?’
74. ‘Let’s go exploring!’
75. ‘That’s so sweet of you.’
76. ‘I think we’re stuck.’
77. ‘I need to leave.’
78. ‘You look beautiful, no matter what.’
79. ‘Stop!’
80. ‘You’re hurt, let me help.’
81. ‘I dare you!’
82. ‘What happened here?”
83. ‘Just this once.’
84. ‘We should go home.’
85. ‘Let’s go for a swim!’
86. ‘For science!’
87. ‘Move over.’
88. ‘We have to help!’
89. ‘This must be the happiest moment of my life.’
90. ‘It’s just a cut.’
91. ‘I feel stupid.’
92. ‘This is one heck of a storm.’
93. ‘Hit the deck!’
94. ‘A kiss for good luck?’
95. ‘I didn’t know you could sing.’
96. ‘You’re so cute when your sleeping.’
97. ‘I will always protect you.’
98. ‘Forever.’
99. ‘Run!’
100. ‘Sit, relax, I won’t bite.’

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I feel dumb for asking but- It really is uncommon for me to hear of a 16 yr old being engaged and stuff- Like i'm not judging, its love, love is amazing! ...I just didnt even know it was legal, man. o.o ..Or is it in the metaphorical sense?

There’s nothing against the law being engaged. It’s not like a gross age thing like I’m 16 and he’s 23 or something. I turn 17 in June and he turns 19 in September.
It is uncommon nowadays considering a lot of teens are just dating for a few months then get bored and leave. But this was different for us. We’ve been together 2 ½ years as of yesterday.

My step grandparents got married at 15 and 17. They were married until she died. They were married for almost 70 years.

We could get married if my parents would sign the papers but that ain’t happening lol. Which I mean, it gives us more time to focus on getting college and get jobs and stuff so I’m okay with it.

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New to the snk fandom here :) I really like Rivamika but I feel bad for shipping it because of the age difference. I see a lot of things saying it's incest as well. Are they actually cousins? I want to ship it but it feels wrong to do that if you get what I mean?

Hello anon and welcome to the SnK fandom! It’s nice that you like RivaMika, but I see you’re having some of the problems that all of us had to (and still have to) go through.

Now it’s important, first, to understand where the discomfort is coming from: did you naturally feel uncomfortable because of the age difference? Or did that come from possibly seeing certain posts here and there calling out the ship for being “pedophilic”? If you haven’t run into those posts yet, you might at some point!

If the discomfort is caused by the fandom, I say pay no attention to it. People here are so passionate about shipping and self-righteous, they’d hold it against you simply for not shipping what they like, and they’d try to prove why your ship is so invalid. What better way to do that other than guilt-tripping you, by making you believe that it’s “problematic” and causing “damage” to people?

Now secondly, the term “pedophilia” isn’t what the fandom makes it be. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult (or sometimes a teenager) is sexually attracted to children, and it goes as far as raping them/sexually assaulting them.

Does your version of RivaMika involve that? I suppose not.

That goes for if the fandom was the reason behind your discomfort. Now if it’s something that you, personally, see as troublesome, it could be stemming from a lot of things.

Is it the fact that Mikasa is fifteen, therefore, by the laws of your country, is a minor, and thus being in a relationship with someone 18 or older makes it illegal?

It’s important to keep in mind that people don’t randomly become adults at the age of 18. That’s just a standard age society put out there. The mental and emotional development of human beings is a far more complex process than a magical number. Meaning, it can take as long or as short as ever for the person to become mature, as long as it falls under the norms. That depends on biological factors, as well as environmental ones (culture, religion society… etc). There’s something called individual differences. You could be 16 and already mature. You could be in your twenties and still haven’t achieved maturity (like myself, rip).

And 18 isn’t the age of consent everywhere on the world. It’s different from a country to another, depends on different factors. So for instance, some countries have 16 as the age of consent, others have it up to 20. Like I said, it depends.

Now if the age gap really is an issue to you, you could always ship RivaMika in AU’s, where Mikasa is older. And rest assured, almost all of the RivaMika fanfics/fanarts have Mikasa as a young adult!

Personally, the age gap was never a problem to me, because I come from a country where some people got married at the age of 16. Plus teen/adult relationships are just a guilty pleasure of mine in fiction.

That’s that for the age difference. Now jumping to the incest part, and that, dear, is a less complicated story than, again, what the fandom loves to make it be.

In short words: No. RivaMika is not incest. No, Levi and Mikasa are not cousins.

Recently Isayama shared this family tree and you can check out​ this post here which the lovely @suniuz gave a rough translation to so you can understand what it means. This family tree was one of the proofs that Levi and Mikasa don’t share a close blood relation.

And even more recently, there is this interview that @fuku-shuu is working on translating, and it has this line that says “You share the same surname as Captain Levi. Even though you are not closely related by blood…” 

Isayama has been giving us hints here and there that Levi and Mikasa aren’t that closely related. But I guess some people (shippers or non-shippers) needed a verbal statement so we could use that as a solid proof.

Bear in mind that you’ll still run into people who use the “incest” argument, just for the mere fact of them having the same surname, even if they aren’t related by blood.

What is or isn’t considered incest is also different from one country to another, again, because of the factors I already mentioned. I believe, in America, a relationship between cousins is considered incest. Here in my country, it isn’t considered so. But Levi and Mikasa aren’t cousins, as it is officially stated.

But listen, that’s beyond the point. It doesn’t matter what people think of your ship. If your ship makes you happy, then to hell with the fandom. People ship different things, because we’re not drawn to the same things. We’re different, we grew up differently, we perceive things differently, what appeals to us may not appeal to others, and that’s totally alright. It doesn’t mean anyone is in the wrong or the right. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person because you ship something that other people consider problematic. As long as you keep fiction and real life separate, and have a basic understanding that what you ship in fiction doesn’t represent your beliefs in real life, you’re fine.

Lastly, some choose to hate on a ship, just because that’s their way of getting attention or because they find pleasure in putting other people down. And my advice to you is to ignore them. You might think it’s useless, but it isn’t.

Not responding to haters will eventually make them stop sending hate, because it doesn’t stimulate a response to begin with, let alone a response they expect to have. They’ll give in eventually and turn to someone else who gives them the attention they crave so much.

If receiving hate messages does make you feel bad, a better way to deal with it is by talking to fellow shippers. Ignore the hate, delete it, and find people who share the same interests as you, talk to them, let them remind you of the beauty of the ship, and the reasons you like it. Focus on the positive things, and there are many!

The RivaMika fandom has so many great people in it that will help you throughout your journey as a shipper! They’re all very kind, sweet, considerate and supportive, so welcome to the family, and I hope you’ll have a great time!

I hope this helped you feel a little bit better! And if you need to talk more, feel absolutely free to message me anytime, even off-anon if you wish! c: Have a lovely day/night!!

Prompt List

Hello friends! In honor of me hitting 3k a couple of days ago, I’ve decided to do some drabbles! Below is a list of prompts that YOU can choose from! Once you’ve figured out what prompt/quote you want, come pop it in my ask!

The characters you can choose from are Bucky (40′s if you’d like), Lance, Seb (obvi), and Blaine (from Hot Tub Time Machine + I’ll try my very best!) (and maybe Jefferson, Chris Beck, TJ Hammond and Carter Baizen).

Oh! Also the “______” in some of the quotes are blanks meaning whichever character you choose, their name will go there. For example, if you choose #7 with Lance it would be: “Lance, no.” “Lance, YES.”

Alright, let’s get this show on the road!

1. “Please don’t leave me.”

2. “Grab my ass one more time and see what happens.”

3. “This is me. I am the eye of the storm and my heart is a little broken but if you want me, I’m yours.”

4. “You’re with him till the end of the line but what about me?”

5. “The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Stay Safe. Eat cake.”

6. “Y/N no.” + “Y/N yes.”

7. “______, no.” + “______, YES.”

8. “Are you eating again?”

9. “What are you doing?” + “Trying to use my telekinesis to bring the remote to me.”

10. “You dare insult me mortal?”

11. “What is life without a little risk?”

12. “I don’t think this was a good idea.” + “This was your idea.”

13. “I’m feeling as fresh as freshly baked toast.”

14. “The last time I was someone’s type, I was donating blood.”

15. “Women are always stealing my shirts.”

16. “You’re a flawless piece of shit.”

17. “You’re a babe.”

18. “Do you still like me?” + “We’re married.”

19. “You run your heart like a hotel - you’ve always got people checking in and checking out.”

20. “We’re falling apart.” + “Because you’re not trying!”

21. “I like you, you squid!”

22. “It frustrates me how much I love you and you don’t know. But, I like being frustrated. I don’t mind being frustrated if it’s because of you.”

23. “I know there are pretty girls at this school but none of them are as beautiful as you, darlin’.”

24. “I’m straight up lovable.”

25. “I thought you loved me, not him.”

26. “You’re hot when you’re jealous.”

27. “You like riding things? Ride me.”

28. “I didn’t understand a word you just said. I don’t speak French.” + “I wasn’t speaking French.”

29. “I’m not supposed to laugh, right?”

30. “I’m so tired of being lonely.”

31. “Eat me.”

32. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

33. “Are you drunk?”

34. “You look just like my girlfriend!” + “Oh shit, you are my girlfriend.”

35. “You know I’m not gonna fall asleep until you make out with me.”

36. “My penis is bigger than yours.” + “You don’t have a penis.”

37. “Sometimes I wonder if you’re actually human.”

38. “Our relationship is canceled until further notice.”

39. “You’re so wrong.” + “So wrong, I’m right.”

40. “Who said you could be friends with my mom?” + “Your mom.”

41. “Why am I dating you.”

42. “This is pretty good.” + “That’s our baby’s food.”

43. “I’m forrealsies this time.” + “I can’t believe you just said forrealsies.”

44. “I know I say I love you but I love you.”

45. “Stop kissing me! You’re spreading your gross germs!”

46. “We really need to stop watching Criminal Minds at two in the morning.”

47. “I don’t get jealous.”

48. “Can I sit here?” + “You can sit on my face.”

49. “Why should I trust you?”

50. “Are you flirting with me?” + “Oh my god I’ve been flirting with you for the past two years.”

51. “You deserve better.”

52. “When were you gonna tell me that you’re pregnant?”

53. “If I had that face, I’d cry too.”

54. “So… about that blowjob.”

55. “How the hell did you end up in jail?” + “It’s a long story.”

56. “Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and go ‘wow, I’m so beautiful’ because same.”

57. “Calm down all I did was break his nose.”

58. “Why are you so clingy?”

59. “I just wanna.. touch.. your boobs.”

60. “Touch me.”

61. “Don’t fucking try me, I’ll whip my Harry Potter wand out on you.”

62. “I just really love you, okay?”

63. “You better not be friend-zoning me.”

64. “All I’m asking is for you to love me back, is that so hard?”

65. “Did you just squeeze my ass?” + “Yeah, it was really firm.”

66. “You look good enough to eat.”

67. “Why don’t you like me?”

68. “Oh my god you cheated, didn’t you?”

69. “No don’t go in there!” + “Why is there a puppy in the closet?”

70. “I’m feeling really attacked right now.”

71. “You’re a big ball of happiness mixed with cute things and sprinkles.”

72. “Marry me.”

73.  “So this is it? You’re just leaving?”

74. “So between me and James Franco, who would you choose?” + “Don’t ask that, you’ll only get hurt.”

75. “You’re so goddamn beautiful.”

76. “Squids have eyes and a mouth and we have eyes and a mouth. We’re basically squids.”

77. “I love you and it hurts that you don’t love me back.”

78. “I love you so damn much and it scares me, okay?”

79. “Y/N, I have something to tell you…. I’m pregnant.” + “You’re a man, _____”

80. “I’ve never kissed anyone.” + “This is a problem.”

81. “I don’t know why I like you so much and it frustrates the hell out of me.”

82. “You’re gorgeous and captivating. Like I said, I want you.”

83. “I know I say I don’t want a relationship but you make me want to have one… with you.”

84. “I know you’ve given me your all and too, too many chances but please… give me one more chance.”

85. “So do you wanna like.. date me and stuff?”

86. “We should bang - shit, I mean hang.”

87. “You look happy and it’s killing me.”

88. “Say it again.” + “I love you.”

89. “I can’t believe you cheated.” + “It was just Mariokart.”

90. “Why wear underwear when you could wear none.”

91. “I think we got married last night.”

92. “I won’t bite… hard.”

93. “Do I make you horny baby? Do I? Do I make you randy?” + “Okay one, you need to stop watching Austin Powers and two, I am completely turned off now.”

94. “Do you really love her ______?”

95. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

96. “Stop pushing me away and just let me love you!”

97. “Can I do your makeup?” + “Only if you make me look super hot.”

98. “Can we just cuddle until our bodies become one with the bed?”

99. “Oh my god ______ I’m so sorry I thought - I didn’t know you were doing… that.”

100. A quote of your choice.

Some of the quotes are from those of you who sent me one, others are from movies, I think tv shows, some just popped into my head and some are things my ex girlfriend told me :)

2 More Weeks- Tyler Joseph

Request- Can you do a Tyler one where he’s on tour and you’re alone with your two kids and he gives you the bad news that they added two more weeks to the tour. You can end it however you want 🖤🖤🖤 

 Just 2 more day, 2 more days and he’ll be home to help. 2 more days until you can see the love of your life and your children’s father. Tyler had been gone for 5 weeks at this point and you really missed him. You missed waking up to him and your 5 year old daughter, Olivia making breakfast in the kitchen singing songs. You missed him getting up at 3 am to put your 2 year old daughter, Hannah back to bed. You missed seeing your girls run up to him every time he would come home from the studio. You missed talking to someone that actually knows the English language better than a kindergartner.

You loved your kids so much, but after 5 weeks of being alone with no help from Tyler you were getting tired. It seemed like the past 3 days have been going by extra slow. You usually had help from Tyler’s mom or his sister but they were both out of tow this week. You could manage your kids, but they just seemed not to be listening for the past 3 days. They were typically very well behaved but not seeing their father for so long, I think it had started to make them go crazy.

“Liv get off the iPad, I need you to finish your homework.” you said that night before dinner.

“No.” Olivia sassed back. “Daddy would let me play if I wanted to.”

“Olivia Jane, I need you to get off the iPad now and finish your homework before dinner. You can have it back when you’re done.” you said as calm as you could trying to to show frustration from the long day.

“I said no!” she said sternly. Olivia was typically very laid back easy kid like Tyler, but tonight she was being a little brat.

You walked over to her and grabbed the iPad from her little hands.

“No. Mommy please.” she begged. “I’m sorry. Please.” she began to cry.

“Let’s do the homework, eat dinner, get ready for bed, and then and only then will I think of giving this back to you.” you said.

“Okay mommy, I’m sorry. I miss daddy.” she said looking down to the floor.

“I Know you do baby, we all do. He’ll be home in just 2 days.” you said to cheer her up. It worked and she was off doing her homework before you could even continue. The girls were too young to understand why Tyler wasn’t there, but they knew he was singing somewhere and they knew that he missed them very much.

Once dinner was ready you went to go get your 2 year old Hannah who you left unsupervised for only all of 3 minutes.

“Hey Han! Let’s go eat dinn-” you stop talking when you walked into the playroom to see Hannah covered head to toe in marker. The walls were decorated with her finger pints and scribbles.

“Hannah, what did you do?” you asked really trying not to raise your voice at her.

“Ooops. Sorry mommy.” she said the best she could at 2 years old.

Hannah was always a little more of trouble maker, but this was way out of line. You were too tired to deal with it.

“Hannah this was very bad of you. I’m not happy and either will daddy when he finds out.” you disciplined her and then brought her to the bathroom to clean her up the best until you gave her a bath later.

Sitting down for dinner you listened to Olivia’s crazy stories of what happened on the playground today and the stories of how a boy tried kissing her on the playground.

“Then I said ‘eeeeewwwwwwwww, no boys have cooties’ and ran off with my friends mommy.” Olivia said.

“Well they do, I don’t want you kissing anyone before you’re at least 16.” you said.

“Daddy told me I had to married first.” you laughed when she said that. Tyler was such a  protective father and always wanted the best for his girls. They were his world and you knew he hated being away from them. From you too, you were his love of his life, his dime piece wife, his best friend.

“When did daddy kiss you?” Olivia asked when you were cleaning up dinner. She was just finishing her homework and Hannah was on your hip talking  to herself about something only a 2 years old would talk about.

“Well,” you thought back to the time when Tyler asked you out and you kissed him on your first date. “Daddy asked me out on a date to the movies and he was a really nice boy and when he dropped me off back home, I gave him a kiss.” you said leaving out the details of how magical the kiss was.

“Were you married yet?” she asked.

You chuckled. “No, we were just kids ourselves.” you said with a smile. “But older kids. Like I said no kissing before 16.” you said quickly getting the point across to her.

“Were you 16?”


You finished cleaning up and started a bath for your kids.

“Mommy can we call daddy?” Hannah asked when you put he into the tub.

“Well not now,but you know he always call before bed. Now let’s get you cleaned up. Daddy isn’t gonna be very happy about the marker issue.” you told her.

After the bath you got both of them ready for bed and tucked in.

It was 7:45 and Tyler usually called at 8, so you sat in between their beds in their shared room and read them the story of cinderella.

“Mommy did you feel like princess when you married daddy?” Olivia asked.

“I did, he’s my prince charming and I love him very much. One day you’ll find your prince charming and he will sweep you off you feet just like daddy did to me.” you said and it put a big smile on both of their faces.

At this point it was 8:04. He always called at the same time and your girls needed to get to bed.

“Why hasn’t daddy called yet?” Hannah asked as you got up putting the book away and going to turn off the light. You were hoping they would have forgotten and just went to bed, but of course they wouldn’t forget, they looked forward to this all day long.

“I’m not sure? I’ll call him.” you  said pulling out your phone to facetime Tyler.

It rang for a minute before Tyler picked up, his face lighting up the screen.

“Hey Ty. you have 2 very excited girls that want to talk to you.” you said passing the phone to the 2 of them who were now in the same bed.

“Hi daddy.” they both said.

“Hey my babies. How’s it going?”he asked and they both told him some stories from the day.

Once they were done you intervened telling Tyler they needed to get their beauty sleep.

“Alright girls say bye. You have ny early morning with school tomorrow Liv and Han you have swim school tomorrow. We have to get to sleep. Tyler say bye.” both girls begged to keep talking but Tyler stood on your side.

“Mommies right. I love you girls so much and I miss you. Sweet dreams my babies. I’ll take to you tomorrow.” they said their goodbyes and hung up. You put Hannah back in her bed and turned on the night light.

“I love you guys. I’ll see you in the morning. Good night.” you said kissing them on the head and leaving the room.

As soon as you closed the door you checked the time. 8:57.

There was no point in calling Tyler back now, he would be going on stage to perform in 3 minutes. So you texted him asking if he could call you after the show. He of course answered with a yes and a love you.

You went into the playroom to reassess the maker issue. Scrubbing the walls took 2 hours to get it all off. She caused quite a bit of destruction in just 3 minutes. She was definitely your daughter, always up to something as a child.

After cleaning the house up from the days use you finally made it to the bed. You plopped down sighing from today’s stress. Raising 2 kids on your own was really hard. Some days were gonna be harder than other and today was definitely one of them, but just 2 more days and Tyler would be back to help you.

At 12:00 you realized that the show was would have been over by now and Tyler still hadn’t called. Why was he ignoring you? First not calling the girls then you. What’s up with him?

You quickly texted him not knowing if he would be asleep yet.

To Tyler

Ummm… Did you forget about me? JK. please call me.

Sent 12:01am

You phone started to ring almost immediately.

“Hey babe.” you said with a smile.

“Hi.” Tyler replied not looking at you but still had the camera positioned in front of his face.

“Tyler, are you okay?” you asked out of  concern for his strange acting.

“Yeah, just tired.” he said looking up at you and then looking back to where ever he was looking.

“Don’t lie to me. You suck at lying. What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry.” he said looking at you with his eyes as beautiful as always.

“I can’t accept an apology if I don’t know what it’s for.” you said starting to get annoyed at his distance.

“Look, I don’t want to do this but it’s for the best.” he paused. “I had to extend tour.” your heart dropped at his words. All the frustration was no longer hidden as your face began to get red.

“What the hell do you mean you have to? Tyler you have kids and a wife back home who really need you. Didn’t you think to ask me first?” you start to yell at him and you could tell he was sorry but you didn’t care. You needed help and in the moment you were just really pissed.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I found out today and I didn’t want to tell you, knowing you would be upset. You have to quiet down otherwise you’ll wake the girls.” tears start to roll down your cheeks out of frustration.

“Tyler you don’t understand how much I do in a day with our children. I’m so tired and just need help.” you said in tears.

“I know. I really do Y/N, I appreciate all that you do for this family. It was better though if I did it this way. Now I don’t have that mini tour in the summer. I’m just getting it down now. I love you and I love Olivia and Hannah so much, you don’t even understand how much I want to be there with you guys. How much I want to take all of the stress off your shoulders, how much I want to be the one up late at night with Hannah ad the one up early with Olivia. I want to be home with you, in our bed holding you in my arms. I really hate being away from you for so long. We just have to look at the bigger picture. It’s better this way.” he said.

His words calmed you down and your heart was beating at how sincere he was.

“I love you Ty.”

“I love you too Y/N. this summer I want to take you and the girls somewhere for vacation. Anywhere you want. You deserve the world Y/N and I want to give it to you.” Tyler said with a big smile.

“I’m sorry I got upset. It’s just hard alone. I’m looking forward to you coming home.”

“I can’t wait to be home. In the meantime, my mom is gonna stay over once she gets back in town to help you. I know how the girls can get when things change.”

“Thank you. I mean it, thank you for being so understanding.”

“Being a parent is hard, especially alone.”

“But I‘m not alone, I have you and when you’re not here I have your family.”

“I love you Y/N. Way more than words and describe. Now get some sleep, you need it. I’ll call you in the morning.”

“I love you too Ty. Good night.”

I want a proper debate. (over Sheith)

I seriously don’t know how the fuck Sheith is “nasty and abusive”. So far in the show all I see is a healthy relationship where Shiro supports Keith and Keith will go where Shiro goes. They love each other. I don’t see the abuse here. PLEASE point out to me where their relationship is abusive. Because all the antis keep pointing at is their age gap. Like what the fuck? My mom met my dad when she was 16! and he was 20! Take it they didnt immediately date, but that’s not the point. Their relationship developed over time and after a certain amount of distance apart they got married!!! They’ve been married for 21 years now and they are still happy and in love. So tell me, why can’t Sheith develop like that?

a large miraculous fic rec list

i’ve been meaning to do this for a while but i’ve finally got a huge fic rec list. like. there’s a lot

fics with little stars next to them are my personal favorites!

feel free to add on to the list! i’m always looking for more fics to read

Cute/Fluffy/Good Feels

Check Plus One by volti
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Marinette is finally going to do it. She’s finally going to ask Adrien on a date. Of course, this poses a bit of a problem when he asks her first.

The Two Of Us by AnabielVriskaMars 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 12/?
Summary: Marinette watched Adrien with poorly concealed desperation. She couldn’t pay for college, or an apartment, or even her meals. Not like this. All she wanted was his advice, little good though it will make. Adrien held her gaze. “What if I marry you?”

Truthful Scars by frostedpuffs (another one of mine.. shh)
Rated T
Chapters: 21/21
Summary: Adrien Agreste has never been an expert in controlling his emotions. When feelings for his classmate in pigtails begin to arise, he can’t stop himself from seeing her any chance he gets—even when wearing a pair of cat ears and a black tail. Although his affections are strong and true, he doesn’t exactly know how to deal with them, especially under the watchful eye of his father. After all, what’s a boy to do when he accidentally finds out that the girl he’s got a crush on returns his feelings?

We Need To Talk by frostedpuffs (don’t mind me… just putting one of my own on here….)
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Adrien and Marinette have been together for nearly five months now. When an akuma attack hits the school and Marinette can’t get away to transform quick enough, Chat Noir comes to her rescue, but does something Marinette would have never, ever expected.

first day of my life by belligerent 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Gamer AU, Ladybug and Chat Noir fight akumas through online gaming rather than in real life.

Telltale by Zizzani
Rated T
Chapters: 12/12
Summary: It all starts with a simple injury, but slowly Ladybug begins to really see who Chat Noir is, and Adrien begins to see Marinette…

Keep It In Your Plants by Reyxa
Rated T
Chapters: 7/?
Summary: Flower Shop/University AU! Adrien and Marinette meet after Mari accidentally trips over one of Adrien’s flower displays and their friendship blossoms from there. Lots of fluff.

Lucky Us by PrincessKitty1 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 8/?
Summary: Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s life isn’t going as planned: twenty-six, recently dumped, and running her parents’ bakery. The highlights of her day are the emails sent by her mysterious pen pal, Chat Noir. That is, until handsome model Adrien Agreste starts swinging by the bakery after hours. But how is he to know the Ladybug he loves is standing right in front of him?

Tikki’s New Friend by panda013 (Amiria_Raven)
Rated G
Chapters: 10/10
Summary: The dog was easily the height of his chest, and the young woman walking it could have only come up to his shoulder. But she was just cheerfully walking along beside the dog, chatting and laughing happily with a redheaded young woman. The dog was a big black beast—he didn’t know the breed then, nor did he particularly care, but it whined pitifully when its equally dark-haired owner paused to read a street sign. She just giggled and reached out a hand to ruffle its fur, and the giant’s tail wagged happily.

One Thing After Another by SKayLanphear
Rated G
Chapters: 15/15
Summary: Marinette notices that, sometimes, Adrien acts a little out of the ordinary–like the time he stood in a cardboard box for no reason, or when he actually hissed at Nino. It’s only when she starts to notice the similarities between Adrien and a certain feline that she begins to get suspicious.Basically, Adrien acts like a cat when he probably shouldn’t.

inking indigo by matchaball
Rated G
Chapters: 4/?
Summary: Marinette is used to the fantastic and the impossible; she inks them on people’s skin everyday and watches them spark to life as soulmates come to find each other.An inevitable fate, one might call it. As if there isn’t a choice. Such circumstance is more a stubborn inconvenience to someone who believes otherwise. Marinette makes it a habit of defying the impossible as often as she can, even in the face of the new boy at the flowershop who quietly enters her orbit and offers her uncharted gardens of stargazers and cosmos to discover and claim.

Pick-Up and Chase by SKayLanphear 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 7/?
Summary: A story in which Adrien is flustered, Marinette is smooth as glass at dropping lines, and Chat Noir gets the romance he was always asking for–even if he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

my compass may be broke (but you follow where I go) by HearJessRoar
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: “No wonder you didn’t care that Adrien was getting all chummy with Ladybug, you’ve been sneaking around with Chat Noir! Does Adrien know about this?” Adrien, who was well aware that his girlfriend quite liked kissing Chat Noir, said nothing from his perch on the chaise.

Paws Fur Coffee by Zaphirite
Rated G
Chapters: 6/6
Summary: He was so sure that Ladybug would already push him off a rooftop if she knew his civilian identity worked at a café called “Paws Fur Coffee” of all names (the owner is a dog person, but he’ll take it), but his flub on the chalkboard menu just topped it all off. His neat handwriting read back to him: “Chai Noir”. 

Intense [Like Camping] by kali_asleep
Rated T
Chapters: 2/? (Hasn’t updated in a while, unsure if being continued)
Summary: It was supposed to be the perfect graduation trip: four days, just the four of them, camping in the forest. But things just don’t work out that way for Adrien and Marinette. As it turns out, the only thing worse than an accidental reveal is an accidental reveal in the middle of nowhere.

Sleepy Cuddles by quicksilversquared
Rated G
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: Both Adrien and Marinette have the tendency to cuddle up to others in their sleep, as both Nino and Alya have experienced. So when the opportunities arise, they toss their friends together and let the snuggles commence.

Snuggle Bug by imthepunchlord 
Rated G
Chapters: 5/5
Summary: In the winter time, ladybugs slow down to hibernate, and have been known to stowaway inside homes for warmth. Marinette is no different. As a true, sleepy and cold Ladybug, she’ll latch onto anything that moves. And is warm. 

did you get my message? by mazberrypie
Rated G
Chapters: 2/2
Summary: After a long night of working on some designs, Marinette doesn’t do a very good job of checking who she is texting.

Freckles, Dots, and Ladybug Spots by caibi
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: He traced the spots on her skin like they were parts of a constellation; little stars that would light the way. He didn’t know he’d follow the trail to the one he’d been meant to find.

Black Cats And Curtain Calls by BullySquadess 🌟
Rated G
Chapters: 4/4
Summary: The actor spoke out with a friendly smile, his voice carrying through the theater to fill each corner with a rich tone. Marinette could practically feel half the audience fall in love… herself included.

Chasing the C/h/atwalk. by Inkkerfuffle 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 13/13
Summary: Paris. The city of lights, love and fashion. Follow the progress of Marinette Dupain Cheng as she enters the extremely competitive world of Reality television for a chance to be the winner of Project Runway: France.

Quiet Ice, Silent Nights by Thelastpilot
Rated G
Chapters: 8/8
Summary: Cat Noir is on a late night patrol when he catches sight of an elegant lone figure skater, and is surprised to discover it is his classmate Marinette.

The Date by Magical_Awesome_Kid
Rated G
Chapters: 6/6
Summary: They had a simple deal: one date. Chat had one date to sweep Ladybug off her feet. If she still didn’t like him in that way at the end of the day, he’d give up his attempts altogether. Ladybug took the deal, knowing that her heart belonged to another. But we know them too well.

to you, i thee wed by megamegaturtle (Added 9/2/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 3/?
Summary: Married at First Sight AU. They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued.

spin cycle by tonguetiedcat (Added 9/2/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 4/?
Summary: Adrien Agreste is on his own. Twenty years old and recently moved out of his childhood home, he has to learn the basics of adulthood: cooking, cleaning, laundry. It’s all new to him, but he finds that it isn’t so bad when he keeps seeing a certain blue-eyed, pig-tailed woman at the laundromat. He can’t believe it to be a coincidence that they always meet. It has to be destiny. 

In Sickness and In Health by kali_asleep (Added 9/2/16) 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 4/4
Summary: It’s not everyday you see a girl passed out on a roof in the middle of the night. But when that girl is a certain Marinette Dupain-Cheng, well, there’s not much else Chat Noir can do but help her, right?

Blind Spots by laundromatic, qookyquiche(Added 9/2/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 1/?
Summary: Cooped up for too long, a blind Adrien decides to take matters into his own hands by entering public school…without his father’s consent. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

Purr by frostedpuffs (Added 9/2/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: One of Marinette’s most favorite things is the way Adrien can purr. Sometimes she just can’t help but reach out to pet his hair, even while they’re in the middle of class.

Talk To Me by 1004_Angel (Added 9/2/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 14/?
Summary: Character A couldn’t sleep and decided to call Character B. But instead miss-dialed the number by two, and ends up talking to Character C, a complete stranger. But Character A doesn’t know this until an hour into the conversation when they call them by Character B’s name. And Character C finally speaks up to say Character A has the wrong number. Character A becomes embarrassed and hangs up the phone. But not before saving Character C’s number. Because you never know when you need to talk to a stranger again.

Soon Today Will Be Tomorrow by Reyxa (Added 9/2/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Marinette plopped down in her seat, groaning. “Today has been just peachy.”
“Sorry Princess, I didn’t mean to burst in like that.” Chat gave a small smile as he passed her a bandage. “I guess… I was distracted.”
“Yeah I can tell something’s on your mind. You’ve spoken like ten sentences and not one of them had a cat pun.” she joked lightly.
He shoved a hand through his hair. “I’m proposing tomorrow.” he whispered.

Step Inside My Heart by Reyxa (Added 9/2/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Marinette held the the marker to her face, and Sabine watched on with fear. “Marinette, no!” But she was too late. Marinette had drawn a full, curling mustache on her lovely face.
She giggled, pigtails bouncing. “Mama, I look like Papa now!”
“Mama?” Marinette tugged gently on a lock of Sabine’s hair.
“Yes, cherie?”
“Why does he have Papa’s mustache too?” Marinette pointed at Adrien whose face was pressed against the glass protecting the pastries, green eyes wide.
Sabine had to do a double take but sure enough, Adrien was sporting a marker-drawn mustache identical to her own daughter’s.
“Well, Madame,” Adrien’s mother laughed. “Seems like our children are meant for each other.”

tangled ribbons by demistories (Added 10/1/16)
Rated G
Chapters: 12/?
Summary: Marinette is a small studio dancer who wins a scholarship to a summer long ballet intensive. Adrien is a famous ballet dancer who would rather be at home than at said intensive. The end of the summer will bring about a showcase that could make Marinette’s career, if she can ignore Chloé and focus on something other than Adrien. Sore muscles, coffee breaks, and video chats ensue. And there is an awful lot of fondue.


combining these two categories since I don’t read too many of them

Sealed Away by ashesandhoney
Rated T
Chapters: 29/? (Hasn’t updated in a few months—unsure if discontinued, but still worth the read!)
Summary: Set five years after Ladybug left Paris and Chat Noir is still trying to hold it all together without her. 

cold floors by demistories
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Chloe/Adrien friendship. Adrien feels sorry for being a bad friend.

Serendipitous Fate by SKayLanphear 🌟 (who ISN’T reading this fic it’s so good) 
Rated M
Chapters: 19/32
Summary: Adrien is excited to reveal his true identity, while Marinette is terrified. But Master Fu says they can’t afford to be distant any longer. Chat Noir and Ladybug are meant to work in tandem both in and out of uniform, their strength stemming from the bond created between them. Yet, teenagers are sometimes better at dancing blind than running with wide open eyes, even with the steps laid out before them. Steps in the path of an expanding world. Apart, they’ll flounder. But together, they might just stand a chance.

My Last Thoughts are of You by SKayLanphear
Rated T
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: When a freak accident sends Marinette into critical condition, the only thing she can think about is Chat Noir. She wasn’t going to make it and someone had to tell him. Otherwise, he’d never know what had happened to her–why his lady had never returned. And, as it just so happens, Adrien is there with her near the end, so she decides that he can take the message to Chat just as well as anyone. No character death, I promise. (This fic will make you cry.)

The Tendencies series by KryallaOrchid
Rated T
Three fics, all complete
Summary: Miraculous have side effects. From pats becoming a necessity to eating flowers, follow Adrien and Marinette as they come to terms with their new tendencies, and each other. Hawk Moth is coming.

bye-bye, little butterfly by theprimrosepath
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Adrien has to relearn a world without Marinette in it.

pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere by myillusionsgone
Rated G
Chapters: 12/12
Summary: there were too many secrets in this city, and sooner or later, someone would choke on them. — marinette, adrien. Nearly three years after they first started to be Ladybug and Chat Noir, Marinette and Adrien find themselves with their backs to the wall. Or so it seems.

Without You by Inkkerfuffle
Rated T
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: The apartment is far too quiet now, far too lonely and cold now that Adrien had moved out. It’d been one week since he had finally taken all his stuff and moved away, and it’d been six days since Marinette had finally gathered the courage to set foot back inside the home they once shared. It just wasn’t supposed to end like this. In fact, it wasn’t supposed to end at all.

I Do? by SKayLanphear
Rated T
Chapters: 4/4
Summary: Marinette and Adrien are getting married! Unfortunately, Adrien is bothered by the fact that he didn’t invite Ladybug, while Marinette gets cold feet every time Chat Noir flits through her head. A story of mixed up love, rash mistakes, and two oblivious superheroes who should have figured things out a long time ago.

Impostor Syndrome by highspeedearth (Added 9/2/16) 🌟
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Impostor Syndrome: when you believe it is only a matter of time before they find out you don’t know what you are doing.
Marinette had a bad day, and this time transforming into Ladybug doesn’t help.
Chat Noir plucks her off the Eiffel Tower for a pep talk.

Breaking News by SKayLanphear (Added 10/1/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 2/2
Summary: A nasty reporter hunts down Ladybug and Chat Noir until he finds out their identities, before promptly releasing the information to all of Paris. As a result, Marinette and Adrien not only have to deal with knowing one another’s identities, but the rest of the world knowing as well.

You’re definitely sinning reading these

Satisfaction Brought It Back by siderealSandman 🌟
Rated E
Chapters: 19/?
Summary: Most people rekindled friendships with people from high school over Facebook or Twitter. Most people met for coffee, shared pictures of their bratty children, and sent old friends Christmas letters once a year. Marinette was clearly not most people as she had somehow hooked up with her former high school crush on a bondage dating website and didn’t know it until he was standing in front of her with an identical look of bemused embarrassment plastered all over his pretty face.

Sugar, Sugar. by BullySquadess 🌟
Chapters: 2/?
Summary: Sugar daddy AU. She needs money, he has money. He needs companionship, she’s his companion. In which two people find the thing they need the most in each other….   

Sunshine by okapifeathers (giratinas) 
Rated E
Chapters: 8/?
Summary: Adrien feels a little warmer than usual when he looks at Marinette today. It’s probably just the summer heat, nothing to worry about. Right? 

You’d Be Oh So Nice To Come Home To by Operamatic
Rated E
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: Adrien and Marinette are busy. Between their jobs, moving, and attempting to be actual adults, they’ve barely seen each other. So what happens when she comes home with a haircut and he’s sporting a new set of glasses? They break in the kitchen table, of course.

Le Chat Noir by ParadiseAvenger🌟
Rated E
Chapters: 10/10
Summary: Le Chat Noir was the most popular strip club in Paris. Marinette could explain how she wound up there the first time, but she couldn’t explain how she kept coming back.

Too Real by PearLynn
Rated E
Chapters: 5/5
Summary: She knows that her hormones will be the end of her, sooner or later. And with the way Chat is looking at her now, she knows it will be sooner.

Summer in the City by kali_asleep
Rated M
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: In which Adrien discovers that peaches aren’t the only thing in season.

Clear as Day by orphan_account
Rated E
Chapters: 5/5
Summary: Adrien blames his insomnia on Ladybug. He copes through the only way he knows how.

The Consequences of Midnight Makeouts by Faequeen40
Rated T
Chapters: 3/3
Summary: Marinette has a very distinctive hickey and it seems like the universe is out to get her.

Porte-Boner by abadmeanman (Added 9/2/16)
Rated M
Chapters: 22/?
Summary: Under the watchful eye of Alya, Marinette and Adrien discover that alcohol is a powerful social lubricant. One very informative game of truth or dare later, two drunk teens have to sneak out of bed and go save Paris. Sure hope that doesn’t become a theme.

Strictly Business by KawaiiKekeChan (Added 9/2/16)
Rated E
Chapters: 8/?
Summary: It has been ten years since she had last seen him in the flesh. Ten years since their one-night-stand, and suddenly those mortifying memories were swimming before her. Judging by the way Adrien’s face has turned ashen, he too was facing a similar replay.

Smoulder by midnightstarlightwrites (Added 10/1/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 19/?
Summary: In which Adrien loses a bet and becomes an underwear model, Marinette loses her mind, and the whole fiasco starts a fire which might lead to the pair discovering their identities.

Aaand the rest

some fics i haven’t read all the way through to know its category or just some i cant shove into a specific category (but still love)

Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too) by LooseScrewsLefty, takethembystorm
Rated G
Chapters: 12/?
Summary: Of all things Marinette expected to find when she answered the knocking on the bakery’s front door at four in the morning, her superhero partner was pretty low on the list.

The Space Between Us by chassecroise (rhapsodyinpink)
Rated T
Chapters: 13/?
Summary: What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

The Night Patrol by chassecroise (rhapsodyinpink)
Rated T
Chapters: 9/10
Summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir independently discover each others’ civilian identities, and start doing their own night patrols to secretly learn more about one another. In the process, they find themselves falling even harder for each other—but when they fight together, both feel compelled to pretend that they don’t know the truth.

A Werecat in London by ThornQueen 🌟
Rated M
Chapters: 25/?
Summary: After an unfortunate encounter with an akuma while in London on a business trip, Chat Noir is forced to deal with the unexpected consequences. Can Ladybug help him return to his normal self, or will he be stuck for the rest of his life getting in touch with his wild side?

B is for Bourgeois by Zizzani
Rated T
Chapters: 7/?
Summary: How will Chloe discovering Ladybug’s identity affect the way she views her idol? And the way she views Marinette.

Bare Necessities by Reyxa 🌟
Rated M
Chapters: 17/17
Summary: Art School AU where Adrien is the nude model in Marinette’s human figure class. Major sin warning but it’s more awkward than sexy. Definitely not for little ears… or eyes I guess…

Pas de Chance by InsanitySilver
Rated G
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: A July night finds Paris tossed into chaos and two heroes scrambling for shelter. Ladybug takes Chat Noir to the only safe place she knows: home.

xxx by hchano, littleblackchat
Rated G
Chapters: 5/?
Summary: He knows. The two words reverberated in an unwelcome mantra that haunted Marinette’s every thought and action. Brushing her teeth in the morning, each stroke echoed the rhythm. Every chewing knash of her teeth, every step on her way to school, every tap-tap, tap-tap of her pencil against paper rang in her ears, ‘he knows, he knows, he knows’. He knows I’m Ladybug.

boom, clap (the sound of my heart) by chassecroise (rhapsodyinpink)
Rated T
Chapters: 1/1
Summary: You can learn a lot of things about someone during a thunderstorm. Sometimes even more than you bargained for. (A post-Jackady Ladrien/Adrinette one-shot) 

How to Fail at Dating a Superhero by emerald_moons (Added 9/2/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 15/15
Summary: It all started when Adrien Agreste bid on Ladybug at an auction and won a date with her. At least, that’s how it was supposed to go.

Sting by KryallaOrchid (Added 9/2/16) 🌟
Rated T
Chapters: 20/?
Summary: When Chat Noir inexplicably disappears, leaving Ladybug beehind to face Papillon on her own, a new wielder is chosen to keep the akuma from swarming. Ladybug is adamant she doesn’t want another partner buzzing around and why is this newbee flirting with her? Meanwhile, Adrien just wishes Ladybug would stop bugging out and listen to him because his bee puns are fuzz-tastic.

wanna chat? by demistories (Added 10/1/16)
Rated T
Chapters: 8/?
Summary: A hilarious group chat fic that had me laughing during class.

im sure there’s tons more i haven’t read so feel free to add on!

ted tonks hcs bc why not:

  • was going to be a rugby player when he grew up
  • like. his dad used to love it and had that kinda build anyway and would coach ted as he grew up
  • ted goes to a little league after school and his family would crowd around the tv on weekends and watch the game
  • comes from a family of woodcutters. i’m serious
  • grows up watching his dad chop wood and swinging a lil tiny axe of his own and working with like. miniature pieces of wood
  • never had very much?? but had like. the ideal childhood
  • i’m talking living in a cottage in the woods and going to a tiny state school, getting real muddy from trainings and running through bluebell-scattered meadows until his lungs were raw
  • one day he’s working in the yard w his dad when he’s like ten and he stops chopping wood and his dad’s like ‘what’s wrong ted?’ and he sighs and is like ‘dad. i just don’t understand’
  • ‘don’t understand what buddy??’
  • ‘why we have to chop wood when we can just do this’
  • and he makes a really sharp chopping movement with his arm
  • and five feet away the massive hunk of oak his dad’s been hacking away at for the past two hours just. splits clean in half
  • his dad’s mouth is agape and he calls into the cottage like ‘sweetheart! come out here, would you??’
  • and they puzzle around ted for a while and try to work out the kinks but within five minutes of looking at him with really quizzical expressions theyr just like. holy fuck our kid is amazing.
  • and by this time ted is not only smart enough but humble enough to keep it under wraps and he doesn’t even have to do it for very long anyway
  • bc a year a later they get the letter from mcgongall and ted’s dad calls him out to the living room of the cottage and they all start screaming and hugging and crying bc. their little teddy is going to magic school
  • heads straight off to scotland and starts at hogwarts and he fucking loves it
  • like care of magical creatures and herbology and anything v outdoors-y. it reminds him of home
  • he does get v homesick ngl
  • esp for his mum
  • and coming from such a tiny, well-knit community as well?? he really struggled to leave behind all the friends he’d grown up with. his rugby team in particular.
  • but the lie was easy to get around considering that his parents just say that they’re sending him off to a larger boarding school near london where he can pursue rugby
  • and ted was kinda a primary school heartthrob anyway and like. it doesn’t help when he comes back during the holidays looking gorgeous and cheeky and several feet taller than the last time
  • he is. well. he’s gorgeous
  • he grows up before he grows out so there are a few years around the 14-year-old mark when he’s v tall and v lanky but only a few people can tell that he’s set to be one of the most broad-shouldered fucks in the grade
  • and by the time he’s sixteen. well.
  • he gives andromeda black a fucking heart attack
  • bc he waltzes into school on the first day of sixth year and he’s all 6ft and broad, broad shoulders and sandy-coloured hair, these really cheeky bright green eyes and a roguish grin that’s so shit-eating it’s no wonder half the school go into cardiac arrest
  • he practically lives in flannel shirts ngl
  • and it’s not really a surprise that he’s a hufflepuff?? bc like
  • he practically lives in the kitchens and thrives off the warmth and light of it
  • gave quidditch a shot on the recommendation of the school considering the fact that he’d make a great keeper but?? doesn’t really get into it
  • it’s not the same as rugby and he can respect that but it’s not enough for him to get on a broom
  • he’s kinda traditional and straight-laced?? idk it’s just the way his mum raised him
  • courts girls v ceremoniously and has a thing abt flowers and where to buy the best ones in season
  • but yes. holds the door opens, pulls out the chair for them to sit down on, offers to take their coat, etc.
  • classic 1950’s gentlemen ok
  • patronus is probably some kind of terrier let’s be honest
  • struggles w andromeda bc. here he has the most amazing, beautiful woman and he’s just. so enamoured w her but he can’t do anything abt it??
  • he wants to give her all the best things in life and everything that she deserves but he can’t
  • he can’t take her out on dates, he can’t leave her flowers, he can’t tell her he loves her
  • and he respects her boundaries and waits for her every day but it still hurts
  • it hurts not to be with her
  • and that’s how he knows he’s in love with her
  • it’s probably like when they’re sitting at their respective house tables and she’s w her sisters and he’s w his mates and they lock eyes and he’s grinning at her but she can’t smile back
  • and it kills him and the fact that it hurts him so bad just makes him go ‘fuck it’
  • and that’s when he knows
  • goes home as often as he can to visit his parents
  • really wanted a little sister when he was younger and was like?? probably really close to getting one
  • but his mum got sick when he was in hogwarts, when ted’s around the 16/17 mark
  • and she dies and the most lost he’s ever felt is when he’s back in the house w his dad and she’s not there
  • it’s so empty and cold and quiet. like. so fucking quiet
  • his mum probably only met andy once before she died and even though she never got to see them get married she like. fucking knew
  • she fucking knew it and ted tears his whole room apart bc she knew. she knew even when he didn’t. even when none of them knew
  • and he stands in the church yard on the day of the funeral
  • and the grass is incredibly green and the day is incredibly bleak and grey and his dad has never looked so old in his life
  • but across the graveyard he can see this really dark, muddied figure
  • and she makes her way towards him and her hair is braided out of her face and her eyes are red and her face is ashen and tight
  • she’s dressed all in black and moves v softly
  • and then andromeda black is standing right in front of him and ted can’t breathe
  • but she reaches out to him and even though she’s several feet shorter than him she doesn’t waver as she holds him and he sobs raggedly into her shoulder
  • she was always the strongest out of the two of them. the most unbreakable. and she holds him and holds him and holds him in that sea of green and grey and doesn’t let go
  • he gets out of the grief of it the only way he knows how. out and through.
  • and with andy holding his hand and several hundred cups of tea he’s like. not ok but he knows that he will be, one day.
  • he was probably a really good photographer?? like he gets v invested in the world of film photography and fucking loves it
  • has no idea what he wants to do when he grows up but again. loves the idea of photography
  • probably that fucker who loves camping in the countryside i’m not even joking
  • revels in his v simple lifestyle and wants nothing more for himself
  • nor does he want anything more for andromeda
  • ted represents everything she could ever want, simplicity and safety and freedom
  • i think one of the first dates he ever takes her on once they’re out of hogwarts would probably be horseback riding and i mean. come on
  • she’s like ‘is this fucker for real’
  • they’re both like. nineteen when baby tonks is born and she’s sleeping rlly soundly in andy’s arms and her hair is just changing softly, pink, blue, pink, blush, purple, mint, and back to pink again
  • and they both wondered how they managed to make something so little, so perfect
  • and she’s the closest thing to the little sister he always wanted but she’s not. she’s his. and she’s better. and he loves her.
  • i mean. loves her. adores her. adores watching her grow up, takes such good care of her, encourages her idiosyncrasies and teaches her to ride a bike and plays rugby with her, watches her climb trees and buys her a scooter for her fifth birthday
  • and one day they’re all together in that little cottage on the edge of the woods and like.
  • they’re all there
  • and they’re all together
  • and it’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life
  • basically hot af broad-shouldered ted tonks with his roguish grin and steady hands and a heart of gold

anonymous asked:

like i respect american laws, u guys have different mentality, different laws that depend on your country's history etc etc, but when someone decided to tell me, a russian woman, that our laws for age of consent are morally wrong & pedophilic, i, a russian woman who has been banging since i turned 16 years old , got pretty fucking defensive about it. like? yurka is russian so he is ours & u bet ur ass he will not stand for this bullshit господи прости как заебало-то

Bless this ask like do antis realize exactly how prejudice they are when they blatantly disrespect another culture’s norms like that.

Someone tried to tell me that my Nana was a whore because she had two kids before she was 18 even though it was more than legal for Chaldeans to marry and have children when someone is 14 in Iraq in the 1970s.

My friends had to literally catch me and drag me to a bathroom to pour cold water over my neck to stop me from killing the guy.

It’s actually disgusting how disrespectful some Americans are with other cultures and I apologize on behalf of them. They’re fucking idiots.

anonymous asked:

What's the likelihood of 4 hout of 5 band mates engaging in gay relationships? Larry looks inarguable. Anyone with eyes to see knows they are/were in love. But even Ziam? Isn't that....unlikely? Improbable? A horrible experience to the fifth band member?

I can’t believe that you’re seriously asking me this question halfway through 2016. 

Let me help educate you as I don’t let trolls use MY BLOG to push THEIR (transparent) bullshit.

Firstly, don’t project your bullshit on Nialler. He’s been nothing but supportive of his boys.

On to your trolling ask. Quoting myself in previous asks about this topic:

Simply put, they are different couples. You can’t compare one couple you know to another. Different people, different dynamics, different stages of their relationship, different ways to interact from different personalities.

Aside from that, a TON of people can see LouisandHarry but deny anything non-platonic between ZaynandLiam, or if they see something with ZaynandLiam, assume it isn’t a relationship (which is BAFFLING to me).

LouisandHarry sparked as soon as they met, and were as obvious as fireworks. From XF/video diaries it was OBVIOUS something was there, and anyone who looks at 2010 videos can see something’s there. Since everyone was seeing it, they were forced to reel it in/put into the closet and what we see now is restricted interactions, but they still exist (just scroll through any Larry blog, there are still moments, just SLIGHTLY more subtle). Also, I think LouisandHarry have been together longer and have learned other ways of interacting that aren’t obvious touchings or verbal praise.

As for ZaynandLiam, they were a slow flame, and it took Liam a while to figure out what was going on, (cause I think Payzer 1.0 was legit). So LouisandHarry had a couple years on ZaynandLiam and are therefore at different stages in their relationship. Also, Zaynie and Liam got to learn from Harry and Louis and saw the restrictions on them. I think M!M would also have been happy for Ziam interactions because it could be used to normalize Larry interactions, and M!M didn’t realize that the Ziam interactions weren’t just ‘fan service’. Also, let’s be honest, the majority of Zaynie’s interactions in the band come from interacting with Liam or Louis, so M!M have been forcing Zouis together (they are the ones who don’t go out, despite the weed video [which if they really wanted to do damage control, they could make Zouis split up and hang out with different boys rather than each other, but that wouldn’t work with the ‘happily taken with girlfriends narrative], cause God-forbid they have fun without their girlfriends in tow).

Why is this a competition?! These are peoples lives!

One of my good friends met her husband at 16 and dated him for 10 years before they got married. However, she got married after our other friend who ended up dating another friend of ours we went to school with AFTER we finished school. Does this make either relationship less real?!

These are different relationships. I don’t understand this mentality. One is not better than the other.

The funniest part is LOUIS is the CAPTAIN of Ziam, and Harry and Nialler are clearly supportive. THEY don’t have any issue with it. It’s the ‘fans’ that do.

Louis and Harry were like a match, they just sparked and burned hot and heavy, and have settled into who they are as a couple.

Zaynie knew, from that McD’s meal - is my headcanon, and just loved Liam and became his best friend, patiently waiting for Liam to figure it out. And then, Vegas 2012 shows us he did.

Both couples have bee put through the fire, but I’m happy they have each other and the best captain in the form of Niall.

A good response from Sasha on the topic: Heteronormative Bias

Some good posts on the topic: X / X X /  X / X / X / X / X / X

A quote from someone else:

“The “It’s unlikely” argument: At least 4 queer guys out of 5

Well, it’s gonna be simple.

Let’s take a look to the Season 6 of XF (the season before 1D’s) : out of 8 male contestants (live shows), 2 are out gay men (Danyl Johnson and Joe McElderry), 4 are in a glass/light closet (Rikki Loney, Lloyd Daniels, the twins John and Edward), 1 is in a harsh closet (Olly Murs) and 1 I-can’t-know (Jamie Archer). You can check, it’s accurate.

Basically, it means at least 7 men out of 8 are not straight. Well, where are your statistics now ? Let’s face it : could it be simply because the show appeals more to queer guys than straight guys ?”

Now you can go through Ziam posts:


Ziam Masterposts

Declarations of Love

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XF Ziam

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Send me a pairing of your choice!

1.      “Oh, you’re still here…”

2.      “Just tell me what you want!”

3.      “If you wanted me to take my clothes off, you should have just asked.” (Courtesy of The Mortal Instruments)

4.      “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

5.      “Well, you’re welcome, buddy!”

6.      “Why don’t you come find out?”

7.      “It’s just one drink, it’s not like we’re gonna get married.”

8.      “You are a goddess.”

9.      “I’ve heard I’m cute and cuddly.”

10.   “I crave you.”

11.   “He/She’s such a badass.”

12.   “I think I’m in love.”

13.   “And then there were two.”

14.   “All bets were on, you owe me…”

15.   “Come on, you can stay as Casa De La Mua”

16.   “I always have an empty couch.”

17.   “No, you weren’t interrupting anything.”

18.   “I’ve got two tickets and no one to go with…”

19.   “I’ve missed you.”

20.   “No, I’m not leaving without you!”

21.   “I’m not your…”

22.   “Come over here and make me.”

23.   “Have you lost your damn mind!?”

24.   “Please, don’t leave.”

25.   “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

26.   “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

27.   “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

28.   “I almost lost you.”

29.   “Wanna bet?”

30.   “Don’t you ever do that again!”

31.   “Teach me how to play?”

32.   “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”

33.   “I think we need to talk.”

34.   “Kiss me.”

35.   “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

36.   “So, I found this waterfall…”

37.   “It could be worse.”

38.   “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

39.   “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

40.   “The paint’s supposed to go where?”

41.   “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

42.   “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

43.   “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

44.   “Just once.”

45.   “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

46.   “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

47.   “I got you a present.”

48.   “I’m pregnant.”

49.   “Marry me?”

50.   “I thought you were dead.”

51.   “It’s not what it looks like…”

52.   “You lied to me.”

53.   “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

54.   “Please don’t do this.”

55.   “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

56.   “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

57.   “I wish I could hate you.”

58.   “Wanna dance?”

59.   “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

60.   “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”

61.   “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

62.   “You did all of this for me?”

63.   “I swear it was an accident.”

64.   “YOU DID WHAT?!”

65.   “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

66.   “Tell me a secret.”

67.   “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

68.   “No one needs to know.”

69.   “Boo.”

70.   “Well this is awkward…”

71.   Writer’s preference

If you have a preference for the location, the mood of the scene, the gender of the reader, etc. feel free to let me know!

Oh yay, another prompt list.

You know the drill, guys. Send me a few of these with whatever Seb character you want. <3

1. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

2. “I barely slept last night.”

3. “Don’t you know how happy you make me?”

4. “I want you to look at me the way you look at him.”

5. “Am I the best you’ve ever had?”

6. “You’ve got somethin’… on your cheek.”

7. “You ever think about getting married?”

8. “You’re seriously the most annoying and attractive person I’ve ever met.”

9. “Please don’t cry.”

10. “I don’t care if you don’t look pretty.”

11. “How’d your date go?”

12. “I think you’re beautiful like this.”

13. “I’m afraid that I”ll wake up.. and you’ll be gone.”

14. “You’re too good for me.”

15. “I can’t do this with you.”

16. “I can’t do this without you.”

17. “If you’re crazy, I’m crazy.. and I assure you, I’m not.”

18. “Would you let me kiss you..? Just once?”

19. “I swear, you’ll never have to see me again.”

20. “You’re a really awful liar.”

21. “You can’t leave me.”

22. “Yeah? Well, maybe I need you.”

23. “I am completely in love with you, you idiot.”

24. “You can’t shut me out forever.”

25. “Just.. Let me hold you.”

26. “Who did this to you? I’ll kill ‘em.”

27. “I know your secret.”

28. “I thought I lost you.”

29. “Are you ignoring me, now?”

30. “I thought we were friends.”

31. “Why are you so angry at me?”

32. “Are you ever going to forgive me?”

33. “Maybe we could.. help each other out.”

34. “He doesn’t know what he’s missin’ out on.”

35. “Anybody would be crazy not to want you.”

36. “What do you mean, ‘never been kissed’?”

37. “I’m not afraid of you.”

38. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

39. “Come a little closer.”

40. “We were meant for each other.”

41. “You drive me crazy, you know that?”

42. “You don’t own me.”

43. “I will kiss that smirk right off your fucking face.”

44. “I hate you.” & “No you don’t.”

45. “I’m not a fucking trophy for you to show off to your friends.”

46. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

47. “Don’t tell me how I feel.”

48. “I know you want me, I can see it in your eyes.”

49. “It’s been how long since you’ve had sex?”

50. “I’m hard to please.”

51. “I didn’t mean it, I swear.. when I get angry, I lose my filter.. I’m sorry.”

52. “I’m not letting you go out with him.”

53. “I heard you making some pretty obscene noises last night..”

54. “I don’t like to think about you being with somebody else…”

55. “How the hell would you know what I want? You’ve never even asked me!”

56. “I heard you crying out my name in your sleep.. I came to check on you..”

57. “Why won’t you let me get within two feet of you? Are you really that afraid of me?”

58. “C'mere.. I’ll show you.”

59. “I would never hurt you.. you know that, right..?”

60. “When were you planning on telling me how you feel about me?”

61. “I know you feel like you have to pretend like everything is fine, but you don’t have to do that with me.. let me in.”

62. “Could I just.. hold you for a few minutes?”

63. “I had a nightmare.. can I stay with you tonight..?”

64. “You gonna sleep with all those clothes on?”

65. “Why are you embarrassed, sweetheart? You’re beautiful..”

66. “I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner..”

67. “You know they say that cuddling helps with fevers…”

68. “You’re sick, I’m not gonna leave you by yourself..”

69. “Don’t argue with me right now, this is for your own good.”

70. “You act like I haven’t seen you naked before.. don’t you remember Bucharest?”

71. “Come on.. I’m gonna run you a warm bath. It’ll help.”

72. “Baby, you’re blushin’.. don’t worry, I didn’t see anything.”

73. “I’d never do anything like that without your consent.”

74. “Doll.. are you.. crying?”

75. “Just tell me what you want.. I’ll do anything.”