There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world right now. Both the great big wide and everyone’s microcosm of their own. But I just wanted to pause for a moment and remind you;

1. Breathe.

2. Be good to yourself.

3. Take care of yourself first.

4. Breathe again.

5. Smile, you’re beautiful.

6. Don’t be afraid, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Every fear can be conquered, every threat extinguished.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, either

8. Breathe again.

You got this.

I believe in you.

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The worst part is that even though we haven’t spoken in months, even though she habitually ignored my texts so much that I just stopped trying, even though I know, deep down, that she doesn’t care about me and that she probably has all new friends up in fucking Seattle… I still miss her. If she came back tomorrow and said “hey Chloe, want to dress up like pirates and be stupid together?”, I would take her back in a heartbeat.

In a heartbeat

—  Chloe Price | Age 16 | Life is Strange: Before the Storm

There were times Kadie surprised herself how comfortable she was around him. There were a few butterflies, but everything seemed to flow so easily, as if they’d always been together, or perhaps they were always meant to be. She smiled at the thought and glanced at the book. Roses. So sentimental, how could she not love him? She got dressed, putting the book in her book bag, and returned to the small box he’d hidden underneath it. She opened it up to find a heart on a chain, and a handwritten note, ‘is go deo maith’ 

She put on the necklace, blinked back tears that threatened to ruin her fresh make-up (waterproof my ass), folded the note and stuck it in her keepsake box, then went to find her Toby.

“What does it mean?”

“You should know, you said it.” He teased, kissing her on the nose.

She squinted. “It’s Irish right?”


“You red-headed devil. C’mon tell me.” 

“I’ll tell you when you get out of your classes today, I promise.” His arms wrapped around her waist, comfortably, perfectly.

“Grrrrr… are we late yet?” she relaxed her arms around his neck.

“We’ve got a few minutes still. Why?”

“Kiss me.”

He leaned in close, the faint scent of roses intoxicating him. “You are so demanding.” His lips covered hers.

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I’m hella disappointed

I didn’t care for the Jennifer scene with Derek. Because everyone else’s fear had someone they loved and all that stuff. But Derek had Jennifer that’s means she was important to him. And I highly doubtful that. Like I thought they would use his mom. Or make him think he was in his house while it was on fire. I would have been ok if they used Kate. But Jennifer?? Really? It made no sense. Not gunna lie because you know Stiles is Derek’s anchor it would have been hella cute if it was good Stiles coming for Derek just like for Scott. 👏.

aegisv  asked:

hey i found and read phantom of truth and soad in the last few days, its the first danny phantom fic ive ever read and now everything else i find doesnt stack up. got any good recs?

Aw, I’m glad you liked it! 

I’ll do my best, though fair warning it’s been several years since I was an active reader and these recs may be dated/not include awesome newcomers.

First two off the top of my head would be @cordria (FFn, fic page) and @phantomrose96 (FFn, fic tags, AO3). Both creators of iconic angst fic back in the day, both talented writers who’ve continued to create amazing fics both on FFn and on Tumblr. Highly recommended, A+ writing, scary angst, family feels, all the good stuff.

Recs of people I know as good writers despite not having read their fics in full:

@catalystofthesoul (FFn, AO3)

@anthropwashere (AO3, FFn)

@sapphireswimming (FFn)

@shinobicyrus​ (AO3, FFn

You can also find more recs in my DP fic recs tag (scroll down far enough and you’ll find some good rec lists with links to non-tumblr fic). And if you’re really brave you could browse my FFn favorites list, though again it’s been several years since I’ve actually looked back and cleaned that thing out. Click at your own risk. XD

Good luck and happy reading!
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