-Aunt May. the ultimate cock block

-being with Peter when Tony shows up and Tony making all sorts of comments about how Peter not only has a hot aunt, but a hot girlfriend too?

-staying in New York while Peter goes to ‘fight team Cap’ because you have school

-Peter would totally be skyping, texting and calling you 24/7

-maybe even during the fights

-”wait a sec metal arm guy, my girlfriend is calling. hey Y/N! what am i doing right now? well theres this guy with this huge metal arm and- wooooah! stop throwing things at me! can’t you see im on the phone?!”

-”hey babe, you know that old movie with the giant things that walk and the spaceships that wrap stuff around their legs? yeah! Starwars! i should have remembered the name, thanks babe.”

-i dunno, he seems like a ‘babe’ guy

-adorable awkwardness

-but you fit so perfectly together when you hug

-he’d love giving you piggy back rides

-adorable cuddles

-he would love burrowing his face against your neck and kissing your neck and just… neck.

-if you ever wanted to put yourself in harms way he would totally just spider web you to things.

-”its too dangerous.” “nah i’ll be fine… Peter. did you just spiderweb me to the door?” “yes???”


-him teaching you computer stuff

-”you sure you’re not bored by all this computer stuff?” he would ask. you would say no. 

-holding hands

-long walks around Queens because yes

-he would know all the super cool places

-Aunt May would loooove you

-you’d be invited to every dinner at that house

-Aunt May would make you little food take home bags

-OH MY GOSH! you and Peter would be ‘love bugs’ (get it? because he’s a spider *insert troll face*)

-endless honey moon phase

-being dorks

-being nerds

-being who you are with each other, no need for false fronts

-i love you, i love you, i love you


requested by anon

I can’t help but notice how we fit so perfectly together.
Your hand rests comfortable in the small of my back,
And my head lays gently on your chest when you hold me.
When we’re together your body fits like a missing puzzle piece to mine.
It’s also obvious how we balance each other out,
To the eye, we are complete opposites.
Your hair blonde, eyes blue,
Mine brown, eyes borderline black.
Your outgoing and funny
And I’m reserved.
But conversations never end with us,
And we see Qualities in our selves that we can only find with each other.
And in all of this I’m scared,
Scare because I believe I have found my perfect match,
But I can not have you.
—  A.P

I want to talk about this photo for a second. The first time I saw this I thought it had to be fan photoshopped because I mean, just look at it. But this is a genuine promotional photo put out there by the Sherlock team. If the beautiful alignment of John’s nose fitting perfectly into the curve of Sherlock’s cheekbone isn’t intimate enough for you, I’d like to point out where John’s mouth has been placed. His lips are almost brushing Sherlock’s neck. One of the most intimate, delicate and vulnerable parts of the human body? Their foreheads appear like they’re touching. Their noses and lips are only visibly inches apart. This is as close as you can get to portraying ‘skin on skin’ without actually touching. And while I’m here I also want to point out how painful this picture is, because while they are so perfectly aligned and fit together in all the right places, both Sherlock and John are looking in completely opposite directions. They are not seeing what we see. They are not seeing each other. They are not seeing how perfectly they fit together in all these intimate places. How to resolve this? I wonder what would happen if they both stopped looking in different directions, and looked at each other…


Falling back together.

honestly, i wouldn’t have been surprised if adam took longer to think everything over and work out if he really wanted to pursue this, but i also absolutely love that he just goes for it, after only a couple hours’ deliberation, just decides to throw caution to the wind and trust himself and his own feelings, trust that this is real and he really wants it and that he’s not just playing with ronan’s feelings, and knowing they’ll figure out all of the rest later. because it’s them and this is important and they’re going to make it work no matter what.

w hy did harry have to write ‘if i could fly’ and then write a song titled '5378 miles’ about the distance he has to fly back HOME and w hy did louis have to write a song called ‘home’ and w hy did they have to fit so perfectly when you put them together ‘if i could fly home’ and wh y did harry also have to go and write a song called already home

Everything about her fit so perfectly together,
He thought.
The way she never seemed to blush
Even though he made her breath shutter and heart go awry.
It fit her hidden nature and quiet thoughts,
Invisible to the untrained eye.
At that moment,
He foolishly prided himself in understanding her. But inside she was all missing pieces and broken promises.
—  A.L Nash