Casualties of a Cold War

Gilneas still looked beautiful despite its destruction. Spires and stained glass windows built a beautiful aesthetic that, coupled with overcast skies and a light rain, almost reminded her of home.

She’d followed the trail for hours. Puddle to puddle, muddy patch to displaced leaves, every moment inching along, all the way from Silverpine. Still, standing upright for the first time since her hunt began she felt no weariness. The sight of that fire, of the encampment and the gruff voices of her prey, rekindled the fire that kept her going. The Syndicate had cause to fear.

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Tenth Doctor + family


The Evolution of Sansa Stark : One more step, she told herself, one more step. She had to keep moving. If she stopped, she would never start again, and dawn would find her still clinging to the cliff, frozen in fear. One more step, and one more step. (requested by chocolat-e)

Yesterday was a “rest day” for me. It’s been an emotional week. Telling Aya’s story was tough enough. But the hardest part for me was watching a traumatized young woman release her story into a world that’s becoming more and more afraid of her with each passing day. It was such an act of courage for Aya to tell her story in this climate. And as I read some of the comments on her story, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was doing her more harm than good.

There is so much fear in the world right now. And politicians know that they must win the votes of frightened people. And with their rhetoric, they are condoning prejudice in a way that I’ve never seen in my lifetime. Since September 11th, forty-five people have been killed in the United States by Islamic extremists. This includes the recent attacks in California. Even though these attacks were carried out by only a handful of violent individuals, they are being used as a license to vilify millions of Americans. That is wrong and that is dangerous.

And Aya, who is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known, had to absorb a good deal of that hatred this week. I’m sure this added to the trauma she’s already been through. But every step of the way I gave her the option to stop telling her story. And at every step, she gave me permission to continue. And I thank her for that.

And I want to thank all of you. Because I noticed something this week. I noticed that the comments on Aya’s story always began very positively. But as some of the posts were shared thousands of times, and began to reach newsfeeds beyond the HONY community, the tone of comments deteriorated. They became much more judgmental and prejudiced. And that made me realize how special this community is. The people who follow this page did something very important this week. You allowed a traumatized young Muslim woman to share her story in a supportive environment. There aren’t many places right now where that is possible. So in your own way, you provided Aya with a place of refuge.

Thank you for that.

And thanks to everyone who stood up this week to tell Aya: “I’m not afraid of you.” For anyone who still wishes to sign Aya’s petition, you may do so here:


favourite character meme » three emotions: fear [1/3]

FICTION: facing your fears overcomes them.
FACT: the closer you are to her the more that you wish you could touch her. if people were boats she would drown you. when you look at her sometimes you picture yourself kissing her until you are both on fire. instead you sit on your hands and keep your eyes on the clouds. it isn’t love if you haven’t tested the waters.
FICTION: the tongue has a different section for each of the five flavors.
FACT: they lie like a sheet all together, and when you see her dancing you find yourself drinking vodka until you can’t taste anything. you picture your taste buds as little traps, holding back the truth from her. when she leans in, when she laughs, you can’t stop smiling. later for no reason you can name you find yourself crying. 
FICTION: baby birds smell like you if you touch them.
FACT: birds can’t smell and when you wake up she’s gone. you stare at the ceiling for so long it starts swimming. 
FICTION: police require twenty-four hours before a missing persons report is filed.
FACT: she is missing from you even though she’s standing in front of you. an ache that doesn’t soothe. 
FICTION: a black hole is a passage through space.
FACT: they are hugely dense objects with massive gravitational pull. if you fall into her, you will see forever. you are falling. you are falling. there is no way out of her.
—  FACT/FICTION // r.i.d

alycia is actually the sweetest person ever like she is literally willing to give up months and months of her time and work herself to her absolute limits to be in two shows and a few movies like she could easily have dropped the 100 after season two and she knows that fear the walking dead will do more for her career, yet she was still willing to come back to play her favourite character and represent the lgbt+ community like fuck I am in l o v e 

i woke up this morning and realised that i could not remember the sound of her voice. her laugh echos in my head when i try hard enough to imagine it but it’s nothing more than an empty, weightless reflection of reality teetering on the cusp of my memory. and it only brings me pain to try and remember it

but my fear of forgetting her is much more powerful and so i must remember and i end up at the same question, of everyone in the universe

what did we do wrong to deserve this

why me?


The Captain smiling after recieving approval from his Lieutenant

  • Fear the Walking Dead writers: Let's have a canon romantic relationship between a white woman and a POC. Hell, let's have two.
  • The Walking Dead writers: Let's ignore three seasons of build-up and obvious chemistry between Rick and Michonne and instead promote an extremely unhealthy relationship between Rick and Jessie, because she's, you know, white.