Whoniverse: Class - 22/? Miss Quill and Charlie moments (1x08)

@inukag-week Day 2 - Fear

 ( a picture essay collab by @kagomeforever + me)

Kagome is one brave woman. She has thrown herself in front of Seshoumaru as he was about to attack InuYasha. She’s never shown any sign of fear when she’s come up against Naraku. Homegirl has been kidnapped a time or two and reacts with more annoyance than fear when up against her captors. 

But she consistently experiences fear when InuYasha transforms into a full youkai. And NOT because she’s afraid he’ll hurt her: she’s afraid that the man she’s in love with might lose himself.

InuYasha is a little different. He’s shown fear consistently throughout the series (most frequently due to Kagome’s safety). But he is very much afraid of what he could do to Kagome when he first begins to transform.

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Can’t wait to see what Alolashipping moments we will get to see between Ash and Lillie!! One loves Pokemon, and the other is afraid of them. I can definitely see Ash helping Lillie overcome her fear of Pokemon. 4 more days!!! Can’t wait!!

i woke up this morning and realised that i could not remember the sound of her voice. her laugh echos in my head when i try hard enough to imagine it but it’s nothing more than an empty, weightless reflection of reality teetering on the cusp of my memory. and it only brings me pain to try and remember it

but my fear of forgetting her is much more powerful and so i must remember and i end up at the same question, of everyone in the universe

what did we do wrong to deserve this

why me?

Would Never Call It Love | 4

Highly requested, this is way long overdue. But I’m back and healthy and happy. Can’t wait to write more for you guys. Enjoy. 1 2 3 . Masterlist in my bio.

Chapter based on this quote: “How am I suppose to go back when I know you have already replaced me…”

Calum’s POV

I fucked up.

I left her.

I told her I didn’t love her, and steered her into the wrong guys arms. 

It hurt my chest and made my lungs collapse picturing them in my head, in the same bed, Ashton hovering above her. The look on her face got me the most. Not even the fact that Ashton was close to cumming inside of her. Her eyes shot out of her head with visible veins showing through. Her shoulders tensed underneath Ashton’s arms, her collarbones becoming more prominent in fear. Her face began to show both colors of blue and red, from being embarrassed and from holding her breathe too long. It broke me, seeing her broken.

And now I stand, at 3 am outside the hotel building, with a lit cigarette in hand, and the cold wind creating dry patches and red marks on my face. The smoke blew seamlessly into the night time air, creating swirls for me to watch and keep my mind off of the situation. I took one too many puffs, one after the other, the swelling feeling in my throat becoming too much to take in, causing me to starting coughing loudly. The smoke scratched at my lungs each time I coughed, tears now forming in my eyes painfully. As my hand came up to my chest as a gesture, someone’s voice in front of me interrupted. 

“You need some help?” It was calm. Raspy. Quiet. I immediately dropped my cigarette and stomped it out with my toes, then wiped my now red eyes. She was wearing a flannel that had the first two buttons undone, some baggy sweatpants, and her hair pulled into a truly messy bun. Not the cute ones most girls wore to give them the ‘natural’ look, but more of a bun where you couldn’t tell where strands ended or started, they all just stuck out everywhere ready to collapse. Her arms were crossed, and I looked straight into her eyes. They were droopy, with light bags forming underneath them. She had been crying, a lot I assumed from how red her cheeks were. But then again, maybe it was just the cold.

I gathered my strength and leaned back against the building, putting my hands deep into my pockets. “Not from you no.”

“Calum, don’t shut me out again. Please…let me talk…” She whispered with a cracking voice. She stepped forward coming closer to me, and my body’s first reaction was to back up even further against the wall, but no amount of energy I had could do that. I had to stand there defensively and stomach enough courage to hear her out.

“You fucked Ashton. You fucked my best friend. You fucked my roommate, my band mate. My brother.” I tried to stare anywhere else but directly in front me. Or else I’d get lost in those big orbs of light brown that captured my attention flawlessly. “You left me that day in my apartment, in nothing but my underwear, telling me that you didn’t love me. All you keep doing, is hurting me. You’re trying so hard to fight and fix us but Y/N…there was nothing else to fix. There was nothing there for us to mend and put back together. Like you said, all we are is fuck buddies.” I tried to push past her, but the sound of her pleading voice made me stop before I reached the hotel door.

“I’ll let you go.”

I turned around stunned, but it didn’t show on my face. I only ran a hand threw what little hair I had, in frustration. Hearing those words was even more painful than seeing her in pleasure that was caused by my best friend. Because this meant that Y/N and I were completely over. That there was no hope left for us. That we were utterly, and painfully, ruined.

“I didn’t come down here to win you back, or say I love you and kiss you and make everything better. That’s not realistic Calum.” I could tell it was breaking her to say these words to me. She wiped a few tears before speaking again. “I realized about an hour ago that we’re both messed up people with none of our shit figured out. If we did, then we’d be together right now. Not friends with benefits, not just someone we call to fuck and then leave. We’d be peacefully falling asleep together at night, and waking up to our morning breathes at 8 am.” I slightly scuffed at her comment. “I mean, shit it took me one month of pure heart break and loneliness without you to realize that I loved you, and you were perfectly happy and moved on. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for you Calum. All you ever did was make me happy. Sure, it stings. It hurts. It really really fucking makes me sick. But when you love someone, you realize that their own needs come before your own.” She walked towards me slowly, reaching her hand down to intertwined with mine. I didn’t stop it, but only looked down at the ground, squeezing as hard as I could. This would be the last time I’d get to ever hold this hand, a hand I held for reassurance and guidance, for closeness and protection. 

She softly smiled, but it was a sad one. She knew she was leaving me for good.

“I knew I was going to need to leave you sooner or later. I just always hoped that that wouldn’t be an option anymore. There’s was always a glimmer of hope in me that said we’d make it. That no matter what, we’d get through whatever we were going through. But I was wrong.” Her lip started quivering, built up hot tears dragging down her swollen cheeks. I clenched my fist to stop me from wiping them off of her face.

“This is what’s best Calum. No more sneaking around, no more running off to be with each other, no more intimacy. We both have someone waiting for us in this hotel, someone who could potentially be very good for us. I don’t want you wasting your time on me, when she deserves so much better from you.” She reached up to kiss my cheek softly. I bit my lip and looked the other direction as she pulled away. This was it. No going back, no do over’s. 

“I love you Calum.” She whispered, and disconnected herself from me, pulling open the hotel doors and sliding in to get to the elevators. I didn’t watch her. Knowing me, I would’ve ran and grabbed her to stop her.


5 minutes later I walked into Ashton’s hotel room again, baby snores escaping his lips. I stood propped up on the bedroom door frame, watching admiringly. He heard the floor creak and lifted his head up slowly, his eyes struggling to open.

“Go back to bed big guy, I’m joining you.”

Calum’s POV

I walked into my hotel room with her quietly sitting on the bed flipping through TV channels. She gave me a small smile before turning her attention back on the screen. Clearly we’d be having a talk about this in a few hours, but right now all we cared about getting the most amount of sleep possible before being woken up to hit up the next venue.

I shrugged off my shirt before climbing into bed with her, wrapping my arms around her shoulders. If I wrapped around her waist, it’d be too much of a familiar feeling.


Neither Y/N nor Calum felt completely comfortable and safe with the other person they were in bed with. Sadly, they were settling. That is…for now at least.

This was kind of a shit chapter for being back after weeks so I’m very sorry. Message or inbox me ideas you’d like to see if you guys would like a part 5! 

The Decision

Hi 😊
This is a product of yesterday’s sad sad mood. I am not a writer or anything, (it just happened) so there are probably some mistakes, sorry for that.

Her small figure trembled with fear more and more as she neared the surface. It was said to be the most important day in her life - her eighteenth birthday. The reason behind the special day not being the fact she stepped into a new stage of her life, like it might have seemed to a mere human, but rather because it was the day she had to kill her first victim. Others preferred names less coarse such as a drowning or sacrifice but Lucy liked to call things by their proper names. For a siren reaching her adulthood meant only one thing and that was finding a human - first person who looks her in the eyes - within a day and lure them into water. It was a ritual she had to perform in order not to die herself before the day elapses.

The surface stirred as she poked her head through the water. Not taking the reason behind her little trip into account the night was beautiful, a full moon, sky covered in stars shining so brightly Lucy stretched her hand up hoping to reach them. The endless darkness extending beyond the horizon was interrupted by a light coming from a ship not far from her. Heavy sight left her lips as she decided to swim closer, her body slipping through the waves. 

The deck was full of people talking and laughing, cheerful music playing in the background, she could even hear the tinkling of the glasses toasting. Lucy smiled forgetting what she came to do. She was consumed by all the joy happening so close but unreachably far at the same time. A loud ravishing laugh coming just from above her made her snap out of her thoughts. She came closer, looked up and saw the source of the beautiful sound, he was leaning on the edge of the ship, his back muscle tensing as his elbows rested on the railing. 

She fell into a trance not realizing he turned around and was now looking at her. She gasped upon seeing his surprised face. Their eyes locked. She felt enchanted by his fiery gaze, yet it should be the other way around. It felt like time has stopped letting the world revolve around them only, then suddenly, “Natsu come here! a male voice called out. “Oh c-coming!” he responded not taking his eyes of her.                                                                                         “N-a-t-s-u.” she tested his name on her lips shy blush spreading across her cheeks. Hearing her attempt put a sweet smile on his face and at that moment Lucy knew that was the day she dies.

#1 out of 7: ♠Queen Eclipsa♠ Ever since I saw her, I fell in love with her design and I wanted more of her :D NOW WE’RE GOING ALL ECLIPSA PUZZLE HUNTING (like finding her frozen on Rhombulus place) I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE! She’s dark, mysterious and very unfinished and that’s what makes her very interesting as the watchers wanting to know more of her background and why so many fear her… (I’m making some fanart of my favorite SVSTFOE characters and why I like them, if you have a favorite character please let me know and why is it your favorite?) Art by me Queen Eclipsa belongs to Disney God bless you :3

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it was so important that isak reached out to sonja, even though she had hurt him, he put aside his pride and hurt and contacted her out of worry for even, putting even’s interests at first. so glad sonja got redemption from last week and was not kept in the ‘angry, jealous ex-girlfriend’ box but rather shown that her previous actions were more out of fear for even’s safety than bad intentions. i appreciate it so much that isak and sonja could put aside their personal feelings and help each help even.

Finally deciphered the journal ! Hope no one else has yet lol…..

“I woke up this morning and realized that I could not remember the sound of her voice.

Her laugh echoes in my head when I try hard enough to imagine it but it’s nothing more than an empty, weightless, reflection of reality teetering on the cusp of my memory. And it only brings me pain to try and remember it.

But my fear of forgetting her is much more powerful, and so I must remember and I end up at the same question, as everyone in the universe. What did we do wrong to deserve this?

Why me?”


lol is anybody else like dead bc of Sarah Weichel rn or

Collision Course - Part Three

Part One, Part Two

Claire stood looking at the walls of the fort with a heavy heart, hoping and praying she was doing the right thing. Jamie had been incredibly quiet and distant since she had told him the whole truth. It should have been a weight off her shoulders but it also seemed to be a confirmation of her fears Jamie had never felt more like a stranger to her than in the last few hours upon the road to the fort. He and Murtagh had been conferring but in Gáidhlig, probably so they wouldn’t frighten her needlessly until they had a solid plan.

Getting in itself would be as difficult as either finding Frank or getting out again once they had him.

When they came in first sight of the fort but still had a line of trees providing cover, Jamie pulled up and decided they must wait until nightfall before making their move.

“Jamie,” Claire said quietly as he hobbled the horses. “Can’t we talk about this?”

“I’ve a plan but half-formed,” he said, unwilling to look at her. “I’ll tell ye what I’ve decided as soon as it’s formed. Dinna fash, Sassenach; we’ll get yer man out safe and get the two of ye home again. I uh… I’ll go fetch water for the horses. I’ll think clearer on my own.” He strode hastily away leaving Claire alone with a tight-lipped and disapproving Murtagh.

She’d stood about pacing and waiting but Jamie stayed away.

“It’s a risk, I know,” Claire finally said aloud for the sake of breaking the silence. “But what else can I do?”

Murtagh looked up at her for a few moments and she could watch him rolling his response about in his mouth before finally spitting it out.

“The lad will gladly take any risk ye ask of him––whether he ought or naught––simply ‘cause it’s you doin’ the askin’. I just hope ye ken what it costs him.”

Judgment was heavy in his voice but Claire hardly felt undeserving of it and so kept quiet rather than defend herself.

“I have it,” Jamie declared as he reappeared some time later without the water he’d gone to fetch. “It will be a near thing but with a wee bit of luck, it will work.”

Frank felt cold and wet for a few moment before the pain seeped back into his consciousness.

“Welcome back,” Captain Randall sneered. “This would all go much faster if you could remain conscious long enough to answer my questions.”

“Sorry to be such… a bother,” Frank said around the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. He ran his tongue along the inside of his cheek and felt the ragged edges where his teeth had cut into the flesh. The captain must have tried slapping him to rouse him before dousing him with water.

“I can’t decide whether your employer chose you for this mission for your inability to endure the sight of spilled blood––or at the very least, your own,” Captain Randall mused as he used a handkerchief to wipe the blade of his razor and examine it. “Or perhaps you simply know how to induce fainting in yourself and this is your method for coping with the pain. But you know… I will find the point at which the pain becomes too much for you to remain unconscious––it can be a tricky spot to find in one such as yourself, but I’ve found it before.” He grinned and Frank sighed with resignation.

This man would likely wind up killing him and Frank no longer knew if he cared; he couldn’t even take comfort in the knowledge that Claire was safe. If she had only been more careful in her trip to the stones, she never would have ended up in a place like this and he never would have ended up here looking for her. He could feel a small twinge of pride that he hadn’t given the captain anything. He didn’t exactly have anything to give up, of course; or at least, nothing that would have been believed. But he clung to his belief that he was conducting himself honorably and that his supervisors in the intelligence offices would be proud.

Captain Randall retrieved a whetstone and drew the edge of the razor blade along it. Frank refused to look, fought to keep his eyes open and his posture alert.

There was a sharp rap at the door that brought Frank to attention and a look of sharp annoyance to Captain Randall.

The captain gently placed the whetstone on the desk before rising but held the razor tightly in his hand, clearly ready to use it should the knocker fail to have good reason for the disruption.

The same corporal who had escorted Frank to the office earlier quickly saluted.

“Sir, there’s a woman here to see you,” he hastily spat out, his eyes flickering from the razor to an unseen point straight ahead. “It’s the one from the other day––the one came with the MacKenzie chief. I told her you was busy with a prisoner but she insisted you’d want to see her right away.”

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Harmony of Souls

Prompt: “Don’t be stupid.”
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters: Higurashi Kagome, Sesshoumaru
Setting: Canon Divergence
1,000 Words

Kagome stared in growing horror at the sharp claw tracing a lingering line up her bare arm. A few short minutes ago, she’d been in fear for her life, but at least she’d known what was going on.

Now she didn’t have the foggiest clue of what was happening. Being unsure and out of her depth made her feel more fearful than she’d been moments before, when she’d been fighting for her life.

Because the hand touching her arm was the very same that had been wrapped around her throat; squeezing the breath out of her. Yet, there was nothing threatening about this new touch – quite the contrary.

It was a gentle caress, and the shiver that ran down Kagome’s spine wasn’t all from fear.

“Sesshoumaru,” she whispered, her voice sounding as small as she felt.

His golden eyes were soft with strange heat, but the frown he directed at his own hand – still slowly stroking her arm – was clearly displeased.

“What is this magic?” He growled. “What have you done to this Sesshoumaru?”

“I haven’t done anything,” she replied. “Only defended myself against you.”

“You must have done something, miko. Because a moment ago I was intent on killing you, and now I feel compelled to touch you.”

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Dogs of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mirzam “Miri”
Handler: Jemma Simmons
Breed: Rottweiler
Trained for: PTSD, psychiatric (anxiety, panic attacks), eating disorder NOS
Tasks: Grounding, interrupting flashbacks, alerting to panic attacks and finding others, enforcing physical boundaries, meal reminders

Can often be found: Circling a wide ring around Agent Simmons in the lab. Marching down the halls in pursuit of or being followed by a trusted agent. Keeping a watchful eye in the family room or kitchen.

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Have some baby Marla and Wrath.

Tagging @feynites and @selenelavellan bc abom au.

Wrath is old.

It didn’t know -how- old exactly, time passes differently in the Fade, it had told her. But it was old enough, and apparently strange enough, that most other spirits shied away from it.

When they’d first become partners, after… after she had calmed down, Marla had been overwhelmed by the deep sense of loneliness Wrath carried with it, buried beneath the fire and the driving rage. She had crawled into the first dark place she could find and wept until she had dehydrated herself.

As they’d gotten used to their new circumstances, Marla had made it a point to talk to it, and include Wrath in her decision making, on everything, which had baffled it at first.

(We’re friends, and I’m gonna look after you) she had told it (you don’t have to be lonely, I’m always here)


(…thank you. But I still don’t care what color socks we wear.)

About a month after they’d teamed up, things had gotten rough. The tenuous equilibrium they had established had started fluctuating wildly. This resulted in mood swings that left Marla seething, but without a reason, or safe outlet, for her anger. Wrath rose up too close to the surface, and she would have to drag them away from public, because they had the wrong number of eyes and/or limbs, or they were suddenly three foot taller and starting to glow.

(I’m hungry) Wrath had tried to explain.

Marla, in desperation, had snuck into a public library after hours, and found an online ‘roleplay’ forum about abominations. Sketchy at best, but…

/What does it mean when your 'friend’ says it’s hungry?/ she had typed.

She sat refreshing the page for a few minutes, but before she could get an answer, she heard footsteps down the hall. She pulled the power cord and fled.

It took a few more days of being the wrong height and having to wear oversized sunglasses to hide the extra eyes that kept stubbornly appearing before she managed to go back. She went during the day this time, not willing to be caught trespassing, as she wasn’t sure what Wrath would do.

It had been… pacing, for lack of a better word. Irritable and snappish, which meant -she- was irritable and snappish, and she felt lost. She wasn’t doing a very good job of looking after her friend. Which just made her more upset, and in turn rankled Wrath.

It was a Tuesday, mid morning, and the library was thankfully quiet. She’d still snuck past the librarian. There was no plausible reason she could give for a 12 year old to be wandering around unsupervised on a school day.

Wrath curled around her spine and waited, impatient. She couldn’t keep her feet still as she logged back into the forum.

/What does it mean when your 'friend’ says it’s hungry?/ -14 replies

(Hurry up) Wrath insisted.

Marla clicked on the link eagerly. The first few replies were… graphic… in nature. They involved pictures, and suggestions of unwilling blood sacrifices, a couple of which insisted children were the best catalyst. Wrath growled, offended and vicious.

(Don’t look at those) it said, and she’d had to struggle for control of herself for a few minutes.

(Not here! Wrath-) they were glowing, slightly. Marla pressed her lips into a thin line and scowled, her own patience worn thin after so many weeks of being out of balance. She took a deep breath and sought out the still, cold place in her mind. Wrath objected, but it was too distracted by its own anger to catch her in time.

She dragged it into the stillness with her.

They stopped glowing.

Wrath coiled around her like a second skin, disgruntled and at once apologetic.

(Help me read this) she told it.

After the offending posts, there were a few more asking for details. Two posts, by the same user, SparksAlive, first asking what kind of friend she had, was her friend angry, or sad, or flirty…? The second one, several hours later, was more helpful.

/Hi again Flash, I geuss ur offline but in case u see this, generally, if ur friend is hungry, they need smthg  that fits with their personality. Misery loves company, so sad friends like sad people. Flirty friends like to socialize and give gifts. If u have got an angry friend plz be careful they need lots of attn./

(Huh.) Mala thought it over. Wrath wasn’t making any noise, but she was keenly aware of its presense, watching her.

Towards the end of the replies, that same user had posted again, last night sometime.

/hey Flash idk if ur still around plz let us know if ur OK it’s a worry when sum1 goes dark/

/Thnks for the info Sparks/ she replied, mulling it over.

Wrath prodded her, still impatient, but Marla was getting an idea. She pulled the power cable instead of turning off the computer, again, and quietly made her way over to the stacks. From here she could see the rest of the library. There were two other patrons in here, one at a table with her headphones in, and another a few seats down, half falling asleep in what looked like a medical textbook. College students, probably. The librarian was at her desk, busily sorting things.

Marla took it in as she absently chewed her bottom lip. She didn’t have a lot of practice with magic; had only really come into it last year.

(I will help) Wrath insisted.

(Okay. But be careful)

Marla pulled at her magic softly, and felt Wrath wrap around her like a large temperamental cat. She let it go in a soft 'woosh’. Marla’s eyes went wide as she realized their mistake.

(Too much!)

The man’s head slammed into his book. He sat bolt upright and cursed loudly. The librarian fixed him with a withering look.


Wrath rippled around her.

(More.) It said (Look.)

Marla wasn’t sure what it was talking about, was about to leave, try something else, when she felt it.

Irritation bordering on anger, coming from the librarian, malcontent confusion from the man.

Wrath searched their shared lexicon to come up with a good analogy.

(Like popcorn. A snack. Salty but unfilling. More.) It insisted.

Oh. Yeah, she could do more, if that’s what it needed.

She pulled up her magic again, more confident this time. When she let it go, it was more focused.

The man’s chair shot back half a foot, and he slammed into his book again. This time he stood up and swore, looking around. The librarian’s face scrunched up and she slammed the check-in stamp down.

“SHHHHHHHHHH! This is a LIBRARY!” she managed to yell in a whisper.

He turned to her, returning the tone.

“Oh really? I HADN’T NOTICED.”

Marla giggled. Giddy from relief, as Wrath relaxed a bit, and she felt the tension that had been riding them the last few weeks slowly ease.

“Who’s there?”

(Busted) Marla thought, still grinning.

She practically skipped out of the stacks and stood next to the spinning display of harlequin novels, near the door. The librarian and the man both glared at her, but for different reasons.

“How did you get in here? What are you doing here?” The librarian demanded, at the same time as the man said “What the fuck?”

“FEED ME, SEYMORE!” Marla shouted, and knocked the spinning rack over with such force that a few of the books went flying.

Wrath practically purred at the incoherent rage the librarian, who looked like she had just seen someone murdered, was exuding.

Marla didn’t stick around to see what other reactions there’d be. She bolted out the door, cackling, and down the street, knocking into a woman in a sharp business suit who spilled her coffee down her front.

Wrath hummed happily at her outrage.

Marla finally came to a halt down an alley several blocks away, still grinning like a madwoman, breathing hard. Wrath swirled around her, unseen, but more agreeable than it had been in a month.

(Ya know?) Marla said, still giddy, (I think we’re gonna be alright.)

leostrious replied to your post “On the Cassandra v. Eugene debate”

I love Cass for the very reason she makes both Raps and Eugene think just in different ways. She has her own interests, fears, opinions, and above all duty. Her job is more then just Lady in Waiting… She is Rapunzel’s Protector something she feels Eugene is forgetting.

Ah, but Eugene can’t protect Rapunzel if Rapunzel refuses to tell him what the problem is.

When he asked in the boat if she was okay, she responded with a question: “Is all this everything you dreamed it would be?”
When he came to apologize for the proposal, she said that she shouldn’t have stormed out, and she was sorry, and asked for his patience.

But not once has she told him what she’s actually feeling, her thoughts, her fears. And Cassandra, bless her heart and intentions, needs to understand that Eugene can’t help fight demons he can’t see. Sure, he can feel them, he knows they’re there, but what exactly they are eludes him. He’s offering Rapunzel support, but in the most hands-off way. I’m guessing he figures she needs space and time and she’ll open up when she’s ready to. After all, he didn’t open up about Eugene Fitzherbert even existing until he was good and ready.

I feel bad for him, being alone in the dark.

I feel bad for Cassandra, shouldering the burden alone and feeling like there’s someone right there who should be helping and isn’t.

And I feel bad for Rapunzel, thinking that if she burdens Eugene with this, he’ll think she’s not appreciative for what he’s done for her.

But Rapunzel isn’t telling anyone what her issues are. No one but Cassandra, and even then, she’s not being 100% open.

Do you know who else I feel sorry for? Frederic. His edict is not baseless. And unlike Gothel, he is doing it for her own good (but also his peace of mind). In all seriousness, “You can’t leave the kingdom without my permission,” isn’t that big a deal. There’s a lot of kingdom beyond the palace walls. That’s not that restrictive. The part that bothers me is, “Don’t talk about magic with anyone.”

Why, Frederic? What are you hiding? Are you just afraid that she’ll clue people in about her hair and make herself a target? Or is there something specific you know that we all don’t?

But, my point here was that if he knew about Rapunzel’s trauma, he might not be so strict about things, and they’d be able to come to a compromise rather than a straight up order on his part.

He clearly doesn’t know how to be a father at all. He never got the chance to practice and find out how. He does, however, know how to be a king, and kings lay down laws and commands when they need things to go a certain way.

So, back to my original post, everyone has learning and growing to do. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but I expect a satisfying one. I’ve been saying since we found out about this series that I prefer a series to a theatrical sequel, because you get so much more character development in a series than a movie. You have so much more time to tell the story. They’re shooting for seventy-eight episodes. That’s a minimum of twenty-six hours of new content we’re getting. And I don’t think I’ve ever been this eager for a series in my entire life.