I just love the myth of Persephone, i mean the real, original version of it, because it’s not like she got kidnapped, no, this bitch was la-de-da-ing in a meadow and she just happened to find an entrance to the Underworld and she was like “Imma check this out”. And she just wanders into the Underworld and discovers that hey this place ain’t too bad.

Meanwhile Hades is in the background “????? UM??? PRETTY GIRL??? WHY ARE YOU HERE?????? YOU AREN’T DEAD???” 

And Persephone (who was originally called Kore just a little fyi) just looked at him and said “I like it here. I’m staying.”

And Hades kinda just went with it, until Demeter started throwing the temper tantrum of the millenium upstairs and Zeus had to intervene because this shit was getting out of hand and its actually his job to be admistrator of justice. Which considering the shit he gets up to is kinda histerical but that’s another story there. 

And basically Persephone wasn’t a prisoner or kidnap victim at all she just really loved the Underworld and her (eventual) husband, and the Greeks feared her arguably more than her husband because Hades could be reasoned with but Persephone was the one laying the smack down on sinners, and really, who wouldn’t be at least a little scared of someone who’s name means something along the lines of “the destroyer”

Basically, Persephone is amazing and everbody needs to get on her level

Justice League, Meet The Avengers

Batsy has created a chatroom.

Batsy has added Alfredo Pasta.

Batsy: Alfred.

Alfredo Pasta: Yes, Master Bruce?

Batsy: Was it Barry or Oliver this time?

Alfredo Pasta: It was the young speedster, Master Bruce.

Batsy has added Bear.

Batsy: Stop. Changing. Our. Names.

Bear: Alfredo Pasta, you snitched on me?

Alfredo Pasta: No regrets, son.

Alfredo Pasta: Was there something you needed, Master Bruce?

Batsy: I want to know the current status of the rest of the league.

Alfredo Pasta: Inviting them over for dinner? I shall prepare the table.

Batsy: No - a meeting that involves food, Alfred!

Bear: Ooooh are we having Lobster Thermidor? Arthur won’t like that.

Bear: I’ll be back in a… Flash. Gotta take care of my good pal Captain Cold.

Bear has left the chat.

Alfredo Pasta: It seems all members of the JLA are currently preoccupied.

Batsy: Even Clark? What could Arthur be doing? And Diana?

Alfredo Pasta: Saving the world, of course.

Alfredo Pasta: Except for Arthur. He’s at an aquarium.

Batsy: Are there any criminals out?

Alfredo Pasta: I’m afraid not, Master Bruce. Master Dick has done an exceptional job of keeping them at bay.


Batsy: What’s the Joker up to?

Alfredo Pasta: He’s in hiding after your last debacle with him.

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cassian/jyn fic recs by MUTUAL PINING TROPES

I told an anon that I wouldn’t be doing this, yet here we are. This fic rec list is dedicated to fandom’s dedication to mutual pining + tropes that shove Cassian and Jyn together. All are either post-Scarif AUs, or canon missing scenes.

In brief:

fake making-out
like real people do by mollivanders ( @ladytharen​​) 3.4K
It’s a Classic for a Reason by mosylu ( @mosylufanfic​​). 0.4K, oneshot
Faking It by mosylu ( @mosylufanfic​) 2.8k, oneshot

sharing a bed
The Second Mission: Cold and Codependent by angel_deux. 26K words, complete.
semantics (series) by katsumi ( @leralynne​​). 4 oneshots.
the quiet we hold by ithacas ( @dazy-laze​​). 12K, oneshot
Cold, Cold Nights by Felurian. 2.4K, oneshot
we were secrets to keep by mollivanders ( @ladytharen​​)
Finding Myself (And Maybe You) (series) by Copper_Nails (Her_Madjesty) ( @coppernailpolish​​). 5 oneshots.
Remastered by Lafayette1777 ( @lafayette1777​​) 9.7K, oneshot
5 times Cassian and Jyn shared a bed by Moonprincess92 ( @moonprincess92nz​​) 4K, oneshot
Crash into You by jeeno2 ( @jeeno2) 8K, complete
the benefits of conversation by ignitesthestars ( @ignitesthestars​​). 1k, oneshot
falling together by ninemoons42 ( @ninemoons42) 4.7K, oneshot
Before I Wake, Before the Dawn by redfantasyfox ( @redfantasyfox​) 6K, oneshot

fake relationship
compromise by ignitesthestars ( @ignitesthestars​​). 2.6K, WIP

hurt/comfort (i.e. taking care of one another)
cover me, I’ll cover you by mollivanders ( @ladytharen​) 3.4k, oneshot
Hoarse by Selkit ( @coppermarigolds​). 2k, oneshot
Bloody Little Worms by Kobo ( @rxbxlcaptain​). 2.7K, oneshot
Closer by muggleindenial28 ( @jyn-mother-fucking-andor​). 3.3K, oneshot
what is decayed in you shall be made clean by imgoingtocrash ( @imgoingtocrash​) 2.3k, oneshot.
Two Hours by vaultfox ( @vaultfox​) 4.4K, oneshot
flight lessons by ignitesthestars ( @ignitesthestars​) 1K, oneshot
There For You by guineapiggie ( @ruby-red-inky-blue). 1.9K, oneshot

back from the dead
We Can Turn Over and Start Again by kyrdwyn. 13K, WIP
you are your father’s daughter by gingergenower ( @gingergenower​​). 1K, oneshot
Fifteen Days by clashofqueens. 1.1K, oneshot
untitled by @hurricanedancer​​. oneshot.

caught in the act
Caught in the Act by jeeno2 ( @jeeno2). 700 words, oneshot
A Million More Deaths by starforged ( @starforged​​) 3.2K, oneshot
‘cause i’ve been banging on the walls, i’m too dry to cry by youareiron_andyouarestrong ( @youareiron-andyouarestrong​). 500 words, oneshot

sex pollen
Dust by impertinence ( @stopthatimp​). 1.6K, oneshot
Color My Cheeks by Copper_Nails (Her_Madjesty) ( @coppernailpolish) 29K, complete

mutual pining co-dependence (that doesn’t fit anywhere else)
run to me in the rising dawn by katsumi ( @leralynne​) 4.9k, oneshot
Alternatively, by ibohemianam. 10K, WIP
We’ve Been Here Before by angel_deux. 2.5k, complete
my knees are cold (running home) by filzsimmons ( @jynersq). 7.3K, oneshot
Take Shelter by nymja ( @gizkasparadise​) 20K, complete

Notes on the recs below:

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Why Lucy Heartfilia is as heroic, or more heroic than Erza Scarlet- Even though Erza is stronger and seen as more brave

In my AP Literature class, we have been reading, and intensely discussing, Beowulf along with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Beowulf was written in Anglo-Saxon times, which came before the time of knights’ tales, more specifically, the time of King Arthur, The Medieval Period. Which is when SGGK takes place. Beowulf and Gawain are both considered the heroes of these two works. Even though they are so different

Author’s Note: This is from a literature-based point of view. Also, I love Erza to death and I’m not at all ripping on her.

I already made a post showing heavy comparisons between Erza and Beowulf. Their shared superhuman strength, belief in fate, and leadership stance makes the two seem almost like siblings. But there is more that the two share: Neither of them fear death, and both are on impossibly high levels compared to other legends, or in Erza’s case, characters. When I talk about Erza, most of what I say about her will compare to Beowulf, leading to my point. The same thing goes for Gawain and Lucy.

Erza fights for her people, she fights because she has to. Because she has been blessed and also cursed with a body and magic that is practically all-powerful. While she isn’t as prideful as Beowulf, she knows her power is god-tier and she refuses limits. Erza will do anything to destroy evil, including destroy herself. Although she is not completely fearless just like Beowulf, her fear never stops her from doing anything, making not only her strength, but her will stronger than anyone, especially the average Joe. She is a savior, and warrior, and a hero every viewer looks at and says “holy shit, her power is incredible, i’m awe-struck”. Her wisdom and stoic conscience telling right from wrong also heavily relate her to the all-powerful Beowulf.

Lucy Heartfilia is powerful, her magic is versatile, and her quantity of magic power is extraordinary. But that still leaves her behind God-Tier characters like Erza. While characters like Erza are generally looked up to as a kind of “superhero” figure, Lucy is looked up to as being relatable as fuck. While she provides an entertaining battle, it’s obviously never as flashy as Erza’s or Natsu’s. She shows her fear way more often than Erza, and fears death, much like Gawain. People in my class generally thought of Gawain as a coward, as being weak, and being a wimp. Sound familiar? I thought so.

We usually dislike the more average characters because they are so much like ourselves. We don’t like to admit that there’s only so much we can do, and cowardice is a negative term in society. Lucy fights for her friends, and she fights to protect others from having to fight. Beowulf and Erza also fight for honor, but in Gawain and Lucy’s case, it’s so much more than that. 

Lucy must fight harder and struggle more to leave a dent, while Erza can dent with one kick. Lucy has so much more to lose, much like Gawain on his journey to finish the deal with the Green Knight. As she implies often, her and her guild’s honor and dignity are on the line when she battles. Gawain accepts the Green Knight’s challenge to protect his king, because he thinks he is weak and no one needs him anyway. Sounds alot like Lucy, and it sounds a lot like the rest of us. Gawain’s journey and destination proves how truly strong he is, but within limits. He still chooses to show fear and cowardice, but lets go of it in the end as a final push against the Green Knight, and he passes the Knight’s lesson. Lucy also has physical and mental limits, but can still win. Because she’s so incredibly human

Gawain/Lucy are normal people, with the same fear and the same strength and ability as every single one of us. Gawain beats the Knight’s game; Lucy defeats several powerful enemies through her own attainable strength. That is the difference between Lucy and Erza. 

None of us can be like Erza, but all of us can be like Lucy. Both of them are amazing, but Erza is…inhuman in many ways. Lucy is a hero even when she knows she is the weakest one, Lucy is compassionate and even naive, Lucy shows honor when she didn’t have to. She makes bad choices, like all of us. And yet, she is a hero. Not just because she is strong, but because she is human. She’s so much like the rest of us. 

Erza is the one we all tell awesome stories and legends about. Lucy is the character we all learn lessons and humanity from, weakness and strength.

Erza and Lucy are both heroes. One shapes our will, and one shapes our heart.

I wanted to go into depth but I don’t want to make this a novel

Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 20 FINAL

A/N sorry this is late!!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9,Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17 Part 18, Part 19

He was almost blinded from the front lights of his car, as a hand wrapped around the back of his neck, pressing his head to the floor – hard enough that Lucien thought his skull might shatter. Agony ripped through his body as a foot pressed into his back, his cheek meeting the gravel, piercing through the flesh on his face.

His ears were ringing from the scream that had just pierced through the air and he almost threw up from the banging in his head as he was yanked into a kneeling position, hands on either one of his arms.

“It’s been very amusing seeing you so unnerved, little Lucien,” the voice belonged to Bron. Lucien’s eyes blurred as he stared at his shoes in front of him.  

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Sansa and her feelings

l’ve seen people saying that sansa expressing her feelings, showing any signs of jealousy or her side eyeing dany  would be out of character and l partially agree with that( sansa calling daenerys a whore would be OOC sansa losing her shit and screaming sis lmma snatch her ugly wig off is OOC sansa letting dany know that winterfell is theirs and that she’s not welcome there is not OOC)

We’re talking about the girl who said 


this and didn’t give two shits about what they were going to do to her

and this

We’re talking about Sansa  the girl who “undermined” her brother in front of the northern lords and people think that she’s just going to be like “oh  dany l’m so happy that you’re here you should’ve  the lord chamber’s and my dresses oh wait you should take my wigs too jon loves redheads! 

People don’t know the real Sansa because she doesn’t let them in, she doesn’t express  her feelings( sadness, fears, joys, disappointments, hopes) because it makes her feels vulnerable and being vulnerable means that she opens herself up to being hurt. Sansa only shows people what she wants them to see and  people only see what they want to see !

Sansa  doesn’t want to look weak so she keeps everything inside , she wasn’t born that way ,she wasn’t raised that way she became the woman she is now because of what she’s been through. She was held prisoner and mistreated for 6 years, she was bethroted to joffrey and married to ramsay the the two most sadistic persons in westeros( whose hobbies were to use people fears hopes, joys, expectations…. to break them) .So  in order  to survive   she had to shut her feelings down and that’s what she did!

Her bottling up her feelings is a defense mechanism and not who she is or who she was raised to be. 

.When sansa is around jon she’s a more open and less guarded person she jokes , talks about her fears and is more vulnerable (Sansa : If Ramsay wins, I’m not going back there alive. Do you understand me? Jon : I won’t ever let him touch you again. I’ll protect you, I promise Sansa: No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone ). Jon is the only person she trusts blindly ( jon is jon he’ll keep me safe l trust him) and has let in because she knows he won’t judge her ,use her words against her or try to hurt her.

Because of the bound they’ve created, the mutual trust and their closeness l think that sansa showing signs of jealousy or even better confessing her love wouldn’t be out of character(OK OK OK the confessing love part is my shipper heart talking hahaha why not?! in case you didn’t know l’m team sansa’s going to be jealous and maybe confess her love to jon because jon would never confess without any signs of reciprocity of his feelings) but the continuity of her character developement .

Mirror of the Soul: Part 12 (Loki x Reader)

Note: And so it begins. I’m sorry; the next few chapters are pretty horrible. I did warn you, though! Warnings: kidnapping and torture. Drop me a message and let me know what you think or if you want to be tagged in future parts. Honestly, I love you all and I don’t mean to hurt you… Well, maybe a little.

Words: 2235

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist

               "You’d better have answers for me, JARVIS,“ Tony fumed. "Who was that? How the hell did he get all the way up to the residential floors without setting off any of the sensors? Have you finished your bloody diagnostic yet?”

               "My diagnostics show no system failures, sir. I’m functioning perfectly.“

               "Then how did you not see him coming?”

               "Stark, what’s happening?“ Steve asked as he burst in to the lab, followed closely behind by Natasha and Clint. They were all on high alert, knowing that something had happened but none of the actual details.

When he didn’t reply to Steve, Natasha stepped forward to try and get some answers. In her calmest tone, she reached out to him and said, "You need to talk to me. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what I need to know.”

               "Someone took her! They took Y/N after I told her she’d be safe…“ his voice wobbled as he relived the moment. Loki had come running into the lab, babbling frantically. Two words had stood out clearly enough, though; Y/N and danger. Faster than he thought possible, he’d sprinted up to the corridor where you were, only to see you laying limply over the shoulder of a silhouette.

Before he could call one of his suits to arms, the shadowed man had run at the window and jumped from the building. Tony had screamed your name, falling to the floor at the window’s edge, powerless to stop them from flying away with you in tow like some sort of prize. Loki had vanished by the time he managed to take another breath. He’d not seen the god since.

Natasha took another step forward and placed a hand on his shoulder. "We will find her, Tony. We will bring her home, safe.”

               "What if we can’t? Tash, I promised I’d never let anything harm her! I even started building a suit for her! If I’d taken her fears more seriously… I could have got this finished a week ago! Y/N would have had a fighting chance.“

               "This is not your fault. We have the best equipment in the world here, Tony. Finding her will be easy. Once we’ve found her, we will go and get her back. It’s that simple.” She stiffened when Tony flung his arms around her but relaxed into it, understanding that he needed consoling. For her faults, Natasha was always there for her friends, even if it made her uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, the calm in the lab was only temporary. Loki chose that exact moment to finally reappear and to say that all hell broke loose would be an understatement. Tony pushed Natasha aside with such force that she whacked her head against the corner of a lab station and practically cracked her skull open. Clint immediately ran to her side, checking that she was alright.

Meanwhile, Tony braced himself as the latest Iron Man suit wrapped itself around him before manically launching shots at the god. His aim was off, his hands were shaking violently in anger, but he was firing them off at such a rate that it hardly mattered.

               "Why did you leave her?“ Tony screamed at the god. "You should have stayed by her side!”

Loki dodged the majority of the shots through a mix of illusions, well timed dodges and pure dumb luck. However, Tony did manage to land a good few shots on the god, sending him flying backwards against the wall.

As much as he wanted to retaliate, to beat the living daylights out of Tony and win the fight, Loki held his temper back. Whilst it would certainly improve his mood to take your uncle’s ego down a few notches, he knew now wasn’t the time. Avoiding the latest round of fire, he looked over to Steve expectantly.

               "Are you going to stand watching there all day?“ Loki growled, rolling out the way of a collapsing bench top. "Do something useful!”

Overcoming his indecision to attack a friend, Steve crept around the edge of the lab to grab the new prototype shield from the testing area and hurled it at Tony. It hit him square in the back, knocking him off balance and onto his knees.

At the same time, Loki conjured a pair of daggers and threw them at the neck of the suit. It did little damage to the thick armour plating but was enough to trip Tony’s helmet into opening up. The god strode forward, crossing the room in just a few steps, before Tony even had a chance to respond.

Loki grabbed him by the neck, holding him high into the air, before slamming him down onto the ground. The clang of the metal suit impacting the floor reverberated around the lab until silence fell.

               "JARVIS, is he okay?“ Steve asked, crouching down beside Tony’s body.

               "Your faith in my ability to simply render him unconscious is astounding.” Loki rolled his eyes before ordering, “Get him out of the tin can and put him on the sofa in the corner. Barton, take Romanov to medical.”

               "I’m fine,“ Natasha said, dazedly. She leant against the worktop for support and, after an initial wobble, soon seemed to find her balance. Clint fussed over her for a few minutes, only stepping away once she’d let him bandage up the gash on her head.

It was at that point that Bruce finally decided to grace the lab. He walked in, somehow blissfully unaware of the tragic mayhem of the day. Looking around at the destruction, noting Natasha’s injuries and Tony laying unconscious on the sofa, he ran a hand through his hair and asked, "What did I miss?”

               "Sometimes, Bruce, I truly envy your ability to sleep through anything,“ Natasha sighed.


               "Let me out!” you screamed, banging your fists against the cold metal wall in desperation.

Even in pitch darkness, it hadn’t been difficult to find given that your entire cell measured no more than a few metres. There was barely enough room for you to stretch out on the floor; you had to curl you legs up against your chest when you wanted to sleep.

Not that sleep came easily here. For the last three days - or at least that is how long you assumed had passed; it was impossible to tell in total blackness - your captors had deprived you of all rest. Whenever it looked like you were about to fall asleep, a low buzzing would fill the cell. You knew it was your imagination playing tricks on you but whenever you heard that sound you were convinced you could feel thousands of tiny flies crawling over your skin.

If that on its own wasn’t enough to keep you awake, they kept the temperature so low that resting on the metallic floor was not an option. Of course, it wasn’t cold enough to freeze you to death, at least not yet, but it certainly wasn’t conducive to rest.

To start, you’d sat there, curled up in the darkness, saying nothing. You’d let your mind wander, filled it with memories of your family and friends. Thought about nothing other than love and happiness to fuel your hope. You were certain that these memories would keep you alive. Keep you strong.

But what good is hope when your stomach won’t stop rumbling or your throat is so dry that all you can taste is bile? When your mind fills the silence with whispers, promises that your family would always be there to look after you, to save you, but you are left alone… You’d hit the walls as hard as you could, with so much force that you’d probably fractured half the bones in your hand. It didn’t matter. You were fuelled by a anger, a force so dark that you felt capable of anything.

Only, three days later, you were still trapped here. Still alone. And now, without hope.

               "Please, let me go…“ you whispered, sliding down against the wall in defeat. You rested your head against the cool metal, almost grateful to know that something was there for you. Collapsing onto the ground, no longer possessing the strength to keep yourself up right, you shut your eyes and prayed for sleep to come.

A harsh spotlight suddenly shone down on your face, the bright light a stark contrast to the complete darkness that you’d come to know. The abrupt change tore you from your sleep and sent your heart rate rocketing. Your entire body shook as stars overtook your vision, blood rushing to your head. The sharp pounding behind your temples was almost enough to make you scream.

               "Confirm your name,” a distorted voice boomed. It was so loud, like a clap of thunder bursting your ear drums.

               "Y/N Stark,“ you whispered. A high pitched screeching filled the room, so sharp that you were convinced it would rip your skull in two. Desperate for the alarm to stop, you repeated your answer, screaming it until the piercing sound finally went quiet.

               "You live with the Avengers.”

It didn’t sound like a question but you responded anyway, fearing that they would fill the silence with that dreadful sound otherwise. As it turned out, they filled the silence with hundreds of questions instead. It was non-relenting. You barely had time to answer before they asked the next one.

Under the bright light, you soon started to sweat as the room heated up. You could feel your energy slipping away as tiredness took a hold and you no longer knew what you were revealing to your interrogators.

Just as you were about to pass out from the heat, the room was suddenly plunged into darkness and the grating sound of loud, industrial fans swirled around you. Within minutes, the metal room was as cold as ice. Everywhere the metal touched your skin felt like knives cutting at your flesh and you unexpectedly longed for the overwhelming heat to return.

               "That will be all for now,“ the voice finally concluded.

Once again left alone in the silent void, you once again slammed your hand against the wall. However, the movement was without conviction. Bringing your knees to your chest and burying your head in them, you breathed, "Let me go…”


The destruction of the lab being too much to bear, the team set up camp in the common room. They pulled every computer screen they could find out of storage and had hundreds of printouts spread across the tables.

Each worked tirelessly on their own tasks, only speaking when they wanted to throw a new theory of piece of evidence into the mix. Clint and Steve sat analysis hours of CCTV footage from across the Tower while Bruce and Natasha made their way through JARVIS’s logs and recordings. Both teams were trying desperately to find the identity of your kidnapper, hoping that once they’d found that more leads would follow.

               "There’s nothing here,“ Natasha grumbled, cradling her head in her hands. Hours staring at the screens were starting to get to her. "There are no unusual log entries for any I.D. cards anywhere in the building. No fakes. No unexplained trips up to our floors.”

Clint handed her a seriously strong cup of coffee, squeezing her shoulder gently. “There must be a record of him somewhere. No-one could know how to evade Tony’s security if they hadn’t been here to scout out the building beforehand. Probably within the last few weeks. He has to have been caught by JARVIS at some point during that time.”

               "It will take days to look over that much data,“ Bruce sighed. "We’re basically chasing a ghost. Loki could tell us hardly anything about his appearance and what he could remember would be applicable to literally half the men that walk in and out of this building.”

               "It’s the best idea we’ve got right now.“ Steve clearly wasn’t enthused by the possibility of trailing through hours of footage to find anyone that looked out of place but knew there was little other option. "How’s Stark doing?”

Bruce gave him a sad smile, shaking his head as he took a sip of his own super strength coffee. “He’s in a terrible state. Keeping him sedated is the best thing for him right now. He’s scared and angry. If we don’t keep him away from this, he’ll end up hurting someone. Probably himself.”

Thor arrived back from Asgard that evening expecting a cheerful welcome, only to find his team mates in an increasingly agitated state. No-one greeted him, all far too busy in their work. Instead of bothering them, Thor crossed the room to where his brother sat by the window. He placed a large hand on Loki’s back and was shocked when he did nothing to shrug him away.

Crouching down beside him, Thor asked, “Brother? What has happened?”

               "Y/N has been kidnapped. It’s my fault. Stark was right. I should have stayed by her side. We’ve no idea where she is or what they are doing to her.“ Loki had to take a deep breath to steady himself.

               "Have you tried using your magic to contact her?”

Loki nodded sharply. “I can’t reach out to her. I have tried all the tricks I know and have come up with nothing.”

               "She is strong, brother, and we shall lend her our strength also.“

               "I fear that may not be enough.”

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Storms Of The Heart

Or, in which Nesta can’t sleep and Cassian’s bed is a little bit too tempting.

Hey guys! Here I was, trying my best to write a fluffy oneshot, and this monster came out of me. I’m sorry. But hey, my wifey Nesta is a complecated person alright? What can I do about it? Lol. I hope you like this one, it’s very much hurt/comfort, so if you’re into that, this one’s for you!

Nesta Archeron wasn’t afraid of much. She’d learnt in life so far that fears, as much as love or affection, were signs of weakness. And Nesta wasn’t, in any way, shape or form—weak. But however hard she tried, however far she ran, there was one thing she could not drain from her system. And that was her fear of thunderstorms.

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Hot and Cold

Abandoned by her family she was left to fend for herself at 1 and a half hardly able to keep herself balanced standing, since her parents never took the time to encourage her into walking. She could take a few steps but she would always end up back on her butt, or leaned forward on her hands. She sat on the forest floor, as the sun set it became colder and colder, the little girl was shivering with fear and from the cold. The growing darkness from the forest not helping calm the little girl. She held the pink teddy bear closer to her small frame and closed her eyes tight. Her throat sore from crying, eyes puffy and red.

“Alice are you sure it was here?” A sudden voice broke through the silent night. Startling the little girl. “I’m positive Edward, I can sense her” the little girl pushed herself up slowly with shaking legs into a standing position, her hand holding the pink teddy bear close to her as she looked around. “Emmett!” She suddenly fell back on her butt, (eye colour e/c) eyes holding fear as she looked up to the blonde in front of her. “Oh no… no no no… I’m sorry sweetie” the blond reached towards the girl slowly “come here, are you hungry?” Her voice was calm and soothing, eyes focused on the little (hair colour h/c) girl in front of her. Her arms covered in goose bumps from the cold.

“You found her!” The little girl suddenly reached her arms up to the blonde, more scared of the big male who seemed to have come out of no where. “Emmett you’re scaring her.” The blonde picked up the girl, shushing the girl as quiet whimpers left her mouth. “It’s okay sweetie, it’s okay.” The blonde ran her hand through the girls hair in an attempt to sooth her. The (h/c) girl nuzzled her head in the blondes neck, ignoring the chilling ice cold skin she had. “Alice! Rosalie found her!” The little girls arms tightened around the blondes neck, fear causing her to shake more.

“It’s okay sweetie” Rosalie rubbed her back gently and whispered quiet soothing words to the little girl. She whimpered quietly and tightly shut her eyes while Rosalie continued rubbing her back. “We should bring her back to Carlisle”

*14 and a half years later*

The (h/c) girl hummed to herself quietly, her (e/c) eyes looking over her appearance, a pair of sweatpants on, she picked up a sweater and threw it on before she made her way to the bathroom. A conversation caring her attention. “The Volturi know about her Carlisle, she’s 16 now, and she knows about us, more so she’s family.” She stopped walking and listened closely, straining her ears to make out the quiet words shared between Esme and Carlisle.

“Y/n. I know you’re there.” The girl smiled guiltily to herself and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Sorry dad…” Carlisle shook his head and smiled before he messed up y/n’s hair playfully “Esme made you pancakes” the girls eyes instantly lit up, the bitter look she had when Carlisle messed her hair up gone. She ran up to Esme right away and hugged her tightly “thank you mom” Esme smiled down at the girl and hugged her with her free arm. “It’s no problem sweetie, you know how much I love cooking” y/n hummed quietly and grabbed the plate Esme held in her other hand and went to the cabinet, and grabbing the syrup.

She normally would just take fruit or have a bowl of cereal before she went to school. “I’m headed to the hospital” Carlisle kissed Esme before he kissed the top of y/n’s head. “Have fun at school” y/n rolled her eyes “because school is fun….” she smiled nonetheless and lifted the maple syrup to her mouth about to tilt it back before it was moved from her hand “that’s not healthy” y/n sighed and decided to just eat her pancakes “also, what are you wearing?” The little pixie like girl pulled at the sweater y/n wore, causing said girl to be jerked towards small girl in front of her. “Alice I’m trying to eat” y/n groaned as Alice smiled “fine, I’ll let you eat but we are changing your out fit right after.” I nodded with a piece of pancake in my mouth. Alice smiled and made her way into the living room where most of my other sibling were.

*time skip*

Dressed in (1,2,3, or 5) I hummed to myself, Alice in the background of my mirror with a satisfied smile and nod. “Perfect!” She grabbed my hand and pulled me down stairs “I can’t believe you’re in high school still” I rolled my eyes “I’ve been in high school for for a few years already” Alice smiled at me and hopped down from the last few stairs “I know I know, but this is your first times going through high school.” I groaned in annoyance “you mean I have to go through this again?” The little energetic girl laughed at my comment “suck it up! We’ve survived this long you can do it too” I sighed and rolled my eyes once more “can’t I just be homeschooled?” Alice shook her head “and do what sit at home all day doing nothing, in your sweatpants and sweater?” She argued.

“Hey! I like those clothes thank you very much” Alice just laughed “come on everyone is waiting, You’re riding with Edward today” I sighed and nodded “what? Do you not like Edward or something?” I shook my head at that “no I love him and all but I never have my privacy with him” Alice laughed once more as we walked out the door. “I’ll see you guys after school!” Esme called “bye mom!” I huffed at the chilling air. “Isn’t there a new girl that supposed to be at school today?” I asked, my hands rummaging through my bag to make sure I had my contacts. golden like the others, it was more of a precaution, incase anything were to happen, so if I suddenly had golden eyes like them it wouldn’t be suspicious.

“Yes, Isabella Swan I’m pretty sure” I hummed to her and went to Edwards car. A nod in the direction of the others as I sat in Edwards front seat. “To school we go brother who doesn’t understand privacy” I noticed the small smirk that Edward wore as he started the car and followed after the vehicles the others were in.

*time skip*

I stood next to Edward by his car, my focus on the others as they spoke to each other. There was quite a bit of time before we actually had to be in class so I was enjoying my time, before the stresses of school started. A beat up red truck came into the parking lot. The girl was quick to walk into the school “Isabella…” I muttered my eyes following her for a moment before I looked to the others. ‘Well… let’s get through this hell…’ Edward smiled in my direction “out of my thoughts Eddy”

*time skip*

Lunch, my favourite time of the whole school day, nearly my only stress free time of the day. I followed after Edward, my steps falling in sync a few paces behind his. He held the door opened for me like the gentleman he probably was in 1918. “Who are those two?” I looked back to Edward as he walked in. “That’s Edward Cullen, he’s totally gorgeous, obviously, but apparently no one here is good enough for him. Like I care you know?” I hummed to myself a smile pulling at my lips as I grabbed Edwards arm when I noticed the smirk he tried to hide at the girls words. Even as a human I could still hear her clear as day. “The girl he’s with is (y/n) Cullen, she just started going to public school this year, and just like Edward no one here is good enough for her, she’s blown off so many guys. From what I’ve heard she’s the biological child of Dr. And Mrs. Cullen. No ones had the courage to ask her though. Seriously though, don’t waste your time on Edward”

I laughed to myself and sat beside Edward. “Biological my ass” Rosalie gave me a pointed look “right…. sorry… ‘mom’” I stuck my tongue out at her as Emmett laughed, receiving a glare from Rosalie. I looked over at Edward to see he was looking at the table with the new girl and her friends. His face held confusion “What is it” I questioned, eyes looking to Jasper and Alice for a few moments before looking back at Edward. “I can’t read her” I glanced over at the new girl just to catch her looking away from our table and back to her friends. “Strange”

*time skip*

“Mom, what’s for dinner today?” I asked, she stood by the stove “are you done your homework?” She looked over her shoulder to me in the living room. I nodded and held up my finished papers. “Your favourite” I smiled “anything your cook is my favourite, your cooking is amazing” Esme smiled warmly at me “thank you sweetie” I hummed to myself and started doodling in my sketchbook. “Y/n~” I lifted my head at the voice, my mind automatically saying it was Alice. “Yes Tinkerbell?” I smiled teasingly at her and closed my book on the pencil to mark where I was drawing. She crossed her arms and pouted at me before she smiled brightly and skipped in my direction “let’s go shopping!” I groaned in slight disgust and glared at the ceiling, before a sudden feeling of calmness and slight happiness. “JASPER STOP CHANGING MY EMOTIONS!” I glared in the direction of Jasper as he walked into the room with a smirk “sorry darling” I looked away from him annoyed “let me be disgusted and annoyed” I rolled my eyes and sat up straight “where is Edward?” I looked between the three vampires Alice looked at Jasper before she smiled “don’t you worry, Edward will be back in about a week”

Protection : A Roman Reigns Series - Part 1


Part 2Part 3, Part 4

Hello kids! IT’S HEEERE! So this is the first part of this series, I have no idea how long it will be, and the title is probably temporary. 

A/N: As previously mentionned, it’s an AU which includes a lot of wrestlers. This part, which is somewhat of a prologue, features Seth Rollins, William Regal and Maryse! Also, I will be describing some of those wrestlers in a very unflattering light sometimes, but it’s only for the sake of the story and not because I don’t actually like them. If there are wrestlers I don’t like, I simply won’t write them into the story at all.

Before I forget: this story was slightly inspired from a movie called Maryland (2015) about an ex-soldier suffering from PTSD who’s hired as a security guard to protect a woman and her child. I won’t go into detail, but I borrowed the idea of the bodyguard thing with with the bonding between the girl and the guard (which also happens in the movie). It’s a French movie so I don’t know how much I can urge you to watch it but if you can, please do, it was fucking great. 

Warnings: None. Like I said, this is the prologue, there’s not that much going on yet, this is mostly to introduce the setting of the story.

Word count: 2865

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @insearchofsunlight @blondekel77 @caramara3 @alexahood21 @rocketgirl2410 @m-a-t-91 @flawlessglamazon @mrsamberlopezgoodanoai @xxmaddhatter39xx @ii-love-roman-reigns @romanreignsprincess @littlemissava13 @alexispoo @imagines–assemble @littledeadrottinghood @skyereignsrollinsmain

I hope you enjoy this, let me know if you do, and if anybody wants to be tagged in the future, holler at me!

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If the MCU writers make Tony fucking Stark apologize to Captain Fuckoff I’m going to be pissed. Tony was, for once, trying to do things without violence or anything else he was trying to do it the right way. Steven Rogers ignored over 100 countries telling him that they didn’t feel safe without some kind of safeguard on the Avengers but somehow Rogers knows better than all of them? I don’t think so. Steve Rogers is one man and he has an insane god complex, he can’t stand it when anyone stands up to him or argues with him which is all Tony does. Tony has had to listen to the praises of Steve Rogers since childhood, there’s a saying that you should never actually meet your childhood heros and this is exactly why. Did Tony make mistakes? Yes. Yes he did but did he run from them? Hell no. Tony does not deserve the shit he gets from this fandom. Tony is a man who suffers from severe panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and god only knows what else yet I’ve never seen anyone actually stop and ask the man if he’s okay or if he needs help yet Bucky, who was brainshwashed, gets coddled and told it’s not his fault. 

The Accords were going to happen with or without Tony’s signature so he just signed so there wouldn’t be any trouble because he knew he could try to get a better deal and get them amended once they were passed. Did Cap even read them? Because as far as I know he did not read that fucking long as book called a document. As far as I know none of Team Cap read the Accords, they just followed Captain America. Yet they had no trust in Tony. It’s funny because Tony got called out for not trusting authority yet in the one movie he does everyone else calls him a coward and traitor for it. Steve Rogers called him out on keeping secrets and then what do we have here? Steve Rogers kept a secret! He kept the fact that Tony’s parents were not only murdered but also murdered by the very man he’s disregarding everything for and then tries to lie to Tony about it? 

Yep! That’s the man I want to follow! 

Tony offered Cap a way to bring in Barnes legally and without consequence when he offered that 24 hour grace period and Cap shoved it back in his face. Cap didn’t even ask the others on his team what they would have wanted and as far as I could tell he didn’t even tell them that Tony tried to compromise with him. He just let them all think that Tony was being unreasonable when in fact he gave him several chances for all of this to go away and to not happen. Let’s also not forget the fact that Cap injured several CIVILIANS in that pursuit with Bucky, that was not an Avenger’s mission that was a Cap mission. And we had no clue that Bucky was innocent at that time. Cap found out evidence later that could have given Bucky his innocence in the eyes of the law but he didn’t tell anyone that. He hid information which he should have shared, more secrets on his side!

And can we talk about Wanda please? Am I the only one in this fandom who thinks that she should be controlled? Yes I know that she didn’t mean for her powers to go out of control but when she was working for Ultron and turning the Avengers inside out she didn’t seem to have any problems with her powers then. But now she doesn’t fully understand them and Tony keeps her locked up, without her permission yes, because he’s trying to protect her! If you saw someone with that kind of power that obviously couldn’t control it on the streets wouldn’t you be scared because I would. What if someone had attacked Wanda and made her defend herself? That wouldn’t have helped anyone not be afraid of her, in fact they probably would have grown to fear her even more. She keeps blaming Stark for her parent’s death but really is it his fault? Yes Tony might have designed that missile but he had no reason to attack her country and he said that once he saw the true harm his weapons were doing that he shut down the weapons manufacturing for good. Now look at the time frame, that was about 7 or 8 years ago. Wanda lost her parents about 20 years ago, TONY DID NOT DO IT. Does ignorance equal innocence? No but he also shouldn’t be help accountable for it. 

And how dare they make Tony smile at that piece of garbage letter. That wasn’t an apology, that was Rogers rubbing it all in Tony’s face. I guarantee you that if someone asked Rogers if he would change anything he did in that movie he would say he wouldn’t change anything because he believed he was right. “The Avengers are your family, maybe even more so than mine.” Are you fucking serious. How many Avengers sided with Tony in this debate? In this series we had Cap, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Black Widown; that’s who started out. Hulk and Thor are MIA in this movie and Cap and Iron Man are obviously on their own sides so that leaves the two spies. One of which sides with Cap the other sided with Tony and then backstabbed him and accused him of letting his ego get the better of him. Yep. One hell of a family. 

Then we add to that fact Vision, Wanda, Falcon, Ant Man, Spider Man, War Machine, Black Panther. Vision is basically Tony’s son so yes he sided with him. War Machine has been his friend for over 20 years so yeah he’s with him. Ant Man has never met him yet hates him because someone said never trust a Stark when he has no idea why he’s even fighting Tony, just blindly follows Cap. Falcon just follows Cap because he’s never interacted with Tony really. Wanda hates Tony so yeah not with him, Black Panther is only after Bucky at this point, yes he’s for the Accords but at this point he just wants Barnes dead so if you can say he’s on Tony’s side then I guess. Spider Man was just there to help clean up, he was not supposed to get into a fight with a Super Soldier. WHO DROPPED A LARGE AND HEAVY OBJECT ON TOP OF A KID WITH NO REMORSE. 

In the end most of the Avengers end up with Rogers in Wakanda while Tony ends up with a crippled War Machine and heart broken Vision while he himself recovers from a fight with TWO SUPER SOLDIERS. Both of who tried to kill him yet Tony could have used his repulsors and DID NOT USE THEM. He was pulling punches in that fight don’t even say he wasn’t because his suit still had power when Cap was on top of him and he had his hands up but didn’t shoot when that sheild was brought down on his Arc Reactor. That isn’t pulling punches, that’s going for the kill. 

Captain America was trying to kill him.  

Infinity Wars had better not have Tony apologizing or using that phone to call Rogers for help. 

Rogers had better go to tony for help because Tony has no reason to protect those people anymore. 

Tony can and will pull through without the Avengers, without his FAMILY, because they all back stabbed him when he needed them.

Give me Tony who realizes that for once he did the right thing and doesn’t take Rogers’ sanctimonious shit for even one second. 

Tony Stark does not deserve this and Steve Rogers does not even deserve to be in the same hemisphere as Tony Stark as far as I’m concerned. 


Pairing: Natsu and Lucy

Word Count: 1,954

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Perfection. That was what she strived for. Perfection was key, it always had been. For as long as she could remember, it was perfection that had played a major role in her life. It was easy to see perfection in things, people, but it was harder to obtain it. Lucy learned that at a young age, but that never stopped her from trying. Because that was what her father wanted from her, it was the only way to gain his attention, his affection. But nothing was ever enough. Nothing was ever perfect.

Not even her.

He noticed her.

He always noticed her. The blonde beauty was the first thing in his mind when he got up and was his last thought as he fell asleep. He knew her like the back of his hand, he knew her better than he knew himself and vice versa. Maybe that was the reason why he was the only one who noticed.

He noticed how she began to reject the milkshakes that Mira would make for her. He noticed how her smile grew tighter and tighter with each passing day. He noticed how her skin paled, her usually bright brown eyes turned sunken and sullen. He noticed as her bones became more prominent.

As everyone passed off her looks as their imagination running wild, he watched from the background with the unsettling feeling in his stomach growing. He knew something was wrong with Lucy, and he along with Juvia and Gajeel were the only ones who knew it.

Which led Natsu to where he was now.

It was late, somewhere around two in the morning if he had to guess, and he was standing outside of Lucy’s apartment. Natsu never thought things through, it just wasn’t who he was, and yet he’s been standing in the dead of night for a half an hour going over in his head what he would tell his beloved partner.

He figured out a few hours ago what had been the match to her flames of depression. It had happened during one of their typical missions, defeat a monster, destroy the city, pay for the damages with their reward money. But something else had happened along the way.

Natsu, Happy, and Lucy were walking around the city as they usually did before they start their missions, looking around and exploring the streets. Natsu was whining about needing food as Happy joined him and Lucy rolled her eyes at their silly antics.

It was at that moment that she had accidentally walked into a tall woman. She had black colored curls that spilled out of a tight ponytail, a scowl forming across her red painted lips as she glared down at Lucy with piercing blue eyes.

“Watch where you’re going, Blondie.” She snarled, shoving Lucy back. The blonde merely stumbled in surprise, being stopped as Natsu gently caught her arm and kept her upright. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” Lucy apologized, bowing her head slightly. Natsu didn’t release his hold on her arm as he stared down the stranger glaring at his best friend.

“Clearly,” the woman stated before glancing down. Natsu’s moss colored eyes followed her icy blue ones. They stopped on Lucy’s hand, the one that proudly showed her pink Fairy Tail guild mark. The emblem seemed to anger the black-haired girl even more as her snarl intensified. “Maybe if you didn’t think you were so perfect all the time you’d realize you’re just a wannabe little girl with big hips and a large chest. You’re no better than me, or any other girl.”

Natsu felt a growl rumble out of his chest, growing louder with every insult the woman hurled at Lucy. Said blonde flinched at the hatred in the taller woman’s voice as Natsu continued his animalistic noise.

“Leave Lucy alone. She said sorry.” Natsu defended, his face distorted in anger as the black-haired woman turned around. She began to walk away but not before adding, “Tell her to pull her head out of her stupid delusion of being perfect and to join us down here on Earthland. Maybe then she won’t walk into people.”

After that incident Lucy had managed to fool him with one of her well-practiced faux smiles and told him that they should start the mission. She may have tricked him that one time, but now Natsu knew better. He wouldn’t fall for it again, not since he knows she’s hurting.

He moved his gaze other window that was pouring out light. That was Lucy’s room. He grew more confident as he realized that the blonde was still up. As he readied himself to climb up to her window, he did not prepare for what he would see next.

As he crawled through into her room as normal, instead of hearing Lucy screaming at him to get out like her typical greeting, he was met with a watery-eyed blonde. “Lucy?” His voice unwillingly cracked as he took in the sight of his best friend. Her cocoa eyes were rimmed with red, cheeks stained with tears. The blonde hair that she had always worked so hard to take care of was now a rat’s nest upon her head. All of these things were shocking and definitely told him something was up but that wasn’t what hurt the most.

What hurt the most was being able to see her stomach scored with angry red lines that most likely had came from herself.

“N-Natsu…” She hiccuped. Her arms curled around her marred abdomen in a pitiful attempt to hide the destruction from him. His olive eyes zeroed in on her trembling hands that were splayed across her skin, red painted nails blending in with the scratches. His gaze was focused solely on the impressions on her once smooth skin. This is what she was doing to herself, was his immediate thought. While he was standing outside like an idiot, she was in her mutilating her skin with her own fingers. The very thought of it made him want to scream and kick himself in the head.

As he stared at her, Lucy didn’t make any attempt at conversation. Her fear was more than apparent in her tear-filled eyes as she practically felt him skimming over every raised mark on her.

“Lucy-” His voice caught in his throat as though a hand was clenched around it, squeezing tightly and cutting off his supply of oxygen. The entire speech he had prepared was suddenly tossed out of the window as his mind went blank. How was he supposed to react to this? Out of all the scenarios he had thought up, this was not one of them. Never would he have thought that Lucy, his Lucy, would ever do something like this. She was always smiles, and when she was sad she cried and immediately told him what was wrong.

But now, she was standing in the middle of her room, topless with only a pale blue bra to cover her generous chest as she tried her hardest to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. A strong scent of salt filled the room making his stomach churn. After a few moments of silence Natsu finally spoke, saying one single word.


That question seemed to have been her trigger as Lucy crumpled in on herself, collapsing to the floor. Her hands slithered into her knotty golden hair, her pink guild mark standing out brightly. In an instant Natsu was off the window sill and by her side. One of his hands overlapped her smaller one as he tried to pull it out of her tangled locks gently.

Her broken sobs shattered the stifling silence as her arms tethered around his, hugging the limb to her chest for the smallest amount of comfort. He could feel her nails biting into his tanned skin but he didn’t flinch. If she needed to dig them in until they broke his skin and drew blood just so she could keep a grip on reality, then he would let her.

Her tears splattered onto his burning hot skin, the corded muscles beneath flinching as Natsu felt them. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t exactly beat up the person who made Lucy feel the way she is. It wasn’t until her head was pressed against his neck, her cold nose brushing lightly against his collarbone, did it click for him. Right now, Lucy didn’t need an interrogation, she didn’t need a big long speech about how she was perfect in every way to him. Right now what she needed was comfort, someone to hold her until her tears ran dry.

So he was going to give her just that.

With his arms wrapped around her shaking body, warm fingers splayed across her bare back, Natsu held her tightly against him. He acted as some sort of anchor for her, refusing to release his hold for even a second. His need to protect her, to hide her away from the world and keep her all to himself, grew stronger than ever before.

Her blonde hair tickled as it gently trailed against his chin and throat with every move she made. He blindly reached behind him, grasping at thin air until his tan fingers wrapped around Lucy’s pink covers. He yanked the duvet off her bed before gently wrapping it around her shuddering shoulders, covering her up the best he could as she held on to him.

He almost laughed as he saw Lucy move his precious scarf out of the way so she didn’t cover it in her tears, but he bit back the desire. He brought her closer to himself, almost as if he was trying to swallow her whole. “Luce?”

“I’m not okay, am I Natsu?” Her voice was scratchy from her sobs, but her question was as clear as day to him.

Hesitantly, Natsu shook his head, his rose-colored hair hanging over his eyes. Of course she wasn’t okay. She has red marks across her smooth stomach, and she’s sobbing into his shoulder clad in only her bra and shorts. “You’re not,”

“But that’s fine. Everyone has somethin’ that makes ‘em sad, and they all have somethin’ that makes ‘em angry and scared and happy. And they all have someone that they can go to that makes 'em okay,” Natsu continued, his olive eyes glued onto Lucy. “But it’s up to 'em on whether or not they go to that person who makes 'em happy.”

Lucy’s tears slowly stopped, her shoulders no longer trembling as her breathing calmed to shuddery intakes of breath. And the entire time Natsu sat by her side, clutching the blanket to her bare body as he whispered soothing words in her ear. The red scratches on her stomach were now a pale pink, the raised marks lowered. Unconsciously her head rested against his shoulder as her eyes tiredly closed.

Natsu curled his long, tan fingers through her golden hair, relaxing her into sleep. As he did so, he lightly pressed his chapped, warm lips against her temple.

She wasn’t okay, Natsu knew that as he gently lifted her off the ground. Placing her under her covers he brushed his hand along the side of her peaceful face. But he knew she would be. He knew that there would be painful and hard times, lapses that could tear her down, but he also knew that she was strong enough to overcome them.

Tucking a lock of hair behind her ear he smiled down at her sleeping figure. He knew she would overcome them, because he trusted her to come to him when she needed his help to power through.

Part one of three!

Losses (Yondu x reader)

Walking down the halls of his ship Yondu made his way into his and his wife’s chambers. He had seen her earlier today and noticed she was acting off. After briefing his men on the job they were about to do he had noticed she was gone. Asking Tullk where she had went his crew member had told him she went back towards their room. 

Opening the door to their chambers he heard the shower going. “Now girl ya know we is about ta do a job an ya gonna come take a…” Getting to the bathroom he heard crying and stopped his words. His y/n was tough, she never cried, never. He had seen her take a bullet through the leg and not even sniffle so to hear her crying now he knew something had to be wrong. Looking on the bathroom floor he saw her clothes laying about along with drops of blood. Taking a deep breath he pushed open the shower door to see his wife sitting on the metal floor. She had her knees pulled up to her chest and the water was rolling down her body but what caught his eyes was the stream of blood flowing from between her legs. He said nothing and felt as a lump formed in his throat as he watched her lift her eyes to meet his. 

“I’m sorry.” you choked out in a sob, feeling your tears mix in with the water. 

Yondu felt as tears filled his own eyes and watched as she looked back down and her shoulders shook with her cries. He knew what this meant, although he had never seen it before. They were loosing their child.  Five years now it had taken them to get this far and now it was gone. Seeing her shake and cringe up he snapped out of his trance like state to grab a towel and turn off the water. Bending down he wrapped the towel around her form and lifted her into his arms. He felt as she laid her wet head on his shoulder but he didn’t care. Carrying her over to their bed he laid her on it gently and watched as she didn’t move. Going back into the bathroom he fixed her a glass of water and grabbed the bottle of pills he had stashed away for when he got phantom pains from his fin. 

Back at her side he sat beside her and lifted her head enough to hold the pills to her mouth. “Take these, it’ll help wit the pain.” he told her gently.

Looking at him with your teary eyes you shook your head, “Those are yours.” you whispered but saw him give a tiny smile.

“I’ll be alright, ya take em’ now.” he said with a slight comand in his voice. Once she opened her mouth he pushed them in and put the glass of water to her mouth. Watching to make sure she swallowed them he let out a small sigh and placed the cup on the side table. Looking down he watched as h=she moved to lay her head on his lap. Petting her hair they stayed in silence for a while, both letting it sink in.

“What did I do wrong? What’s wrong with me?” you said so low you didn’t think he would hear. When you heard him let out a deep breath you knew he had.

“This ain’t your fault darlin’. Ya didn’t do anything wrong… it jus’…happens sometimes.”  He said, hanging his head low. 

“It’s been five years Yondu. Something is wrong with me. I don’t understand why you keep me around I can’t even give you a child.” you cried, choking on the last part. 

Yondu stiffened when the words left her throat, grabbing her arms he turned her towards him. “Don’t cha say that! Don’t cha even think it! Have I ever said ya are only ere’ ta give me a child!? Have I ever pressured ya inta feelin’ like ya had ta give me a baby!?” he yelled. Seeing her look at him with fear in her eyes and more tears roll down her face he dropped his head and held her to his chest. He heard as she sobbed into his chest, clung to his shirt like it was her life line. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean ta yell at cha…. I love ya y/n. I will always love ya, child or not.” he cooed into her hair. 

“I..just want a… baby.” you sobbed out and felt him press a kiss to your temple. 

“I know princess. I know.” he said softly as he laid back on the bed with her in his arms. Feeling her cry he began to whistle the tune he always did when she was upset. He felt as her body relaxed into his the longer the melody went on and after a while he knew she had fallen asleep. Rubbing his hand gently over her back he took out his tablet and looked up the information he wanted. Looking over the words he pressed send and laid the tablet back on the table, he would give his y/n a baby. Even if that meant them both going to get checked out by the doctor. 

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can we pleeeeeeaaaaase get more of the Claire and Minnie as spies au? (i think it's called either side of the line)

Previous part can be found HERE.


 Just as she was about to answer a loud knock echoed through the noiseless halls, reverberating off the walls and causing the paintings on the closest walls to shake.

“Minnie!” Claire exclaimed, rushing towards the door, her heart picking up pace as she struggled with the doorknob.

Gripping the cool metal, she twisted, the knocking becoming more impassioned with every passing moment.

“Minnie wha-” Claire gasped, the door flying open, its hinges creaking as she took a step back. Watching, Claire viewed the figure with some trepidation as a shadow emerged from the doorway.

Light flickered across the floor, sending rare bolts of gold and illuminating the corridor as the caller revealed themselves, an angry and disappointed look crossing his otherwise soft face.

“Why, Claire?” He asked, a hint of malice in his tone and a glint of betrayal in his eyes, “why did ye do it?”

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Hey nonnie! <3 Thank you so much for dropping by, and you sound so nice too! *-* Hey, this time I will do both these requests, but next time please send them in separate asks so it’s easier for me, yeah? x_x I love the pro-heroes to pieces and loved your ideas! This will be the Toshi one ;D - Amethyst

Yagi Toshinori (All Might)

  • Since their times in UA, Toshinori always thought of her quirk in awe. As the “host” of a very powerful - and certainly dangerous - quirk himself, he understood her fear completely, in more ways than he could possibly express.
  • So he would be the last person to force her to confront her quirk and to face it. He would certainly be there and support her, but he would never be one to force her against her will or pressure her into using her quirk.
  • But if she wants to get a better hold of her quirk, he will certainly be super enthusiastic to help. Especially now with his newly acquired teacher skills.
  • He is also the perfect sparring partner, as he can withstand a lot of power without suffering or getting affected, as well as being able to easily avoid any attacks that could in fact hurt him. In a way, his presence is a comfort for her, because she can unleash and explore her powers freely, without the stress of causing too much damage or being judged by it.
  • Because Toshinori is quite literally the less judgemental person you can possibly meet. By his many years learning how to handle One for All, as well as his experience as a pro-hero on the field, he learned that you cannot force these things. Most of all, he knows that quirks have endless possibilities once you get comfortable with them, so it would be his ultimate goal to help her accept her quirk and develop her abilities freely, without fear or hesitation.
  • He would also be hyper aware of how her quirk could negatively affect her health and the integrity of people around them and their surroundings. As such, he would be able to help her plan for this, being sure that she’s taking care of herself and that no one can get hurt even if she loses control a bit.
  • He would be the most proud and loving as well. Helping her full of understanding and being absolutely exultant with her any time she moved forward, made advancements, or conquered a new step towards her end-goal. He will take her struggles to heart and feel everything with her, almost as if it’s all happening with him as well. His understanding and belief are unguarded, complete, and it fills her heart with joy and confidence.

@ballvvasher replied to your photo “The absolutely denial of R/ylos to admit Rey only holds hate for Kylo…”

Things wouldn’t be so bad if they just accepted that they interpret the canon as they want, just like with all the other shippers of main pairings in star wars. Because as of canon tfa, the only romantic relationship is hanleia. Every other ship is NOT canon.

Relationships might not be canon. But it is canon that Rey adores Finn. 

I mean Reylos constantly go and on about their masters in English and how they can read into the narrative but funny enough they are more than happy to ignore what the script actually says about how Rey views Finn. 

Comparing people who say R/ylo will be endgame as to having the same chance than those who say Finnrey will be is ridiculous. It would be like saying Padme/Maul had the same chance of becoming canon as Anakin/Padme or Leia/Jabba to Han/Leia when the films are coming out.

Can the writers pull a racist move and throw away all the build up of Rey and Finn’s relationship, yeah. But the fact still remain that build up is there.

The only thing the writers build up about Rey and Kylo is an antagonist relationship where at the very least she outright despises him.  To the point she actually considers outright killing him and it is only stopped at the last minute by the realization she is standing close to the dark side of the force by allowing her hate to consume her (as Luke realized long ago). 

Again, those two relationships are not comparable. Another scene r/ylos argue Kylo was being “totally kind to rey because he loves her”

Agony. Terrified. Pain. Tears. Those are the words the writers used in this supposed romantic scene for R/ylos, hell so many literally use it as their blog’s banner. Now to the torture scene let’s see the language used by the actual script. 

Afraid (twice). Agony (twice). 

She is literally in so much agony it finally triggers the force within her and gives her the strength to fight him.  That is not the same. It will never be. Ever. Also that energy fandom calls a “force bond” is literally them just recognizing the force in each other aka. they are force sensitive. In fact Kylo’s scene with Finn at the beginning of the film was very likely the same thing. 

Holy shit Kylo and Finn have a canon force bond…oh wait, he is probably just feeling a strong force sensitive person like he does with Rey later on because as you will realize until that scene Kylo didn’t know Rey was strong with the force (sorry you will take force sensitive Finn from my dead hands). 

Now Compare all those Rey and Kylo moments to scenes like this.

This is not a shipping war. This fandom literally twisting the narrative to make a character the protagonist hates and fears and has hurt her more desirable as a love interest than a black lead whom she loves and respects mutually. 

unconditional - one (h.e.s)

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a/n: hello darlings. none of you know me too well yet. i’m ceridwen and i like vampires and harry. as such, this au was born, so if you’re a fan of the fantastical as well as a whole bunch of drama, this story will be right up your alley.

i would like to give you more of a taste of what this will entail, but i would also like it to speak for itself. i will leave you with a brief summary of this first part, and leave you to your own conclusions. <3 happy reading, and i hope you enjoy.

summary: your night out could have ended badly. thanks to a concerned stranger, it doesn’t. you end up with more questions than answers.

You’re not sure when this nightclub went from thrilling to nauseating.

Logic would dictate that it was about three cocktails and several shots in, when everything became just a tad blurry and your head began to spin, but logic is not on your drunken mind’s side. The blaring music and flashing lights prevent you from focusing for long enough to think – it takes at least a minute or two for you to finally fixate on the way to the exit, squirming past masses of gyrating bodies. You need to get out. The roiling of your stomach cannot be ignored, so the friend you arrived with is forgotten in the panic to leave before you potentially vomit all over the dancefloor. You’re going to regret this whole thing tomorrow. You already regret it, in fact, it’s caught up with you already. This was a horrendous idea.

The stuffy heat of the club gives way to fresh evening air, and you gulp it down frantically. So much better. Being exposed to the elements does have the unfortunate side effect of showing you how drunk you really are, though, which leaves you pressing your palms to the rough stone wall and staring down at the cracks in the pavement. Everything is slightly distorted. You smile and bop your head when you catch the rhythm to a familiar song thudding from inside, but grow to regret the jarring action immediately. God. If you’re going to puke, why can’t you just puke already? This debilitating sickly feeling is becoming unbearable.

Maybe you should head home. Yes. It seems like a good idea. It’s only a few streets away, you reason with yourself, and what are the odds of being followed? You hadn’t heard of any incidents like that in forever. It’d be fine. You could text your friend when you got in to tell her you were in the flat, and you could change out of this ridiculously uncomfortable dress and into some comfy pyjamas. Never has putting yourself to bed sounded so appealing.

Turns out the odds aren’t in your favour.

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