OUAT 4x19 Reaction Post!

Late night Monday reaction post, you know how I do

Ah yea, Cruella backstory time

Cruella taking down Maleficent

Rumple’s dark, shriveled up heart 

Rumbelle kiss

Realizing Regina has Belle’s heart

Cruella and the author knew each other

Young Cruella just wanting to go outside

Jazz Age Cruella

How is Regina just…going to New York? How would she get back in to Storybrooke?

Emma and Regina being two angry mama bears when Henry gets kidnapped

Isaac and Cruella being so sweet together 

Emma telling Snow and Charming she doesn’t trust them 

Emma’s appearance walking through the woods

“Bloody birds, I’ll show you what angry looks like." 

Cruella’s mom telling Isaac that she killed her father and the husbands 

Realizing Cruella took the pen and her mom was right

Cruella killing her mother by setting the dogs on her 

"Oh you needn’t fear the dogs any more. They’re with mother now." 

Damn it Emma, don’t kill Cruella! 

Ok so now defending your only child from a psycho turns your heart dark? 

You Can’t Deny the Success of #BlackLivesMatter

By Ashley Nicole Black

Last December, in Chicago, I took the elevator down from teaching a class to find the lobby full of students anxiously staring out the window. I walked forward to leave, and the security guard grabbed me by the arm. She was an elderly black woman, and it was the first time I’d seen her working security in that building. But she still looked at me with a kind of intimacy as she begged me, “Please don’t go out there, they’re protesting out there.” I apologized to her - I felt like I was betraying her as I stepped outside. She kept all the black students safely inside. I didn’t stop to ask her whom she she feared more – the protestors or the police – because her answer seemed obvious… 

This week, in downtown Los Angeles, I came upon another protest. The participants were mainly black and Hispanic. Most carried a cardboard sign in the shape of a coffin with the name of someone who had been killed in officer-involved violence. Most heart-breaking were two, very young girls carrying signs that said “Justice for my Daddy.” The police calmly cleared the way for the protesters to continue down the street, some nodding along to the drum beat, passersby watched, some joined in the chanting…and not a single person asked why they were protesting.

I’ve been thinking back to that December night in Chicago, when I was too shocked to answer the guy who asked, “What’s the point of this?” But I have an answer now: The protest I saw five months later in Los Angeles. That was the point.

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TVTropes History

My Beloved Smother: She had a strained relationship with her mother, the formidable Maria Theresa. The Empress constantly criticized her in her letters, unintentionally chipping away at her daughter’s already fragile self esteem. Marie Antoinette would later say that she feared her mother more than she loved her.

From Shattered Places -- Chapter 2, “Shame”

[ CHAPTER 1 | AO3 ]

This whole story has a trigger warning for rape and PTSD.

Summary: Gold isn’t sure why he even cares.

Gold watched her retreating form as Belle ran into the house. That had been a disappointing encounter, he decided. He’d heard the rumors, of course. Neal had mentioned it in a letter a few months ago, asking if it was the girl he remembered from his father’s house. Gold hadn’t wanted to believe it was true, but when she had returned from town unexpectedly and alone…well, he hadn’t needed to see a lot more than that. Short of witnessing the deed himself, nothing would have done a better job convincing him of what had happened to her than the fear he’d seen in her eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Why is it wrong that people say Skye would be jealous of Kara? It's silly, because that's not going to happen, but that's shipping. What's the problem?

Shipping is one thing, but saying Skye would be jealous of Kara is using a brainwashed woman of color whom Ward is taking advantage of as a shipping tool to prop your Nazi murderer/heroine of color gross ship.

Plus Skye being “jealous”? That contributes to the Rape Culture narrative that erases Skye’s canon hatred and fear for her abuser and stalker. Once more the shippers are ignoring a woman’s agency because they want their problematic as fuck ship, and that’s gross. Skye has stated again and again her disinterest in any relationship with the man who tried to kill her and all her friends, emotionally abused her and threatened to rape her. She even had to shoot him to avoid being kidnapped again. Implying that what she is going to feel when she sees another woman being manipulated by this evil guy is “jealousy” is one of the most disgusting things this fandom has come up with.

The never-ending why - Isaac & Helena

It was definitely not the smartest thing to do.  After what happened  Helena ws just immensely tired of it all.  There was a question swirling in her mind,  one single question she could never get an answer to.  Why ?    That simple word had shaped her whole life, she felt old in tht very instant, too old for such doubts.  Her heart was aching after such violence. She had kept it all in, pretending to be fine, pretending that this was just another day on the job.  But truth as, it had hit her hard that  those explosions could have killed her family,  her uncles, she had already pictured the chaos, and having to explain everything to Mina. She knew it was silly, yet she could not help it. 

This all was hitting home far too close , waking ghosts of her past.She thought she had a reason to leave that message for the man who had awoken her fear,  but the more she was sitting there, in the tender grass while the sun was licking this quiet city of the dead that was the cemetery, she wondered if he would even come, or if this was the right choice to have.  Her blue eyes were reading the poem on the tombstone in front of her over and over again.  She did not know who it was, it had no name, but she liked to think it was her mother,  or Hélène, or all those lifes she had seen pass in her life while she remained.

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I read where anon was talking about bi and pan more likely to leave for another gender. The love of my life sometimes feels that because I don't identify as a lesbian, that I have the potential to leave her. Her fear comes more from a thought that I certainly would not leave her for a woman because she is the best; but from a fear than a man has something more to offer than she does. This just isn't true. And, frankly, sex with her is the best sex of my life, all genders included.




His voice was a deep guttural sound that reeked of anger and whiskey. He had been drinking again, but it was a rare occurrence that he ever stopped. He had noticed the changes in his daughter, the way she moved, the way she ate and the way she looked at him with even more fear in her eyes.

He also knew without a doubt that she was pregnant, he had heard her on countless days getting sick and trying to hide it. He had noticed the way their food was going faster.

All the signs were there.

You filthy little slut.

These final pages
Often lack a certain kind
Of finality.
—  m.m. (118/365 in the 365 day series)
It’s On Me || Ryder and Bridget

Ryder really needed this drink. He was a little shaken up by the whole being kidnapped and detained thing. It had been centuries since he had played victim to anyone. Being a vampire, especially having his ability of control over the earth, Ryder wasn’t used to being helpless against some unknown force. He didn’t fear her though, he would just have to be more cautious. None of this changed the fact that he owed a huge thank you to Bridget. He wasn’t sure why the woman bailed him out, he wasn’t even sure what it was that she gave up to get him out of there. The least he could do was give her a drink. It was getting pretty late. Ryder had ordered a last call, and the rest of the customers had left. In fact, he sent his staff home too. He was finishing cleaning up, just before he was about to head up to the loft he had built above the Mystic Coyote, when he heard the door open. “Didn’t think you were gona’ stop by.” He asked with a smirk playing on his face.

How the fuck was azula only fourteen?! this changes my entire perspective on her

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i know you're very busy but please please please consider write eremika in divergent au!

So it’s been like five years since I read Divergent haha so forgive my mistakes, I had to read the Wikipedia article at work to remember. Also it might seem strange that Mikasa wasn’t in Dauntless to begin with but her parents wouldn’t have been in Dauntless, so Mikasa wouldn’t have been born there. Because she wasn’t born there and because she didn’t know the loss of her canon life I made her a bit more fearful to begin with (technically Eren and Mikasa should be switched but I liked it better this way) but don’t worry, if this would have continued she’d turn into that badass girl we all love :3

Mikasa didn’t know what she was doing. She didn’t know why she did this. Her whole life, her whole life she lived in peace with her family and her faction and then suddenly out of nowhere she chooses to be among the one faction that was the complete opposite of hers? What was she thinking? She should’ve chosen Abnegation and stayed with her mom and dad. Mikasa tried to close her eyes to block out the rest of the rowdy kids on the train but it didn’t work, all she saw was her parent’s sad faces when she didn’t chose to stay with them.

β€œHey, you okay?”

The voice startled Mikasa, making her eyes snap open. There was a girl sitting across from her now though Mikasa didn’t recognize her at all. She had bright eyes and brown hair but she didn’t look like the rest of the born Dauntless kids, she looked a little lost too.

β€œAh, yeah,” Mikasa nodded. β€œJust a lot to take in.”

The girl nodded. β€œI feel ya. I saw you sitting here and figured you chose to come here like me. No offense but ya kinda stick out like a sore thumb.”

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☒ (if he even has one X'D)

Relationship Asks:

☢ :Character my muse is afraid of.

I fear no one.

There is no {{person}} he is afraid of.
The only fear he has is of {{failure
Which he won’t allow to happen.
So in truth, he may {{fear}} nothing,
not until a true {{threat}} of failure
arises. And he would {{crush}} it
with all of his power before ever
letting such fear {{consume}} him.