Joshua was on Eric Nam’s snow story! []
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Hello, people around the world. I have created this fundraser to help my mother, who means the world to me. Her health has been going down lately, one big reason being her front toothrow on her lower jaw. They are basically so loose that they could drop out. This is preventing her from eating... not good at these things, and im not usually the one to go and ask for others help, and my mom is the same, but now i feel like it’s time to do this.

so if you can, please donate and help, since this is very important. not for me, but to for my mother.
and if you cant donate but still want to help, please reblog and spread the word!

I wasted my last day of vacation bc of this someone take my tablet away from me p l EASE

  • what she says: im a'ight
  • what she means: honestly everyone in RFA is always worried about mc but no one worries about jaehee like she is so stressed and overworked why are they worrying about the wrong person i wish i could help my girl i wish i could take some burden and stress off of her i wish i could always call her to comfort her and support her but i don't have enough hourglasses and im currently broke she is so amazing and needs to stand up for herself but she also needs to be protected because wowie she is an angel i am in love with her i am so gay