Him going up and down in the reclining seat kills me every time.


LOVE this part of the movie! 


Best scene in the entire movie :’)


So….as we all know, my name is the mystique of names. 

Depending on where I’m at, it morphs into all sorts of names and people love it. 

I call it the mystique of names, not only because it morphs but because its appearance is kind of scary to people. As soon as they see it…..they’re all like “FKWVNEINVIH:LKNBIVENOINKLJNSLDJNVIUKRNBIORNBK” and I’m like……chill. 

I choose to make it easy for people (i.e. as restaurants and clubs)  and say name is Ivan, which is in fact my middle name, so I won’t have to deal with the confused looks that I’ve been living with for *clears throat* 23 years. 

But for work things I have to say and use my first name Uriel #lame

Luckily for me, I have finally figured it out though. I’ve taught the white people how to say my name and I’m very proud of myself and of them. This is the mini lesson that I give them.

Me- “Ok….so you know the cowboy from Toy Story?”

White People- “yeah….Woody”

Me- “Yep…now say ‘Woody’ without the W”

White People- “ -Oody”

Me- “Great….now add an 'L’ to the end of it”

White People- “Oody-L”

Me- “Yes! That’s my name!!”

White People- “:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D”

and then they go ahead and say my name like 15 times because they’re all proud of themselves. I love it. It’s funny to see their faces all accomplished, and it feels great to hear my name said correctly. The lesson takes a little long, but I’m down for it if it helps people say my name. 

If all else fails, just call me Ivan. ;)