Jealousy || Park Jimin

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 Request: can you write a funny fluff scenario with jimin from bts and his girlfriend (y/n) where they’re skyping each other and jimin is irritated that day. she’s able to get him to confess and he tells her how the members that day compliment and hit on her when she was mentioned in front of him. he eventually got fed up when they took it too far and it went amusing from there. can you make sure to write the flash back scenario and a funny amusing reaction from y/n? thank you so much 😊 

word count: 1.4k

It was half past eleven when you got the text from Jimin saying he was home. Excitement flooded through your veins and you couldn’t hide how happy you were. This would be the first time in weeks that he would be able to talk to you, the first time in weeks that you would be able to see him between both of your busy schedules and everything that had been happening between the both of you. 

Your feet started moving before the thought entered your head and you were headed to the spare room in your apartment that you had converted into your office. You sat down at the desk and logged on to the computer sat in front of you quickly, wanting nothing more than to open up skype and wait for your boyfriend to come online. 

An excited breath left your lips as you saw your familiar background load onto the screen and a gentle smile made it’s way over your lips. The photo was a picture you had taken with Jimin the first time the two of you had met. You had met on set for one of his music videos, when you had just started your acting career, and the two of you had just managed to hit it off there. The outfits were glitz and glam but you couldn’t help but stare at the smile Jimin used on the camera. 

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Nessian | Slow dancing with no music playing

AN: I felt like writing a little Nessian drabble so this happened. Very cheesy. Very cliché. I don’t care.
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The cold air rushed in through the door, and so did they. Bundled up in jackets and scarves, and tripping over their feet, Nesta and Cassian entered the apartment and closed the door behind them.

Nesta stumbled and nearly toppled over trying to remove her wet boots in the dark, but Cassian rushed and grabbed her by the waist before she could fall.

“Hey, there,” he said, pulling her close to his chest. Nesta’s cheeks were flushed—both from the chill in the air, and the bottle of wine they’d shared—and she smiled softly at him, her expression unguarded for once. Cassian placed her hand on his shoulder and kneeled down, slowly unzipping her boots and pulling them off while Nesta held onto him.

“Thanks,” she murmured as Cassian rose, his hand trailing the length of her leg before finally settling on her hip. Her eyes were closed, and she tilted her face up to him, her hand making its way from his shoulder to the dark curls at the nape of his neck.

These were his most favourite moments. Simple, mundane things like coming back to their apartment, happy, and drunk, and in love, filled him with overwhelming emotions. He couldn’t believe the woman in front of him had finally chosen him. She was his, and he was hers, and that’s all that mattered. He took in her face in this rare moment of vulnerability, her features soft and open, and he leaned down, overcome with a sudden urge to kiss her.

“Your shoes are soaking the rug and getting my socks wet, Cass,” she said before his lips had time to meet hers.

He snorted—her timing was incredible!—and kicked off his shoes without moving. His free hand reached Nesta’s zipper and unzipped her jacket, before removing her hat and scarf and throwing them on the nearby coat rack. Nesta brought her other hand to the nape of his neck and leaned her head on his chest while he struggled to shrug his jacket off. He threw his own jacket haphazardly on the coat rack too and snaked his arms around Nesta’s waist.

A feeling of complete calmness settled over him. Having Nesta in his arms felt like being home, and he’d never felt like home anywhere before, but he did now. With her. A sudden thought planted itself in his mind, and the epiphany made him freeze for a second.

He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

There was no doubt about it. He wondered if perhaps this was something he had known for awhile but had never acknowledged. She was the best thing in his life, and there was no way he was going to ever let her go. There would never be anyone else for him but her.

His arms tightened around her, and he leaned down and placed a kiss on the top of her head. Nesta hummed contently, unaware of his realisation, and she slowly started swaying her hips.

A slow smile stretched over his lips. “Sweetheart, what are you doing?”

“Dancing, Cass. I hoped you’d be familiar with the concept,” she said. She didn’t raise her head to look at him, and simply continued to sway from side to side.

“There’s no music playing,” he said, but he already knew it didn’t matter. He was moving along with her anyway, following a silent melody only they could hear, and Cassian thought that if he could relive a moment over and over again for his whole life, he’d choose this one. He’d slow dance in his apartment entryway, with his heart full of love, and the person he loved most in his arms for the rest of eternity.

That [first] scene, we did talk about. There are two lines: “I don’t want to lose you” and then something like, “You’d better come and get me.” It’s like an open declaration of love, really, in whatever sense you want to take that. When we played it, it took us both completely by surprise, as did that very last scene in the motel room when he suddenly grabs me for a hug. I adore Alfonso [Herrera], and I adore working with him. It’s just the most fantastic working relationship. And we were both really choked up after shooting that last scene, because we thought this might be the last time that we have a scene together as these characters. And it also played into the scene. Both of us, we went into the room next door as we were shooting it, we were sobbing! [Laughs] Because it’s been a very intense working relationship.

BTS Scenario: Movie night at the dorm

Warnings: smut!


It was 10PM. Namjoon and his group of friends were sitting on the large couch. They were watching ‘James Bond’. When you entered the living room, you walked over to your boyfriend and snuggled yourself into a blanket. He put his arm around you. You put your head on his shoulders. A love scene was on the screen and Namjoons hand wandered down your short pants. He stroked your inner thighs and you gasped. He stopped his motions when he saw Yoongi on the other side of the couch watching confused. All of the sudden he got up: “I’m really tired, I’m going to the bedroom.” When you saw the look he gave you, you stood up and followed him. In his room he pushed you against the wall. “Honey I can’t wait longer.”, he said while undressing you and you could feel his dick brushing against you.


Your boyfriend texted you earlier that he had prepared a movie night for you too. All the boys were gone so it would be a romantic night just for the two of you. When you entered the apartment you smelled fresh baked muffins. “Jagiya! I made these for us, we can enjoy them while watching this new drama.” Jin motioned to the couch. After a while the drama was getting really sad because of the main character dying. You started crying. “Don’t cry y/n! It’s just a movie. Wait i’m going to help you.” he said with his soft voice. He removed the hair out of your face and took his sleeve to dry your tears. He planted a soft kiss on your forehead and then on your mouth.


It was late at night when your boyfriend and you decided to watch a movie. It was in the dorms and the other boys were dead asleep. You knew it had a lot of hot scenes so you prepared yourself because you knew your boyfriend would want to make out with you. He always did when you watched a movie with love scenes. And you were right. After the first scene he began to suck on your neck. After he left dark marks on you, you undressed your yourself and he got rid of his own clothes. He began to enter his lenght into you and you started moaning. All of the sudden Taehyung entered the room. “Oh my god”, you said full of embarrassment. Tae immediately left and Yoongi started cursing and laughing.


You came back after a dinner to the dorm. The dorm belonged to Hoseok and the rest of his friends. You decided to go into Hobis room and watch a movie on his laptop. Hoseok was chilling in another room. You put on your pajamas and sat onto the bed. You were watching a horror movie. After a jump scare you screamed: “AAAHhh”. Hoseok came into the room, scared of what had happened. “Oh honey, why are you alone here, let’s watch something together but something a little less scary.” You put on a romantic drama. After a love scene your boyfriend began to kiss you. He lifted your shirt up and his tongue entered your mouth.


You were in the dorm of the boys and Jimin laying in the bed besides him while watching a movie. It was really tight so you snuggled without much space between you. Hoseok was sleeping on the other side of the room. You could hear him mumbling sometimes probably dreaming something. You were close to falling asleep when Jimin grabbed your waist. He kissed your mouth and lift up your shirt. He removed your shorts and panties. Jimins hands started stroking your whole body and stopped at your inner thighs. He got rid of his boxer shorts which was the only thing he was wearing. “Princess, you gotta be really quiet or this won’t be working.” He entered you slowly but a moan already escaped your mouth. You bit your lips so that you wouldn’t make any sounds. The last thing you wanted was Hoseok to wake up.


The dorm of Taehyung and his friends was really big and had this huge television in the living room with a sofa and bunch of pillows on it. Taehyung and you, both in pajamas were watching ‘Titanic’. Snuggled with a lot of blankets and pillows your head rested on Taes shoulders. The whole time Taehyung was making fun of the scenes but when the love scene arrived he watched deeply into your eyes. His face came closer to you and his mouth put a soft kiss on yours. His mouth was soft and warm. His hands were stroking your hair. A whole while you were making out. It was always really beautiful with Tae.


Jungkook and you were watching movies the whole day. You were in the dorm on the huge couch. It was getting late so you decided to go home. When you stood up Jungkook asked where you were going. „Jungkook it’s already 1:00AM I should go home now.“ „Babe, you know that I won’t let you go home this late alone. I think you should just stay over.“ he said with a smirk. Jungkook stood up and pushed you down on the couch again. But now he put his body on yours. His hair fell into his forehead when he pulled you closer. He kissed you, his eyes closed. He stroked your back and his hand wandered down to your ass. He squeezed it and began to suck on your neck. You felt the heat coming up in your stomach.

-Seagull 2

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Christmas Cookies - Logicality Fanfiction

This is a gift for @storytellerofuntoldlegends for the @fander-secret-santa! They said they’d like to see logicality baking Christmas cookies. I hope you like it!

Words: 1120

Pairing: Logicality

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“I’m happy for you, or I’m trying to be.

I want to be. Today I liked her post on

Instagram, the picture she took of you on your

date, looking out at the view from the castle.

She called you beautiful (she was

right) and I was surprised to feel nothing but a

quiet joy for the two of you, the only girls

that have lit up my heart like city lights

since I moved to this quiet backwater

town. You were both too good for

me. I don’t know how to stop

wanting. You knit your love together

through quiet afternoons and I

only know how to love like a hunter,

like stripping skin and fur from

a carcass to keep my lonely heart warm.

Today, I wish you all the happiness from each

other that I failed to give you. But

yesterday I was raging storms and weeping

tsunamis. Your name has stopped being a hopeful

promise. It has become an expletive. I sobbed

until my eyes were as red as the blood you draw

from me everytime you ignore my hesitant

hellos. I combed through the woods because it’s

the only place that doesn’t sting of you, but

once in a while I could hear the wind whistle a

song that made me think of how I still don’t

know why you changed your mind about us.

About me. I don’t want to love you and I don’t want

to hate you. Maybe I’m just used to being

the one who leaves. I always give up first.

I always love the least. It’s not my heart

that’s bruised so much as my ego.

But she’s the one who will get to call you her

girlfriend. She gets a calendar full of you

and arms full of you and she’ll get to

meet your family, your dog, your friends.

She gets to keep you forever and I’m left with

nothing, nothing, nothing but a skin

that’s empty of your touch.

BEN DANIELS | That scene [when Tomas offers himself as bait], we did talk about. There are two lines: “I don’t want to lose you” and then something like, “You’d better come and get me.” It’s like an open declaration of love, really, in whatever sense you want to take that. When we played it, it took us both completely by surprise, as did that very last scene in the motel room when he suddenly grabs me for a hug. I adore Alfonso [Herrera], and I adore working with him. It’s just the most fantastic working relationship. And we were both really choked up after shooting that last scene, because we thought this might be the last time that we have a scene together as these characters. And it also played into the scene. Both of us, we went into the room next door as we were shooting it, we were sobbing! [Laughs] Because it’s been a very intense working relationship.

Ben Daniels & Jeremy Slater TVLine interview, Dec 15, 2017

Jeonghan: If me and Seungcheol were both drowning, who would you save?

Chan: I don’t know, both of you.

Jeonghan: No. If you could only save one of us?

Chan: Well, I would probably save Seungcheol because he’s our leader, and I happen to know you’re an excellent swimmer.

Jeonghan: Suppose I was holding an anchor? Who would you save then?

Chan: Well, why don’t you let go of the anchor?

Jeonghan: It’s a family heirloom.

Chan: I’m leaving.

Taking Lena Home to Midvale (aka Lena getting the mothering she deserves)

Night 4 of 8 Nights of Danvers Chanukah

Last Year | Night 1 | Night 2 | Night 3

It doesn’t help her nerves that when she shows up to their apartment – her bag packed and bulging with a combination of books and clothes in her definitely not shaking hand – she can hear Alex and Maggie… preparing… for the trip on the other side of the door.

It makes her chuckle to herself, sure – the sound of her sister-in-law whimpering her fiancee’s name, the sound of bare skin coming together, the sound of Maggie murmuring something Lena can’t hear, but can definitely imagine, and the sound of her sister-in-law coming completely undone, a litany of curses and declarations of love and Maggie’s name spilling out of her lips – but it also makes her even more nervous.

Because, she thinks as she waits in the hallway to knock – waits for Alex to come down from her high, waits for her and Maggie to cuddle a bit, for them to, hopefully, put some damn clothes on – they’re engaged. They’re engaged and they’re so far along in their relationship that Maggie is helping Alex work through her going-home-anxiety with what sounds like really amazing sex.

She and Kara are still… beginning.

Lena hasn’t even met Eliza yet, for crying out loud, whereas she knows that Eliza calls Maggie to check in from time to time.

And, she knows the family is close with Superman. Obviously.

What if Eliza just sees her as a Luthor, even more than most?

Kara swears she won’t, but Kara believes the best in everyone, and it’s what Lena loves about her, but what if she’s… wrong?

She doesn’t exactly have a good track record with mothers.

“Neither do I,” Maggie had told her at the bar the other night. “I mean, sure, Emily’s mom loved me – until she hated me – but that was just because of the badge and the workaholicness and all that, nothing super personal to me. But before that? It was all, ‘how could you corrupt my daughter’ and ‘stay the hell away from her’ and… worse.” 

“What if Dr. Danvers thinks I’m… corrupting her daughter?” Lena had taken a long sip of wine before asking.

“Because she’s with a woman?”

“No, because…”

“A Super and a Luthor?”

Lena had nodded with lowered eyes, and Maggie had sighed and taken a long swig of her beer.

“I don’t think she will, but she is… really protective of Kara. In a way that she’s not protective of Alex. The opposite, for Alex… but listen, what I do know, Lena? Is that Kara loves you. And Eliza has every reason to love you, too. But if she doesn’t? We all know the way right back to National City.”

Lena had smiled at that, unsure of what to do with the casual solidarity, the nonchalant loyalty, the unwavering certainty that Lena… belongs.

But now, standing with her crammed overnight bag outside Alex’s door, all her anxiety is flooding back to her.

“Hey baby!” Kara’s voice jolts her out of her stupor. “You can go inside, you know, it’s okay – “

“Oh, Kara, I wouldn’t – “

“Oh Rao, I did not need to see that! Why is it always me? You can put a sock on the door or something!”

“We’re not in college, Little Danvers. You could always knock or something.” Maggie’s voice is playful and post-orgasmic and Lena lets Kara bury her appalled face into her shoulder and pats her head in teasing consolation.

“I tried to warn you, darling,” she says, opening one of her eyes to check if Maggie and Alex are decent. They’re not, exactly, but Alex waves them both inside anyway.

“Were you waiting outside, Luthor?” Maggie asks as she tosses Alex a t-shirt.

“Aww, Lena, you’re too sweet.”

“And you’re too gross,” Kara whines, still with her eyes buried.

“Kara, sex isn’t – “

“No, it’s not, hooray sex positivity! Doesn’t mean I want to walk in on my big sister like… like that!”

Lena snorts and Alex hurries into the long t-shirt Maggie had given her and rushes over to hug her sister.

“I love you, sis,” she reminds her, and Kara can’t help but smile.

“Are you even packed yet?” she asks. 

“All ready!” Maggie declares, yanking up their bags. 

And so – a quick shower and many soft kisses to Lena’s face later – they set off in J’onn’s borrowed car, Britney songs blasting the entire way to Midvale.

Lena gets quieter the closer they get, and Kara, with her in the back seat, promises not to let go of her hand.

“I’m proud to be bringing you home, Lena,” she assures her with a kiss on the mouth.

When Alex glances at them in the rear view mirror, she awwws and Lena blushes, but happily.

She tries to hang on to that feeling as Alex pulls into the driveway, Eliza coming out of the house to greet them with a smile.

Lena lingers back, and Kara, as promised, keeps a hold on her hand while Alex hugs her mother; while Eliza tugs Maggie in for a long, long hug that ends in her cupping Maggie’s face in her palms and telling her, “our home is always your home, sweetie”; and even while Kara reaches out to hug her foster mother.

“Eliza, this is my girlfriend, Lena Luthor.”

It’s Lena who finally lets go of Kara’s hand, then, to extend her own to Eliza.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Dr. Danvers,” she tells her, and Eliza’s smile is questioning.

“In this family, we hug, Lena. Especially on the holidays. If that’s alright?” She holds her arms out tentatively, and Lena swallows a sob as she nods and steps forward into her arms.

Kara beams and Maggie lowers her wet eyes while Alex kisses her temple.

Lena trembles slightly when Eliza offers her a tour of the house – of Kara’s childhood on Earth – and she doesn’t quite know what to do with her hands when, a few hours later, Alex murmurs the blessings over the menorah, Kara helping her even after her (apparently annual) ‘offer’ to light the candles with her heat vision was turned down.

She nearly jumps when she feels Eliza take her hand, softly translating the Hebrew for her and Maggie. Softly telling them about how much Alex had struggled with the blessings after Jeremiah… well. 

It’s on the back porch that she takes a moment to breathe, a moment to take in the casual way Eliza had made sure she’d eaten enough latkes, had made sure Kara didn’t eat all the jelly donuts to make sure Lena was able to have as many as she wanted, too.

That she finds a moment to process the way that not once had Eliza mentioned her last name, or her brother, or the fact that her mother was directly responsible for ripping her husband away from her and leaving her with two teenagers to raise.

It’s also on the back porch that she and Eliza get to have their first conversation alone.

She feels eyes on the back of her neck as she looks up at the sky, listening with a soft smile on her lips to the sounds of Kara laughing with Alex and Maggie in the kitchen. She turns to find, sure enough, Eliza’s gaze on her, two steaming mugs in her hands.

“Kara accidentally heat visioned some gelt when the girls were children,” Eliza holds a mug out for her. “Apparently, as long as you actually take the foil off before the melting happens, heat vision plus gelt can make for excellent hot chocolate.”

Lena laughs softly and accepts her mug gratefully as Eliza comes to stand next to her, both of them leaning out, looking at the stars.

“Thank you for having me, Dr. Danvers.”


“Eliza. I know… I don’t imagine having me in your home is easy. What my mother’s done to your family…”

Lena’s eyes lower in shame, and she hears Eliza’s deep breath next to her.

“Drink it while it’s warm, honey,” she tells her. “It’s best that way.”

Another long silence. Lena sips and she tastes Kara’s earth childhood and it makes her heart both soar and ache.

“You know, Lena, on Chanukah, we don’t blow to candles out. We let them burn out on their own.”

They both turn to look inside, at the girls and at the menorah in front of them, the candles petering down to their last flickers. 

“Kara loves you. That’s clear. And Alex trusts you with her sister, which is… which is enormous. Did the girls tell you about the first boy Kara brought home from college, what Alex did to him?” Eliza chuckles. “I’ll leave that story for them to tell. But honey… I know it’s easier said than done, but I don’t see… you are not your mother. And I don’t see any reason not to let this burn out on its own. This… this idea that you somehow are responsible for hurting my family… you aren’t. I want to let that burn out, Lena.”

They watch as the first candle – reduced now only to its wick – flickers one final time until a thin line of undulating, gorgeous smoke is all that remains.

“You belong her, honey. Just like Maggie, just like my girls. And you deserve… this. A family that loves you.”

As if on cue, Kara catches eyes with Lena and blows her an enormous kiss with both hands as Alex and Maggie cheer.

“Thank you, Dr. – “



“We’ll work on that,” Eliza smiles, wrapping her arm around Lena’s shoulder and kissing her temple gently. “We have all the time in the world.”

Feelings (Stan Uris x Reader)

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Request: HI! Could you possibly do a Stan X reader where they’ve known each other forever and stan has crush on them. But the reader is really close friends with Richie and there always really touchy and Richie always makes inappropriate jokes around the reader. But one day Stan can’t handle his jealousy anymore and tells the reader how he feels and they feel the same and just ends with fluff. LOVE YOUR WORK BTW❤️

Authors note: I hope this is what you were looking for!! I hope you enjoy it!! Feedback is appreciated!!!

You and Stan had been neighbors and best friends since you were both little. Always going over to each others houses and playing together or having sleepovers. You could see into his bedroom window from your own window, making dumb faces or asking questions from your own houses.

Stan developed a crush on you during the third grade. He didn’t know how it happened, he just knew that you made his insides turn to mush and his hands sweaty. He didn’t know how to tell you or what to do about it, so he stayed quiet.

As both of you got older, Stan’s crush only grew. Your carefree attitude and stunning personality only seemed to blossom with age. His heart leaped out of his chest whenever you were near, his mind went hazy and his hands sweaty. He wanted nothing more then to be with you, to hold and love you unconditionally. But you seemed to like Richie.

You and Richie were close, joking around and making inappropriate jokes with each other. You would always lean your head on his shoulder or hug him tightly. It was a stab to Stan’s heart when he saw you together, but if you were happy so be it.

You were all at the quarry, the last few nights of the summer being spent in the sun. You wanted this to last forever, all of the losers carefree and happy, smiles adorning all of their faces. Even Stan had a large grin on his face, his sour attitude dissipating as the day went on.

The sun was setting as you all sat atop the cliff, the fire Mike and Bill had started was bright and warm, crackling wood and the hum of insects surrounding you.

Stan couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, the fire was illuminating your features, making you seem even more angelic then you already were. A soft smile tugged on his lips as you made eye contact with him, your smile bright and warm. He watched as your gaze was redirected at Richie, who sat down next to you, laying his head in your lap.

He watched you laugh and giggle at Richie’s jokes, eyes crinkling in the way the did when you were genuinely happy. Stan let out a sigh, jealousy and anger bubbling up inside of him. He took a few deep breaths, not wanting to cause a scene.

Beverly noticed Stan’s slight frown, making her way over to him and sitting down. Her eyes followed his gaze, seeing you and Richie together. She looked over at Stan’s face, giving him a knowing look.

“You should tell her.” She spoke in a hushed voice, nudging him with her elbow.

Stan just rolled his eyes, giving her an unamused stare. Bev laughed a little, raising her eyebrows at him.

“She likes Richie, Bev, not me.” Stan grumbled.

Beverly hummed a bit, her gaze falling back on you and Richie. She watched your interactions, noticing how you didn’t hold the same love in your eyes as when you looked at Stan, or the soft smile that seemed to always be on your lips when Stan would make a joke.

“She likes you.” Beverly stated, her tone was confident and factual.

Stan could feel the heat rise to his cheeks, his eyes widening ever so slightly. He looked over a Beverly, her brows raised and a smirk on her lips. She motioned for Stan to go talk to you, her hands waving in front of them.

With a scoff and a roll of his eyes, Stan got up and walked over to you. He could feel his heart beating rapidly in his chest, his mouth dry.

“Hey, Y/N, can I um… talk to you?” His voice is soft, shaking a bit from his nerves.

“Yep!” You pushed Richie off of you lap before hopping up and walking next to Stan.

You could tell something was off with Stan, his body was stiff and rigid, eyes saying on the ground. You nudged him a bit with your elbow, causing his eyes to met yours. You cocked an eyebrow up at him in question.

“Do you like Richie? And don’t bullshit me L/N.” His tone is serious, eyes narrowed slightly and his lips in a pout.

Your brows knit together, Richie?

“What? You think I like Richie?” You let out a laugh, Stan’s stare still harsh.

“No, I do not like Richie, but I do like someone else.” You let your statement linger in the air.

You could feel your heart start to beat faster as you take a tentative step towards Stan. You watch as his eyes soften and his body relaxes a bit.

“I thought you liked him since your always with him, laughing at his stupid jokes and ugh-” He cuts himself off, feeling jealousy rising in him again.

You place a soft hand on his shoulder, a smile on your lips as you let out a laugh.

“Are you jealous, Uris?” You joke, watching the way his body tenses at your words.

He just rolls his eyes, ready to say something witty in response. But with you so close to him, his mind can’t think of anything.

“I like you.” He breathes out, heart ready to leap out of his chest.

Your smile grows as you look into his eyes, his cheeks are flushed and his breathing his heavy.

“I like you too Stanley.” You place a gentle kiss to his cheek, grabbing his hand and dragging him back to the group.

You sit down next to him, leaning your head on his shoulder, his fingers intertwined with yours. Stan glances at Bev, nodding his head at her as if to say thank you. Stan squeezes your hand, laughing along with you and the other as Ben tell a story.

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Okay I forgive you Pixelberry! That chapter was the perfect Hana chapter. She stood up to her dad, rejected Neville, and we made out in a blanket fort! Plus I’m glad they talked about waiting, and making sure they were both ready before they took their relationship any further. 💕


“So here’s to our blistered feet. Here’s to my whimpering knees, your weary shoulders. Here is the foreclosure of my shame and here is our brokenness. Look at us being so damn human: yes, it happened, yes, it was not our most graceful unfolding, and yes, we were both so present the whole time.” - Sierra DeMulder

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It’s so cute how after the kiss Betty and Archie still continued to finish their mission. The only “awkward” moment was right after, but beyond that they were completely normal about it.

I mean, I don’t think right after it was awkward. I think they were both surprised in that moment, you know? Archie surprised he got kissed by Betty (and liked it, I’m assuming) and Betty surprised she actually just kissed him. 

But yeah, the best part is that they kept moving with the important things. I think some fans of the show felt like that made the kiss feel random in the episode, like she kissed him out of nowhere, before the stakes got really  high/there was nothing leading up to it, but I disagree. I think that they’ve been leading up to it for about 12 episodes now, and I also think that it made total sense timing wise. Betty started to lose it (understandably). Everything with the Black Hood was piling up, she found out that her family was involved, she started to spin, and Archie was there. She needed someone, and unlike other people in her life (Jughead) he was there just like he always is, to ground her. 

More than that, he was going off about how much he needed her. How the Black Hood attacked his father and his friends and he needed Betty Cooper by his side to make things OK, and thats the exact opposite of what Jughead did. Betty likes to be the fixer, and Jughead won’t let her do that- he just pushes her farther away. Archie lets her in. And I think that’s what they were trying to show in that moment. 

“Did you guys miss the whole second part of the movie where she hated him, I think you guys are the ones who are delusional!”  

I saw their first scene together where she was angry with him, but at no point did I see any hatred directed at him. And at the point where she supposedly started to hate him? Was that the duel in the throne room aboard The Supremacy? When she refused to come with him and they fought over the lightsaber, did you see anger? I saw sadness, I saw disappointment, I did not, however, see anger.

And again - at their final scene together, reading the spoilers, the way they were written, you’d think that the way she’d looked at him when she shut the ramp on the ship, she was sneering at him, or spitting at the ground that he walked on. 

They both looked like they were about to cry, again, more disappointment and sadness, not this anger that you guys are claiming that Rey felt towards him. 

I think you guys are the ones that are in deep denial. 

That damn ending, they’re totally misreading it in general. 

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, you guys walked out of TFA thinking that Kylo and Rey were brother and sister, or cousins, despite the writers, the directors, and the fucking actors telling you that they weren’t related to each other. 

I recommend a visit to a therapist if what we saw in the “second half of the movie” in any shape or form appears as anger towards you. 

Perhaps a vision test as well?  

a few notes

about the G’s pics
1. Both pics were taken on the same time, if I have to guess when - first half of September.
2. Gigi hadn’t been papped in this outfit despite all the paps in front of her building proving again Niall’s words
3. This is the first picture of Galpals’s place after the renovation.