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Pairing: John x Daughter!Reader
Word count: 769
: @itsrainbowunicornstuff oooooooo requests some winchester sister (no incest just fam) inspired by Daddy Lessons - Beyoncé and Dixie Chicks? y'all are fucking awesome

Sure, your father was tough, expected a lot, and pushed you. However, from the moment you were born, you were a Daddy’s girl. Despite being a single father to three, traveling all the time, and all the hard work that came with hunting, he always made time for you.

Looking up at your father, you looked into his dark eyes- the same ones that you shared with him. Your hair was up on a ponytail, and you were wearing one of Dean’s shirts that was more like a dress on you. “Come here, princess.” He motioned for you to stand up.

He took your small hands in his, and you got the hint, putting your feet on his. Dean had taken Sam to the park down the road, but you’d wanted to stay behind. You were glad you did. John smiled when he saw your face light up.

“I can’t give you three what I’d like to, but I’ll do my best to give you what I can.” He assured you. At the time, you didn’t get what he meant. It wouldn’t be until years later that it would hit you.

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Ramblings about the Wings tour in Chicago

I’m really tired and I already feel like I’ve forgotten so much, but here’s are some of my thoughts and stuff:

  • So I had a general admission soundcheck ticket. Soundcheck was only three songs, but it was WORTH IT. There was *only* 500 of us there and we were all standing in a clump in front of the stage. BTS came sauntering out really casually and we all started screaming. They were dressed in regular clothes and weren’t wearing makeup. They sang Baepsae, Save Me, and Dope and it was amazing
  • Jin and Jimin were matching cuties! They both had on sunglasses, the same blue shirts (the ones they’re wearing in the selfies Jimin posted on Twitter!), and black pants. And they were standing next to each other and both had brown hair and it was just adorable
  • Namjoon kept doing his classic dorky, terrible dance moves
  • They would speak to each other in Korean between songs, so we didn’t know what they were saying but it was really awesome to just see them being themselves and doing their thing
  • They all seemed kind of tired, but Yoongi especially lol…I swear he was basically asleep. He was wearing a black hoodie and black pants and his hair was so long in the front that it was basically covering his eyes (adorable emo prince of my heart). They did the dance for Dope when they sang it and he was was barely moving AT ALL. Just his hands in the most halfhearted way possible. He had to save his energy for the actual concert, I guess lol
  • After soundcheck we went back outside to wait some more. I won’t go into this, but it was really so poorly organized. @kihyunseyesmile and I were complaining a lot, but it all ended up being sooo worth it in the end
  • Read about the actual concert below!

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To the guy with the prom problem: hit up your local H&M if you can't pay millions for clothes you'll only wear one night. They have suits and ties and such, and I'm sure you'll be too handsome in that. I'm in the same boat, my dude, and I'm probably not going at all, but I think it would be a fun experience if you can find somewhere cheap to get your stuff. I actually got an email saying that they're going to have a sale soon. Don't know if that applies to dress clothes. Hope this helps : )


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Do you know if there is a production where Carlotta and Christine's countess dress are the same?? Or the gala skirt?? Thanks!

That’s one of my pet peeves - Christine and Carlotta in the replica version is not MEANT to wear the same costume. We see Carlotta playing the Countess early on in the mock opera, possibly the opening scene, where she’s dressed “deshabille”, meaning informal, by modern standard in her pajamas and bathrobe (hahaha) - that is, an underskirt, a corset and a dressing gown, whilst she’s having her wig powdered and choosing jewellery.

Christine as the Countess, however, shows the role dressed in her finest, in a formal gown with all the finery necessary. No corset lacing on view here, no wig in the process of being powdered. She’s dressed to the nines. As Christine wears this costume when taking a bow, we can assume she wears it in the last scenes of the mock opera. So yeah, they’re not meant to wear the same costume, which is why they always look wildly different.

To my knowledge there hasn’t been any replica productions featuring them in identical dresses. But non-replica productions has featured them in more or less the same costume, for example in Finland (depicted) and Estonia:

As for the Elissa skirt, the original idea is that their costumes are more or less identical, but with different closing patents. Carlotta wears a hoop skirt UNDER the corseted V-shaped bodice, while Christine wears a netting supported skirt OVER the boned Slavegirl bodice. A false bodice continuation on Christine’s skirt does however make it appear her costume is the same as Carlotta’s. For example, you’re pretty hardcore if you can immediately tell Carlotta’s and Christine’s Elissa skirts in the World Tour apart:

Or the Las Vegas ones:

This idea has also been picked up in most non-replica productions - exception being those more movie inspired, like Poland and Romania. As an example, here’s Carlotta’s and Christine’s costume in the Czech production:

But though this is the main idea, there are productions where they use vintage costumes, and what they have in stock for Carlotta can be wildly different than what they have in stock for Christine. In these cases their costumes can be quite different, even if it’s *technically* the same design. Mexico/Spain/Brazil/Argentina/Moscow, for example, featured a very stripy golden skirt for Carlotta, and in most cases a red skirt with green details for Christine:

These skirts are way easier to tell apart than the examples from the World Tour and Las Vegas above. But it’s more accidental than intentional - when productions make brand new costumes, they make sure the skirt for Christine and Carlotta is as perfect a match as possible :)

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In a new picture released Roman, Sheppard and Kurt are all wearing identical black jackets with the same patches! Guess she found a way to get Kurt to help after all! Sheppard and Roman are dressed up with silly hats and Kurt is pictured in a closet in a behind the scene photos.

I KNOW!! And I’m a little freaked out? Also there’s a pic of Jaimie and Michelle filming together, Luke has been with Michelle a lot and now this.

Well Shepherd did warn Kurt he will join her eventually so let’s wait and see how all this is gonna play out!


Ok so I have had this AU idea of like…. grumpy hermit gay mess Hanzo who basically looks like his hair is the pelt fur from his lone wolf skin because he could not care any less of how he looks, and he is that one neighbor who’s an asshole and never says hi or anything and lets his hellhound of a pomeranian go to other people’s yards and destroy them or shit on them.

He probably works from home and avoids all human contact that’s not necessary, except Genji because he is his lil bro! he only goes out when grocery shopping or to pay bills or hit the gym (look at those guns and pecs )

This Hanzo also sports the piercings he has in the winter comic and more less dresses up with the same style of clothes?? when he goes out that is, most of the time he just wears tshirts and sweatpants.

This becomes a McHanzo AU when Jesse moves in next door and finds Hanzo’s dog digging a hole on his lawn and decides to take it back to its owner and when Hanzo sees him he just “???????????? wow im gay af ??????????” 

Basically this AU is Hanzo being the one smitten by McCree and trying to get close to him but being too socially awkward to do it properly and having like bad timings and freaking out and going back inside his house whenever he feels he has fucked up to which Jesse is oblivious and just thinks Hanzo is an interesting guy. 

Hanzo tries to make it clear how gay he is without saying it by always using his Im gay mug that Genji gave to him as a joke…..just…boy….pls….Genji teases him to no end and as a way to encourage him, Genji says he will go after Jesse if Hanzo doesnt do anything about it which Hanzo is very aware could happen in the blink of an eye knowing how efficient his lil bro is when it comes to flirting with people, the guy has some unreal skills for dating.

but yeah thats all I got….. basically this is me wanting more McHanzo from Hanzo´s point of view, and having him less…uhh…far away and mysterious about his feelings? I want him being an awkward mess.

okay thats all Im sorry.


There is a reason why black bloc wears all black. There is a reason why everyone one of them cover themselves in the same color, all dressed very similarly, too similarly to tell one from another: it is the point. That is the tactic. The tactic is to keep each other as anonymous as possible, so you can engage in direct action against our corrupt government.

This is why pastel bloc is not a very great way to engage in direct action, it would be one thing if all of you dressed in one color, be it pink, or yellow, or whatever else, but all dressing in pastels that differentiate you all from one another defeats the purpose of what black bloc was trying to accomplish.

TL;DR pastel bloc compromises anonymity which is important when engaging in direct action.

English usage PSA because this is driving me crazy: 

  • ‘Everyday’ is an adjective used to describe something rote, routine, or pedestrian, as in, “Because her gown was being dry-cleaned, she was forced to wear a boring everyday dress to the party.” ‘Everyday’ can also be used as a noun to refer to regular life in general, as in, “Joe grew bored with the everyday in Cleveland, snapped one morning, sold his things, and moved to Paris.”
  • ‘Every day’ is an adverb phrase indicating that something happens with regularity every 24 hours, as in, “I go to the same coffee shop every day.”

Pro-tip: if you can replace ‘every’ with ‘each’ and the sentence still makes sense (as in, “I go to the coffee shop each day” but not “..she was forced to wear her each day dress to the party”) there should be a space in there. 

Cool? Cool.


Students fight back after school issues 21-page promo dress code

  • At Boylan Catholic High School in Illinois, students were presented with a 21-slide presentation that outlined what was and wasn’t acceptable for boys and girls to wear at prom.
  • To compare, 15 slides of this 21-slide presentation are focused on what the young women can and cannot wear.
  • Two slides are dedicated to the young men, who are offered just one sentence and four pictures to show what would be appropriate.
  • The school is being accused of body shaming with this line: "Some girls may wear the same dress, but due to body types, one dress may be acceptable while the other is not.“
  • There is already talk on Twitter of having a prom outside of Boylan this year. Read more (3/9/17 12:00 PM)

“Well, tell her congratulations from me next time you see her,” Neville said, watching Luna and Ginny spin past in a haze of pink gauze before taking a sip out of his own glass. “Bébhinn’s very sensible, I really liked her.”

Harry let his eyes follow Luna and her astounding party dress as she floated through the room. She hadn’t been wearing it when they’d left the flat earlier, and must have changed into it at the same time as Ginny had put on her dark red velvet suit. They should have looked overdressed, but didn’t.

- excerpt from “Wild” by seefin

Ever since I read this part, I wanted to draw it. Because even when my favourite ladies aren’t the main focus of a story, they steal the show each time.

Sasako…wearing glasses…

Why is SKAM so popular,

you may ask.

If you’re new or feel the same, read this:

1. This show is super clever. You have to pay attention to every little detail, cause everything is for a reason.

2. It is from Norway. You haven’t heard much about what Norway is like, have you? 

Neither have I. But now I think I’m falling in love with it when I start knowing more and more about this beautiful country.

3. It is happening live. YES, by LIVE I mean you get messages characters exchange and little parts of the episode which airs on fridays. You get these clues live like it was happening right now. And through the whole week almost everyday you get new clues.

4. Beautiful styling. Norwegian teenagers dress like they are taught that in school but you’ll never see expensive clothing or a new dress every freaking scene. They wear the same clothes combining them and looking incredible.

5. This TV show is KIND. Although characters make mistakes as if they were REAL people, they learn, grow and change. Real bad shit happens to them but they find their way out. They TEACH US.

6. The last but not least: ACTING SKILLS. These little young people act like they have been actors for a century. I’m honestly amazed by each one of them. They act 100 times better than hollywood stars of their age. 

And I hope that after this show’s success they get discovered.

That is why it cannot and must not be copied in ANY remakes.

Thank you.

Little things Harry would do to make Valentine’s Day special

Spend hours thinking of just the right words to put in your card, crafting the perfect way to explain how much you mean to him.

Insist on taking photos as you open your gifts. And when you protest, saying you’re still in your pajamas, he replies, “Gotta have summat to show our future children, love.”

Buy you a dress in the same shade of baby pink made of the same silky material as your favorite shirt of his. Not so that you’ll stop wearing his, god no; he loves coming home and finding you draped in his shirt, soft legs peaking out from the hem. He loves you in it so much he wants to see all the ways a dress of the same kind would flatter you.

Follow you around, gyrating and singing, as you get ready for the day, pleading with you to sing along. And when you finally let him take your hand, he spins you in a circle, crooning, “Girl, you know I want your love. Your love was handmade for somebody like me.”

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You vs the girl she tells you not to worry about

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I um came out as non binary recently but I like...I don't feel valid? Because I'm really feminine and I prefer to wear dresses and make up but at the same time...I don't feel like a girl? And then I don't feel like a boy? But it would be easier for me to be a girl but I'm not and I'm very confused

what you wear doesn’t really define what your gender is because they’re just things to make you feel good and stuff!! if you like wearing those things, then you should wear em! you look like does not define what you think so you go rock it in those dresses and make up!!!


Just your gals Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig, wearing the same dress. I mean I know we’re all still freaking out about that amazing SNL episode with Kristen Stewart (also because of the shirt sharing thing). But then I found this and it’s just the best! They both look gorgeous!!!!

for anyone who wants to know, these are the sketches (you can find them on YouTube)
Kate: Southern Ladies - aired 05/09/2015
Kristen: Timecrowave - aired 05/15/2010

Gifs are mine