Dating Warren Graham would include :

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● Watching movies and anime together.
♢ You always making the popcorn since Warren always burns it.

● Making film references in every conversation.

● Inside jokes that only you two understand.

● Brooke being insanely jealous of you.

● Playing videogames together.

● Lending your flash-drives to each other, which have so many TV shows and movies saved.

● Writing jokes on his dorm’s board.

● Going to the drive-in together.

● Doing crazy science together.

● Height difference probably, since he’s 5'10.

● Science jokes/puns 24/7.

“Warren guess what?”
“Apes are taking over the planet?”
“Awww man, now I have no idea (Y/N).”
“Magnesium asked Oxygen out on a date, OMG!”

● Wearing matching Chemistry shirts.

● Studying together.

● Warren trying to be romantic, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work out.
♢ Him trying to make a romantic dinner, but burning it.

● Warren constantly texting you.
♢ He blows up your phone with texts/calls if you don’t answer.

● He’s really such a sweet boyfriend.
♢ He’ll remember all your likes/dislikes.

● Talking about conspiracy theories together.

● Warren being awkward about PDA.

● When you agreed to go out with him, you heard him shout “Yes!”, once he thought you were out of hearing distance.

● Studying together.

● Hardly arguing.
♢ The biggest argument you ever had was about if Batman or Superman is the best hero.

● Him not getting jealous, since he knows you’re friends with girls and guys.
♢ Warren would occasionally get insecure if you hangout with one person often though. This doesn’t last long as you always reassure him that you only love him.

● Spiking up his hair.

● Warren falling asleep in the weirdest positions.

● Being goofy together.

● Everyone, except Brooke, thinking you two are a cute couple.

● Warren standing up for you, even though he hates confrontation.

● Air guitar solos in his dorm.