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I adored what you had to say on how some adjustments in meaning really change how Kokichi comes across in the English version of V3. REALLY important question: Kokichi hates murder. So what was his motivation for the events of the chapter four trial? What are the circumstances of his decisions? He clearly established himself as someone who walks the line, but is there a difference for him between having a line and killing, going against one of his core values? Was he testing the game? What's up?

So many Chapter 4 questions, so little time. Thankfully, it’s one of my favorite chapters in any DR game so I don’t mind talking about it at all!

I hope it’s okay if I answer all of these in one big post! I get a lot of questions about Chapter 4 specifically (as you can see) and I thought it’d be best if I try to address all the points in common that these questions have. I’ll try to hit the main points, which are: “Why did Ouma get two people killed if he’s morally against murder?”, “Why didn’t Ouma let everyone vote wrong in the trial and get them all killed to put them out of their misery?”, and “Was Ouma’s reaction just before Gonta’s execution genuine or not?”

I’ve written quite a few pieces of meta with regards to Chapter 4 in the past, the most recent of which might help clear up the first of these points (and a little bit of the second)! The post is here, if anyone’s curious.

In any case, I’ll try to make this my big “what went down in Chapter 4” post, but I will be discussing spoilers for Chapters 5 and 6 as well, so anyone who hasn’t reached the second half of the game should only read if they’re okay with that.

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Au Idea: Siren Sons

An au where Dick, Jason and Tim are taken in by the Gotham City Sirens

Harley finds Dick on his own crying after his parents death. She takes pity on him and starts doing tricks and making jokes to get him to laugh. When she learns he has no family she decides to take him home with her and keep him. (People go looking for him but they never find him. By the time Batman figures out what happened Dick’s grown very attached to Harley and won’t leave her.)  Later she introduces him to the joker. Joker of course doesn’t take kindly to him and tortures him until he’s driven mute. Harley, who’s grown very attached the boy, doesn’t take kindly to this and kicks joker’s sorry ass before leaving with Dick. 

Jason’s story starts very similar to how it starts in canon, but in this au Batman doesn’t catch him stealing his tyres. Catwoman does. She starts talking to him and teasing him, saying how she admires his guts for stealing from Batman of all people. She soon learns he’s an orphan with no family. When she learns he too came from an abusive home, like she did, she decides to take him in.

Ivy finds Tim covered in blood and crying alone among her plants. At first she’s about to chase him off but then decides against it (she has a slight soft spot for children and it looks like he’s been hurt pretty bad). After some convincing he tells her what happened. He had been following Batman and Batgirl (because Robin won’t exist until Damian comes along) when somebody (a villains henchman perhaps idk) spots him and attacks him. He manages to escape but not before getting badly cut and getting chemicals mixed into his blood stream. He didn’t realise at first but this gave him powers similar to Ivy’s. Except while Ivy doesn’t kill everyone she touches Tim does, as he finds out when his parents touch him after he comes home covered in blood. She decides to take him in cause hey Harley and Selina have brats, and she’s the only one who can touch this kid now.

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Karlie using that very similar color today is probably a coincidence just like her mood orange in a tropical outfit after rfi . Same coincidence as Taylor releasing it at 8 am on the 3rd. All happy coincidence, god knows Taylor doesn't pay attn to numbers.


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Hey uh.. i found an instagram account that posted a drawing of jim that just looks VERY similar to your jim drawing (with the black and white, and red background)

Yikes. Yikes, yikes.

Is it…really similar…? I mean, the concept of black-white-red isn’t really new, but if it’s really similar then I might need to check up on it.

Thanks for alerting me too. I really appreciate it, now I just need to check aha

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You and many of the other slenderverse creators are pretty damn goofy. Does the juxtaposition of humor and horror help the creation of the other? I also guess in an oblique way I'm thanking you for not being an edgy emo shit.

I think humor and horror go hand-in-hand because the set up and punchline structure of a joke is very similar to the structure of a scare.

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why are so many autistic people trans or struggle with gender identity? 💕

We don’t know for certain. There are a few theories. The two that I like the most are rooted in neuroscience, and sociology.

The first hypothesizes that some of the environmental factors involved in being gendry and in being autistic are the same, or very similar. In utero exposure to testosterone is one suggest candidate for both.

The second is that we have a social deficit, and gender is a social construct - we just have a relationship with gender that is less burdened by socialization and go with whatever works for us. As a sociologist this is the one I like, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a little bit of both.

It’s a very late Friday evening and quite a bit of alcohol have already been had in the Nikiforov-Katsuki household.

“Viktor!” Yuuri shouts, words slurred and cheeks flushed with intoxication. “Watch me do a flip!”

“Do it,” Viktor yells, in a very similar state to Yuuri. “Dooo iiit~!”

Yuuri okay’s and tries to steady himself to prepare for the dismount. But all that happens is him falling to the ground in a giggle heap and Viktor’s heart shaped smile makes an appearance as he joins in with the laughter.

“I did it!” Yuuri cries out happily, his face partly smushed against the floor as he continues to giggle.

“I know,” Viktor gasps in drunken awe. “And it was amazing.”

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Jobros swapping outfits or styles?

Random Jobro Headcanons #23 (SFW)

A great ask, the kind of ask that makes me wish I could draw well. Anyway, thank you beautiful anon!

Jonadio: In all fairness the two wear very similar styles at least pre-vampire where Dio embraces a very strange fashion. Jonathan would look great in DIO’s clothes but he’d feel a bit exposed in places. Dio looks good in pretty much anything so, the only thing is that the kind of clothes Jonathan wears represent a certain kind of life Dio loathes. Jonathan fits well into Dio’s bizarre clothing even if he doesn’t think so. (Tiddie game is strong with these two)

Caejose: Caesar never really noticed how little clothes Joseph wore until they decided to switch outfits for the fun of it. The scar doesn’t do anything to hide the foot of abdomen showing and the pants that are incredibly tight. Joseph thinks it’s very funny that Caesar has so many accessories. The headband, the feathers, the gloves and even though he is wearing a little too many layers he still looks hot because well, he’s Joseph.

Jotakak: Well they both wear school uniforms but Jotaro hates having to be contained within the restraints of the school uniform he is meant to wear. Where as Kakyoin is overwhelmed by all that goes into the uniform never feeling comfortable in the much bigger jacket and its weight not to mention he can’t get rid of the feeling of guilt he has for breaking the dress code.

Josuyasu: They would totally do this, out of curiosity. Josuke would do his best to fit into Okuyasu’s tight fitting uniform but would ultimately fill it out pretty good and would still look really cool with it on. Okuyasu loves Josuke’s clothes and feels a bit honored that Josuke allowed him to wear his precious uniform. Between the nipple zippers and the giant pendants he understands just why Josuke feels like a badass. They would totally compliment one another on it too. There is some great fan art for this too!

theory about andy strucker

Is Andy going to develope some sort of pre-cognitive ability as a secondary power?

Why would the focus on these two shots, very similar, if they weren’t connected?

I don’t find him as annoying as a lot of others. I have a whole thought process on this but I’ll save that for another time.

What do you all think about these shots and their similarities?

Sanders Sides ramble!

Okay listen, Thomas is getting so good at story telling through SS videos! Sometimes I forget that these are all “things happening in his head,” but then i see little actions from the sides that remind me that these are all things that Thomas really thinks about. For example, in the latest video (Moving On pt 1) Roman is interrupting the conversation over and over to talk about the “former flame.” This is a representation of Thomas’s intrusive thoughts. The way Roman keeps jumping in and everyone has to calm him down, is very similar to how it feels to have your brain keep bringing up open wounds. His videos are just so WELL PLANNED and he’s so talented and good and tHOUGHTFUL and I’m sure Joan and Talyn are playing a part in these decisions as well. It’s just, there’s three very smart, thoughtful people working on these cute little videos to make people smile and they’re just so wonderful.

How can someone say that Lagertha isn’t wise and acts based on her force solely? Look what she has conquered…
I don’t like the idea of perfection. She’s not a perfect woman, she has a lot of faults, but dumb? She was a farmer that became an Earl, and now a Queen. How can someone conquer so much based only on force? This person must have a brain, some cleverness…
If we’re going to say that Lagertha isn’t wise or intelligent, so neither is Ragnar, because both journeys are very similar. But Ragnar failed in many instances (more than Lagertha, undoubtedly): bad parent, bad husband, abandoned his family, Wessex settlements, Paris… and I don’t see anybody questioning his choices and mind.

But I understand all that hate toward Lagertha. Now she’s the antagonist fighting against the main character, Ivar. It’s like Jarl Borg fighting against Ragnar on season 2.

In my opinion, her biggest mistake was killing Aslaug.
I didn’t want Aslaug dead and, worst, dead by the hands of Lagertha.

Anyway, in our society is usual to discredit female achievements. Women are always called power hungry and dumb.

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What about the idea that Xion is redundant since her story is just Roxas's and that we didn't need two people going through the same problems.

I don’t think that’s true at all. Doesn’t Xion actually have a line where she’s like, “We are very similar, Roxas, but I don’t think we’re the same”?

‘Cause… Yeah.


Kingdom Hearts has a lot of characters that play off the same basic theme. “I don’t know who I am, and I don’t feel connected to whoever I used to be.”

And Days, specifically, is, like, 5000% about that. Not just in Roxas and Xion, but in Axel, Saix, Riku, Namine, and even the Riku Replica, whose shadow looms large in the form of the whole Replica Program.

Is this redundant?

No, this is exploring a theme.

The characters are all facing similar problems, but they manifest in different ways, for different reasons, and the different characters react to them differently. Roxas and Xion do, too.

Roxas is very much like Sora. He’s all surface-layer. He doesn’t think very deeply, and he wears everything on his sleeve, immediately.

Xion is a much more pensive, introspective character.

She stews on the decision of whether or not to go back to Sora for months, and, in the end, she makes the decision on her own terms.

Compare Roxas, who’s ultimately pushed into it by having all his other options forcibly taken away (first by making him invisible and inaudible to his friends, then by literally freezing time around him).

This is not redundancy.

This is a variety of perspectives and approaches to the same, or similar, philosophical problems.

- Mod A.

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Damn so you based your stories kinda of you & your husband. Girllll you & your hubby are goals then lmaooo 😉😏

Not entirely lol some of the witty banter and sexy conversations, yes….we‘ve been married 18 years and he still says shit sometimes that’s ridiculous and sexy, I still blush lolol oh man……….the plots, not at all but some conversations, totally.  My husband is very similar to the Riverdale Jughead to begin with, something I may one day write about, with his permission of course.  He wears a beanie, since ive known him, he’s always worn a hat of some sort, the beanie the last 10 years….like everywhere, sometimes even to bed lol and yes, it’s a comfort and a way he guards himself from people…..again, i may write about his life one day…..But yes, at this point in our life, after many struggles, we have a lot of fun and sexy times have never been better hahaha…..real life smut? maybe ;)