Hufflepuff x Hufflepuff friendships: They’re waking up in glorious light, the gentle, tripping peace of the morning. They’re unexpected gestures, food or thoughts or blankets for the cold. They’re compliments, smiles turning skyward, thumbs dragged over soft skin, let me know you get home safe texts. They’re running through flower fields in the spring, hurricane petals fuelling runaway hearts, maps and compasses that always point back to home. They’re pulling you closer, letting you in, trusting you with your barely-there breath on their neck. They’re sun cracked smiles, flowers blooming in the palms of your hands. They’re eyes so soft they could be made of silk, kiss-bitten lips and cheeks made of roses. They’re the first easy breath after years of suffocation, knowing that whatever happens, you’re going to be okay because they’re beside you.

Hufflepuff x Gryffindor friendships: they’re blanket forts with secret passwords, a world built up from nothing. They’re laughter late at night, choked noises when you know you should be silent. They’re back to back, spinning, a wild desire to protect, to love, to have forever, not just today. They’re boxes overflowing with memories: cards and pressed flowers and lipsticks from first kisses you don’t really remember. They’re smiles wider than the sky, promising the universe if it means having each other: the sun, the stars, the flowers, the moon. They’re giddy, excitable, endless, maddening fun; the beauty of innocence embodied in the breath between your lungs. They’re hiding but always being found, secrets neither of you can keep. They’re falling asleep under a mountain of words- dreams and adventures and the promise of a better world tomorrow.

Hufflepuff x Ravenclaw friendships: they’re constellations made by far away stars, places you haven’t visited yet. They’re hiding in empty swimming pools, night spilled fracture lines, light reflected through a broken mirror. They’re staying up too late and waking up too early, weary yawns into knuckles and kisses pressed onto delicate palms. They’re smiles like spun sugar at breakfast, seeing the universe reflected in each other’s eyes, reading poetry from lips shaded pink. They’re gasping breaths when no one else can hear, hiding hurt no one else can see. They’re talking pain into silk, weaving misery into tapestries stained with desperate last words: I love you, I need you, why wasn’t I enough? They’re picking up pieces of each other and examining them, studying them, dusting them off and putting them together again. They’re arm in arm, skipping, dancing to a rhythm neither of you can hear yet. They’re reaching, reaching, stretching across the void, pulling back, pulling in, safe in each other’s arms.

Hufflepuff x Slytherin friendships: they’re knees pulled up to your chest, hushed whispers in the early morning. They’re a hand at the base of your spine, subtle touches, smiles, small and fleeting. They’re silence hanging through water, eyes closed, warm, gentle, calm, safe. They’re slamming books down, lightning cracking the sky, thunder rolling in your breath. They’re losing oxygen, hurricane hearts and lungs swimming with poetry. They’re still, so still, static thought made art on canvas skin. They’re pulling back, helping up, balancing on someone’s shoulders. They’re secret meetings in dusk-hushed corridors, tears when you can’t hold them in. They’re light crossing the sky in the early morning: possibilities pressed gently into the palm of your hand. They’re reaching for someone and knowing that they won’t let go- not unless you tell them to.

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Hello!! I really love your art, your style is so nice!!! I especially love the way you draw Alucard, your style just really suits him That's all, have a good day!!!

Thank you!  :)  That’s a lovely thing to hear.  (Gotta admit there’s always been a near-and-dear spot in the weeby heart for that series … have an Alucard since I’ve been in a Hellsing mood lately.)

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Whouffaldi that speaks to my heart #12

In celebration of the fact that this is the 12th post in this series, and i havent run out of things to say yet, I thought we’d do a bit of ‘compare and contrast.' 

Here are two season promo pictures featuring Clara & 12, from seasons 8 and 9 respectively. Let’s do a little deconstruction of what we see in each, and then compare the two pictures. Remember, these pictures are not images captured from a scenes in the show, they have been deliberately constructed to give a particular effect. 

In the top picture, Clara is dressed in the outfit she wears during 'Into the Dalek.’ She and the Doctor are physically posistioned close together, but she looks uncertain and uneasy. This reflects the season 8 arc which was all about the rocky road to finding common ground after his regeneration. His posture is commanding,  you might even say aggressive, although that’s open to interpretation.  She is lower than he is, representing a power differential, which we also see played out in the early part of the season. Danny is there, but he’s really on the outside (and thats where he stays, at arms length) and so is Missy. 

The cogs are also also interesting. They represent time, of course, but they are not touching, not quite in sych, a lot like Clara & 12 themselves are, as they mis-judge one another during this season.

So, a close, but uneasy relationship, that doesn’t quite get into sync. 

What about the second picture? Clara and her Doctor are doing what they do best, running, together. They are completely in tune with each other in this shot, in several ways. They are dressed in matching outfits, for one. Holding hands, running perfectly in stride with one another: here are two people closely in synch with one another.  

If you transpose/invert the image, the 'V’  that forms their joined hands is reminiscent of a heart.  💙

Fire and explosions! They are running away, but do they look worried? This is a perilous situation, yet he is softer, still serious, but less overtly demanding, and more at ease. And her look is one of relaxed, well, adoration is the word that springs to my mind. There are others, (deep love is another). There’s no one else on the edges of this picture, because no one else really matters are this point, it’s all about the Doctor and Clara. And I will point out, if i may, that the tiny bits of debris at the edges, look an awful lot like confetti. 💐

So, taken as a whole, there’s a very big difference in these two images. From uncertainty to adoration. From a man unsure of who he is, (Am I a good man?) to one who is comfortable in his own skin, (I’m the Doctor and I save people). From unbalanced stances, to an equal partnership. 

From a relationship that is out of sync to one that is perfectly in tune. From being a cog in the system, to running from danger without looking back. 

That’s what I see when I look at these two pictures, and that’s why whouffaldi is still speaking to my heart. It was deliberately constructed, it’s all there in canon. 

Images from Google, no copyright infringement intended. It’s a homage… 

arlene, myde & the great traverse town meteor shower of 20xx

Here it is!! My @kh-worldsconnected fic entry! 

I was partnered with @nocoil (herondalejamess’ art blog) for this project! Her illustration for this fic is absolutely wonderful ♥ I’ll add a link to her art in as soon as she posts it! EDIT: Look at her lovely artwork here!!

AO3 link

Please enjoy!

Larxene was never one for keeping time.

Waking up in Traverse Town changes that. She doesn’t know how she got there, nor does she know why she’s there in the first place. The last thing she remembers before passing out is that brat Sora cutting through her with that stupid Keyblade of his. Her vision went black as she faded – and before she knows it, she’s here.

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Dreams in Silence: The Last Dream

A hand painted main menu screen part of a final personal thesis for character design: the closer, and closer you look, the more detail you see.

Rontaro Bultor Fortis:

Receiver of the light of Courage (navy blue), this Tauros demon and rhythm guitarist of the band aids his friends in the quest for the song of Xul to save his family’s ranch and reputation. Despite a rough appearance, he, a 24 year old confident and comic artist and bullfighter shepherd, has in fact a soft spot for art, video games, and cartoons. Along with his bigger brother Guimaro and friend Azafehl, he loves to explore the city’s haunted places, but nothing beats his heart the most than sharing a nice Lemon Soufflé with the girl singer he loves: Cannelle. Secretly, he dreams of creating an animated series one day,…though it will have to wait. When the “Nightmares”, incarnations of fear, desperation, and nihilism, first appeared in his native town of Corona, he found himself able to summon his sword Lighthorn and Grappling Hook to counterattack. These weapons, just as his friends’, are incarnations of their lights which don’t hurt normally; instead, they take the light and dark energy of the target. A brave heart under construction, he will learn that sometimes just a bit of courage is all that it takes. Also, his suit is a personal version of the bullfighter’s suit. Why the cape? Oh, you can ask him; it was a gift from his father when he was younger, but that’s another story ;).

About the painting:

Everything started three years ago, when I didn’t  know about one own’s dreams. Suddenly, silently, this guy came out, helping me to go on and imagining his adventures. Without me realizing it, over time I was making drawings and drawings of him which later turned out to be the story. With this piece, I just wanted to create this character as detailed and realistic as I could, even with my own basic skill and time limitations, so I could feel his story become real too. During 11 months, I could learn design, anatomy, composition, lineart, modelling, painting, calligraphy and also to have more confidence in me. In the end, not only Rontaro did come to life, but I also created a dream, a small story, the only one I felt like my own dream. The falling pages are each one parts of the written story, and the setting is in the middle of a dream, the only connection between their world and the world of Xul.

Programs used: Photoshop CC, Rhinoceros 5, 3DS Max 15’, Grasshopper.

Design References: Bring me the Horizon; Metallica; Lamb of God; Paramore; Hellboy; Final Fantasy VII, XIII, & XV; Spanish & Mexican Bullfighting; WWE; Mortal Kombat; God Of War; Just Cause 3; Zack Kahn; Resident Evil 4; X-men; Guitar Hero 3; Parametric Architecture; Fate/Zero; Star Wars; Tekken; The legend of Zelda;The Expendables;Gyu Maoh Or; Kingdom Hearts; DevilMan; No More Heroes; Metal Gear Solid; Fire Emblem; The Witcher 3; Full Metal Alchemist; among others.

Thanks to @leomon32 :)

( Headcanon. ) Whoopssss. Well someone got me talking about an Olympic verse, so I thought I’d compile my thoughts on Diana and the Olympic Games real quick.

Diana thinks the Olympics are fantastic. She is all for what the Games represent, and she especially gets behind the idea of the Olympic Truce having been adapted from the ancient games into their modern iteration. ( Any time countries can agree to a ceasefire for the sake of good sportsmanship, her heart soars. )

She was there at the 1920 Games in Antwerp, and witnessed the first women’s swim team from the United States secure two gold medals. From then on, Diana has made a habit attending every subsequent Olympics. In a lot of ways, they remind her of Themyscira– and of the series of events that led to her being chosen as the Amazon Champion who would come to man’s world in order to help save it. ( But more on that some other time. )

If she isn’t able to stay for the entire duration of the Games ( and let’s be real, she rarely can ), the one event Diana never misses is the Modern Pentathlon. It was a blessing when the sport was changed from 4 or 5 days, to a one-day event at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, because it meant she could absolutely make time to see it every four years.

For those unfamiliar with the sport, Modern Pentathlon is comprised of five events:

  • Fencing
  • 200m Freestyle Swimming
  • Show Jumping
  • A final combined event of Pistol Shooting and a 3200m Cross-Country Run 

What’s especially notable about the Show Jumping is that it’s done on an UNFAMILIAR HORSE. The horses are chosen for each athlete through a random draw that takes place only 20 mins before this event. No other sport in the world requires this of its competitors.

Diana holds anyone who participates in high esteem, looking at them more as warriors than sportsmen and women.

In Ancient Times, pentathletes were considered the pinnacle of athletic performance, and Diana still maintains this belief. Despite the fact that it has fallen into relative obscurity, she can talk at length about event strategy, and past champions.

( She’s even had a few idle daydreams about entering the Modern Pentathlon, but understands this wouldn’t be fair to those who train their asses off for an opportunity to compete. )    

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I have to say this, before I lose my mind: I just read the Say When series (in one sitting), and I'm dead. You broke my heart but also put it back together. Your portrayal of the characters was just perfect; the storyline deviated just enough from the films to be a breath of fresh air, and ughhhhh. I loved the series so much. ❤️

Ohh thank you so much!!! It makes my day to know you liked this series because it’s so important to me. It’s my fav thing to write, period <3 The first chapter of the next installment (the Civil War rewrite) will be online sometime this weekend :) Hope you’ll like it!

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I already told her, but I'll never thank @notevenjokingrightnow enough for reblogging some of your pieces last week. I read all of your stories and some of them hold a special place in my heart. Even though "Bean sídhe" is great, I read your "Costellations series" again and again over the last few days and I just wanted to let you know that it's wonderful, I think it's your masterpiece. The concept behind it - even the titles you choose for each chapter... Just brilliant! (1)

(2) When I realised the callback to “Orion” at the end of the last chapter of the “Sirius trilogy” -at least that’s how I interpreted it, maybe I was so caught up in the emotions I made the wrong connection, I don’t know- there were actual tears streaming down my face. I couldn’t help myself. It was just so beautiful and tragic and hopeful all at the same time! And “Cassiopeia”? Adorable Claire and Jamie are adorable!

(3) When she describes the *real* him… “[…] And most of all when you sit by the window at night and look at the stars and you could be part of the darkness, except you’re everything but it.” I love this particular quote with my whole heart. — Thank you for the care you put in your stories, it shows. Can’t wait for the next chapter of “My brother’s lass”! All my love and gratidute from Italy, E. <3 

Dear anon E.,

You have made me a verry happy and emotional writer. I’m actually kind at a loss for words right now - how ironic is that? But this is a moment of true joy and I’ll cherish it (and you). I hope I can continue to make you feel that way too :)

And you were absolutely right - it was a callback to Orion! ;)

Much love and please come back to my inbox at any time <3<3

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Favorite Manga/Anime: HXH! I LOVE HXH. also naruto, death parade was really good, inuyasha (both the manga and the anime), akira, yotsuba, psycho-pass, their story (the best manhua ever).. anpanman and sailor moon hold a special place in my heart

Favorite Videogames: fire emblem is #1 definitely, dragon age, pokemon, the smt series sometimes, portal, and rhythm games in general

Favorite Books: i cant remember the last book i read that wasn’t for school but i liked Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro 

Favorite TV Shows: do atla and lok count? cutthroat kitchen, criminal minds, superstore, the first 2 seasons of sleepy hollow, orphan black, buffy

Last Song I Listened to: was…honestly i don’t remember so I’m just gonna say I Wish by Luna because i love that song so much

First Language: english and like the tiniest bit of cantonese

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It was a beautifully cruel city back then, 
now just cruel 

Uptown girl loves downtown boy 
passes through the veil and comes out 
a spectre

The whitest arch haunts one, 
becomes the old haunt of another 

A series of question marks
riveting its maker to inaction

Girl uses word as weapon 
&the big apple of temptation 
has no time for her wars 

There’s a world out there to see 
beyond the five boroughs, 
and there will be sunsets to rival 
her prized December sky

Suns that set far far away 
from the park of broken dreams 

What happens? 
What is this life?
This loneliness
that stalks the annals of the heart 
like a cat in the dark? 

What is the power 
she holds in a stunted reality
where fruit never seems to fall?