I haven’t posted a picture of myself on here in years. When I started this blog nearly four (six?) years ago, I learned how to create gifs in celebration of a series that would forever hold a place in my heart. After several months, I started gaining followers and then what turned into celebration became a thirst for favorability, validation and a twisted desire for power. I essentially gave up my social life in place of making gifs at a computer screen. During my senior year (of high school) I channeled all of my anxiety about the future into the production of images for this blog. In that time frame I had developed over 2,500 gifs in my draft folder (publishing almost twice as many) and gained thousands of followers. My tumblr experience had become an addiction, it became my world. As my years into college progressed I started losing touch with this blog as I got more and more reacquainted with the “real” world. I am emboldened my artistry (I’m an actor for anyone who’s curious), I fell in love (and am still in love) with the most magnificent woman I’ve ever met, I made the greatest friendships I’ve ever held in my life, and I learned to accept the universe and my place in it. As I stand now, I look back at where I was when this all started and I am happy for where I have been and where I am now. I look at myself not as the hermit crab I once was, but as an intelligent, capable, passionate and handsome young man with his foot in the door of opportunity.

This,“I will find you” and Rick’s begging to spare Carl broke my fucking heart.

I wish there were a gif of this.  First he puts his hand out for “stop,” then he throws up the peace sign.  Like fuck, Abraham you…you just…Just rip out my gotdamn insides, okay?

And I hope like hell we get a flashback of them holding hands or a kiss or something.  I mean, that’s kind of messed up that we never got to see that.  Abraham said some wonderful things to Sasha…some of the best stuff any man has ever said on the series.  Okay, the best.  Abe said the best stuff.  I’m so mad he’s dead :(

I'm Cheating around your asks...again.

Can you maybe answer a q about series 3 episode 3? When Sherlock is chatting with Janine in the hospital his heart monitor is running left to right, but after he considers Mary in his mind palace in the next scene, the heart monitor is running right to left. It’s like the whole scene is backwards. I know when he’s in his mind palace, everything gets turned around, so, idk. It just seems really weird. From a filming standpoint as well. I’m sure they had plenty of time to film plenty of shots of Ben doing the mind palace pose, so to reuse some footage and have it played backwards to have him come out of his mind palace seems particularly lazy for them. Then again there was tie hell so idk.

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Hey lovely! 

I’ll be stupidly frank with you: I actually truly do believe this was just an editing error thing that they thought no one would catch. I really honestly don’t think they really realized JUST how meticulously we studied the show, up until after S3, given that, unlike TRF, there really wasn’t a “cliffhanger mystery” to solve, so they just assumed that people would move on after S3 until the next season. That kind of backfired because instead, the season was perhaps giving TOO much away and it’s made people incredibly aware of all the subtext that is riddled within the series, and because of this, it’s caused us all to reassess what we have been watching. And then we started seeing things have been hinted at since S1. And then we started meticulously analysing the show. With no “mystery cliffhanger” to solve, now the mystery revolves around three things: Mary, Moriarty, and why the HELL was S3 so gay?? I think they were catching on between the hiatus of S3 and TAB, and learned their lessons DURING TAB setlock that the ONLINE portion of the fandom are a HIGHLY dedicated bunch hungry to solve any inconsistency presented to us.

So when tie thing happened, of COURSE we noticed it. I honestly thought nothing of it other than a costume department error, and maybe lowkey believed it could have symbolized that Sherlock was still reshuffling reality from fiction in TAB, but I enjoyed some of the theories that sprung from it. And then after everything, Mark confirmed that it was simply a lost prop. As I’ve talked about before, props are easily misplaced or are not made anymore and sometimes substitutes need to be found.

I rambled on about this mini-fandom history because I think this principle can work with this editing flub as well. 

Following S3 filming, both Ben and Martin had some very tight schedules (both working on the Hobbit, I believe and Ben doing the press for The Imitation Game), so during post-production, Steven and Mark could have wanted to add something that wasn’t in the initial script, ergo it wasn’t filmed. Sometimes cast will come back for additional scenes, but as I said, Ben was busy with his schedule and possible couldn’t make it. Sherlock waking up from his realization about Mary could have not been in the initial script. But NOT having him wake up on screen from his deductions could be misconstrued as the rest of the episode not being real. Sometimes, you don’t SEE these things until you see the final product. So, I think Mark / Steven told them to just reverse the clip, and no one will be the wiser. And no one was until recently, and some people are seeing it as proof of it still being mind palace RATHER THAN Sherlock EXITING the mind palace to return to reality.

Do I think it’s sloppy? Absolutely, but when you’re in a bind, you do what you absolutely have to. To err is human, and honestly I don’t think there’s much else about that one little snippet other than “shit, why didn’t we film Ben waking up? We literally have 3 days left to finish this, let’s just do this”.

If it turns out to be a clue to something else rather than a mistake, then kudos to those who noticed it, honestly. Very clever and a good eye. My brain totally didn’t catch it.

Regardless, now that they are 100% aware that the hardcore of us are as meticulous as Arwel himself, then I’m sure they will make sure they don’t miss ANYTHING for S4. But like I said, everyone makes mistakes, props get lost or damaged, and sometimes a tie is just a tie.

the cat that got the cream[er]

“Excuse me, Binnie,” Myungjun said. “You’re supposed to ask for the customer’s name.”

Bin had never wanted so badly to reach across the counter and hit Myungjun in the head. Instead, he grit his teeth, tried to ignore how hot his ears were burning, and said, “Your name?”

binu coffeeshop!au part 3 [part 1- latte hearts] [part 2- sharpie names]

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[VKM Spec] Zero as “salvation” in VKM

I mentioned in my previous post on Takuma witnessing the moment Kaname turns from the salvation Zero offers that I would follow up shortly with a post on this theme of “Zero as salvation” playing out in VKM. 

This is not a post based on hard facts, only my speculation on how this theme might unfold if Hino chooses to carry it through. As always, I approach the story from the position that Kaname was the antagonist and continues to be so in VKM.

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by Janusa

Magnus had loved countless times in different levels and it always hurt. He didn’t want to think how much Alec would. His stupid nephilim, with which he’d experienced and felt even more new things, surprisingly. Among these things was that word again: warlock, only from his mouth it didn’t sound as he was used to; disdainful, with rejection or mockery. No, each time Alec whispered warlock against his skin with something similar to devotion in his voice Magnus’ heart skipped a little.

Words: 1257, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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My Top 3 Favorite Episodes of WOY Season 1

#3: The Day

I really love the way this episode was structured. They turned the whole concept of “try to do stuff without waking someone up” on its head, and the result was a beautifully animated and hilarious masterpiece. I also love the way that the next episode uses the original concept, but with Wander.

#2: The Little Guy

God, I love this episode. Its so heart warming to see how Wander uses the power of love to its full potential.

#1: The Buddies 

This episode is definitely my favorite as I feel that it had some of the best humor in the entire series. The extent to which Hater denies friendship with Wander kept getting funner as the episode went on.

Please sign the petition for a third season if you haven’t already!


confession time: my absolute favourite thing in the entire world, even more than urban fantasy (though they kinda fit together, so) and even possibly the children’s novels over which you have all seen me get so worked up, are stories about sherlock holmes facing off against something supernatural. especially whole books of these stories, like the gaslight series, or shadows over baker street. i just. love them so much. in a pinch another mundane detective - or a supernatural a specialist like carnacki, or a not-detective like kyle murchison booth - will do, but the stories i love the most, the ones that get to the heart of what the story-monster inside me craves, are the sherlock holmes ones

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I love Coliver but my fave got his first scene without Connor or any of the Keating 5/Annalise and like it warmed my heart. HE IS A MAIN CHARACTER!!!


I liked that Oliver had a scene alone without Connor. His 1st scene!!! 

YAY!! He is a series regular after all. 

Now if only pete would treat him like one xD 

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I love jackson's relationships with the other members, but his relationship with Jb seems a bit different from others. They seem more 'visually focused' on each other and it's more comforting and gentle. Like when Bambam made fun of Jb's chin in the first series of got2day, Jb put him in a playful neck grip as punishment. When jackson made fun Jb just smiled, laughed and enjoyed jackson's teasing?? He just watches with full attention and he looked so smitten with maximum level heart eyes!

JB is weak for Jackson anon,haha

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Particularly after listening to that Nerdist interview (which everyone should listen to, it's great!), I think Fuller probably wouldn't have taken on American Gods and/or Amazing Stories if he'd been offered Star Trek first. But even with those two projects already in the works, he just couldn't bring himself to turn Star Trek down once it was offered, because he loooooves Star Trek so very much.

It is so great, really, and I want to thank you heaps for helping my brain remember it existed

And yes, I do think I agree. Helming his own Star Trek series is something Bryan Fuller has described as quote “literally a dream come true,” and has even joked about dropping other shows for. I’m sure nothing about this position shift indicates a change of his Trekkie heart, it simply shows that at last he had over-booked even his usual, what, 22-hour day? Did I hear that nonsense right?

What’s actually pretty heartening here is CBS’s rather adorable We <3 Bryan press release, which shows that as much as Fuller does not want to lose Star Trek, CBS does not want to lose him. He’s like, pedigreed Star Trek material, and comes with both cult and critical cache — they love having him on this project. But CBS is also a business, and they simply can’t keep pushing back the Discovery production schedule waiting for their enthusiastic but impossibly busy showrunner to magically find more time in the day. So they’ve come up with a fix: they’re lightening Fuller’s work load, but not his influence. They’ve made it clear that Bryan Fuller is still the visionary of this show and the primary creative force, he has just handed day-to-day operations (so, endless production meetings) over to two of his trusted executive producers.

Basically, acquiescing the showrunner title just means Fuller is now the éminence grise — and that he doesn’t have to invent a Time-Turner.

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Considering Kairi was left out of the 2.5 cover art, nothing as fair as her being literally the only one in the cover for a game starring her

Pretty much.

I don’t like the way this series does covers, anyway, just cramming, like, a dozen characters into one big, huge messy clusterfuck and then giving them either no or next to no background. Just in general, I would already rather focus on just one or two characters and actually put them in a scene.

But especially because Kairi almost never gets to be on the covers, anyway, and when she does, it’s almost always somewhere in the back.

She deserves to be huge and prominent.

And the fact is, she does spend most of her story alone.

- Mod A.


Yeah, the cover for KH1 is pretty much the only one I can say is generally a real 10/10 for me, because it’s…a picture. It has composition and an actual background. Every other cover is just, “Let’s throw a bunch of characters into an empty space, and maybe have them sit on something random sometimes? Yeah, yeah. That looks good. …Oh, wait. There’s no Disney characters. Eh, throw in Mickey somewhere. Perfect.”