Getting pregnant with Negan's child would include;

•Negan being beyond excited when he finds out, although you’d be rather weary and anxious

•Him soon getting rid of the rest of his wives to prove his loyalties to you and your future child

•Him talking to your growing stomach on a daily basis. He’d even bring back a ton of baby supplies from runs, your baby was going to be spoilt.

•Deciding on baby names together

•Him barely letting you out of his sight as your due date comes near. He’d then be filled with joy when labour hit

•He’d let out tears of joy when your daughter arrives into the world safe and healthy.

•Him referring to you as his queen and your daughter his princess

•Him reading stories to your child frequently, to you it’d be the cutest thing ever

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You and Chris are married, for whatever reason, NASA approves you going on the same mission. He's much taller than you, and whenever he can he puts stuff on the highest shelf, knowing you'll forget that you don't have gravity and can actually reach. He just laughs at you from the door.

omfg this is cutest thing ever??

“Just wait til we’re back on earth, baby”

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Hi, there were never any pictures of Tony from that Costa Rica trip right? You'd think he would've been there. Yet there was a shadow picture of Sam not Tony on that boat. Next our two stars missed PCA, funny how they BOTH missed that event. They show up and give the cutest, loved upped interview, plastered against each other, with Sam's arm around Cait. Next day IFH and now all this starts happening. Does anyone ever ask if Tony has a job? Is independently wealthy? What's up with him?

nope no pics of Tony in Costa Rica and his forehead didn’t show up in Paris for Cait’s birthday either 🤔.

I’m not sure what he does. I’ve never given it any serious thought. I’ve heard he does a couple different things but whatever it is it clearly allows him to be flexible and travel when Cait needs him. I’m glad she has a friend that’s that dependable :)

You are like heaven. You are so beautiful.
I really feel so happy here with you.
I feel free.
I feel very, very free.
You bring so much light in my life.
—  One of the cutest things you ever wrote to me

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Any good fics you're reading right now?

A lot of people recommended me ‘Georgia on my mind’ so I started reading that one and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. My So’Hara heart is in love with it.

‘Roman Holiday’ its Preath and the cutest thing and the sequel ‘Love on the Weekend’ is good too.

‘They’re never gonna find us here’ and the sequel are amazing and I strongly recommend them too. In the top 3 of the So’Hara fics out there.

If anyone wants to suggest good ones I’d appreciate it :)