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Heard the guys were taking questions!! This one is for Cas, wat is your favorite kind of animal??


Cas: Does it have to be extant? If so… Koalas. If I can choose any animal that ever existed then definitely the prehistoric slothbear.

Dean: What the fu–

Sam: Cas, you are just–you–*shakes head* Okay. Cool.

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I just showed your cover of we are the crystal gems to the 8 year old super fan of SU that I nanny, and he just lost his mind and is begging me to play it again and I told him you were a rose/garnet fusion and he made this face 😳

omfg 💕this makes my LIFE that is the cutest thing EVER thank you so much!!! Please tell him that he’s super neato!! <3 

So the other day I was on the bus and the cutest thing ever happened. This older woman was sitting down minding her own business, when another older woman sitting a little ways a way leaned over and asked her where she got the fabric she was holding in her lap because she thought it was really pretty. I mean the fabric was ugly and tacky as all hell, but the woman holding it absolutely lit up when the other woman took interest in it, and started rambling away about it (I kinda tuned out at that point, turns out I’m not very passionate about fabric). By the time we got to my stop about thirty minutes later, the two of them were laughing and exchanging sewing advice and I heard them planning to meet up sometime to show each other the quilts they were making and I just!!! I love cute things like that I love seeing people get along and talking about the things they love and sharing it with other people, I just get so HAPPY seeing positive interactions between people it just warms my heart. 

she likes to be kissed softly during romance movies. if you nibble down her neck and across her collar bones, she’ll melt into you. she will stop to pet every single dog, and would adopt every kitten if she could. she likes ice cream in most flavors and will eat it out of the bin if you let her - and you should let her. she likes it when you point out nice plants and give her pretty things like pebbles and grass rings. she gets sleepy somewhere around noon. she likes looking at the sky. i think she is in love with the moon.
she used to be in love with me, too.

when you kiss her forehead, tell her that her hair smells nice. tell her that the fleck in her eye is beautiful. tell her that her freckles and scars are treasure maps, tell her that her tummy is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. tell her your secrets, she’ll handle them perfectly. tell her that she’s a lighthouse, a garden full of daisies, a secret hiding place where time stops and things make sense, an ocean deep. tell her that she’s worth your whole being. tell her for me.

hold onto her the way i couldn’t. trust me, i know what i lost. give her the life she was waiting for, the one i couldn’t hand her. give her romance and fairy lights and laughter and curling up and quiet, give her art and music and wild, give her home. trust me, hold onto her.

i feel the ache of her absence as if she removed my soul.

—  so hold on for me // r.i.d
Karlie Kloss is a total boss 💪🏻💪🏻

I’m at work and probably my boss is behind me, but I’ll do this quickly after seeing that beautiful video 😭😭❤️😍 (while I get a bit emotional)

When I see Karlie in runways or doing commercials, I forget for a minute that she is 23 years old! 23 YEARS OLD!! Just older than me for 2 months!

I mean, I’m working, earning money and doing it well, but when you see her, you realize that she has done lots of things that normal people in that age hasn’t done it yet! Apart from her beauty, amazing legs, brightest sunshine, adorkable giraffe ever, cutest koder nerd and Taylor’s babe, she can actually rule the fucking world!!

It’s incredible!!

Such and inspirational person, good job Karlie! You deserve the best ❤️👏🏻🌞


This little baby dancing to #ShakeItOff by @TaylorSwift is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my life! 💖

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Can I ask two things? I'm gonna ask 2 things! Top 5 things you like about Cullen!!! ;) Aaaaaand your top 5 fanfics you wrote :O *hugs*

Top 5 Things I like about Cullen (physical)

  1. His eyes
  2. his lip scar / smile
  3. his hair (including scruffy beard and headcanoned chest hair!)
  4. dem muscles (including dat ass)
  5. his voice

Top 5 Things I Like about Cullen (non-physical)

  1. The way his voice softens when he speaks to or about the Inquisitor
  2. He’s proficient at sword and shield as well as two-handed sword
  3. It may have taken him a while, but in the end, he stood up to Meredith
  4. We all know he secretly wants a mabari and he’d be the cutest doggy-papa EVER
  5. That he understands the Inquisitor needs to do the dangerous things she does and while he doesn’t like it and he worries, he doesn’t try to stop her

Top 5 Favorite Fanfics of Mine (THIS WAS SO HARD)

  1. Captivated 
  2. We’ve Met Before 
  3. Goodnight
  4. Office Politics 
  5. Sparring with the Commander 

(all are NSFW)