Strong brotherly love does NOT=unhealthy, codependance or romance!

I am so SICK of Sam and Dean’s love for each other being referred to as unhealthily codependent. I love that such a beautiful, strongly bonded brotherhood is being shown on TV. Most shows would have us believe that men aren’t able/aren’t allowed to show platonic love for one another. God forbid we admit men have feelings. *eyeroll*

In fact it’s because this type of love is so rarely shown that so many people have to go and ruin the beauty of it by putting a romantic spin on it. People, yes even men, can love each other deeply without there being anything beyond friendship/ familial feelings.

And even though the show has called their brotherhood unhealthy and codependent I still applaud for them for showing it.

We need more strong, platonic love shown on TV between men. Maybe then men will stop being afraid to show they care about each other.

Home (pt.4)

The next part is a little angsty so here’s some Feysand / Inner Circle fluff :)

Disclaimer: And again, all of the characters belong to the brilliant SJM

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“Feyre, wake up! We’re going to be late!” Mor’s screech rang through the cabin, shattering the peace and quiet from last night.

Before Feyre could alert her, Mor kicked open the door to the bedroom, then slammed it shut. Feyre and Rhys were tangled on the bed, all their clothes carelessly thrown on the floor. Even though they both slept peacefully, they still craved each other’s warmth, so they ended up like this in the morning.

“YOU COULD’VE WARNED ME!” Mor shouted towards the wooden door, horrified at what she saw. “I have no interest in seeing my cousin naked, especially not with you!”

Feyre blushed at Mor’s implication, then felt Rhys stir beside her. Feyre hurriedly threw on Rhys’ shirt lying on the floor, and went to face Mor.

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I don't know if my message went out on the 14th thanking you for posting something while all the anti Seb posts were floating around and I had asked for something fluffy. If it didn't I had left a message saying thank you for taking the time and even though it was from your original work I still had Seb in my heart and it was very warm and fluffy to read and wanted to say I appreciate that you are so lovely because I really was in tears over the overreaction to him standing up and speaking out

*hugs you*

I have that one waiting to be answered, in fact! I was going to try to add in a tiny bit of the next Like Sugar (well, Extra Sugar) story as a present, so we can all feel better and collectively cuddle each other, but I haven’t had a ton of time to work on it…

I think I might’ve given you all this bit already, but in case I haven’t, here:


Sebastian wants this. Sebastian’s eyes had lit up at the suggestion.

He strokes the flogger over Seb’s back, bared and ready. Sebastian’s breathing speeds up, but his face—what Chris can see—looks almost peaceful: given over, yielded, transcendent.

He lifts his arm. Swings.

Sebastian gasps, but the gasp turns into a liquid moan. His body jerks but softens after, melting into the cross and the impact. His lips remain parted.

So due to a paypal glitch my friend and I didn’t end up seeing Rollins last night but it’s okay because we went out for beers and got to catch up with each other.

And this morning, after cereal and finishing up the cthuhlu tin I drove out to the horse lot for some horse therapy for my grieving heart. No riding, just cuddles and velvet noses. Comet was not having it so I made new friends, including Stitch. Stitch is the newest mustang at Mill Swamp, he’s a Corolla stallion from the North Carolina coast and is still in training so still partly wild. He’s a sweetie though and apparently took a liking to me as he kept coming to me for love when the geldings weren’t around me. They don’t like him being there because he’s a stallion so he gets nervous.

When Rivka (yup Rikve and Rivka we friends) came back we pulled Stitch out and into the ring so she could train him. Both for her and him. This was …after I fell into the mud pit cause yeah that happened. And one of the geldings who was loving on me just looked at me like ‘the fuck did you do that for’. 

I watched for a bit then got in the ring with her and she taught me the basic training that she knows and I got to train the beautiful boy! I need to get better at walk/trot training because I kept confusing the poor thing but we worked better with bringing his head down and it seems I was  the first to get him to come to me after walking backwards away from him. Once he started getting sleepy and tired we returned him to the pasture.

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Made up fic: The dragon's sorrow


It takes place post-Dragons. Hanzo and Genji are still at odds with each other. Hanzo refuses to believe that Genji is alive, and won’t cooperate with him because Genji in turn is still refusing to go along with what he (and by extension the clan) wants.

Genji consults with both Mercy and Zenyatta about this, and they both have little clue how to help rather than to try and talk with Hanzo. They do so without Genji, and Hanzo goes off, unloading his side of the story.

Mercy gets an idea though, and decides to trick Hanzo into joining an assignment without knowing that Genji would be along as well. The mission nearly goes disastrously as the two fight. But eventually having to work together for the first time in years, they finally start to work out their differences.

random things about dan and phil that make me cry
-phil is right handed and dan is left handed so they can easily sign things together
-they’re both taller than most people and so you can see them both in a crowd
-their lounge is full of a bunch of little things that are really representative of their personalities and is super cute
-they have matching bedspreads
-even though they’re surrounded by a bunch of international friends that they only see once or twice a year when they go to conventions like vidcon they’re always together
-little things about each other’s personalities have rubbed off on each other over the years
-they seem to always get similar haircuts around the same time
-even though they’re individuals and have done a lot individually, together they’ve accomplished so much
-they live together, spend a ton of time together, and work together but they still haven’t gotten tired of each other yet
-they know so much about each other and always seem to be curious to know more
-they have extremely similar interests surrounding a lot of subjects
-they wait for each other to wake up so they can watch an anime
-they help each other film videos and show the other person their videos before uploading to get feedback


in which kendra + carter are not quite at making out yet and carter almost forgot

#AfraidoftheDark Trend. Please Reblog if Black Tumblr, Let’s try and make it work.[SECOND ATTEMPT FAILED. TRYING AGAIN IN FEBRUARY.]

I’m going to keep trying a few more times hopefully it picks up. All this preaching I do will just be words if we don’t actually do something. So please, participate, it’s so very simple. You will get Guaranteed Reblogs, and you will get new followers, like #Blackout –Read to understand. 

We have a beautiful hashtag called #Blackout, And it’s to appreciate, come together, show off and self-love each other’s melanin, going against what the media and the government and white Americans have tried so hard to make us hate. I was hoping, we could start a new trend, to go alongside #Blackout.

The truth is, even though it will offend some, it’s still the truth- We’re only coming together through these shootings, and when they’re over, and it gets quiet, we all disperse into our white owned communities, while all other races own our department stores, grocery stores, clothing stores etc. we have nothing to physically show for anything, in terms of Capital. We own nothing. Our Black buying power is tremendously powerful. But we use that money, to support white businesses, purchase white products, watch White owned channels, movies, even your favorite Black shows, and blackeverything we touch use, or breathe on is owned by whites. Even products well known to us like “Jordans”, Is owned by someone white. I’ve talked about us needing to start our own businesses, our own communities, learn about what our country is doing and destroying overseas, and what our government is doing here. There are a lot of things we do not know. Even Africa, is being looted. We’re loving ourselves again through #Blackout, but I believe we need to start Right Now. I think the first step is a very easy step if we just try and participate. 

Similar to #Blackout. It’s called -#AfraidoftheDark. Instead of our beauty, it’ll bring us together through action. It’s something that will push us, and challenge us, to start Black Communities and Black owned Businesses, or whatever we set out minds to accomplish right this moment. #AfraidoftheDark, meaning, “They’re afraid that we’ll build our own communities, use our own dollars to support ourselves, employ ourselves and our people, teach ourselves our actually true history, Afraid of the power we’d have if we gained control of our own Finances, which we have none of.  they’re afraid of what we Black people can accomplish, so they try to break us, kill us, destroy our communities. Put us in schools that don’t teach us our history, or schools that Teach us their Version of our own history, break us apart and have us hating ourselves and our people. ” To use this trend, all you have to do is post something personal about you that you just accomplished/learned today/Did for another black person to better them. whether it be about the future you want to lead, or the business you want to run, or what you learned today, or about our Black accomplishments in the past that shocked you, and you feel other blacks should know so their eyes could be opened wider, something that you never knew. whether it be Egyptian times. African inventions, accomplishments throughout history Whether you’ve learned something simple about our Economy, Our banking system, Politics that they want to keep you away from.  

Example posts/usage:

1. I want to be a singer, I’m starting to work very hard on my lyrics and my music, I’m going to start a Youtube channel to show off my voice or skills and place ads on my Videos to try and Gain money off of my own talents, also try to get My Black Tumblr to promote me. #AfraidoftheDark
2. I just learned about Blackwallstreet and watched a documentary on it, no wonder they #AfraidoftheDark.
3. I just watched a documentary on the Federal Reserve Banks, this is crazy, wish more of us were informed #AfraidoftheDark
4. I just convinced my Black friend to become an Entrepreneur, and got her into that mindset, we’re growing. #AfraidoftheDark.
5. This white bitch just tried to play me I schooled her on the difference between Segregation and Separation is, tried to tell me i shouldn’t have my own people startin’ their own communities and employing ourselves #AfraidoftheDark
6. Gonna try and learn a new language expand this mind #AfraidoftheDark.
7. Learning on how to start a business in my field with little to no money, gonna use this part time job I got to fund myself #AfraidoftheDark
8. Found a black owned business called ___ near me, I’ll be shopping their from now on. #AfraidoftheDark

Your Posts will be searched and reblogged in the beginning, and if we make it, it’ll start to become something normal you see on your dash. Try it out once, the last person who did, got over 50 notes on a normal post, yesterday.

Doing something like this will get us into an 
Entrepreneurial state of mind. Will wake us up to actually try and start something incredible. 

“Being honest and upfront is essential! Communication is always healthy.”

Can we take a moment and talk about this update in light of this one line?

It’s obvious Bitty and Jack are trying. They love each other. They want to communicate, and they’re actively trying to be open. And even though it’s obvious they’re giving it their best shot… they’re failing spectacularly. 

(under the cut because this analysis got loooong)

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Can’t put a price on hope… or can you?

Also I love how healthy their communication seems to be? Like, Jack is attuned to Bitty’s emotions enough so to notice that he probably was upset about that moment, even though Bitty definitely tried to put on a brave face for the rest of the night. Still, Jack noticed, acknowledged and made a commitment to address the problem as soon as he was able. It’s such a simple thing but it makes me so happy!! I just want to see so much of them tackling road blocks together, listening to each other and making sure their communication is open and honest. I mean, this can’t be easy for either of them, and Jack is notoriously bad with emotions… so I’m really proud of him for making an overt effort to reach out to Bitty and pay attention to him. This is like a big deal from Jack’s perspective imo… in the past Jack has shown evidence of being very wrapped up in his own thoughts, so I am really happy to see this kind of behaviour from him. 

Like I sympathize with them so much but honestly that sad moment just made me think about how they’re already building a strong foundation for their relationship, and I’m so glad we get to see this side of their relationship. If anything, it’ll make them stronger. 

i was looking up pictures of hirata yuuya when i came across this and i couldn’t not point it out, so

here you have the difference between IwaOi

and MatsuHana

i am still yelling

Dan and Phil probably listen to each other so deeply and even though they’re best friends, listening to each other is still a learning experience and it probably makes the skypes, long train rides to visit each other and pinof grow more important to them as the years go by and oW I’m in pain