This is a prediction for Kiri’s future.

anonymous asked:

is it possible to know a little about your original novel? if you're not too busy of course!

My knee-jerk reaction to this was to sit up, push back my sleeves, and declare: “THANK YOU, KIND STRANGER, I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED.”

And then I started hissing and cringing like a vampire exposed to sunlight and promptly forgot to type out an answer, probably subconsciously on purpose tbh because I’m just embarrassed overall by my lack of Finished Projects and complete dearth of focus when it comes to just doing ONE DAMN PROJECT AT A DAMN TIME.

Baaaaaasically I have two novels completed, but one of them needs to have the beginning rewritten (it’s a fantasy novel, probably should be retooled as YA; I wrote it for adults originally), and the other I don’t think I want to work on anymore (it’s the big pastoral fabulist-fiction mess inspired by my childhood in the rural south and I hate it). And THEN I have two more that are half and/or almost done. One of them I’m super excited about it (end-of-the-world horror-comedy novel with intense religious and political themes; the other is a superhero novel with a disabled protag that I still want to finish someday because I would’ve benefited from such a book back when I was struggling to cope with my physical limitations). The end-of-the-world horror/comedy novel WAS going to be my NaNo project next month.

…but last night (literally LAST FUCKING NIGHT) I had a new idea. One I’m super pumped to write and am tempted to use for my NaNo project even though I want to tear out my goddamn hair because I CAN’T HAVE ANOTHER PROJECT ON MY PLATE GOSH DARNIT. It’s basically a Big Queer Fairy Tale inspired by a recent re-read of Howl’s Moving Castle, last night’s big-screen viewing of The Princess Bride, and last week’s fever-dream of the movie Shrek


None of my projects have anything in common, it seems. I don’t know if that’s kind of cool, because variety is the spice of life, or if that means my tastes are too eclectic to ever gain a consistent audience. 

SO ANYWHERE HER’S AN ITEMIZED LIST OF ALL MY DOOMED-ASS PROJECTS, tell me which one you think I should work on because I give up:

  • Big Queer Fairy Tale with Comedic Elements
  • End-of-the-World Political Comedy-Horror
  • Superhero Story with Disabled Protag (because hell yeah gotta rep)
  • Rewrite That One Fantasy Novel So It’s YA and Finally Marketable

What’s sad is there are more *ideas* for projects in the pipeline, but these are the ones either closest to being finished or the ones I’m the most excited about at this exact moment in time. 

littlebird12j  asked:

I was looking at your fic masterpost, and I was all "flight attendant au? I don't remember reading that!" Then I opened it and realized that was because it was posted in the last two weeks dksnsnsns (I've been behind on my fanfic reading since mid September)


yeah I think I’ve posted like…7 new fics since september…so don’t worry about being behind. I write pretty fast it seems.

Here’s real-time footage of me typing.

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