Owaranai Seraph Season 2 Episode 2 part 2 Subbed

Not gonna lie, this one was painful to sub and reminded me why I swore off subbing after the first set of Owaranai episodes…that’s your warning that I’m not a professional and probably made mistakes, but here you go. Please no re-posting anywhere.

I will update this post when I post part 3 

Part 1

Part 3


“Can you speak English?”
“A little bit ♡”
(Day 13/14)


i was going to make a tutorial of how i draw asriel but i’m not good at words lmao
so have a process sorta thing instead
plus the way i draw him kind of varies? sometimes i’ll sketch out a body, other times i’ll just draw the clothes 
i usually add more detail (fur, folds, lines under the eyes etc) when i’m doing the lineart

glowingnova asked:

Brib Grumps? (Grumps, Holly, & Mark as birds if possible?)

Ross - scrub jay
Holly - hummingbird
Brian - crow
Suzy - crane
Danny - polish chicken
Arin - horned owl
Mark - woodpecker
Kevin - fairy wren
Barry - burrowing owl

1,500 follower celebration! Send me a question/request to draw!


Seokmin serenading you on the 14th of February 

Happy Valentine’s Day @leelchan 

Who’s Your Secret Valentine? [AkaKuro Event]

Well, mine is: Akashi #57 *doki* - I hope you like this and that you have/had a lovely Valentine’s day! ヾ(´▽`)ゝ

Extra stuff under the cut:

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Shelter Me

Title: Shelter Me

Rating: M

Genre: Humor, Romance

Pairing: Killian Jones / Emma Swan

Summary: Killian develops a habit of bringing home abandoned pets, he uses his pirate prowess to convince his Swan to let the animals stay.

A/N:  This fic was inspired by this picture:,  from the lovely artist @tennant-the-tigger, and a post by @xhookswenchx.  A huge thank you to @xhookswenchx for beta-ing this, my first ever fan fic!  Thanks also for supporting me in the technical aspects as well.  Additionally, a huge thank you to @laschatzi for her beta support, as well as providing the title for this fic. 

Without further ado…

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