Wanted to draw something fluffy, more or less, but oh boy painting Ignis somehow was a real struggle…  

Also recorded some of my painting process (mostly for myself to look back on), but maybe someone is interested in that. (below cut)

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Hey guys
I’m tired and cranky
So listen up.

I need y'all to tell me why Crutchie literally always seems to get the shit end of the stick in almost every single Newsies AU that isn’t explicitly focused primarily on him?? 🙃 Or why is he always there just for comedic relief???

Tell me why he’s left out of so many headcanon posts.

Tell me why people downplay his relationship with people. ( not just jack )

Why??? 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Person A: *runs up to friend/Person C panting* YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!!
  • Person C: What?? What happened??
  • Person A: (Person B) just read Killing Stalking!
  • Person C: So??
  • Person B: *running after person A with kitchen knife* COOOME BAAACK~ I WANT TO TIE YOU UP IN MY BASEMENT~~
  • Person A: *unholy petrified screeching*

camisado // panic! at the disco


Brandon and Miles for a project in March.

(They kiss and are just generally adorable together).