I’m going to break this down so people find it easier to follow. This was around 3:20, I’m sitting in a police van after a little incident near Berwick Street, London 

 I decided to pop into a cafe and grab something to drink when I took a glance to the side at a man smiling at me 

 I got bad vibes but didn’t think about it until he stood right behind me and started humming words like ‘so beautiful… so lovely…’  Having had drunk/cheeky men often say things like these when out at night I chose to brush it off and waited my turn 

 He then began to touch my hair. I turned around and told him to move back. Responded with nothing but a smile, stayed exactly where he was 

 I placed my order, took it, when his turn came he didn’t order nothing. The employee asked him if he was going to buy anything, and all he said was 'I love you’. I’ve never met this bloke in my life 

 I didn’t leave the cafe. Took a seat next to two women in the hopes that he would give up and just piss off. He came and sat right next to me, it was the most uncomfortable feeling

 Once the women noticed, they asked me if we were together. I said no and one of them demanded he leave, the manager was called out and she threatened to phone the police if he didn’t. 

 'I won’t go until she goes’. 

 This was happening all while he was merely inches away from me. Even after the police were called he chose to stay. I was invited to sit closer to the women and as we made idle chat we could hear his breathing get heavy. I was on edge the entire time fearing he would get aggressive and attack someone. This went on for about forty minutes, he finally got up but before leaving, told us he’d follow me 

 One of the women ran out to see where he was going, he was wandering around the market the whole time we were inside and was gone when a siren was heard

 I had to be escorted back to the station by two policemen. Apparently this is not the first time such a case is reported, it’s very common there but very rarely during the day when it’s safer. If you’re by yourself or planning to visit London stay away from the Soho area entirely. Full of drug dealers and hidden sex shops down alleyways that have had past cases of traffickers, one of the police escorts told me. It’s fucking disgusting.

Six Pills, Gorillaz Fanfic {2D x Murdoc}, Chapter 1

One pill, two pills, three pills, more. Five pills, six pills, seven pills, encore.

It was the usual situation, with rain drops staining the opaque glass of the bedroom window.

His arm rested against the ruined pillow on the side of the little couch, positioned closed to the unmade bed.

Headache, nausea, muscles aching. There wasn’t a single part of his body at peace with itself, not to mention his mind.

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The what I love about Sherlock saying 'I imagine John Watson thinks love is a mystery to me' is that this applies to literally everyone who has met Sherlock. He could have easily said Mycroft (who was there), Moriarty (who is highly relevant to the case) or You (Irene). But he said John who was neither there nor incredibly relevant to the Flight of the Dead mystery. It's like everyone else is background noise when it comes to love because only John's opinion matters to Sherlock

ugh it’s so painful because not only this but Battersea is so clearly playing over and over again in his head, everything, Who … who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes, but – for the record – if anyone out there still cares, I’m not actually gay – Well, I am. Look at us both. —

they are both just only thinking about each other so much in this episode, but so blind and confused and misunderstood, it is so bloody painful, save us from this hell  😢😩😣