I’m going to break this down so people find it easier to follow. This was around 3:20, I’m sitting in a police van after a little incident near Berwick Street, London 

 I decided to pop into a cafe and grab something to drink when I took a glance to the side at a man smiling at me 

 I got bad vibes but didn’t think about it until he stood right behind me and started humming words like ‘so beautiful… so lovely…’  Having had drunk/cheeky men often say things like these when out at night I chose to brush it off and waited my turn 

 He then began to touch my hair. I turned around and told him to move back. Responded with nothing but a smile, stayed exactly where he was 

 I placed my order, took it, when his turn came he didn’t order nothing. The employee asked him if he was going to buy anything, and all he said was 'I love you’. I’ve never met this bloke in my life 

 I didn’t leave the cafe. Took a seat next to two women in the hopes that he would give up and just piss off. He came and sat right next to me, it was the most uncomfortable feeling

 Once the women noticed, they asked me if we were together. I said no and one of them demanded he leave, the manager was called out and she threatened to phone the police if he didn’t. 

 'I won’t go until she goes’. 

 This was happening all while he was merely inches away from me. Even after the police were called he chose to stay. I was invited to sit closer to the women and as we made idle chat we could hear his breathing get heavy. I was on edge the entire time fearing he would get aggressive and attack someone. This went on for about forty minutes, he finally got up but before leaving, told us he’d follow me 

 One of the women ran out to see where he was going, he was wandering around the market the whole time we were inside and was gone when a siren was heard

 I had to be escorted back to the station by two policemen. Apparently this is not the first time such a case is reported, it’s very common there but very rarely during the day when it’s safer. If you’re by yourself or planning to visit London stay away from the Soho area entirely. Full of drug dealers and hidden sex shops down alleyways that have had past cases of traffickers, one of the police escorts told me. It’s fucking disgusting.

I laid with him tonight, just looking at his face. Studying all of the little scars along his cheeks. I remembered back to when he told me to look at the ‘little glimmering cuts on his knuckles.’ “These are all teeth.” he added. Then I had wondered if as many fists had hit his face. It hurt me to know that he’d ever been filled with so much anger and pain that his release was bloody knuckles and bruised eyes. “We all have our battle scars.” He then mentioned as he noticed the worry flood my face.

Now, I know that I can’t just go back and take that pain from him. I also know that without his battle scars, he wouldn’t be who he is. But I can promise him that from here, he’s no longer a one man army.

—  fna

“That’s not even a real insult.”

@why-this-kolaveri-machi, @paintedimaginings I’ve just gotten halfway through Snatch and…look, it’s ridiculous. It’s one loud, explosive mess after another, ethnic stereotypes verge towards the sheer bloody painful, and Marc Warren has so much more range than just to be cast as another self-pitying villain every damn time.

But so help me God, you can prize Pasqualino’s little defiant chin wobble every time someone compares him to his father from my cold dead hands.

  • <p> <b></b> (When the Marauders practised Legillimency/Occlumency on each other)<p/><b>James:</b> *to Sirius* Legillimens!<p/><b>Sirius:</b> *in his mind* Fucking Regulus I'm going to kill that little shit fuck you for ratting me out to mother again you little fuck bloody Merlin why is Peter so fucking dumb I'm giving up on teaching him anything the poor sod is just hopeless James is poking into my head again get out mate hey I think I'm gonna ask Evans to take me to Disneyland one day and oh a roller-roller will be awesome too bet Remus is gonna puke he's got really delicate digestive system after all those chocolate hahaha Peter just tripped over his own foot again the stupid idiot hope he's okay though because we couldn't afford him anymore idiotic than he already is James you're still in my head fuck off I need some privacy I'm gonna think something dirty about my girlfriend redheaded Marley McKnickers is so fucking sexy it should be illegal I feel your pain Prongs and by the way GET OUT oh lord why should practise this again it's stupid and I'm tired I can actually do it while I poop but I'm rather sleepy so excuse me ooh I smell chocolate is that you Moony I'm hungry I want chocolate give me my chocolate sod off Wormtail it's my chocolate I smelled that first I want puppies by the way for my birthday so I have some friends as Padfoot and also the newest Queen album fuck you Remus I stand by opinion Freddie Mercury is the true king of rock and I still want my chocolate I'm entitled to free chocolate every hour of my life because I've a raging bitch for a mother and for the last time James Fleamont Potter GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD YOU TOSSPOT!!!<p/><b>James:</b> *flinches as he finally breaks the spell* Fucking hell, Padfoot; mate, how is it that you don't get aneurysm with all that bullshit inside your head?<p/></p>

#267 You look sad Ari…

I decided to do LGTBA couples from YA novels i’ve read, and since i’m currently reading “Aristotle and Dante discover the Secrets of the Universe” well…. i needed to draw this gay boys…..

Oh my gods, i can relate so bloody much to ari it pains me to know that he can feel the same way i feel… i’m still halfway through it so no spoilers please.

Feel free to suggest me more LGTBA YA Novel couples pls.

PS: Also catching up with all the long overdue images i’vebeendoingbutfailedtoupload about my 365 days challenge
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No matter what else is going on...

The way Emma and Regina look at each other will probably haunt me ‘til the end of time.

A young female's challenge
  • **me and my friends trying to use the hallway toilet because of our fucking periods**
  • Stupid male science teacher: You can't use this toilet at break times!
  • **friends angrily turn around in defeat**
  • Me: Uh, sir? are you aware of the menstrual cycle?
  • Teacher: Yes, i'm currently teaching it to my year 8s.
  • Me: so you're aware of the bloody mess and the insufferable pain that is currently occurring?
  • Teacher: ...
  • Me: and the fact that we females need a toilet immediately ?
  • Teacher: ...
  • Teacher: alright, be quick.
The Scottish English Teacher

Pairing: Ten/Rose AU

Rating: All Ages

Based on the Comic Relief sketch with Catherine Tate and David Tennant

She supposed it was her fault for walking so close to the door.  To make it even more disastrous, she had just come from the copy room with a pile of packets stacked in her arms.  The door swinging open to hit her in the face was something bound to happen to her.  Bad luck seemed to be tipping her way today.

“Lauren Cooper, go to the headmaster’s office this instant!” a Scottish voice called out before the door hit Rose in the face.  Thwack.

The papers in her arms fell out of her arms and scattered in the school hallway.  The left side of her face stung, and she knew by the sore, aching feeling that she would have a large bruise by the end of the day.  She could feel her right arm beginning to ache as well.

“Ahk,” Rose yelped in pain.

“Shi- Bloody hell, I-I am so so sorry, Miss. I di-didn’t see you there.  I was trying to guide a misbehaving student out the door. Are y-you alright?”  The Scottish voice stuttered.  She could hear the children from inside the classroom snickering and giggling.

Rose was about to give this man a piece of her mind when she truly gave him a good look. And blimey, was this man fit.  He had brown, thick, gorgeous hair sticking up in all directions at the front, his tall figure was wrapped in a tight, pinstriped suit, and she tried very hard not to get lost in his dark brown eyes.

“Yeah,” she breathed out, “yeah, I’m fine.”

“Again, I am so, so sorry. Let me help you with these papers.”  He turned back to his classroom. “For everyone else, please read page fifty-three in your poetry textbooks.  And Ms. Cooper, why are you still here?”

Rose watched as the infamous Lauren Cooper stepped out of the class, frowning.  She had the feisty red-headed teen last year for her art class.  Fortunately, she was one of the few teachers that Lauren had gotten along with.

“‘Lo Ms. Tyler.” Lauren greeted her. “Sorry ‘bout the new teach. Still breaking him in. A bit slow, if you know what I mean.” With that, she winked and walked away leaving the Scottish teacher spluttering.

“That girl,” he shook his head as he crouched down to pick up the papers on the floor.

“She isn’t that bad,” Rose said as she crouched down with him. She ignored the way her face and arm began throbbing.  “Just loves to outsmart teachers.”

“She began insulting Shakespeare then recited an entire verse at the top of her head,” he chuckled.  He looked up at her and his eyebrows furrowed. “The side of your face is turning red.  Did I hit you very hard?”

She made a small smile. “‘Very hard?’ Blimey, it was like you were trying to kill someone with that door.”

He winced. “Sorry, used to play cricket. I have a good batting arm.”  He started rapidly gathering the papers in the hallway and held them in one arm while holding out his other hand towards her.  “I think the nurse has a couple ice packs she could spare. I could take you there, if you want.”

She took his hand and he helped her stand up.  “What about your class?”

“They’ll be fine. It’s only going to take a few minutes.”  His brown eyes stared into hers and, again, Rose chided herself not to get lost in them.

But - to be escorted to the nurse’s by the handsome, new teacher - who was she to deny that.  

She nodded and he took her hand, leading her towards the nurse’s office.  

Quite suddenly, he turned to her again. “Sorry, in all the commotion I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Mr. Logan…er…John, if you want. I teach English.”

She smiled, her tongue poking between her teeth.  “I’m Ms. Tyler, or Rose - if you want. I teach art.”

“That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet. Nice to meet you, Rose.” He grinned.

“Could say the same to you too, John, if you hadn’t hit me with that door.” She laughed when his smile drooped. “I was just messin’ with ya. It’s nice to meet you too.”

Unfortunately, the nurse’s ice packs did little to prevent the giant bruise that marked Rose’s face for a couple days.  Pushed by guilt and a strange desire to constantly talk to Rose, John couldn’t help but apologize every chance he saw her.  He apologized so much that Rose was forced to end his annoying (yet endearing) civilities by asking him out on a date.  Their one date became two…then three…then four…and so on.  

They attempted to hide their relationship from the faculty and student body at first. Months went by and their nosy students were already gossiping about how close the two were.  Lauren Cooper had even called John out in class. “Fancy Rose Tyler, Sir?”  To which he had no reply and continued babbling about the symbolism in Oedipus.

Finally, at the last day of school, the students and teachers’ curious questions were answered when John entered Rose’s class before the bell had rung and knelt on one knee.  After Rose tearfully agreed to spend forever with him, she couldn’t help but think that getting hit by that door was the luckiest thing to have happened to her.

At the wedding, Lauren whispered to her friend, “He still ain’t English though.”