Alright everyone. Since I got loooots of messages regarding this, I decided to make a post about the madness going around McHanzo today.

You may have probably heard or even bought the McHanzo Zine called Bullseye Zine, which brought together really good artists and fanfiction writers. Long story short, the money made through the Zine sales should’ve gotten to charity, and it didn’t. There have been more issues around this matter and the admin that made things go down, because of using the money gained in other purposes, but more about these things you can find out in this post I read and informed myself upon the issue as well: .

I was not part of the zine and this is all the information I can help you with. 

Again, I am sorry to hear about all of this, in which both artists and writers got affected by it, because they put so much effort in creating content for a noble cause, such as donating for a charity the final earnings; and I also feel sorry for the buyers, who not only wished the content, but also to be part of this whole good willing action. 

I hope this will not impact the McHanzo community in any way. This ship was the first one to strike my heart and drag me deep into the fandom, to which I am really grateful. I found here wonderful people! 

Support the artists with your love and appreciation! And last but not least, let the fandom be filled with love, joy and good content! It keeps us united, happy and strong. 

Excuse me I’m having Swan Queen withdrawals. I Just miss their chemistry and what their relationship added to the plot. I miss their subtle looks at one another. I miss the perfect hugs they shared. I miss their relationship with Henry. I miss their small arguments that only resulted in their relationship growing even further. I miss it all. I miss Swan Queen I guess is the point.

Take It All Back

Part Eighteen

Summary: Jensen wakes up in a familiar place.  
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 2080
Warnings: Feels. Probably some things you all expected, but hopefully you can enjoy the chapter anyway! Also, fair warning that I made myself cry a little writing this. 


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I adore her more than all of the stars in the sky. Everytime I look into those eyes I see a soul as pure and bright as the morning sun. She’s my heart, my entire world.
Dear one, I love you more than I know how to say.