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A/N: Welcome to my contribution for the New Author’s Month over at @loveinpanem​ 

Nearly two months and 16,000 words later and I can finally present it to you. But this wouldn’t have happened if for a couple of very special people, starting with the awesome ladies fom LIP: @thegirlfromoverthepond​, @akai-echo​, @titaniasfics​ and @louezem. Thank you for your dedication and all the work you put in. You’re doing a wonderful job.

My biggest, warmest and most heartfelt THANK YOU is - together with INCREDIBLE beta @honeylime08​ - for my awesome mentor: the unbelievably talented, witty and wonderful @xerxia31​ 
I loved working with you so much, and look forward to our future cooperation. :D

And last but not least: to my best friend, Pez. She’s not on tumblr, but she helped with this story like it was her own. I love you so much, bestie! 

Enough said, let’s start with the story. I really hope you enjoy! Thanks for all the support! :)


“If you don’t show in the next five minutes, she’s gonna have a heart attack.”

Katniss groans, the strap of her bag constantly slipping from her shoulder. With every other step, she nearly crushes her heels with the suitcase she’s pulling behind her. Damn high heels, she should have worn her sneakers. She’s a fit person: she jogs, she visits the gym at least twice a week, she loves hiking. Ok, fine. She could eat a little healthier, but between jobs and her sometimes very atypical hours she can’t find the time to cook as well. So it’s fast food most of the time. But all in all she thinks of herself as a person with good constitution.

Right now, she huffs like a railroad engine, and her feet hurt like she ran a marathon. All the while she tries to hold her cell to her ear and listen to her best friend’s calm but slightly sarcastic voice. Even though she’s running through a busy airport, she can hear Prim’s hysterics in the background.

Code Red it is.

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we’re not broken, come home – Sanji and Nami in entire WCI arc. Basically, a playlist of two people still stay true to each other at heart when their relationship are broken, thus it lead them way back to be together again.

LISTEN >> Spotify

note: once again, this is collab fanmix with @konekonami, we just listen to music a lot [laughs]. Some songs are cover version due to keep the chill mood / atmosphere.


today i celebrated my 7th anniversary with the love and light of my life kai @pjpants !!!!! weve officially been together for 1/3 of our lives :-) we got some Fancy Food and walked around some and then walked around some more. im blessed to be able to have found a home in a human being as beautiful and perseverant and funny and intelligent and hard working and inspiring as her, and im looking forward to the hundreds of different ways we can represent commitment, intimacy, compassion, and teamwork in our relationship, and i hope what we have gives hope to others that everybody is capable of achieving this kind of bliss