today as my mom was driving and pulling into my grandparents driveway, a guy t-boned our car and took off. there was 4 of us in the car. thankfully, it wasn’t tooooo hard of a hit to where the side door was completely smashed in. but I’m mad because my grandpa was sitting on the side of the car that was hit and could’ve gotten hurt had the guy been driving faster.

the police lady we talked to was so nice though. plus, we had 3 witnesses. we have the plate # of the car that hit us, and the police already know where the dude lives (and his name).

thank you God for keeping us safe.
but dudes, PSA… don’t hit and run. it’s not cool. it’s cowardly.
tis’ all.

Art Block: When you desperately want to draw but every time you try to make your hand work it works stupidly so you sit and stare at your incomplete art for a couple hours just like you have been for the past couple days while getting more and more discouraged and eventually decide to actually leave your house and walk to the dang grocery store to get milk (and a couple other groceries) in case you maybe want to have hot chocolate later rather than just staying home and trying to work through the block and then when you get home you sit down and start staring at your art all over again still having no clue how to make the art happen and wondering if you ever will again because dang it hand why can’t you just do what i want???


a good way to spend saturday night is instead of doing my finals which are due imminently and/or already late, drink vernor’s and evan williams while home alone and watching this

note especially: miranda lambert slowly nodding right after jennifer nettles sings “we must always know when to stay and when to go” at 25:50

Shout to my Tumblr bros who joined me for a Snapchat session of “how the hell do I apply makeup” a few days ago.

When in doubt: put on some glasses and turn the lights off–you’ll look mostly perfect then.


Getting my tablet back on Monday! So one last art dump. I don’t believe I’ve posted these before anyway, but if I have apologies for the re-post.

We got, of course, Luna booty. Duh.

A lot o’ Scootablob. Shout outs to ProfessorAnon. But for reals, go read his stuff if you haven’t:

Sweetie Belle and AJ for good measure. Why is there so many cart pones going around now?

And caloriescorner The script said “Whale cum” but censorship and all that. Was chatting on a stream and apparently some BG pony in the S5 opener kind of sort of, has a slight resemblance to him…maybe. So just a quickie dumb sketch. :p

Enjoy! If I’m lucky and my tablet comes in as expected on Monday, may do a quick Pre-Finals Week Stream! :D

I still fell so stupidly happy about my police school entrance exam.. :D

Even though it has only been two days since I was there, and I do not know whether I made it there out of the 550 applicants that went there this week.. Hell, I don’t know if I made it to the second phase of the entrance exams, after which they will still rank out over a half of those..

Anyway, my point is that I feel like I did well, I gave it all I got on that day, and I hope and pray it was enough to get me into that school, to study for my dream career.

I find it nice how my dad sent me a text when I was in math class. I never liked math and honestly, I’m not very good. I always make stupid mistakes on standardized testing and it’s just so frustrating. I hate how my dad is like a math genius and I’m just stupid. It’s dumb, but honestly, sometimes I would be so stressed over math that I would literally spill tears. Although my dad gets frustrated sometimes, he’s always there for me when I need help. I’m kind of hopeless, but thanks dad. Thanks for being there for me. 


Dear Rabbit: Chapter 9 Preview:

She sighed before talking. I’d never seen her have such difficulty getting her words out before. “Lydia had this really big fight with Jackson…and….and I…she almost kissed me…almost…” There was such as desperation focused on that last word. Almost. It was like she could almost feel it. Taste it. The type of desperation that makes your head fill with frustration and your lips purse in anger.

“She n-nearly kissed you? Like an actual snog type thing? Like lips to lips?” I hadn’t even thought…I mean I knew Dori liked Lydia. I knew Dori wanted Lydia something fierce, but I never thought that might be reciprocated. At least not yet. It was a big jump for someone like Lydia…Dori was well aware that she liked both Ladies and Gents, but Lydia? I mean she was still practically in love with Jackass. It just seemed so peculiar. I was dumbstruck. I probably looked pretty dumb as well staring at her like that with my mouth practically on the floor.

“Yeah, that’s kind of what I mean by kiss, Char” She rolled her eyes at me, she looked unsure underneath it all…about something. Like she doubted what it all meant. To me a near kiss or any sort of kiss was a pretty bloody good sign that someone liked you or was at least attracted to you right? I mean I didn’t have much…well any experience in the area, but it was common sense, right?


Let me know what you think about this chapter! :)

I miss singing. And I was thinking. Like, I’m not good at the selfie game, or at talking about my personal life or whatever, but I really miss singing. So I thought maybe as a Saturday night Thing maybe I could sing some songs? I mean, I’m not great at it, I just miss it a lot. So. Maybe this is dumb, I dunno, but, like, does anyone want a song? Like anything Broadway or like 90s or I don’t know like anything? 

I hate how society has to upgrade on every single fucking thing like how many movies do we have to make to prove to you the more power we give machines and the more technology evolves the more power it gives to control us? Like for real robots are gonna kill us and take over the world and everyone just so dumb like how can we make life easy for us like no fucking stop were gonna die pls

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i feel so dumb but I just got it ZODIAC KILLER OMG


i am amusing and have been since day 1


ive made up my mind. putting off coming out to my sister when she probably already knows is just dumb. i know she’ll accept me, so im going to do it tonight.

prob just gonna go for a midnight walk around the neighborhood (which is literally so safe omg its a rich area) and send her a text. does that sound too like. impersonal?

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For some reason I imagine that Gilbert is REALLY good at languages. He speaks German and English and loads of the Slavic and Nordic languages, maybe like 7/8 in total. So when people call him immature and dumb, he just calmly goes "I speak 8 languages step the fuck off"

And he says each word of that sentence in a different language

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NH and SS are fighting over which ship is better, that's all it really is. There's no innocent party on either side. A specific NH fan who I won't name, who even myself as a NH dislikes because she's so ridiculous, made some dumbass argument about Hinata winning in a fight against Sakura, which is incredibly untrue. After that, SS starting talking shit, and NH shot back. It's so dumb. I just want everyone to get along. The Naruto fandom in general is just effed up.

with all respect – please don’t send me asks about the NH and SS and their fights/arguments etc anymore, because it has nothing to do with me. I’m not a part of any of those fandoms, i have literally nothing to say or do that could possibly affect these fandom. On my blog i answer questions directed to me – i dont gossip or point out things about fandoms i’m not a part of.

So please, let’s just save the drama and get this straight. 

Thank you