i love how matt tells karen that he lost his sight “in a car accident” when he was 9 instead of the truth which is that he traded his sight for the life of a stranger when he was 9 years old, he traded the light of the world for some random old dude and yeah sure he can back-flip off a building and punch bad guys but he cant see the stars or the moon or the way someone’s eyes light up when he smiles at them and even tho he tells her he’d give anything to see the sky again we all know thats a lie bc theres a great deal he wouldn’t trade for his sight bc hes matt fucking murdock

and by “i love” i mean im dying inside

another dumb and totally irrelevant bangtan au

so i just reread the manga absolute boyfriend and i started thinking like absoluteboyfriend!au but not boyfriend like instead best friend where lit major yoongi receives bot!namjoon in the mail from a random internet giveaway and he doesn’t know what to do with him so he just leaves him at home when he has to go to school but one day he leaves his homework at home when he heads out with hobi and when he gets back bot!namjoon has finished all his homework for him so he starts asking his teachers for extra assignments that he can give to his “friend that’s visiting from back home who loves to study” and they just study side by side and bot!namjoon helps him out with tough problems bc he’s a genius and just human and bot studying together idek

  • ♈ Aries u make me feel protected bc u are stronger and more sophisticated than me but also very loyal and friendly thanks
  • ♉  Taurus best eyes and best hugs, very warm, a person that feels like a home
  • ♊ Gemini how does your mind come up with so many things and how does your mind save so much information you always have something cool 2 say
  • ♋ Cancer i can be a child when i am with u because you are like a mother but also dumb and funny and playful like a 7-year-old lets camp outside and laugh at silly jokes
  • ♌ Leo you are so artistic and theatrical its like im watching a film being with u you are so exciting and fun and glorious. A+ for entertainment
  • ♍ Virgo you have the best humor imo; so dry and cynical but not just dumb but actually very intelligent and witty. youre hilarious and i can count on you thanks man
  • ♎ Libra you bring peace and harmony wherever you go youre like a little cute flowerchild so lovely and charming youre just naturally irresistable
  • ♏ Scorpio i love how you question things and go deeper instead of staying at the surface. you are the realest, 100% authentic and dont take any shit youre awesome
  • ♐ Sagittarius u dont care and thats gr8 bc theres never any stress with you. youre just silly and adventurous and a good person thats all that matters to u and i love that
  • ♑ Capricorn its cute how youre so mature but behind locked doors can be so silly. youre like the best of both worlds with your reliability and good sense of humor.
  • ♒ Aquarius youre friendly and tolerant and such a people-person, its very refreshing to know someone like you who you immediately feel comfortable around bc you accept people!!
  • ♓ Pisces youre so sensitive and responsive, you get people without words and you can adapt to them so easily. youre the most empathetic of all! 

- astrologymarina

I am so freaking tired of how Euro-Centric these “introduction” classes are.  This Intro to Philosophy should be labeled intro to WESTERN philosophy becuase that’s all we’ve talked about.  We only looked at pricks like Aristotle, Descartes, and Augustine, who are put forth ideas that just pissed me off and kind of explained to me why our world is so messed up.

If you’re going to make an “Introduction” class, you need to touch on EVERYTHING, even just for a week.  We need to see Eastern philosophy, and Native American philosophy, and African philosophy, and Aboriginal philosophy.  Otherwise, it’s not an introductory class.

And don’t give me any shit about how “there isn’t enough time.”  Of course you’re not going to go into detail about anything, it’s an INTRODUCTION

You take each major region, whether that be Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, the Middle East, whatever, you summarize the major, most well-known philosophers and their basic tenets, you read just a few excerpts of the most well-known literature. Of course you won’t go in depth.  Of course you’re going to be overgeneralizing at times.  But that’s the point.  It’s an introduction.  You touch on the major, most well-known pieces and philosophers from each major region and then students can decided if they want to learn more.  Then they can choose to take Western Philosophy, or Eastern Philosophy, or whatever, and get the more full picture.

The same thing needs to happen with art classes, and history classes, and all classes that look at cultural and social trends in the world. Too many Intro classes are Euro-centric and then everything else is thrown into the othering “non-Western” umbrella as an elective shoved to the side.

tl;dr Western culture needs to stop being the default with everything else shoved into a “non-Western” elective.

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Who is it you want to interact with?


I’m just super intimidated though cause everyone is such good writers and it takes me like 4 hours to bang out a couple paragraphs I’’’: And they’re not even pretty or interesting. I’ve never had a good track record with threads, so I just end up drawing dumb stuff and doing short dialogue based things cause its easier for me sobs

But, not everyone is into that and I can totally understand ahaha. SOBS, I just do my own dumb thing))

people who won’t defend baltimore by saying MLK wouldn’t have want this are forgetting facts that american education has taken away from the system. do you not realize MLK was only ONE of the thousands of protesters? before him people still suffered, and tried to stop that suffering. they used violence. when anger and frustration are more present than usual your judgement becomes clouded, which often results to violence. right now we are in a stage of immaturity and frustration and pain and loss and confusion and we have to help. we need a new MLK. no, rioting and looting won’t help. but that’s what is bringing attention to this matter at the moment. until we have a strong leader, people will be immature about their losses. it’s human nature. please be sympathetic. last night my sister told my dad “this is so dumb !!!! if i was there, i would just hide in my room” and my dad said something very profound. he said, “but you are not angry”. if you do not understand their actions, you are not trying hard or educating yourself at all. violence is not helping, but it is churning this movement. there are better tactics yes but emotions are high and there is no true leader. until we can think this through, put yourself in their shoes and show a little compassion.

“20/Cancerian/Art, sex, and music are what I love
I’m demisexual and in a relationship. Please respect that.”

PLEASE respect that. like please don’t send me hate for not being able to bone someone w/o being into them in some way aside from physically. i swear to christ i could make a blog just copy & pasting peoples abouts & get so many followers just making fun of their dumb asses

r the reason my emoji posts rnt popular because the emoji don’t show up or they worsen the jokes idk so many dumb emoji posts are popular just because they have emoji and it’s like do they grapple with the concepts of taylor swift and entropy simultaneously?? no?? bye

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I am offended that u say brendon's mouth isnt as good as pete's have u SEEN that mans mouth??????

I meant no offense to you or Bden but allow me to make my case:

That’s just… like… not even fair.

His mouth is the size of Lake Michigan.  Like???  How???



Sweet Christ in heaven, look at that smILE I AM DYING TO DEATH oh my GOD PETE

Look at his smile, his massive mouth, his excessive shark teeth!  THIS IS THE FACE OF GOD AND I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT

You really need a gif or two to appreciate it, though, I mean… look at the way it spreads across his entire face.  His eyes get all squinchy and his little cheeks and oh my god he has so many teeth and I JUST CAN’T GET OVER HOW BIG HIS FLIPPIN MOUTH IS JESUS CHRIST

I am dead.  I am dying.  I am dying to death because he is so beautiful and his smile makes my heart want to throw itself into the sun.

This gif is saved to my computer as “sweet jesus” and that’s really all you need to know about it.



I literally can’t stand those “fans” who call top annoying or ridiculous just because he’s posting a lot of pictures on instagram. First of all, mind your own fucking buisness and don’t ever feel personally involved in anything what he does. It’s his life, he’s a free human being and can post whatever and how often he wants to. Second of all, if you really feel annoyed by what he’s posting just unfollow him. No one’s stopping you.

Personally, I find it so damn cute and touching how passionate top is with his new account and how artsy he is. It’s just damn cute and nothing else. He wants us fans to feel closer to him, to build up a connection to him and to make us feel happy. If you don’t appreciate what he’s actually doing here for us then fucking leave.