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Why don't you just get a friend to come over and play through the werewolf level for you, while you watch maybe?

That was the plan but here in Canada I only have responsible adult friends who are either working all the time or terrible at video games. It’ll have to wait until I come back in France, my best friend will do it for me.
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It’s not that she doesn’t like humans. It’s just that they are so dumb and pretentious. They think they are oh so smart and capable, but yet Meredith Grey has been watching her roommate/human Taylor Swift fail at life so miserably.

As in Meredith is the biggest Kaylor shipper and she is tired of their shit. So she takes the matter in her own… paws.


I realize McKayla Maroney making an appearance might seem odd or out of the blue but in my mind it’s not, she has been on my mind a bit recently for various reasons. She even came up recently in a conversation with my favorite Greek @wildflagsure. She fascinates me in a lot of ways because she is this strange lightning rod for opinions that bother me.  Well… kinda lightning rod, when people remember who she is.  You know, from the whole thing where people thought she was a bad sport at the Olympics (and I would say that her not smiling and being happy about losing is a trait we only find despicable in women, we want our male athletes to be competitive and angry when they fall on thier ass) to the thing I see now about her being lazy or… well, frivolous seems the best word to describe her overall.  Less kind is her seeming eagerness to wear things that accentuate her body.  Those also strike me as dumb because it’s just so hard for me to see someone who at 16 years old was literally one of the best in the world at what she did, and spent more time working out in a day than people reading this do in a week since she was a child as frivolous or lazy.  And as for the pictures thing… well look I think it’s cheesy when dudes pop their shirts off at the drop of a hat but they don’t seem to face a lot of comments about being attention whores.  Also, if 14 of the first 18 years of my life were dedicated to working out… I’d probably want someone to see all that work, too.  None of that is why she is here though, she’s here because I happen to think she’s pretty.  And ok, yeah, part of the attraction is people who are really good at something are hot and I like athletes.  But I find her quite attractive whatever the reason.  You can tell, cause I never like just posting pictures from instagram but here I am. So today I want to fuck McKayla Maroney.

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Only listened and watched 50 seconds of your video... Keep things interesting and you'll be fine. I had to stop at 50 seconds cause I love your accent, hearing you say first, gout (got), and channel was like the cutest thing ever. Lol totally normal to breathe differently when speaking like you were, it's natural and normal, not stupid or dumb

Hahaha! Thank you so much! I just can’t breathe when I get nervous 😂 idk why! But thank you for your feedback! Means a lot

also i had a miraculous ladybug dream last nigh! something was going down, and adrien reacted the way chat would (i.e. he jumped up and did some cool move thing?) and nino was just like, had these knowing eyes, and in my dream i started freaking out, and then (i think marinette saw too?) and then he transformed and he and marinette were driving like, a hover car or smth? and it was obvious that marinette saw and she knew, and chat’s talking about something and she quietly transforms into ladybug and then chat looks over and is just like “OH MY GOSH! LADYBUG! THEY STOLE MARINETTE, WE HAVE TO SAVE HER” and she just looks at him and takes off the mask part and she’s just like “no. chat no. it’s me. wtf ur so dumb”

and i would just like to take a moment and thank my subconscious for coming up with this.

Also probably one of my Absolute Favorite Brooklyn Nine Nine headcanons is the idea that Jake and Rosa met in the Academy because one day very early on Rosa is sitting in a class glaring (while secretly being rly nervous) and this Mess Of A Kid with beat-up sneakers and too-long curly hair suddenly and inexplicably drops into the seat beside and her starts talking at a mile a minute about like. The pigeons. Outside his building. and why it’s entirely their fault he’s almost late because the pigeons in New York have a vendetta against him, okay, its Organized Crime, probably, my names Jake what’s yours its okay if you don’t wanna tell me but I’ll just be sitting here, cool cool cool cool cool

and Rosa’s just

So surprised that this guy isn’t being Gross and Sexist OR Intimidated By Her (and also lowkey overwhelmed by the speed at which he’s talking)

So she introduces herself hesitatingly and he seems just so genuinely pleased to have met her and then suddenly one day two weeks later Rosa realizes she’s picked up a hyper-entergetic Jewish shadow

(and, one day, two months in, Rosa realizes that she’s made a friend)

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What's the age gap between Itachi and Shisui, in your opinion?