The Thunderbirds Are Go! (2015) Age Debate The Japanese website has revealed something new about the Tracy brother characters from the show, namely their apparent age. Here they are in order of birth...

Thought I’d link this post again for all those who weren’t around when the Japanese site revealed all the ages. (They’ve since, curiously, deleted them! But seems now the main TAG! site is deciding to share them. :/ )

This includes the tweets I made to Rob Hoegee, the head writer and show bible creator. (A show bible is basically what is written when pitching the show… everything about the show, world, characters etc. is written about in the bible. It’s like the official guide, but even better and detailed. lol)

More recently a friend of mine actually tweeted him asking about the order of the boys…

SO… pretty much, I suspect Rob thinks they’re BS. Marketing/ITV though wants “relatable” ages for the boys for the kid viewers. (In an AMA on Reddit, Rob mentioned this.) The “Target age” for TAG! is like… 6/7-11 I believe has been said? But the crew has said they’re not really trying to aim for that.. but more for family.

So best suggestion is yell at HQ Facebook/twitter for not keeping them secret and then stick to what you believe, whatever ages and order that may be. :) <3

idk about you guys, but i’m salty af that mike basically left josh down in the mines without thinking for a second to return and help (i’m talking about the ending where he’s dragged away by hannah instead of killed obvi). like, that’s your friend at the end of the day. I mean, you had the time to make a quick detour and see if there was anything you could’ve done but nah. sam didn’t seem to give a shit that he didn’t return to the lodge with mike, which was weirdly ooc imo. Not to mention your fucking shotgun was barricaded at the entrance of the fucking mines, mike. How else did you get out? It’s just dumb bc there were so many things they could have said or tried but nope. The police only probably checked the mines bc sam told them of the wendigos rather than josh. It’s like they didn’t care as much as they should’ve. Chris didn’t even comment in the interview. Only sam briefly touched upon their relationship which i was suprised that the writers cared to put that in and mike called him ‘fucking insane’. idk what’s worse, assuming your friend is dead or just not caring enough to do something about it.

I can never really express what I want to say in English, it’s never totally what I mean and that’s very annoying

Sometimes I also feel like I speak like a 5 years old in English and I feel really dumb..? But im not? Its just my second language? So?!

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headcanon that tim and curly share a room and tim is super organized and curly always keeps his side of the room so messy and it drives tim insane so curly just plays dumb and leads him on until tim freaks out and he's like "I'll just clean it myself!!" and while he's cleaning Angela's just standing in the doorway with the biggest smirk ever until he like throws a shirt at her or something :3

YES! Tim likes to be all organized and then curly is just a mess and knows he will do it for him if he puts it off long enough 


Every time Dipper reaches into his tiny vest to pull out a book that’s as large as his torso I have to wonder what else he manages to keep in those magical pockets of his

advice to lazy highschoolers taking AP classes

look man i’m the epitome of “high school kid in AP classes who just doesn’t apply themselves” and this is my guide to doing a shitty job at life and still passing with good grades. i’m taking 8 AP classes rn and i still am a shitty student here is how i function

-find the sleep schedule that is right for you. i sleep immediately when i get home every day, wake up at around 6, stay awake and play on the internet/socialize for a few hours, go back to sleep at like 10 until 12-1 am, do my homework no matter how long it takes, and then go back to sleep until 7 am ok i get how fucked up that sounds but it works for me so i use it. just find something oh my god
-don’t stay up until 4 every night. do not. no matter how fucked ur sleep schedule is please just do yourself a favor and stick with it
-if you have free time at school i wish i could tell you i do my work but i don’t i play on my phone or sleep ok if you have the motivation to do so then do ur work in your free time. if you are like me and you don’t then just become familiar with your boundaries and limits. if you can pull off a project the morning it’s due, hey, wait until the morning it’s due (i do it too man haha). nobody gives a fuck what you do. set aside the correct amount of time to do your stuff and just do it when you say you’re going to (i say, as i type out a guide nobody asked for instead of doing my trig homework)
-actually that find your limits thing is the most important advice. if you wanna get away with keeping your “doesn’t give a fuck about school but is still a genius” attitude you really have to get a grip on the concept of time. be realistic about your abilities and time yourself accordingly.
-so i am not actually that smart i just learned to figure things out on my own cuz i was always too shy to ask questions to my peers but man turn around and fuck a bitch up with your questions. you might feel embarrassed or scared. i nearly cried once in algebra 2 cuz i had nobody to ask how to factor trinomials. but people are willing to help you everybody in AP is screwed together ask your peers even if you’re not friends. you will be surprised to find that everybody struggles with similar things and you can really help each other out
-DO NOT CHEAT DO NOT CHEAT DO NOT CHEAT IT IS NOT WORTH IT i swear i see people cheat in the ap courses all the time and nothing pisses me off more. so you didn’t do your homework? cool. let the teacher figure that out when you turn in your paper with two problems done. accept the grade you earned. honestly don’t even retest when you fail things unless you really have to to bring your grade up (in which, plz drop AP if you’re failing, it hurts ur gpa more than it helps it) because you want your grade to portray your intellect and willingness to work as accurately as possible. ignore people who ask you to cheat. if they wanna do it idc if u give them your paper but don’t cheat off of other people.
-set ur mind to stuff and do it do it do it feel free to ask me questions i actually do retain a lot of info and can probably help you on anything that isn’t math but just stay super focused on whatever task you’re doing
-google is a lovely tool to explain things you don’t get and also not cheating. use it.
-just know your limits ok if u wanna wait until the weekend before school starts to do all of your summer assignments then like hey, go for it. but only if you have the ability to. that’s soooo so important ok.
-don’t take everything too seriously friends :-)