why’d i have to fall madly in love with a grown ass man who lives 40+ minutes away, has a 3 year old daughter, and a schedule that heavily conflicts with mine? why couldn’t it just be another fuckboy? why has it been almost a year since we met and i still can’t get him out of my head? why am i so dumb that i would uproot my life in about 0.5 and spend it with him the moment he should ask? why is that no one on this fucking earth compares to the way this man makes me feel? why can’t i just have emotionless sex and not turn it into some soul binding bullshit that i can’t seem to shake? why doesn’t anyone on tv just slide out of the jail/cage/metal bars? we all know you can fit stop acting like you’re trapped

My mom: *has never watched pll*

My mom: *comes and watches the last 3 minutes of tonight’s episode*

*A takes off his mask*

My mom: *flips out* OMG!! I want to know who it is wowowow!!!

Me: …I’ve literally been waiting years

SO with school coming up real quick I’m working on making a mega queue for all my blogs! Since I’m only updating them once a week, and I work really fast, it’s not so bad. For now, im gonna try to get it to last me a whole semester, but I just wanted to say this because it’ll be a long wait for your asks to get answered and I want to apologize :c when I get time I’ll keep adding onto the queue but I’m trying to prepare for minimal drawing next year and at the same time keeping my blogs consistent


So this guy on tinder posted a moment saying that girls never respond to messages or likes on a moment ‘no wonder you’re single’ (no reply doesn’t mean the person is single, maybe that’s why they’re not replying to you?!)

When he never replied to my last message (which was gross to begin with?!) and had liked several of my moments afterwards.





Okay, so someone just told me that Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have a twin? Then care to tell me how the fuck they filmed The Parent Trap? I know Doppelgangers are a thing, apparently this Nina Dobrev chick has a whole lot of them, but how is this even possible? 


Favorite 5sos Shirts: Luke’s Dark Blue Weezeer Cutoff

*credits to the owners of the photos*