snailryanross asked:

I am offended that u say brendon's mouth isnt as good as pete's have u SEEN that mans mouth??????

I meant no offense to you or Bden but allow me to make my case:

That’s just… like… not even fair.

His mouth is the size of Lake Michigan.  Like???  How???



Sweet Christ in heaven, look at that smILE I AM DYING TO DEATH oh my GOD PETE

Look at his smile, his massive mouth, his excessive shark teeth!  THIS IS THE FACE OF GOD AND I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT

You really need a gif or two to appreciate it, though, I mean… look at the way it spreads across his entire face.  His eyes get all squinchy and his little cheeks and oh my god he has so many teeth and I JUST CAN’T GET OVER HOW BIG HIS FLIPPIN MOUTH IS JESUS CHRIST

I am dead.  I am dying.  I am dying to death because he is so beautiful and his smile makes my heart want to throw itself into the sun.

This gif is saved to my computer as “sweet jesus” and that’s really all you need to know about it.



today as my mom was driving and pulling into my grandparents driveway, a guy t-boned our car and took off. there was 4 of us in the car. thankfully, it wasn’t tooooo hard of a hit to where the side door was completely smashed in. but I’m mad because my grandpa was sitting on the side of the car that was hit and could’ve gotten hurt had the guy been driving faster.

the police lady we talked to was so nice though. plus, we had 3 witnesses. we have the plate # of the car that hit us, and the police already know where the dude lives (and his name).

thank you God for keeping us safe.
but dudes, PSA… don’t hit and run. it’s not cool. it’s cowardly.
tis’ all.

men are so dumb sometimes you just want to laugh at them but you can’t because they’ll probably kill you or some shit


I’ve been messing around in MS Paint (yes) to calm my nerves lately so, uh… pixelstuffs. Yay?

I most definitely do not have a notable fixation with the fairly obscure backstory of a semi obscure game released 15 years ago that will never ever get a prequel.

I would also like to thank tumblr for resizing my images no matter what I do to their dimensions. It’s not like the blur ruins the stuff I made to look sharp or anything.


a good way to spend saturday night is instead of doing my finals which are due imminently and/or already late, drink vernor’s and evan williams while home alone and watching this

note especially: miranda lambert slowly nodding right after jennifer nettles sings “we must always know when to stay and when to go” at 25:50


Getting my tablet back on Monday! So one last art dump. I don’t believe I’ve posted these before anyway, but if I have apologies for the re-post.

We got, of course, Luna booty. Duh.

A lot o’ Scootablob. Shout outs to ProfessorAnon. But for reals, go read his stuff if you haven’t:

Sweetie Belle and AJ for good measure. Why is there so many cart pones going around now?

And caloriescorner The script said “Whale cum” but censorship and all that. Was chatting on a stream and apparently some BG pony in the S5 opener kind of sort of, has a slight resemblance to him…maybe. So just a quickie dumb sketch. :p

Enjoy! If I’m lucky and my tablet comes in as expected on Monday, may do a quick Pre-Finals Week Stream! :D

To the old man at work I don't have the guts to say this to

First off, I’m fucking tired of you walking passed me while I’m cleaning and saying “I see you’re practicing for your future husband.” No, asshole, you see me doing my job. I didn’t choose this job because I’m a woman. I chose it because my anxiety literally won’t let me do anything else in the store. You have the same fucking job as I do! Our job is just clean so you’re fucking dumb. This isn’t the old days. Times have change and they’re still changing.

Second, women aren’t there to just make you food, clean shit, and do your laundry. We work hard as fuck. Stop fucking laughing at me and saying it will be impossible for me to find a husband that split house chores with me. It’s also so god damn disrespectful to tell me he’ll divorce me if I make him clean the house. Shut your god damn mouth.

Third, just because I hug a guy doesn’t mean I want to with him in anyway. I see all those guys as brothers. We look out for each other and for you to imply there is anything more between any of us is fucking awkward. Also, all three of them are taken! EW! Who do you think I am?! I know all of their girlfriends/wife. You disgust me.

Lastly, stop referring to your wife as a witch. She fucking loves you but I can’t see why. Also, DON’T EVER CALL LILLIAN WORTHLESS AGAIN YOU FUCKING SHITBAG!


I find it nice how my dad sent me a text when I was in math class. I never liked math and honestly, I’m not very good. I always make stupid mistakes on standardized testing and it’s just so frustrating. I hate how my dad is like a math genius and I’m just stupid. It’s dumb, but honestly, sometimes I would be so stressed over math that I would literally spill tears. Although my dad gets frustrated sometimes, he’s always there for me when I need help. I’m kind of hopeless, but thanks dad. Thanks for being there for me. 

I miss singing. And I was thinking. Like, I’m not good at the selfie game, or at talking about my personal life or whatever, but I really miss singing. So I thought maybe as a Saturday night Thing maybe I could sing some songs? I mean, I’m not great at it, I just miss it a lot. So. Maybe this is dumb, I dunno, but, like, does anyone want a song? Like anything Broadway or like 90s or I don’t know like anything? 

that post gets to me so hard like “maybe salsa isn’t even real and they have no idea what im talking abt” is just. it sounds so dumb but fuck if i haven’t had that same thought about some of the stupidest shit at the weirdest times

I literally can’t stand those “fans” who call top annoying or ridiculous just because he’s posting a lot of pictures on instagram. First of all, mind your own fucking buisness and don’t ever feel personally involved in anything what he does. It’s his life, he’s a free human being and can post whatever and how often he wants to. Second of all, if you really feel annoyed by what he’s posting just unfollow him. No one’s stopping you.

Personally, I find it so damn cute and touching how passionate top is with his new account and how artsy he is. It’s just damn cute and nothing else. He wants us fans to feel closer to him, to build up a connection to him and to make us feel happy. If you don’t appreciate what he’s actually doing here for us then fucking leave.