i think i saw kyoani releasing individual cards of the swimming boys and if i’m not wrong, makoto and haru were in captain outfit?? 

and their outfit strangely looked like the outfit i drew for my captain!mako x mer!haru au???????

so have a scared yet turned on cap!mako who just got saved by a magnificent creature


apparently, INFINITE’s hearts are gold and their lungs are made of steel.



signs as things my dad said this week (pt 2)

Aquarius- “I asked your mom if she had more grey hairs than me and after her angry response, I’m going to have to go with "yes”’

Pisces- “it’s like we’re living in a third world country right now! what will go next?? democracy? Donald trumps horrible hair stylist? spotify premium??”

Aires- “only an ass pounding man would drive a car like that”

Taurus- “why do you run cross country? just set yourself on fire and feel the same way. it’ll save me money.”

Gemini- “hey kid, your brother is grounded for the rest of the summer. you now have full access to the liquor cabinet. you’re going to need it.”

Cancer- “I heard that dancing is the best way to embarrass a teenager so here we go *tries to twerk*”

Leo- “you made a tumblr post about me? finally something useful and meaningful on the Internet”

Virgo- “he should stop trying so hard. don’t ask don’t tell was repealed years ago. thanks obama!!”

Libra- to my dog: “get your face out of my butt you giant horse like thing!”

Scorpio- “only the good die young, you say? you must be immortal then, sweetie.”

Sagittarius- “hashtag I’m fucking better”



Tbh Sagittarius doesn’t get enough love on astrology boards :/ it’s always like we’re either promiscuous or scatterbrained or clumsy or goofy or the party animal. Come on. You can’t think that the grand Centaur - half beast half human - isn’t as majestic as some of the other signs out there.
Stop hating on us. We’re wild and insane and hyper intelligent and wise beyond what you can fathom.
And yes we can be the most loyal you got. But you gotta keep us hooked.

*vibrates intensely*

It’s happening!!! Twin World is being ported to the Vita!!!!!!

Time for some HD goodness of my babies! *runs around in circles and squeals* This will be Quinrose’s 2nd Vita port (Heart is getting one right now) but that’s such good news that they’re doing TW as the second because it means they care about it and it’s not just some ignored spin off! *squeals more*

Thank you to vocaotome for finding this teaser advert for me!!! And to randomly-spicy-diamond for alerting us both to this!!