8.24.16  ♡   4/100 days of productivity

Did more paintings for studio art. I still don’t know what to do for my portfolio and I’m kinda freaking out. Went to school today for another garden harvest but it was raining so we stopped earlier. I also stayed to help organize our library. Our school had been under construction for the whole summer and it looks so different now. I’m gonna get lost on the first day of school even though I’m a senior now. Also killed that huge macaron as soon as I finished taking this picture.

anonymous asked:

Do Reylos really think that Rey will fall in love with Kylo now that he has a huge ugly scar? I'm not trolling. It seems to me that they are setting up Poe as Rey's endgame because he's so handsome. Finn's cute but he's getting a girlfriend and Kylo's going to be a freak. I know that Rey and Poe never met and that Ep VIII spoilers don't point at more scenes, but they are likely saving it for after the trilogy coz he is getting a spin off. Disney loves Oscar more than other TFA actors save Daisy.

I can’t speak for “Reylos,” as we are not a monolithic group by any stretch of the imagination. Speaking for myself; I am a bit freakish-looking*, so I learned very early in my life that a person’s physical appearance does not have much to do with the quality of their spirit.

If Rey and Ben/Kylo’s relationship evolves over the course of the saga and they move from being enemies to lovers, I think the storytellers are clever enough that it will be because the two characters have found common ground, empathy, compassion (and passion) in each other. In that context, I can’t imagine Ben’s scars will matter.

In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren is a character with a beautiful face and and ugly, wounded heart. If he comes to love Rey and she loves him, that will represent an enormous emotional change on his part, and hers too.

It would be interesting if the creators decided to make Ben/Kylo actually look grotesquely scarred in episode VIII. Perhaps we’ll get another mask-removal reveal in the next film? A moment to look forward to.

Given that this is a hollywood-made fairy tale (set in a universe where magic bacta can heal just about anything) I rather expect that we will see him with a scar which is visible, but not overwhelming; Rey has marked him, but he’ll still be physically beautiful, like all of the characters in the story. (Except Snoke. His outside appearance matches his nasty interior).

*I have a congenital skin disorder. If I dress carefully, I can “pass” as normal. In the worst of summer heat, I sometimes have to forgo the layered clothing I wear like protective armor, and I could write an algorithm predicting how long it will take new acquaintances to ask ‘what happened’ to me. I stopped going swimming years ago because I don’t like frightening people and I don’t like being exposed to strangers’ stares. I am fortunate that I can pretty easily hide the aspects of my appearance which are divergent from mainstream expectations of normality, but being a freak gives me a lot of empathy for other freaks, and I know which team I am on when I have to pick a side.

Thanks for the question, anon.

I work for a dog grooming salon in Hollywood (we get tons of celebrities and its hard not to geek out). So you can imagine how many snooty entitled people come in. At our salon included with the haircut is two baths, two facials, nails getting clipped and files, ears getting cleaned, and anal glands being expressed. This entire process takes anywhere from 3-4 hours depending on the breed, size, and how matted it is. We tell all of our customers this when they schedule the appointment and when they come to drop their dog off.

We had this dude come in once to drop off this HUGE old Golden Retriever to get a bath and a haircut. Now this dog is pretty easy to bathe and cut but because he’s so old he just needs tons of breaks.

The groomer who was scheduled to do this dog was a little behind today, but not so much that they would go over the 4 hour mark. So he comes in at 11:00am to drop his dog off, we quote him 3-4 hours and he says okay and leaves. He walks in at 3:45 asking to pick up his dog, there wasn’t a repawt card (doggy report cards) so I went to the back to ask the groomer how much longer she thought it would take. She said it would take 10 more minutes, that her first dog was really difficult and set her back a bit. I walk back to the front of the store and tell him it would be about another 10 mins or so, and he just glares at me and his faces turned so red. “What do you mean 10 more minutes? He’s been here almost 4 hours!” I tried to explain to him that normally for a haircut it takes between 3-4 hours and he cut me off. “I’ve never had it take this long before!! All the other groomers I take him to get him done quick!” I tried to explain that each salon works different. “I am pissed right now. I am P I S S E D. That is my boy back there and I’ve had him for 13 years. That is my boy back there. That is my boy”

I tried to hold back laughing. Number one, why did he spell it out?? Number two it was literally just going to take another 10 minutes dude. So he walks out of the salon and then as soon as he comes back I get the groomer (who is also the grooming manager) to bring out this guys dog and she says “I’m sorry it took so long, my other dogs were really difficult and I didn’t even have a chance to take my lunch yet or sit down, he was really matted too so I had to shave a couple spots” he was not having it “I tip 30% and this is the type of service I get? I’ve been coming here for years and I’ve never had such horrible service. I am never coming back again” I checked him out and he still kept talking about how 30% doesn’t get you any customer service. I asked him if he needed a receipt, he said yes and stared at me with his beady little crow eyes and I had the biggest smile on my face trying not to laugh at him.

It turns out this isn’t the only time he said he would never come back. Apparently when we updated our waivers, he didn’t like that and crumbled it up and threw it in the old managers face, then he took a new one and came back with almost half of the waiver crossed out. Dude is insane.

I have tons of more stories if you guys want more!

Okay so here's the thing

Do you remember back in the hiatus between season 9 and 10, when everybody had all these Demon!dean headcanons? And they were all like really cute and funny and awesome and demon!dean was just seen as an advantage?

And now we all look back on that and see that we were huge. Bloody. Fools.

But now, I’m feeling the de ja vu. Right now, there are so many happy Dean and Mary reunion headcanons, and Sam and Mary reunion headcanons, and cas and Mary meeting headcanons, and everybody’s acting like its gonna be all fun and games.

Here’s a wake up call - it probably won’t.

Like, the chances are that Mary’s gonna die pretty quickly - or Dean or Sam or cas or anyone really. Or Mary’s not actually Mary. Or something else awful happens - I don’t know. I’m just saying - brace yourself. I kinda doubt that all these awesome headcanons (as heartwarming and well-written as they are) are gonna happen.

another reason i dislike torb so much is just bc i was jokingly hating on him so much one day with the guys i play ow with and it became just a huge thing bc they were like “he isn’t bad” and now i refuse to back down. i cant break or else they win.


Moment of ABSOLUTE Truth

I feel overwhelmed right now. I hit 2,500 followers overnight. 

(Was NOT expecting that) and now I feel this huge pressure to celebrate. I realize that pressure is LARGELY self-imposed, but I LOVE you guys and celebrating with you is one of the ways I want to show you that.

 I already put off celebrating at 2,00 because I was still trying to finish the 1,500 followers celebration ships which I STILL haven’t finished because I hit a COMPLETE writer’s block on them. I set the standard on those rather high, and it became hard to rise to after I had done 25-30 ships.  

All that to say, I PROMISE I’m going to celebrate my follower milestone. I’m hoping that Friday or Saturday I will be able to give those details, but I will have to limit how many celebration requests I take for sanity’s sake. Please forgive me and understand!

just smoked a huge bowl now its time to get gas get my glasses adjusted get more canvases and paintbrushes AND notebooks and shit

this september will be the first september in almost 20 years that I’m not going back to school and, honestly, I’m terrified. School and education have been such a huge part of my identity for years now and I don’t know what to do with myself???

I was in the store the other day and had this sudden urge to buy notebooks because, hey, it’s August, school’s starting soon and– oh wait.

I know come mid-term season that I’ll be glad that I’m not writing exams but, I dunno, there’s something incredibly comforting to me about fall and walking to school with all the leaves on the ground and studying with a warm drink. Maybe it’s because that’s all I’ve ever known fall to be.