Premium Scouting/Audition/Gacha Percentages in Idol Games

This post is about percentages for that thing you do in your idol game.

First of all, please note that this is for my personal use (though if you wanted to refer to this post or use infos from this post without crediting me, go ahead), so I will only add information about any certain game if I wanted to, not from request. (Unless you already knew the percentages, then I don’t mind adding it in).

If I made any mistake, feel free to message me about it. For now, I won’t write how many currencies it takes to do a roll or 10 (yes, I’m calling it so for simplicity sake).

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E-Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament:

Millions of dogs and cats are inhumanely raised and confined, and brutally slaughtered for consumption and the harvest of the fur; and

The United States, England, Australia and the European Union have taken steps to prohibit the importation and/or sale of these pelts.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, request (or call upon) the Government of Canada to:

1. Recognize the cruelty and inhumane nature of the raising, confinement, and slaughter of dogs and cats;

2. Recognize the special relationships Canadians hold with dogs and cats in their homes and workplaces; and

3. Ban the importation of any dog and cat pelts or furs, and prohibit the sale of said products in Canada.


PriPara 2/14 Arcade Update!

As we’re racing towards the end of the second season the arcade is getting a super early update yet again.

The arcade game Spring Dream Idol Grandprix starts February 14th! (It is very not spring yet, but if they’re going to do a final Dream Parade event they have no choice but to do the Spring Grandprix now… somebody didn’t plan too well at the beginning? Haha.)

The Spring Grandprix song is called “Around the Pripaland” and it has a world travel theme to it. As to what type of song it will be I haven’t the slightest clue. (…This is going to result in another sudden request for specific friend tickets for my team probably watch for it hahaha…) The picture features both Laala and Hibiki…

FINAL AIRY AND PLATINUM AIRY! Yes you can now do a powered-up rainbow Cyalume Airy past the gold airy called Final Airy! Also the Platinum Airy is a special one just for Hibiki. The point total (5000 iine!) for both is the same. (Oh my… I cannot wait until they explain this in the anime…) From the looks of it, there is only one Final/Platinum wing on the wheel so this will be super hard to activate… (something tells me this is about to become the bane of my existence…) 

The Dream Theater will update to the February stamp card on the 14th as well.

And GALULU was announced before but yep she’s still debuting on the arcade game Valentines Day. She’s bringing her character event and a new making drama which only activates if you’re playing as Galulu with a Marionette Mu top! AND HER SONG! We are actually getting Galulu 0-week-old on the arcade haha I don’t believe it. (I was kind of hoping for a brand new song though… something more suited to her voice… oh well.)

And finally, Galulu’s stuff and yet more Valentines stuff will be added to the coords for February.


Erica’s Spoon Fund - help a mixed disabled trans woman get access to mental health services!


I know there are a lot of fundraisers out there right now, but this one is particularly special. It’s for a dear friend of mine in our queer community who has helped a signifcant number of trans women stay alive against all odds. She needs our help now, and it’s our turn to step up like she has done for us so many times before.

My friend Erica, a queer / disabled / mixed / trans woman / social justice blogger, is in serious need of seeing a professional and seasoned mental health specialist on a regular basis. She’s been doing what she can on her own for years now, but living with PTSD and ED on top of being queer, disabled and trans is beginning to take a major toll. She currently has access to health insurance through her temp job (which ends later this year), but like many others, the coverage doesn’t actually cover the services that she needs.

I am trying to raise approximately $1425 for Erica so that she can see a therapist at a sliding scale rate of $60 a week for 22 weeks (approximately 6 months) and pay for the fees from using GoFundMe.  Erica and I both believe that this will get her started on a road to healing so that she can continue to do the work she is doing now: speaking out loudly for trans women of color and holding space for the rest of us on the transfeminine scale who have been deeply cared for time and time again.

As for rewards, we don’t exactly have anything specific. However, anyone who donates over $100 will be gifted with a custom 8x10 luster print portrait in my sweet, tender art style. It’s my small way of saying thank you for supporting this person in my life that I love so very much.

Thank you for reading. Please share if you are willing and donate if you can. Support this amazing trans woman and let’s do this for Erica -

487 days on T

I need a new binder as soon as possible — my current one is starting to get tight and it’s leaving marks on my shoulders every time I take it off. Working out has been paying off so much so that my shoulders are starting to get uncomfortable. Now to decide between Underworks and GC2B…

As a result of my WordPress opinion blog, I’m starting to get thrown into some sort of visibility within the community. Which I guess is inevitable since it’s a small world but it brought so many friend requests that I’m wondering where they’re coming from and how they are finding me. I don’t really call myself anything in the community other than just your ordinary transguy and I’m no one special.

I welcome people to add me I suppose but along with fans has brought chasers. Someone recently added me on Facebook who automatically messaged me and started asking questions as if it were some kind of interview. I was, at first, chalking it up to a transguy being curious…until he said he is an ally to transmen and tomboys. He keeps asking me questions and I answer most of them politely wondering where the conversation was going. I started to get suspicious of him, thinking he might not be a fellow brother of the community one of those trans chasers I’ve heard so much about. This was confirmed for sure when he suddenly asks me to be his boyfriend, saying he specifically wants to date a transman, after saying I’m bisexual. I just met him and he goes off and tries to ask me out. What in the world?

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Could I do a request of Touka and Ayato doing something special with their S/O on Valentine's day?~ thank you < 3

(How is Valentine’s Day less than a month away? Isn’t it still Christmas? Isn’t it still Halloween?!)


Touka would be to shy to do anything really extravagant for her s/o on Valentine’s Day. The most she’d do is get them a box of chocolates, and maybe a balloon if she was feeling especially daring.

“Touka-chan!” Touka heard her s/o call from their bedroom. Touka groaned. “What is it now?”

“Can you come over here for a second? I need help with something!”

Touka reluctantly made her way to her s/o’s bedroom. “Alright, what is i-” “Surprise!” She looked around the bedroom, seeing it completely decorated with red and pink streamers and balloons.

She was speechless. “D-Did you- I-I mean- How d-did-” Her s/o laughed. “I got you something else, too!” They showed her the small teddy bear they were holding behind their back the whole time.

“See? It says, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Touka, 2016!” Do you like it?“ Touka looked away in embarrassment.

"Y-Yeah, it’s okay…”


Ayato didn’t really put too much thought into his presents for Valentine’s Day. He would usually just give his s/o a nice box of chocolates, a card, and some balloons. It was what everyone else did on Valentine’s Day, right?

Ayato came home after a long day at Aogiri. He didn’t bother greeting his s/o, though he did think it was strange they weren’t in their usual spot on the couch when he came home. Maybe they were just resting? He didn’t know, and he was too tired to care.

He walked back to his room, but he had no clue that it would be as decorated as it was. In fact, he didn’t think it would be decorated at all.

He didn’t really want decorations. That’s what he always said, anyway. But he had a warm feeling in his chest when he saw all the heart-shaped decorations, balloons, streamers, and even some confetti.

He saw a note on his nightstand. It read:
“Hey Ayato! I’m probably in my room right now because it was really tiring to decorate everything. But I hope you like it! P.S. I almost got you chocolates because I forgot you where a ghoul. But I didn’t! So you don’t have to worry about that! Bye!”

They’re too nice, he thought to himself.

((now, you see, I feel like drawing Pokémons a lot lately.

I’m opening myself to requests for a bit, if you want your muse from the Poketale AU, like this and/or hit me up in the askbox with what Poke your muse should be. Or if you want them as trainers with Pokémon partners, works aswell. I’ll try for them not to be just a shitty sketch.

open to all, as long as you have a visible reference on your blog. capping at 5, maybe 10, but not more - unless you have a special place in my heart.))


gUYS i’m finally done with all the ship requests i’ve been procrastinating on, i apologize and thank those who have waited patiently :)

can you guys request some one-shots, imagines, and reactions? I know my url says exo-bts-ships, but i also do the latter!

i’m not that much of a good or experienced writer, but I promise I’ll do my best! 

thank you all or your support, love you all!

and btw i realized i forgot to make myself a name? so from now on i shall be admin oreo bc that’s what a certain special someone used to call me :)

                                                                        -admin oreo :) 

Special February Event

Oh my gosh, where has the time gone??? January felt like it lasted five days jfc. But anyway, Big Sister Historia is here to make a very special announcement!

A few days from now is Valentine’s Day, so we’re going to be giving out Valentine’s! 

Just send us your name/url/whatever you want us to call you and your fave character and you’ll get a specialized, funny Valentine from us! 

Also in other news I’ve had enough of a break from smut that I’m able to write it again, so hopefully the requests will be done before the month’s out


         you know, me and grillby go way back. and
        i mean WAY way back. back during war times.
        we were an invincible duo. no human stood
        in our way. no human could tear us down, e-
        specially when my dad was still around. well,
        that was up until i was caught &. cornered by
        a group of them. grillby was the first person i
        thought of and i called his name for help.

                HE SAVED MY LIFE.

        we’ve kinda been best friends ever since.
        he gained the form he has now after we lost
        the war… but he’s still my best friend. raging
        inferno of pure anger &. wrath or extra hot
        bartender, he’s kinda my everything.

@ofgrillbys requested a moodboard.

Winnipeg's 311 introduces new menu options for callers

The next time Winnipeggers need to call 311 to report a dog on the loose or brown water, they’ll hear a new selection of menu options.

The City of Winnipeg has changed the way it delivers 311 telephone service. Instead of reaching a generic 311 operator, the City now offers five menu options to streamline callers. 

New menu options at 311:

- Water or sewer inquiries. 

- Assessment and tax questions.

- Animal services requests.

- TeleBUS schedule information.

- All other city services.

“We wanted to improve [and] provide better service to our residents,” said Rica Mangahas, manager of Winnipeg's 311 call centre.

By choosing from different menu options, residents will be connected to call-takers who have specialized knowledge related to their inquiries, she said.

“We are hoping these changes will decrease our wait times and provide more accurate and efficient information to the public,” said Mangahas.

One of the new 311 menu options is simply a direct connection to the city’s automated transit information line, TeleBUS.

Last year the city spent $1.4 million on calls to 311 about bus schedules. While available online and through the TeleBUS service, calls related to bus times are still the most frequent type of calls to 311.

311 wait times have increased substantially in recent years. In 2010, the average time it took 311 operators to answer calls was one minute, 21 seconds; in 2015, that wait time grew to two minutes, 56 seconds.
State spent more than $62,000 on voting oath Republicans now want scrapped #election2016 #vapol

The Virginia Department of Elections spent more than $62,000 to print and mail the controversial loyalty oath requested by the Republican Party of Virginia, according to a state official.

At nearly $53,000, the largest expense was printing the nearly 3 million forms containing the so-called statement of affiliation, which could be shelved for the March 1 primary after a Republican party committee voted over the weekend to ask the state not to implement the oath. The State Board of Elections has called a special meeting for Thursday morning to discuss the Republicans’ request to stop the oath.

Martin Mash, a policy adviser for the elections agency, provided a list of costs Tuesday. In an email, Mash gave a direct cost estimate of $62,398, but said there may be other costs not factored in to that amount. The spending covers printing and mailing, but not staff time or legal work.

The Democratic Party of Virginia has blasted Republicans over the pledge reversal and the involvement of public funds.

Click on the headline to read the full story.
~ Richmond Times-Dispatch

UN envoy: N. Korea leader responsible for rights abuses

TOKYO - Harsh human rights conditions in North Korea have barely changed and its leader, Kim Jong Un, should be held criminally responsible, the top U.N. envoy on North Korea said Friday.

Marzuki Darusman said in Tokyo that his repeated requests to visit North Korea during six years as the U.N. special rapporteur have never been accepted.

He said global efforts to improve human rights in North Korea, officially called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, must continue.

“In addition to continuing political pressure to exhort the DPRK to improve human rights, it is also now imperative to pursue criminal responsibility of the DPRK leadership,” he said.

He said various institutions, civil groups and governments, as well as the U.N. are collecting information “to identify the perpetrators, and to trace all these actions (of abuse) to the highest leadership in the country.” Judicial proceedings have not started, and he declined to identify the perpetrators.

“There is a need to build up a strong case so that accountability is not compromised,” he said. “When the moment comes, the judicial processes are made possible.”

Darusman was in Japan to assess North Korean human rights developments. He talked with Japanese police and legal experts, as well as relatives of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea decades ago. His visit follows a North Korean nuclear test earlier this month.

In 2014, a U.N. commission of inquiry on North Korean human rights issued a report detailing starvation, torture, arbitrary arrests, imprisonment and executions. Darusman said little has changed since then.

North Korean Ambassador-at-large Ri Hung Sik said in November that he had met Darusman once, but “we don’t see any benefits” in talking to him again because “he has been talking of regime change whenever he’s abroad.”

Restaurant Handler Australia Professional Immigration Services

How would they way if you came to publicity that Australian government is calling qualified hospitality professional specializing until immigrate to Australia as Cafe or Restaurant Tycoon?The Aussie government hasissued a direct invitation to the trained and master house ended its skills transmission notification.

Prairie Tipsy is a terrible ranch now qualified migrants. Bodies from everything that is over the world, line up every year unto squeeze their requests in preference to shifting to this sanctified destination. There are several well-resolved reasons so that this. The economy of this country is an expanding phenomenon and all the sectors of this country are witnessing an unprecedented expansion. Bar, being in places populated, the Australian local fawn wherewithal faces a chronicle shortage speaking of qualified people. The wisdom of scarcity penetrates deep at various levels.

With pending shortage of people the authorities of Down Under tell curt option, excepting to resort to inviting provisional people from other locations and countries. They throw a fight set a multi faceted Australia Skilled Immigration scheme en route to invite migration enthusiasts to required qualifications. Considering the people seeking permanent residency right separated, the patronage has established PR visa classifications under the federal, awkward and employment based protection categories and for the immigrants seeking entry whereat the toiler basis, authorities tamper with established classes under provincial and employment based categories.

The typical list of duties and responsibilities of trade code 141111 - Cafe or Restaurant Manager includes

• Arranging and organizing menus in coordination with the Chefs
• Preparing plans and arranging special occasions and celebrations
• Organizing, procuring and establishing prices on commodities as per budgets
• Keeping accounts of stock levels and financial transactions
• Making sure that dining arrangements adhere for the stipulations as regards health laws and are maintained with cleanliness, and in regard to copy appearance
• Deliberating with clients to analyze their satisfaction with food and services
• Short listing, offering makeready and observance waiting and kitchen personnel
• Accept reservation, meet and welcome clients and help way out endemic orders, etc.

To qualify for this backscratching code, you in must have accomplished a minimum in re graduation\ AQF stage\ or a trade voucher in your field pertinent to specialization. Self also needfulness until have a complimenting trade exposure in respect to at least 3 years, although, in some cases an exposure of a molecule of 3 years can be used as a suitable substitute for the mandarin accomplishments. In certain instances, a connect training stage party in employment may be calculated compulsory nearby the authorities.

Self potty approach an fan and avail Cafe or Dining saloon Manager Australia Skilled Immigration Services in that following visa classes, i.e.

• Subsection 189 - agent independent permanent onomatology. This class is defined under the federal joker. Being a permanent beneficialness permit, it enables the people en route to reside and fortification in the country for an indefinite period re time. You also enjoy an wavy freedom of choosing any territory of the lowland for residence barring day number one of entering
• Subsection 190 - provincial nomination permanent class. This class is meant toward serve the provincial skills requirements. To win over entry into the rural wherewith the bed of this trickery, ethical self need over against gain a nomination endorsement from a determined Aussie state.
• Subsections 186 and 187 - employment based visa changeless. These classes diddle been established to serve the employers of the country. The bonafide employers can sponsor the immigrants from permanent visa.
• Subsection 489 - provincial posting permit. This is temporary class certification and it enables the immigrants to reside and work entryway the country for a dactyl of 4 years. On fulfilling the preconditions, i keister place your request in contemplation of plodding residence.

Hurry sufflate and creation preparing for Aussie migration by compiling all papers.

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!
How would your loved ones feel about a brighter, whiter smile? Try giving the gift of a sparkling white smile!

This year, Sunset Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is offering a great Teeth Whitening promotion for Valentine’s Day!

Act now!

This offer starts February 1st and runs through February 28th. Teeth whitening typically costs $450. However, for the sake of love and Valentine’s Day, this whitening special is available for ONLY $250!

Ask one of our team members for more details or give our office a call today to request a special Teeth Whitening appointment.

(Space is limited. Don’t miss out on this great deal!)

Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Sunset Family and Cosmetic Dentistry!

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Alyssa Reid Displays Her Vocals In ‘Phoenix’

External image

Alyssa Reid is a pop and R&B singer. She has beautifully stepped up with her single ‘Phoenix’. The single has displayed her heart felt lyrics with some smooth pipelines. She definitely has a voice that   will go far.

Check the track below:

Here’s another track for you to hear her sound.

This is all for her fans. A message that she has shared on her Instagram:

Cool giveaways and special BTS coming up! Like this photo and tag a friend to receive a code for one month free!

A photo posted by Alyssa Reid (@alyssareid) on Jan 19, 2016 at 12:57pm PST

At radio now! Call your requests in! Tag your favorite radio station below!

A photo posted by Alyssa Reid (@alyssareid) on Jan 14, 2016 at 10:43am PST


A photo posted by Alyssa Reid (@alyssareid) on Jul 9, 2015 at 9:30pm PDT

She has a crisp voice that is soothing to your ears. A new upcoming artist whose music is being heard and liked by her fans. Not only this, but also the effort that she displays in each of her singles shows her passion for music.

Featured Image: All rights reserved by Alyssa Reid 

Image Dental Is Now Allowing New and Returning Clients To Book Their Appointments Online

Image Dental has created a new feature on their website that enables individuals to book their dental appointments online, making it easier, quicker and more convenient than ever to book with our dentist.

As dentistry advances, the standards for smiles have also increased, and now nothing short of perfection will do. As such, Image Dental specializes in ensuring individuals can get the best smile possible with conservative, effective, & quality service with the very latest in dental technology. As part of that commitment, they have made it easier than ever to make appointments thanks to their new online booking service. Clients can now access the “Request An Appointment” feature for the dental practice via the website. The front office will then reply to the patient via email and/or phone call to verify and confirm an agreed appointment time and date.

Individuals can enter all the information they need, including their pain, problem or requested service. By doing this, Image Dental has made it more convenient than ever to request and book an appointment to see the dentist.

Image Dental covers everything from teeth whitening to periodontal disease treatment and oral surgery. A spokesperson for explained, “Image Dental is pleased to be able to put our website to even greater use. It is already fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices as well as tablets and larger format screens, enabling people to request their appointments on the go. The site also has a full accounting of both our services and our team, and individuals can call us from the information on the site to get an initial consultation or book an appointment that way if they prefer. We hope the change will bring even more new clients in 2016.”

About Image Dental

Image Dental provides lifelong dentistry care in a family-friendly environment that patients will come to call home. They provide a wide variety of dental services coupled with state of the art equipment to meet every individual need. Their dedicated, highly trained and experienced staff lead the field in general, pediatric and cosmetic dentistry; offering the best results possible for their patients.

Image Dental
3453 Brookside Road, Suite A
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 955-1500

For more information about us, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Stephen Nozaki, DDS
Organization: Image Dental
Phone: (209) 955-1500


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From Gastroposter Salena Walker, via Instagram:

How this for layers of deliciousness all 10 layers to make up what us Aussies would call the Ultimate Aussie burger 1.Lettuce, 2.Beef burger pattie, 3.Fried onions, 4.Beets, 5.Cheese, 6.Pineapple, 7.Bacon, 8.Tomato, 9.Fried egg, 10. Bun Out celebrating Australia Day & I must say a huge thumbs up to The Works for customizing their Downunder Burger for me and all I had to do was add bacon, tomato & lettuce to replicate the Ultimate Aussie Burger. Now I’m not a fan of the sunny side up which is how they would normally serve it. So mine was a special request of cooked hard. Washed it all down with a Canadian beer called cracked Canoe, nice beer Loved it thanks The Works Milton for my Downunder Burger experience in Canada on Australia Day. Honestly Milton’s best burgers.

Rudd, Gillard battle for Labor leadership

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard will battle it out for the Labor leadership on Wednesday night, and both agree the loser should quit parliament.

Prime Minister Gillard has called a caucus spill for 7pm (AEST), heading off the circulation of a petition by Rudd supporters calling for a special caucus meeting on the leadership.

“I will be a candidate,” Mr Rudd told reporters in Canberra.

“Many, many MPs have requested me for a long, long time to contest the leadership of the party because the parlous circumstances we now face.”

Mr Rudd had until Wednesday said there were no circumstances under which he would return to the leadership, after a botched coup in March and after losing a ballot to Ms Gillard in February 2012.

He now believes the leadership must be resolved “for the nation’s sake”.

“I will leave it to you, the Australian people, to judge … (if) I have made the right call,” the former prime minister said.

He said tens of thousands of voters had been asking him to do it for a long time.

“It is your voices, the voices of the Australian people, it is those voices that have had a huge effect on me, more so than most of the voices I happen to hear around the corridors of this building,” the former prime minister said.

Ms Gillard said the leadership must be resolved and it was not right to have a “person floating around as the potential alternative prime minister”.

She added politics was about “purpose, not about personality”, and listed her government’s achievements in boosting schools funding and putting a price on carbon.

Ms Gillard said the loser of the caucus ballot to be held in Parliament House in Canberra should quit federal politics - and Mr Rudd later agreed.

“This is it,” Ms Gillard said.

Her decision to call a snap spill followed a meeting in her office with loyalist ministers Wayne Swan, Warren Snowdon, Jenny Macklin, Brendan O'Connor and Stephen Smith.

Labor powerbroker Bill Shorten says he has not switched support to Mr Rudd.

A spokesman for the minister told AAP on Wednesday: “The minister’s position has not changed.”

Mr Shorten was crucial to Ms Gillard gaining the leadership from then prime minister Mr Rudd in June 2010.

A Rudd supporter said Mr Rudd had 55-60 votes in the 102-member Labor caucus and the numbers were “growing”.

CALL IN/REQUEST: 678-408-0349