so i have this concept that i literally cannot get out of my head, i have it like haunting me.

but lets say the GO horrendous clusterfuck does not happen, and instead Dirk manages to arrive in time to help, perhaps activating some God Mode heart powers and embodying Brain Ghost Dirk and combining them both together

(which i lowkey expected to happen for a long time, alas)

I have this intense image of Jake mode locked in his hope bomb, unable to turn it off. and even as everyone handles the various messes going on, he’s still up there lighting up the sky. everybody’s like “WHAT DO??? how do we make the handsome dude with the antiquated dialect stop doing that??”

dirk is like “i, uh, got this. maybe.”

and dirk flies up to jake in the Hope Bomb and tries to talk him down, but jake’s upset and hysterical in the classical sense, can’t make it turn back off after aranea flipped it on

and dirk’s like “just trust me,” and leans in and kisses jake, holding his face still and opening his mouth to breathe him in. and everyone watching is like “UH. /eyebrows” half because wow okay the dude in the puffy shorts macks on dudes, and half because dude is this really the time????

but after a long moment, dirk leans back, tips his head up, and exhales this mist of pink-yellow smoke into the air. and the hope bomb diminishes a little bit. not enough though, so dirk leans back in, kisses jake again. 

jake’s eyes shut as dirk takes more of it from him, takes all that burning intense blinding power, and breathes it out, translates it to shimmering rose gold that dissipates harmlessly.

he draws it all out of jake until the last of it is a faint glow around the corners of jake’s eyes. he slumps, tired, and dirk catches him, holds him as they sink back to the ground, jake’s head cradles in the crook of dirk’s arm.

after, dirk’s like “Hey. Sup.” to everyone, looking sheepish with Sir God Mode deactivated and pretty much sleeping in his arms.


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Prompt:  “The fact that the ocean exists is proof that God is a sadist.”

A/N: Fun fact, I actually have both these phobias and have almost drowned on more than one occasion. Also this is my first Star Trek story and feed back would be much appreciated. 

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so, is this scene before or after alec takes off his jacket? like they go out on the balcony, with some good ass wine, they get to talking being cute af and then alec caresses magnus’ cheek, they both go in for a soft wine drunk kiss and things get a little more intense so one of them sets their drinks on the table and get right back into it like!! oh my god!

and then they go inside and alec gives magnus his valentines gift and magnus is so shocked, so touched that alec would get him something when they’ve only just gone on their first date !! mags gives him a little kiss of appreciation ;) and things get more and more heated and just imagine! magnus takes alec’s jacket off and they share more soft, tender kisses and we all die of a mutual heart attack

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I'm 90% sure have avpd&quiet bpd&I just ?? Idk I feel like I'm lying to myself like I feel like I only have avpd&think I relate to bpd? I've never been in a relationship&I fucking crave them but I'm terrified of losing them eventually so idk plus no one likes me. So what's it like to have both? I feel my avpd dominates my bpd need to act out&act on impulses&I feel like that invalidates my bpd & fuck I'm just terrified. If I don't have both I DEF have PDNOS, but just what's it like to have both?

god, pal i feel like i sent it to myself honestly….. i only don’t feel like i’m faking when i’m actively experiencing really intense symptoms like… i was splitting badly for over three days on a close friend and i knew i wasn’t faking it then, but like… it’s fading now so i’m not sure anymore, i only feel ~valid~ when i feel like pure garbage having a breakdown/violent mood drop/splitting, the moment i feel less shitty i panic and it often leads to a identity crisis and it’s hell….. all i can say is that you’re definitely not alone in that feeling and i know that most borderlines or just in general a lot of people with pds and mental illnesses doubt themselves all the time, but internalising your feelings instead of acting out, because of avpd doesn’t make the feelings any less real yknow? like i always want to lash out at people i’m splitting on, but my avpd usually stops me from doing that

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Bestfriend!litt having a moment together in the pool and you're both intensely staring at each other with wet hair and glowing skin & pretty eyes and Luke would be staring at your lips and lick his own til he feels water splash on his face and hears your giggles as you try your best to swim as fast you can from him as he yells 'YOU LITTLE SHIT IM GONNA FUCKING GET YOU KNAW' and it's so playful and pure

kdsnkbn oh my god, this is so sweet and beautiful, I wANT!!!!! also me @me tf you ruining the moment for you dumb bitch let him kiss you????????

Alright Fam

I was asked to write my thoughts on another SE make out scene without any background music which is 4x02 and the lovely @itsthebestchoiceiveevermade (who I unfortunately can’t tag) and @thats0klaroline were both gracious enough to provide me with the link since I didn’t receive it from the anon originally. So I decided to just talk about all of the vids in one post.

Watching the 4x02 makeout scene without any background music had me like:

I admittedly wasn’t like OH MY FUCKING GOD about it because when you watch the original 4x02 scene you hear everything even with the music so I’m already OMG about the scene? But watching it without the music just amplifies the intensity of the scene. What I do realize about this makeout is that Nina is doing most of the moaning while Paul is the one reacting to her and not the other way around, which is kind of how it usually is so I’m like … Paul was doing something different today, huh? Which makes sense because the scene is about pleasuring Elena specifically and it had been four years of them making out so like I’m sure Paul knows what to do to get certain reactions from Nina and it really looks as if he was doing them all.

Now the 1x10 scene:

had me like:

Because it’s just so intimate. And it was intimate with “Cut” in the background too but without it you hear new things like the way Paul/Stefan catches his breath as Nina/Elena goes forward to kiss him after stroking his face or Nina/Elena’s moan as they kiss in the hallway, that moan that actually sounds really unexpected, or the way they just don’t stop panting in the hallway? LIKE HOW DO Y’ALL DO THIS?

The 4x03 scene:

STILL has me like:

And I think the reason why I react so strongly to it is because the music really does cover up how loud they are and they seem into it in a way that they don’t with the others, like with 4x02 and 1x10 they’re vibing off each other and the chemistry is hella strong, like hella strong and it seems like they could lose themselves in the moment if they aren’t careful but in 4x03 it looks like they are NOT being careful at ALL and they’re beginning to lose themselves in each other, like boundaries don’t seem to be there anymore because Paul is at Nina’s boob, fam and they both look like they just don’t give a shit and Nina’s EXPRESSIONS? and she’s moaning here more than sighing and she usually sighs, like they’re going at it hard and Nina and Paul are STILL panting even when they’re not making out anymore and I get that Elena is supposed to be hallucinating and freaking out, which causes hyperventilation but it legit just looks like they’re both are still affected by what was happening and I’m just like

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Oh my god I'm a Scorpio moon and I just dated a Gemini moon. We were in a relationship for almost 2 years and he is the nicest person I know, but we just had to break up for emotional wellbeing of both of us. Like he didn't understand my intense emotional world AT ALL and he didn't want to deal with any emotions that weren't all sunny and joyful. So water air moon combo hasn't been too good for me. Like we are great as friends...but not lovers

right i get the boy wanting to deal w certain emotions vibe from him all the timE it’s so frustrating bc my emotions r just so…. intense

oh my god but i just realized that everyone’s testaments to their relationships with hamilton toward the end of “alexander hamilton” are so intense because lafayette and mulligan fought beside him but jefferson and madison fought with him, laurens and phillip both died for the causes he believed him, george trusted him in war and in the government he was trying to build and all of the schuyler sisters loved him in their own ways and even maria reynolds loved him in some form and then like most heartbreaking of all burr shoots him down, takes away his shot, and shoots him what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck

CLAMP Thoughts

This just came to me one night, but Kurogane came from such a loving home. His parents loved each other so much, and they extended so much of that love to him as well. And for a while during the journey, Kurogane’s cold exterior kept everyone at arms length until he realized that Sakura and Syaoran are children. They’re only 14, and yet they are experiencing some intense things. So before he can stop himself he adopts them. Just like his father before him, he’s fiercely protective of both of them, and even though he acts like taking care of them is such a hardship, he truly loves them both. Which is why he’s so concerned about Fai’s plans for the present. He doesn’t care what Fai did in the past just as long as his current decisions don’t put his children at risk.

Think about the gentle, yet firm way he handles Sakura and the “tough love” treatment he gives Syaoran. Now think about Syaoran finding out he’s going to be a father. Sure, he’s going to be thinking of growing up with Fujitaka, but what if Syaoran channels Kurogane when training his son. What if he gives R!Syaoran head rubs to show affection because that’s what he remembers Kurogane doing, and Kurogane was just as much a father to him as Fujitaka.

Now think of every time Kurogane gives R!Syaoran a head rub, he feels a lump build in his throat remembering all the times his dad did the same. And one day Kurogane comments on it. And when R!Syaoran explains Kurogane grunts and walks away, but he does so to hide that the fact that Syaoran saw him as a father figure makes him feel like he’s gonna cry. And there’s no way in hell he’s crying in front of the kid.

Think about the real implications of Kuro-daddy.

Oh my gods, I am so fucking incredibly, enormously, immensely, intensely, immeasurably, incomparably, supremely, tremendously, powerfully, breathtakingly, profoundly, dearly, desperately, magnificently, superbly, uniquely, fantastically, extraordinarily, gratefully in love with my wife.

Sometimes, I just look at her and something pulls from deep inside me, far beneath the surface, down in the very soulful strands of my being, and heats and expands until it fills up my entire body. My eyes sting and water, my throat grows tight, and my heart somehow seems to both pound and grow still at the same time, and I feel so immensely, indescribably moved and alive and grateful.

I look at her and it feels like the universe has opened up in bright and thrilling colors that only we can see, like we have slipped through a seam into a hidden world too beautiful for words, somewhere far and forever, secret and special and only ours.

So finally I got my access to the Paramount “press room”…and suddenly I was “do they still have a few things about STID?” and they did. Photos & the press release that I read and found THIS passage. I already knew it - from other interview - but oh god I just love how Zach & Zoe are both totally fan of the Spuhura.

Quinto: The Spock & Uhura love story had to be explored, a relation that tends to unveil Spock’s personality more than he wishes. “There is this intense moment between them when she tells him she is angry that he is ready to die, and he answers ‘You think I take this lightly, but I swear it is not the case’. Suddenly we see something we have never seen in Spock. It was an intense moment”. He adds “working with Zoë Saldana was a real pleasure. She has vulnerability and honesty but she also has a lot of strength. She can confront the best, but she knows how to be calm and confide in a fascinating way. And as we’ve known each other for many years, it was wonderful to have our old bond back, especially as we’re supposed to play a relation so intimate.”

Zoé: Like Quinto, she was particularly interested in giving a new impulse to the Spock & Uhura love story: “I think their attraction in the first film surprised every body, but the only way to overcome this was to go further,” the actress says. “If they want to be together, their relation has to be tested, and it happens in this film with one of these twists as only J.J can do it.”

TRIANGLE Pt.2 (Luke/Michael Imagine)

{Part 1}

“Did we really just….” You whispered as you leaned away from the perfect lips of your best friend, your hands still gripping his shirt.
You didn’t exactly know how long the two of you kissed but it felt like a pretty long time. And it also felt so good.
Michael slowly nodded his head in response to your question.
His bottom lip was taken in between his teeth, his heart racing like crazy against his ribs as he stared into your beautiful eyes.
You laughed a little in shock letting go of his clothing and running your fingers through your long hair.
“Oh my God….” you muttered as if you were talking to yourself.
Intense silence surrounded the both of you, neither knew what to say or do at this point. Even though Mike could feel the way you put so much passion into that kiss, he was still afraid that you didn’t like him in return.

“Um….(Y/N)?..” He softly called, his hand reaching out to stroke your soft cheek with his thumb.
Your head snapped back up from focusing on the floor to his handsome face.
“Tell me what we are right now.”
“What are we now that I’ve kissed you? Am I still your best friend or….” Michael trailed off, he couldn’t get himself to finish the sentence even if he wanted to.
Words couldn’t describe what you were feeling at the moment. A little part of you just wanted to still be friends and friends only.
But by the way your heart was beating, your cheeks blushing, and major butterflies flying around in your stomach along with a spark of fire. You know that being just friends with Michael wouldn’t cut it for you.

“Well, I’d say you and I are still just friends even after what we did…” You began, the expression on his flawless already looking like you were slowly putting a knife through his chest.
You reached over and cupped your face with one small hand and turned it to look straight at you again.
“But then I would be lying….” You finished.
Little by little his face lit up, but he still didn’t want to get his hopes up just yet.
One of his brows raised up high in a questioning manner.
“What are you saying?…”

“I’m saying that…I want to be more than just friends with you…” You confessed.
You could see a tiny smile forming on his face, you found it so adorable the way he got all happy.
But his expression turned serious again making you furrow your perfectly shaped brows.
“Wait…you said you didn’t feel that way for me minutes ago. And you said you had feelings for Luke.”
You took his huge hands in yours, stroking them gently with your thumb.
“I did…but Mikey when you kissed me, wow I have never felt something so amazing inside of me before. I have been by three guys in my life, but none of them gave me that amazing feeling. Luke is not the one for me….you are.” You cooed, smiling warmly and lovingly at him.
He returned that same smile,
“Really?…you really mean that (Y/N)?”

You nodded, “Now that I’m looking at you I don’t see my best friend, I see my handsome angel who I know for sure is going to take care of my heart and not let it fall and break if I were to give it to you..”
“(Y/N), everything you just said, is the way I felt about you ever since I first met you.”
Not another word was spoken, you pulled him in to a warm embrace, and as you slowly leaned away your lips connected with his once more.
You kissed softly and passionately for a couple of more minutes while your hands were placed on his face.
Suddenly he lifted you up and the next thing you knew you were sitting on his lap, his arms around your waist and yours around his neck.
Your fingers reaching up to touch his soft blonde messy hair.

You both smiled into the kiss and leaned away, Michael placing soft and small pecks on your neck and cheek causing you to giggle since you were ticklish.
He chuckled and held you close, resting his head on his chest.
You petted his hair and sweetly kissed it.
“Wow, there goes that amazing feeling again.” You mumbled.
“For me too…” He replied.
Mike looked up at you and took away a strand of your hair away from your face.
“Guess we can check the first kiss part off the list.”
You nodded agreeing.
“How about we do things right and go on out first official date?”
“Awww, I would love to.”

“Good, dinner and a movie?”
“Hmm, nah, I’m more of a netflix and chill type of chick.” You tell him.
His eyes widend followed by a seductive smirk on his delicious lips.
You cracked up and immediately shook your head.
“Woah now! Relax Clifford! Not that kind of chill.” You clarified.
“Dawwww.” He whined.
“Horn dog.” You teased.
“No, please don’t think of me that way, I choose love over lust. I would never pressure you for sex trust me.” He assures you, his hand rubbing circles on the small of your back.
“I know, I’ve known you for many years Michael and I know what a perfect gentlemen you are.”
You pecked his lips once more and got off his lap.
“Why don’t you stay over? I’ll make us some dinner.” You suggested.

“Actually, as much as I would love to, I can’t I promised Calum I would go over to his place and work on some new songs with him. He’s been bugging me about it for days.” Said Michael.
“Really? You guys JUST released a new album though, slow it down a bit.” You giggled.
“You know us, we want to make our fans happy.”
“Yeah that’s what I love the most about you guys. So when shall our first date be?” You ask.
“How about next friday, I’m free, are you?”
You nodded, already feeling super excited for that night.
“Awesome, I can’t wait…” He softly said while gazing at your beauty.
You could already feel your face getting as red as a tomato.
“Same here.”

“Goodnight (Y/N).”
“Goodnight babe.” You slipped out, you gasped and immediately covered your mouth.
Michael’s mouth dropped wide open at your words.
“What did you just call me?” He asked with a huge cute smile.
“Babe…” You shyly repeated.
He rushed over to you looked down at your short figure.
“I didn’t hear you.” He teased, clearly wanting you to just repeat it.
You grinned and rolled your eyes while shaking your head.
“I’m not saying it again.”
“Awww why not?!” He whined like a child.
“Not until we are officiall.”

“Pleeeease….baby.” Mike shot and you felt even more butterflies in your stomach.
You couldn’t speak, you were at a loss for words, all you could do was smile like a dork and shake your head refusing to repeat the adorable nickname.
“Fine, guess I’m gonna have to tickle it out of you.”
“What?!” You yelled.
“You asked for it! Come here!” He yelled grabbing you and tickling your ribs and tummy making you crack up until your stomach was hurting.
“NO!!! MIKEY!! STOP!!” You begged, your face even more red than before from laughter.
“Say it!!!” He demanded.
He kept tickling you, you couldn’t take it anymore, you felt like you were going to piss yourself at any moment now.
You screamed.

You felt his hands let go of you, then proceeded to wrap them around your waist holding you close to his.
“One more time please.”
You stared straight into his glowing eyes before you softly spoke with your sweet voice.
“Hi babe…”
Michael bit his bottom lip once more,
“Hi baby..”
He leaned down and pecked you gently and slowly, hesitating to stop but he had to since he had to leave.
“I’ll see you friday.”
“For sure.” You say following him to the front door until you said your goodbyes and he left.
You slowly closed the front door and leaned your back against it. Your fingers comming up and caressing your lips.
The taste of Michael’s lips was something you wanted to feel on your lips for the rest of your life.
You truly felt like the luckiest girl on earth.
“Is this how love feels like?…” You ask yourself.

Your eyebrows shot up suddenly as you recalled hearing your phone vibrate earlier while you were making out with Mike.
You rushed over to the couch and grabbed it looking at the bright screen with all of your alerts. You had a lot but what caught your attention was Luke’s text.
“(Y/N), we need to talk asap, I have something really important to tell you, I made a mistake…” You read.
Your heart felt like it dropped right down to your stomach.
“Oh dear God….” you sighed heavily, your fingers tugging the roots of your soft hair.
You were trying to decide whether to call Luke or just text him back.
You took a look at your screen again, your thumb tapped the contact and the call button, immediately placing the device against your ear as you paced your living room back and fourth.

“Hey this is Luke, leave a message and I’ll call you back…” Answered the voice mail.
“God damn it Luke.” You said in frustration.
As soon as you heard the beep you said what you had to say.
“Hey, I barely saw your text, sorry I couldn’t get back to you immediately, I was…busy….call me back when you can.”
Were your words then you hung right after.
You crashed yourself on the couch, your elbows resting on your knees as your forehead rested on your hands.
Your nails slightly scratching your scalp as they ran through.
“What the hell does this guy mean by that?…” you questioned.
You flinched at the sound of your cell phone vibrating next to you, you grabbed it and checked the caller ID in hopes that it was Michael or somebody else. But unfortunately it was Luke returning your call.
“Shit…” you muttered.
Nervousness coursing through your entire body.
You were afraid to talk to him but you knew you had to.

Slowly you took your phone back into your hand and answered, gulping before and clearing your throat before you could even say a word.
“Hey, sorry I didn’t answer I couldn’t get to my phone on time.”
“It’s okay no worries…” You simply said, not knowing what else to speak.
“Wow, It’s really nice to hear your voice again (Y/N)…never thought I would hear it anymore ever since that night…” Luke tells you.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, causing a short pause. Hearing Luke’s voice again only reminded you of the heartbreak he put you through.
“It’s nice to hear from you too Luke.”
“How are you?…”
“I’m fine, in fact I’m great.” You reply.
“I’m happy to know that, for a moment I thought you cut me off for good.” He said a little nervous.

You shook your head, your forehead resting on your palm again.
“I can never do that to you. Sorry for making you think that way that was wrong of me.”
“No, no need to apologize, I completely understand.”
“Thank you. What were up to today?” You asked.
“Oh um, Ashton and I went out to the bar, he bought me a beer, just having a chill time.” Luke responded.
“Aww I miss Ash, how is he?”
“He’s good, you know him, always in that great mood. What were you up to today?”
You gasped a little, now you could just be honest and tell him that you and Michael are pretty much a couple, but you also figured that it was just not the right time to speak of that.
“Oh nothing, just relaxing at my place, it was a huge mess so I had to spend the day cleaning everywhere.” You lied.
“Oh…..oh that’s good.”

You had uneasy feeling inside of you, kind of felt like it was sadness.
You and Luke had never had ONE awkward conversation, ever. It was usually filled with laughs, jokes, teasing, randomness, but now, now it just felt down right weird talking to him.
It didn’t feel the same, and that broke your heart. There wasn’t really anything you can do to help it.
You hated it, and what scared you the most is that it might be this way forever espeically because of the thing between you and Mike.
“Luke?….no more penguin?…”
A tear randomly escaped your eye, those words were the cherry on top of the horrible feeling inside of you.
You roughly wiped it away with the palm of your hand.
“What was that text about?”
“Yeah…” you whispered.
You could hear him sigh through the other line, feeling his vibes of uneasiness as well.

“What did you mean by you made a mistake?…” You pressed.
“That night…when you confessed your feelings for me and I told you I didn’t like you back….”
“I was wrong…I DO feel the same way (Y/N).” Luke said.
Another tear ran down your cheek as your head slowly shook by itself.
“When did you realise that?”
“That same night…especially when you walked away…” He answered, almost whispering the last part.
Silence, it seemed to be making it’s presence known a lot today.
Little by little the sadness inside started fading away, now it was being replaced by anger.
“And why the hell couldn’t you realise it the moment I told you Luke?! Instead of letting me fall to peices in front of you!!” You exclaimed.
“(Y/N)! I wasn’t sure what I felt for you when you told me that! As soon as I heard those words come out of your mouth suddenly I started to question whether I only liked you as a friend or as more than a friend!”
“Well you made it fucking clear that you only like me as a friend!” You tell him.

“Like I said I was wrong! I was dead wrong! And right now all I can think about is holding you and not letting you go!”
Your eyed widend in shock, your ribs being badly beaten by your heart. It kind of gave you the same amazing feeling that Michael gave you when he kissed your lips.
Now what could this mean? You weren’t exactly moving on from your feelings for Luke, that was for certain.
“(Y/N) I’m sorry, I was an idiot, I was lying to myself when I told you I only loved you as a sister….I may not have realised it at the moment but it didn’t take long for me to do so….please give me a chance….I need you…”
A small sob made it’s exit through your lips.
You loved Luke but you also had stronger feelings for Michael. You were asking yourself how the hell did you suddenly get stuck in a situation like this.
“Please (Y/N)….” you heard him whisper.
“I-I have to go…”
“No! Stop it! you don’t have to go! Answer me.” Luke demanded.
“I can’t…I can’t answer you…atleast not now….I’m sorry….” you said, you heard him say something else but he was cut off by you hanging up on him.

“Oh God what do I do?…” you prayed looking up as you brought your knees up and hugged them tightly.
Your body rocking back and fourth as you cried like a little kid.
You love Luke, you just realised that now.
But Michael is for sure the one you want to be with, you know that he is the one for you, but you felt wrong, you couldn’t allow yourself to be his girlfriend as long as part of your heart belonged to Luke.
“We were friends….we were all such great friends….what the fuck happend….HOW the fuck did this all happen?…..”
You wondered.
You continued to cry, you cried and cried until your eyelids felt heavy and you fell asleep, your mind drifting off to dream land.

One week later, you didn’t hear a word from Luke, not a text or phone call, nothing.
He was on your mind, you were wondering what if he was okay, how was he feeling at the moment, and if he hated you or not.
Mostly the third one.
“Penguin….” you sighed as you checked your phone, you tried texting him and even face timing him. But he always ignored you.
You tossed your phone on your bed and went over to your closet looking for an outfit to wear on your date with Michael.
Even though it was the day after tomorrow you had to find some way to distract your mind.
While searching through clothes and shoes you heard loud knocks at your front door.
A smile spread across your pretty face already guessing who it was.
“Mikey…” you cooed.

You walked out of your room, taking steps to the door.
Your smile only grew bigger when you opened it, but it just dropped as soon as your eyes caught sight of a tall male standing right in front of you.
“Luke….” you whispered.
He just stood there, silent, his gorgeous blue eyes just taking in your beauty.
It was making you feel a bit nervous, he was so quiet, and he didn’t even move, he was as still as a statue.
“L-Luke what are you-”
You were quickly cut off by him grabbing your face and pulling you in to crash his lips against yours.
Your eyes popped out in complete shock as he kissed you so deeply.
You tried to get away from him, but he kept you locked on him.
The movement of his lips was most definately different than Michael’s.
It felt a little more intense, more seductive.

Luke lightly pushed you making you walk backwards until your back hit the wall.
He didn’t stop kissing you, he made it his mission for you to fall for the taste of his sweet and soft lips upon yours.
Slowly you fell for the hypnotizing feeling, he was so good, he was a brillaint kisser.
Little by little you stopped fighting and let your lips dance with his in a beautiful rythmn.
His tongue poked you begging you let him have entrance into your mouth.
You hesitated but you slightly opened your mouth allowing his tongue to enter you.
The feeling of his hot and wet tongue brushing against yours only made the rush of electricity inside of you grow stronger.
It was also feeling like it was turning you on.

“What the fuck am I doing?…..” You thought in your mind.
“Michael!!” You exclaimed in your thoughts as well and turned your head, stopping the kiss, your chest rising up and down as you tried to catch your breath.
Luke tried to kiss you again but you turned your head again.
“Why not?” He asked.
“I just can’t do this okay?!” You yelled.
The male backed up a little bit giving you some space.
“I-I’m sorry….I just had to do it…I had to kiss you…”
“Well you shouldn’t have…” You said crossing your arms above your chest.
His brows forrowed, looking both pissed and confused.
“I don’t get it, you tell me you like me and now all of the sudden you don’t?!”

“It’s not that…damn it!! I don’t know what the hell I feel!!!” You shouted.
“Why the fuck do you say that?….
Is there someone else?…there’s someone else now isn’t there?…” He questioned with a blank stare.
You started feeling nautious, this whole situation was just so nerve wrecking for you.
You didn’t have the power to speak anymore, your tongue decided to stop working for you now. Very bad timing.
All you did was nodd your head.
“Who is it (Y/N)? Tell me so I can just walk away right now.” He demanded.
“A friend….someone who I used to be really good friends with….”
Was all you responded.
Luke shrugged and raised his hands in the air surrendering.
“Well I hope that guy makes you happy, I hope he doesn’t break your heart, because God know that’s what I’m feeling right now……”
Your heart felt like it was cracking and shattering, more now that you saw some tears go down his face.
“Luke I’m so-”
“See you when I see you…” He says before walking away from your house.
Those words, they sounded awfully familiar. It was like night at the pizza place all over again, the tables turned.
Oh how they have turned…
Your back slid down until you sat on your hard wood floor, it was just as you feared..
Nothing will ever be the same again….

It was friday, the night you are to have your first date with Michael.
You wanted so badly to call him up and cancel the day Luke suddenly showed up at your place.
But at the same time you didn’t want to, you wanted to go out with him.
You wanted to BE with him.
You had to he honest with yourself though, you weren’t really sure if you wanted anything with anyone at this point.
If you were to get together with Luke, Mike’s heart be broken.
If you were to get together with Michael, Luke’s heart would be broken.
You have seen so many love triangles on t.v your whole life, Twilight movies being the best example of it.
But never in your life would you have ever thought that it would happen to you.
This love triangle was more dramatic than the ones you saw on t.v that was for certain. Especially because Luke didn’t know that the other person you mentioned is one of his closest friends. His band mate.

“I’m be there in a couple of minutes can’t wait to see you beautiful.” You read the text of your date.
You couldn’t help but smile and text in return saying you felt the same way.
When Michael arrived, he was amazed by how stunning you looked with your outfit, hair, and makeup.
Everything was on point.
“Hey there my pretty girl.” He greeted taking your hand in his.
You already went in for the sweet kiss, you just couldn’t get enough of that feeling he gave you on the inside.
“Hey babe. Ready to go?” You asked.
“Of course, come on.” Michael says, interlocking his fingers with yours.
It only took about half an hour to get to your destination, Michael told you that the place he was taking you to was a surprise, so you were more than excited to see where it was.

“Tadaaa!!” He sang as he uncovered your eyes from behind you.
“Oh my goodness…” you said looking at the nice ocean view with the dinner table set up beautifully.
“You like?” He questioned, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your cheek.
“I love! But mikey what happend to our netflix night.”
“Baby you deserve a lot more than netflix.”
You blushed and smiled warmly kissing his cheek in return.
“Thank you it’s beautiful, and look at the sunset…”
“I knew you would love it. Come let’s munch.”
You giggled and sat across the table from him.
The entire night you shared laughs, sweet whispers, and most adorabally, Michael taking your hand and giving you sweet pecks on your knuckles.
“This is absolutely perfect Michael, thank you again.”
“No need to thank me, only the best for my girl.” He tells you.
You shyly looked down while tucking some of your hair behind your ear.
Everything about this date just felt so special and beautiful.
And your feelings for the “punk rock” cutie only grew stronger.

“(Y/N)?…” He called making you look back up at him.
“Will you be my girlfriend?….”
Your expression became surprised, blank and unreadable. You were even indenial of what you just heard.
“I’m sorry is it too soon?” He asked nervously.
“No….no not at all…I would….” You trailed off, flashbacks of what happend with Luke clouding up your mind.
You could still feel his lips against yours, the way he kissed you was so powerful.
Your mixture of feelings between these two boys were bringing you nothing but trouble and insanity. You have to be honest with Michael, of course you wanted to he his girlfriend. But you felt like he has a right to know what happend the other day first before you could move any further with him..
“Um….(Y/N)? You okay?…”
“I would love to be your girlfriend but…”
You mumbled, the tone in your voice shakey.
His grip on your hand tightend, his thumb stroking your soft skin.
“But what baby?…”
Your eyes shut for a moment, then slowly opened again, looking straight at him with fear evident in them.

“There’s something I have to tell you….”

(Looks like there’s gonna be a part 3! What do you think is going to happen? 😱)