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“cochise, come on maaaan. you have to pull through. we are one drink away from stardom. from history. we are one drink away from bein’ the definition of senior record breakers. we are one drink away from Glory, my good man. you can’t fail me on this.” joshua spoke, rather loudly in his ear. but considering the reason, and considering the amount of drinks he’s had, he assumes it’s okay. his slurring and butchering of the language wasn’t even that bad, given the amount of drinks as well.

sometimes, god did look after the chosen ones. at least so that they can deliver that one speech. at least for that.

he leaned back, slightly unsteadily, and took a deep breath. josh clasped his shoulders, both for intensity and also for support, because like any other weekend, he was fucking trashed.

“are we about ta make history? or are we about ta fail miserably?”

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OMG the Zashley vs. Zanessa wars on LiveJournal and Fanforum were so intense lol. I think Disney tried to push the Zac/Ashley thing a tiny bit at the beginning just because she was already a big Disney star and it really worked on some people lol. Z & V were together from like day 1 of HSM filming and Ashley was best friends with both of them from before. Now I think Zac is kinda on the outs with even Ashley because I think he went a lil psycho after the break up.