Fifty Shades Of Grey Review

Here we go :)

I loved the movie — it was perfect. Sam did a great job and so did Jamie and Dakota. They were both incredible. End of conversation. *just kidding*

P.S.: I’m brazilian, which means that english isn’t my native language. So, if I may ask, be nice w/ me :)

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oh my god! how, did you not actually fall out of your seat (twice)


Night #1 I just squeezed onceuponageeek​ ‘s hand when I was about to die. It was helpful. And last time I checked, her hand was still intact, so we both survived in the end. Night #2 I have no idea. I think the cleavage-ogling helped, though. Like upping the intensity of Mary-ness to the point that there was no other option and it was glorious. You know what I’m saying?

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Well you have to admit they’re both pretty lame haha my friend in like fucking second grade used to call himself The Master of Disaster while shooting rubber bands at people.

yeh, they are both intensely lame names; MD being barely the better one… But Captain Chaos sounds so weird. Also oh my god, what a blast your second grade friend was.

Telekinetic-wonder asked MOAN
Seven: My muse trails kisses down your muses chest

It happened after a kill. It was their first shared kill and they had taken their time, wanting to play with their victim a little before getting the high that they were both searching for. The chain of events doesn’t really matter, but once they finished and had gone back to their motel room, things had gotten more intense between them then had happened before. A simple kiss turned heated, then El was taking his shirt between her finger tips. Slowly dragging it across his skin, waiting for each sliver to be exposed before wandering her mouth from his, and trailing it down. Her tongue flicked out when it came over Martins pulse point. “Exciting isn’t it?” she asked, continuing her downward path.

Funny thing about menopause

I spend all day so fatigued I am basically fighting my body to cooperate. There are even times that eating feels like a huge feat. Then 10-11pm roles around and its like BAM I am surging with energy. I keep trying to force myself to sleep but the minute I get comfortable I get a hot flash so intense I literally end up soaked in sweat and the spins. Right now I am outside trying to cool down.

For all of you who think your mom is a pain in the ass during menopause, cut her some her some slack!! Thank God my MIL and I are so close because we get to go through this together. The irony of going through it before my own mother. Poor Ryan and Bruce get to deal with both of us though.

I have officially become:
•That girl who cries over cheesy/sad moment on television.
•The person who keeps a travel size stick of deodorant in her bag.
•An emotional hugger.
•The lady with a hand fan in her backpack.

Nabe Bugyo

One of my students told me a word today “Nabe Bugyo” which directly means “Hotpot Lawyer”

The idea is basically the image of a man by himself eating hotpot but being very serious about how it is cooked.

However this isn’t a negative word, it’s a positive one, essentially the idea of someone who is very intensely serious about how something is cooked, but is still a kind person. (Because hotpot is a heartwarming family event.)

The best connection I can come up with for the concept of this idea is Gordon Rhamsey. Someone whom is kind and helpful.

But God have mercy on your soul if you cock things up around him because he won’t have any mercy for you.

So that would be the encompassing idea of Nabe Bugyo I guess?

Someone want to correct me (and my student) if we’re both out to lunch here?

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YES YES and once they both know what's happening like it becomes a MISSION they have to pretend that michael is being taught computer tech but they're actually flirting and getting to know each other and getting each other off

anon are u psychic because this is what i am talking about oh my god, they would become literal pros at switching from intense kissing to “so, all you gotta do is click this button and you’re done!” in .3 seconds flat when Michael’s mum decides to poke her head around the door to check how things are going.

(Michael’s mum knows, though, because Michael is way too happy about going into work in a morning, that and Calum’s shirt was buttoned up wrong and half untucked when she last walked into the office)

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Hi again I was the Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon and Sagittarius Rising, I was wondering if you could do like explain a bit about like my personality and stuff :) And your doing an awesome job I love your theme its amazing :)

Hey cutie!

I know I always say this and it must be annoying but oh my god I love this combo a lot!

You’re quite a character. For starters, omg you are SO intense and driven. Which are both very good things. You’re a dreamer but you know exactly how to realistically get them. When you do something, you put in 110% every time and you love to be right. You love being challenged and you love to challenge others. You’ve got so much to offer to people because you’re adventurous and playful but when it’s time to be serious, you know exactly how to handle yourself. You’re extremely organized but you can be quite controlling and stubborn. But honestly, your sagittarius rising does you a world of good and will make your life so easier tbh. All of the ”squareness” that you have in your head because of scorpio and pisces are unoticeable because your social and outgoing saggiatarius. You’re very moody but you deal with your emotions quite well.

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I'm the one asking about venus and it was spot on!!! Our placements is: Leo(sun in 8th too) with aqua moon, sag asc, venus in leo(in 8th house which is why I asked) and libra mars. He's a Scorpio with Taurus moon, libra asc, sag venus and mars.

Twanks I do try. A lot actually.

Oh my god now that I have all your placements I can see how well your relationship can play out. The fact that you’re a leo but have a lot of 8th house makes your relation with his scorpio self so sensual, spontaneous and sexy. You guys must look intimidating af. Like the it couple, you know what I mean? You’re both extremely ambitious but both interested with the undercurrents of life. Libra asc and sag venus/mars takes away from scorpio’s intense emotional roller coaster and that can work out great for your relationship. The only thing I could see ever being a problem would be jealousy out of his part and him being a little too emotionally invested for your liking.