ok but here’s an SS headcanon AU where sasuke’s some sort of sports superstar, probably hockey because soccer’s pushing the beckham light and sakura’s a supermodel/businesswoman/wife/mother and all of the above and her eponymous label sakura haruno is absolutely coveted.

they’re the power couple who fell in love in what ino says to be “as fairytale as you can get” and sakura can only agree (”we are soul mates”) and shrugs it off like it was seven years ago and that they now have an adorable three year-old who recently walked the fashion show wearing her mama’s floral print and bare feet.


the two would be asked to model for calvin klein, coz they’re like the sexiest couple in the industry and CK is notorious for their jeans jeans collection upper-body-nakedness, like stark naked, and sensual poses that makes one buy the jeans for their significant other just to rip them off. and sakura’s obviously confident about herself and flirts up a storm with her dear husband, tugging at his lips, barely touching or giving him eskimo kisses and sasuke’s all frustrated because why the f- he promised his little girl not to say “bad word, papa!” and tries to tug at her jeans and not lose control.

he gets specifically pissed at the fact he has to wrap an arm around her breasts while they direct her to look fierce but all she does is seduce everyone and the make-up persons won’t even bother to cover sakura with a robe because sasuke will just turn her around in his arms and cover her with his body like they would literally stand there in the middle of a bustling photography set, sasuke’s arms around her, both wearing jeans and looking sexy as fu-dge and they would touch-up sakura’s make-up while she’s comfortably and possessively wrapped around her husband’s hot hockey ass

and sarada would visit uncle naruto and auntie hinata’s house and point to a table decor of two figures intimately hugging and blurting out “is that mama and papa”

and sakura would blush as pink as her hair whilst sasuke would plainly say yes like it’s no big deal.


(someone please write a fic)

“You’re Cuter”

Request:  Hello, my dear! I’m loving your fanfics so far(“Blush” is my favorite one of all!), you’re such a good writer! Is it alright if I can please get a fic of Luke and a female reader getting into a playful tickle fight? I just thought that would be an adorable situation. Thank you so much in advance! <3

-This was nice to write. Apologies for not having an imagine for a day or two, college student life isn’t too kind sometimes. 

“No!” You stood crouched by one side of the bed, staring intently at Luke as he stood on the other side, with a massive mischievous grin on his face. 

You would never, and were never a fan of getting tickled. But there Luke was, absolutely determined to get yourselves back into a tickle fight.

Tickle fights between any ordinary couple could be described as “cute” or perhaps, “adorable,” but you treated it as ABSOLUTE WAR. Luke didn’t, Luke just liked to see you giggling. 

Every now and then you tried for a few almost-fatal attempts to ditch Luke’s grasp.

And so it went.

And so the distance between the two of you ended quite abruptly.

You tried to make your grand escape from the bedroom by climbing over the bed and jumping toward the door, but as soon as you climbed on the bed, Luke had you. Straddling you, his fingers danced down your sides, and right in all of your ticklish spots. Luke knew you well.

“ST-“ You kept laughing. “-OP!!” And you went on with your laughter.

Luke was enjoying every single moment of this, laughing as much as you.

Now what Luke did next was where he went all wrong. Luke relented for just a few moments, smiling down at you as you caught your breath. What he didn’t take into account was the fact that you were plenty strong. As soon as you could breathe, you flipped Luke over and began your own personal revenge. If you knew anything about Luke, it was his exact tickle spot. His stomach. So, using that as your first mark, you climbed onto him and began to display your wrath.

“HOW. DOES. IT FEEL.” You laughed as you said these words, taking pleasure in watching the boy giggle.

“GREAT!” Luke spoke up between gasps.

It took a moment until you realized that Luke was allowing you to get your revenge. When you realized this, you gave up and finally let him breathe.

Still you were on him, watching as he caught his breath.

“So, I suppose it was you that won?” Luke smiled up at you.

You didn’t reply. You just admired him. His reddened cheeks, part blush and part post-tickle fight exhaustion. He always had the biggest smile plastered on his face. Luke Skywalker had the kind of grin that could make a person melt. His eyes were bright, filled with hope and love. He had all the beautiful physical attributes, but still he had himself a beautiful heart. 

You leaned down to him, planting a kiss on his lips.

“What was that for?” Luke laughed.

“Well, I suppose even though I can absolutely never forgive you for making me go through such a horrendous thing such as a tickle fight,” You spoke with an over-dramatic sarcastic tone. “-You are pretty cute.”

“Come here.” Luke whispered.

“What?” You flashed a wide smile, coming closer to him and intertwining your fingers with his. 

Just as you thought he was about to whisper something to you, he deflected and kissed you.

“You’re cuter.”

My Secret Weakness

While dithering around on the Internet, I came across this old archived Geocity site from almost twenty years ago for an Arkansas BDSM group.  Probably long defunct now, but the archived site showed the wedding and collaring ceremony of these two members, and it was just so ADORABLE, seeing this middle-aged Arkansas couple with glasses and wrinkles feeding each other cake and looking absolutely OVERJOYED with each other.

This is my secret weakness: people shamelessly being happy on the Internet.

Just aw.


My brand new adopted rat, now named Benny. Got him from a shelter where he had only been for a couple of weeks and I’m not sure of his backstory. He’s huge (I didn’t realize makes were twice the size of females) and super pretty with almost a silvery hood (maybe just a dark champagne?) and black eyes. He’s going to be neutered asap so I can start intros with my two girls. I really hope all goes well.

(He’s absolutely adorable! Good luck with your plan, pokefan211! ^.^)

Okay so before I go on with my theory I am not homophobic or against gays in any way; I love and adore many homosexual ships/couples in many other cartoons, shows, movies, anime etc and have many gay friends in real life. The reason why I say this before I go onto my theory is becuase theres been alot of nasty talk and people bashing on each other becuase people have different opinions on wether or not “Darling kissed” or “Darling performed CPR” on Apple.
ANYWAY! Even though I absolutely wished Darling had kissed Apple to save her….I believe it was actually infact CPR or some other form of ‘rescue breathing.’ You can clearly see Darling pinching Apple’s nose and tipping her chin (which is what CPR looks like) and the fact that Apple’s chin is puffed up/full of air also proves this. So how did performing CPR break the spell and why didn’t Daring’s kiss work? Well thats becuase Apple wasn’t poisoned or 'asleep’ in the first place. Apple woke up I believe twice after biting into the apple and this wouldn’t have happened if she was actually under a spell. The piece of apple that Apple had bit into was just stuck in her throat which is what caused her to pass out, stop breathing for a few seconds and still have her heart beating.
Now there are some flaws in my theory like the fact how there was a spark of light after the 'mouth to mouth’ contact and how Apple snored when she was 'under the spell.’ So another theory I have is that yes Apple did get poisoned, yes Daring was not destined to save Apple but Darling was and yes Darling performed CPR on Apple BUT it wasn’t what she actually needed to be saved but it still worked anyway becuase their lips touched.

Ship Meta: Vette x Light Side!Jaesa Willsaam

(Note: I once wrote this meta for Femslash February 2015, though since I’ve remade my blog months after that, I’m reposting and revising this meta)

In honor of Femslash February, I would like to present a ship meta about Vette x Light Side!Jaesa Willsaam from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I want to talk about Vette x LS!Jaesa a lot. I want to talk about why Vette x LS!Jaesa is such a great ship and if you haven’t shipped it I want you to consider it. While I ship many companions with other companions (class or even faction doesn’t matter), my absolute favorite intra-companions ship in SWTOR would be Vette x LS!Jaesa. In addition to the fact that I adore both characters individually, I ship it with a burning passion because I firmly believe that they work very well as a couple.

(Warning: Spoilers for the Sith Warrior class storyline, including Vette and LS!Jaesa’s companion questlines and conversaions)

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anonymous asked:

I love Sally Ann & Hasil. They're so adorable! I can't wait to know more about them as characters and as a couple. Ryan Hurst's (Lil Foster) words about them melted my heart. In an interview, Ryan said "Something you’ll see as the season goes on, everyone is grabbing for power. Everyone is hiding something. Everybody is sacrificing one thing for another. But a lot of the things that happen between Hasil and Sally-Ann are really beautiful because they’re in love with each other".

Awwww! This makes me all the more excited to see the rest of the season! 

Sasil (I’m just gonna go with that as a ship name) is absolutely adorable. And I’m wondering if Hasil is gonna get the chance to take her up the mountain… I’m really anxious to see how the Farrell family, as a whole, accept this relationship. I think the larger issue for them will be that she’s from down in the town.

Dang it, this is a show that I really wish to be able to binge watch!!! I’m dying to know what’s coming!!! : )

anonymous asked:

Just watched the "My bf does my makeup" video and you and your boyfriend are an absolutely adorable couple!

Aw thank you!!! He’s a special one ☺️❤️

Finally caught up on Arrow & new to the fandom on tumblr!

I binge watched this show like crazy because I kept seeing everyone talking about how adorable ‘olicity’ was! I needed to see what they were talking about for myself, and I wasn’t disappointed. I absolutely adore them together! I know they are going to breakup soon, but I am sure they won’t keep them apart for too long :) I am actually kind of looking forward to it since Oliver is being such a douche lying about the kid and going to CC. Anyways, THANKS OLICITY FANS FOR GIVING ME A NEW SHOW & FAVE COUPLE TO WATCH!

anonymous asked:

They make the absolutely most adorable couple. Di is the perfect height for Lea, she's not like 7ft taller like all of Lea's boyfriends lol

yeah they’re perfect their height is so perfect that lea can hug dianna and perfectly rest her head on Di’s shoulder and Dianna can easely drape her arm on lea shoulders without trouble…they just fit…

I am officially at war with the other girls in my class

It all started with Gilmore Girls…

So. Jared Padalecki, right? Adorable little puppy man who plays a character in Gilmore Girls named Dean, as you probably know. They absolutely hate him. The character and Jared. I was trying to tell some of my friends about the amazing person Jared is, so I bring up AKF. I tell them that Jared Padalecki has anxiety and depression and one of the girls that I would least expect it from LAUGHS. She LAUGHS ABOUT HOW THIS ACTOR HAS ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION. I immediately become extremely offended and I get defensive of Jared, myself, and the Supernatural fandom. A couple of the people sitting with us at lunch look at her like she’s completely insane. I ask, “What’s funny about that?” She continues laughing, “I don’t know what’s so funny about a person dealing with mental illness. He’s using his fame to help other people get through their troubles and stay happy, and you LAUGH at him.”
She says, “Nothing. It’s just that his character has that too. He’s so stupid!” The other girls laugh. I, on the verge of tears because of multiple reasons you could probably assume, don’t say anything for the rest of lunch.

And now…
Gossip Girl…

A show I literally have 0 interest in watching besides the fact that Sebastian Stan is in it.

While we’re on the topic of Sebastian Stan… He plays a character named Carter. He’s apparently a jerk (like I said, I don’t watch this show/I don’t want to watch the show so I don’t know much about it). They hate him. They constantly talk about how they were so glad that he left the show. That they were so happy when this one character kicked him out of her house. I understand not liking a certain character, but when it gets to the point of you making fun of your friends for looking up to or liking these characters/actors, it’s gone too far. Like, I’m sorry that these people help me to get through life. Clearly you don’t have the same problem as me so you don’t have to care. Although I would still like for you to respect my choices.

I absolutely adore those “King” & “Queen" couple tees, or those “Beauty” & “Beast” shirts. That speaks to my inner cornball lol 

a-scribes-scrapyard asked:

Hey there! I love your Naruto art and absolutely effing adore your naruto/gaara stuff <3 I've been wondering though why the couple name ended up as narugaa though? It feels like gaaruto would be much more natural? But that's just my thought! Love ya!

thank u ! 

also narugaa  is funnier to me because it sounds like a battle cry


This is so gosh darn adorable. I think I may be dying from the cuteness overload. 

Check, Please folks, imagine Jack doing something like this with his kid. Imagine how excited he would be to share this with his kid, but also worried about putting too much pressure on them. He wants to share hockey with them, but he also wants the game to always be fun in a way it wasn’t for him. 

Subban and a couple of the other players get in on the fun and try to “steal” the puck from little Zimmermann, only to wipe out in the most over-the-top fashion. His kid adores it, just eats up all the attention because they are Bitty through and through (thank god, Jack thinks), and Bitty takes a thousand pictures and tweets the entire thing. The crowd goes absolutely wild over how adorable their kid is and Jack’s face hurts from all the smiling and laughing he does that weekend.


Royal Mail!

It’s a good week for royal mail! Having had to wait a week or so between cards, I’m ecstatic my final ones are rolling in. 

As you can tell, this is from King Felipe and Queen Letizia and their family. It’s much bigger than I anticipated. I also love the message and how it was (at some point) handwritten. I don’t know what kind of printing they used, but the message and signatures look real (a touch I really like). The girls’ signatures are also adorable.

When the Christmas card photo was first released, I absolutely loved the picture. It was one of the reasons I decided to look into writing to royals (and met @letters-royale who was a huge help). So to finally get this was very special. 

With the arrival of this card, we’re now in the final countdown. I’m only waiting on the Danish Crown Prince Couple and maybe Jordan. 

Card sent on: December 21, 2015

Reply Received on: February 4, 2016

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I love stydia. I only watch the show because of them. Do you believe that they will end up together? I am starting to doubt that because they always seem to make parrish the one for her. Many say he will carry her out and not stiles :( :(

I absolutely adore stydia as well. And yeah, there are times where it felt like maybe they’re not going to make them a couple, but each time I push that feeling aside. I have a very strong feeling they’re going to be endgame. Why else would they put the whole, “he still likes her doesn’t he?” Quote. And plus, even if Parrish is the one to carry Lydia out of the building, it was ultimately stiles who rescued Lydia. He and the pack made the plan, he went in to get her, and by the looks of next weeks episode, he gets her to the point where either he or someone else carries her out fully. Don’t lose hope now. They’re going to be endgame. ❤️❤️