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06/07/2015 - My bullet journal equipment!

  • The journal itself. I just used a very basic notebook and stuck a cover on. It’s squared paper and A5.
  • Five rolls of Washi tape that I found in different stores - I use them for decoration and color coding.
  • A ballpoint pen in black, a Schneider Xtra 805 pen (my favourite pen of all times) and a mechanical pencil (Pilot Super Grip 0.5).
  • Two Stabilo point 88 0.4 fineliners in light green and light blue.
  • A Faber Castell Textliner 1546 in green (favourite highlighter) and a Pelikan Textmarker 490 in blue.
  • A Flexio shatterproof ruler. I love the color, it makes me feel happy!
  • Two sticky notes pads. Different sizes for different needs :)

I’ll probably post more about my bullet journal, I’m absolutely in love with it! 

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Did you think that the force-fusions gems looked similar to pearls design in the pilot

That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw themthem, in fact it really reminded me of her very first designs before the pilot. 

I thought maybe they could all be different kinds of pearls. However none of the gem shards look like a Pearl.

I’ve been trying to figure out what gems were forced together by appearance but the colors of the surrounding body kind of threw me off. But this is the best I could decide.

The closest thing I could find for the top left is Azurite

For the top right I honestly could only guess Emerald, its just about the right shade of green

The bottom left could be many things, considering the wide variety of blue gemstones. But since it’s a lighter blue my guess is Kyanite

The bottom left one looks like an olive green but it also seems like its corresponding color on the body is some kind of red. My best guess is Enstatite which can be a red and a green

I know this is more than you asked about but I thought I would share.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 2015 June 28 

All the Colors of the Sun 

It is still not known why the Sun’s light is missing some colors. Here are all the visible colors of the Sun, produced by passing the Sun’s light through a prism-like device. The spectrum was created at the McMath-Pierce Solar Observatory and shows, first off, that although our white-appearing Sun emits light of nearly every color, it does indeed appear brightest in yellow-green light. The dark patches in the above spectrum arise from gas at or above the Sun’s surface absorbing sunlight emitted below. Since different types of gas absorb different colors of light, it is possible to determine what gasses compose the Sun. Helium, for example, was first discovered in 1870 on a solar spectrum and only later found here on Earth. Today, the majority of spectral absorption lines have been identified - but not all.

And, of course, I think this is very appropriate with all the pride celebration!

I submitted about 2 months ago with teal hair, and a different username. But here I am again, this time with lime green hair!!

Product: Goldwell’s Elumen
Colors: YY@ALL & GG@ALL (They’re just basic yellow & green colors)

We did a basic balayage on my hair, being extra careful since my ends had been bleached before. We applied green at my roots, and a green/yellow mix from my midshaft to ends for the lime color.

Stars: 6/5, yes, six out of five.

This product is f*cking awesome!! It’s very expensive (like $17 a bottle, and you have to be a professional to get your hands on it I’m pretty sure) The only time it bleeds is the first time you wash it because you’re removing the excess dye. It doesn’t stain ANYTHING when you’re washing it out, literally (but your hair). It lasts forever. I did this two weeks ago, I wash my hair about every other day and it has HARDLY faded. I love it so much. And it’s very easy to use.

What I don’t like is that it is so expensive, but you get what you pay for. And when applying it, if splashed anywhere it WILL stain counter-tops or floors like a motherlover. But that’s about it.

I would totally recommend this to anyone who can get their hands on it, or get their stylist’s hands on it. I purchased this at Goldwell in Albany (or Troy??), NY. IDK where else they can be found, you would need to google it.

Paid: ~$53 for both colors, a diluter, and lightener. +another $20 for my friend to do it for me


SO I UH I recently purchased a 1:6 scale figure from Phicen, a company seemingly best known for taking RealDoll technology and bringing it full circle to… real dolls. I sought them out to spectate the train wreck, but boy, they had my number and I am really predictable. Seamless, fleshy joints be damned, I’m all about that Chinese Army Honor Guard.


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Tips for the Literature Student

1. Highlight

Use different colours for different literary aspects. For example, I use 5 different colours for the book I’m studying now, The Age of Innocence. 

Red - theme 

Purple - characterisation

Green - plot

Blue - literary devices (symbols, foreshadows, allusions etc) 

Yellow - society values then

Find the colour scheme that you are comfortable with. It helps! 

2. Read actively

Close reading is very important. Personally, I prefer to read through the whole book first to get an idea of the plot before doing close reading. Search up all the words and references you don’t know. They could be important symbols or allusions. Highlight important quotes or literary devices or any particular line that stands out or seems interesting. Read up about what critics say about the writer and the book. Some writers, such as Wharton, pay very special attention to the minor details, while some writers pay more attention to allusions and special references and such. So know who you’re dealing with

3. Write it down

Always have your notebook/a piece of  paper with you when you are studying your text. Jot down any thoughts, questions and insights that you have. It doesn’t seem to be properly thought-out, and it doesn’t need to make sense either. For example, one of the things I wrote down when I was studying my text was, why does Ellen Olenska have eagle feather fans but the rest of New York use fans of ostrich feathers? As you can tell, it’s just a question, but it is through questions that points, opinions and thoughts are formed. So write down anything interesting that you come across in the text. Even if it doesn’t make sense now, you can always develop it easier or ask your tutors. 

4. Read the introduction and notes on the text

Some texts come with introduction and a note of the text in the book. As a pleasure reader, you may skip it but as a Literature student, you absolutely cannot. The introduction is essential and gives you one of the best insights on the themes of the book. If possible, highlight parts of the introduction that seem useful. 

This is just a very basic guide that I came up with for literature students. Of course, the most important little things such as paying attention in class and think while you analyse the text go without saying. Essentially, it voices down to how much time you spend thinking about your text. If you only study your text for one hour a day and forget about it for the rest of the day, then your responses and insights may not be as complex and sophisticated as the student who can’t seem to get the text out of his mind. Remember, study SMART not study hard. Love your text and you will be able to score the A you want. Literature is about appreciation of the text, of the period it was written and of the writer’s style. If you dislike the text, well, then perhaps the text isn’t very suitable for you to study. 

Hope this is/was/will be helpful! :)

coldsteelse7en replied to your post “Blueberries are green inside and it really bothers me sometimes.”

Excuse me, Ma'am. I couldn’t help but notice your post here. I’d like to chime in and mention that, as a member of the Felt, I am green but red on the inside. I hope that does not bother you as well.

Oh not at all! Please don’t misunderstand!

I love it when things are different colors. Like in different places or on the inside and outside. I think it’s lovely and you should absolutely be proud. You have a very fine complementary color composition!

But blueberries made the claim that they are blue and I frankly do not think they are taking that responsibility seriously at all.

Katamari Damacy creator's new game is about blowing up your friends

A lot of video games are about explosions. Wattam, the latest game from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, has a very different take on blowing things up, one that focuses on joy, discovery and surprise.

The game takes place on the last cube-shaped chunk of an exploded Earth, where the only living creature is a green, cube-like person known as The Mayor. He soon discovers that the world around him isn’t as lonely as he thought, but full of sentient clouds, lawnmowers and trees that can do all sorts of things: hold hands, poop, and have dance parties. The game is about making friends, making those friends interact in unexpected ways, and then blowing them up.

Read the rest…

SKETCH LONDON, London, England. #Sundays are awesome & so is pink velvet. One of the very first venues that became a member of The Venue Report & an all around office fave is 👆. A converted 18th century building & destination for foodies & artists. Each venue space is decorated differently. We especially love the Green Glade room that looks like an enchanted forest with peacock chairs 🌿. Photo Credit: Sketch ————————————————– 📰 For the full scoop & pricing visit link in profile OR search ‘Sketch’ from homepage 👆 by thevenuereport

From Mindat.Org Photo Of The Day; July 2, 2015:

Quartz (Var: Prase): SiO2

Locality: Huanggang Fe-Sn deposit (Huanggangliang Mine; Huanggang Mine), Hexigten Banner (Keshiketeng Co.), Ulanhad League (Chifeng Prefecture), Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China

Prase / Green Quartz (15cm x 11cm x 9cm) Mario Pauwels collection , Joaquim Callén photo. Outstanding and very dramaticly crystallised group of green Quartz crystals. The combination of the thicker and thinner prismatic “sharpened pensils” who are arranged in all different directions in a way that the specimen reminds like it was petrified seaweed. This piece was found the first half of may 2012, and this specimen is considered as the finest Prase found so far at the Huanggang Mines. This specimen is also featured in the “Mineral Up” calendar june 2015.

Remember Me This Way

read it on the AO3 at

by halfwit

Dean and Castiel have been friends forever. Castiel has been in love with the green-eyed man for about that same length of time. When a walk home leads to an injury for Dean, he suddenly remembers his relationship with Castiel differently than it is. Can Castiel help him regain his true memories? More to the point…will Castiel want Dean to recover his true memories when this version of Dean is giving him his very heart’s desire, even if it might not be truly real. A story of pining, gaining love, and potentially having to lose that love all over again.

Words: 2329, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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i am a science maniac and a deeply skeptical person and as such i don't really believe in gods or magic actually working, but i love nature and i find rituals and cultivating old traditions comforting and fun. is there a place for me here?

Of course! Lemme tell you a little story, friend. 

I have a guy friend, who is by far one of my most dear friends in the whole wide world. He’s an atheist and very new-school. He was very adamant against magic and said all kinds of skeptical and disbelieving things to me for a long time. 

However, one day he found a video of a drag-queen stand-up comedian and science-enthusiast. He came to me and asked a very similar question. I told him what I’m going to tell you-

There is always space for the respectful in an already respectful community. 

Now, while I can’t name any specific rituals or practices for you to look into, I would research different types of green witchcraft spells and things. Some of them may be too out there for you, but you may enjoy learning about the symbolism of the elements of their magic and rituals. You might even like learning the different healing properties of things like thyme, basil or chamomile. 

Remember dearie, as long as you are patient and respectful to people they will usually return the favor. 


Delayed announcing it because I had other things to post, but yesterday I ranked up to Absolute Idol Rank…. GOD IDOL CLASS! 


It’s so weird seeing the rainbowy “God” finally unlocked on the sidebar.

With this rank-up I unlocked the one thing I had been the most excited about since the very beginning. “Secret Rainbow” eye color!

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what if, for an agenderfluid flag, you kind of muted the genderfluid flag colors, and added in the green? would that work? or maybe full out replaced one of the colors with the green? like the purple, because i see that as representing a "mix" of the binary(/all?)genders? or maybe a different design per which genders you're fluid between? idk woops

It’s kind of up to you guys to decide that! I mean I’m very very up for having most pride flags desaturized because a lot of it hurts peoples’ eyes + makes it hard to process things, but it’s not up to me, it’s up to agenderfluid people to pick their colors. 

count me in for supporting Soft Pastel trans/nb flags though



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Two weeks ago I visited the very green and blue Pacific Northwest. Next week, I head out to the Southwest for a completely different landscape of desert and red rock.

I’m so thankful that I have a job that allows me to go on these adventures, and also pays me well enough so that I can afford them. And let’s not forget my Mom, who’s always willing to watch the dogs and drive me to various airports at all hours.

After I return, I’ll be sticking around the Northeast for awhile. I’ll close out the summer with lots of dog-friendly camping, so don’t worry – this blog will have dogs in it again, I swear!

Rice Noodles & Awkward Silences

Well, after a very very long day (or should I say days because it was definitely longer than 24 hours) of traveling, the Suzhou squad made it to China. After leaving the airport in Shanghai, we proceeded to take a bus to Suzhou, a bus that would ultimately take two and a half more hours of traveling. I didn’t take any pictures of the bus ride there because I was too focused on, well, everything. I was taking everything in. That being how green everything was, and the different traffic patterns, and the smog, (which is very real, and very evident) and the huge gap between the rich and poor, like I said, I was just taking everything in. As we approached Suzhou, people started to wake up, and the bus got much, much louder. We pulled up to what would be our school for the next 6 weeks and saw all of our host families waiting there for us, all of them waving, and all of them smiling. We got off the bus to find that they had memorized our faces from the pictures we sent, and in doing so, they were able to find us. I was approached by a girl about my age, wearing the prettiest little dress. Me, not really knowing what to say because of the lack of sleep and the overwhelming amount of stress that just took over, just said 很漂亮! First thing I said was, really pretty. I couldn’t even put it into a whole sentence– go Phoebe! She looked a little confused, and immediately started speaking to me in English, which by the way, is extremely good. After a 5 min orientation in one of the classrooms with our host siblings where we introduced ourselves– another scenario in which I zoned out because of the lack of understanding. And by zone out, I mean the teacher speaking directly to my face telling me to introduce myself, which I can usually do without a second thought, but not this time. I proceeded to stand up, say my name and age, sit down, then got told by the teacher to stand up and say more, so I turned to my sister, and literally said to her, “what should I say?”, as if she knew me well enough to help me out. So, in english, I said to the class, I like sports. Which isn’t even that true. So before I say anything else, I would like to introduce myself as I should have: 大家好!我美国的名字是Phoebe,但是我中国的名字是菲菲。我十六岁上十年级。我出生在纽约但是我住在丹佛。久仰! 谢谢。

Anyways after the orientation, my host mom and sister took me to a rice noodle place because they remembered that in my application I said I liked rice noodles. I kept on trying to speak to my sister in Chinese, but it was definitely not working. So, we spoke in english and Chinese fragments together. Once we got to the noodle place, I told her to order for me, so she got me her favorite dish from this place. She then proceeded to tell me the establishment itself wasn’t that nice, but that the food was delicious. We sat down, and within 2 minutes, the food came out, talk about fast food, am I right? Many of you know, my chopstick skills, or lack thereof, are most definitely not up to par, but I really did try my best. My host mom kept on laughing at me because the noodles would always slip out of my chopsticks, and the soup would splatter on my face. At one point my sister said, try eating it Italian style! I mean, I already brought enough attention to myself because I’m white, so there was really no need to add to peoples curiosity and disgust. All in all, what a great first meal in China. A meal that my sister said is good when you’re bad at using chopsticks because it forces you to eat if you’re really hungry, or something along the lines of that.

After dinner, we proceeded home. They live at the top floor of an apartment building, surrounded by it felt like hundreds of the same apartment building. (Not sure how I’ll navigate home without my family. Its waaaaay worse then Lowry and Stapleton combined.) They set aside a room for me, covered in matching wallpaper and sheets. Very very cute. I was exhausted at that point, so I got ready for bed, and slumped down onto my wood mattress. Which they say is good for your back, but we’ll see how my back feels in 6 weeks…