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so much klance :-: on ur blog I LOVVVEEEEEN HBCIFBHFD but yeah imagine keith actually having a supersenative tongue and lance blowing on his soup or coffee or soemthing on instinct cause of his conditioned reaction with his younger siblings

(the super sketchy comic that nobody asked for but i did anyway) BUT YES I HELLA LOVE WHERE THIS IS GOING >:3c (also tysm im glad u like my blog ^^)

Guess what other uses a sensitive tongue has? //slapped

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How would Anne or Gemma react if they walked in on Harry and the missus or if harry and the missus children saw them doing the dirty

Can you imagine Gemma walking in on them though? Oh my god, she’d find it hilarious and probably tease the two of them for weeks on end, laughing every time she’d get Harry to blush and mutter a ‘shut up’ beneath his breath.

Like, the missus and Harry would stay round Anne and Robin’s for the weekend - Gemma would be there for the monthly roast dinner on a Sunday - and after such a long drive, they’d be wanting some alone time together and craving the others touch (because almost 4 hours in the car would drive them nuts), in Harry’s old bedroom, and they’d be getting a bit handsy and a little bit naked and they’d have forgotten to lock the door behind them.

And Gemma would walk in some time later to announce dinner was ready, and she’d laugh loudly when she’d see Harry’s bare bum and the missus’ legs wrapped around his waist as Harry just reaches ‘home base’. Eyes wide and their faces replicating deers caught in car headlights. And she’d be a laughing mess and a spluttering adult when the two of them would walk down the stairs - the missus in one of Harry’s button-ups and her jeans, and, Harry in a hoodie and his own white jeans - and Anne wouldn’t think anything of it (much rather them changing into something comfier after such a long car journey).

It would soon come out, when they’d all be sat around the fire in the living room - Gemma on the floor opposite Harry (who would be sat on the floor and in between the missus’ legs) as Genma and Harry and Anne had a game of Scrabble going on - with mugs of tea and a plate of biscuits on the coffee table. And she’d be dropping subtle hints before blurting out to Anne that “Harry and (Y/N) did the dirty before dinner” and that she “got a full view of Harry’s naked arse.”

And the missus would stop raking her fingers through Harry’s hair as his eyes would widen and his head would tilt back as he looked up to her. A blush on the missus’ cheeks as she looked anywhere else but Anne’s direction. And she’d perk up with a soft laugh as Robin would send them both a chuckle before Anne would begin talking.

“Don’t look so embarrassed, you two. For goodness sake. You’re both young. I think we pretty much all know that you have sex on a regular basis, hm? You’ve been deprived of one another for however long the journey was today. We get that. Just stay safe. We don’t need grandchildren yet. I’m still young, really.” xx

I support @elentori-art just like I would support anyone who’s made a mistake and owned up to it, learned from it, and has since stopped. I support anyone who tries to come back from things they did wrong and has to do it while surviving tumblr witch hunts. If she were still posting/reblogging harmful content then I would understand, but she isn’t, and you’re all too desperate for someone to burn.