My TWD Season 8 Wish List

1. Rick and Michonne saying ily

2. More Rick and Daryl scenes

3. More Maggie and Michonne scenes (them talking about the baby would kill me)

4. Rick and Michonne fighting together/protecting each other in battle.

5. More Jesus, Aaron and Father Gabriel screen time.

6. Michonne killing Jadis

7. Carl killing Simon

8. cute Grimes 2.0 scenes

9. idk why but i wanna see a scene between Michonne and Negan

10. Rick breating the shit out of Negan

11. Eugene snitching on Negan and helping Rick

12. Michonne leading/making decisions bc Rick’s gone

i might add a few more things later. we’ll see how much of this i’m gonna get 


Jonsa + Cuteness Overload 2/

anonymous asked:

I've gone on 2 dates with this cute ass boy (also he played guitar and sang for me? I almost cried it was so gay and he was so good!) but yeah we just hung out for literally houuurrrs both times. Like legit 7 hours each time just talking & laughing & listening to music & cuddling it was so great 😭 (I also sucked his dick but w/e he was a TOTAL SWEETHEART and so CUTE) and I'm gonna be seeing him tonight again!! I'm excited !!!

WHAT TH FUcK that’s amazing hhdjdjsjhdh im yelling marry him now!!!!

All I want is a main character to be gay.

I don’t want one of the ‘main’ side characters within the show, I want the actual main character in which the entire show revolves around.

I don’t want the entire show to be about them being gay, I want the show to be about something entirely different. And maybe in season 2 they meet this cute other character and they fall in love, and it’s just a little side-on thing which isn’t really important to the story other than they’re happy.

I don’t want them to be gay entirely for the shock factor, or some cheap sex scene. I want cute PG gay couple who are healthy and happy.

I don’t want it suggested that they’re together in some cryptic frendship/relationship way. I want 100% undenialable gayness. I don’t want queer baiting either.

And I want them both to stay alive.

Is that too much to ask for?


decided to make mini headcanon reference sheets for the golden trio if only to keep my colours consistent– but i ended up getting a bit silly with it. oops.