Peter Parker being a father would include:

Request: Part 2 of pregnant!reader imagine.

A/N: I decided to try a headcanon and this imagine seemed to be a perfect opportunity. (Don’t judge it’s my first headcanon! Also I know nothing about pregnancy lol.) Btw this includes before the baby is born and after!!

Peter being a father would include;

- After he has learned he was going to be father at a young age, of course he was nervous like hell,

 - However, he never showed how nervous he was, knowing it was much harder for you,

 - “We’ll get through this together, don’t worry. You are not alone, never will be.”

 - After getting used to the news, he becomes more excited than anyone else (your family, you, etc.),

 - Although you were only 2 months pregnant, he goes out shopping for cute baby clothes and he literally buys everything he sees,

 - “Listen Y/N, I have found this amazing baby bottle holder with Spiderman logo on it!”

“Do you think the baby would like spiders or nah? Because if they don’t, I will need to quit my job.”

-  “Peter, I don’t think we will even tell our child that his father is Spiderman.”

- Peter helping you with everything, literally, everything,

“I think I can pee by myself Peter, get out!”

He would continuously search about what to do on an emergency situation with your pregnancy,

- He would always be alarmed, fearing something will happen to the baby or you,

-  “PETER!”


- “No dumbass, why did you leave the door open! I just saw a rat!”

You would catch him searching schools in the area for your child.

“The baby isn’t even born yet!”

- When your water breaks, Peter freaks out, he even screams,

- He is more anxious than he ever was, never sits for hours until you wake up from the surgery,

- When they finally give you the baby, that is the most precious moment,

- Peter starts crying, though he desperately tries to cover it,

- You give baby to Peter and he can’t even speak,

- He just stares into the baby’s eyes, which are barely open, still crying softly,

-  Through the years, Peter tries to spend his every minute with your child,

- He tries millions of hobbies with them,

-  “Dad, I don’t think it would be a good idea to jump from building to building.”

-  “Why? I’m Spider-”


- Peter would literally try his best to be the best father,

- He would succeed.