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Windflower! (For that cute botanical ask) 🌻

windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them
1. kai / @kaisdesk - my best friend on studyblr!!! i would have never made this a studyblr/studygram without kai, and i love her a looot! also, her original content is so unique and cute!!! hehe

2. yan / @ohlookimstudying - one of the studyblrs/studygrams that blow me away each time she posts new content!! yan’s more active on studygram nowadays but i love her as a person and i just couldn’t not mention her on here!!?

3. jhon / @jhonstudies - i’ve looked up to jhon’s studyblr for so long, and if you ask me who are my favorite studyblrs/studygrams, he definitely comes in mind!! i love his aesthetic and original content aaaa

4. kou / @studykouffee - an all time favorite!!! i’m just so in love with everything about her blog, and studygram! i love every one of kou’s original posts, especially her bujo aaa lettering goals, honestly

5. judy / @focusign - my bujo and study inspiration!! i love her aesthetic, lettering, everything! every time she posts new content, i instantly fall in love i swear

i love SO many blogs, but these were the people who came in mind hehe

for anyone else who wants to join in, ask me using these cute botanical asks! 

I just wrote 2 really cute stories for people so I’m gonna put them here for anyone to read okay?

The first one was for @ghastly-girls 

The second was for @midnightpunk

Story 1:

Once upon a time there was a snail named Sir Snailington the III. He loved to play hide in seek with his best friend, Mr. Fuzzlewuzzle the caterpillar. They weren’t very fast, but sometimes they would play tag too. One day, there was a very bad rainstorm and the two got separated. “Oh dear me” cried Sir Snailington. “I’ve lost Mr. Fuzzlewuzzle!” The distraught snail began to cry. He searched the entire garden for days, looking for his buddy, but he was nowhere to be found! (½)

Suddenly, several weeks later, a butterfly appeared in the garden. He was very beautiful. Mr. Snailington blushed. “Oh my! What a lovely fellow! Maybe he can help me find Mr. Fuzzlewuzzle!” He called out to the butterfly. “Excuse me sir, but I lost my friend. He is a caterpillar. Have you seen him?” The butterfly laughed. “Snailington good chap, it’s me” he smiled. Sir Snailington cheered. He was so happy to be with his friend again, and they lived happily ever after flying in the garden (2/2)

Story 2:

In a far away swamp lived a mushroom named Spore. Spore liked to bask in the sunshine, but he was very sad because he couldn’t run around and play with all the swamp creatures, like the frogs and elves and birds. One night, while he was watching the little patch of sky that leaked through the canopy of the swamp, he saw a shooting star. “I wish I could see the world” thought spore, hoping with all his might that his wish might come true. (1/5)

The next morning Spore woke up, and to his amazement, he had FEET!! “Yay! I can play with my friends now! Or go see the world! Goodbye Mr. Worm, I’m off to go on an adventure!” Spore ran off, giddy and excited. Little did he know that Mr. Worm, his best pal, was in grave danger. A hungry bird was stalking the now defenseless little guy, even as Spore skipped away, singing and smelling the roses. But of course, the mushroom did have cause to be happy. Afterall, his wish had been granted! (2/5)

After several days of carefree adventuring, Spore became homesick and began to miss Mr. Worm. The fields and woods and towns beyond the marsh were very nice, but Spore realized that they were not for him. He returned to his home, an opening of grassy land tucked away in the swamp, and called out for Mr. Worm. “Mr. Worm! Hello? Now is no time to play hide and seek! I have so many exciting things to tell you friend! You’ve just got to hear about how beautiful the world is! Mr. Worm? Hello?” (3/5)

Spore heard cackling from behind him and looked up to a tree to see a rather evil looking bird laughing at him. “Are you looking for that pathetic little worm? Ha! You’ll never see your friend again I’m afraid. Oh, but fret not! He made quite a tasty snack! Hahahaha” the bird grinned as Spore cried. “N-no, that can’t be! That just can’t be!” “Well it is, but don’t worry! I’ll just eat you too so you don’t have to worry about it!” The bird swooped down from the tree and snatched at Spore… (4/5)

Spore woke up from his horrid nightmare in a cold sweat and began to cry. “What’s wrong Spore” a familiar voice asked. It was Mr. Worm! “Oh Mr. Worm, I had a dreadful dream! I thought you’d died! And to think, it was all because I was selfish! Oh, how I love this swamp! I never want to leave, ever” the mushroom exclaimed. “You’re not making much sense, but that’s okay friend! I’m glad that you wouldn’t leave me” Mr. Worm said, smiling. The two hugged, then fell asleep, happy and safe (5/5)