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hey!!!! uh, i don't know if you've done a post like this before, but could you give some otp prompts with a smol and a tall??

I have a couple, which I would link to if I had that level of technical genius, but tragically, I do not. I think I tagged them all as Tol/Smol, however.

And I can definitely give you more. Tol/Smol is my weakness. (I’m terribly Smol, honestly.)

1. “You keep using my shoulder for an arm rest. You do know I could break your arm, no matter how cute you are, right?” 

2. “I can reach it, I can definitely reach-No, I can’t. Will you help me?”

3. “You love piggyback rides, so I try to give them whenever I can, but I’m not sure the grocery store is the best place, babe.”

4. “I’m pretty sure that IS my coat, because it kind of swallows you.”

5. “I always steal your hat, and it annoys you, but in my defense, I’m closer to the sun than you! I need it more!”

6. “No, I will not CARRY you-Oh, for-Come here.”

7. “People always mistake you for my kid, but you’re actually older than me.”

:D Thanks for the request! :D

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i was really interested in reading your book and was going to promote it heavily on goodreads because it sounded excellent and had an ace character. however, all your excessive political ranting on twitter turned me off it. you should take a page from successful ya authors like sj maas, sabaa tahir and leigh bardugo. they post occasionally about politics, but mainly keep it light and fun for their teenage fans, who don't need to be inundated with negativity and anxiety.

1. An empty threat from an anon means zip. That’s cute that you think it does, though.

2. No one is forcing you to follow me on any social media whatsoever. That’s on you, bucko. 

3. If standing up for the marginalized in our country - those whose lives are in danger, who are afraid for their children’s safety, who are afraid to step outside their homes and attend school or places of worship - constitutes as “excessive political ranting” then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

4. You don’t get to dictate what authors, or really anyone else, post about on their personal social media. We’re still human beings with valid opinions and many of us write for teens who are scared and hurting right now. Using whatever privilege we have (because hey intersections exist) to speak out when they can’t is the least we can do to let them know we stand with them through this nightmare of a trash fire that is this country right now. Some authors speak more, some speak less. It’s up to each to decide their level of engagement. But that’s on them - not up to you. 

2x08 opinion

1) izzy/raphael is kinda creeping me out
2) maia/simon were so cute wth
3) climon=no thanks
4) magnus is the sweetest creature to ever grace planet earth
5) can clace stop being “siblings” now???
6) alexander lightwood who gave you the right to look so good?????
7) can we pls have more max?
8) kat gets better and better each episode
9) jace continues to fuck me up !!!
10) can raphael pls let me have his vampire babies????

I’ve been thinking of how to start writing this submiton for the last 15 minutes.
I haven’t thought of a good ice breaker (except Titanic *wink wink*) so please bear with me.
I’m a 16 years old (17 soon) girl from Europe, I like TV shows, reading, cute animals and deep talks at 2 am (or whenever lol).
I’m also interested in learning new languages, traveling, psychology and music.
I’m a huge Potterhead and I love photography.
I want some internet friends bc I have no irl, I’m a lover of self deprecating jokes.
Just hmu if u wanna talk (pls)

Tumblr: @bringmevineandpasta

If you wanna talk somewhere else (snapchat, instagram, facebook…) just contact me on tumblr.


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1. Why are you so cute? 2. How do you draw so well? 3. Between Traditional and Digital, which do you prefer?

You’re the cutie here~✨
2. It’s not that well tho… I practiced a lot let’s say that.
But I barely achieved my “original” style. I’m still trying to improve!
3. Digital. Yes yes 100% Digitally. I can erase my mistakes there so easily. But not on paper-
I cri everytime.

Thank your for sending me your questions and being such a cutie!!
See ya~

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Are you able to provide me with the Tumblr boss's phone number? I need to report a delusional SC shipper that hates Japanese embroidery. What did thread ever do to her? That was a rhetorical question; I only need the phone number. I don't know what this world is coming to when a simple artsy-crafty hobby that's just minding its own business is so cruelly persecuted. There are so many uglies and nasties and out there. Picking on a defenceless pastime really needles me. I hope I've made my point.

Dear Anon,

1. Was this the ask meant for @mama-tumblz? I had several so I’m not sure which one you mean.
2. Why don’t I get cute anons like this? I’m jealous of Mama T.
3. I think you meant “crewel-ly”.

Have a nice day. 😊