danisnotonfire Just so you know, the whole phandom loves you no matter what, no matter how many crisis’ you have or are going through or have previously gone through, we will always love you. You are an amazing, articulate, kind, funny and smart human being please remember that. You have touched/changed/inspired so many people and we have so much to thank you for so if you ever feel like you’re having any kind of crisis’ please remember that, that this is who you are, this is what you have done so far and this is what you have given to the universe and let me tell you we could not be more proud of you.

we adore you so completely its not even funny

The Phandom <3 <3 <3


Thank you all for all the words of encouragement that you are giving while reblogging my 5k post <3 I am reading them all and it makes me so, so happy and thankful that I have such amazing, supportive friends here. I am still on such a high from today’s run (SOOO looking forward to my next run on sunday!) and that combined with your kind words makes me feel so, so amazing. 

And of course, thank you ALL who likes, reblogs and supports me through this. It really lights up my day, you don’t even know how much it means to me to have you with me through this <3 <3 <3

You make me smile even when I find it hard to, I look at you and suddenly forget what sadness feels like. You are my strength, my happiness and my light. We have been through so much over the past year and we’ve certainly come a long way from where we started. I love my life and living ever moment with you by my side. nightskysareshootingstars

I love you xo

Music for Daniel

All right I’ve had this idea for a while and it seems pretty relevant right now
I want to make a thing for Dan: specifically, a binder full of piano music. He always says that he wants to practice/learn how to play the piano better, and I hope this would help him.
The thing I want to crowdsource is music. If you know any songs Dan likes, or bands, or of good ways to get sheet music, or anything, please send me links or reblog with links– anything at all.
Please reblog to help me out!

i wore a crop top outside yesterday for the first time ever and i felt so powerful. people stared at me and im sure they laughed but i didn’t even care because i felt so free! this blog has been a big part of my self acceptance! 

jeans: size 18 f21+

shirt: xl h&m 

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“Can I? Boy, I’ve been throwing me hammers to air since I were strong enough to do so. Of course I can.” The smith said before taking a hammer from his belt and tossing it in the air. Before he caught it he threw another one, and soon enough he juggled all eight of them. “Ye best not try this, broke me foot as a lad when I weren’t fast enough.”

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Tell us something about the bae that you didn't expect to love but do

▶▶ go ahead and ask! || accepting!

          ❝ Ahh––––there are several things, really !! It’s AMAZING… the more you care for somebody, the more you notice all these LITTLE DETAILS about their person––––and the more you come to CHERISH them all !! 

          ❝ The roughness of his hands––––that’s one !! I never thought callused hands could be so COMFORTABLE to hold. They’re the mark of a truly COMPETENT MAN… a man who works hard to make a living. A man who always gives his best.

          Åhå… and the way he SMELLS after a long day at work, too !! It’s not unpleasant. It’s… musky. MASCULINE. It smells like  h o m e,  really. I don’t mind it if he doesn’t shower… actually, I enjoy it. But I enjoy ALL of him. ❞

          ❝ His HAIRCUT, too. I just think it WORKS for him… !! I hope he’ll ALWAYS keep it like that, even once we’re out of the military.

         And his precious NOSE… don’t even get me STARTED !! It fits his face so well… he might think it’s big, but I think it’s  p e r f e c t. It’s so KISSABLE !! My sweet, sweet kärlek… he sneezes so LOUDLY, too… but I love those as well. Isn’t that odd ? You don’t think you’d come to love somebody’s SNEEZE, of all things, but… well… to me, it’s a reminder that he’s still there. That he’s still right here with me. And so… I always come over and give him a kiss afterwards. And a bit of teasing, too. But that’s born out of  l o v e––––NEVER malice… !!

          ––––I love everything about him, really. He’s my whole world. He’s my DREAM. ❞


In honor of Blue Sargent Appreciation Week, here’s my attempt at writing sergeantjane‘s suggestion of Blue at school! I tried, and somehow it became 1k of Blue-centric homecoming fic. Oops.

When Gansey called at six that night, there was, very unusually for 300 Fox Way, no one in the Phone/Sewing/Cat Room. At least, not until Blue came tearing into the room wearing a long dress made of flowered curtain material and black lace, an irritated Orla in her wake.

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