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┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ In this ┃╱╱╲╲ house ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we love ▔▏┗┛▕▔ & appreciate ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ Damien even though he might be evil ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕▔




Noah Holloway Bachelor Challenge

These are the starting contestants for the Bachelor Challenge. Noah Holloway was featured on @simalienns Bachelorette Challenge, and made it to the final four! However, he didn’t win the heart of the lovely Quinn. 

Constants are named from left to right:

  1. Valentine Meadows - @storylegacysims
  2. Kemma Kent - @ohthesefaces
  3. Summer Zhang - @plasmapie
  4. Peach Fizzi - @doopiesimmer
  5. Erity Aki - @nikasimming
  6. May Potter - @astrobongo
  7. Elsie Burnett - @cheniasims
  8. Tawny Rivers - @justkeeponsimming
  9. Roxy Kennedy - @calisimgirl
  10. Astrid Mayberry - @simalienn
  11. Corinne Hartly - @asterllum
  12. Victoria Diaz - @its-lunnarise
  13. Iris Cunningham - @riverstonesims
  14. Kaleigh Webster - @plumbob-waffles

I just want to give a quick shout out to all of those who sent me sims for this! I appreciate them and love every single one of them. 

To everyone asking me if they can get tattooed any of my drawings

There’s nothing I appreciate more than all the love and support you show me when you tell me that you like my work or/and you want to get tattooed any of my designs. So, if you like any, go and get it, just give me credit in some way AND show me when it’s done! I’m a tattoo apprentice in Argentina (sorry for my english btw), so I won’t get mad if any of you wants to get one tattooed. Hopefully, someday I will travel around the world tattooing these and doing what I love the most. Thanks for all the kind words and love you show me, keep doing it, please haha! Your support makes me want to keep drawing and working much more. And remember you can follow me and help me spreading my art in my Instagram page: Thanks again!

TF/TS’s MC: Guys, let’s just sit around and appreciate our friendship. I love you guys so much! ❤️

Zack, Tyler, Abbie: awwwwwww I love you too!

Chris, Kaitlyn, Becca, Zig: awwwwwwww I literally love you too!

The old James somewhere: awwwwwwww I’m so proud of you! And I love you!

‘James’: awwwwww I lo—


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  So this is legit the most followers I’ve ever had on an OC blog and I really appreciate all the love that Cecil is getting.  Especially considering how new I am to the fandom, he’s been so well received and it warms my heart.  I don’t like calling this a follow forever, but that’s kind of what it is so HERE get ready for all the name drops lmao. 

BOX 1 || my mains

My dailies.  I love you guys. 

 @dilseacht​ || you’re literally the best.  See this person?  They are the best.  Thank you for helping me flesh out Cecil’s character so much and for letting me use Láeg for my Main Verse Servant.  I think you were seriously the first thread I even had for Cecil.  It’s been amazing getting to know you OOC as well, you’re an amazing person!  :D 

  @fortesinfide​ || I know I literally haven’t even gotten around to interacting with you IC much but I love that we’re in all the same fandoms.  I love your characters a lot, especially Tessa.  She could step on me and I would say thank you.  But I’ve loved talking to you OOC, I appreciate all the support you’ve offered me, and vice versa.  <3

  @blondtroublemaker​ || I don’t even know what to say, Mary is probably as far away from someone I could imagine Cecil getting on with but here we are their relationship is the best thing I’ve ever seen ever. 

  @peerless-might​ || I literally don’t know anything about your character canonically but Ozen has made me incredibly curious about the source material but also I really just love her and the depth that you portray her in.  I look forward to each and every reply even if we haven’t interacted much. 

  @saberxfblue​ || I can’t not include you on here because I wouldn’t even be in this fandom if you hadn’t shoved it down my damn throat.  Sorry I’m so slow with replies I’m just lazy.  :’)

BOX 2 || my smol babs

I haven’t gotten the chance to interact much with you guys, but what I have I’ve loved.

 @boltsandbarrels​ || I haven’t gotten to interact with you much, but you’re hilarious OOC && I can’t believe Abraham Van Helsing knocked down Cecil’s goddamn wall in the first five minutes.  He’s a keeper.  This fox triumvate loves you.

  @comtevengeur || I just really love your characterization a lot.  I love everything about the way you play Edmond.  He’s been one of my favorite figures in fiction since high school and you really do this version of him justice.  I can’t wait to interact with you more.  

BOX  3 || my senpais

the people I just really covet and love to see on my dash but have either been to shy to approach either much or at all or just can’t think of anything creative for us to do. 

  @atharrais || yes hi your characterization is beautiful and I want to know everything about your portrayal because WOW && I have a lot of feelings about Archer in general but everything about the way you play him makes me happy. And sad, all at once but that’s normal.

  @ridireacht || DIAR IS THE MOST PRECIOUS CHILD UNDER THE GOOD SUN AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE but especially yours.  He’s very nice and your blog is very aesthetic and pleasing.  I love seeing you on my dash and I wish I could come up with more creative things for us to do but I’m pretty content just getting to read your stuff. 

  @liagaa || I always get a good laugh out of pretty much everything you post but your presence on my dash always makes me smile.  I love your characterization and interactions a lot but can’t think of anything creative so I’m just gonna sit over here and observe happily.

  @ulsterswardog || I have a lot of feelings about Cu, and I really love your portrayal.  You’re a joy to see on my dash and it just makes me really happy is all.  Keep up the amazing work I love you! 

  @ulmash || UM YES HI QUALITY GIL RIGHT HERE I love your portrayal but I just don’t have anything unique in mind yet for them but I’d love to interact with you one day! :D  pleasedontkillcecilokayheiskindofsquishyandsoft. 

I’ve probably forgot some people I wanted to include, but there you go.  Thank you all so much for sticking around and loving my child and I look forward to future threads with everyone!  I’d like to close out by saying please don’t be afraid to approach me for threads and things if you’re interested!  :D 


I Really Miss My Nigga (Re-Upload)

(( I just received a message from a person I really appreciate, love, etc; we have a long time no see and I just… *sobs* ))

He love the fanart

LIKE tbh I love drawing wrestlers and Shieldboys and Swiss captains and cruiserlads but prior to Mustafa Ali, the only guy who’s really acknowledged the work I did was Cesaro who dropped by to comment twice (and Charlotte once) and that’s OK! They’re busy, I’m just a smol hobbit fan in a sea of millions, it’s cool, I will draw whenever the inspiration strikes to me anyway ;u;

Fucking Mustafa Ali looks through all those millions, proverbially takes you by the hand and tells you “Hey, this is damn cool! I love the thing you spent all those hours making! It’s humbling you would put in the effort for me! I’m gonna use this for my header and hey you there! Yeah that is /glorious/ see that’s gonna be my avatar and oh god where do I put the rest of these I guess I’ll just paper my Instagram and FB feed, properly accredit them and tell everyone how cool all these art and their artists are!”
Not once, not twice, all time every time.

Fucking Mustafa Ali /adores/ his fans and the effort they put in for him and is honestly the best wrestler I have ever done art for.
He can get all the art forever.

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I would just love to say your blog is incredibly educational and I love it. I'm trying to learn more about Slavic paganism and culture and originally have Polish roots. I appreciate your immense amount of love, support and intolerance for hate. You were one of the first sources I found to help me learn about Slavic Paganism and you're just absolutely amazing thank you

oh gods, thank you so so much! feedback like this is the main reason - aside from passion - why I’m doing what I’m doing. Thank you from the bottom of my slavic bitter little heart!

Considering how much I adore Kenma, and how Nagata Takato as Kenma in the stageplay is literal, adorable perfection… drawing him was SO overdue. 

(Also please wake me up when it’s March and the Summer of Evolution DVD is here to bless us all k thanks.)

HQ Stage series: Bokuto | Akaashi | Kuroo | Hinata | Nishinoya


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