Best of the Best - Ch.11

“…and now you’re seeing me in my old sweatpants, and i was really hoping the first Grant butt you’d see would at least be mine.”

Kara managed to chuckle and blush simultaneously. “I’m- I’m sure it’s as smooth as Carter’s.”

Cat lifted her head and an eyebrow. “Keep it up champ, and you’ll find out soon enough.”


tsyele  asked:

If I haven't said this before, I'll say it now: I love your use of color! You have such a knack for it, and know how to use it to always convey the mood for a scene :)

This means so much to me. Some days I’m like “I know I can art better because I know this looks really bad” and colour was always something that stumps me. It’s always been something I struggled with most since I started my art journey, still do.

So thank you thank you thank you for these kind words. <3<3<3

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i just spent yesterday and today reading that 150,000 drarry fic that you posted a quote from and it was incredible oh my god. i've never even considered liking drarry even though i knew it was an existing ship but that story was so well done and fit so well with the fic that inspired it. are there any other drarry fics you've been reading that you'd recommend?

yes!!!!! im so glad you enjoyed it! i loved how it fit with the existing fic as well, especially because i read that one first and wanted so much more. and i’m in the same boat with you re: drarry. I only got into it less than a month ago (and what a month it’s been) but i’m well and truly sunk at this point. ANYWAY, always stoked to provide recs, it’s my favorite thing to do so here we go

first of all HERE is my first mini drarry rec list a did a few weeks ago. these are the first fics i read when i got into drarry and are So Good and can’t be missed (ESP stately homes of wiltshire, which is what sparked my drarry flame™).

The Way Down by lettered is very dramatique™ and made me cry 

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice also by lettered is WILD there’s a lot of super cool world building and also secret identities! intrigue! excitement! v good

Open For Repairs by FeelsForBreakfast is……….SO CUTE ugh draco works in a muggle repair shop? and i was like what????? but it works

A Convenient Impracticality  by firethesound (who also wrote the fic you messaged about) FAKE DATINGGGGGG goodbye

Strangeness and Charm by FeelsForBreakfast is so……….so good i can’t descirbe i just read it last night and i teared up a bit harry n draco fall in love in the forbidden forest and neither thinks the other is real BYE

finally The Pure and Simple Truth by lettered is AMAZING but it’s more gen than drarry? there’s a lot of drarry undercurrent but just be prepared that it doesn’t necessarily come to fruition during the fic (still worth it, the characterizations are everything)  

okay, to say that this fandom has had it’s hard times is a bit of an understatement. we’ve been through so many character deaths, pain, and ship wars. during all of this, some have gotten hate. some blogs even left us because everything was just too much to handle. and it is because of this, even though we have gotten through a lot of it, that i wanted to give the lexa roleplayer’s some appreciation. ( the whole fandom deserves appreciation! )

despite it all, you continue to love and evolve such an amazing and badass character. i know first hand how difficult it can be to keep a character who was taken from us, alive and keep it going for so long. a lot of you have come up with and put so much effort and time into your own storylines and verses to keep lexa in the current season(s). it is with that, that you show your unconditional love for her and to the entire fandom.

here are some names of lexa roleplayers who deserve all of our love;
@separatingfeelings, @leksakom, @warbuilt, @daringheda, @mxshupmxdness@hxdaleksakomtrigedakru, @noximperator, @takeudxwn 
                                         ( if i miss anyone, i’m sorry! it is not personal )

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these recent makes me feel like i love yeon joo more than chul ever loved her. if it was me i would've vanished out of the house or died from terror but she went back in the room to draw

YO. But can we take a moment to talk about how much of a hero Yeon Joo is? I mean this girl is one of the strongest most amazing female characters i’ve seen. She’s strong without hiding her fears or vulnerabilities. She cries, grieves, gets angry, but guess what she does right after she rides her emotional wave? She gets the fuck back up and starts figuring out how to fix the situation. How to make it better, how to solve the problem. 

This is amazing to me, because normally female characters, in order to be strong they become too stereotypically stoic and unfeeling. And what’s so important about Yeon Joo is that she’s so well rounded. She lets herself feel, and that doesn’t take away from her strength as a person. Those feelings don’t make her weak, in fact, they prove just how strong she is. And there’s nothing more that I love than a female character that feels so. damn. real. 

She never stands and does nothing, she puts herself into action no matter what. No matter how scared she is or the pain she’s feeling. It’s not that she doesn’t feel emotions or shuts herself off from emotions, she keeps going despite them. Which is the complete opposite from Chul who pulls away and hides his emotions under a facade. Who shows how he feels more in actions than words. 

Chul may very well be the hero of the webtoon, but god damn it if Yeon Joo isn’t the hero of the story. Yeon Joo has more power and strength than she realises and to me, she’s the hero.

keep going

I’m trying to find the right words to express the way i’m feeling but i can’t. It’s so hard for me to accept the idea of losing someone who used to be my all. It may hurt at first but when you realize that you deserve better, you chose to keep going. i’m feeling happy, confused, lost, angry, disappointed, and lastly sad. when people ask me whats’s wrong, i get lost in my thoughts, because alot of things went wrong, but i reply to them, “everything is great”. i didn’t lie, everything is “great”, you know why? because i used to get burned by the same flame over and over again, and i kept telling my self, “this is love”. No. love is not burning yourself for someone who put you in hell in the first place, for someone who didn’t appreciate what he had. Love is more than that. every typical girl complains about love and boys when they end their relationship, well i guess i’m not that type of girl, i’m not going to say “f*** love” and “there’s nothing such as love”, there is “love”. prophet mohammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم)loved his wife so much, and he was loyal, kind, and caring. he showed us that love is more than 3 words. take good care of your love and stop playing with their heart, because one day it will be your turn.  


I want to hug you all for all your hard work and amazing skills to bring fandom a to life in different AUs, smut and everything in between! Even if you’re a well known writer or just starting out, you’re all fantastic! Thank you for giving us your talents and you ask for nothing in return!