Got7 seems to be hitting a rough patch lately. Youngjae is out sick, BamBam and the rest of Thailand lost their king, and Mark had to miss his sister’s wedding. Please send them all your love and support❤️

My First Follow Forever

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Hey there lovelies. I just reached a very special milestone for my blog. @smuttygot7scenarios​ has reached 102 followers! I just started up two months ago and I’m already getting a lot of love. And I want to show my appreciation by doing this follow forever. For every milestone I reach I will do one of these. Thanks to you, I will try even harder to bring you more materials for you to enjoy. So without further ado, let’s get on with the followers shall we? ;P

* - special message just for you


@0tfxdess @1000formstodiewithkpop @17-bangtan-boys*


@a-murderers-confession* @ackerman-desu @acremargarida
@aka-lindseyjade @aliceintumblahworld @all-hail-kpop @anotherbtsfangirl @because-life-is-lovely @blj6839612 @browniegirl18


@carote-97-8 @cheekychimchim @cheekyjinjin* @chmoya13 @conservative–sluts @creepy–girl @crucioux @danielles-smol-child @dogslittlehelper
@erin-smh @fandomsinthegalaxies @fangirlingwierdo @fmurph @funicunt


@gidget17 @gotarmyxo @heavenminseok @hoguussii @holyshitstopstanning*
@hoshi-bae @i-am-a-death-dealer @imnotyourpriorityanyway
@jackoffjae* @jaebumgotme @jaebumoppaaa @jamlessvonne @jeanne-lev


@kae-popx @karougirl123 @kawaiihanbin* @kookies-and-myork @krysmintu @ktaehyngs @lashtonsheightdifference @lilmsslele14 @literally-just-reblogs @lulinah @lya-blue-dragon01 @maknaeofreactions@mamidarling @meinleutnant @mrsimanwinchester @mrsrevi18 @mymisstina


@namjoongotthejams @niellezxc @nikkibeautiful @nothingnothingatall
@omg-v-smutaddict @opal987 @otakupandasworld @packhbreak @pawtyhemms @pmpkinth @poisonon-mylips @prince-ofthe-stars


@race-to-grow-up @rimdazy @rizkapratami @sevenpabosandabunchoffans @shinee-growsflowers @sierra-collins-truble @sleepyoonkook @softseo @spooky-tuan* @squareuptaeyong @stoop-girl @supergingerturtle


@the-kpopular-kids @thecrazytowncomics @tinkerbell4600 @unicornwoozi @vividlace @watercolorfireflies @whitepeoplewild @withinkandnibimakemymark @woojaehyunie* @xiuminswifey @xiunu @xoxoihateyou101 @yifanaconda @z-hotch @zelos-small-dick

Special Messages:

@17-bangtan-boys - You were one the first people I started to talk to on here. When I told you about my friend, you were really helping with the situation. You’re one of those people who could make anyone’s problems seem not that bad. So thanks for being the person you are.

@a-murderers-confession - Okay so we started talking because of this hashtag #SaveWinner2K16. And obviously we both loved WINNER. Anyways, you had me cracking up when your username was lasso-u. I loved it. Thanks for always spamming my feed with random stuff. It’s just so weird and awesome.

@cheekyjinjin - Now you were really interested in roleplay when I met you. You were asking me for recommendations to some roleplay blogs and I couldn’t find any. But then we created our own. And we need to do some more stuff for it btw. But anyways, you’re really cool and we need to talk more. Just hit me up again when you’re not so busy.

@holyshitstopstanning - Alrighty now. Iris, i swear to Jisoos Christ we need to talk again. And our blog is so dry. We need to do more stuff and message more. Anyways, you’re a really cool sloth (read your blog description btw) and you’re really funny. And thanks for being Iris.

@jackoffjae - Ummmmm. How can I put this? YOUR FANFICS GIVE ME LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re one of the blogger that inspired me to do my fanfic blog. And that username though. It caught my eye the first few days I was on here. You’re great and keep making awesome fanfics and inspiring me.

@kawaiihanbin​ - My first follower!!!!! Anyways, one of the first blogs I’ve followed and I just gotta say. Your fics get me feeling a type of way *if you know what I mean lol*. And you’re one of the people that inspired me too. I just want you to know that your blog is awesome and don’t stop being great.

@spooky-tuan - OMG. I’m editing this because I forgot about your special message. I’m so sorry. I just love how you spam my news feed with pics and stuff of Mark. I think it’s one of the best things ever. I hope we can get to know each other more. Just message me anytime. I’m always here.

@woojaehyunie​ - Saved the best one for last. Megan, thank you for putting up with me and my shitty fanfics for these past few weeks. I think I can officially call you my best friend on Tumblr. And your love for NCT had really got me wanting to write a bunch of fics for them. The Jaehyun ones will be so lit I promise *cuz I know how much you FREAKING LOVE Jaehyun*. Now you’re really cool and I’m glad to call you my friend. You’re my first Canadian lol *I love Canadians btw*. Anyways, keep spamming me with messages and my feed with random kpop reblogs and stuff like that. And tell one of the moose I said hi.

So to all my followers, THANKS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember:

  • Live your life.
  • Love who you want to love.
  • Be yourself.
  • Keep stanning these awesome ass kpop groups *who are actually hot as fuck but really derpy lol*
  • And love my blog forever!
  • And send in requests. My blog can’t run without you guys!

Be happy, healthy, and loving to one another. I love you all and I hope you guys love me too. Sending love to everyone!!!!! Bye lovelies<3 Till next time.


One Chicago Appreciation Week 2016
Day 4: Favorite Show. Chicago Fire, Chicago PD & Chicago Med

Three Shows, One Chicago: “Chicago will give you a chance, The sporting spirit is the spirit of Chicago.”  - Lincoln Steffens

Follower appreciation post

I’ve been feeling so much love recently and I want to start doing this as a really regular thing because I love you all so much

My most active followers - my ‘biggest fans’ according to tumblr:

Last 24 hours : @@poweredbycreativityandcake, @trixya-monsoon, @pearlsleftbrow, @katyaisnice
Last 3 days : @poweredbycreativityandcake, @papitati , @trixya-monsoon, @pearlsleftbrow
Last 7 days : @poweredbycreativityandcake, @papitati, @trixya-monsoon, @milakristina
Last month : @poweredbycreativityandcake, @papitati, @trixya-monsoon, @theuniversalevolution

People who have sent me asks recently (just the non-anons obviously):
And all the people who are more comfortable staying on anon

Even more thanks to people who send in asks about me on AQ- I try to reblog and reply when I can but sometimes I do forget or don’t have time but I read every single ask and they make me nearly cry with happiness

To summarise- @poweredbycreativityandcake is my biggest fan clearly and I love her. I have 207 followers which I know is not a lot but I genuinely love every single one of you and please, any of you , message me if you want to talk or send an ask on here and I’ll probably get excited and start a conversation myself. Thank you all so much for your support. 💜💜💜💜

anonymous asked:

I hated Amelia so much that I prefer Charlie over her. I've never cared for Charlie because she's too much like me. I hate myself. Rip

Anon, it pains me to hear that you hate yourself, especially if you think you are like Charlie because she’s awesome

I personally find Charlie is the most relatable of all the SPN ladies. Equal parts confident and awkward… she’s just so much fun and super loyal. Also, it’s important to note that when she embraces her true intelligent-geeky-fangirl self that she becomes a brave unstoppable warrior. 

Anon, I’d like to think that if you’re anything like Charlie, you can be a brave warrior too. Just give yourself a chance and embrace the part of you that you think you dislike. Play around with what if you loved that part of yourself? Even for an hour, think that you are a good person, look in the mirror and tell yourself I love you like you mean it. You may feel silly but do it anyway then listen to the happiest feel-good song you know. 

Love yourself first!

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If you guys wouldn’t mind, I would really appreciate it if you could keep me in your prayers and/or thoughts the next few days. I’ve just been completely overloaded with school work and the anxiety is becoming increasingly difficult. I have a midterm and a presentation tomorrow, plus 2 papers due next week and I’m gonna need every bit of strength to get through them. Thanks so much guys! Love you all and sending you all the love. X