Part 2. So I’ve been a little MIA and ignoring everyone.. I got some bad news, had a little breakdown, and picked up 3 jobs. It’s been a wild week but I survived; I’m a little sunburned and pretty tired but very alive. Here’s me in my natural habitat as a token of my appreciation for your patience. Love you all.

A close-up of Yoosung’s superhero outfit!! The winding tubes and bands around his arms are Seven’s contraptions, it concentrates the energy he generates into his palms, allowing him to shape his energy into various things (think Green Lantern) instead of just summoning energy balls! He can still function without the contraption though he often ditches it bc its so hard to place on and take off  hahah

Will probs revise a bit more in the future…but i need superhero names for the RFA lol, if any of you have ideas please say it, i suck at coming up with these things

Reblogs appreciated, i’d love to get this AU around! 

Hello wonderful people *v* I drew this a while ago from one of those pose bases and never ended up sharing it, but I just found it again and thought that you might like to see it? It’s not very good and it’s only a pencil sketch but I thought it was cute enough to make you smile, and because you guys make me smile! I thought! It was worth a shot!!

have a nice day~~


Credit to: @echo-appreciates-you)

I love this so much omg!!! They’re all soooo cute, I’m in love love love with it! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ It did make me smile and omg I’m so happy knowing we’re able to make you smile! ^^ ~Admin 404

THESE ARE ALL SO CUTE OMG AJDHFJAKFSF i love u omg pls keep on drawing <3 they put the bigget smile on my face! ~ Admin 626

iI’m gonna be 10000000% honest when I say that I never thought I’d get this far. It’s only been a little over a month and look at all of you. How did all of you get here? Are you lost? I’m sure you are, but since you’re here I’m just gonna love all of you okay~? Okay. 

The rest is under a read more because I’m gonna ramble.

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an appreciation

i love hippo campus so much,, they remind me of green tea with honey. soft blankets. fairy lights. denim jackets. the feeling of rose petals. the sound of the fizz when you drop a bath bomb into the water. finally getting your instrument in tune. watching film develop from a polaroid. i love them so much.

I just remembered it’s the last day of Jyn Erso appreciation week

Why do I love Jyn?

She’s so damaged, she’s been let-down and left and betrayed so often, and she’s become so hardened by it; and then she comes back to life.  She’s like a desert after the first rain in seven years. 

She has so much core human decency; so much courage, so much capacity to bond with others and stand up and do right; it’s all been bottled up by the desperate need simply to survive; but it comes right back, within a couple of days of her being given a chance.  She gets right up and starts fighting for something bigger than herself again, after everything she’s been through; and she makes personal connections, and won’t give up on them.  She takes an enormous leap of faith, literally days after letting herself feel any kind of hope again for the first time in years.  And she becomes an inspiration to others, a friend, a comrade, a support and a leader.  I don’t just love her, I find her absolutely inspiring.  That indomitability, that resolute inner strength, buried but never lost.  May we all find a little of Jyn in ourselves in difficult times.

applications closed + a great big thanks to you all!

hello everyone! thank you all so much for your support and your excitement for the zine! we are definitely closing the application submission period right now but we just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you to everyone that has followed us, reblogged/liked our posts, applied to join us in our first issue, and just especially all of you for appreciating allura and loving allura.

and honestly, we’re so glad to see all the enthusiasm for her. it’s good to know that she is well-loved as she is so deserving. not to mention that you are all so encouraging to jules and myself! thank you for your lovely messages — we’re honored that you trust us to put this zine together and that you want to see this product be the best. 

fandom, you amaze us every day. we just have to return that love and dedication back.

and nowwwwww, onto application reviewing! jules and i plan to get back to you before the end of this weekend. (timing will be tough but we don’t like to be off schedule and we like to deliver, haha.) everyone will be emailed and notified of our decisions!

again, thank you so much. we know we are among a brilliant fandom and it will take us many tough and hard decisions, but regardless of what happens, please know that we appreciate all of you for sharing your talent. 

no matter what, please continue to shine, as you all always do. 

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im so happy and crying right now ・。゚(゚^ω^゚)。゚・



One day… when we meet… you will hear me SCREAM. You know I love you more than anything honestly, I really love you. So much?? YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS SHIT, I TELL YOU EVERY NIGHT HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU. You stay?? and I appreciate you?? and love you?? so fucking much? I love you, BRF. You’re the only person I know I can tell everything to okay. Bye ily. Hit me up on kik you thirsty hoe

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Melly hope your ok, just let us know, love you...

hii pickle! i’m ok, just have a really bad cold plague-y flu thing. i spent the day yesterday watching Steel Magnolias and pretending I wasn’t crying while I watched it, and sleeping and today to continue the trend, I watched Beaches and then called up my best friend and told her I had a plague-y flu and demanded she bring me to the beach at sunset while Wind Beneath My Wings played. She hung up BECAUSE SHE HAS ZERO APPRECIATION FOR THEATRICS. But I love you for worrying about me and I hope you’re very well and have many quality memes and snacks


I was thinking how unsocial I actually am and how much I want new friends, so if someone would want to talk with me and be friends with me I would really appreciate that. I like Sherlock, love live!, Dan and Phil, drawing, hobbit, Disney and other things. Come talk to me if you want, I just want friends.

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Are you okay? I'm worried about you.

And another Anon asked: “ How are you?”

I really appreciate all the concern and love.  

I’m a big believer that there’s a time for silence.  For me, the aftermath of the bombing was one of those times. Social media is by it’s nature broadcasting your thoughts - and that wasn’t what I wanted to do in the days after the tragedy.

Since then, I haven’t felt much of an urge to start talking about One Direction again.  

That’s partly about my life - over the last few weeks there’s been a tendency for most things to happen when I’m most busy and at times catching up has felt like something I was making myself do.  As I’ve mentioned I then had a week of horrible patriarchy that made me mad at every man who dared exist in a way that impinged on my reality, which is not a very compatible feeling with being a fan of a boyband.  I feel less like that now, but I’m still really busy.  Yesterday I made a list of what I had to over the next month and suddenly I realised why I was a bit overwhelmed.  When I did that it occurred to me that I could not post anything about One Direction for the next six weeks and if I did that I might have more space.

I had basically decided to write a post saying I was going into hibernation and I probably wouldn’t be around till July.  But now I’m not even sure of that.  I’m feeling a bit better a bit more relaxed.  There have been a few posts I’ve wanted to reblog a little bit and one post I wanted to react to (Billboard is not and never will be the equivalent to The Fucking Sun).  I spent a long time trying to figure out who Eleanor reminded me of in those music video pics.  I realised it’s Bad Janet from The Good Place - so I didn’t even need to wonder in the tags to have that question answered.

I quite like lurking and having time to process information. Now they’ve all released music there’s a lot to think about and recalibrate and re-examine previous assumptions.  I like the idea of some fandom fallow time.

So what I’ve decided is that I’m not going to post anything for the next little bit, unless I really want to.  I don’t know how long it’ll be (but at the moment I expect to be back pretty much as I was before Dunkirk comes out). The following things are almost bound to get me out of hibernation:

  • Lyrics from Louis.
  • Almost any political statement by someone associated with 1D.

Otherwise who knows. I’ll keep being silent until I have something to say. Don’t worry about me - I’m just having my time for silence.

Okay, let’s actually gauge this with jumblr -

Who of you would be interested in buying a hand soap bar with scents and ingredients associated with Jewish holidays? I’m wanting to start with Rosh Hashanah and making small batches. 

Comments (and exposure) appreciated. Would also love suggestions with pricing and assistance with getting the appropriate permits to sell.


Sorry just dropping some appreciation to the love of my life! He makes me soooooooo happy, I couldn’t have asked God for anyone better. This man ALWAYS goes above and beyond for me and I don’t think I’d ever be able to fully repay him for all the time he’s spent with me. I’m absolutely madly in love and lucky to have him and I enjoyed EVERY single moment of our weekend together. My love 😍💜💜💜💜💜


I still struggle with accepting my appearance sometimes.
It’s just that I seem to always think that I’m too skinny in some parts of my body.
Like my arms and boobs for that matter but well…
I know I can’t really change my body, so I have to try and accept it..somehow its not really easy.
I feel confident most of the time, but sometimes I don’t and that makes me really sad.

I took some time off tumblr to deal with stuff that happened the past weeks and now I’m back.
I’m doing alright now, I just feel kinda empty still.
I will be back to normal soon.