so i got tagged for more selfies by @akkin-dino @coupscoffee @lil-wooz @wonjimin and @peachyminghao (quite some time ago im sorry, my half heart is for u)

im going to tag a bunch of cuties @svtstan @kwontv @lee-chanuggets @fvckjun @swirlywoozi @svt-dino - if you’re not comfortable with it you don’t have to!!! ❤️ peace!!

Everyone has a secret Valentine but I’m just here, trying to remember the name of Kekkai Sensen’s ending…

I won’t have a valentine this year either ~

Proclamation Night 3: Your sides and stomach.

Ok, now we’ve figured out how to play your ribs, let’s move on to your tummy. It’s just so adorable! I can’t wait to wiggle my fingertips all over its smooth contours. So I won’t! Do you feel it? Playful spidering all along your ticklish wittle tummy? You look so cute right now, giggling away to yourself! N’awww, who likes having her tummy teased? How about these sides? Does it tickle when I use just two fingers to glide up and down their lengths, poking over to softly? My little wonderful, it looks like it tickles a lot! Cootchie coo. Up far enough to reach the base of your ribs, down fair enough to just touch your hips. But we’ll get to them in a minute.
For now, I’m more interested in this belly button! How does it feel when I circle it so slowly? Over and over. You can feel it driving you crazy, can’t you? Well, by the way you’re laughing I guess so. Tickle tickle, this tickwish wittle tummy. But as this finger makes circles, my other hand’s feeling left out, so it’ll squeeze and wiggle along your side, just to keep itself occupied. You seem to be enjoying this, my little wonderful. If that big old smile is anything to go by.
How about the underside of your tummy? I reckon that needs two hands, scribbling away lightly, tantilizing your skin, what do you say? Could you repeat that, you were laughing a bit too much? No? Well, I’ll just have to give it a whirl then. Cootchie cootchie, wittle girl. Just wait, it’s only going to get better as we go down…


Aside from standing at the brink of death the whole time, I had a lot of fun and took some pretty cute selfies. They seemed higher-quality when I took them but oh well. I look cute in all of them so take them all. 👼🌹👼🌹👼🌹