Florence + the Hugs

Have a selfie because I’m feeling reasonably cute right now 😊

The whole Hey!Say!JUMP crew is here to stay😝✊🏼
Honestly, I find them all cute💕
Keito looks so funny here😂😂👌🏼

anonymous asked:

what makeup products do you use bc you look hella flawless in all of your selfies ??? ur literally so cute inside and out oh my go d

  • foundation: revlon colorstay (i use a darker shade for contour cos i can’t find a good palette and even matte bronzers have shimmer and it annoys me) & rimmel stay matte powder
  • mascara: maybelline falsies
  • concealer: maybelline fit me
  • a cheap eyebrow palette thing and a clear gel
  • eos lip balm lmao
  • any liquid eyeliner i’ve had the same one for like 4 years and the label rubbed off but it’s lasted me forever lmao and i think it was like £1 so 
Zelink rant

Okay am I the only one that doesn’t really ship zelink? I mean it’s cute and all, but I just think Link looks so damn cute with some other characters. I feel zelink is overrated and kind of typical, you know, because the hero and the princess yes? Although I do ship it at times. I think in ss they are practically made for eachother as well as spirit tracks too. They look adorable in those games. But overall, I don’t ship it much. I’m just not crazy for it you know? I never really talked about this before but I had to get that off my chest. I feel like people are so judgemental when it comes to shippings, especially when it’s one of the most well known in the franchise. Everytime I fall in love with a zelda ship that is not zelink people will like..HARASS me. I know many zelda fans will be more understanding but so many are just….wow. I mean we’re aloud to ship what we want to, yes? I cannot stand when zelink shippers attack and harass fans who like different ships. We’re aloud to k? Zelda does not OWN Link dang. Excuse my attitude I apologize, but I just needed to rant.

i need a hq camera so i can take a million selfies a day again. I look so cute all the time lately it’s like a crime that it’s not adequately captured


“let’s all give niall an ‘aww’.”