@ pledis y u no style wonwoo’s hair up like u did at the beginning of the promos anymore… do u kno how excited i was to see his SHINING FOREHEAD AND CUTE EYEBROWS like !!!! ….i will supply the hair gel…..just do me a favor and let me see the light that is wonwoo’s forehead and eyebrows……. pLEASE

Imagine Yamaguchi just being like the cutest little death metal fan, like he softly sings to himself in this quiet upbeat happy tone of voice that sounds nothing like the heavy screaming and he wears shirts about blood and chains and all that, but he looks so cute with his smile and freckles and his shy little giggle that nobody really sees him as anything other than the angel he is.



A MASTERPOST of the day this lovely, albeit mysterious, Mark Mann bts photo first appeared: April 18, 2016

*regarding time stamps: I am US west coast time. So, keep that in mind.

1) David and Brick’s video message for NY Jets’ D'Brickashaw Ferguson :) - 6:55am posts article on dd and brick’s tibute

2) Gillian, having either Extra Sensory Perception or just trolled tumblr the day before, catches wind of Mulder’s red revival briefs/speedos up for auction on Ebay & decides to tweet ‘I could have sworn @davidduchovny was an extra large’ - 10:05 am

hehe the boo replies to said tweet: 'if the shoe fits, swim in it.’- 12:12pm 😂

3) @InTheWings4NY tweets their anchor, Gus, is at St. Ann’s Warehouse with Gillian: - 12:07pm

4) David appears Live on MLB Now and signs the Wall of Fame :) 1 - 2pm

The tweet is posted at 3:52 pm that afternoon, but David most likely signs between 2 - 3pm

gif by @foliereduxlink

you can watch the entire MLB Now interview here

5)~~I suspect somewhere around this time, David visits Sirius XM studios and pre-tapes his NPR Fresh Air podcast because the next morning Terry Ross tweets:

listen to 'David Duchovny on baseball and how X-Files made him a better writer’ here. Transcript of interview also included.

6) Photographer Mark Mann, having no clue how..uh dedicated this fandom truly is, casually drops a gillovny bomb on our asses lmao

Mark goes on to answer our burning questions, claiming the photo with David and Gillian was indeed taken on this day (April 18) at The Tribeca Film Festival–hinting he was working for Awardsline / Deadline magazine. Plus, he confirms what we already know. That 'David and Gillian were super cool and a pleasure to work with’. Then, promises to do something 'special for all of you’ once he is allowed *deep heavy sigh* - it’s the kumail podcast all over again 😩 lol

7) later that evening, Gilly Bean attends 'The Gabriela Hearst Dinner in Celebration of Gillian Anderson’ and tweets a thank you the very next day:

WWD article here


Kitty Milk, submitted by @badlydrawnunicorntyki

Thank you so. Damn. Much. and bless your soul omg This is adorable!!!!


Xiumin’s always ready to fight Baekhyun