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this kid is so cute

I’ve designed him with androgynous features to do so.

He’s supposed to fit the bill of ‘cute’. So cute he could be a girl (which he could because he’s made of sweet ink and gender is p much just a social thing for him.)

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Honestly, I think Taehyungie is the most kinky one out of them all. He looks so cute and cuddly but he's a freak. But like a romantic freak who'll run you a bubble bath with rose petals, then massage your aches away. Then eat you out until you beg for his cock, not saying he'll stop. Buttttt he'd make you ride him so he can worship your breast. Then have you face the mirror so he can show you fucked out you are. Then end it with the 69 position

Day Six - Jumin Han

who else listens to BTS? because i can’t wait for the Not Today vid, i love the song so so much

  • Why does he have to work on Valentines??? (‘A`)
  • He ended up writing a note for you when you woke up.
  • “Good morning, I’m sorry for working today but I’m leaving earlier than usual so expect me home at around noon.”
  • He also does call you at lunch time.
  • When he comes out of work, you’re waiting for him - but you don’t anticipate the several bouquets of roses he has in his hands.
  • “I’m ever so sorry for not being able to spend the whole day with you, my love.”
  • He’ll agree to do anything that you want to do.
  • Persuading him to watch a TV show with you in the evening was funny.
  • But Jumin looked so cute all snuggled up in the blankets.
  • And the two of you shared chocolate all night until you just both collapsed on the sofa.
  • The guards found the fact that Jumin was asleep underneath a pastel pink and purple blanket rather amusing.
  • He threatened to fire them if they told anyone.

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I love your cosplays and I love you don't get me wrong but when you cosplay girls I'm super uncomfortable and don't know how to feel like one half is like woa what a good cosplay you go boy but the other half is like wait you're a boy I like seeing you like the masculine man you always are

Just because i cosplay girls doesn’t make me any less of a boy! I kind of consider it drag and the fact that i’m able to look so cute is funny and all my friends joke about me being a trap. Anyways just see it as “oh shit a boy who can do both” because underneath those fake eyelashes and shit i’m still a very masc dude who just happens to really like love live


Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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