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“Everything’s going to be all right, as long as we stick together.”

“Don’t worry, handsome, I’m not going anywhere. Close is right where I like you.”

Being tiny doesn’t have many advantages in the wasteland, but piggy back rides from the sniper boyfriend are definitely among them.

The brilliant and talented @oatson has brought the scrawny wasteland dorks to life so beautifully, and I absolutely adore every single thing about it!! (Commissions are closing July 19th, and I highly, highly recommend snagging a spot while you have the chance!)

WinWin’s Kinks


  • I think WinWin would be into the aesthetic of Shibari.
  • He loves to see how the rope hugs onto your body.
  • Through all of it’s curves and bumps.
  • The gentle red marks the rope leaves on your skin.
  • Even the soft purple and blue bruises that are left by where it was too tight.
  • He likes to take it slow.
  • To really feel for your body.
  • His hands would trace the outline of your waist.
  • Making goosebumps ripple across your body.
  • It makes it all the more passionate when he looks you in the eyes.
  • Locking contact with you.
  • His eyes would draw you in.
  • Okay, but ponder this.
  • WinWin would be hella good at oral.
  • No, seriously.
  • His tongue knows all the right places.
  • Accompanied by his thumb on your clit.
  • Sending you into ecstasy.
  • Having sex with WinWin is always very up close and personal.
  • He loves the romantic aspect of having sex.
  • Watching your chest rise and fall quickly.
  • Feeling your body wiggle above him when he eats you out.
  • He pays close attention to all of the details.
  • Which makes him so ideal when it comes to pleasuring you.

to-me-youre-a-princess  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you do a fic about Lucas carrying the purple jellybean everywhere with him after the scale scene up until the bay window scene in ski lodge part 2! Thanks😙

Sorry this took so long! I hope you like this! :)

The Purple Jellybean

Lucas stared at the little jellybean in awe. He didn’t know what to say.

Maybe that he knew all along. That this was never a choice he had to make, but a choice she had to make in order to continue being what they were.

“You gonna eat that?” Zay asked propping his head on Lucas’s shoulder and batting his eyelashes playfully. “Those are really good and I already ate half of them when you weren’t looking.”

Lucas’s green glare fell on Zay who put his palms up in defense.

“I was just asking,” Zay muttered. “Farkle hogged all the yellow ones because he likes the lemon ones. Plus it’s just a piece of candy.”

“This is not just a piece of candy!” Lucas exclaimed holding up the jellybean.  "This is my future.“

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My Pleasure| Semi Finale

You’re in need of extra cash and seek potential sugar daddies online. One day you happen to stumble upon a rather interesting profile of a 34 year old, Kim Namjoon.

Word Count: 3,240

Ch.1| Ch.2| Ch.3| Ch.4| Ch.5| Ch.6

Warning: Semi-smut, mentioning of blood

A/N: Y’all thought the story was confusing enough

-Admin D

You woke up with your limbs tangled around another body. You slowly open your eyes to see him peacefully sleeping, mouth parted open, neck scattered with purple and red marks. You stared at them in fear, did all of that really happen last night? You tried moving but you were met with a sharp pain. Your muscles were sore all around, especially around your thighs, stretching to make it more bearable. You looked down at yourself expecting to be naked but saw you were wearing his sweater that hung at your shoulder.

You felt the bed move and a finger trace down your spine. “Good morning,”Jin said in a raspy voice. He wrapped his arms around you tracing his lips against your exposed shoulders causing you to shudder. “Oh how are you going to hide this from your beloved boyfriend?”he asked. Your eyes widened in horror, where else could he have left his mark? His breath neared your ear making you flutter your eyes shut and arch your back.

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Remember you said you had purple hair??? (73 years ago lol) Could you maybe do a self portrait?? PLEASE

hi i’m really awkward irl (please don’t ask for selfies after this- I won’t post any lmao)

Exactly one year ago, I started this blog, low key reblogging gifs and reading fics. Never thought that I would end up becoming good friends - no, family - with a lot of you. Never thought I would post fics for others to read, but I just crossed the 100k word mark for SPN fics including J2BB last week and upcoming WBB (whaaat?) THANK YOU ALL for following and being supportive and awesome! 

So, how about three-word prompts this weekend to celebrate? Pick one from each column below (Sam + purple + angst, Dean + air + smut, get it? if you want Wincest, be specific). If you want inspiration on colors to use, look at this. I will bust out drabbles and ficlets for you this weekend. I can’t wait to see what you choose!

Started a tag list of all the blogs I love but things are crazy right now! So I will do a Part II, I promise.

 “U-Um…. Excuse me… Are you… Looking for a… Erm…. Good time?” The stallion seemed extremely unsure with himself for saying that to the stranger. 

 He was dressed in a cheap sequin dress with his scars covered in purple silk bandages. His face was prettied up with bold makeup and a heart was drawn on her rump and above his stump. 

 The stallion who ‘hired him’ said this was the best way to earn his bits and to help all of them out…

anonymous asked:

i was drawing phil and only my fairy lights were on thinking i was drawing with a black colored pencil but it was actually purple rip now i have to do it all over again

D: rip– whenever I draw with dim lights it looks good but as soon as I turn on the lights I realize its actually shit

Spent like a good part of the day yesterday making all of these! Wanted to make myself a pin to wear for Team Mystic as well as pins for Pathfinders and Prospectors which I had an awful time trying to make the right colors, so I made some pins for all 3 of the Pokemon Go teams, and will make more pins for all the other BLADE factions sometime as well. Going to work on some Vocaloid ones later too, but those take much longer. 

Each one is different, as I was playing around with colors and whatnot. Also had some metallic pens I’ve really been wanting to use, so figured this was a good chance. They were great for Mystic and Instinct, but Valor’s looks more purple/pink than any kind of red, unfortunately.

i had a dream me and some friends were hanging out with calum and he was wearing this purple berry coloured lipstick for some reason (i had just woken up and went to see what they were doing bc i heard them laughing) and i was like “is that lipstick? it looks good” and he laughed and started like leaning closer pretending to wanna kiss me (to smudge the lipstick all over my face) but i didn’t back away bc i actually did wanna kiss him and turns out he actually wanted to kiss me too so we ended up almost making out and oh my god it was magical


You cant blame the kid for getting quickly bored when sent to their room to rest due to having the crash from all that sugar. Damn trickster thing. While they suffered from stomach ache after stomach ache, they could always hear Toriel laughing with someone, but they couldn’t get the voice from the castle walls. Maybe it was just Asgore or something.

However, curiosity was something Purple never had good control over, even though their body was yelling at them to get more rest. Time to investigate. Upon hearing the voice arrive again, the child slowly walked out, trying not to clutch their stomach as it gurgled in protest. They at least looked somewhat presentable, normal clothes on minus the Mary Janes and socks. Once at the top of the stairs, they looked down to who was at the base of them.

* Sans…?

No, this was a different one. His appearance was different from the one married to the pop star, and it certainly wasn’t their brother.  Going down a few steps, the humans red eyes squinted to make out all the details on him.

* No, not Sansdy’s…
* Uh, greetings.
* Did Toriel invite you over?

anonymous asked:

oh omg!! plushkin androgynous! but i love skirts!! have a good day!! i hope that u dont get overwhelmed with asks!! <33

aaa I dont remember exactly what you wanted but assuming you say you like skirts, i’m going to assume fashion?? of course though!! plushkin still sounds super cute! Sorry these are all feminine but it’s hard to find cute plush looking things that’re masculine;; Hopefully you like them regardless!

Fuzzy blue sweater [X] $17.28


Purple skirt/suspenders [X] $8.99

Fuzzy knee high socks [X] $12.78

Brown tutu skirt [X] $27.09

So bestie and I bought a bunch of Wet N Wild makeup at Rite Aid today. There was a real good sale so I bought some new lipstick colors to try out. I usually stick to pinks bc i obviously love pink and most pink shades look good on me but since the lipsticks were so cheap I decided to be adventurous! And im so glad i did because i am loving this purple brown shade! The grunge goth kid in my soul is weeping tears of joy! This will probably be my go to shade in the autumn when i trade all my bright colored summer dresses in for some flannel and boots. ^^

Blind!Lance AU

I saw your idea and wanted to send this. It’s short, and I’m not sure it’s really good since I’ve never written for Voltron before and don’t think I have a good enough grasp of their characters, but I wanted to try. So, here’s something for you.


Lance had always heard talk of what the world around them looked like. Blue skies with white clouds, the green grass filled with flowers of every color, and sunsets blending together reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and more to create a view more stunning than anything else. Every time his family tried to explain, their voices tinged with a mix of pity and astonishment, he found himself wishing he could see.

All his life Lance had been told what he couldn’t do. He couldn’t play too far outside. He couldn’t touch anything in the kitchen. He couldn’t ride a bike. He couldn’t go swimming past where his feet could touch. He couldn’t become a pilot.

He was sick of everyone telling him what he couldn’t do.

When he’d finally met Hunk, and then Pidge, the two hadn’t said anything about him being blind. They’d simply went with it and gave him a nudge in the right direction if he was having trouble. They never told him he couldn’t do something, but went with him as he did it. It was the first time Lance had felt that he was normal.

When they’d found Keith and Shiro, Lance could tell they were wary of him not being able to see. They doubted he could keep up. Yet while Lance knew that was what they thought, neither ever said it out loud. They simply observed and reevaluated their assumptions of him as they went, joining Hunk and Pidge in guiding him in the right direction rather than telling him he couldn’t do something.

When they found the blue lion, Lance had been surprised that he’d been the one chosen. He hadn’t let it show, but in the back of his mind he’d assumed it wouldn’t be him because of his eyes.

And then he sat inside.

For the first time, Lance had a view of the world around him. He silently marveled at the cave that surrounded them, and his eyes teared up as he realized that he could see Hunk, and Pidge, and Shiro, and Keith. He could see the colors that his family had always tried to describe for him. He could see the grins on his friends faces.

Swallowing down his tears, Lance laughed happily. Nobody could tell him he couldn’t do something anymore, because so long as he was connected to his lion, he could do anything.



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