Welp!  I don’t normally post commissions, but I’ve been thinking about it lately… so here’s some of the digital commissions I’ve been working on!  

I also had my first disappointed customer today, so I figured maybe I’d post what I’ve been working on so people can get a feel for what I’m doing and how I draw.  As you can see they’re all a little different.  If you commission me and you have a specific drawing of mine in mind, please let me know!  That way, you can avoid being disappointed, and I can avoid feeling like an ass for charging you for work that you’re disappointed with. 

Sorry for the mini rant, just want to address the issue for future commissioners!

Here’s my original commission post!

bottom right is for valenfield.
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Tender Love MV // eye contact theory

Because I felt like Sherlock today and because I ultimately got 5 requests to do this *cries a bit*// Please give me credit, I researched pretty hard for this theory <3

I don’t know about you, but I felt like I was thrown back to the 2013 when I saw this *laughs*, so I’ll just throw in what I believe aha. This is just a theory, I have no idea if this is true, this post is just to ignite your inner sherlock because I realised that no one has done this yet o.o 
- Val

All gif credits belong to their respective owners <3

Theory : This video IS from 2013.

If you see from the video, all the members hair cuts are all very similar from 2013. If you didn’t notice, some of the videos had a different quality to each other - the very tell tale sign was during Baekhyun’s cut when the video had a pink tinge - which meant that the video was pretty old when filmed and the quality could not be salvaged, or meaning that Baekhyun’s cut was a behind the scenes film and the background lights were not turned on.
This also probably meant that they were filmed between the periods of Wolf and Growl because their hair cuts were from different eras too. For example, Sehun’s haircut is exactly the same from Growl version 2 while Chanyeol’s was the same as Wolf. Wolf was released on the 30 May while Growl was released on 31 July. So, if I’m not wrong, this may have been filmed in somewhere around early May while the members switched around their hair styles. 

Another tell tale sign was when I saw Xiumin’s hair style. In Wolf, the orange had an rather dark color as it was probably dyed for the MV. While in tender love, the color is quite faded [ you can see streaks of dark brown in his hair, meaning that the hair had grown out a bit ]. Meaning that the orange had been there for a long time. Another reason why this could never have been from 2015 was because of how light that orange was. This ultimately meant that the orange had been there for a while on Xiumin’s hair - also meaning that the fans would have had pictures of his orange hair in 2015 if the hair was new. Also, the members were promoting for CMB when they received this track, meaning that we would have definitely found his orange hair either way if Xiumin had dyed his hair for this video - but we didn’t, meaning that this video was salvaged from an old film - and the closest I could get was to the Wolf/Growl era. 

NOW, for someone thing I bet most of you didn’t realize. 

When they exactly filmed this and at what situation. 

I was looking through some MVs to compare their hairstyles when I went to a video - a specific video where ALL of their hairstyles matched. I’m talking about XOXO’s 2013 album photoshoot. [ the one where all ships blossomed and became permanent ] It was only in that situation where I could find a brunette D.O and Lay, a blonde Sehun, a light haired Baekhyun, a boyish hair cutted Suho and orange haired Xiumin. 

The obvious tell tale sign was actually from Lay. Lay has stated repeatedly that he prefers having black hair and Lay was brunette in Tender Love - and the last time he got brunette was in 2013 during their photoshoot for their XOXO album. Even in Wolf, he wasn’t brunette. The only time he did though, was for the photoshoot. Even for CMB, the closest we got to a brunette Lay was blonde Lay - and holy sh*t, I needed blonde Lay everyday - please.

Also, it was honestly Sehun and Chanyeol’s hair color that drove me to this conclusion the moment I saw this in the photoshoot video.

Sehun’s hair WAS HONEY BLONDE while Chanyeol’s was FRESH LIKE A MOWED GRASS FIELD. For wolf, you can tell that Chanyeol’s buzz cut had grown out a bit and this is one is AS FRESH AS tender love.

This meant that they filmed this before 2013′s promotions begun. The photoshoot video was uploaded in June 2013 - meaning that the tender love video was filmed in the late May/ early June. 

ANOTHER HELLA OBVIOUS CLUE WAS IN THE LOGO. Everyone in the film knows that exo is now promoting under the exodus/LMR logo, NOT the first class logo. SM would never have been idiotic enough to have made a 2015 video and logo-marked it with a 2013 logo. It’s basically calling for an exo-l riot. My guess is that the current clips in the TL video was supposed to be included in the photoshoot video, but was cut off for some reason and the staff was unable to remove the watermark and thus just stuck with it. Besides, production wise speaking, it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to have filmed this in 2015 because the members were doing EXO’LuXion. Therefore, even if they had filmed this in 2015, any hair change would have been easily spotted on stage. Also, the members would have been to busy to even stay put to dye their hair for a 30 second cameo in a video.

And, lastly, for anyone daring to fight me on this, if you read the lyrics to tender love, they have NOTHING to do with what was shown on the video. I mean it did do the whole lovely dovey thing, but what they did DID NOT match the lyrics. IF you looked at the photoshoot video, the members were given individual sets to take their photos and had plenty of white wall space. This probably meant that these films were actually supposed to be a photoshoot idea but was scraped off in the end.

So yeah, that was my theory :D
I sounded wayyy too aggressive in this post oops.
But hey, do you know what this theory meant?

So, to end this post off,


PokéAsk Blog Headcanon Voices

A fun little video I put together featuring the voice headcanons I have for my past and present ask blog characters, inspired by VivziePop’s headcanon voice video for her OCs!

All audio belongs to its respective owner, and all Pokémon species belong to Game Freak. No copyright infringement intended!

The full version of the ‘In The End’ anime mix AMV
All gifs belong to their respective owners, I just pulled them off the internet.

A friendly seaside community, where the sun is hot, the waves are beautiful, and strange creatures rise from the depths while we all pretend to ignore them…

midtime wondered what would happen in a Steven Universe and Welcome to Night Vale crossover. I couldn’t help but read it, and maybe add one or two of my own touches.

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Zhao Jiamin Gif Hunt
  • Age: 17 (almost 18)
  • Ethnicity: Chinese
  • Known for: being a member of SNH48’s Team SII
  • Gif Count: 48

Below the cut are small, mostly high quality and textless gifs of Zhao Jiamin. None of these gifs belong to me, and all credit goes to their respective owners.

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Polaroid Oneshot #1: First pic and a Thousand Yard Stare

Disclaimer: I do not own anything no do I make any profit from this. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. This is purely a hobby and something I’d like to share because I fell in love with Zach Mitchell. The pic ain’t mine. I found it online and and idea struck. That’s it. So without further ado…

Log line: A school assignment that just happened to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Pairing: Zach Mitchell/OC

Time: Post Jurassic World

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Solo Act 23/?

Title: Solo Act
Author: GreysBonesIsles
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: T
Disclaimer: All copyrighted material in this story belongs to their respectful owners.

Summery: Singer Callie Torres is one of the biggest super stars in Hollywood. Getting ready to head out on her world tour, she first has to hire a new personal assistant. Will the perky, blue eyed, blonde woman be able to live up to the task as a personal assistant to her celebrity crush?

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