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Break: A sequel to Surprise

author’s note: this is the sequel to surprise by @torontogawd what we started and as we saw so many notes of saying you want another part, i was willing to write the second part, hope you like it. also this is very unedited so pardon me x also this took me literally idk how many months i’m so sorry

“Girls, girls, take it little easier and more quiet! You’re waking daddy up,” they both seemed to be restless and very into making some pancakes before Shawn is waking up. The break had started two days ago and it had been really tiring all way back home to Toronto with your loving husband and with two twins. Ava was like little Duracell rabbit, she couldn’t even stay stable for one second but that’s where Shawn’s wife, Y/N, had to find something that both of them had fun to do and make.

“Mommy, Victoria isn’t helping me,” Ava’s whiny voice tinged in Y/N’s head, reminding that she isn’t okay with something. Victoria was tasting the liquid or tough of a pancake and peeked from her eyecorner that nobody can catch her.

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Telling time

I’ve broken bread at all the wrong tables
Written life into a story of exaggerated fables
Held hands with death and watched it run away
Held hands with friends at the last breath they take
I’ve seen skies break open pouring hatred in my eyes
I’ve been humbled by love and the pain I’ve felt inside
I’d be lying if I said I always knew wrong from right
The truth is with this life you always have to fight
Kick in those doors being slammed in your face
Whether you’ve been told or not this life is but a race
Not to the top but to times end giving chase
The clock never stops and mistakes you can’t erase



My Taylor Swift Story…

Up until Fearless I was a pretty casual fan of Taylor. I had heard the hits off of her first album but besides that didn’t know much about her.

Fearless was released in November of 2008 and I absolutely loved the album. I had been in a tumultuous back and forth relationship for years and between my best friend Lauren and that album, somehow I came out of it stronger and more sure of myself than ever before.

On May 15th, 2009 my whole world shattered around me. Lauren had died instantly in a car accident. She was just gone. The kindest most perfect soul I had ever found solace in was ripped from my life in a second.

After losing Lauren I was in the darkest place of my life. There were nights I would find myself curled up on the floor sobbing, begging for God to take me and give her back. She was so much more deserving of every single moment of life she had ahead. Many of these nights I would listen to Taylor’s song Breathe on repeat and remind myself over and over that I cannot waste this life I have left, Lauren’s was stolen away so quickly and I will not take for granted these moments I have got. I can’t breathe without you… But I have to.

It was after this that I realized so many of the traits in Lauren I cherished so deeply were reflected in Taylor. The way she was so selfless, humble, kind, dorky, and some how able to be the greatest of friends with everyone in the blink of an eye. She was my soulmate and somehow I found solace in the fact that Taylor existed.

The quirkiest little things have come up recently that have solidified my belief that Taylor is destined to be my hero and role model. First of all Lauren’s middle name is Abigail… Lauren Abigail, as many of you know Taylor’s long time best friends name is Abigail Lauren.. I think I cried for about 3 hours when I realized this.

I know that all of you have a similar story of heartbreak, loss, or joy that led you to Taylor, and this is mine. Thank you Taylor, you and your words literally saved me.



Creative theme version of Iceland - take the 4 Greek elements, Water/Ice, Earth, Air/wind, and heat/light, and explore them in a single video. Original caption:

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Holding Out For A Hero

Jonerys - Modern AU (Part 1)

Jon is a marine and Dany is an interior designer. 

Jon was stationed in Iran and has been gone for almost 3 years. He decides to surprise his wife.

Dany is getting preparations done for her room decor launch and has been weighed down with stress from work, the charming blessing of their baby and terribly missing her husband. Skype and phone calls don’t compare.

Jon is excited beyond anticipating the moment he gets to see his girls again. Sure, he’d have to go pay his family a visit but not until he’s seen his wife of 5 years. Before Jon left Daenerys was only entering her first trimester and now almost 3 years later he gets to hold his girls in his arms. He notices his bag and picks it up from the moving belt and saunters over towards the doors to catch a cab home from the airport. 

He wanted to surprise them. He wanted to see the look on their faces when they finally get to see each other in person and not through mediums of lenses, sound and technology that doesn’t compare.

A cab stops in front of him and he gets in clapping the driver on the shoulder while relaying their address. Daddy’s coming home.


“Eleanor baby come on we get your shoes cause we’re going to grandma today huh?” she blatantly asks the toddler while strapping her shoes on.

“Mawma where daddy?” the little girl wonders in a small voice.

Even though he left before he could have a fraction more time with her while Eleanor was still inside her womb, she would’ve liked that her husband be present for when she birthed her. But alas, duty calls and more gravely, her husband’s honour to serve the country would ultimately win in the end.

However, that never stopped her from doing everything she could to show Eleanor that she has a father. Whether it was placing headphones on her belly and playing recordings of her husband’s voice, Skyping endlessly and always having Eleanor in her arms so she could see her father or even placing more photos of him in her rooms and everywhere in the house, her daughter will not miss a day knowing her father is real, although not present, but loves her recklessly.

“He’s coming in a months’ time sweetheart we’ll see him very, very soon,” Daenerys reassured her 3-year-old and almost loses the ties that bind her emotions together.

She misses him terribly. His handsome brooding face and that small scar right above his left brow. She misses his strong arms that makes her give out breath every time he goes to squeeze her with undeniable refuge. She misses the way he would lean against the wall or the kitchen counter with his arms folded, a glint in his eyes and a smirk to match his demeanor. She misses him.

“Ok baby go get your duggie and let’s get in the car!”

She kisses her on the forehead and Ellie runs off to her room. She gets her bags and double checks that she has everything before she hears Ellie running back with her fluffy best friend and not a moment more she hears a car door closing and footsteps up her front porch. She doesn’t even get a moment to collect her thoughts before the inevitable knock rings on her front door. She goes to grab Ellie’s hands and for a moment she uses that comfort to hold onto as refuge. Even if she finds it in her daughter to keep it together.

Everything fills her at once. All emotions except for happiness or joy or even peace as she anticipates what awaits her outside.

It’s not the mailman. She doesn’t think it’s the delivery guy. She’s not expecting anyone. Not even the cavalry that goes to family doors to deliver terrible news. Families who have men or women who serve valiantly only to be approached by soul deafening news.


Not my Jon. She pleads to whoever or whatever is listening.

“Yo D!” came a shout and her shoulders sink in relief, her heart rising in pulses again in certain hopes that death hasn’t arrived at her doorstep. At least not today.

“Open!” she retorted back whilst looking down to Ellie as she is already staring back with a pout on her lips and blue eyes with a knowing glint of what had just occurred.

Daenerys would never hide anything from her daughter. She never hid her emotions, for when she’s feeling down, stressed or even when she would talk about how much they both miss Jon, with Eleanor, Daenerys never hides a thing. Just like how she never kept from her daughter that when a time comes for daddy to go to heaven, two knights of armor would appear at their door and tell them that daddy made it to paradise. Tell them that daddy was a fighter and he was so very much a hero.

Eleanor squeezes her mother’s fingers back in reassurance with a smile on her face and Daenerys hopes that the day would never come to watch that smile disappear.

“EL! Come give your uncle a hug!” Rob bellows at the opened door and crouches down to open his arms as Eleanor screams her delight for her uncle and charges at his opened embrace.

“Ready for the big day out with grandma? You’re going to have so much fun you’re gonna leave mommy jelly!” she strolls over to the pair and gives Robb a brotherly hug before giving him Ellie’s bag.

“How are you D?”

“I’m well. I’ll be ok Rob, he’s coming next month,” she forces a smile before bending down to her little ones’ level and gives a kiss on the forehead before saying, “I love you and have fun today.”

She says a final goodbye to the pair and slowly closes the door after watching them drive away in Robs’ four-wheeler.

She takes a deep breath and starts towards her bag to finish packing.

Knock … knock!


The cab pulls over at the front of the house and he passes the driver the bill for the ride and slowly gets out of the cab staring up at their home. He hears a faint ‘Thank you for your service sir’ and he humbly waves the driver off before strolling up towards the steps.

I am home.

Honey I’m home.

My sweet little Eleanor daddy’s home!

Part 2 is coming soon and I have an idea how it’s going to go, Feedback is always appreciated but message me about it. This work is unbeta’d but my other fic that I’m currently writing definitely will be. 

Ocean’s deep - Drabble

Fanart owner @omurizer-draws-things who kindly agreed to use her amazing work for this humble drabble that doesn’t make it justice at all. I mean look at, it it’s perfect… After taking my breath away it took me some time to realise it’s not real. Bless her fingers and imagination. this is real talent. OMG Suhito where are you to see this?

A/N: I had this in my draft before my decision of stop writing for a while, and as I just got the approval to use the fan art I am posting it… Thanks for reading ^_^


Suho x Reader


‘Should I help her? What is it? It or… she maybe?’

He kept looking at her body from above as she fell slowly towards the darkest and deepest side of the ocean.

‘Yeah, I think she is a female of whatever weird creature from the surface…. if I just got a little bit closer…’

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one step forward, two steps back (v2.0) - 1

Way back when, last December, to be exact, I gifted a fic to @apparitionism for the B&W Secret Santa extravaganza. I’d threatened a second part, which is nearly ready to go, but before that I needed to do some housecleaning on the first story (thank you appy for pointing out issues.) So I’m starting over by posting an edited version of this story then moving on to a six chapter “part two” that fixes everything. I’ll be posting new chapters regularly, maybe every other day if I can mange, just to get this out of my system. 

NOTE: This story is an inbetweener - set after episode 4.8 “Second Chance” (the one when Mrs. F tells Helena to disappear with the astrolabe) but before 4.9 “The Ones We Love.”


As the loudspeaker crackles to life, Myka pushes herself up into sitting position and snuggles further into her coat. She glances to the side at Pete, still lying next to her, sprawled across three whole seats. He hasn’t moved an inch since she dozed off.

“Pete,” she says, more as a puff of air than a name.

No response.

Pete,” she repeats, louder, adding a poke to the arm.

“Ggnah,” he grunts, flinching but holding his position.

“Get up. Our gate’s moved.”

“Fivemoreminutes,” he mumbles, pulling the hood of his jacket over his eyes.

“Fine,” she says through a yawn and stretches her neck to the left then right. “I’m going to go clean up. Be ready when I get back.” She shoots Pete a stern eye, but he’s already dozed off. She’ll wake him for real when she gets back.

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Pure Craving

Summary: In which Hinata has intense food cravings and Naruto tries his best to deliver.

Note: Hi guys! NaruHina has been one of my strongest and longest OTP’s, and I’m surprised this is my first fanfiction of them! I always figured these two would take my fanfiction virginity, but somehow they didn’t. Either way, I’m so happy to finally contribute to my 7-year OTP! Hope you enjoy!

Naruto felt his breath and all the stresses of his day sigh away the moment he saw his home. It was a humble little house, but the memories that it held were everlasting. He and Hinata had moved in a couple years ago, but he still couldn’t get over the feeling of giddiness every time he returned home from a long mission.

He’s been more reluctant to leave home as of late, since the announcement of Hinata’s pregnancy. Neither were expecting the news a couple months ago, but both quickly accepted and welcomed the upcoming arrival. Naruto himself was overjoyed and terrified. He didn’t know what kind of dad he would be, or if he would even be a good one, but Hinata’s consistent reassurance helped sooth him.

There was no doubt in his mind that Hinata would be a good mother. She was the most caring woman Naruto had ever met. Hell, after they moved in together Naruto didn’t know how he ever functioned without her. She became the beacon of his life, his best friend, one of his most precious people.

Naruto approached the front door and swung it open.

“Hinata!” Naruto called out eagerly, closing the door behind him. “I’m…. home?”

Naruto stood at the entryway of their kitchen, completely frozen.

Or well, what looked like their kitchen. Mess didn’t quite cover what Naruto was witnessing. Every imaginable drawer was opened and emptied, their convents scattered all over the floors and tabletops. No crevice was left exposed. It looked as though they’ve been thoroughly ransacked. In fact, Naruto would have been under the impression that they had been robbed if it weren’t for Hinata standing in the midst of the chaos, smiling at him completely oblivious.

“Welcome back, Naruto-kun!” She greeted him, leaning out from behind a cabinet. “How was your mission?”

“Uh,” Naruto regarded his wife carefully. “It was fine?”

“Oh good!” Hinata smiled. “I’m glad.”

Naruto just stared. He was waiting for the part where Hinata explained the state of the room. This was too much for simple house cleaning. And they weren’t due to move out of the house for another few months.

After a few more moments of no enlightenment, Naruto decided to speak up.

“So uh,” Naruto scratched the back of his head. “What’s with all…?”

He gestured around. “This?”

“Oh!” Hinata glanced around the room, as if just noticing the disorder herself. “I’m sorry for the mess, Naruto-kun. I was just searching for that box of cinnamon rolls we bought the other day.”

Ah. That explained the mess. For the last few weeks, Hinata had been experiencing some intense cravings. Her most common desire was cinnamon rolls. Naruto had witness her devour an entire case of them in under six minutes. It was both frightening and slightly arousing.

“Oh, that,” Naruto rubbed the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly. “I ate the last one this morning when I was running late. I’m sorry.”

When Naruto didn’t hear an immediate response, he blinked his eyes open.


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That Couldn't Have Happened, Right?

This is my humble offering for the @carryon-countdown Day 2: Fifth Year!!! I hope it’s good….


Baz was about ready to snap. He felt claustrophobic, not able to take a second to breathe. Everything was just crushing upon him, causing problem after problem, none of which he could fix. He felt like a rabbit being cornered in by a ferocious wolf, and he was powerless.

And there was only one person that was the source of his problems. His blue eyes, golden curls and skin that the sunlight caught in a way that made Baz unable to look away. The way his lips would curl as he snarled at Baz and the furrow of his brow as he pulled out his sword, ready to slash down anything in his path. Simon Snow was like a god, and Baz wasn’t sure if he should be trying to bring that god to his knees, or if he was supposed to take the bullet for him.

Everytime he saw Simon, his heart flipped more than a gymnast. He found himself watching him as he fell asleep and dreaming of a day they wouldn’t be enemies. He found himself looking at Simon laugh across the hall with his friends, and wished that he could be a part of that. That he could cause his lips to turn up in a charming smile that made Baz melt into a puddle.

Baz bit his lip, worrying at the skin there. He felt the bite of one of his fangs and stopped, before he caused a bigger mess. That was the second part of his problems. Everyday he felt the hunger clawing at his stomach and he smelled blood everywhere. He constantly worried that his fangs would pop out in the middle of class, exposing him to the rest of the world. He would be reduced to nothing, scared of his own shadow.

Maybe Baz would’ve survived it if it wasn’t for Simon bloody Snow following his every move. He wasn’t even subtle about it. When he was in the catacombs, he heard the rocks skitter and Simon swear as a mouse scrambled past. He saw him in the corner of his eye as he went to classes and saw him sleeping with one eye open. And he was scared to see him succeed. Not because it could expose him, but just to see what he would do. Maybe he’d kill him, sinking his fangs into his neck and drink the sunlight within him. Maybe he’d press him up against the wall, tucking his fangs away and latching his hands in his hair, kissing him until his lips where sore. Or maybe he’d get down on his knees, his arms spread out wide as Simon pushed the sword through his heart, causing it to slow to a stop, his blood wetting the cobblestones.

Baz didn’t know what he would do if Simon ever caught him. Maybe it was a good thing that when he finally did, both of them where having a hard time keeping their eyes opened.

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The Other Winchester ~ Part 15 ~ Rebirth

Originally posted by twenty1-grams

Warnings: Death, Demons, loss

Pairings: Dean X Reader (Platonic)

Word Count: 2434



Reader’s POV

I let out a heavy sigh as I lay down in the backseat of the Impala. Dean had taken the keys back and decided that I was to sit in the back while he and Sam came up with a plan. When we reached the location the lady had given Sam it had turned dark. Sam says he is gonna go check it out and Dean stays back with me. I climb out of the car and follow Dean to the trunk where he opens it to reveal the arsenal inside. Nat and Tony were backing up Steve who said that Castiel and Gadreel hadn’t made contact yet.

“So are we not gonna talk about the obvious horse in the room?” Dean says and I let out a sigh.

“Dean, I know what I’m doing.”

“No you don’t (Name), that mark is too much for you.”

“Oh and you could handle it? Dean you went nuclear on an Angel and started roaring like a dragon.”

“I’m trying to protect you,”

“I’m a grown woman Dean, I can protect myself. It’s time you and Sammy learned that.” I say as I move back to the back seat and pull out the blade. I place it in my belt and lean against the car waiting for Sam to come back. When he does he walks up to Dean and clears his throat. “Anything?” Dean asks and I stare at them.

“Uh, Yeah. He’s up there. About a mile up the road.” I stare back the way Sam had came and I grit my teeth. “There’s a homeless encampment. The ways the folks are talking, He’s got them convinced he’s some kind of new Jesus or something.” Dean chuckles and I smirk. Sam then turns to me and says, “You good?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” I say as I force a smile. “Listen, Sammy, About, um, you know the last couple of Months…”

“I know,” He says cutting me off. “So, before we find else to fight about… Tell me… Are you ready to gut this bitch?” As he leans down to pick something up I toss two Stingers I ‘borrowed’ from Nat at them knocking the two of them unconscious. I kneel down and gently place a kiss on Sammy’s forehead as I say, “Sorry little brother. It’s not your fight.” I take one last look at both of them before I turn and head up the road toward Metatron.

As I enter the encampment a homeless man and woman walk up to me. “Can I help you?” The man asks and I stop as I say, “Take it easy.”

“You’re (Name) Winchester,” The woman exclaims and I raise an eyebrow at here.

“Now, how did you know that?” I ask as I shift my weight from one foot to another.

“He said you were coming.”

“Well, here I am. Where’s Metatron?”

“Marv.” The man corrects me making my body twitch in annoyance.

“Sure.” I say as I roll my eyes.

“In there…” The woman says as she points to an abandoned building. “Praying for our forgiveness.”

“Forgiveness for what?” I ask raising an eyebrow. She looks over to a spot on the ground that is covered in blood.

“Is he, now?” I say as anger fills my body. They slowly move away and I take a deep breath before I walk inside the building. I walk through it and down a flight of stairs until I see Metatron sitting cross legged on the floor. I roll my eyes as I say, “You can save the humble-pie Jesus routine for somebody who gives a damn.”

“The problem with you (Name) as well as your brother Dean, is the cynicism. Always with the cynicism. But most people, even the real belly crawlers living in filth… or Brentwood… they don’t want to be cynical. They just want something to belive in.”

“And that’d be you?”

“Why not me?”

“You’ve been working those people outside for, what, a day? They’ve already spilled blood in your name. You are nothing but Bernie Madoff with wings.”

Metatron chuckles as he says, “So I’m a fake.” He stands up before he continues, “Do you have any idea how much pancake makeup and soft lighting it took to get God to work a rope line? He hated it. and, you know, humans sense that. So they prayed harder and longer and fought more wars in his name. and for what?! So they could die of malaria? Leukemia? And all the while, blaming themselves! 'Oh, if only I’d been more prayerful, God would have loved me! God would have saved me!’ you know what?! God didn’t even know their name! But I do. Because I’ve walked among them. and I can save them.”

“Sure, you can.” I say sarcastically as I fold my arms over my chest. “So long as your mug is in every bible and 'What would Metatron do?’ is on every bumper.

"And? What, are you blaming me for giving them what they want, giving them a brand they can believe in?”

“I’m blaming you for Kevin!” I yell out finally tired of hearing his voice. “I’m blaming you for taking Cass’ grace. Hell I’m blaming you for my recent break up.” I pull the blade out from my belt and bite my lip as its seductive power courses through my body. “Whatever it is, I’m blaming you.” I say as I hold the blade at the ready by my side.

“The first blade. Nasty piece of work, isn’t she?”

“On the contrary I find her very alluring.” I say as a smirk crosses my lips.

“Okay, let’s say you win, (Name), and I die. What’s the world left with then, hmm? A herd of panty-waisted angels and you? Half out of your mind with Lord knows what pumping through those veins?”

“Yeah, you see, the only thing you’ve said that went into my ear was that you die.”

“Ohh. Fine. We’ll fight.” He sighs before he continues, “I don’t know what you expect is gonna come of all this. Unless… that’s why you’re stalling. Because you know nothing’s gonna come of this unless your pals succeed upstairs. Well here’s a news flash, Humpty and Dumpty are starring in their very own version of 'Locked Up Abroad: Heaven’ right now.” I using my skills to act like I’m upset before I lunge toward him blade raised.

He grabs my arm but I quickly kick him in the face knocking him backwards. He wipes the blood from his lip as he says, “Wow, that big blade and that… douchey tribal tat sure gave you some super juice. WHoo!” He yells out as he chuckles. “Okay.” He says as he motions for me to attack him.

“For starters Metatron, that was me and only me. I’m a Black Widow, I don’t need the juice.” I say before I once again start attacking him. Throwing blows all over the place faster than he can comprehend. After a few minutes though he grabs one of my arms and throws me into the wall knocking the air from me. I quickly stand back up and start to march toward him only to be flung backwards against the wall again by his angelic powers. As I attempt to gather myself he kicks the blade from my hand and then kicks me in the face making me cry out in pain.

Suddenly he steps on my wrist and I instantly reach for his foot only to have him kick me in that face again. Before I am able to catch my breath he lifts me to my feet and starts punching me in the face over and over again with his angelic strength. My body suddenly becomes heavy as I slowly slide down the wall and try to catch my breath. I look forward only to have him once again punch me hard in the face. I feel the warm blood fall down my face and my vision starts to blur.

I hear the blade call my name and I look over to see it lying nearby. I hold my hand out to it and will it to come to me. As it does I feel its power surge through my body. I turn to stand back up and instant feel something pierce my chest as Metatron drives his angel blade into my chest. I gasp as I suddenly feel the pain fill my body. I look down at the shimmer angel blade now covered with my blood as he pulls it from my chest and instantly feel like crying.

“NO-O-O!” I hear a familiar voice yell out and I turn to see Sam and Dean running over toward me. I slowly fall over onto my side and try to breathe as I hear footsteps racing toward me. I hear Sam saying the same thing over and over again as he reaches my side and forces me to sit up. Suddenly thunder crashes and the ground starts to shake making us all look around in confusion. Dean pulls his angel blade from his coat and rushes Metatron only to have him disappear before he is able to touch him.

“You guys gotta get outta here before he comes back,” I say as I feel my lungs start to fill up with blood.

“Shut up (Name),” Dean says as Sam interjects placing ripped cloth against my wound. “Just save your energy, all right?”

“Ah shit,” I exclaim as the pressure makes the pain worse.

“We’ll stop the bleeding,” Sam exclaims and I look over into Dean’s panicked eyes as Sam continues, “We’ll get you a doctor or—or I’ll find a spell. You’re gonna be okay.”

“Listen to me,” I say and I meet their eyes as tears start to fall from mine. “It’s better this way.”

“What?” Sam says confusion and panic filling his eyes.

“I wasn’t supposed to make it out of the Red Room alive anyway. I was suppose to die, I have killed so many people Dean, I can’t do it anymore.”

“Don’t worry about that (Name), It’s in the past.” Dean says as he cradles my face in his hands. 

“Just hold on okay? We’ll get you some help.” Sam says as Dean instantly lifts me into his arms making me cry out in pain.

“Dean, it hurts,” I say as I slowly start to feel my energy leave my body.

“Hold on (Name),” Dean says as he grip tightens on me.

“Dean, stop!” I exclaim not able to take the pain anymore. “Please, I beg you, put me down.”

“I’m sorry (Name) I can’t do that.” He says as he starts to move faster. I suddenly turn my head away from him and throw up about a pint of blood into the floor.

“I gotta tell you both something,” I say as I unconsciously wipe the blood from my mouth.

“Save your energy,” Sam says as he follows behind Dean.

“I love you two so much, I am proud to have you as my brothers.” I say making Dean look into my glossy (E/C) eyes.

“I’m proud of you (Name), so proud,” Dean says and I smile one last time before my world goes dark and I feel my body hang lifelessly in his arms; the sound of Dean and Sam screaming my name in the background.

Farewell brothers.


“(Name)… (Name)!” I yell out as I lean my head down and try to listen for a heartbeat. Nothing. My heart drops as tears fill my eyes. I instantly fall to my knees and cradle her body against my chest as I bury my face in her neck. “Please dear God no!” I yell out as I clutch tightly to her lifeless body. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end. She wasn’t supposed to die. I was. I suddenly feel broken, useless, and like a zombie.

“Dean,” I hear Sammy say his voice shaking and I feel my heart turn to stone. I force myself to my feet and carry her out to the Impala where after making Sam climb into the passenger seat I head back to the bunker. One way or another I wasn’t going to let it end like this. I couldn’t lose (Name), not again. Sam called Nat to let her know what happened and she told him she’d meet us at the bunker. I look in the rearview mirror at (Name’s) lifeless body lying in the backseat and my anger rages. I press down harder on the gas pedal making Baby’s engine roar.

Hang on (Name).

When we arrive back at the Bunker I instantly grab (Name) and head toward the door of the bunker where Nat met me with tears in her eyes. “Dean I am so sorry,” She says as she wraps her arms around my neck. I don’t return the hug instead I pull away from her and head down the stairs and past the group of people sitting there waiting. I see Bucky stare at (Name) and his face fills with regret and sadness. I push past them all and head for the bathroom. I needed to clean her up.

“Dean, let me help you.” Nat says as she trots up behind me. I give a short nod before we walk into the bathroom. I gently lay her down in the tub before I turn to Nat and say, “Um can you?”

“Yeah, I’ll clean her up.” I nod and then slowly turn to leave but before I am able to she says, “What are you planning to do?”

“I’m gonna bring her back.”

“Dean, you can’t do that! it’s not what she would want!”

“How do you know what she wants!” I yell out catching her off guard.

“I know she wouldn’t want you to once again sell your soul to save her life! Didn’t you learn the first time that that’s a bad idea?!”

“Dammit Nat I can’t live without (Name)!” I yell out making tears fill my eyes. “I can’t- I can’t do this without both her and Sammy here.”


“Just get out Nat,” I say as I walk back over to (Name) and pulling her from the tub carry her to her room.

“Dean,” Nat says and I clench my jaw.

“Natasha, walk away!” I yell out as I walk through (Name’s) bedroom door and kick it closed before she has a chance to follow me. I set (Name) down on her bed and then pull up a chair and sit next to her my hand wrapped tightly around hers. “(Name) what am I supposed to do now? Bobby told me to protect you and I couldn’t even do that. I’m so lost. I don’t know what to do.” I place my head on our joined hands as the tears falls from my eyes.

After a few minutes I hear someone clear their throat and I turn to see Sam standing in the doorway. “What Sam?” I ask as I turn back to (Name).

“Come on, I’m gonna need your help.”


“I’m summoning Crowley, He’s gonna make this right.” Sam says and I nod. I give (Name’s) hand a quick squeeze before I say, “We’re gonna bring you back.” I start to follow after Sam only stopping once to take one last look at my sister. “I’ll be right back.”

Hang on, (Name).

Crowley’s POV

I stare down at (Name’s) body lying lifelessly in her bed and I clench my jaw. I walk over and standing over her say, “Your brothers, bless their souls, are summoning me, as I speak. Make a deal. Bring you back. It’s exactly what I was talking about, isn’t it? It’s all become so…expected. You have to believe me. When I suggested you take on the Mark of Cain, I didn’t know that this was going to happen. Not really. I mean, I might not have told you the entire truth. But I never lied. I never lied, (Name).” I pause for a moment before I continue.

“That’s important. It’s fundamental. But…there is one story about Cain that I might have…forgotten to tell you. Apparently, he, too, was willing to accept death rather than become the killer the Mark wanted him to be. So he took his own life with the Blade. He died. Except, as rumor has it, the Mark never quite let go. You can understand why I never spoke of this. Why set hearts aflutter at mere speculation? It wasn’t until you summoned me…no it wasn’t truly until you licked your lips after touching the blade, that I began to let myself believe maybe miracles do come true.”

I place the First Blade into her hand and move it to lay across her chest as I continue, “Listen to me, (Name) Winchester. What you’re feeling right now — it’s not death. It’s life — a new kind of life. Open your eyes, (Name). See what I see. Feel what I feel. And let’s go take a howl at that moon.” A few agonizing seconds pass before her eyes open and I smile at their blackness. “Things are gonna get real good.” I say before smiling down at her.

Will Continue in ~ Knight Of Hell

#17 The Blind Charm (Harry Styles)

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“We are here for how long?” My friend asked as we took our seats.

“Hey, we just came, let’s here a few discussions and then, leave?” I told her. One of my friends from the University was giving a speech here and, I wanted to be here for him.

“Harry!” I heard Max call.

“Hey, man! How are you?” I hugged him.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” I was glad to see this look on his face. I lived for moments like this; he was so happy.

“Of course, I’m here! Where else would I be? You’ll be great!” I encouraged him.

“Thanks, man, am so nervous,” He laughed, nervously. “Here’s the schedule, by the way, I’m going after Susannah Carlson, if you want to listen to her, she’s great until then you’re free to move around.”

“Ah, good. All the best!” I gave him a hug him before he left.

I could hear people murmur around me. A few came up and asked for a picture, an autograph, and I was happy to do so. Meela, Jason and I walked around for a bit, just exploring the different stalls. I, often, wondered how different my life would have been if I went to any university. That was the plan but, I guess, I had something better in store. “OMG, is that Harry Styles?” I could hear cameras going off but, people were kind enough not to come and surround us.

“Susannah Carlson!” We heard the anchor call the name before Max, and we took our seats. A girl was walked up to the mike with the anchor, and she thanked him, not quiet looking at him, though. She was beautiful, and I had seen many beautiful women in my life but, this one took my breath away. She looked so humble. Her long black hair was falling down in curls to her waist and, she slowly pushed them back with her hand. Her voice was sweet as honey as she spoke about Women in War Zones and, I could just listen to the smoothness of her tone. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her. Her gown, black in colour showed off her skin so well. She was still covered by the podium, and I could help bend my head to get a view of her. People began to clap and so did I breaking out of the trance as the Anchor came back and walked her out, somebody else holding her hand at the stairs.

Max came on, and I cheered and clapped, my eyes still trying to find her. After his speech, Max came up and introduced us to his teachers and the speakers. I could see her; she had a friend holding her hand and, she whispered something in her ears, and she thanked the people congratulating her.

“Annah!” Max called, and she turned. Her brown eyes met mine with such a spark in them and, then she looked away, “This is Harry Styles,” She smiled and I put my hand forward, she did the same but, it didn’t meet mine. It was as if she couldn’t see.

“Hahaha, are you blind?” Meela giggled.

“How did you know?” She giggled, and we all stared at her. Her friend muttered our reactions in her ear, and she laughed, “Oh, I’m sorry. I have been told to wear those glasses but, this is such a fancy event, they wouldn’t do. And, I have great friends to help me along,” She smiled and nudged her friend who just laughed. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to everyone else, Max?”

Max laughed and introduced Jason and Meela, and they appreciated her speech. “Thank you so much, you’re speech for great too, Max! I told you the point would work!” She laughed. She was so beautiful. I knew I still had a blank look at my face but, how could she not see? How could the Lord do this to her?

Jason and Meela wanted to walk away to the food but, I wanted to stay and listen. After a while, Max, left to meet a professor, and I finally spoke, “So, umm, what are you studying?” I asked.

“Oh!” She giggled, “You’re here! I thought Max was messing with me!”

“I am,” I smiled while her friend texted away. “You know, you could leave her with me for a while if you want to go. I promise I’ll take care of her,” I asked her friend.

“Uh No, I don’t mind staying with her,” She gave me a fake smile.

“You can go, Andy, enjoy a bit,” Susannah pushed her.


“No really, it’s okay, I don’t want to keep you for the whole party!” She laughed.

“I don’t mind, my god! You think so much. But, I get your point,” she nudged her. “Please don’t leave her alone,” She spoke to me, and I nodded. “She has a habit to wander off, I’m serious!”

“Yes, I won’t let go of her!” I nodded, again and she kissed Susannah’s cheeks and walked away. “So, would you like to,” She wrapped her hands around my arm before I could finish.

“Thank you, I’m majoring in Cultural Studies, actually,” She answered my question. I walked with her to the balcony, where we took our place.


“It is,” She nodded, “By the way…”


“I’m a huge fan! I love your music, all of yours, you have an incredible voice, sometimes it gives me the shivers!” She spoke in one breath and then, took a deep one, “Sorry, had to get it out. Now, we can continue,”

“Thank you!” I said, “Your voice gives me the shivers, too.”

She blushed, and then, gave me a big smile.

“Would you like to drink something?” I pulled glasses of champagne from the waiter. “Champagne?”

“Yes please,” she said, and I handed it to her in her hands. Her fingers brushed over mine as she took the glass and brought it to her lips. “So, how is your break going Mr. Styles?

“Not too bad, it’s all good,”

“Really?” She asked, again, frowning. It was new talking to someone who never met your eyes.

“Yes! Why? You don’t think so?” I laughed.

“Well, you’re coming to boring talks like these, something has to be wrong,”

“But, I get to meet amazing people like yourself…”

“True,” She cut me and then, laughed throwing her head back. “Harry, if you don’t mind, will you take me down to the beach?”  

“Yeah sure,” I said, looking around and then, held her and walked down the steps to the beach.

Once on the sand, she asked me to bring her to the water. We took off our shoes, and she walked to the sand, letting the water touch her feet. She giggled and laughed, playing with the water and digging her toes in the sand. I stood close to her, just admiring her. She was different, nothing like the people I’d met.

“Thank you for doing this Mr. Styles!” She hugged me. “No one brings me down, well they do but, not as often as I like it and Andy…my roommate? She is extremely protective of me, more than my parents!” She laughed.

I held her hand, and we walked on the beach, our feet dipped in water. “Girls would kill for this,” She spoke after a while.

“Aren’t you lucky?” I smirked.

She nodded, giggling. “You’re very warm, like a heater!”

“You’re very cold, like an A.C.” I frowned at my joke but, she laughed.

“That was a weak attempt, we’ll have to teach you to be better at those,” She said.

We talked for the next few hours before we heard a roommate scream her name from the balcony. We ran up to the wall, and she asked us to come up. “She’s like your mother!” I laughed.

“You’re wet, Annah!” She sighed.

“I’m okay, Harry was offering to leave me to my room,” She suddenly, said. I didn’t say anything but, nodded and took the keys from Andy’s hand. Once, in the lift, she apologized, “I’m sorry if I pushed you or something? Andy’s just got a new boyfriend and, I wanted her to spend more time with him and not worrying about me,”

“Oh so, it was not to spend more time with me?” I said, in an offending tone.

Her face reddened before I told her I’m joking and she sighed in relief.

“I’ll get you a towel to wipe off,” She said walking inside and opening the cupboard.

“I can help…” I said but, she had no difficulty in pulling it out.

“N–o no, I know this room at the back of my hand. I’m safe here,” She smiled.

I heard my phone buzz and, I answered it. “You’re friends are all calling you,” she smiled sitting on the bed.


“I’m sorry for keeping you for so long,” She sighed.

“No, it was my pleasure,” She walked up to the door, where I was standing.

“Well, not everyone gets to spend an evening with their favorite singer,” She giggled. “Thank you,” She said, as her hand touched my shoulder.

My breath hitched up, as she shifted her hands from my shoulder to my face, feeling my skin. Her fingers reached my face and felt my cheeks, poking my dimples and washing over my eyes. “Sorry,” She said, pulling away after some time. “I just wanted to feel what you looked like,” She smiled. “I’m creepy, sorry!” She giggled.

“No worries,” I spoke in a trance. “Will you be alright? Here, I mean,” My voice came off in a whisper.

She nodded, “It was lovely meeting you, Harry,” She smiled and turned, walking to her dresser.

“It was lovely meeting you too,”

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juggernxg  asked:

Ok so I live in America and can't watch the NTAs, but my friend who does live in the UK informed me that David won the award and I just kinda smiled and squealed and between this and season 2 of Broadchurch I can't handle these feels and I just need someone to share them with and I thought maybe because you understand the DT feels I could pop by and tell you and I just want to say that I don't think I've ever been more emotional over and actor before! How do I deal with all these David feels?!?

I live in America too! Oh, friend, I absolutely understand the DT feels. And I am always up for a chat about them. They’re terrible. They fill your soul and take your breath away. And it’s not just the sad stuff! It’s the happy moments that wet your eyes because he deserves it SO MUCH and is such a wonderful human being.

My advice? You don’t try to shake the DT feels. You embrace them wholeheartedly because whether you’re watching him laugh

Or cry

Or anything in between

You know that David will never let you down, and he’ll continue being the wonderfully fantastic, talented, humble, goofy, nerdy, adorable, sexy, amazing human being that we have all come to love and admire!

Familiar Eyes: Dan Howell

 one, two.                                         

                                                 chapter three

I have been doing a lot that of showering recently. Somehow it brings peace in this crazy, ambiguous life in living. Perhaps, I like the way the sounds of water hitting my bare backs keeps others from hearing me cry. The one problem with showers, if possible, is that I can hear myself cry, and even though I can’t feel my tears, I can taste them—their salty existence burns into my tongue as yet another reminder that it will never taste his again.

After my shower, I text my sister, per usual, letting her know I got out of bed today. Miraculous, but necessary. Today I was spending some time with Dan again. I lock my apartment door with force, as if I’m locking away me demons. I took a breath of fresh air, and begun my travels over to his flat.

Mindlessly, I found my way to his front door, where he welcomed me with a hug and smiles. I gave him a fake smile a laugh, following him up some stairs. Correction, a lot of stairs.

He laughed, looking back at me, “Sorry, I question my choice of apartments every time I take this hike.”

He welcomed me into his ‘humble abode,’ and I chuckle at his dorkiness. Putting a movie into his television, I laugh at the chandelier in his lounge, “Sorry I didn’t dress up more.”

Without turning around, he responds, “What are you talking about, you always look beautiful,” he said, but noticed my finger motioning to the elegant light. “Oh,” he laughed, “yeah that came with the place, too. Again, questioning my choices, but Phil likes it.”

We settle into his warm couch for the movie, his arm resting on the back of the couch behind me. I watched to movie, I felt my eyes physically tied to the screen, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t focus. It’s like when you read a page out of a book, but by the bottom, you have no idea what you just read about. I felt my mind slowly and surly always drifting back to his arm, February, showers, tears—his arm.

I look over at Dan, and his eyes are intently fixed on the screen. I watch his lashes flutter, and he looks over at me. Quickly, I look back at the screen, but out of the side of my eye I catch a smile on his face. I feel a smile grow on my lips as well, the first genuine smile I have felt in a while.

Breaking our silence, I hear my phone start to vibrate in my bag from the other side of Dan. He reaches into my purse, retrieving it for with me. Of course, not without taking a piece of candy from my stash as well.

“Hello?” I answered the call.

“Where are you?” May yelled, obviously worried.

“Calm down, I’m at Dan’s.” I said, turning away from him, “so can I call you back?” I said.

“Sure thing, have fun. Use protection,” she said jokingly, but my heart dropped at the thought.

Responding from my silence, she quickly retorted, “I’m sorry. I was just-“

“It’s fine, I’ll talk to you later,” I said, hanging up.

Turning around, I saw Dan holding a small square piece of paper. “Who’s this?” he asked, turning it around to show me.

I filched, seeing the face that haunts my memories and graces my dreams. I ripped the picture out of his hands, and looked down at it. That shouldn’t be in my purse. That shouldn’t be there. Why is that there? I haven’t seen that face for six months. Feeling the anger and sadness and distress boil in me, I turn to the only person in the room: Dan.

“You had no right to look though my stuff like that!” I yelled. He looked startled, obviously not prepared for my extreme mood shift.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know-“

“No! Stop! Just stop. I…I…” I spit, searching for words. I looked at him, his eyebrows drawn together, his features showing concern.

Then, I broke down. I cried—more than I do in my bed, more than I do in the shower. Feeling Dan’s strong arms wrap around me, I felt another wave of sobs wrack off my body. He sat me down, and I completely collapsed into the couch. He did all that he could to get me to stop crying, but each time my blurry eyes look at the picture, the more my heart breaks. Finally, there is a knock on the door, and my sister comes running into the room.

“I’m so sorry,” she said to Dan, as she picks up my helpless body off the couch. “I’m so, so sorry,” she repeats.

“It’s fine, is she okay?” he asks.

I look up at him, tears streaming down my face. “Stop talking about me like I’m not here!” I yelled.

“Please, Kat. Let’s just go home,” May pleaded.

“No!” I said, breaking from her grip. I walked over to where Dan stood and looked up at him. His eyes—those eyes, filled with galaxies of complexity—held that same fucking look that everyone else give me, and he didn’t even know.

“Whatever it is, I-“ he began.

“No Dan,” I interrupted, wiping my nose, “I don’t want your fucking pity.”

“Maybe we can talk tomorrow?” he said, studying my face. I nodded my head, dismissing him for good.

“Look Dan, it’s really cute that you have a stupid crush on my or something, but I can’t see you. I told you this.”

“I know, I just-“

As more tears fell from my eyes, I slung my purse over my shoulder.

“Please, just leave me alone.”

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