they pretty gay for a bunch of straight dudes

Best audience reactions to Star Wars: The Last Jedi


So, I went and saw the film last night, and our college had rented out one of the theaters, so it was just a bunch of college kids, and…

Everyone loses it at Poe fucking with Hux

*Snoke wipes out Hux* Audience cheers, Some dude: “Get REKT”

*Carrie Fisher flying through space* Cheering. “YAS BITCH”

*Kylo Ren shirtless* Guys wolf-whistling, “Ow, ow!”

*When Kylo kills Snoke* Thunderous applause/screaming, continuing into the fight scene

*Leia and Vice Admiral Holdo’s intimate goodbye* Me:That… that was kinda gay.              Straight dudes around me: You right, that was pretty gay

*Kylo choking Hux* Some dude: “Harder!”

*Luke, after getting fucking rekt with “ALL OF THE GUNS”, and just sashaying out of that dramatic red cloud, brushing imaginary dust off his shoulder, like “Bitch, please”* Dude in the back: “I GOT 99 PROBLEMS, BUT A BITCH AIN’T ONE!!!!”

And just general applause/cheering/laughing throughout the film.

10/10 best audience I’ve ever had for a film

Achievement Hunter AKA The Six Gayest Straight Dudes You’ll Ever Meet.

dreamingbrownie  asked:

Ughhh alright so I hate to ask this, but how to deal with people accusing all shipping Johnlock of fetishizig gay relationships? I'm absolutely bisexual, pretty 50/50, and therefor caught in the middle of a homo/hetero authors argument amongst my friends, regarding writing gay relationships. There's an article being sent around that takes one Johnlocker as an example of teenage girls shipping two straight dudes who are canonly declared as NOT GAY. Ugh, I'm so tired of that bullshit.

Hi Lovely *hugs*

Oh, gosh, I have no idea, because the world at large CONSTANTLY thinks fandoms are just a bunch of dumb teenage girls. I think the best way to go about this is to send them OTHER articles – like this one and this one that were sent to me the other day – and tell them that so many people focus on the negatives because that’s what people click on to read. Let them know that Johnlock isn’t a recent thing: tell them to research “queer readings of sherlock holmes” and tell them to get back to you after they read the over a CENTURY of research about the subtext in the actual ACD canon. I’ve actually made a post here in regards to posts discussing ACD canon’s subtext, so you can check that out for some other posts.

That all said, are there people who fetishize it? Absolutely, as with every single fandom. But in your case, YOU know you don’t because queer people know how to read the subtext in media, and too many of us have realized our sexualities because of the many canons of Sherlock Holmes.

I think the problem is that it’s the MEDIA that fetishizes gay relationships, and in turn shame ANYONE who ships them, which in turn makes people who genuinely ship them because they love the idea of them being in love start to internalize all of this and start feeling bad about themselves, especially if it’s a ship that helped them understand their own sexuality. It makes many of us THINK that we are fetishizing the ships, because “if that ship is gross, then what does that make me?”. It’s horrible. I hate it, because queer ships are SO important for many people who are learning about themselves, and people make fandoms feel bad for being human beings.

But for some asinine reason, it’s totally okay for people to riot in the streets when a FUCKING FOOTBALL TEAM WINS. Jesus fuck. I will never understand the double standard in this.

ANYWAY, if you’re willing to take the time, do a bit of research for queer papers on the ACD canon, and offer to your friends that if they will keep an open mind, you will help explain to them why canon is Gay as a Glitter Covered Rainbow Surrounding Elton John on a Unicorn. And why Sherlock’s characters can be interpreted as gay and bi.

As an aside: Sherlock has never EVER ONCE PROCLAIMED HE WASN’T GAY AT ALL. In fact:

And John’s TWO proclamations are rather hollow:

And there’s masterpost here about their sexualities. So, you can use those to help you out a bit, Lovely <3


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Hi hello yes I just saw a bunch of your Joker cosplay stuff and showed my friends and now they're arguing about your gender. This isn't me asking, this is a congratulations on confusing a gay man, two lesbians, and two straight dudes. Thank you for this. Also as the only person in the group who likes both, I feel I'm required to say you are a very pretty person thank you for being alive.


half of that is because of being gender fluid, and the other half is I recently invested in a curse that makes my form less comprehensible to human cognition. and thank you for the kind words :y 

Misaru/Sarumi Amusement park headcanons

I was in a theme park today and just came home with 86046598346 ideas of headcanons for Misaki and Saruhiko. So let’s say they go to a park after reconciliation. Sorry to bother you with that, but I had to haha. (More after the ‘read more’ but nothing nsfw)

x Misaki is a rollercoaster kind of guy. Saruhiko is more into shooting gallery. 

Though by lunch time he is forbidden to play because he wins every single shot, and game. It’s fine, though, because Misaki has only two arms and can’t exactly carry 150 plushies around. Saruhiko hands them to him because it’s too embarrassing to keep them, he’s an adult, not a kid (is the official reason) but really he just saw Misaki’s eyes sparkle once when the redhead saw a cute monkey plushy toy and he just wants to offer them all to Misaki.

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