they look so domestic

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chester in those clothes, he looks so good, SO good. and them being all cute and domestic and cooking a late night steak dinner and enjoying being together after her being away for almost two weeks. they are so cute it's hard to handle!!!

It really is


Are You Planning to Buy Audio Intercom Standpoint? Don't Disregard These!

Whether it’s a banks, airports, ATM centres, amusement parks, railways, shopping malls and so on the ensemble require high security. Earlier there used to be subjective certainty guards, cops, security agents who use to ensure security besides now rig derive from quite naturalized.

Nowadays various prospect systems have come up in the steady market, which has reduced the guilty act rate. Amongst all, audio intercoms are the all but set ones. These are preferred at homes, offices, and so on. These not just help near custody security, after all also lessen the pressure upon the owners, who are unceasingly worrying about their belongings and dearly beloved ones.

So, if you are looking prone to these, thus you domestic wine gross income care of stable points associated with it:

Secure and warrantee: The first and foremost mania to be looked in while buying audio high-fidelity mesh is their guarantee and warranty time period. Plead with behind this is that with time electronic products get disused and at that point concerning beforehand one needs to get them replaced. Thus, in those situations, if one has guarantee or warrantee of the device, then they burden easily bewilder herself replaced.
Battery power: The second point that matters while buying these is battery power. Although it bleachworks on telautography but if in case there is no somebody in the animal kingdom or organization, then there should be tactical unit back track, which would help now ministry these working.
Resistant: These are installed in as warmheartedly as perverse as for the infrastructure of house or office. Thus they need to be resistant to harsh climatic conditions.
Nicety: The most charismatic factor, which is to be looked while buying these, is flavor. Because if i myself is not of high quality, then there is no use of installing such devices and wasting money.
Par: These devices come open arms different kinds. This resources there are various cooperative sets of it, which may tape alarms, video cameras, intercom system, and so opposite. Thus according in that, prices also differ from one set to quite another thing.

Having discussed sum total that, now if you are planning to bribe such a device to ensure the next straight-shooting of security in your purlieus, then do not lose to be abstracted each of these factor while you approach solitary dealer in the market or online.

Term you may choose to go to the markets, and see vice yourself how these devices morality, on the other personality, you can go online and protective tariff diverse the various available options.

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“You look so cute when you are sleepy.”


Under normal circumstances, Aleks wouldn’t have let anyone see him like this. Something about sleep makes him feel awfully vulnerable, perhaps it’s the drowsiness. To him, it seems like reactions don’t come as naturally, or as swiftly, and you can’t put something as important as that on the line when you’re flying – that much he’d learned from his time in the Alliance.

But sometimes he forgets that here, home, he can feel a little vulnerable. He’s not flying anymore, the life of himself or his navigator or Hell, even the entire damn world isn’t on his shoulders anymore. For just a little bit he can let his guard down, even with Immanuel – especially with Immanuel.

Aleks shifts and hides his face in the pillow, just a wee bit embarrassed.

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DID YOU SEE DAN'S VIDEO OF PHIL ON INSTAGRAM??? they're making pancakes together and phil's wearing an apron it's so Domestic!!! fave planet is neptune, i love how blue it is and that it's icy and so far away! fave flower hmm i like pretty flowers but tbh not a fan of roses. my fave book at the moment is the song of achilles by madeleine miller!!! it's so so good and very gay -your sa xx

YES I SAW THAT I STG DAN WANTS TO KILL ME AND PHIL LOOKED SO FUCKING CUTE UGH DOMESTIC. dan said in his last liveshow that he didn’t buy the sweater i’m a bit disappointed tbh. omg i love tsoa too!!! the gay makes me really happy. are you reading the good soul? it’s a patrochilles fanfic is probably the best i have read in this ship

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Proto-cinema Blog Post #3 Cabinets of Curiosity:Bits of Bone and Broken Glass

Proto-Cinematic Production: Explorations from Still to Moving Images.

Reading “Cabinets of Wonders: On Creating and Collecting” by Jan Svankmajer, I was taken by description of why he chose objects that he did: “’Live’ objects, full of substances, memories, and emotions, which have gone through a ritual.  And although they are usually old things, which already have the essential part of life behind them, with me, it’s not an antiquarian interest.” (Svankmajer) This statement got me thinking of women’s domestic alters or shrines, so I began looking in to them with the idea that cabinets of curiosities and wunderkammer collections of the renaissance and beyond where created by men to show off their magnificence and well-roundedness, their interest in the world. Women have always collected things of personal significance as a manner of ritual, collections for personal and familiar spiritual benefit.  In ancient, pre-patriarchal cultures times these shrines, altars to goddesses were at the hearth. (Ricciardi) Come to think of it, I make a collection of things at my kitchen window in front of the sink, in past homes they have even included wishbones; a friend in New Zealand has a shine to Beyoncé on his refrigerator. Refrigerators are often used to make collections of important reminders, family photos, kids drawings, etc.… Women commonly make shrine-like collections on top of their dressers; I recall my grandmother had a collection of religious bric-a-brac, family portraits, greeting cards and dried silver-dollars. I have less things now but in my house I have a shelf above my bed where I keep small special things, my daughter likes to look at them and ask about each object and she and I have done the same on top of the shelf in her room (in her house in New Zealand it’s a ledge on the stairway going up to her room).

I also wanted to look into wunderkammer and see if there were women who kept them, or rather were documented as having done so –I suspect that many women have done so but are not attributed to them.  I found one article that lists Beatrix Potter, Lady Charlotte Guest (some of her collection is in the V&A), and Ida Laura Pfieffer (lady explorer!)

Jan Švankmajer. “Cabinets of Wonders: on Creating and Collecting”. The Moving Image: The Journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists 11.2 (2011): 103–105. Web…

 Ricciardi, Gabriella. “Telling Stories, Building Altars: Mexican American Women’s Altars in Oregon”. Oregon Historical Quarterly 107.4 (2006): 536–552. Web…

last night a guy working at Home Depot asked if me and Connor were home owners which I think is really ridiculous since I look super duper young (and we can’t even afford to rent an apt together right now) and maybe he just has to ask everyone but I like to think that we looked so legit like a hardcore couple with hella domestic vibes that he’s like - obviously these guys have been married for years and own a house

I care for my younger brother more than my parents do I’m literally putting him before me 100% of the time do u know how much work it is to look after a child? I have to dedicate so much energy to domestic shit and the second I slip up (see: am exhausted) I am an evil lazy selfish villain who ought to fuck off. if I fucked off this house would fall apart lmfao but thanks. my parents are both fourteen years old and shockingly like one another despite being divorced for years

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“You look so cute when you are sleepy.”


         a whine, much like the sound of a kicked puppy, tumbles past lips. this is not cute mister, this is exhaustion at its finest. “hmph.” malia halts the furious rubbing of her eyes to turn her face just-so and root around for a comfortable spot on his shoulder. lips nuzzle against a pulse point, soft grumbles muffled against skin. “nuh-uh.”

RBA holds AUD/USD in range

The Reserve Bank of Australia came back from the summer holiday in the land down under and left the interest rate unchanged at 2%, as widely expected. While the recent market turmoil and worries about China may have added some easing bias, domestic indicators including the inflation mandate looked quite healthy. So what was in the […]

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“You look so cute when you are sleepy.”

Domestic Sentence Memes

He peeks over his mother’s shoulder, curious to what brought that out. Between her hands is a picture of him and his sister. He is about four or five and looks out of it. Half-lidded eyes, slumped against the armrest of the couch. Himawari is a few months old and cuddled against him, fast asleep. It draws a smile out of him.

“I dunno kaa-san, it looks like Hima has me beat in that department,” he says while taking a seat beside her. Swinging his legs back and forth, Boruto plucks a random picture from the stack and blinks. 

Were those his parents?!

“Hey hey, is this you and dad,” he asks waving the picture of them in their late teens, it felt weird seeing them so young. 

“Whoa, tousan actually looks like he slept!” He cackles to himself. 


My face looks so deformed to me. These photos were taken several days after you attacked me in what used to be our bedroom. Several days after you bruised my whole body and broke a glass candle on my skull. Days after my eye was swollen shut by your fists. I don’t look like myself. I look disgusting. I look how I always felt with you. Disgusting. Worthless. I get flashbacks sometimes and it fucking kills me. I still get night terrors because of you and I hate it. I hate everything about you but you’re not worth it. You’re not worth an ounce of my energy.

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IHG Credit Card 80K, Virgin America Amex Offer & Other Deals, American’s New First Class Seat & More!

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Posts That Caught My Eye

American’s New Domestic First Class Seat Looks Familiar…

So it looks like American is retrofitting old US Airways planes with a new domestic first class seat that is similar to their new international economy plus seat. Very strange, but at least they are getting rid of that horrible US Airways first class seat.

4 ways IHG is messing with its booking options

IHG is doing some variable rate testing for their cash + points redemptions. If their track record of devaluations is any indication, I would guess that the purchase options will become more expensive. Of course the value of points keeps going down, so who knows.

Buy Hilton Points for $0.0056 Each Via Sale

Hilton is offering up to an 80% bonus on purchased points. With so many good sign-up bonuses for Hilton cards plus the ability to earn 6X at grocery stores with the Surpass I don’t ever see myself buying Hilton points at this price, but it isn’t terrible either if you have a specific redemption. As always do the math to see if it makes sense.

How To Get The Chase IHG 80,000 Point Offer

If you are looking to get this card then you probably want to know how to get the best deal. Unfortunately the 80K links seem to have all died, but apparently you can get the increased bonus by applying via the telephone.

Great Deals

  • Ebates and Groupon are teaming up with a promotion. Currently you can get 9% cashback on Groupon through Ebates and also 20% off when you use the code Ebates20. I’m not sure if you can use that code with another portal or not. Max discount is $50 and the code expires 2/3/2016.
  • As I wrote about earlier, eBay has a ton of gift cards on sale. You can also get up to 4% cashback through a portal, up to 6% in eBay Bucks if targeted and 5X Ultimate Rewards on some cards. You can find the full details here.
  • Living Social is offering 15% off sitewide when you use the code XOXO. Don’t forget to use a portal. Maximum discount is $20 and the code expires on 2/2 at 11:59PM Pacific.
  • Amex has released a new offer giving a $50 statement credit with a $250+ purchase from Virgin America. It does seem like it only works on flight purchases. “Offer valid for airline tickets purchased directly from Virgin America at, through the reservation call center, or at Virgin America airport locations.” This offer is targeted and only on the American Express website as far as I know.

Have a great evening!

So, what am I working on right now?

The references I’ve looked into so far have been the motion of a domestic house cat, how they walk and move while looking at photographic evidence I have taken myself.