they literally butted heads

Stiles:  Derek put me down!

Derek:   How about no?

Stiles: Derek! For the love of— put me down now, or I swear I’m going to end you! To your end!

Derek:   I turn my back for five minutes and you manage to get yourself possessed by a Japanese fox demon and mated to a coyote. Don’t think I’m letting you out of my sight any time soon.

Stiles:  DEREK!!!

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fite me

Ocelot is literally not even interested in fighting him at all. Or butting heads with him. 

It’s that smug assurance that he knows he’s more loyal to BB than Kaz can ever be that makes you want to punch him in the face. He doesn’t even have to say anything. 

It’s a war of attrition, baby. Ocelot’s just going to wait it out in Big Boss’s nice, king-sized bed. 

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♕ For yours to accidentally hit their head with mine’s head. [hello yes i need med school students au not so au please]

Accidents happen all the time.


“Mel, this space is cramped without us literally butting heads, I know this isn’t fun, but literally headbutting me is not making this project any easier– I mean, unless it makes you feel better or something. You okay? I got a tough head.” With a grin, he rubbed his forehead before patting the top of her head.