they literally butted heads

Stiles:  Derek put me down!

Derek:   How about no?

Stiles: Derek! For the love of— put me down now, or I swear I’m going to end you! To your end!

Derek:   I turn my back for five minutes and you manage to get yourself possessed by a Japanese fox demon and mated to a coyote. Don’t think I’m letting you out of my sight any time soon.

Stiles:  DEREK!!!

watching keith and lance go from butting heads, figuratively and literally… to openly caring about each other, supporting each other and being there for each other? watching keith and lance go from frequently taking jabs at the other and glaring at each other… to playfully teasing and having the sweetest looks on their faces when talking to/looking at each other? watching lance let go of his rivalry and step up to be the one that supports/comforts keith the most in one of his most emotional and vulnerable times? lance not flirting at all this season and almost always being there for keith? keith going from “who are you?” about lance to confiding in him, valuing his opinion and viewing him as important? lance being the only one who can keep keith in check and bring him back down to earth in shiro’s absence? keith trying to reassure lance about his place on the team, even though he’s not that good at it because he’s a loner and this stuff is probably pretty foreign to him? HONESTLY, I COULD GO ON AND ON BUT MY POINT IS…

“slow burn romance…”

“little hints that will pay off later…”

“[jeremy shada about lance] but i think there is, to some extent, at some point you’ll find that one person that above all you kind of fall in love with a little bit and realize that it’s nice to have that one person than kind of just going all over the place. not spoiling too much, but yeah. he’ll mature in all ways…”

“[lauren montgomery, on expressions] if we know that a character is feeling something about that- that moment- especially if we know there’s something coming up down the line that maybe hasn’t been revealed, but it would make that character feel a certain way- we try to insert in there a nod to it…”

among other things that have been said regarding these two and the romance in vld… no pairing fits the definition of a slow burn relationship like keith and lance do. no pairing fits all these little things that have been said in interviews like keith and lance do. no pairing has as much evidence from canon as keith and lance do. i have always thought this but after watching s3, it is completely undeniable to me… these two were meant to end up romantically involved. we literally know that lance is going to fall in love and at this point in the show, it would be very messy to try and develop a romance for lance that isn’t with keith… because he won’t be able to have nearly as much development with them, as he’s had with keith… not on the same level, not to the same extent. we are only 3 seasons in now and their relationship has changed so much… it will only continue to do so. out of all the characters relationships, we have seen the development between keith and lance the most. it has always been a point to show, in some way, how they are evolving together. it’s a natural evolution. the progression of keith and lance’s relationship is sometimes very subtle if you are not actively looking for it, especially if you are not viewing it as romantic, and that’s what’s going to make it that much more incredible when they end up together. 

00fabolous  asked:

May I request headcanons about lazy day with Iwaizumi? Thanks😊

Thanks for 1.6+!! Sorry if it’s crappy, I’m quite stressed out about life atm.

  • The morning started out when you wanted to take a shower but Iwaizumi didn’t allow you to, instead he pulled you back to the bad and hugged you tightly. “One more minute,”
  • “You said that for the past 10 minutes Iwa-chan.”
  • Reluctantly, Iwaizumi trudged behind you as you made your way to the bathroom, he took a quick shower before very nothing but his sweatpants.
  • He threw you an oversized T-shirt and insisted you wear it, “but I have plans for today,” Iwaizumi shook his head, “no buts, princess,”
  • Breakfast was literally just Chinese takeout and so was lunch and so was dinner. Or probably microwavable meals because Iwaizumi is just too lazy to wash the dishes and he just doesn’t want to let you go.
  • Iwaizumi felt bad for ruining your plans so he allowed you to pick a movie/series to binge watch on.
  • Iwaizumi couldn’t concentrate on the movie at all, he was busy staring at you. Kisses your cheek constantly and will eventually kiss you on the lips, proceeds to have a lazy makeout session soon after.
  • Iwaizumi will absentmindedly trace circles on your back and you start getting drowsy and eventually fall asleep. He sees you so cuddled up and all and he doesn’t dare to move a single muscle because you’re just so adorable but his leg is starting to numb oh shit.
  • Iwaizumi gently moves away but you wake up and he’s so guilty but you don’t care.
  • The both of you continue watching ‘movies’ all day long. (more like the both of you dozing in and out of sleep)

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The thing is, the slow burn comment was about Lance and not Keith. I think we will get a female love interest in season 3 for Lance (or maybe also Keith?) and maybe that's when this slow burn thing starts. I mean, there are still a lot of seasons to go. I would love to be worng, but my hopes are very, very small to non existent.

the slow burn comment wasn’t really about anyone in particular, it was just about relationships lol but here’s this quote from jeremy

“But I think there is, to some extent, at some point you’ll find that one person that above all you kind of fall in love with a little bit and realize that it’s nice to have that one person than kind of just going all over the place. Not spoiling too much, but yeah. He’ll mature in all ways.”

so yeah lance is going to for sure fall in love. he’s going to stop going all over the place, i.e. stop flirting around like we’ve seen him do. then we have this:

soo uhh… “when you really think about it, they’re on a ship with each other, but they haven’t really had time to do a ton of socializing and really get to know each other. our relationships build just like our backstories do. we like to let it happen over time.” joaquim is clearly only talking about everyone on team voltron, not side characters… not characters that haven’t even been introduced yet. we know lance is going to fall in love, so he’s guaranteed to be part of a romance. from what joaquim said, we can gather that two people on team voltron are going to end up together. you also have to remember that they put little things in that will pay off later and no one else on team voltron really has much of anything like that (in regards to future romance) except for keith and lance. 

but, i’ll humor you… lance is going to fall in love but Oh Gosh, who on team voltron could he possibly end up with???? definitely not pidge, definitely not allura, obviously not coran or shiro… hunk is always a possibility but damn, i wrote 14,000+ words on why i think we’re going to get klance, so you can tell there is much more in favor of romantic klance than romantic hance… i know it’s long, but if you haven’t already, go read my klance masterpost

that leaves keith for lance to fall in love with and it’s undeniable that their relationship has slowly been developing over the seasons…

we see them go from literally butting heads and bickering all the time, to starting to work together beautifully… starting to be a good team… starting to be there for each other and have each others backs. in the first ep of s3, lance straight up comforts keith in his most vulnerable and emotional time. allura doesn’t do it, hunk doesn’t. lance does. it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come, to see them start to openly care for each other. to see lance put aside his rivalry with keith. when things get serious, the petty shit doesn’t matter. when things get serious, we can easily see that they care about each other (remember the “we are a good team” scene). like i’ve said before, that sounds a lot like the beginnings of a slow burn relationship to me. keith and lance literally fit the definition of slow burn perfectly. they fit the rivals to friends to lovers trope spot on.

i talked about this in my masterpost, but i also think it’d make a hell of a lot of sense for keith and lance to end up together because the way their relationship is going fits so well with a main theme of the show: bonding, teamwork, coming together, found family, all that good shit. team voltron started off rocky, keith and lance did too… but team voltron eventually learns to work better together, as do keith and lance… and this trend is only going to continue. team voltron (sans shiro, obviously) are going to inevitably get closer while shiro is gone, i can definitely say the same for keith and lance. in the first episode of s3 alone, we already have them getting closer… lance being there for keith when he really fucking needs it. DEVELOPMENT. SLOW BURN ROMANCE, DUDE.

now, really think about it. how the fuck would it make sense to have lance fall in love with a character that hasn’t even been introduced yet… when he has all of this going on with keith? it wouldn’t make sense, end of story. there is too much going on for them to make lance falling in love with a new character work. there is no way they would properly be able to develop a relationship with all that’s happening in the show right now… but keith and lance have already started and it’s only getting better as time goes on.

as for keith falling in love with someone other than lance… absolute bullshit lmao. when you’re going for slow burn romance, it makes no sense to start it at s3 or later… so that’s not going to happen. we’ve seen how keith acts in regards to lance already… being jealous, flirting/teasing, fond looks galore, impatient when waiting for lance to get out of the healing pod, etc. from the start, it’s been clear to me that keith was meant to end up with lance and vice versa. i’ll humor you again… as we’ve established, lance is part of a romance, but who would he fall in love with if keith ended up with allura? maybe hunk, yes, but i’ve already stated my thoughts on that, too. at this rate, there’s no one else on team voltron for lance to fall in love with except keith. i’m not going to go into detail about the things that debunk ka//ura, just scroll through my blog or read my masterpost. keith has no set up with any of the other characters like he does with lance. at this point, there isn’t much potential of slow burn for keith except for with lance. hunk is also a possibility here, too, but the evidence for klance overwhelms the evidence for heith.

dude like seriously… you really saying this to someone who 100% believes we’re gonna get canon klance?? i have spent so long thinking about this and spent so much time putting together that masterpost of mine. trust me, i thought about things like this and other possibilities but the thing is, keith and lance ending up together is literally what makes the most sense. even without taking things cast/crew have said in interviews into consideration, just in canon they are very clearly set up to be romantically involved. there is so much that supports klance, one of the creators herself literally said, “the only thing i find incompatible about them is their ship name.” then proceeded to be very insistent on a ship name she has obviously thought of before. we know the creators know how big klance is and they have been very happy, supportive and open about it. there’s more i could say but if i didn’t cover it here, i covered it in my masterpost.

have more hope, i guarantee you won’t be let down in the end.

Pink (Was the Colour of Our Souls): Chapter One [Pink]

DISCLAIMER:  All characters mentioned in this story DO NOT belong to me. ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ belongs to DreamWorks. All rights reserved.

Rating: T
Warnings: No warnings apply
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Relationship: Shiro X Allura (Shallura)
Language: English
Originally Written: 05/08/2017

Summary: Before the festivities to celebrate the successful alliance with the Arusians of planet Arus, Allura bonds with Shiro over the colour pink…and what it means to see pink when she’s with him.

Additional Notes: I initially went into writing this as a two-chapter series, but as soon as I finished this first chapter, I wondered if I should leave this as it is. The second chapter I was planning to write will now turn into a sequel should there be requests for it. It includes a spoiler for season three (which, honestly, was an amazing season! Let’s all bond over it together!) so if I do get requests for it, I’ll publish it a few weeks after today.

The Shallura content in this is very, very cliche, and Shiro’s ‘backstory’ is also very, very cliche. The two may be out of character, so I deeply apologise for that. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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So I'm a Slytherin (girl), but I have two little brothers. The youngest is a Gryffindor and the middle is a Hufflepuff. Can you do a relationship/headcanon thing about us please? I can't find any anywhere.

- Each time they got sorted, it was a surprise, becoming more shocking as they got divide up between houses

- Of course, they never let this divide them. The youngest, the Gryffidor was the glue bonding them together.

- Thats not to say their wasn’t any sort of rivalries. As the youngest and oldest butted heads (Literally. A Slytherin twice the age of their brother is not above picking her youngest brother up and tickling him everywhere she can reach.) The Hufflepuff, generally a pacifist tries halfheartedly to stop they playful screaming, but never really succeeds.

- They are power-siblings for the win. Mess with one and you get intimidating glares from all of them. They see you, and what you did to their sibling. Watch out.

#031 Cave Paintings of the Dordogne Valley, France

PREMISE: Since the dawn of time, humans have used artistic representation as a way to express themselves and make sense of the world around them. These cave paintings, dated to 15,000 B.C., are the earliest known examples of humankind’s most eloquent, most substantial, most revelatory form of art: the police procedural. They depict the adventures of Gork and Lurg, two cavemen who solve crimes.

CHARACTERS:  Gork is a hotshot caveman who invented the idea that when someone dies it’s important to find out why. Scholars say Gork is an expression of early humans’ belief that even in a cruel, violent world with no laws, it’s important to give weight and meaning to each individual’s death. Gork lives alone on a rudimentary houseboat because his ex-cavewife kicked him out of the cave. The houseboat always sinks because it’s made of rocks.
          Gork’s partner, Lurg, always goes by the book, even though writing and printing won’t be invented for thousands of years. Lurg also knows the secret of fire, which proves to be an invaluable investigative tool. Lurg is frequently shown grappling with the burden of being aware of his own mortality.
          Though they respect each other, Gork and Lurg often butted heads, literally and figuratively. Early humans seem to have intuitively understood that nothing makes dramatic sparks fly like a mismatched duo who have to set aside their differences in order to crack a case.
          Bulgd was a Neanderthal who seems to have been used as a primitive form of comic relief until he was trampled by a mammoth.

NOTABLE EPISODE: Gork and Lurg find a body that has been bashed in the head with a rock. They suspect that the culprit is Zug, the victim’s brother. They can’t prove it, but that doesn’t matter because they have no concept of burden of proof, so they throw Zug into a cave filled with cave bears. (Scholars refer to this painting as “The Bear Truth” —  Wall 2 Painting 5)

CATCHPHRASE: Scholars have identified an image of Gork that they believe qualifies as a catchphrase, though there are differing opinions about how to interpret it. Some scholars argue the image represents the phrase, “Looks like we’re caught between a rock and a hard place.” Others claim that Gork is meant to be asking, “Why people die?”

TRIVIA/MISCELLANY: The artist responsible for these cave paintings did another series of paintings in a different cave that featured Lurg as the main character. Scholars agree that those paintings just aren’t as much fun to study because the chemistry between Lurg and Gork was what made the originals so appealing in the first place.

anonymous asked:

Could you tell me some about your age reveral au? I'd like to hear it!


buckle in and welcome to the can of worms you’ve just opened, friend. i’ve only got little bits and pieces of this idea in mind but i will be glad to talkies.

thIS IS SUPER TL;DR JUST VERY WARNING. i am incredibly sorry to mobile users. ):

edit: oh my god the fucking read more is not working in the dashboard

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I'm living for these living together prompts so could you do something where even tho Murphamy hate each other at first once they have to live together they fall in love?

There sure is a lot of them aha!

  • I’m not Iiving with that little fucker.“ “Bell, come on-” “he’s impossible, O!” “Yeah well so are you asshole! That’s why he’s all you got left.”
  • "Blake, I am not keeping this couch it smells like otter piss.” “You don’t even know what otter piss fucking smells like Murphy.” “I do. It smells like this couch. Get a fucking new one.”
  • They can’t even walk through their own hallway without butting heads, sometimes literally
  • “You know maybe if you just opened up once in a while-” “We can’t all be over dramatic hoes, Blake.” “YOU’RE THE ONE THAT PRACTICALLY TRIED TO HANG ME FOR THROWING OUT YOUR COFFEE MACHINE!” “IT WAS 90 BUCKS YOU FUCKING UNCULTURED SWINE!”
  • They’re fights get so loud the neighbours just go out for a couple of hours and come back when the clangs aren’t echoing down to the street anymore
  • And they fight about literally everything
  • They fight about who gets in the shower first - and Murphy has to pretend he’s flushing red because he’s mad every time Bellamy victoriously struts out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel
  • And they fight about who has friends over on weekends because they seem to get along just as well as they do - and Bellamy has to pretend he doesn’t hate Finn just because he’s walked in on Murphy straddling his lap “for the last fucking time I was trying to get the remote back, Bellamy.“
  • Then one night the heater breaks and Murphy is so damn cold he flops into Bellamy’s bed and they’re ‘forced’ to awkwardly lie with there sides pressed together
  • And the first thing that comes out of their mouths the next morning is "I still fucking hate you.” “Yeah well I still fucking hate you.” “…we are never speaking of this again.”
  • “He’s the worst fucking human being, Clarke.” “What would make him-” “He leaves his shoes directly in front of my bedroom door to trip over…EVERY MORNING!”
  • “I’m going to fucking murder him by the end of the month. Raven, I’m serious. His lifeless body will be dangling out the fucking windowsill he leaves all his fucking ashtrays on and I’ll have to tell the police it was justified.”
  • Then thanksgiving rolls around and the two roommates make it a full 20 minutes before a screaming match breaks out and Murphy spirals into about 8 tumblers of whiskey while Bellamy profusely hits on Octavia’s, new friend Echo with no idea why
  • Then everyone leaves and a very pissed off Bellamy is left with a very drunk Murphy
  • So he tucks Murphy into bed and without even really thinking about it, kisses his cheek when he says he’s sorry for being so impossible
  • The the next day they both wake up and instantly start screaming when they realise
  • But then for the rest of the week neither of them can let it go
  • “Murphy, pleasejustleave me alone for five minutes.” “You kissed me dude.” “YEAH WELL YOU WERE THE DRUNK ONE!” “EXACTLY!”
  • Then as they’re lying on the couch a month later Murphy’s asks before even thinking “so why did you kiss me?”
  • And Bellamy can only blankly stare at him before replying “I don’t know…I guess I was just thankful for you or some shit.”
  • And Murphy just can’t fucking take it anymore so he crashes forward and smashes their lips together till their a mess of angry tangled limbs and passionate sloppy kisses

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Naruhina Month, Day 12

Day 12: Flirting

Summary: A reluctant Naruto and Hinata are coaxed into awkwardly flirting with one another by their friends. Between verbal diarrhoea and fainting spells they certainly make for some interesting first impressions. Modern AU


Day 11

“Hinata, I’m telling you, that guy was totally smiling at you.” Sakura insisted, nudging her friend with a teasing smile. “Go over and talk to him.”

Hinata shook her head silently, hiding her flushed face behind thick locks of hair. There was no way she could do that! She didn’t have the confidence of Sakura-san or Ino-san. She was too shy. She had to build up every shred of courage within her just to ask something simple, like for her neighbours to turn down loud music. She definitely wasn’t the type to strike up an awkward conversation with a stranger. Even if that stranger was incredibly handsome with a beautiful smile and blue eyes that made her go weak in the knees- Hinata shook her head wildly, trying to rid herself of such thoughts.

“Ah, Sakura-san.” Hinata answered hesitantly. “I’d rather not, if that’s alright.”

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Jasper redemption arc

I, for one, don’t see Jasper ever siding with the Crystal Gems. I really just don’t see jasper as anything more than a villain and I really wouldn’t care if she got poofed and bubbled. I mean, are people actually expecting the writers to have made all three of the homeworld gems be redeemed? Telling the same story three times? Next thing you know you’ll have people asking for a Yellow Diamond redemption arc. I mean, come on, Jasper hasn’t shown any obvious redeemable signs; she’s a loyal Quartz warrior and she literally head butted Steven, knocked him out and gave him a black eye.


But you wanna know what they’re fighting over? Not plot. Not TARDIS romance. Not characterisation. Not whatever personal vendettas you’ve got stewing in your little skulls.

This is what they are fighting over:


Congratulations, fandom. You wanted two old Scottish nerds to fight, and by God, that is exactly what you got.

Might As Well Face It - Butterfly Bog fic

AU where Tell Him never happened… the conclusion

(Part 1Part 2)

Part 3 - And You’ll Be Mine (In Which Two People Stumble Through Their Emotions)

The fairy princess and the goblin king both stared at each other in stunned silence for some indefinable period of time, some mixture of shock, delight, and terror churning in both of them. Both of them had wanted nothing more than to see the other mere seconds ago, and now neither of them had the faintest idea of what to say.

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No but, what if Geoff was one of the first fee to turn back and his animal instincts force him to challenge the still Ram!Ray to the whole horn locking thing?

Ray would probably nope outta there because he has a sense of self preservation lol. Even as a sturdy Ram, he’s a lightweight in a headbutting match against Geoff.  Ryan would try to stop Geoff too, knowing what it’s like to be on the other end of his crazy headbutts. 

But Ray would have the short end of the stick in that situation no matter what. Geoff would have never really been around another Ram hybrid, (at least on a close quarters day to day basis) and a male ram at that. So he’d probably be butting heads figuratively and literally quite often, just to maintain the #1 Ram guy status