they just lay in each other's embrace

my kink

illyrians wrapping their wings around their mates while snuggling

DATING MARK OR basically boyfriend!mark

im even ready for this asdfghjkl;

  • bro mark would be so freaking perfect as boyfriend 
  • like he would be so into calling each other “babe” because it’s so freaking cute NOT TO MENTION HE WOULD GIVE YOU THAT CUTE ASS SMILE LIKE THE ONE ABOVE
  • lots of hand holding especially around the other members
  • normal conversations in English that somehow drift into Korean and you guys are just speaking a mixture of both  
  • lots and lots and lots of KISSES
  • cute goodmorning/goodnight calls because he prefers listening to your voice before he goes to sleep and right before he wakes up 
  • random ugly snaps in the middle of the day, whether he’s on tour, at practice JUST WHENEVER OKAY  
  • back hugs
  • back hugs 
  • did i say back hugs 
  • *calms down* dEEP BREATHS 
  • datessssss 
  • i feel like you and mark would have lots of dates
  • but like not the types where you always go out and do something 
  • more of the stay at home and watch a movie and make cookies type
  • but of course there would be the casual ones like taking coco for a walk WITH POOR EOMMA YOUNGJAE CALLING EVERY SECOND WONDERING WHERE THEY KIDNAPPED HIS POOR BABY 
  • and there would be the dates where Jackson would tag along mostly because you could never say no to him simply because he was annoying as fuckkk
  • there would also those dates where we have jinyoung spamming mark because that’s his man and you have no right just “taking him and seducing him” 
  • but back to being serious and to what all you lil hoes have been waiting for  S I N 
  • so basically sex with mark would be special
  • you guys would have restless nights of love making 
  • meaningful love bites trailing down your chest and thighs 
  • sweet whispers of i love you’s 
  • lots and lots of ass grabbing 
  • lets be S E R I O U S mark tuan is an ass person 
  • but he would love each and every single inch of your body
  • but of course mark tuan isn’t anything but vanilla in bed 
  • 95% of the time you guys aren’t whispering sweet nothings into each others ears you’re moaning curse words out loud keeping up you’re neighbors for the 3rd night in a row
  • which one of the main reasons you don’t sleep over at the dorms half of the time
  • heavy breathing and tiny lil whimpers coming out of his mouth simply because YOU WORK HIM SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!
  • long line of curse words leaving each others mouths with moans coming right after each one of them 
  • finishing each other still feeling as euphoric as you did in the moment
  • mark picking up his t shirt and putting in on you and laying you back down taking you into his embrace 
  • staring at each other in silence as he strokes your hair feeling lucky as ever because you’re his girl and he’s yours while feeling content over the fact that his family may be thousands of miles away but he has never felt so at home laying down next you in each others embrace 
  • thinking about the future but not to far into it because all he knows is that he wants you by his side forever and that’s all he is asking for
  • being perfect in each others eyes

                                                                      ~ Erica


haha whatever u do dont think about dan and phil raising their own kids and how gentle they would be and how they would just be the greatest parents with no inflictions of gender roles or stereotypes and how they would probably lay in bed together with the baby between them just in a silent embrace or how dan would sing very softly to the baby in a chair and whisper how much he loves them or how phil would feed them cereal in the morning whilst making stupid animal noises and faces and their nights on the sofa watching movies with their kid fast asleep between them and them just staring lovingly into each others eyes and gently kissing because it all started with a fucjking cereal box and fuck why am i crying forget the tissues id like some adoption papers please

BTS reaction: Romantic staycation at a hotel with you

Hyung LineMaknae Line 


Originally posted by dearbangtansonyeondan

He would be so excited to finally spend a few days with you without distraction, he starts packing like both of you are going away for 5 months and not 5 days. Jungkook would enquire about every single facility within the vicinity of the hotel before booking a room. He would sign the both of you up for art classes, yoga, and a few water sports classes. 

Of course, Jungkook being Jungkook, he would ensure there was a fully equipped gym present as well, he would encourage you to join him but if you were too exhausted to work out he would lay with you and lull you to sleep before heading for his workout session. Both of you planned to attend do adventurous things while you were on this trip, however, Jungkook and you preferred to just lay in bed, your arms around each other and legs tangled, talking about the most mundane things, planning your future together. 

Jungkook and you would watch various romantic comedy movies and end up crying. Seeing you cry, Jungkook who was also crying would try to wipe his tears and tease you for crying. Even after the movie ended, both of you would remain in each other’s embrace, thankful for each other and appreciating the warmth of being in his arms. 

He would prepare a bubble bath for you as well, for you to destress and enjoy some alone time but after a few minutes he would come barging in and he would remove all his clothes before you could say anything and get into the tub with you. It would just end up with the both of you laughing and teasing each other in the tub. 

When both of you are in bed, trying to go to sleep, you would be too engrossed in just talking about the most random things and eventually you would end sleeping with your head on his chest and your arms around him. Smiling he would kiss your forehead and whisper how much he loves you as he fell asleep.  

Naturally, it would be a lazy yet cozy and intimate staycation with Jungkook, one that will recharge the both of you, as the both of you would be closer and your bond with each other would be stronger. 


Originally posted by heoljimin

He is going to cling onto you like there’s no tomorrow. Even when you’re not on vacation he clings onto you so when the two of you do go on a little vacation he will not let you out of his sight for one second. He would do research before booking the hotel and he would sign the both of you up for any couple’s spa or activity there is, making sure they would be fun and relaxing and not strenuous for the both of you. 

He would plan a fancy dinner and surprise you with a new outfit, as you got ready, he would head out to oversee the arrangement. As you came out of the shower, there would be a bouquet of flowers with a letter beside it. You sat on the bed and read the letter, you felt tears rolling down your cheeks, despite how busy he was, no matter how late he reached home he would never forget to confess his love to you and tell you how much he appreciated you. And these letters that he wrote to you often made all your worries and disappointments of not being able to spend more time as a couple dissipate. 

You quickly wiped your tears and kept the letter safely before getting ready and heading out for dinner. The entire staycation would be filled with laughter, cuddles and a lot of making love and just lazing around. 

He would continuously ask you to feed him and he would feed you. It would just be the two of you, and the whole world would disappear. Both of you not only get to reconnect as a couple but you get to recharge and just have a little fun as a couple. 


Originally posted by jjeongukks

He would probably book a room with a private spa area so both of you could enjoy the spa area and each other’s company in peace and without else anyone around. Tae would bring his camera and take countless intimate pictures of you and the both of you together as he wants to remember and capture every single moment. 

As both of you ate while you were in the pool or jacuzzi one of you might drop something and it would end up in a food hunt as both of you started searching for whatever fell. Tae and you would be laughing so hard at the events unfolding. Since he loves taking pictures, Tae would convince you to visit a tourist landmark or a place he wanted to visit so the two of you make your way to the botanic gardens. 

The combination of the flowers surrounding every inch of the garden and the calming ambiance, both of you have a little picnic in the park before heading to your hotel. 

Tae and you would watch a romantic movie and in the middle of the movie, he would lay his head in your lap, but after a while, you realized he was sleeping. You lower the volume and lean in as you kissed his cheeks and ran your hands through his hair. 

Overall, the entire stay would be a little adventurous but mostly relaxing but regardless of what you did, both of you would be laughing or smiling. Happy to be with each other without any distraction. 

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BTS As Boyfriends:

JinYoongi HoseokNamjoonJiminTaehyungJungkook

Sweeter Than Sweet (10)

Pairing: Jimin x reader + others as the story progresses

Warnings: Blood drinking, very mild descriptions of gore

Word count: 2.8K

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Jimin isn’t in bed when you wake up, but then he never usually is.  It’s not taken long for you to realise that what sleep Jimin does have is infrequent and little, but it seems to be enough.  You’ve managed to switch to a nocturnal schedule with relative ease, going to bed not long after sunrise and waking at dusk and then spending the whole night Jimin and the rest of the guys, talking, playing games, having fun.  It’s a nice little routine you’ve gotten into, and it’s beyond wonderful to finally feel like you’re finally starting to belong somewhere – even if it is amongst a family of vampire assassins.

You get up with an exaggerated stretch and yawn and then make your way into the bathroom to brush your hair and your teeth, not quite motivated enough to jump in the shower just yet.  Looking back at yourself in the mirror you’re pleased to see that most of the bruising on your neck has started to turn a greenish colour, and even the colour in your face is starting to come back a little.  You feel well enough now that you’re sure you’d be able to feed Jimin safely, and you’re eager to do so, keen to given him what he so obviously wants.

Things haven’t gotten physical between the two of you again since the first time two days ago.  Jimin doesn’t really appear to be the affectionate sort; hugs are none-existent and even kisses are few and far-between.  It seems to be only at the end of the night - when all his long, intense looks have had chance to build up to the point where he can no longer stop himself - that Jiimin finally pulls you in a passionate embrace that always leaves you breathless and wanting more.  You’re not sure if it’s just how he is, or if he’s holding himself back, but you’re really starting to wonder where this ‘soft’ person Yoongi talked about could be hiding.

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Can we get uhhh, makeout headcanons for Damien, Liam, and Brian with a nervous/shy s/o? Thanks bb


-Doesn’t give you a chance to be hesitant because the second he has you in his arms he’s on you. One hand in you hair, one at your lower back pressing you impossibly close to each other. It takes all you can to keep up at first but before long your hands are gripping at his collar.

-Damien doles out some of the most intensely passionate kisses, theres a lot of tongue. If you aren’t super experienced or nervous Damien will just affectionately grab you face and turn it to the best angle for him to explore your mouth.

-As previously established, Damien’s a handsy man so if you don’t express what you’re comfortable with at some point, things might progress father than you intended. 

-Also the boy is a low key exhibitionist so be prepared for him to want to make out anywhere and everywhere. If you’re shy he search endlessly for a comfortable spot for the two of you. If you get more comfortable being with him in public, when he’s in the mood Damien will just grab you and tug you against him. It’s a lot honestly.


-Liam unlike Damien, will go slow. He’ll make things comfortable and sensual. He’ll probably bring you to his home and making out would evolve out of cuddling and criticizing 1960′s French cinema. “Brigitte Bardot has the emotional range of a baguette.” Liam probably.

-You just get so comfortable with him that you can’t help but nuzzle into his chest or cozy up to him. You looking up at him, him staring down at you…its a slow burning passion from there. Everyone of Liam’s kisses is meaningful and deep. 

-Good at respecting boundaries, his hands stay above the belt. He likes one on the join of your neck and the other on your lower back. If you want him to do more you’ll have to guide his hands where you want them. Liam will gladly take the next step if you want him to.

-Great partner if you’re shy, has no problem taking his time. Liam’s immortal so he’s more likely to take things at a slow pace. 


-Brian’s so chill it can honestly be annoying. Despite being shy you probably had to ask him if he wanted to make out with you and to which he responded with a casual sure and tried to make out with you right on the spot. To which you blushed and pushed him away like “Not here, not now!” “So later then?” Brian probably. 

-Kind of a huge tease. He’s a bit playful, he likes to go in for a peck after a long stretch of kissing. It never fails to make you grin. He’s so casual its hard not to be comfortable with him. His chill and casual nature takes away any nervousness you might have.

-Not too handsy. He’s honestly so content with just making out. Likes it when you two just lay down with you on top. You guys could spend hours just feeling each others lips. Once again Brian isn’t super handsy but he can’t resist placing at least one hand on the booty in this position. 

-Y’all snuggle after. Like just spend a little bit of time embracing each other. Brian is good at making things feel intimate and close. He’ll place a few neck kisses here and there. You can’t help but melt into him. 

~Mod May

my aesthetic: jacob and enoch laying in a messy bed and holding hands. jacob looks out the window and says something about how the sky is really bright for night time and enoch tells him that it’s not as bright as he is, immediately realizing that he actually said that out loud. jacob’s whole face turns red and enoch doesn’t look at him for a solid ten minutes.

both are thankful when they’re called down for the reset.

Take me to the place where you think your soul lives and let me enter.

Let me cook you dinner and thank you for eating up although it tastes like paper.

Let’s listen to each other’s favourite song again and again until we really understand the meaning.

Tell me about your childhood and ask me why I can’t remember mine.

Let’s do a winter walk embracing the pure white of the snow before making out in it.

Tell me what a certain smell reminds you of.

Let’s lay in bed, my fingers stroking your hair, while I stare at your wonderful face that’s barely touched by the moonlight.

Let’s just do everything so we will never be able to forget each other.

—  Never.
Getting Caught! - Renjun

(gif credits: @neotechs )

Request:  Can you do a getting caught with RENJUN one for like cuddling please

Hello! Can you do a “getting caught” with Renjun or Jeno please?

A/n: Thank you for the requests! Hope you guys enjoy!! Also I’m enjoying this gif way to much hahaha 

Getting Caught! Series

  • Renjun!!!!!!
  • that boy is swerving visuals wow!!!!
  • and this is only the beginning oh my!!!
  • so before we go on just a reminder the dreamies and the rest of nct have different dorms
  • and Mark and Haechan don’t live with them!!
  • which means Renjun is the oldest one here
  • so let’s see how the younger ones catch you two ;) 

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Blanket (Bucky Barnes x fem!reader)

Hey! This is my first imagine! It’s quite short and it was requested by an anon who wanted fluff. It’s short, but super fluffy :) enjoy !


Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

(Y/n) woke up in the middle of the night, feeling cold and unprotected. Wait a minute. Where was her blanket?

She frantically searched for the fabric with her eyes closed, until she touched a warm, familiar figure.

Her eyes opened slowly, the dim night light illuminating the room. She saw Bucky sleeping, his metal arm cuddled over the blanket, lightly snoring, like he always did when he’s tired.

A smile crept into (Y/n)’s face.

Bucky hadn’t been there when she had fallen asleep. He told her he was going to be training with Steve until past midnight.

She was glad he was back, but she was freezing half to death, and it’s winter outside.

She tapped on Bucky’s nose, in effort to wake him up. He just crinkled his nose and ignored her.

Then (Y/n) tried to blow on his face. She got the same reaction.

Getting impatient, (Y/n) shook his shoulders. Bucky opened his eyes for a split second, and then closed it again, falling right back into sleep.

“Bucky…” (Y/n) whined sleepily, “the blanket is a joint property, you can’t keep it all to yourself.”

Bucky snuggled further into the blanket and whispered —God knows consciously or not— “Watch me.”

(Y/n), who was cold beyond belief, had enough of this and decided to do one thing: take the blanket forcefully from Bucky.

She got up to her knees, and pulled it as hard as she could, until she got everything to herself, leaving Bucky exposed to the cold air in his boxers.

His eyes fluttered open.

“What the— (Y/n)!” He said, tiredness seeping from his voice as he tried to pull the blankets back.

But his efforts were pointless. (Y/n) had managed to wrap herself in a cocoon of sheets.

“(Y/n), doll, I’m cold,” Bucky complained, trying to get some warmth, but ultimately failing.

“I was cold, too. You didn’t seem to care,” she answered cockily, trying to delve into sleep.

“I’ll share it this time,” he promised.

(Y/n) stayed quiet, like she was thinking, then she answered, “No. It’s too late for that.”

Then he did something unbelievable. Something that came off as a mere suggestion at the top of his head, and he followed it.

He kicked (Y/n) rolling out off bed.

With a thump, she fell to the carpet floor, eyes wide open in disbelief. She started to shout, “Bucky– Oomph!”

Apparently, Bucky decided to join her on the carpet floor, landing on top of her nonetheless, in effort to get the blanket.

Bucky pulled the blanket, but (Y/n) grabbed a pillow and pressed it to his face until he was laying on the floor.

“What the hell are you trying to do— Aah!”

She was interrupted once again by Bucky, who had managed to free himself from his pillow confinement and use her own pillow against (Y/n).

Acting upon reflex, (Y/n) grabbed another pillow, and hit it on Bucky’s head multiple times.

This went on about another five minutes until the were both panting on the floor and out of breath, laying side by side on the carpet floor, the blanket laying on top of the both of them.

“Why are you like this?” (Y/n) asked teasingly, turning to Bucky.

He just laughed, turning to her, peppering kisses on her face.

Bucky eventually got up, carrying (Y/n) on the bed and gently resting her head on a pillow, and snuggled besides her, draping the blanket over the both of them.

He embraced her, resting his chin on her head as her head dug into his neck, taking in his scent. Their arms were wrapped around each other, leg tangled in mess.

“I’m sorry for pushing you off the bed,” Bucky said, kissing her forehead.

“I’m sorry for suffocating you with a pillow,” (Y/n) said sleepily.

“I love you, doll,” Bucky said, with a sigh of content.

Not long after that, (Y/n) replied, “I love you, too, you dork,” before falling asleep in each other’s arms.



you’re not in love with her // theo raeken

pairings: theo reaken x reader

warnings: none

prompt: x

a/n: I am so in love with this and I hope you guys enjoy this. ♡

if yelling at her in an argument doesn’t make your throat burn like you just downed 6 shots, you’re not in love with her.

He stood there in front of her, Warm tears streaming down her cheeks.

“You can’t keep acting like this Theo;” She said in a raspy voice.

He glared at her with his jaw clenched, His breath heaving.

“You can’t go punching every guy that speaks to me.”

“That guy was flirting with you Y/N, What did you expect me to do? Sit back and watch him check you out?”

“He wasn’t flirting with me and even if he was do you really think I could ever think about being with any one else but you?”

“I can’t take that risk Y/N, You’re mine and he needed to know that.” He said slightly raising his voice.

“Risk? Don’t you trust me to stay loyal to you? And how exactly am I yours? I’m not just a piece of property you own Theo!” Y/N said raising her voice as her blood boiled.

“You’re mine cause we’re in a relationship Y/N! And I can’t stand to see some other guy try to take you away from me!” He said practical shouting.

His throat was sore and burned in his neck, He felt sick to his stomach. He hated shouting at her, Fighting with her, Watching her tears stream down her cheeks and her lips quiver.  Her eyes welt up with tears again, Every time Theo would raise his voice on her she got scared, It would wreck her seeing the man she loved shouting at her in front of her.

“Damn it.” He said quietly before pulling Y/N quickly into his embrace and wrapping his arms tightly against her body, Her hands were pressed against his chest as she sobbed softly into the crook of his neck.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, I hate seeing you like this.” He said hugging her even tighter as he caressed his hand along her back soothingly.

“Then please stop acting like this, For me.” You said quietly as your breathing slowed down.

“I will, I promise.” He said kissing the top of her head.

if her eyes can’t make you stop in your tracks and think about what you’re going to say next, you’re not in love with her.

“Are you coming over after school today?” Theo asked as he leaned against a locker next to Y/Ns locker watching her exchange her books.

“Yeah, I always do T.” She chuckled.

“But why?” She asked smiling at him.

“I u-uh-“ He said looking in awe into her Y/E/C coloured eyes, He was mesmerised, As if he went into type of trance he couldn’t snap out of, Looking deep into the eyes of the girl that he fell in love with, Looking into the eyes that were the reason for him to get up in the morning, Looking into the eyes that could make his whole fucking day just by looking at them once.

She raised her brow at him with a small grin playing on her lips as he shook his head slightly to get back to what he wanted to say.

“I just want to spend some time with you.” He smiled as she closed her locker and held his hand in hers as they both started walking the halls.

“What was that about?” She asked him softly.

“Nothing, I-I just love your eyes, They’re beautiful.” He smiled down at you.

if her laugh doesn’t make you tense up your knuckles thinking about never hearing it again, you’re not in love with her.

He was sitting up against the couch in her living room with Y/N resting against him, Her head resting gently against his shoulder and her hand laying softly on his clothed stomach, His arm resting around her shoulder keeping her body close to him. They were both cuddled up in each others embrace watching a movie. Although Y/N was paying most of her attention into the movie Theo would often sneak glances at her, Looking down at the girl he would do anything for her just so she could have that beautiful smile on her lips.

Y/N let out a small laugh from the movie and Theo glanced down at her, Feeling the small vibrations that radiated from her chest to his side. He looked down at the smile playing on her lips, The small dimples that appeared on her cheeks, The way her nose crinkled ever so slightly when she laughed. Her laugh, Even the smallest chuckle would always be music to his ears, It never failed to cheer him up or make his day but looking at her now he felt anxiety creep up in his chest, In the back of his mind he thought about what would happen if her laugh disappeared, About what would happen if he could never hear that beautiful sound play in his ears again.

His arm pulled her closer to his side as his other hand curled up into a fist, She quickly glanced up at him noticing his actions.

“Everything okay?” She asked softly looking up into his crystal blue eyes.

“Yeah.” He said quietly before leaning down to press a soft kiss on her lips, He could hear her heart skip a beat and a smile play on her lips when he pulled away, She cuddled closer to him inhaling his intoxicating scent, He never failed to cause her heart to skip a beat.

if her voice can’t calm down your worst anxiety attacks  and makes you want to listen to anything she has to say, you’re not in love with her.

She looked at him intensely as he paced  around in her bedroom, His chest heaving and his breathing is in an uneven pace.

“I-I can’t do this, It’s to much for me.” He said as his hands shook when he brought one of them up to run it though his hair.

“Babe you need to calm down, Everything is okay.” Y/N said softly as she walked closer to him causing him to stop pacing and look at the girl standing in front of him.

“Every thing is not okay, Nothing is okay Y/N.” He said shaking, A worried look in his eyes as he started walking towards the bathroom learning against the sink, His hand clutching the edges so hard his knuckles were starting to turn white, His chest was heaving up and down and his eye were flashing quickly between amber and blue, His breathing was heavy and loud.

“Hey hey, Every thing is okay, just listen to my voice.” She said approaching him, His hand pressed against his back.

“I need you to go I can hurt you Y/N.” He said as his eyes turned amber.

“I’m not leaving you, You won’t hurt me.”

“I-I won’t forgive myself if I did, I need you to leave.” He growled.

“Look at me.” You said softly as you grabbed his face in your hands. He just stared intensely at you, Seeing all of your features up close.

“I need you to listen to my voice can you do that for me?” She said softly.

He just nodded as his eyes closed, He tried focusing on her voice.

“I’m here, With you. I won’t leave you; Not now not ever, Okay?” She said looking at him, Her hands still cupping  his cheeks.

He just nodded as he stayed focused on her soft and soothing voice.

“You’re going to get through this, And I’ll be with you through it all. I love you Theo and I need you to calm down for me.” She said caressing his cheek with her thumb softly. His breathing had slowed down and he regained his control, His eyes opened up to reveal the bright blue eyes that Y/N loved.

“You okay?” She asked giving him a small smile.

“Yes, T-Thank you.” He smiled at her as she returned him a wide smile before pressing her lips against his lips ever so gently but even then they could both feel the sparks between them, The electricity running through their body from the slightest touch, The way their heart fluttered when their lips were pressed against each other.

if her smile doesn’t make your chest quake and your lungs shrink but feel refreshed all in one motion, you’re not in love with her.

Theo eyes flickered open as he adjusted to the soft light filling his bedroom, He looked to his side to find Y/N sound asleep, Laying on her stomach with her head laying on her hands that were tucked under her pillow, or more so Theos pillow. He admired her for a couple of minutes, How she had a couple of single strands of hair framing her face, How her smooth and pouty lips were slightly parted and how she looked to so breathtaking without any makeup on her.

He turned onto his side and brought his hand up to her back softly stroking small patterns on to the small area of exposed skin she had. His actions quickly woke her up as her eyes opened up and close back again as she inhaled a deep breath.

“Good morning.” She managed to say quietly as her eyes opened up slowly to meet Theos gaze.

“Good morning baby girl.” He smiled down at her before pressing a soft kiss onto her forehead. He pulled back to see her look at him with pure adoration in her eyes and a smile playing on her pink lips. Seeing her smile first thing in the morning was one of the reasons if not the reason for Theo to get up in the morning, Her beautiful smile was enough to make his breath hitch in his throat and make his heart race, But even then her smile sent a calm wave through him.

“Have I ever told you that I love your smile?” He said to her in a his raspy voice.

“No I don’t think you have.” She chuckled softly as her smile only grew wider.

“Then I’m telling you know that I love your smile, And that seeing it makes my whole fucking day.” He said bringing his hand up to stroke her cheek gently.

“Really?” She asked biting her lip.

“Really.” He said as he pulled her closer to him by her waist before leaning down to connect their lips in a loving but passionate kiss.

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I'm feeling 62. (Please don't cry) really hard even though like 2 out of the 3 words are barely in Andrew or Neil's vocabulary

Okay so like I love this concept and I love this dialogue but…. Andrew doesn’t say please and Neil would never say please in front of Andrew, but……. I did my best
#62. “Please, don’t cry.”

Andrew’s sweatshirt is the only barrier between Neil’s skin and the biting December air. Where the metal of the balcony touches Neil’s bare thighs and feet, he freezes. Tears stick to his cheeks. The cold doesn’t register. Neil just feels the heat of a gasoline fire, smells flesh and hair and plastic burning. He can feel the resistance against his fingers when he rips his mother’s bones from the seat with blood acting as velcro.

The balcony door slides open and Andrew steps out. King slips past Andrew’s feet and trots over to Neil. The cat meows before stepping onto Neil’s thigh and head-butting his chest. Neil blinks, and more tears fall and freeze in place. Sir meows from the doorway and paces, but he won’t come outside. 

“Your cats are stupid,” Andrew says, sitting down crosslegged beside Neil. 

Neil doesn’t respond except to drag in a trembling breath. Andrew and the cats are peripheral to the last moments he has of his mother. Neil’s grief and exhaustion warp reality until the memory feels more real than the present moment. He’s not sitting on his balcony, remembering California, he’s on his knees on the side of the road, vomiting up the smell of ash and the taste of sea salt until his stomach is empty.

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✈️☁️ Jungkook X Romantic staycation at a hotel ☁️✈️

He would be so excited to finally spend a few days with you without distraction, he starts packing like both of you are going away for 5 months and not 5 days. Jungkook would enquire about every single facility within the vicinity of the hotel before booking a room. He would sign the both of you up for art classes, yoga, and a few water sports classes.

Of course, Jungkook being Jungkook, he would ensure there was a fully equipped gym present as well, he would encourage you to join him but if you were too exhausted to work out he would lay with you and lull you to sleep before heading for his workout session. Both of you planned to attend do adventurous things while you were on this trip, however, Jungkook and you preferred to just lay in bed, your arms around each other and legs tangled, talking about the most mundane things, planning your future together.

Jungkook and you would watch various romantic comedy movies and end up crying. Seeing you cry, Jungkook who was also crying would try to wipe his tears and tease you for crying. Even after the movie ended, both of you would remain in each other’s embrace, thankful for each other and appreciating the warmth of being in his arms.

Both of you would go shopping together as well and when you’re out traveling or discovering new places, he would be shooting you and the scenery but mostly you. 

He would prepare a bubble bath for you as well, for you to destress and enjoy some alone time but after a few minutes he would come barging in and he would remove all his clothes before you could say anything and get into the tub with you. It would just end up with the both of you laughing and teasing each other in the tub.

When both of you are in bed, trying to go to sleep, you would be too engrossed in just talking about the most random things and eventually you would end sleeping with your head on his chest and your arms around him. Smiling he would kiss your forehead and whisper how much he loves you as he fell asleep.  

Naturally, it would be a lazy yet cozy and intimate staycation with Jungkook, one that will recharge the both of you, as the both of you would be closer and your bond with each other would be stronger.


Staycation with Jimin

BTS reaction: Romantic staycation at a hotel with you: Hyung LineMaknae Line

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BTS react to you taking a pregnancy test

  • Requested 
  • A/N ; A continue from previous reaction, I also did try to make this more realistic as not every pregnancy test you take means you’re in fact pregnant. So I’m sorry if your bias doesn’t have the reaction you wanted, I just though it would be better to balance it out and show different reactions to different results.

I have also not made each reaction biased and what I think each member would prefer, I have just randomly put with each member a scenario wether it be negative or positive.

Seokjin (Jin)

You were nervously biting your thumb nail as you sat on the toilet impatiently, you needed to take the test after what had happened. You needed to know if you were expecting or not, you’re a week late.

The test was staring at you as you held it shakily in your hand, it felt like you had been waiting for years and knowing Jin was waiting outside for you made it much worse. 

“Has it said anything yet?” You heard Jin call from the other side of the door, you were about to reply ‘no’ when suddenly you saw the results start to come up. Your heart began to race and your breathing hitched waiting for it to become clearer.

“Fuck.” You breathed out and dropped the test to the floor, you leaped up from your seat as adrenaline coursed through you. You darted to the door and yanked it open, Jin stumbled back slightly as he was leaning against it and quickly adverted his attention to yours.

“W-what is it? Are you pregnant?” Jin gushes his hands holding you at your sides, analysing your reaction.

“We’re going to have a mini world-wide handsome.” You chocked out with elation, Jin’s eyes became wide and he repeated what you said in astonishment. 

“WE’RE HAVING A ME!” Jin cheered and enveloped you into a bear hug, his wide posture caging you to him as you both laughed with joy into each others arms. He honestly couldn’t wait to be the dad he’s always wanted to be, and the fact it was with you made it even better.

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Namjoon (RM)

“Breathe baby breathe,” the soft voice of Joon bought your heavy breathing to slow, his soft hand running up and down your back as you both sat on the edge of the bed waiting, “I’m here, I’m always here.” He gave your temple a light kiss as your eyes didn’t advert from the test on your lap.

“I feel ill.” You admitted as nerves started to consume you, it’s not like you didn’t want children it was just so unplanned you weren’t sure if you were both ready….more if Joon was ready.

“Hey Y/N look at me,” Namjoon placed an index finger at the bottom of your chin as he lifted your gaze to his warm one, “don’t feel that way, you’re the light of my life and I wouldn’t want to be in this situation with anyone else but you.” He assured you as his thumb caressed the side of your face and you leant into his homely touch.

“I love you Joon.” You sighed heavily and fluttered your eyes shut to relish in the moment, you were loving his soft moving touch until it froze and you knew he was looking at the test. Your eyes opened to see Namjoons eyes on your lap, you didn’t want to look, instead you read his face…..he wasn’t giving anything away. 

You took a deep breath and flickered your eyes to the test, your throat forming a guilty lump making you want to choke out a sob - until you felt Namjoon’s lips on yours, kissing you so slowly and soothingly it settled you only slightly.

“Don’t say anything Y/N, It’s okay, just know its okay,” he breathed pulling away from your almost trembling lips, you breathed and nodded, “now isn’t the time and thats okay, it just means I can have you to myself a little longer.” He assured wiping away a stray tear with his thumb.

“I guess.” You giggled inhaling deeply and embracing Joon, he embraced you back and rested his head ont op of yours as he rocked you softly side to side. You were both okay, you were both okay with the results and just enjoyed each others holding in comfortable silence. 

Yoongi (Suga)

You were laying flat on your back on top of your bed, your heart racing, adrenaline coursing through you as you impatiently waited for this stupid test to show you what you’ve been waiting for eagerly. As soon as you didn’t hit your period you went to grab a test, you needed to know, you told Yoongi about it and suddenly felt ill remembering where he was.

He wasn’t with you, you didn’t want him to be. You needed time alone to deal with the whatever situation happened, he was in the house somewhere waiting for the text you said you’d send when getting the results. 

You were holding the test above you and felt like throwing it not caring anymore at how long it was seeming to take, your body starting to ache from how tense you were. You needed to know-

You dropped the test. You dropped it to the floor as you saw the results immediately start to show, you reached for your phone and fumbled with typing the text to Yoongi. You clicked send and waited, your breathing ragged, you soon heard the ping of his phone from outside your door,

He was there the whole time.

You felt him before you saw him. You heard the door burst open and just as you were about to look up he was on top of you, his limbs entangled with yours as he held you tightly against him.

“Y/N I love you, don’t let that ever leave your mind.” He said quietly into the room filled of silence, your heart clenched at his words and you placed your hand to the back of his neck as you played with the nape of his neck.

“Are you sure you’re okay-”

“I’m happy with whatever Y/N, I’m happy with whatever as long as you’re with me and that you are too.” He mumbles into your chest as he placed soft pepper like kisses to your collar bone, you sighed heavily and wrapped your arms around him.

“Thank you Yoongi.” You cooed and you both held onto each other tightly, laying there as you just enjoyed each others assuring company. 

Hoseok (Jhope)

You both eagerly waited, the anticipation of not knowing the results almost killing you both. You were holding each others hands tightly, both cross legged on the bedroom floor as you cooped up closely to each other watching the test.

“I’m going to snap it in a minute.” You groaned hating the agonisingly slow time its taking, Hoseok chuckled at your comment and gave your hands an assuring squeeze.

“It’ll show us any minute now.” He replied with a shaky breath, you sighed heavily and dropped your head to his shoulder your eyes never leaving the test. This was too painful for words to describe, you grew incredibly impatient.


You and Hoseok inhaled sharply in sync, leaning forward to see the pregnancy test fade into the answer you’ve both been waiting for, the answer you both saw show that indeed you were in fact…..pregnant. Before you could even take this in you felt Hoseok collide into you.

His body knocked yours to the floor, his arms and legs wrapping around any part of your body he could link with, his lips kissed every inch of your face as he squealed out his happiness. You were stunned, not knowing what to do.

“I’m going to be a god damned dad!” He scoffed out a breath of disbelief as he pulled away from your face to look down at you with a blinding smile, you saw his eyes twinkle with joy and your heart clenched.

“We’re going to be parents Hobi….” You breathed out, your hands slowly goin up to clasp his face, the thought of you carrying a mini Hope bringing tears to your eyes, Hoseok couldn’t help but mirror your reaction and he choked out a sob.

He then started to move lower down your body as he dropped his forehead to your stomach, the gesture made your breathing hitch and your hands strayed through his hair as you allowed elated tears stream down your face.

“You’re going to be immensely loved!” He cooed to your stomach and you felt his lips gently kiss it, you choked out a giggle and you both just led there lightly sobbing by the news you lowkey both hoped for.


“Whatever happens we’re okay right?” You blurted as you diverted your gaze from the test held out in front of you to Jimin who was crouched before you his hair slicked back from how many times he’s ran his hands through it from all the nerves.

“What? Are you serious?” Jimin shook his head slightly as he gaped at you in shock, “Y/N of course we will be? Don’t think we won’t be, we’re in this together.” He said in a hushed tone, his eyebrows knitted together as he looks at you straight in the eyes.

“I know I’m sorry.” You sighed heavily rubbing the side of your head, Jimin hummed and leant down to place a kiss on top of your knee and gave it a stroke,

“Has It said anything yet?” He asked his head quirking up slightly, you took a deep breath and flickered your eyes to the shaking test in your hand.

You didn’t move, you didn’t speak, you just looked at a worried Jimin as he searched your face gauging your reaction. You couldn’t verbally say the results so instead you turned the test around and showed him, Jimin immediately inhaled sharply taking the test into his hand as he read the stick.

“Looks like we’ve got to convert the office into a nursery.” You chuckled nervously watching Jimin gape at the test, his mouth was ajar as he scoffed in disbelief.

“This is really happening,” he finally said, his legs giving way as he fell onto his behind still staring at the test as all sorts of emotions consumed him, “I’m really having a baby with you Y/N.” He sniffed looking up at you, his eyes shimmering with a thin layer of tear.

“Oh baby don’t cry I’ll cry.” You gasped shaking your head at his puppy eyed look, he couldn’t help but smile only to then completely break down into joyful tears. 

You instantly dropped in front of him as you wrapped your arms around him, he didn’t hesitate to hug you back and you heard the test fall to the floor as he engulfed you into him. His head buried into your neck as he laughed and sobbed giving you such a big squeeze you almost felt like you couldnt breath for a second.

“We’re having a mini US!” He cheered pulling away and latching his lips onto yours, his lips moving passionately against yours as his hands came up to cradle your jaw. You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss and embrace the magical moment.

Taehyung (V)

You already knew. He didn’t, he thought you were still meaning to get a test and do it later, he didn’t know you took it moments ago and are now laying with him on the couch knowing the results. You needed to tell him but you were scared, you didn’t know how he would take it even though he’s spoke to you about baby names in the past.

You were watching a scene where a man was trying to get to his wifes birth, he was running late and you felt like now was the time.

“Tae….” You cleared your throat and kept your head on top of his chest as you felt his fingers play with your hair, he hummed in response signalling for you that you have his attention, “do you think you’d miss our child’s birth?” You hinted keeping your eyes glued to the screen.

“Never, I’d make sure I was there every step of the way.” He mumbled absently not thinking much of it, his fingers interlocking in your hair as he rested his chin on top of your head.

You inhaled deeply and gushed out the words.

“Well good because I’m pregnant and I think I’m gonna need a lot of moral support.” You laughed still looking at the screen, you felt your heart race as soon as you felt Taehyung’s fingers freeze in your hair and felt his whole body stiffen.

“Y/N….” Taehyung drew out and you coughed awkwardly humming, still not lifting yourself to look at him, “Y/N look at me.” He ordered lowly, you swallowed and shut your eyes while lifting yourself slightly so you could turn your attention to him.

“What?” You asked innocently, you then opened your eyes to see Taehungs eyes slightly wide and gauging your reaction probably wondering if you’re serious or not, you let out a sigh “yes Tae I’m pregnant, I took the test earlier.” You admitted and winced waiting for his reaction.

“W-we…..parents….children?” He breathed out, you worriedly watched and then saw his famous boxy smile outstretch along his face and he let out a shaky breath, “WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” He erupted and rolled you both over on the couch.

You let out a squeal and allowed him to place wet kisses along your face, neck, chest and all the way down to your stomach where he continuously kissed. You gasped and chuckled with excitement, the thought of a mini Taehyung running around inside of you bringing you too much joy.

“I LOVE YOU!” He lifted himself from your stomach to shout the words at your belly, you squealed again and you both laughed and rolled around with joy at the amazing news.


You were both young, you were both scared. You both sat there at the kitchen counter, Jungkook’s head in his hands as you nervously bit at your nails. You wanted it to hurry and you wanted it to be over with, it was killing you.

“Guk I’m sorry for being so silly in the first place-” You choked out but Jungkook hushed you immediately with a hand on your thigh and his hushing overthrowing your talking.

“Y/N I know don’t worry, you and me have got this no matter what and unfortunately for you my ass is sticking by you forever.” He tried lighting up the tense mood, you forced out a nervous laugh and placed a hand over his that settled on your thigh.

“I wish it just hurried…..up….” You started to complain only to be shut up by the test finally fading into the answer, Jungkook stopped fidgeting and you stop breathing waiting for it to become more clear.

You both sighed in sync, your bodies sagged in sync and you turned to each other in sync on the bar stools and just stared at each other. His eyes were smiling sadly at you, his lips in a tight smile and you couldn’t help but sigh again.

“Is it bad I’m a little relieved?” You confessed entwining your fingers together, Jungkook scoffed,

“No, because so am I,” He confessed too, the comment only just saddening you a little and Jungkook instantly noticed it, “not that I don’t want kids with you Y/N.” He gushed clasping his hands over yours.

“I know I-”

“Y/N I do want kids with you, just you and I both know right now we’re too young for snot, shit and piss,” He chuckled, you joined him looking at his assuring bunny smile, “I mean you still have a go at me for not putting the toilet seat down, let alone having a go at a kid who actually misses it.” He teased leaning forward so he could lift your hands to his mouth placing a sweet kiss on them, 

“You’re right, I love you.” You whispered and gave him a shy smile, Jungkook’s heart warmed at the sight of you and he couldn’t help but raise a hand to snake around the back of your neck as he leant to place a slow kiss on your lips.

You were both okay. 

I’ll Be There//Mark Scenario

Title: I’ll Be There//Mark Scenario

Word Count: 1059

Request: (Anon) Fluffy and comforting Boyfriend Mark!

A/N: I know this is a bit short, but I hope you all still enjoy it! (bc who doesn’t love a fluffy mark) If you like this scenario, please feel free to check out my masterlists and request fake texts or scenarios for any of the 4 groups I write for! Thank you!


The tears begin to well up in your eyes as you walk through the door of your house and throw yourself onto your bed. This was absolutely the worst week you’ve ever had. How could so many things go wrong at once? You’re so overwhelmed with work, your best friend is being annoying and fighting with you, and your boyfriend is busy all of the time. All you’ve wanted to do all day is go home and cry. 

Now that you’re home, you change into one of Mark’s sweatshirts so that you’re more comfortable, get under the covers, and turn on a drama. A bit more contempt that you’re home now, you finally start to get comfortable. Some time into the episode you’re watching, your phone starts ringing. Sighing, you lean over to pick it up without even looking at the caller id. 

“Hello?” You say, not even trying to hide the utter exhaustion present in your voice. 

“Y/N? What’s wrong? Are you ok?” Asks the worry filled voice of your boyfriend. You curse yourself for not looking at the caller id before answering. You know Mark, and the last thing you want right now is for him to worry about you. Mark is the busiest person you know and you don’t want to bother him with such little problems.

“Nothing, what’s up babe?” You ask, trying to mask the depressing tone in your voice in order to not concern Mark anymore.

“I don’t think it’s nothing… when you answered the phone you sounded like death! Are you sick?” This actually puts a slight smile on your face knowing that Mark cares enough to make sure you’re ok. But you still don’t want to burden him with such minor problems when he’s literally promoting with Nct all the time.

“I’m not sick, i’ve just had a bit of a rough week that’s all. But let’s not talk about that, let’s talk about you! How has your day been?” You ask him, but you can tell by sigh on the other end that he’s not buying your act.

“Y/N you shouldn’t keep your feelings bottled up like this. You should talk to me of all people, I’m your boyfriend.” He says, and you don’t know why, but him saying that causes all of your feelings to explode and suddenly you’re crying again. Hearing your sniffle through the phone, Mark’s worried voice instantly returns and asks, “Y/N are you crying?!”

“No I’m-” You begin. 

“Stay right where you are i’m coming over.” Mark interrupts.

“Wait Mark-” You start, but the line goes dead before you can finish. You think of calling him back, but you know how persistent your boyfriend is. He’s coming no matter what now. You grab some tissues to wipe away your tears before he shows up; however, when you see yourself in the mirror you realize it’s no use. Your face is all blotchy and red, and it’s clearly noticeable that you’ve been crying for a while. The knock on the door startles you, as you hear the urgency present. You quickly open the door and see the worried face of your boyfriend for literally two seconds before he’s wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his arms.

“Y/N, baby please don’t cry!” He says stroking your hair comfortingly while he huddles your face into his chest. Mark shuts the door quietly and leads your fragile body over the couch. He sits down and you automatically cuddle into his warmth. The two of you just lay there for a while, him stroking your hair gently and you trying to calm down. Finally, Mark breaks the silence and asks, “Do you want to talk about it?” 

You sigh, sitting up to look at him. “It’s stupid really, I’ve just been so overwhelmed with work, my best friend is being shitty, and i’ve just felt kind of alone and-” You’re cut off by the tears starting to appear in your eyes again while your breathing is becoming heavily frantic. Mark pulls you into his arms yet again, rubbing circles on to your back reassuringly.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were so stressed love? I could’ve helped you out.” He says.

“I didn’t want to bother you.” You reply, sniffing. “You’re always so busy promoting and practicing, and I felt like you didn’t deserve to be burdened with my stupid little problems and that I’d eventually get over it.”

“Y/N what are you even saying right now? Your problems aren’t a burden to me! Couples are supposed to talk about their problems with each other. I hate seeing you upset.” He says.

“I know, and I hate seeing you upset too. But I just figured that you’re so busy with your comeback that I shouldn’t bother you.” You say, pulling out of his embrace to wipe the stray tears off of your face.

“Y/N, that’s just my job. My job doesn’t stop me from being able to treat you like a boyfriend should treat you. Whenever you need me I’ll be there.” He says, leaning in to lay a kiss on your forehead.

A small smile finally appears on your face, and Mark is quickly smiling a huge smile in return.

“See! There’s the smile I know and love!” He says with a giggle. He leans in to give you a quick kiss, making you blush and creating an even bigger smile on your face. He wraps his arm around your shoulder and pulls you back with him onto the couch so that the two of you are in a cuddling position again.

“Wait a second, how were you even able to come here? Don’t you have practice?” You ask, for some reason just now realizing that Mark should be practicing right now.

“Well, that’s actually why I called you in the first place! We were let out of practice early today, so I wanted to hang out with you during my little bit of free time.” He responds, looking down at you and smiling. Smiling in response, you take told of one of his hands and place a gentle kiss onto it.

“Thank you Mark” you say quietly, squirming around to find the most comfortable spot within his arms.

“You don’t have to thank me Y/N. Like I said, whenever you need me, I’ll be there.”

Fan account of Det Går Bra

Our translator, Anna, got a chance to see Tarjei’s play in Oslo! Her account is below the cut. We want to remind people that this play is an exaggeration of truths in the actor’s lives. Tarjei is playing a ‘douchey’ version of himself etc. We do not know the extent of the truth behind his confessions in the play.

Trigger warnings for mentions of rape, please proceed with caution. 

Keep reading

Having a family with Negan if the apocalypse hadn’t happened would include:

• Him taking you and your kids to the games of his school’s sport teams, while being extremely proud to see you cheering for his team, especially when you’re wearing the team’s shirts, of course and purposely with his name sewn on their backs

• After telling you he’s going to read the kids a good night story, you finding him often asleep in their bed, your kids cuddled sleeping against his sides while the book is still resting opened on his chest

• Your kids storming to the door and calling out for him every time they hear the way the door opens when he comes home from work, only for him to pick them up and hug them tightly or calling gushing and dramatically but widely amused out about their little ‘attack’

• Even though he can be strict and stubborn after arguments with the kids, him secretly having a really hard time to be mad at them for long and quickly forgiving them when he knows that their apologies are sincere

• Him being really creative when it comes to sex and quickies in case the both of you don’t have much time during the day or him taking his time with you in the night to have his time alone with you and satisfy the longing the both of you have for each other

• Making homemade lemonade with your kids in summer while he’s full of pride when they come up with their own lemonade stand and he sees them selling the lemonade they made together

• Whenever you’re both laying after an exhausting day together on the couch, with the kids already in bed him also just enjoying to pull you tightly into his embrace and simply talk to you or just enjoy each other’s presence

• Him taking them pretty fast, and even when they’re just having a small cold, to the doctor as well as urging you to do it when you’re feeling slightly sick, simply because he’s deeply afraid that his past repeats in any way and he loses one of you

• Him turning into a big kid himself whenever he’s playfully scuffling with the kids all while dramatically playing defeated whenever they manage to keep him on the ground

• Him making spaghetti for you all or taking the kids to help him make it while trying to not let the kitchen turn into a big mess so he can eventually surprise you when you come home from work

• Whenever he’s waking up in the night because of a nightmare that’s bringing his past, his regrets and his loss up again, him always having you by his side who’s managing to calm him down by simply taking him into your arms and reminding him of the love you and the kids give him

• Him being mostly the reason why your kids begin to have a pretty colorful vocabulary at a young age that lead to some letters from kindergarten and school only for him to be pretty proud instead of mad at them

• Whenever you’re having too much stress at work, him making sure that he gets the time so he can let his hands and tongue take care of the tension and release some of your stress

• Him truly being a protective, even overprotective father, especially when he just hears in the slightest way that another child is mocking your kids

• Whenever the kids are at a friends house for sleepovers, him using all night with you to be finally as loud as he loves it to be during sex without having to worry about anybody walking in on the both of you

• Him teaching the kids his favorite sports, all while trying to make it fun for them so they keep on having the motivation to learn all those things he already loved as a kid

• Him loving to come home from work and just seeing you cuddled up with the kids on the couch before directly dropping anything so he can join you

• Whenever he catches another man or even one of the fathers of your kids’ friends trying to flirt you, him walking up to the both of you, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you tightly against him before kissing you longingly, showing the other man that you are his and nothing’s and nobody’s gonna change that

• Him being endlessly happy to have you and your kids by his side and to have with that finally the family he has always wished for

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I need some sweet Otayuri goodness to distract me from my panic attack

love above all else please just remember to breathe and that everything is going to be okay in the end. since you didn’t mention what specifically you wanted, I’m just going to shower you in the sweetest, fluffiest, most tender Otayuri headcanons you could possibly ask for. 

  • Yuri loves winter more than summer. It gives him an excuse to drink tea with sweater paws and “borrow” Otabek’s sweatshirts. However, the Ota-abs are definitely one of the greatest things about summer, too. 
  • When Otabek finds out Yuri’s ticklish, it’s an accident. He was sliding his hands up the boy’s shirt as they furiously kissed and once they trailed up his sides Yuri reacted. Otabek didn’t hesitate to immediately tickle everything.
  • Some mornings, when they wake up, the two of them will just lay there together, Otabek holding Yuri in his arms and neither of them say anything, his fingers lacing along his skin as they just embrace each others’ touch while the sun leaks in to make them glow.
  • Yuri decides, one day, to put makeup on. He doesn’t let Otabek enter the room while he works in there for hours watching countless videos and working on his face over and over again. When he finally comes out, Otabek isn’t able to properly speak and all he can do is shower the Russian in complete praise because fuck was it an incredible sight.
  • For a solid year, whenever the two of them would meet up they would run up to each other and hug….but they would Naruto run. 
  • Yuri is fifteen and Otabek is eighteen when they become friends so you bet your ASS that while they’re still friends they’re going through all kinds of insane and awkward phases together like one will do something completely wild and the other is like “you know that’s really cool I wanna try that” while every adult around them is screaming “NOOOOOOO.”
  • How to break Otabek’s stoic facade 101: have Yuri kiss him on the cheek. 
  • One thing they love to do when they feel lazy is turning on a movie, muting the movie, and making up the lines and improvising the whole thing. It’s always hilarious. One movie, the entire conflict was simply because nobody would eat the main character’s bowl of beans. 
  • Many think Yuri can’t handle scary movies but Otabek can, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Yuri may jump and scream to a perfectly fine Otabek but when the movie is over Otabek is the one leaving lights on and clinging to a perfectly fine Yuri. 
  • When they meet up, Yuri is completely jet-lagged (3 hours is actually a pretty big jump fam) and he sleep in super late while Otabek is wide awake and he’s jumping on the bed “Yuri!! Yuri!! Wake up!!! It’s afternoon!!! Yuri!!!” immediately prompting hisses from the Kitten.
  • And finally, their first kiss was super super awkward. They don’t actually end up good at kissing each other until attempt like, 25.

RADIANCE by Grace Draven


Brishen Khaskem, prince of the Kai, has lived content as the nonessential spare heir to a throne secured many times over. A trade and political alliance between the human kingdom of Gaur and the Kai kingdom of Bast-Haradis requires that he marry a Gauri woman to seal the treaty. Always a dutiful son, Brishen agrees to the marriage and discovers his bride is as ugly as he expected and more beautiful than he could have imagined.


Ildiko, niece of the Gauri king, has always known her only worth to the royal family lay in a strategic marriage. Resigned to her fate, she is horrified to learn that her intended groom isn’t just a foreign aristocrat but the younger prince of a people neither familiar nor human. Bound to her new husband, Ildiko will leave behind all she’s known to embrace a man shrouded in darkness but with a soul forged by light.

Two people brought together by the trappings of duty and politics will discover they are destined for each other, even as the powers of a hostile kingdom scheme to tear them apart.

Check out this book on Goodreads: Radiance (Wraith Kings, #1)

Fluffy fantasy romance about two people who look like monstrous nightmares to each other.

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Every time you fall in love, you get a tally mark.

I wanted to write a sweet short thing about the AU in which, every time you fall in love, you get a red mark. When your love is requited, your mark turns black and if your love dies, the mark will be scarred. 

It spiraled out of my control, and somehow this happened. 

Words: 2.2k
Rating: Teen and Up

Percy had always been easy to fall in love, even before he knew what love really meant. His body was covered in marks, most of them were red, some black and very few even scarred.
He had gotten his first tally mark when he was four years old and fell in love with a girl in his preschool. It wasn’t love, of course, Percy hadn’t seen it as such, but he cared about his friend so much that it left a red, neat mark on the back of his hand. 

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