they are so clingy i love it

I don’t mind you being so clingy with me. I don’t mind if you’ll bomb my inbox with your messages, i don’t mind if you’ll call me many times, i don’t mind if you’ll call me in the middle of the night telling me you miss me. I don’t mind showing me this side of yours, it makes me happy and feel that you’re really into me. I love it if you’re clingy with me, i love that kind of feeling.

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Can I request something about Chan and an equally soft and clingy(romantic?) S/o who's also fluent in English? I'm in such a soft mod for Chan rn. Thank you 💞💞💞

Of course!!💖 I’m sorry for taking so long, I’ve been quite busy lately,,, There’s not much happening in this one but it’s full of love, so I hope you’ll like it!💕

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“I wish time could just stop when I’m in your arms because it’s the best feeling ever,” you murmured, face nestled into the crook of Chan’s neck and limbs tangled with each other while he had his arms wrapped securely around you.

You were both lying on the sofa together, the movie you were watching long faded out and now it was just the two of you in complete and utter silence. It wasn’t an uncomfortable or awkward silence, no. It felt peaceful, full of comfort and love and quite honestly, you felt at home in his arms. Breathing in his scent, a mixture of a musky cologne and himself, felt like you were seduced with a love potion and it nearly made you dizzy.

“Just kiss me. We can talk later.” Chan whispered into your hair before placing a soft kiss on your temple.

You lifted your head from the crook of his neck to look him in the eyes and get drunk on the feeling of having him so close by your side. His warm brown eyes seemed to see right through you into your heart and soul and for some strange reason, you didn’t feel exposed at all. It was him after all. If someone was to see you at your worst and most vulnerable, it should be him because you knew he loved you no matter what, even if you still couldn’t quite believe he really did.

“I look at you and I can’t believe someone didn’t think you were enough…” he said sincerely, lifting his palm and placing it gently on your cheek. “You’re my everything.”

He lowered his head and captured your lips with his own, softly moving his with yours, making them dance in unison, just like how the rhythms of your heartbeats synchronized, following a silent and sweet melody only the two of you could hear.

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jimin as your best friend would include:

Request by anon: Hi can I request a bts jimin as your best friend headcanon please? Thanks

Warning(s): none


• lots of skinship. jimin is always known to be quite clingy, so he’d probably be very touchy with you, constantly giving you hugs or asking for cuddles.

• he loves being warm, especially in the form of body heat, so any chance he could get to receive that, he’d take it.

• if you are the type to dislike skinship, he’d respect your decision, feeling a little sad about it. of course he wouldn’t mind too much though since he’d do whatever it takes for you to be happy.

• jimin would also be there for you all the time. you could talk to him about your problems, your relationships, your daily life, or just anything and he’d be willing to listen.

• he’d be one of the first people you go to for these types of things since he knows how to deal with them so well and practically begs for you to do so.

• he’d enjoy listening to you rant to him and would give some of the best advice, especially with relationships or friendships.

•he’s pretty good with solving problems and being around people in general, so having him there for you in that way is always a pleasure.

• if you were to cry in front of him, he’d give you a large and tight hug, stroking your hair gently. he’d whisper calming words, hoping to change your mood, even if it’s just a little.

• if you were ever feeling insecure about yourself, he would spare a second before he’d list all the things he appreciates about you.

• jimin is also quite insecure himself, so he’d probably know how to make you feel better if you felt the same.

• jimin, being the clingy boy he is, would likely want to spend a lot of time with you.

• he’d even go as far as to clear his schedule for you, making you a priority in his life.

• jimin would also be the type to flash you some derpy faces across the room to gain your attention or just for fun.

• jimin would definitely be all for sharing anything and everything, even food.

• hand holding would be an extremely normal occurrence and he’d probably be really flirty all the time.

• you’d always love to mock him, but he wouldn’t mind since it was you.

• he’d act all tough and mighty in return but would receive mocking from you anyways.

• he’d act like he didn’t like it when you’d call him a nickname like chim, chimchim, or jiminie, but he’d actually get extremely soft when you do.

• if you ever notice him trying to skip meals, you’d stop him immediately and he would listen because he wouldn’t want you worrying about him.

• he’d always ask for your advice on his dancing or singing, taking you with him to the dance or recording studio for moral support.

• he’d always fall asleep on you, either on your lap or shoulder which would likely lock you wherever you are, not wanting to wake up the sleeping boy.

• you might even wind up numb afterwards, but jimin would gladly offer a massage, a guilty smile on his face.

• you’d steal his sweaters for months until he finally finds out, finding your surprisingly large stash.

• he’d just smile warmly to himself before saying, “they’re all yours.”

• overall, he’d just be a really soft and caring babyboy.

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A/N: Yes, I am alive. I’ve been packed with work recently, so I’m getting things done reaaaally slowly, please understand :’) Anyways, enjoy! ♡


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What made you choose a doberman as your breed? Also Halo is adorable and I want to take her home and wrap her in a bunch of blankets

This is such a fun question to find in my inbox! You are such a thoughtful & darling person to send this to me!!! Thanks a million & 1!!!! 💕💕💕

To be quite embarrassingly honest, I have an evil demon brain so I need a demanding dog who’ll kick my ass to get out of bed in the morning & stay out of bed all day and who is so needy and clingy with me that I feel loved every millisecond. And there is no breed better at that job than a doberman, I think.

Also, they’re incredibly beautiful & bouncy & cuddly & smart & sensitive & quirky & devoted and thinking about their history and original purpose nearly brings a daNG TEAR 2 MINE EYE. They just have a special place in my heart. A kindred spirit breed, I feel. I just /get/ them but also am in awe of them, a little bit. I love all kinds of dogs a lot, but there is something super special about dobermans at least imo.

(My first impression of dobermans came from going to family gatherings! Two of my cousins have dobermans and sometimes they’ll bring them to thanksgiving and I just love how they only have eyes for their people. I always want to cuddle them bc they’re so cute but they will both only tolerate a few pats from randos like me - which makes me love & admire them even more!! My family dogs have been an american eskimo/ border collie cross and a chow chow so I have always yearned for a clingy, bed-sharing dog of my very own, which both of my family dogs were 100% not! Halo is my dream dog. She is all I have ever wanted & hoped for, she is just perfect - even now as I type this and she is pressing her repulsive, gooby, spit covered bully stick against my face & neck, and through all her other v annoying, sometimes v embarrassing actions, she is just perfect to me! She is all heart and she HAS MY HEART ABSOLUTELY ENTIRELY!!! I don’t know if dobermans are “my breed” because after she goes I doubt I’ll be able to get another dobe ever again or at least for a vvv long time bc my heart will be in ruins- but I will always think they are so, so special!)

THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS EXTRA DELIGHTFUL ASK! And Halo woULD TOTALLY LOVE FOR YOU TO WRAP HER IN A BUNCH OF BLANKETS!!! She loves loves LOVES to be cozy! You would make her so happy, cocooning her in a bunch of warm (maybe fresh from the dryer???) blankets! Her dream!! Sometimes she WILL NOT SETTLE and its just bc the literal couch is NOT COZY ENOUGH because my lap is filled with a computer or the pillows are put away… omg, a fussy coziness craving princess!!!! (She is very zesty this evening… we trained & played fetch for 40 mins before going on our evening walk but on my neighbour’s boulevard she found a pinecone that sent her into aN ABSOLUTE ZOOMING FRENZY! So we had to take it back to the yard and go hog wild with it for a while so that I could go for a walk with Halo instead her alter-ego who is a devilish jumping bean stuck in the body of bucking bronco. Here is a pic of her with her squeaky bird)

oh! and actually i made another post about why a doberman here in case this wasnt enough omg……………

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Man istg after all this witch hunting and edge lord-ness, tae is gonna be the most clingy lovey one or I’ll fight him ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ, after all this stress MC deserves some true loving. Also even tho lifeline is literal life I have to give compliments to your other works, they all are favourites in my heart for different reasons 💕 remember to look after yourself cause being happy and healthy is priority numero uno ♥︎

She really does deserve some good loving, hopefully the boys will step up to the task in the next chapters.

Thank you so much. Im humbled you enjoy my writing. And I will take care of myself. Please take care of yourself too ily❤️❤️

a selection of bpd moods

- nothing is real nothing is real nothing is real nothing is r

- depression but emptier

- anger but emptier

- hey wanna see a cool trick? *dissociates*

- setting 3782634 reminders to do things but ignoring them anyways

- I Cannot Physically Move My Body Fast Enough To Handle This Energy Right Now So I’m Just Going To Sit Here And Hope I Spontaneously Combust

- when ur dryer is off balance and it goes ThunkThunkThunkThunkThunk except that’s ur brain

- everything is GREAT and AMAZING when ur with friends and then you go to the bathroom and cry for ten minutes for absolutely no reason

- The Mirror Staredown

- very small ᵒʰ when u realize someone hasn’t answered the clingy text u forgot u sent six hours ago and suddenly Everything Is Terrible And You’re Gonna Die


- i’m a god and everyone that doesn’t like me can burn in hell

- my skin does not fit right and i am not equipped to handle this feeling

- everything u touch feels WRONG and u don’t know WHY but u want to SCREAM

This Is The Type Of Person Who Best Suits You All About Your Zodiac 💖💘💞💝

Check venus sign


Someone who will bring out the best in you. Aries have a bark that’s completely worse than their bite. They need someone who is patient and understanding. Someone who can talk them down when they get riled up or emotional about something. While they come across as blunt and overly confident it’s an act. They need to wait for someone who can see that. Someone who will take the time to see through them and bring out the best in them. They don’t show their vulnerable side often, their partner has gotta be someone who has realistic expectations of them and doesn’t try and change them. When they storm off and want to handle things on their own, they need someone who will walk with them even if it’s in silence.


Someone who is soft. They are the toughest signs to be in a relationship with. They lose their temper very easily. The perfect partner is someone who takes everything they say with a grain of salt. They come across as tough but they hate confrontation. They come across as mean and cold-hearted but they just struggle in showing emotions. Loyalty and honesty mean everything. They are human lie detectors and if they catch you they won’t tell you they will just cut you off without an explanation. They need someone who is calm when they lose it. Someone who is happy even when they are mad. Someone who can listen when their walls break down. Someone who can be their strength. They don’t like relying on people and they think they have to do everything themselves but there is comfort in the calm nice partner who understands them without words.


Someone who gives you freedom. Geminis are strictly business and goal oriented. They need someone who will keep them on a long leash and doesn’t suffocate them. Geminis are always fired up it’s important their partner knows to add fuel to that. They need support and encouragement and someone always in their corner taking risks with them. They tend to put on a brave face when dealing with difficult situations, it’s important their partner earns their trust because when a Gemini breaks down, it will only be in private and they need someone who is okay with that.


Someone who will heal you. Cancers have the purest heart. They are someone who cares a lot about what people think. Their perfect partner will be someone who realizes how special and rare they are. Having a heart like they do, leads to a lot of heartbreak. They need someone who will help them to heal and accept the past, forgiving both others and themselves. While they try and be social they struggle, their perfect partner will be someone who takes their hand confidently and leads the way in a party. While sometimes they come across as clingy and overprotective, their perfect partner won’t be fazed by it.


Someone who will adore you. Leos thrive in the spotlight and do their best when they are loved and appreciated. They don’t do well with negative reinforcement and they take things very personally. Their perfect partner is someone who understands how sensitive they actually are and knows exactly how to word things so it doesn’t hurt them. They try really hard when it comes to just about everything so they need someone who can match that effort.


Someone who will celebrate your success. Virgos tend to be perfectionists. They need someone who is just as ambitious but can also be their rock when they don’t succeed. The thing about perfectionists is they tend to bite off more than they can chew and just exhaust themselves trying to achieve these things. While success comes from it so does failure. They take it hard when they aren’t the best at something so they need someone who can emotionally support them when they are down. They don’t forgive themselves for mistakes so their perfect partner would be someone who can do just that. Being the way they are, they don’t think much of their success but rather focusing on the next thing. A humble trait is something to admire but they someone who will celebrate with them.


Someone who won’t take you for granted. Libras are the sign of peace and harmony. They pick very few fights and hate causing problems. They will put others first before themselves always. Their perfect partner is someone a little tougher than them who will push them to be a little more aggressive. Sometimes they let people walk all over them and take advantage of them, they need someone who won’t take shit from anyone and sometimes fight their battles. Libras wear their heart on their sleeve and are hopeless romantics, their perfect partner is someone who gives as much as they do and never makes them feel like they are trying too hard.


Someone who can both dish it and take it. Scorpios are always the dominant ones taking control in a relationship. They need a partner who is a little more passive and okay with that. They have two very different sides. Social and outgoing in public but then dark and emotional behind closed doors. They need someone who understands that and can nurture both personalities. A Scorpio is very blunt. They don’t tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear. They need a partner who has both thick skin but can dish it also when they are wrong. They aren’t afraid of being called out, in fact, their perfect partner is both soft and but tough when they need to be.


Someone who is patient. Sags have serious trust issues. They need someone who will let them come around at their own time and pace. Someone who isn’t going to pressure them in any way. They are very critical of themselves, they need to wait for the guy who will counter every self-doubt they have even if they tired of repeating it. They don’t talk about their problems, they need someone who will take the time to learn them and understand and know when something is wrong and let them know they can talk about it. Sags tend to thrive alone, so they need someone who will be persistent in pursuing them and not give up. Because if you don’t give up on a Sagittarius, you will have their loyalty for life.


Someone who will build you up. Capricorns tend to be a little more on the shy and insecure side. While they come across as cold and guarded they it’s just they are, wary of who they can trust. Even if they care deeply about you they will reserve saying it out of fear of getting hurt. Their perfect partner will add confidence to their life. They will show them they don’t have to face things alone. And in moments they want to run away out of fear, they have someone they can run to, confide in and trust. It’s hard to win over the love of a Capricorn and get them to even say those three words but once you have their heart, a piece of it is yours forever.


Someone who is as weird as you are. They always beat to their own drum. They were never the most popular in school nor did they want to be. They were that person who was always nice to everyone regardless of any difference the person might have had. They see the world through a different set of lenses than everyone else. Where others may see someone who is trouble, they look and see someone who has been hurt in the past. While others see someone who is strange they see interesting. Their perfect partner is someone not others will understand. But the thing about an Aquarius is they don’t allow other people’s opinions to ever influence their own. So their perfect partner will be someone who also beats to their own drum and doesn’t care what people think of them.


Someone who will listen to the things you don’t say. Pisces are quiet by nature. It’s important their partner realizes when they are quiet, they are thinking deeply about something. They overthink everything. It’s important their partner knows to let them talk everything out and process what is going on in their head. They wear their heart on their sleeve and feel everything so deeply. It’s important they have a partner who doesn’t take advantage of their soft nature but sees value in it. You can learn more about a Pisces just watching them than you ever could listening. It’s important their partner has the patience to want to do that.

Dating a Ravenclaw

  • They will sit quietly with you and give random facts from the article they are reading
  • They want attention but also don’t want to be bothered
  • They won’t make any definite choice for what to have for dinner
  • Or for plans in general
  • Great gift givers
  • They will over think everything, so they need reassurance that they are still loved
  • Flirting equals sarcasm?!
  • They will talk your ear off about their lastest obsession
  • They can be a bit clingy
  • Overall they make for very caring S/Os, even if they don’t always show it