they are just so cute ? and it suits them so well

You’re my student, but I want you

After Pepper leaves Tony, he has to distract himself. He becomes a guest lecturer in a high school, which happens to be where the young, way too cute Peter Parker attends. His interest grows as he keeps coming back to teach at the school. Before he knows it, he’s become completely smitten with his student.

He tries hard not to, but he ultimately gives in.

[ You can also read it here on AO3 ]

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I accidentally deleted the ask, but anon basically said “do you have any more florist anecdotes?” And YOU BET I DO!!


So one day this girl walks in, wet rag to her face, and rushes over to me, phone in hand. “HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS….eey-low veer-uh plant??”

I had. As we’re headed to the succulents, the story comes out. She’s heard that aloe vera is good for soothing pain and….she leans close, super embarrassed, and whispers that she just went and got her mustache waxed off, and….she shows me her lip. Huge, swollen, little red bumps. She’s tried to cover it with makeup, and that’s made it worse. She’s getting teary, because she’s scared, but she’s lucky because she’s talking to me!!

We talk about a lot of stuff, skin care, hair removal, I won’t bore y’all since it’s not flowers, but I was able to give her some advice on it, and I’m thinking “okay she might not need a plant, but whatever” but she’s DETERMINED TO COMPLETE HER MISSION.

We get to the succulents, and I give her my whole aloe vera spiel (I love these plants!! My mom has a huge one that’s almost 25 years old!!) and the girl nods very very seriously, and buys one.

Before she leaves, she comes over to me, dead ass serious and informs me that this plant is her “super buddy” now, and she’s named him Ralph.


In my previous post I mentioned a nervous husband with his wife on their first Valentine’s Day. Here’s that story:

So the guy, for a mental image: mid-30s black man, very well dressed in a nice work suit, leather laptop bag. Normally I’m MILDLY wary of v well dressed men, because a lot of them are uh…Difficult.

This wasn’t one of them! He was super nervous, looking through all the mason jar arrangements Very Seriously. He looked super focused and was having trouble picking through them, so I went over to help.

This nice man has four ladies to get flowers for. His wife, and their three daughters. He wanted to get mason jars for the girls (all under ten) and he was hoping to find them in their favorite colors.

I realized what he was doing, which was trying to find jars with predominantly pink, red, and purple themes. And since it wasn’t super busy, I just smiled and told him we could rearrange the jars in the color themes.

He was so BLOWN AWAY. I think he wanted to cry when I busted out the ribbons and made big bows for each jar! (Appropriately colored!!) (also while I was scavenging for flowers, he whipped out his phone and showed me some of their pictures. They’re so cute!! These girls are his princesses, for sure.)

So now His Wife. We were already on a roll, so once his jars were ready we started patrolling for The Perfect Bouquet. And as it happens once you start talking about personal stuff, his story came out!

So the girls are from Wife’s previous marriage. He married her last year, and he really wants to show them that he Really Loves Them. Like, these girls are His GIRLS. His phone still has their entire wedding album!! He shows me her bouquet, and he wants to get flowers that are like the bouquet, but MORE.

So we have the choices down to three big bouquets. He legit stands there for a solid FORTY FIVE MINUTES, just comparing and thinking about it. (I left him to it, obv.)

He then comes up, very serious, and asks what it would cost to combine the two bouquets he’s picked. He’s also picked out a vase and a card, and some chocolate.

I quoted the price (Not Cheap) and he just nods, dead serious, and walks away and pays for it. Like up front. And I’m like, well shit, this needs to be the most amazing thing I’ve done. So I clear the counter, because this is a man on a mission, and we put those flowers together into a MASTERPIECE.

It’s hard to explain size, but these flowers were big enough to hide behind!! I got him a nice box and we carefully packaged this sucker for safe transport in his tiny sports car (the jars for his girls all fit in the drink holders, which was hilarious for reasons I can’t explain. Also hilarious is that he had to manually take the top off of the convertible to fit the flowers and was totally willing to drive home IN THE COLD with it down if he had to, luckily he didn’t)

I sent him on His Odyssey. He was SO HAPPY, and I was so happy because I love good experiences that have triple digit sales, and he was so patient and nice!! Love is real.

(He came back with his friends about three hours later, and they got nice flowers as well! They were all calling me Miss Hexalene by the end, and their good moods infected every other customer in the store, which is the best infection we get in flu season)


One of my favorite customers is this nice old lesbian who comes in and has one of our potted orchids in hand, big smirk on her face.

“My wife hates roses, so I’m getting her thi—“ she breaks off and her eyes go HUGE.

So she’s carrying this normal orchid, about a foot and a half tall, purple, v cute. She has just spotted our cymbidium orchids behind me, which GOOGLE THESE PUPPIES!! Ours came in, they’re THREE FEET TALL without the pot. Half of the plant is bloomed into these big beautiful brown/orange flowers, and the other half is still growing. They’re massive and I love them.

So this old lesbian (she’s about 60, cute boycut with all white hair, nice mom jeans and one of those balloony pico shirts) very deliberately sets her Lesser Orchid down, and points to the cymbidium orchids. “THAT. I need that.”

She’s got the absolute best shit-eating grin on her face, btw. She can’t stop laughing. She’s even crying with laughter a bit and while we’re strapping These Beasts (SHE BOUGHT FOUR OF THEM??) into her truck, she tells me about how her wife hates roses because she got a thorn tip stuck in her hand permanently as a kid. So every Valentine’s Day she goes on a hunt for the weirdest flower/most out of season flower she can find. These orchids are the best find she’s had since the 80s, when she brought home a massive Silver Vase Plant that’s still alive 30 years later.


So I’m gonna stop with these three before I obliterate everyone’s dashes!! 8) thank you for the ask!!

Maybe More Than Friends (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Word Count: 4,729

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: After Peter joined the Avengers, you were basically forced into spending a lot of time with him, being that your father is being that your father is the Tony Stark. Your relationship starts off fairly innocent being as Peter was fairly shy around you, and not to mention that Tony had strictly forbid you two from dating. But despite your best efforts, the sexual tension between you two is undeniable. And one night while the rest of the Avengers are out on a mission, leaving you and Peter alone, the sexual tension comes to a peak. Peter is 18 in this fic.

Warnings: Extreme fluff. Language. Smut smut smut

You remember the first time you met Peter Parker. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

It was a pretty unexpected meetup. You didn’t even know that he was in the tower. You were working in the lab with another one of your dad’s employees, helping design a suit for the new Avengers recruit, Spiderman. It was your first major job, and you were so focused that you hadn’t even noticed when your dad and Peter walked in.

“Hey, Y/N, meet the new recruit, Peter. Peter, meet Y/N, my daughter.” Tony said loudly as he entered the lab, startling you and making you hit your head on the wall.

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Jack and Bitty do a livestream

 I have no explanation for why they would end up doing this, but it’s probably the fact that Bitty’s viewers keep asking questions anyway, so Bitty just decides (after asking Jack) to do a livestream Q&A with his viewers.

  • Jack is nervous because he’s so bad at interviews. he doesn’t want to go into robot mode in front of all of Bitty’s viewers.
  • (there are also a bunch of curious Falcs fans watching this thing but he doesn’t really think about them because they already know how boring he is at interviews)
  • so it’s just these two sitting on Jack’s couch reading questions off of the livestream chat and Bitty’s instagram. Bitty does his cue little intro and Jack is next to him, nervous, and gives a shy little “Hello” and the live chat has decided that that was Adorable
  • “how are we going to read all of these, the chat is going to fast”
  • “we’ll put it on slow mode, baby. and some of them are going to be from my instagram”
  • and once the questions start, they kind of catch him off guard. not in a bad way. he just wasn’t expecting answering them to be this easy
  • (but then again, these questions are about Bittle. he loves talking about Bittle)

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anonymous asked:


omg dad mode activATED *BOOP*

  • Tony would be at a university science exhibit, looking for some innovative science projects to fund 
  • jk he funds all of them but he still likes to see all the great stuff the youth is up to
  • this is how Tony liked to spend some of his weekends, browsing university science fairs with rhodey
  • having a good time. doing TonyRhodey things
  • playing around with science projects
  • then he spots a child in the midst of the crowds, by themselves just crying
  • not like ugly yelling crying
  • no
  • more like silent tears and quiet whimpering, scanning the crowd of strange faces with anxiety in their eyes
  • Tony’s father instincts kick in and he rushes over to the weeping child
  • leaving Rhodey all by himself
  • Rhodey doesn’t even notice that Tony is gone. That’s how quick Tony slipped through the crowd to get to them
  • he gets to the child and crouches down so that he’s eye level with them
  • “What’s up little guy? What’s your name?”, he asks them

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[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2018 Jan Issue - 100 Answers w/ BTS

JPN - KRN © 전정국 DC갤러리, 뷔 DC갤러리, ha_ru_man, BTSR_613
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


Q1. Your dream job when you were a child?
A badminton player when I was in elementary school. After that my parents bought me a computer so I got into gaming and wanted to do a job about gaming.

Q2. How did the members celebrate your birthday in 2017?
We were all practicing singing and dancing and the lights suddenly went off, then the door was opened and Jimin-san and V-san came in holding a cake.

Q3. When do you feel like you have become an adult!
I turned 20 in Japanese age in September! But actually I’m still a kid at heart, so truthfully I don’t really feel like I have become an adult.

Q4. In which moment do you feel like you’re still a kid?
For example, when I watch and think about a video or an interview. When I read people’s comments, I feel like even with the same question, they think from a much bigger point of view than me. That’s when I feel like maybe I’m still lacking in depth.

Q5. A work that touched you recently?
“Love, Rosie”. It made me touched because it’s a sweet but sad love story.

Q6. The kind of song you’re planning to compose?
Song of styles like future base and chillstep which I enjoy and listen to a lot.

Q7. Favorite dessert?
The Japanese snack kinako mochi. I like that it melts in my mouth because it’s just so fluffy! Also I ate cheesecake before the photoshoot for <non-no>. That one was delicious too♡

Q8. How do you take care of your beautiful voice?
I don’t pay particular attention to it… Like I just sing with my original voice I’ve had since I was born…

Q9. Any habit?
Covering my nose when I yawn. Not mouth but nose somehow. (laughs) And I pull the baby hair on my face unconsciously. I know about these things because fans told me.

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Okay, I’ve been asked and ASKED by my friends and family to finally „do something” with my work, so here it is. My first post and the Duck Family I made with self-hardening clay. They’re all roughly the size of a toothpick, if you’re wondering about the scale. Disney Ducks have been my obsession for a solid year now and this is the effect.

Scrooge McDuck – my favourite character and first figurine I made. I think it took me about a week to finish. Now I can speed up the process to half a day, if I’m really motivated. But this remains the one I’m most proud of.

Donald and Della. I went with comic design for Della, but kept her Ducktales outfit (except pants). I can’t wait to learn more about her!

Huey, Dewey and Louie. Those were really hard to made and I’m still not entirely satisfied with how they turned out. I wanted to keep classic comicverse designs for everybody, but I absolutely adore their different personalities in the new show, so I couldn’t bring myself to make them exact copies of each other.

Daisy, Gladstone and Fethry. For some reason, I JUST COULDN’T GET DAISY RIGHT! This is like, third version of her body and I-don’t-even-know which one of her face! Fun fact: Fethry actually started out as her! But when I was molding the beak, I decided it’ll suit him better. I think he turned out pretty cute.

Grandma Duck, Gus Goose and Gyro Gearloose. Grandma and Gus were really quick to make, but Gyro was PAIN! I had no idea how to make his hair, and don’t even get me started on Little Helper… A bit of fun trivia: in Poland, where I’m form, Little Helper is called „Wolframik” which is like a pet name of wolfram – polish name for tungsten – the element used in old light bulbs. I think it’s so clever and cute! I didn’t even get it as a kid, I just realized it recently!

Brigitta, Miss Quackfaster, Matilda and Goldie. This is actually second version of Brigitta, as the first one I made turned out a little too big compared to others. For some reason I really love Quackfaster here. And this is also second head for Matilda – the first one I made was SCARY! I really wanted to make Hortense as well, as I LOVE all McDucks siblings, but in the comics she’s dead and I didn’t want to get started with flashback characters – because then there will be no end. As for Goldie – I worked really hard on her, trying to make her perfect. I’m really proud of the hair. I didn’t make her in her iconic red dress because I made it before and didn’t want to repeat myself.

And finally the Villians! Magica, Glomgold and Rockerduck. Not much to say here. Glomgold reminds me a little of Angus McDuck with all of this fluff. Magica looks a little thin here, but I kinda like it (or I‘m too lazy to change it). Rockerduck’s glasses were a challenge.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you all like it! Any feedback is appreciated. :)

Uraraka is the Traitor Part 2

Back with Part 2! Which- sorry to say- is probably going to be even longer than part 1 but it can’t be helped. So in this we’re gonna look more into Uraraka’s name, her place in the story of My Hero, and her parallel with Toga. So let’s dive in!

Uraraka’s Name

If you’re a fan of the manga, you’ve probably noticed Horikoshi has a really cool naming system for each of the character’s through their kanji symbols. For example, Izuku Midoriya’s (緑谷 出久) name is a reference to him being the 9th OFA holder and his signature green locks & Bakugou’s name (爆豪 勝己) can mean something along the lines of “explosion victory” which I don’t even think I need to explain how that relates to his character.

Uraraka’s name in Kanji is 麗日 お茶子 which can mean “pretty day”, which suits her bubbly, cute personality, right?

Well… not exactly.

You’ll also recall that Horikoshi deliberately writes character’s names a certain way sometimes so as to not spoil something about them. Take, for example, Himiko Toga whose name was written in katakana instead of kanji (because in kanji her name literally means “to put on someone else”) to hide her quirk until the big reveal during the hero license exam.

An interesting thing about Uraraka’s name is that she only uses the “Ura” part for her hero name “Uravity”. Another interesting thing is what the name “Ura” can be turned into when written differently in Kanji.

Take a look at this:

It would make sense for Horikoshi to use this genius play on words. While we think he’s calling Uraraka a “beautiful day”, he might actually have been hinting at her treason from the beginning, right in front of our faces.

Here’s the official Viz translation of Uraraka’s character page:

Why would Horikoshi feel like a “true genius” coming up with Uraraka’s name if it truly means what it appears on the surface as opposed to Bakugou or Deku’s (whose, honestly, fit their character more) unless there’s more to it.

Toga & Uraraka

I find the dynamic between these two to be really interesting for some reason. Probably because they seem like such opposites but actually have a lot in common, like their shared crush- *cough* obsession *cough*- on Midoriya.

It all started during their fight during the Training Camp Arc. Tsuyu’s pinned to the tree and Uraraka has Toga down thanks to her training with Gunhead (as opposed to, I don’t know, floating her up into a tree so she couldn’t escape or knocking her out or something other than just sitting on her, c’mon girl) when Toga starts to mess with Ochako a bit.

She’s obviously comparing them highkey, and Uraraka doesn’t even seem offended by it or like “this bitch is nuts.” Instead, she thinks back to when she wanted to win just like Deku at the sports festival, while making a face that says, “she’s got me figured out,” y’know? It’s almost like what Toga is saying makes Uraraka come to a realization about herself.

And then the two are pitted against each other again in the Hero License Exam, when Toga literally becomes Uraraka in order to trick Deku, who figures it out after she doesn’t float when knocked off a high rock ledge. It wouldn’t be anything noteworthy (I mean, Uraraka’s is the only blood Toga was able to snag, of course she’d be the one she’d imitate) except for the parting words Toga- masquerading as Camie- gives to Uraraka:

It’s almost like she’s saying it ironically. “Ha, it’s really funny that he trusts you so much.” I think Toga knows more about Uraraka than she’s letting on.

Do I think the villains know her on a personal level? No. She probably communicates with them exclusively through her phone or something. But Toga’s mocking makes it pretty obvious she’s on to her about something.


Our encounters with Aoyama in the story so far have been… interesting (?) to say the least. He’s kinda a mysterious guy that we don’t know much about.

But a particular scene with Uraraka makes it apparent he’s also very observant.

Like seriously how did he figure it out and not, I don’t know, one of the girls (who btw still don’t know. They just suspect it’s either Iida or Deku because those are the two she hangs with the most). He’s not really around Midoriya or Uraraka enough to know this unless he’s been watching one or both of them closely.

But why?

And then we have ch 167 & 168. Random chapters that seemingly came out of nowhere that gave us some really strange encounters between Aoyama and Deku.

For example:

He’s clearly trying to open Deku’s door at 1 am. Like what the actual fuck??? And the explaination we get for this is subpar at best. “He was trying to tell Deku that he knew how he felt having a quirk that hurt his body.” Like what??? That literally does not explain why he’s trying to slide open his bedroom door in the middle of the night. And the message he leaves him is weird af too.

I don’t buy Aoyama’s pitiful explaination for this. I don’t think “I Know” means what he says it does. I think he’s trying to warn Midoriya, in his own way. “I know who the traitor is.”

My theory is even further backed up later in the chapter when Aoyama carves this for Midoriya into a rock:

The writing is a French phrase which roughly means, “Don’t trust even the calmest of waters” or- according to the unofficial translation- “still waters run deep”.

We get absolutely no explaination for why Aoyama does this, but I have my own thoughts about it.

This was another warning.

“Don’t trust someone who appears the nicest, the friendliest. Their intentions aren’t what you think. It’s deeper than you think.” Because what’s a risk you take getting into water that appears calm? You could be swept under.

The only person that this warning could even remotely apply to is Uraraka, as she’s one of the only people to show Midoriya continuous kindness and calmness. I think Aoyama is watching Uraraka closely. He probably already suspects her, but needs some sort of definitive proof. And that’s where our favorite Lord Explosion Murder comes in.


Idk why, maybe it’s the inner writer in me, but I think the foil between Bakugou and Uraraka is too good not to exploit.

Like I mentioned, Aoyama is probably looking for some kind of definitive proof to the traitor’s identity, whether he be working with school to figure out the traitor’s identity or just working on his own. And who do we know who seems to be able to figure out complex situations better than anyone?

Katsuki Bakugou.

He figured out the complex truth of Deku’s power all on his own, he was able to read Yo Shindou’s eyes to determine he wasn’t as nice as he was pretending to be (“your words don’t match your eyes.”) Bakugou is smart.

How would he find out? Not really sure, but I do think it’s interesting that they’re on the same dorm floor.

And if she was the traitor, then she was probably responsible for telling the villains the training camp location, thus resulting in Bakugou’s kidnapping, which then resulted in All Might’s fight with AFO.

If Bakugou figures out who’s responsible for that… I don’t think it’ll be very pretty, especially if she tries to give him some bs excuse. Unlike most of the boys, Bakugou’s quite aware that Uraraka is capable and strong. He wouldn’t buy that she was manipulated into this or a weak girl was taken advantage of. Hell, he’s said as much himself:

Just saying, Horikoshi pits the two of them against each other a lot in his sketches as well. They rarely interact in the manga anymore, separated in almost every arc.

In conclusion, I refuse to believe that Uraraka will remain a one-dimensional character whose only major plot line is a crush on a boy she’s known for a few months. (Once again, I am not hating on her character. Quite the opposite. I think she has so much potential that it would be a shame to waste it.) Thanks for reading this trainwreck! I’d love to hear your thoughts as well! I’m gonna be doing some more theories soon (not traitor-related) :)))

That Black Suit...

Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69

Requested: Yes - Anonymous

Tagging: @claireisbetterthandom

Fandom: Thor

Relationship: Pre-Established; Loki x Reader

Summary: Reader likes Loki and can’t keep it a secret after seeing Loki in the black suit. 

Word Count: 1.2k


Comments: Gods… Tom looked so good in that suit… Tom looked good in the whole movie…

Originally posted by mokisaur


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The Magick of Fashion 👛✨

It’s no secret that fashion on its own possesses an entirely different creative world that differs from everything else. The fabrics we choose to put on our bodies are gateways to the soul, a wonderful way to showcase on the ~outside~ how we are and what we feel on the ~inside.~ For Witches, fashion can be even more magickal (if that were even possible)! We proudly done special cloaks and robes to amp up our practices, lovingly accept the pointy hat as our longtime trademark, and flourish when slipping into rings and bracelets, accepting them as our battle gear. Here are some tips to bring magick and fashion together!

Enchanting Jewelry

- Jewelry is such a wonderful way to not only accessorize our bodies, but to help give us little boosts of confidence. How wonderful is it to be able to carry around a certain crystal by attaching it to a chain and wearing it around our necks? If you wish to encourage a specific emotion in your life, than look into crystal pendants, mala bead bracelets, dangle or stud crystal earrings, and crystal rings. Craving more love? Try a rose quartz bracelet hugged around your wrist. In need of protective vibes? Put on an obsidian necklace! There really is no limit to the minerals we can choose from to enhance our lives by wearing.

- Also consider making your *own* jewlery. If crystals as jewelry just isn’t your thing, try hand-making your own hemp bracelets or necklaces, adding special beads and charms and anointing your creation with essential oils.

- Cleanse your special jewelry accordingly! If ever you feel it’s power lessening, wave some incense/sage/palo santo over it while stating a blessing; leave it on the windowsill under a full moon, or create a small altar (placing your jewelry in the center), to boost its vibes.

Your Signature Outfit(s)

- As a Witch, there are no limits to obtaining things that make you feel your most powerful. Clothing can be one of these things (although, it is just as acceptable to work certain magick in the nude, if that is your preference)! Many witches assign themselves a certain outfit or article of clothing to slip into during rituals.

- Figuring out what your own witchy uniform is can be tricky, so try to get inspired! Try on several different things before deciding on what you feel extra powerful in. For some, this may be a velvet cloak decked out in glitter. It could be a pair of lace gloves that have been enchanted with a special energy that flows through your hands while doing spellwork. It could even just be a simple t-shirt! Anything that allows you to feel your most “witchy” and that you are attached to, will be the perfect thing to flaunt while working your special magick in.

- “Wardrobe Witchcraft” doesn’t even need to be designated for spellwork. If you’re like me, you may find magick within clothing each and every day. Your style belongs to you, and wearing something unique that screams “this is who I am” to the world is just as magical as anything else. Your favourite outfit may very well be your suit of armor. Develop your own sense of style, and let yourself feel as if you are celebrating your unique soul each and every time you get dressed in the morning.

Traveling Magick… In Your Clothes?

- You read that right! If you’re feeling extra creative and have a knack for sewing, why not sew sigils on the insides of your clothing? You may also consider sewing tiny pockets on the inside of jackets, sweaters, or bags, using them as a little storage space to carry stones and tiny bags of herbs. Enchanting your articles of clothing with symbolism and on-the-go crystals is an excellent way to enchance their energies!

Colours + Fabrics for Moods

- A final idea involves the work of touch and sight. Dress according to your emotions, or even according to what you *wish* to feel. Either way works, as it should allow you to get better in touch with your own emotions! Wishing for more passion? Wear a little bit (or a lot) of red. Feeling blue? Show it through the color. Longing to feel extra-feminine? That’s where pink comes in. It’s all so simple, it hardly even seems like work at all. :-) The same method can work through the use of fabrics themselves. Each material has such a different feel, and it’s quite beautiful that we have such a variety of fabrics to allow our skin to feel soft and warm. Wearing velvet on the night of a full moon may make you feel extra sorceress-like, whereas wearing delicate silks can help you to bring out your more angelic vibes. Showcasing your emotions through feeling and color is really so simple and yet so powerful - Think of yourself as a walking mood ring!

I truly hope that these ideas provide some of you with a spark of inspiration! Witches have a way of turning anything into something powerful and enchanting, so doing that through fashion should come as no surprise. Blessed be, and stay stylish ~ 😊✨💕

Short Stuff

Summary: Y/N has problems reaching the handlebar on the train so she finds another suitable way to stay upright.

AN: i’m sorry this isn’t inclusive ahsjasj but this was such a cute idea i couldn’t help it  :( also i’m short as fuck if you didn’t know so this is a dream

Peter Parker x Reader

// Masterlist //

Originally posted by tomshollandss

My foot tapped along to the beat of the music rushing through my ears. People around me were either on their phone or talking to someone as we waited for the train to arrive. I shoved my hands into my pockets to warm them up from the chill of the wind.

Eventually, the train arrived but I soon found that it was more crowded than usual. All the poles that I usually held onto were occupied and the only things left were the handlebars up above. Which I was too short to grab hold of.

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This is a (decently long, sorry for the lack of writing these past few days) one-shot for the below prompt! It… didn’t turn out exactly like the ask, but I hope you like it anyway! I’ve been wanting to try writing trans!lance for a while because I absolutely love that hc, and I really enjoyed writing this, so let me know if you guys like it, because I could definitely see myself doing another fic with it.

Trans! Lance where an asshole alien keeps miss gendering Lance and being transphobic and he starts to get upset and then the team overhears this happening and are about to kick the aliens ass.

I tried to make it gen… but it ended up being very klance, especially at the end… so uh… I hope you like it anyway! Sorry this always happens when I try to write gen fics.

Only half the team knew.

Contrary to their belief, Lance was actually an expert secret keeper. With a large family like his, he had to know when to keep his mouth shut. So, despite the loud, obnoxious, open persona he displayed for the others, he could also be sneaky.

He’d the had practice of years sneaking out of the Garrison, or even his house when he was little to go see the beach at night with his siblings.

So, keeping a secret on an unbelievably large castle ship with only six other people on it was easy.

Or at least, it should’ve been.

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anonymous asked:

bts confessing to their crush?


  • is pretty straightforward
  • has probably been flirting with them for a while
  • and if they’re reciprocating, he’d just wait for the perfect time to strike
  • makes a reservation at a fancy restaurant
  • shows up at their doorstep in a nice suit and his hair all done
  • slides a tiny heart out of his shirt pocket
  • “you. me. date. now?”
  • who could say no to that handsome face

Originally posted by jjilljj


  • his passion is music, so i can see him confessing through that
  • invites his crush over to the studio to listen to a new track he’s been working on
  • they’re excepting another lit cypher but actually it’s a dreamy love song
  • probably the prettiest song ever
  • and he’s rapping softly about the girl of his dreams and there’s so much emotion
  • he tries to be chill the whole time but on the inside hes d y i n g
  • he’s so shy and nervous
  • when it’s over his crush is amazed and asks who the song is about 
  • “uh, actually i wrote it about you. this is my way of asking you out”
  • when they accept the biggest gummy smile would grace his face


  • does it in a really spontaneous way
  • sees an opportunity and just goes for it
  • would be hanging out with his crush alone
  • like at the park
  • spots an elderly couple on a bench feeding birds together 
  • “aren’t they so cute?” and of course his crush agree
  • then his usual playful personality turns serious
  • “i want a love like that. and i want it with you. would you be my girl y/n?”
  • completely catches them off guard but in a good way
  • can’t help pulling them into a crushing hug if they accept
  • his screams of joy might damage their eardrums

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  • finds a really nerdy cute way to confess
  • probably thinks about a clever line for weeks
  • “y/n did you know your pupils dilate when u look at someone you love?”
  • “well mine are doing it right now”
  • or
  • u guys are eating snacks and watching tv together and he just
  • “it’s scientifically proven that chocolate releases endorphins that stimulate the feeling of love”
  • “u make me feel more euphoric than any hershy bar”
  • this either makes his crush laugh out loud or confuses the hell outta them
  • “namjoon are u trying to tell me something?”
  • “yespleasedateme”

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  • even tho this boy is the king of charm
  • with his crush it’s totally different
  • terrified of rejection
  • “what if they don’t see me in the same way? they probably like someone else..”
  • would need a lot of pushing and encouragement from the boys to get the courage
  • goes the traditional route
  • a heart shaped box of chocolate and a bouquet of roses
  • texts his crush to meet him and the boys somewhere
  • but only he shows up, with his gifts and a shy smile
  • “would you be mine?”
  • radiates actual sunshine when they say yes

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  • we all know he isn’t the best at expressing himself
  • would be really serious yet indirect about it
  • takes a unique approach
  • “y/n listen. hypothetically speaking, if i were to, <maybe>, ask you out, what would u say??”
  • this would make his crush chuckle at his blatantly obvious attempt
  • and answer “hypothetically speaking i’d say yes”
  • he just hums in deep thought then drops the topic and acts like nothing happened
  • which confuses them to no end
  • then the next day he finally formally asks them out
  • with that famous boxy smile on his face

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  • a shy bean
  • this boy would be so flustered around his crush normally
  • i don’t see him doing it person
  • without tripping over his words or forgetting how to talk
  • takes the meme route
  • sends his crush a playlist of songs
  • that spell out Will You Go Out With Me
  • “jungkook did u just ask me out through spotify”
  • “maybe. do u hate me :(”
  • “no i don’t. of course i’ll go out with u u idiot”


Short Connor x reader request (Fluff) [ 869 words ]

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“C’mon Connor! I’m one of your best friends! You have to tell me which one it is!”

“(Y/n), I’ve already told you eight times that I’m not going to.”

“I promise I won’t tell Hank!”

“Hank already knows.”

You got up from your sitting position on Connor’s desk.

“You told Hank but not me!?” 

Connor shifted his eyes to the floor and turned in his chair a bit.

“The only reason I told him was because I needed advice and he wouldn’t answer my questions unless I did so.”

“Well? What did he say? Did he tell you to ask her out so you could go on a cute little android date?”

His cheeks flushed a light shade of blue.

“Hank told me that it would be best to start with flirting to see if she even has any interest in me.”

You put your hands on his shoulders and he looked up at you.

“Well there you go! I can help you flirt! I mean, I guess human and android women might have some different courtship preferences, but I can still tell you everything I know!” You exclaimed with a smile.

Connor’s eyes darted to the floor again.

“I suppose your tips could be quite beneficial. However, I’m still not telling you who it is.”

“Ugh, fine. So what do you want to know?” You hopped back onto his desk.

“My first question has to do with appearances. What sort of general things do women like to see? I’d like to know what kind of chances I have with her.”

You thought for a moment.

“Well I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but most women like men to be taller than them. Usually somewhat fit, nice hands, hygienic, a decent haircut. That sort of thing.”

“I see.” Connor took his coin out of his pocket and started playing with it. You watched the graceful movements of his hands for a few seconds before he continued on with the conversation. 

“What about clothes? Is there a specific style women tend to like?”

“There’s a few different styles that work. Casual’s fine as long as you do it right. However, I personally can’t resist a man in a suit or uniform.”

“Interesting.” He replied and stood up from his chair. He took a moment to fix his tie before leaning against the desk next to you.

“And what about asking her out on a date? What do you think is the best approach?” He asked. You noticed him messing with the cuffs on his dress-shirt sleeves.

“I like it the most when guys just ask. You should definitely listen to Hank and flirt with her a bit first to make sure she’s interested. But after that, just be yourself and go for it.” 

“Hmm,” was all he said before standing again. Your brows furrowed and a blush spread across your cheeks when he suddenly trapped you against the desk.

“Connor?? What are you doing?” 

“There’s something behind your ear,” he said, reaching for the right side of your head.

“What?” You glanced at his hand. Once it was by your ear, he slid his coin out of his sleeve and brought it back in front of your face.

“Just kidding. Has anyone performed this trick on you before? I thought you might find it amusing.”

You were more nervous about the fact that his body was so close to your own.

“Haha, yeah. Uh- good one Connor.” You said, not really thinking. You tried your best to avoid his gaze. The lack of distance between the two of you made your height difference very obvious. He must’ve been at least four inches taller. He tilted your chin up and his voice came out in just above a whisper.

“So to recap…” his lips got closer to your ear and your eyes widened. “Once I’ve flirted and am fairly certain this girl has interest in me, I should just go ahead and ask her on a date?”  


Your heart began to beat rapidly. You’ve liked Connor as more than a friend for ages, but you never thought he’d be interested in a human- especially you.

“Um… I- uh,” 

“Great! I’ll pick you up at your apartment tonight around seven p.m. I can accompany you to that restaurant you like so much, and after we can take a nice late-night walk in the park. How does that sound?”

You were silent for a moment, but once you finally snapped out of it, you responded.

“I- uh. Yeah. Yes. Yes that would be wonderful.”

“Perfect.” He smiled and stood up properly before Hank entered the DPD and called out to him.

“Connor! Let’s go! There was a homicide downtown and Fowler wants us to check it out!”

“Coming Lieutenant!” He shouted back. He grabbed his badge off the desk and was about to run out, but he stopped short to turn and place a quick peck on your cheek. He gave you a cute little wink and left the building, joining Hank on another one of their many misadventures. You touched your cheek and looked down at the ground, blushing harder than you probably ever had.

“What in the fuck just happened?”


Part 2

Shit Oh Sehun did in 2017

-Mistook Jeonghan (svt) for Johnny (nct)

-Movie date with suho

-Slayed at the gaon chart award show with a solo dance

-Paris vacation/date with suho

-Got called best dressed man at a Louis Vuiton catwalk and then proceeded to spend the next day walking around Paris with a hood, baseball cap and a cowboy hat on his head all at one time

-Revealed his bed time snuggle routine with Suho, no shame attached

-Was supposed to debut as an Actor Oh in February, but didn’t…

-Was supposed to debut as an Actor Oh in March, but didn’t…

-Got an award for being himself (popularity award)

-Was supposed to debut as an Actor Oh in April, but didn’t…(NoT EvEn a FRackin TraIleR)

-Waved to a tablet instead of the camera, tried to play it cool by continuing to do so

-Posted about his big chilli… 0.0

-Got 15 points on a drawing game while everyone else got over 100 (he drew love hearts and wrote ‘I’m sorry’ for everything and still couldn’t accept being last)

-Howled because of sour pickles

-Members accuse him of being the prime suspect when food goes missing in the fridge, he agrees

-Used binoculars the wrong way round and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t see (Suho to the rescue and an embarrassed osh as a result)

-Gets driven around by big brother chanyeol

-CAN SING (might as well be in exo’s vocal line)

-Biyak Biyak 4 lyfe

-Rubbed his head on a random guy’s stomach (who looks like he’s his sugar daddy)

-Made suho sad because he didn’t go to a premier with him, but went to a festival with Chanyeol and guy whose stomach he rubbed his head on

-Danced (????) at said music festival. By dance I mean chicken fingers at the crowd wtf @ exo’s main dancer

-Can ya tell iv given up on the debut of Actor Oh

-Graced his instagram with such artistic pictures of rice, spoons and cereal

-Only one ft BoA returns

-KING OF SPOILERS sehun the cereal rice (kokobop) poster

-KING OF SPOILERS PT2 dancing the dance with kai can you all please stop this isn’t good for me

-Comments ‘is this exo’s official account?’ On exo’s official account

-“What did you do in preperation for this album?” “Loyalty”

-Passionately talked about eel reproduction

-“Favorite fruit?” “Water with ice”

-Gave flowers to the members because he’s their cute baby omfh (it was a punishment but same thing)

-*gives Kai a rose* “it fits you, you’re sexy and dark red suits you”

-Baekhyun confirms Sehuns big DIACK

-“Sehun has absolutely no interest I’m women. How do I know? Sehunnie said he has no interest in women”- Baekhyun

-Bragged about a really good noodle place, took 30+ people to eat and payed for them- but the food was disappointing

-“Say something to the EXO-L for their birthday” *sehun claps*


-*brags about his dog at every chance he gets, literal protective father to vivi* “I am a cat person”


-“We’ve been roommates for 6 years I want to cross the line”

-Producer Oh

-“I’ve arrived!” \(-°o°-)/

-Date in NYC with suho (ft the third wheel JD)

-Pulls out chair for suho

-“Its enough just to film me, suho’ s voice in the background is fine”

-Couldn’t believe that a waitress in NYC can’t speak Korean

-Theatre date with suho (ft the late third wheel JD)

-Kicks suho out of their room

-SBS power fm- more like 2 hours of sehun whinning and crying from embarrassment while suho laughs

-“I really like chocolate milk. I think it’s love”

-“Sehunnie is upset~ upset~ really really upset… huhuu” AEGAO KING WHAY

-“I’ve been having a hard time too. At times like this, we should all embrace each other. There’s something I always tell the members and that is to to ‘hug/embrace (me)’. Let’s cheer each other on, got it everyone? Cheer up always and yea, that’s it” and this is why we love our baby

-Sehun irl- “I love all my hyungs to the moon and back #se-rang-hai-yo”
Sehun in manwha- “who cares”

-LA date with suho


-“Let’s goo” \(^o^!)__

-Just sehun trying to control his face while riding the drift car

-King of being HOT, calm and panicking at the same time when their car stalled

-Also Oh Sehun driving someone hold me

-Heart-shaped sweatpatch on his back

-“Excuse me… sir… ketchup ketchup yahh… thank you”

-“The hardest time isn’t when we have a lot of schedule but when the members have different opinions (argue). It saddens me a lot”

-Me me da

-Fan- “do sehun and i have something in common?”
Sehun- “we’re human”

-Las Vegas date with suho

-Volunteers suho to go sky diving first like the little shit he is

-Wears a dress shirt and leather shoes to sky diving

-Acts like he isnt shitting himself on the zipwire

-Shamelessly wore nothing underneath an easily unzip-able hoodie

-MC Oh

-“Who is the scariest hyung?” “All of them”

-Tries to prank suho by putting a sticker on him, fails misrebly and then loses the sticker

-White suit blue shirt

-Chanyeol saying Sehuns voice is so good he wants to produce him PLEs


-Hello councellor MC’s @ seho “stop touching eachother are you guys coming out right now?”

-Sehun @ LVTN

-Gets customised bags from LVTN

-Sehun @ Moncler (also makes the CEO come out just to take pictures with him we love a powerful man)

-Peace signs in his pockets when hes told not to do it

-Doesnt follow seungri back on insta because aesthetics

-Omfg okay elyxion antics begins here


-Wrote and co produced his solo In At thE CONCERT COZ WE LOVE A TALENTED KING

-Lovingly strokes suhos face during touch it

-Comforts kai, upset because he made a mistske in his solo, during cmb

-Danced to ka-ching with CBX

-Suho “after our concert ended at midnight yesterday, sehun and i went back to our door and boiled 20 eggs. 2 adult men peeled them seriously and ate 10 eggs”

-Kisses baekhyuns neck

-Eats pizza at the concert after holding back for months, members happy give us one last chance at seeing THE ABS

-Went crazy and got chanyeol too drunk on his birthday

-Fansites “please dont crop our watermark we work really hard for these pictures”
Sehun ;)

-Cute instalive of him just trying on the filters and telling us not to be stressed and play


-“OK!! goo” *pouts*

-“Hey dog, look at me~”

-“Cheese many manyyy”

-*is just standing there posing*
Photographer “youre cute”

-Didnt know it was just him, kai and baekhyun in the lightsaber mv

-“Sehunnie makes the most delicious soju” byun baekhyun


-Makes a personal training room in their dorm that can barely fit his own ass

-Supports suho at his musical despite both going through a tough time

-Struggles with the rudolph hat


-Subtly strokes suhos face on a national award show

-Make chanyeol kneel whenever he wants something from him. We love our king

-Curly haired solo on mbc gayo

-A beautiful family picture from Oh Sehun to end 2017


Cr. Lerandomexotic

I had a lot of fun making this, just thought i needed to record sehuns never ending loveble antics etc

Feel free to add whatever else i missed

Hopefully he’ll just keep getting crazier next year too, and exo themselves will grow to be greatet and stronger

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[Article] BTS Is Back! The K-Pop Kings Talk Their New Album and Ever-Evolving Style

Just ahead of the release, the members sat down for an exclusive interview with Vogue to break down their new look and evolving personal style. Despite a long day of filming and dance rehearsals, they were in good spirits, laughing and chattering happily. “Let’s go!” J-Hope said. Here, we do.

Q. Tell us about the new visual concept for this album. What kind of style did you pick to express it?

Suga: It’s about boys falling in love. There are four versions of love, and we shot four different photos to show them. Though each one is different, the same feeling of love comes through in every shot. There’s a sense of playfulness, of friends hanging out comfortably at home in their free time, and that kind of fluttering feeling. Visually, we cover a lot of ground.

The lyrics and the music themselves are about finding your fate. In this album, we cover a wide range of songs: There are high-energy ones, very hip-hop ones. It’s quite diverse. To match it, the style covers a range of colorful, sporty, leisure, and boyish clothes. They go well together: powerful music, colorful clothes.

J-Hope: It’s very colorful and sporty, overall. I think there’s a slightly retro feel, too. Among the seven members, I think we each kind of bring out our hidden boyishness through our clothes.

Suga: It’s totally different. When we did You Never Walk Alone, we wore a lot of casual clothes. This time, it’s a lot flashier. Super colorful, yet more high-end and comfortable at the same time. More of that comforting feeling.

J-Hope: Right, this time we wanted to show more of that boyish style.

Q. How would you describe BTS’s style in general, looking back across your work?

Rapmon: Just style.

Jimin: Truthfully, we have a very energetic style, I would say.

Q. A lot has been said about the kind of individuality you hope to express as a band. Is that something that comes into play with your style, letting each member’s own persona come through?

Jimin: Of course; it’s important. With each new album, we do a lot of fittings. And each time we do those fittings, we talk a lot and always share our thoughts as we go. We put a lot of effort into looking for clothes that express ourselves and the feelings we want to express with each album’s concept. We want to show that, [but] without losing our individuality either.

V: I don’t think we have one signature. With each concept, we change it up completely and the styles have been so diverse. For “Boy in Luv,” we wore school uniforms. For “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” it was a range of suits and white shirts. As artists, we have to change our style to match each concept. We’re always changing, ever changing.

Q. Do you have a favorite piece you wore for this comeback?

Suga: I loved all the oversize shirts.

Jungkook: Me too. There’s a loose, navy chiffon shirt I wore with slacks that was particularly light and comfortable. I liked that a lot.

J-Hope: I liked wearing those basketball jerseys, and those ultra-colorful sweaters, too.

Rapmon: There was a really big windbreaker that I liked because it was so big.

V: I liked everything, but the accessories most of all. Particularly all the rings and earrings, I liked those the most.

Jimin: For me, it was the bright red shirt from “DNA.”

Q. Who do you think has changed the most since you debuted?

J-Hope: V?

Suga: V has changed a lot, and Jimin changed a lot.

Rapmon: Jungkook, too.

Q. In what way?

Jimin: We’ve all gotten old.

J-Hope: Our maknae line [the youngest members] has changed a lot. They are the youngest and looked it when we debuted, but now, they look more grown-up.

Jin: Like Jimin. Overall, his face changed from cute to sexy.

Q. What do you want most for this comeback?

Suga: To make the Billboard Hot 100 is my dream.

J-Hope: Let’s get it! Dream!

Rapmon: I would like all the members to be healthy.

J-Hope: Health!

Suga: It’s the most important thing, really.

Jimin: I would like to be 3 centimeters taller.

V: For real. I want to have wide shoulders like Jin.

Jimin: Me too [laughs]. For real.

Suga: If everyone could be happy, I would be happy.

J-Hope: Peace!

Jungkook: For me, I’d like to travel a lot. Anywhere would be great. And if I could learn to speak English and Japanese well, that would be great, too.

J-Hope: I also would like the members to be healthy and happy. And everyone else, all our fans.

Q. Any last words for your American fans?

J-Hope: Of course, American Army.

Suga: No matter what, our American Army is so big, and we are so very thankful to them. From now on, we want to put on even cooler performances, be cooler, be better, so look forward to it. Please, always look forward to it.

V: Thank you! We love American Army so much!

Q. Tell us about your personal style. What are you into lately?

V: In my case, I like to pick one piece that pops against everything else. I like flashy shirts, or I’ll wear a simple shirt with a fancy necktie. I also like vintage pieces, more standout ones. I’ll go to certain boutiques and look for clothes without labels. You can find a lot of nice unbranded shirts, and I wear those a lot.

Jimin: To be honest, I don’t think much about style, or “oh, this is my style,” that sort of thing. I follow my mood, which is so different day to day. Generally, I like a wide range of styles, but lately, I’ve been reaching for comfortable, simple things. Simple slacks and shirts.

Jungkook: Are you familiar with the term paealmot [fashion-know-nothing]? I don’t know anything about fashion. So for me, I reach for anything comfortable. I wear a lot of athleisure and workout clothes—sweatpants and sweatshirts—as I like to stay active.

Jin: I like to dress warmly, comfortably as I go around. Naturally I like easy fashion. My style is clean, polished, and gentle looking. Or you could say I prefer to wear big sweatshirts and hoodies.

J-Hope: I’m into streetwear, and more colorful looks. These days, bags have become more of a thing for me—these mini cross bags are so great.

Suga: These days I’m wearing a lot of Jordans, those sneakers. I’ve been wearing a lot of slippers, too, and comfortable clothes in general. I really like that kind of oversize fit.

Rap Monster: These days, I’m most into staying comfortable. I do have a lot of interest in Japanese brands, so I’ve been looking at cool Japanese hyungs [older brothers] and carefully studying their style. Brands like WTAPS, Visvim, I like a lot.

Q.  What is one item you can’t live without?

V: I like old-school, vintage-style glasses a lot. As for accessories, I really like them all.

Jimin: I like accessories a lot. Hats, caps, beanies, I like all of them. I also look for special standout earrings, rings, necklaces … I like to layer them on heavily.

Jungkook: I don’t like accessories all that much, except for hats. I like bucket hats and beanies a lot, and I sometimes wear rings or bracelets. I’m the kind of person that if I put it on once, I’ll leave it on forever.

Jin: I like silver accessories. I think they suit me well.

J-Hope: I like hats a lot—bucket hats, sun caps, beanies, and fitted caps. And like I said before, I like bags a lot. I like shoes that stand out, too. Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of running shoes, the kind that look good with very wide pants.

Suga: I also love accessories, especially bracelets and rings. King rings, the really big ones. I’ll wear a lot of them at once.

Rap Monster: I like hats. As for a favorite … I like all of them, though? Really. I wear hats all the time.

Q.  How much interest do you have in fashion?

Jin: “How do I mix and match these things together … ” I tend to stand in front of the closet worrying like that.

Q.  Who is your style icon right now?

V: I don’t have a big role model at the moment, but later on, I would like to channel [actor] Ryoo Seung-bum [who is known for his unique style].

Jimin: I don’t have one exactly, but I like to look on the Internet for cool, well-dressed people and get inspired that way.

Jungkook: I am my own role model. I want to follow myself.

Jin: [Actor] Kang Dong Won. The clothes he wears, it’s the fit and style I like.

J-Hope: I like A$AP Rocky. How to put it … he dresses on-trend, but he also dresses for himself. He’s made his own style. It’s hip, but has a clean, polished kind of feel. That whole A$AP Mob style, I like.

Suga: Like Jungkook, I don’t really have one. I just look for what I like and what I feel comfortable wearing.

Rap Monster: Cool hyungs I look up to, even people I pass on the street in Seoul. People dress so well here, it’s easy to get inspired.


If BTS Were Mutants (Maknae Line)

I was done earlier than I expected^^ So first of all thank you guys for the support I’m getting, it’s unbelievable! You’re all being extremely nice and I really appreciate it a whole lot! So here’s the second part of this AU, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as the first one! If you haven’t read the first one yet, there might be some confusion so read it and then get back here haha (It’s called: If BTS Were Mutants (Hyung Line)) Anyways, enjoy!


Park Jimin [Codename: Varietas]

  • Power: Substance/Matter Shapeshifting
  • Is able to turn himself into any kind of substance and attain it’s powers/features/qualities
  • Few examples: If he turns into stone or metal he’ll be extremely strong, If he turns into oxygen or a lighter gas he’ll be invisible and able to go through objects with a certain density, If he turns into water he’ll be…well he’ll be wet (You get the point)
  • The others believe that this power suits him extremely well because of his somewhat contradicting personality (He is cute and sexy, kind and cold, playful and serious)
  • Raised by loving parents who, after they found out that their son was a mutant, tried to hide him from the government as long as possible (When Jimin was eight IBMC agents broke into their house and tried to take him but his parents fought with all they had and Jimin was able to flee after the agents killed both his mother and father)
  • Hid from the IBMC in the woods near his home; met Taehyung there, another eight year old mutant on the run (They’ve been inseparable ever since)
  • The boys survived a few years on their own but then they hid in an abandoned building and got surrounded by IBMC agents who followed them (They thought they were going to die, but Seokjin and Namjoon saved the at that time eleven year olds)
  • Jimin’s father used to say that the boy reminded him a lot of his mother and to this day Jimin is very proud of that (He loved his parents more that anything in the world, their deaths hit him hard)
  • Has an obsession with the moon; his mother once told him when he was little that if they’ll ever be seperated, she would wait for him on the moon (Jimin always asked how he could get there but his mother would just say that she’ll look out for him from up there until he finds a way)
  • That is also the reason why Jimin tries really hard to always do the right thing; his parents might be watching and he doesn’t want to disappoint them
  • Even though humankind took everything away from Jimin, stripped him naked and let him burn in the world’s harsh judgement, he doesn’t hate humans; He could never truly hate, there’s too much love and kindness inside of him (At least that’s what he thought before he was told what some of those laboratories and IBMC agents do to mutants)
  • Is very playful and loves to joke around with Taehyung, sometimes Hoseok joins in but then it will most definitely end badly; Taehyung once persuaded Jimin to turn himself into iron and Hoseok hit him with lightning which literally turned Jimin into a living electromagnet (It alsmost killed him because suddenly everything that was made out of metal flew towards him; I’m talking cars, Taehyung made him a goddamn car magnet)
  • The seven of them usually sleep together on a pile of pillows, blankets and some mattresses; Jimin always has to sleep in the middle together with Jungkook or he’ll get scared (The others are sure he just uses that as an excuse to cuddle with Jungkook but they don’t say anything because it’s adorable)
  • Can literally turn himself into a puddle of goo (The first time he did that Hoseok slipped on him and almost cried because “There’s Jimin everywhere help me oh my god”)
  • Him and Taehyung like to tease Jungkook a lot (“Leave the poor kid alone, you brats.” “But Yoongi-hyung he blushes so nicely.”)
  • Looks cute but is an excellent hand-to-hand combat fighter with actual iron fists
  • Can get really scary and intimidating if he wants to, especially when somebody threatens his two cute dongsaengs (“As your Hyung it’s my duty to protect you Jungkookie, so don’t be scared!” “Y-yes, Jiminie-hyung.”)

Kim Taehyung [Codename: Bestia]

  • Power: Shapeshifting
  • Can theoretically turn into every existing animal (Or just certain parts; claws or fangs or a tail or something like that, but only one animal at once)
  • He’s still working on it though; his favourites are mouse, dog, hawk, lion and elephant (He’s got troubles with fish and other underwater creatures, whenever he tries to turn he just gets gills and webs but the rest of him stays Taehyung)
  • Although the process of turning into different animals is painful he still loves it
  • When he was a child he would grow huge black wings out of his back; their growth hurt and gave his mutant status away so he would cut them off with knives and razors (The pain was endless and he was so young back then, his back is still littered with scars that will most likely never fade)
  • Now that he’s older Taehyung can control the wings and they don’t grow anymore without him wanting it (He is also able to shrink them back into nothingness)
  • His father was, like Namjoon’s parents, a member of the IBMC (He worked in one of their laboratories and when he found out that Taehyung is a mutant he wanted to use him for his experiments; thank god Taehyung could flee)
  • Was seven when he fled from home, eight when he met Jimin and eleven when they found a family
  • Has a lot of hatred towards humans and what they do to mutants (Seokjin used to be worried about his anger but it’s getting better nowadays with Jungkook around; Taehyung just needed somebody to protect, someone he could give what he never had as a child)
  • Because Taehyung has been on the run since he was seven, he never learned how to read and was really embarrassed about it (Namjoon taught him when the younger was fourteen though, so it’s allright now)
  • Once managed to turn into a naked mole rat which scared Hoseok to death (Taehyung pretends like it was hilarious but he looked into a mirror and scared himself too; but don’t ask, he really doesn’t want to talk about it)
  • Loves turning into a dog and does it a lot (He looks like something between a golden retriever and a siberian husky, german/australian shepherd are somewhere in the mix as well)
  • Jungkook used to go to school for a few months when they weren’t hunted down by the IBMC so much; back then Taehyung would turn into a mouse or ferett and go with the youngest (“You can’t go to school alone! What if someone copies your homework or steals your lunch money or-” “I guess you can come with me, f-for moral support.” “Yes!”)
  • Once turned into an elephant in the middle of a mall; almost killed eight people (“Hey Jiminie, I bet I can turn into an elephant right here!” “Wha- Taehyung no- Ah fuck.”)
  • Comes across as crazy and irresponsible, but sobers up as soon as his family is in danger
  • When he turns into a lion he sometimes lets Jungkook ride him (It looks really majestic and Jungkook always has a lot of fun but the others think that Taehyung has a secret kink for that and it makes the whole thing a little weird)
  • Looks at things very differently than others and is actually really intelligent (Namjoon often asks him for his opinion on their newest strategies and plans)

Jeon Jungkook [Codename: Haruspex]

  • Powers: Telekinesis, Teleportation, Time Travel, Divination
  • Has gotten quite good at controlling his Telekinesis over the years, his other abilities are a lot more difficult for him to handle though
  • Can’t look into the future when he wants to, his visions and dreams just sometimes happen and scare/overwhelm him tremendously (They’re also hard to understand; once he dreamt of a burning tree which was supposed to warn him about something that will try and hurt his family)
  • His teleportation skills are also limited; he only did it a handful of times, the consequences were always immense and it’s extremely exhausting for him; in order to teleport he has to telekinetically curve the Newtonian space time to create a worm hole (The problem is that the worm holes open and close so fast that the friction causes an explosion or emp wave if Jungkook uses too much force and he doesn’t have it under control at all)
  • His mother sold him to a laboratory when he was four years old; there he was experimented on and tortured for the sake of ‘science’
  • He broke out when he was nine (That was the first time he ever teleported; there was a huge explosion that killed eight 'scientists’ and twelve guards because of how stressed and overwhelmed Jungkook was)
  • About his time travel ability: He only ever did it once and it is unclear if he’s actually able to do it again (At that time he was sixteen and the whole group was cornered by IBMC agents. Jungkook spotted a guard that was once at the laboratory and he panicked like he never had before. The earth started shaking and suddenly there was silence. No, not silence. Nothing, there was nothing. It was so quite you could hear your own blood run through your veins, as if all sound was just sucked out. And then Jungkook was gone. He came back only seconds later and the fight continued, but they never forgot about it; Jungkook doesn’t talk about where/when he went to and what he saw and they don’t ask after they witnessed the look on his face; utter terror)
  • A year after breaking out he hid in an abandoned subway station because he was too injured to keep running (There he was found and taken in by the others)
  • Because he grew up in that awful laboratory he never experienced love and gentleness so the others had to teach him that not every touch is harmful, not every word is laced with venom (It took a long time and he is still extremely shy but now he knows that he is loved and protected and that’s all he needs at the moment)
  • Loves his Hyungs more than anything else in the world; would die for them without a second thought (They all would, honestly)
  • It’s not only love that he feels for them; he idolises/admires them and whenever they talk or do something his eyes get all big and his mouth opens a little, as if he was afraid he would miss something if he blinked (The Hyungs love it, it’s the cutest thing ever, he’s the cutest thing)
  • Yoongi was the first one to find him so the very first thing Jungkook heard one of them say was: “No Hobi-ah, I don’t think he-Fucking hell step dancing Jesus Christ you scared the living shit out of me, kid! Shit.”
  • Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a soft spot for Jungkook; even Yoongi (Everyone knows he’s a big softie inside, why is he even trying to hide it)
  • Whenever he gets teased he’ll start squirming and blushing and his stutter gets worse and the others think it’s just adorable (Poor Jungkook has to deal with a lot)


That’s it! If you have questions about this AU (about their pasts, relationships, codenames, abilities or anything at all) don’t be shy, my ask box is open! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as the first one, have a great week guys!^^

Take My Jacket (Take My Whole Heart Too)

Summary: After being stood up on a date, Spider-Man drops by on your way home and manages to put a smile on your face.

Based on the prompt: “It’s cold, you should take my jacket.”

Warnings: This is mostly fluffy, but there’s the odd curse word here and there.

A/N: I really, really, really loved writing this. I got a little carried away as I wrote it, so I’m sorry if this is a tad long (I believe it’s a little over 2k - whoops!). I hope you enjoy reading! I’d love to know if you have any thoughts :)


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It’s late, it’s cold, and you’re annoyed.

As you work your way down the darkened streets of Queens, you can’t help but kick sourly at some of the rocks on the pavement, frowning bitterly as you watch them fly across the road. The small cracking noises they make as they bounce off the tarmac isn’t enough to make you feel completely better, but it does feel a touch cathartic to put some of your energy into furiously kicking the small stones, and the longer it goes on for, the looser you feel.

It’s been a rough night. You were supposed to be meeting up with a guy for your third date, but he’d never shown. It was a shame; you’d really liked him, and you were getting to that point where he’d constantly be on your mind. For him to stand you up - not even reply to your messages, and leave you sat in that measly Italian restaurant alone for two hours - was heartbreaking.

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Making New Rules

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: After Papa Stark finds his daughter and Peter getting steamy, he decides they need to settle some rules if those two are going to become an item.

word count:1798

Part 1  Part 2



Originally posted by tonybeifong

To say dinner was awkward was an understatement. Neither of them knew what to say or do, especially since every time the teenagers glanced at each other Tony sent glares in Peter’s direction.

Y/n couldn’t believe her father. Hadn’t he been the one that suggested they dated each other? Sure, he had find them making out in her bed, but still! She glared back at him, trying to make him drop his attitude.

Everyone could feel the tension in the air, especially with the silence that filled the room. Peter wanted to make some conversation, but he knew if he did Mr. Stark might throw the knife at him. He felt really bad about dating his daughter, the one girl that was off limits, but still, he couldn’t believe the girl he had had a crush for over a year actually liked him back. It felt too good to be real.

Everyone ate their food lost in their own thoughts, trying their hardest to avoid what they knew was next. Y/n knew her father would have a “friendly” conversation with Peter, which would scare him off, just like every other boyfriend of hers. The difference was she would actually care if this one went away.

They spend the longest hour eating, but after it was obvious what they were doing Tony finally stand up, dragging the chair loudly, making both teenagers look at him.

“Well Peter, if you’re done pretending to eat, I’ll like to have a word or two with you, in private”

Peter stared at Y/n and back at her father. He knew she couldn’t save him from this one. He had to go with him and hope for the best. He stood up and followed as Mr. Stark went into his office, not waiting for him. He glanced back at the girl one more time, and just the sight of her giving him an apologetic and worried look was enough for him to gather some courage and finally step into the room.

He closed the door behind him and looked around the office, until he finally spotted the man, looking through the big glass wall, staring at the city under them. He approached him slowly, remaining a couple feet behind him.

“Peter, you see the city, all the people in it? How many people do you think there are in New York? How many girls? There has to be at least a dozen girls in it, different sizes, shapes, ages”

“I uhh- I guess there are many”

“Then-” Tony turned around and faced him, getting a step closer to him “Why did you choose the one girl I told you not to?”

Before Peter could even open his mouth Mr. Stark was talking again, not caring about his actual answer.

“My girl is the most important thing for me! If all you wanted was a pretty face to fool around with I can introduce you to someone! Obviously not prettier than Y/n, cause she has like, really good genes- but still”

Peter could not believe what he was listening to. It had taken him a whole year for Y/n to notice him, he wasn’t about to give up on the girl of his dreams.

“It’s not like that! I- I don’t- I don’t want anybody else!”

“Why not?!”

“Because she is Y/n! I mean- her looks are a bonus but I want to get to know her, I want her to fall for me and make her happy. She is not only intelligent but also the kindest person, and she is also very funny and I just-really like her”

“How would you know? It’s not like you ever talked to her before!”

“I didn’t knew I had a chance until yesterday! If I weren’t spider man she would’ve rejected me!”

As soon as the words left Peter mouth he realised it wasn’t the smartest idea, but it was already too late. The man in front of him got an upset and angry look that suggested he wanted to murder him in the spot.

“If you really think that way about my daughter then you shouldn’t date her”

Peter knew it was wrong to even think about it, but honestly, why would the perfect girl even glance in his direction if it weren’t for the suit? Also, she just made a move once she realised who he was.

“Why else would she even think of dating me? I’m nothing compared to her”

Tony sighed as he took a seat in the couch in his office, patting the seat beside him for Peter. The boy went and sat next to him, as the man spoke.

“Lemme tell you a story about Y/n’s first day at school Peter. I thought that maybe homeschooling wasn’t the best option for her, so hey, why not send her to a public school? Get her to have the whole high school experience right? However after she arrived from her first day I knew I  was fucked. Peter, why do you think Y/n is so popular?”

“Because of you?”

“Exactly! So like at first it was ok, she had a ton of friends, but all of the sudden all the boys wanted to get into her pants, apparently you included- But she never payed attention to none, until that first day she arrived home from school and started rambling about a familiar sounding boy-

“She said she had seen the cutest boy in her Chemistry class. Apparently not only was he “cute” but also super smart.”

Tony proceed to try to imitate his daughter puppy eyes and her voice, making a lovesick grin while he continued.

“I’m telling you dad! He has the softest brown eyes! And curly hair and he is just- the most handsome boy I’ve ever seen. He is also super smart and- has like all the answers for everything! He is in the decathlon team and seriously dad, he might be smarter than your geniuses in the lab down here!”

“Everyday she would come home with one of her stories about cute brown eyes boy, until she finally discovered your name and told me”

Peter had never felt so confused. Did Y/n liked him since so long ago? Why hadn’t she said anything? They had both been pinning when they could have actually been together?

“So, you see why I’m not into the idea of you guys dating? You’re the one boy that might actually hurt my daughter, or take her away from me”

“I would never do either of those things. I really like her and I know- I know how it feels to lose people, I would never do that to you”

Tony finally loosen up to his words and gave him a side hug, while ruffling his hair.

“I know you mean no harm kid, but she is the most important person in my life, we gotta settle some rules if you really want to be with her”

“I do, and I promise I’ll try to follow them this time”

“So, first rule, no touching kid, even though you already broke that rule, try to keep your hands to yourself”

Peter knew that rule was going to be broken many times, and Tony seemed to realise as he pushed the boy and punched his arm.

“You could at least try! Okay new rule, no touching in front of me, and once the time is right we’ll have a safe talk- but that doesn’t mean I give you permission to bone my daughter!”

“What? No- Of course not! Okay so, second rule?”

“Your job is to protect her, if I’m not around then it’s your duty! Don’t let people find out about her and you being spider man! Don’t let your enemies get close to her or I swear I’ll kill you myself kiddo”

“I won’t let them anywhere near her I promise”

“Last but not least you have to maker her the happiest girl okay? She comes home crying because of you and I’ll make sure you pay for it Peter, and I mean it- especially if you break my rules. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my daughter”

“I know Mr. Stark- and also- I- I wanted to apologize for before. I shouldn’t have betrayed your trust, especially after everything you’ve done for me and-”

“I’m sorry Peter, I overreacted- and to be honest, I’ll rather have her date you than any other asshole. Anyways, We should go met Y/n, she must think I already killed you”

With these final words Tony got up and opened the door as he called for Y/n to come in, even though she was probably pretending not to spy on them.

“Everything’s settled then, I have a meeting to go, you guys finish your homework. Goodbye honey”

He kissed Y/n’s forehead, ignoring the surprised look she gave him and stepped out, leaving them alone.

“God what did he told you? I thought I’d heard some yelling in here”

The girl came next to him and cuddled beside him as he hugged her from the side.

“He was actually very cool about it, he even told me some interesting stuff”

She looked at him while Peter played with her hair, a knowing grin in his face.

“What did he told you?”

“Just stuff”

“Tell meeee!”

“He might’ve told me the story about the soft brown eyed boy”

She blushed and hide her face in his chest, as he laughed at her reaction.

“I can’t believe you had a crush on me!”

“Pete stop it! We’re dating!”

“Still! I still can’t believe it tho, we could’ve been dating for almost a year!

“Well, it’s your fault we had to wait all this time! You should’ve asked me out!”

“Well, you never talked to me either! How was I supposed to know you liked awkward dorky Peter?”

“That’s because I always thought you saw me as a mean superficial bimbo girl! I never thought you’d go out with someone like that! At least not when there were a dozen of girls better than me!”

Peter looked down at the girl in his arms and removed the hair from her face, cupping her cheek and bringing her close to him. She looked perfect next to him, looking expectantly at him, trying to get closer before he talked again.

“You’re the only girl for me”

He finally pulled her in for a kiss. This one felt different. It was sweet and slow, making his heart full with happiness. He knew next to her he didn’t had to worry about anything else, he had all the time in the world by her side.

“I guess the wait was worth it”

“It totally was”

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