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So I was thinking up of reasons for people to watch The Librarians and one of them is “it’s magic; Anything is possible.” And then from the back of my mind, a tiny voice whispered, “what if Harry Potter is real… and JKRow just wrote a biography of Harry Potter…?”

AND THEN MY MIND STARTED THINKING WHAT IF ARTICLES APPEARED IN THE CLIPPINGS BOOK… BUT THEY’RE NOT REGULAR ARTICLES? Like instead of having normal pictures, the pictures were MOVING and it wrote about wizards and muggles.

Eve would just brush it off as nothing by shrugging and going, “well this is different.”

Flynn would then look up from his pile of books and reply, “what is?”
“The pictures in the articles are moving. Didn’t know they could do that.”

“Printed pictures don’t move.”

“Well, these do.”

Flynn will then fly from behind his books, scattering them just to see the articles and speed read through them. “No way,” he exclaims.

“What?” Eve and Jenkins ask at the same time.


“Hogwarts? Harry Potter Hogwarts?” Eve asks, raising an eyebrow in doubt.

“Yes,” Jenkins replied boredly. “Of course it’s real.”

Cassandra will come running through the backdoor connected to the Library because she heard the scream, followed closely with Stone and Ezekiel. “Did someone say Hogwarts is real? Like the school of magic and wizardry, Hogwarts?” she asks excitedly.

“Like in Harry Potter? That Hogwarts?” Ezekiel asks confusedly.

“Yes, yes,” Jenkins says impatiently. “Hogwarts is real. Harry Potter is real… well the real Harry Potter doesn’t have such an outlandish name but he’s real.”

“But Harry Potter is a fictional character,” Stone rebuts.

“And the Library is a myth!” Jenkins throws back.

“So if Hogwarts is real, why haven’t I gotten my acceptance letter?” Ezekiel asks, crossing his arms. “I’m definitely not a muggle.”

“I haven’t gotten mine either,” Cassandra adds. “Maybe it got lost.”

“Or maybe you people don’t have enough magical blood to be a wizard, or a witch,” Jenkins says, shaking his head. “Most people don’t.”

“Wait. So if Hogwarts is real and the clippings book is showing us articles from the wizarding world… does this mean the wizarding world is in some kind of trouble?” Eve asks as she glances at the book again. “Some of these are in Dutch, Italian, French and German…”

“Well, we might not be magical enough to be wizards or witches,” Flynn says, grinning as he collected his satchel from his table. “But we’re definitely magicked enough to be Librarians.”

Eve grabs her gun and cellphone from her desk and places them in her holster and pants. “So, where are we going?”

Cassandra closes the backdoor and squeals in delight. “We’re going to Hogwarts!”

Flynn places the pointer on the globe and spins it. “Well, technically Hogsmeade.”

“Close enough!” she exclaims.

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How much Sanvers/Maggie do you think will be in season 3? I know Floriana's not in the main cast anymore but they've started filming again and she's in Italy... Should I prepare for my Sanvers shipper heart to be broken?

Hey ;) I don’t know anything more than you do but I can show you some links :

1st answer I already gave
2d answer + article
3d : a link someone gave me (a fan asked Chyler a few things)
4th …

Edit : Maybe the ring is Chyler’s , maybe it’s Alex’s and they counldn’t show it yet. We will have to wait to find out … Anyway, I believe in all the other links ;)

Brandon Rogers' quotes in KNB
  • *seeing the Gom*
  • Kuroko : "What are you supposed to be? A disappointment?"
  • _ _ _ _
  • *While playing against Kuroko's childhood friend*
  • Akashi : "I'm gonna shit on your DREAMS!"
  • _ _ _ _ _
  • *Everytime Kuroko see on of the Gom*
  • Kuroko : "Look at that, there ace is what? An asshole."
  • _ _ _ _ _ _
  • Kasamatsu : "oh no. Kise, grab your tablet, I don't want you talking to me."
  • _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • *Going at the front of the shop to use the loud speaker*
  • Kagami : "Kuroko, where the FUCK are you?!?!"
  • _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • Hanamiya : "Where the fuck are all my knives? Godammit- "
  • Hara : " I think you know where they've went-" *start filming the wall covered with red marks*
  • Hanamiya : "NO NO, that's spaghetti sauce on that wall! And I'll tell you what, there'll be a lot more spaghetti sauce on that wall if you don't come over here!"
  • _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • Moriyama : "I came THREE TIMES under my desk today, only one of which is with my hand!"
  • _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • Kuroko : "I'm surrounded by more dicks than a curious teenager."
  • _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • Hyuga : "Riko, Kagami is on fire, I don't think he's gonna make it this time."
  • _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • *Spit out the coffee that was previously in the trash can*
  • _ _ _
  • *Get beat the fuck out by the whole Kirisaki Daichi team*
  • Kiyoshi : "JESUS IS MY HELMET!"