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jehan having loving, supporting parents who can't wait for their child to bring home their partner, of whom they've all heard such wonderful stories, and then jehan brings montparnasse to a family dinner

Montparnasse is TERRIFIED, alright?

He never went through that “meeting the parents” ordeal. Hell, he never had a real long term relationship before! Is that a thing people actually do, present their partner to their parents?!

And what if they don’t approve? What if they tell Jehan they can do better? What if they pressure Jehan to break up with him? What if it goes horrendously bad? What if his parents think it’s a joke?

He’s pretty tense all the way to Jehan’s parents’ place. At least he dressed smartly. That he can do. That he can control. His tattoos peek a bit from under his collar, though. It’s not like he was going to cover them with foundation. He wants to make a good impression, not deny himself completely.

As expected, the place his HUGE. It’s like… a posh mansion in the countryside. He know Jehan’s parents were loaded but… “What are you looking for?” “Peacocks roaming around the grounds.” “My parents aren’t Bond villians.” He’s only joking because he’s dead nervous. Jehan can feel his hands shaking and grounds him by taking his hand.

And there he is, eating a quinoa salad around a mahogany table. At least Jehan is seated next to him. Jehan’s parents are strangely nice and open-minded. Montparnasse knew for the open-minded part, Jehan had told him before, but they seem genuinely delighted to have him at their table. Jehan has told them a lot about him. Evidently. Leaving out the obvious part which would disqualify him as an acceptable boyfriend and a free citizen. Obviously.

“Montparnasse likes to design clothes a lot. He’s very talented!” Jehan declares, their cheeks a little reddened with expensive wine.

Jehan’s mom is absolutely delighted to hear it! She says she’ll give him all the old fashion magazines she kept from her younger days, because “fashion is just an endless circle, maybe you will find something you fancy in them.”

It’s probably the first time Montparnasse feels welcome in a posh house. Usually, he needs to deactivate the alarm first.

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I'm not the anon and Niall has hype definitely, but nowhere near Harry's. The whole industry was talking about harry, my friends are under the impression Harry's songs are outselling all the boys, even if they've heard nialls songs on the radio more. Harry's name just has more hype. However I do think Niall is moving up with that!

See I’ve had some opposite reactions now. Like obviously I had chatter via friends about Harry and he was really well media-d. But sooo many people I know are really into Slow Hands. He’s not going to have the hoi polloi cross-industry support that Harry was able to get, but there’s a lot of fun underdog-like momentum going for him. And he’s putting in sooooo much work.

“my friends are under the impression Harry’s songs are outselling all the boys” THIS IS SO INTERESTING because I’ve been thinking about success and projecting success, and how well Harry projects success and people totally just eat it up. It’s not that he ISN’T successful but sometimes tiny things are exaggerated but it sounds right so people go with it. Like I saw a Variety article about how he had one of the best-reviewed albums of the year and then I look at the ratings box on the wikipedia page and most publications gave him 3-4 stars or like a B/C rating (not that it matters, MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND ABOUT WHAT YOU LIKE). And so that would put him in ‘average’ to’ good’ not ‘best’. And he has two sold-out world tours right? But actually, multiple European venues for 2018 still have tickets left! And some US venues have tickets reselling for under face value!

He’s still obviously doing so so well. But it was interesting to see how image and reality can blur the lenses a little.

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All the pens aren't bothered by Sid and Geno having sex (they've heard it all. All of it Tanger. I need therapy! Yes Flower, I know. We were rooming that night) but they're most bothered by where they do it. "Please tell me that the couch is safe?" "Sorry Lazy. Is Sid's favorite place to be rimmed" "GENO!!!!" Meanwhile, Mathias is just standing there in complete shock, like "but my beTROTHED!?!?! He cannot be that enamoured with this human? Also, what is being rimmed?"



Infinity Challenge ep 437: G-Dragon defends Seungri’s honor ability

Meeting the Boss for The First Time
  • Tord: Wow, um, hi? I'm, uh, I'm Tord.
  • Red Leader: With a T, so I've heard.
  • Tord: (Wait, they've heard of me? Oh man, it's probably all bad stuff.)
  • Tord: (Come on, Tord, don't blow this--be cool! For once in your sad little life, be remotely cool!)
  • Tord: You've heard of me?! I mean, you have. I have heard of you also as well, too.
  • Red Leader: .....
  • Tord: ....
  • Tord: (I. Am. The. WORST.)

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Jim and Sebastian hate the song "Uptown Funk" because that's all they've heard on the radio recently. But occasionally, while working quietly together (Seb cleaning his gun, Jim messaging clients), Jim will sing the song quietly to himself. He bobs his head and when he says "I'm too hot," Sebastian echoes "hot damn."

THIS IS TOTALLY LEGIT. They would hate it okay, but they can’t, literally can’t stop singing it quietly like Jim is pouring himself some whisky and Seb passes by and “Stop wait a minute” and Jim looks at him dead in the eye and sings dryly “Fill my cup put some liquor in it” and they both would drink that liquor hating themselves

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I feel like the Howlies Legacies decide to get themselves involved in finding Bucky and taking care of Steve until Bucky is found because they've all heard the stories and are worried that Steve is not going to take care of himself until Bucky is back by his side. So, do the Dugans just show up one day and start following Steve around? Do the Moritas and the Farnsworths use their contacts to track down 'scruffy man with weird arm' sightings? Thoughts?

The Dugans are everywhere.

So it’s kind of a comfort to Steve, that when he finally found a nice, quiet apartment in Brooklyn, that his next door neighbors were Dugans.  No, they were not SHIELD agents or new!SHIELD agents.  But they had a hell of a talent for spotting those.

Angie Dugan was currently the clan matriarch and she was the one who entertained Steve with all the family stories of the doings of the various Legacies.  Steve still can’t get over the fact that Dum Dum and Elsa - Mama Tiger of the USO Showgirls - had a dozen kids. 

Also, the tiniest Dugan of this generation - little Chester - was currently in charge of “Cap’n Steeb” and was solemnly assigned the duty of keeping him from being too sad.  Since Chester was ably assisted by his Bucky Bear, the three year old was doing an admirable job. 

And then there were the college kids who were also Steve’s neighbors - Peter Parker, Lisa Jones and Megan Dernier - who were grandchildren of Jim Morita, Gabe Jones and Dernier respectively - and did battle with their respective social media accounts against any and all Bucky haters.

The Falsworth twins - Harry and Neville - kept an eye out for sightings of a metal-armed man.  

And of course, there were Agents “DAMN IT MY NAME IS NOT Galaga” and Kate Dernier and Antoine Triplett who were in the front lines and tracking HYDRA attempts to bring their Soldier back into their clutches.

And then Steve, finally, found the courage to contact the Barneses and promptly found himself being the center of attention of Bucky’s tiny great-niblings, all of whom had noticed that “Cap’n Merica” was “awful sad” and got to the business of cheering him up and asking him for stories and getting him to draw for them.

Steve had not drawn anything since the Battle of New York happened.

He was, however, not proof against tiny Barnes Pouts™ - especially the one from Sophia, who amazingly looked very much like a feminine version of Bucky, big grey-blue eyes and all.

Steve made a promise to himself that he would sic four year old Sophia on Bucky once he came back - especially since Sophia had seen his drawings of “Great Uncle Bucky” and promptly declared his resemblance to Snow White!

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I just feel like if the Legends meet up with Barry it's going to be super awkward because of all the times they've heard someone yelling BARRY GODDAMN ALLEN in the middle of one of Mick and Len's arguments

All will be even worse when Gideon will say that Leonard had dreams about her creator. And all like “But Barry Allen has created Gideon- Oh. Oh. Okaaay”

I think Sara would be outraged because “Why didn’t you tell me what you love about Flash, bro? Why did you hide it, bro? Why???”

Barry will go with the kind of goofy puppy because he really doesn’t know what is going on and why is everyone so continue staring at him.

Mick and Sara argue among themselves about who of the Legends of the first dares to ask this unhappy couple as long they are together.

I bet it will be a Martin? Barry will be redder than his suit, and Leonard wants to get lost forever in space away from all of them.

Request - hello!!! could you please write one where the reader has a reputation among hunters for being really good at tracking and killing and just all around badass. and the boys assume the reader is a guy because of all the things they've heard, so then when bobby or jo or someone introduce the reader to the winchesters as a youngish girl the boys are really shocked.(:

(Hope you like it!!)

You bit your lip and smirked as you heard the door open and hid in the back room so that you couldn’t be seen; today was the day that you would finally be introduced to the infamous Winchester brothers, and boy, had you been waiting for today. Jo had told you about how they thought you were a male from all of the things that they had heard about you, and it was certainly going to be one of the most pleasurable things you would ever do in your life.

“So, we’re finally meeting the "Hunter of all Hunters?”“ Dean asked incredulously as Jo led him and Sam into the Roadhouse.

"What kind of an idiotic nickname is that?” she shot back, but you could hear a subtle chime of laughter in her voice; she had given you the information that the older Winchester had called you that ever since he had heard about you and knew that you secretly liked being called that, even though you hated to admit it. “Couldn’t come up with anything more creative, Winchester?”

“I certainly will if you want me to,” He smiled cheekily at her, and you rolled your eyes at his attempt at flirting with your golden-haired friend.

“Nice try,” she returned with a grin, and then reached into the refrigerator. “Beer okay with the two of you?”

“That would be great, thanks,” Sam spoke up, glancing around as Jo slid a cold glass bottle towards him. “So, when is he going to show up?”

At that one corner of her lips turned up, her chestnut brown eyes glinting mischievously. “He will be here whenever he gets around to it; the “Hunter of all Hunters” gets to choose his desired time, since his label is so regal.”

Dean shrugged sheepishly at her teasing that was directed towards him, and you almost let out a giggle before you slapped a hand over your mouth. “Yeah, yeah. Don’t rub it in.”

Jo smirked at him and then you saw the quick sharp movement of her hand from under the bar that was your signal to come out before taking her phone out and pretending that it had vibrated. “Speak of the devil; looks like he’s here!”

Sam fidgeted in his seat nervously and ran his hands through his long hair as if he was about to meet royalty, but Dean just flashed his white teeth and made himself more comfortable on his barstool.

“Awesome,” he said. “Maybe he can sharpen our skills a bit, eh, Sammy?”

“Maybe,” Your voice rang out as you came into view, and the brothers’ expressions instantly became confused as they analyzed your appearance.

Dean laughed, pounding on the bar for emphasis. “Good one; who are you, his daughter, or something?”

His smile faded when your innocent-looking gaze turned into a steely glare; gulping, he turned back to the devious blonde hunter in front of him.

“Meet Y/N, boys. She is the—” She raised her fingers up in quotes. “”Hunter of all Hunters” that you have been raving about.”

"Wow,” Sam commented, accepting the fact quickly. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Y/N.”

You smiled at him broadly as you shook his hand. “Likewise.”

Dean, on the other hand, was having trouble with the reveal, sputtering. “B-But you’re a girl!”

Your expression turned feral, and Jo had to hide her face in order to conceal her amusement. “I’m also the girl who could catch you by complete surprise and have you dead within a moment’s notice,” you growled, and his emerald eyes grew a bit frightened. “Dean Winchester, you have absolutely no idea how many times I’ve been the one to clean up the messes that you leave behind quite often; you really need to start being more careful, otherwise I can be your worst nightmare.”

His face was now a bit ashen at your threatening tone, and you were laughing a little on the inside; he gave you a crooked smile, though, and his orbs were alight again. “You’re also really hot when you’re angry.”

“How cute,” you told him innocently, giving him a little sweet pout as you patted is cheek. “I’m much too young for you, hotshot.”

Joining Jo behind the bar, leaving Dean with a stunned face, she high-fived you. “So, which one of them do you want to do a little bit of training with first?”

“Hm,” You took out the dagger that was hanging from your belt, rolling it with your fingers. “I’ll take Sam outside first, because it seems as though I’ll actually be able to deal with him without difficulty.” You then plunged the weapon into the wood right next to Dean’s hand and gave him a smug look as he jumped back. “Saving my energy for him sounds like a good idea.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jo grinned widely at the older Winchester, who warily glared at her.

“Come on, Sam,” you sang out, heading towards the exit; he jumped off of his stool and started to follow you, but not before patting his brother on the back.

“You’re the one who got yourself into this, man,” he whispered, and Dean groaned before letting his face fall into his hands.

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I just started watching the Artifact documentary on Netflix and I'm only 10 mins in but already it shows just how plausible it is that Simon and Syco would screw Louis and the boys over to this extent!! One of them even says that "they've never heard of a label that DIDN'T screw over the artist." And all the people that think they would never go this far seems to be forgetting that it is SIMON COWELL, the KING of ASSHOLES, at the head of this, I'm sure he is plenty capable of going that far!!

Precisely. Most people say things like that out of lack of education and that’s not meant to be condescending. It’s simply that once you really start learning about the depths of depravity in the music industry and the abuses artists continuously and consistently suffer under a bloated label system, the harder it is to believe what’s really going on with the boys.

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Also imagine Hinata having this tiny squeaky little laugh that everyone thinks is the cutest thing they've ever heard. People try to tickle him all the time because they love his laugh so much.


SO IMAGINE THIS. Karasuno is walking along the area of tokyo that they’re visiting for their training camps. Hinata’s holding Kageyama’s hand as he is prone to do with his qp especially when there is a chance of being lost. 

Tanaka and Noya KNOW about Hinata’s cute, squeaky laugh. They know he is very ticklish on his sides. WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW THEY ARE ABOUT TO FIND OUT.

Tanaka sneaks up behind Hinata as he’s talking very animatedly with Kageyama. Without another moment of hesitation, he jams his fingers into Hinata’s sides. Hinata emits the LOUDEST, most HIGH PITCHED squeak of a scream. 

Kageyama glares down at him like, “and what just happened?”

But Kageyama’s reaction is not the one that matters. In front of them, as soon as Hinata finishes screaming, a stranger grabs at their shirt, pulling it open as they turn around. 

The stranger registers the situation; Hinata is not actually being assaulted and he is holding hands with a very scary looking tall guy. So the stranger coughs, turns back around and dashes off into the night.

And that is the story of how Hinata was almost saved by superman.

Or alternatively, the story of how Kageyama almost got his ass kicked by superman.

Thank you for indulging me

I’m Always A Slut for Haikyuu!! headcanons, etc.

  • Nick: So hang on, who's got a solo deal now? Liam's got one.
  • Sinead: Harry's doing the films, but he's got one.
  • Nick: Yeah, he's got one.
  • Sinead: Zayn's gone. Louis is on AGT.
  • Nick: And Niall's in the pub. No, I heard that Niall has one. So they've all got one.
  • Sinead: They gotta do something with their time off.
  • Nick: Well, I wouldn't. At 25 mill I'd be like, right let's watch the telly for a few years, and go on holiday.

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you're not gay you're straight you're straight you're straight! why do you think this is okay? it's not okay! lesbians don't like males. lesbians don't like dick. lesbians don't exist to validate you romantically and sexually!!! you are literally displaying predatory behavior. the moment you call yourself a lesbian you're telling lesbians you don't respect their boundaries, that you believe all the homophobia they've ever heard about finding the right guy and just giving him a chance. fuck off!!

Lol. If a girl is transphobic, I wouldn’t want to date her regardless of her sexuality. And obviously I’m not going to force myself onto a girl who doesn’t find me personally attractive.

Also, I find myself attracted to trans girls far more often than cis girls, so by your “logic” shouldn’t that say, “you’re bi, you’re bi, you’re bi”?

Regardless, because shitheads like you exist, whenever I’m in a potential romantic/sexual situation with another girl, I always make sure she knows I’m trans before anything happens. If she has a problem with that, then obviously nothing happens. I don’t proceed with getting to know her or anything. I respect her boundaries.

There are lesbians who are attracted to me, trans lesbians and cis lesbians, whose boundaries are trans-inclusive, who don’t feel that their boundaries are disrespected by my existence. Those are the people I will end up in relationships with. TERFs like you have absolutely nothing to fear, anon.

And you think I haven’t been told that my identity is a phase? I’m not even just talking about my transness, which you’re currently (poorly) attempting to invalidate. I’ve heard all that shit about my sexuality too, and I hear it often. Not that you give a shit. You care when those things are said to the girls who only have to fight about liking girls, not the fucking freaks that have to fight about both liking girls and being girls.

This response is not long to try to convince you of anything. If you’re reading this, you thought I was male at the start of this reply, and you think I am now too. You still think I’m a predator (even though assuming people are attracted to you seems creepier than just being attracted to people, but I digress), and if you knew my birth name, I’m sure it would be all over this ask. When you sent this, you truly believed that you had accomplished a noble deed, and no amount of words from me, the scary scary fake girl, can change what you think.

So why did I even reply to this? ‘Cause trans girls and trans people in general who follow me or for some other reason see this post will be slightly helped by these words. These words, which they know to be true, will remind them of their own validity, like the validity that you attempted to take away from me just now.

In other words anon, when you thought you were doing a good thing by sending this incredibly generic message, you actually were. You gave me a lovely opportunity to address all this bullshit trans lesbians hear all the time. The untruths that you believe gave me a platform on which to send out this reply, and thank you so so much for that, friend! 💖💖💖💖💖

But now, your work here is done. It’s time for you to head on back to the TERF nest and keep eating up the bullshit about trans people that the patriarchy (which you claim to hate so much) babybirds into your waiting mouth. You’ve finished playing your part for one more day, and now it’s time to leave. Or as you so eloquently put it:

Fuck off!!